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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 9, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EST

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points lower this morning and dax down 70 points, two thirds of a percent. overnight in asia, decline as cross the board, worst performer hong kong down better than 2% overnight. oil entering bare market, markets are down 20% from the most recent high, why it could be a warning for global economy, we will take a look at price of oil this morning and as you can see it is trading lower, meanwhile google ending forced arbitration over harassment claims, ceo sundar pichai detailing new policy following massive employee walkouts this month, e-cigarette crack-down, food and drug administration essentially pulling flavored devices for most shelfs, most stores, more on new roles on how they are trying to curve usage for children. record for disney, company revealing new details about upcoming streaming service, joining know break it all down fox business network dagen mcdowell, rosecliff ceo managing
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partner mike murphy and former utah congressman and fox news contributor jason chaffetz, great to see you this morning. >> what a week. maria: what a week is right. >> my goodness, election to the shooting to the shenanigans and the problems that they are having in florida, i mean, there's a lot going on in the world. >> good thing we have 3 hours to get it all in. maria: incredible what's going on in florida, you're right, once again we are looking at such a tight runoff and the recount. >> someone mentioned this morning that you have elon musk landing rockets on boats in the water and our voting system is still not fixed so somehow technology needs to get -- dagen: you forgot about the humidity affecting the voting machines in wade county, north carolina, they weren't working because of the weather and wet ballots out in connecticut and now this nonsense down in florida. it's not nonsense it's very serious. i don't mean to diminish what's going on. maria: by the way in terms of technology when i went to vote, there were only two machines, one of them was out and i had to
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go and then they said, look, you want to do the emergency -- i said what's the emergency, you give your ballot to somebody and they put it in later and i said no, no, i will wait on the line and do it myself. dagen: try to call the new york county office for -- if you have any questions about voter registration or where to vote, like a few days before one presidential election the phone rang off the hook, finally some guy picks it up and says there's nobody here who can talk to you, you have to call back, click and this is the biggest city in the entire country. that's how they operate. [laughter] maria: incredible, a lot to talk about this morning, you didn't mention jeff sessions being out, so we will get into that, the next ag, top story president trump travel to go paris later this morning to meet with world leaders after the administration hit russia with additional sanctions over the annexation of crimea and interference in eastern ukraine. this is secretary of state mike pompeo and defense secretary james mattis will hold security talks with chinese counterparts
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later today that's happening in washington, joining us wealth adviser founder and president mark avalon, good to see you this morning, thanks very much for joining us. >> good morning. maria: your thoughts as the president travels abroad and impact on markets? >> well, it's good for the president to take a break, a little bit of reset after the hectic midterms that contentious press conference, this is what a lot of presidents have done just to recalibrate for the second half of their term, i think what -- in his favor is that a lot of european leaders areless popular than he is, macron is in the 20%, merkel is reeling from her migrant crisis, prime minister may is struggling with british exit from the eu and the president on relative basis is very strong going into this and the eu economy is not nearly as strong as ours, so it's a great opportunity for him to inch forward on some of the trade
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scrimmages and at the end of the day the only party we are having trade scrimmage is china that's really good. maria: your thoughts on the election impacts on markets at this point? mike: a few things, the market like having uncertainty behind it, we can focus and get back on the economy. maria: we have the clarity of who is in charge. mike: a lot of people, you hear people saying gridlock is good for the market, i think what they mean by that we are not going to get anything that really surprise it is market, what upsets markets is something for instance the fed raising rates 50 basis points versus 25 basis points which i believe is already baked in so as long as we have no major surprises coming out of washington we focus on earnings. maria: 29% year over year, killer quarter when you look at just profits. mike: most certainly, companies like disney are relying on technology to be able to make
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more money, as they make more money, increase price stock, that's really what we want and the market will rally in the end of the year. dagen: the most important reaction has been and what is going with longer-term interest rates, with the 10-year yield closing in highest level since may 2011. maria: wow. dagen: i know the old saw, oh, but it's so low compared to where it has been historically, nevertheless investors are going to be watching washington with the democrats controlling the house, president trump and the republicans in the senate, are they going to spend even more money, are they going to do a giant infrastructure deal that involves borrowing more money when we are running 1 trillion-dollar annual budget deficits. i think that that -- the treasury market can move against you and move against you really quickly in terms of longer-term interest rates spiking and even 4% would be very dangerous for the stock market rally.
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maria: you see real disruption in equities once you see that kind of move. mark this is morning, futures pointing to lower opening, federal reserve left interest rates unchanged yesterday, central bank offering up-beat and hinting december meeting either, we are expecting, mike weigh in there. >> well, i think what the fed -- they have all the power right now, if the fed tones it down a little bit and let's the u.s. economy run i think the stock market continues here. the fed has no reason to be aggressive right now. you you mentioned the bear market, that's telling you something about global growth overseas, we don't need the fed to put brakes. so i think if the fed just tones it down and let's things run and doesn't become adversary for stocks i think stocks have some room here.
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maria: what do you think, jason, anything gets done in the next 2 years with make-up of congress? >> there's always talk of infrastructure but that means spending more money, i have seen nothing that either side wants to actually cut in terms of spending and when two-thirds of your budget, more than two-thirds is automatically automatic spending and you see states expanding medicaid there's a lot of spending that's going to go on in washington, d.c. dagen: by the way, i want to bring the medicaid expansion, it was 3 states voted for the medicaid expansion including your home state of utah and you know how they are paying for it, raising the sales tax, right, so they raised the sales tax which is a regressive tax that hits the poor harder than anyone else to pay for medicaid for working men above -- 138% above poverty line, they are hitting the poor to help pay for it, doesn't make sense at all. >> for every dollar the state of utah puts into it so many
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dollars coming from the federal government, so why would you pass up the deal, i'm not saying i necessarily support it but that was the pitch to voters and it did pass. mike: jason, someone who has been there, when infrastructure needs to get done, we have bridges in this country that are literally falling down, what do you do? cut a dollar here in order to spend a dollar there on infrastructure? >> well, look, when president obama did the 787 billion-dollar stimulus program, less than 5% of that actually went to roads, bridges and infrastructure, we did an infrastructure program under barack obama, he didn't spend it on infrastructure. maria: he used the money elsewhere. >> he grew government. net increase, there were 120,000 additional federal workers, do you think the education was better, social security checks went out better, did we get -- no, we didn't. maria: not the mention the thousands of pages of new federal regulations. dagen: the feds like to, politicians at the federal level lack to complain about federal spending but gas tax have gone up state by state by state and i
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pointed this out yesterday, the voters in california voted to keep in place a higher gas tax pushed by the democrats and governor jerry brown so they said bring it on if these voters state by state want to decide how they want to pay for their infrastructure they have and they will. maria: what about disney earnings this morning, better than expected last night? company reported earnings for share of 1.48, revenue $14.31 billion. it's called disney plus, hopes to compete with giant streaming netflix, mark, will disney be successful in competing in this streaming war, what do you think? >> well, it's great to see that disney is putting their focus here, this is really a forward-looking visionary strategy that iger has in place, they are willing to take on netflix and they understand that's where the market is going, look at what the market valuation has done to netflix, that is where it's going.
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you also look at their legacy businesses, the studios are so strong and the pipeline for next year it's like an all-star line-up, it's almost impossible for next year not to be big at studio for disney and theme parks and revenue was up. they have a multiprong strategy that positions them incredibly well, i have high confidence in management executing it and e y e, i think they are in the right space at the right time. maria: disney with streaming service, apple will come out with streaming service, i'm wonder what this does to netflix, would you buy netflix at these levels given valuation and all of the competition coming at it? mike: definitely, millennials who are cutting the cord to save money will be paying for netflix and for hulu, but disney multiple roughly 19 times earnings, netflix roughly 110 times earnings. maria: that's what i'm saying. okay. dagen: but of those 3hulu might
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fall by the wayside because of interface and some of the things that they do. when you start watching programming they start charging you more and you look at the bill, what happened. maria: exactly. mike: because of line-up with marvel and all of that content they have it will definitely be someone to reckon with. dagen: star wars. [laughter] >> as soon as you start downloading stuff it starts slowing down, slowing down, you can't watch it. maria: a lot of competition. dagen: direct tv streaming service is glitchy. >> real problem. dagen: constant flu, if you will. maria: does it really, mike avalon, thank you, sir, we will see you soon, police hunt for motive in the devastating bar shooting we will bring you the latest as families are in mourning all week, of course, and then google's transparency, new decision to end arbitration,
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like a biotech firm that engineers a patient's own cells to fight cancer. this is strategic investing. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. maria: welcome back, the search for a mow nif the mass shooting in southern california this morning, cheryl casone with the details now, cheryl. cheryl: that's right, maria, good morning, investigators are trying to identify a motive for horrific rampage that killed 12 people in bar in thousand oaks, california. veteran ian long carried out the shooting months after he met with mental health specialists, apparently killed himself inside the bar. hundreds of people attended vigle last night to honor
6:16 am
victims. >> tonight we are hurting city but we are a community of love, of compassion and of unity. cheryl: the victims include a man who survived last year's las vegas massacre. police are treating attack, stabbed 3 people killing one, police say he and family members were known to counterterrorism officials. he did set them on fire. google will not bring cases to arbitration that prevents
6:17 am
workers from suing in open court, this of course comes after thousands of workers staged big walkout to protest google's recent handling of sexual harassment cases at the company including, of course, the big payout, 90 million-dollar payout for executive, shares up 5% for the year. there you go. maria: jason, your reaction? >> sergeant helus to go in there when shots are being fired, i tell you ordinary americans doing extraordinary things inspire me, god bless him, i hate to see this but i tell you what, congress and local government got to get a grip on those dealing with mental health, a mother who is terrified, you have to go to be able to take away the ability of person to access guns. maria: what should we have done to mental health? >> it's not enough. they need to focus on it. i'm tired of sending out a tweet saying god bless. i want there something to happen. dagen: we can talk about that later, but california has --
6:18 am
first state in the country to put legal path of loved ones for people who are mentally disturbed and danger to others for family members and law enforcement to go to court and temporarily get a gun or guns out of the hands of somebody who might be a threat, the first state to do that it needs to be used and california also if they put you in a county mental health facility, if they commit you to even temporarily you lose the right to to process weapons for 5 years in the state. dagen: california has legal mechanisms and in this case were sadly not used. mike: will they take your gun? dagen: if the judge rules that you are dangerous -- maria: yeah, for sure, we will take a short break, when we come back new reason to quit, fda cracking down on e-cigarettes sales in order to curve under age use, full report after this,
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maria: welcome back, the food and drug administration cracking down on e-cigarettes, lauren simonetti with all the details, lauren. lauren: commission of fda has called e-cigarettes epidemic especially among teens, i want to show you numbers and you can see where it's all coming from. in the past high school students that use e-cigarettes up 75%.
6:23 am
maria: oh, god. lauren: basically a fifth of high schoolers and for middle school, kids, folks, up 50%, these are the numbers and are concerning and now we are expecting a crack-down from the fda on e-cigarettes reportedly it could happen as soon as next week, what would it look like, what would regulation in this space look like? well, e-cigarettes especially the flavored ones, they have the cartridges, those are popular among children, they would be pulled from many convenient stores and gas stations and when you go online to buy them because you can purchase online they would make you prove your age like with alcohol sales, if you have alcohol shipped to your house, someone over 21 has to be able to sign for it, perhaps mirror that. the issue is and all of the makers are looking at mark 10, blue and logic, they met with fda in recent months to talk about getting devices, products out of the hands of kids quite
6:24 am
frankly, we are see if you look -- look at that, british american tobacco up, any restriction on a major e-cigarette player like jewel is good for big tobacco-type of company. maria: are the e-cigarettes more dangerous to your health than cigarettes? lauren: and that's a very good question because for adults, no, what the fda wants to make sure when they make restrictions not make it too difficult for adults who smoke tobacco who want to kick that habit, they don't want to make too difficult to do but at the same time you don't want vaping teenagers all over the place. mike: it's not that it's more dangerous or less dangerous, it's not easy for teenager to take out a cigarette and light it if they want to try that but the vaping thing, the jewel has become so cool and so popular. maria: easy to do. mike: kids are doing it in school n class because no one snows, post, it's an epidemic
6:25 am
and they have to cut down on kids being able to acquire. maria: we will keep following that, lauren, lauren simonetti, when we come back permit block, federal judge rules that keystone pipeline will not be completed until another environmental review, we have details coming up. breakfast, paying tribute to classic movie with dish, coming back in a minute. for the financial world to stop acting the same old way. in today's complex world, you need a partner that is driven to provide you with better solutions for these challenging times, one that is willing to disrupt the industry, and break free from conventional thinking.
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maria: thanks for joining us, happy friday. it is friday, november 9th. just before 6:30 on the east coast. immigration battle, the white
6:29 am
house crackdown on asylum for those attempting to cross the us-mexico border illegally, donald trump hitting a roadblock trying to cancel the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. futures indicate markets will open lower, the lows of the money, the industrial down 1/2%, the s&p down 1/2% and the nasdaq with the decline 50% down 3 quarters of 1%. interest rates are unchanged, the markets expected that, no rate hikes, down the street finished up 11 points, s&p was down 7, nasdaq down 39. at the close minimal moves. in europe down across the board, the s&p down 1%, the cac quarante in paris, the dax index and journey down 2 thirds of 1%, asian markets solidly lower, the hang seng down better than to present the worst performer hong kong, oil enters bear market territory,
6:30 am
the price of crude oil down 21% in just under a month. christmas coming early, nascar revs up christmas spirit with an ugly sweater car at a chicago restaurant serving a breakfast treat inspired by the movie elf. our top story the future of the russia probe. he is under scrutiny with previous comments about the mueller probe. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle speaking out. >> mister whitaker, as fair and impartial as eric holder and loretta lynch were. >> subjecting himself to the same scrutiny attorney general sessions did which is the ethics office in the justice department and that is more than i can say about washington. should recuse himself.
6:31 am
maria: joining the is andrew mccarthy, thanks for joining us. >> good morning. maria: your new take on the acting attorney general. i these concerns legitimate? >> i don't think concerns about the public statements he has made are legitimate. i took a pretty close look at them. he hasn't said anything to denigrate mueller's investigation. what he said is obviously true which is mueller should stay in his lane, what this investigation is about is russia and that it shouldn't devolve into something like a fishing expedition or what deputy attorney general rosenstein calls and unguided missile. his thing has been let's keep it within the parameters of russia. i don't see that there's anything wrong with that. i don't think those public comments will go anywhere. maria: at this point as acting ag one of his first items on
6:32 am
the agenda you would think would be to say to robert mueller what have you got? let's see where you are focused and what you have at this point two years in. it is legitimate for the american people to want to know where we are in this investigation, right? >> right, shouldn't just be legitimate to the guy supervising mueller. it should be legitimate for everybody at this point to say the president was told by former fbi director comey that he was not a suspect. mueller has filed two indictment against groups of russians which seem to preclude the possibility of any collusion with russia at mueller has filed nothing that even suggests there was an espionage conspiracy that anyone in the trump campaign was involved in. this is very hard for
6:33 am
government to govern under the cloud of suspicion and if there is no reasonable ground it will be lifted. maria: senator jeff flake tweeted this, when the senate convenes next week chris coons and i will ask unanimous consent to bring the special counsel independence and integrity act to a vote on the senate floor after the firing of the ag. it is more important than ever to protect the special counsel. what do you think this means for robert mueller? is he coming out with his report soon in terms of where he is in this investigation? >> i think he will be coming out with a report. at the moment they are tussling over whether donald trump will give him an interview or not and what form that will take, whether it is written questions or whether there will be a face-to-face interview but that piece of legislation you are talking about is blatantly unconstitutional. they can propose it if they want but it won't go anywhere. the president runs the executive branch. congress doesn't get to tell him who he can fire in the
6:34 am
executive branch especially what mueller is which is basically a prosecutor who is three or four rungs down the chain of command. the president runs the executive branch, so that legislation goes nowhere. maria: let's not forget what we already know has taken place in terms of all of those texts between andrew mccabe and lisa page and andrew mccabe be conferred for criminal charges, bruce ohr working at the doj, we don't know if robert mueller has looked at that. what is your sense of rod rosenstein? he was supposed to speak to the judiciary committee, that was put off. he said he would do a public hearing. is he in the job long-term? >> i don't think he's in the job long-term. i expect he will stay as long as it takes for mueller to see his report through. i hope that is imminent. we get the sense that it is
6:35 am
winding to a conclusion but unlike sessions, rosenstein has been and meshed in the supervision of mueller and involved in the facts of the investigation. he authored the memorandum that was relied on in the firing of director comey and he signed off on one of the sis a warrants. he has been involved in the investigation closely and i expect he will stay until mueller is finished. maria: many lawmakers want mueller to finish. they are not pressuring him to end it. no one is expecting the president to stop this investigation but as john kennedy, senator john kennedy said yesterday, a member of the senate judiciary committee, i don't think mister miller are to be fired, i do think mueller needs to wrap it up. he has been working on this for a long time, time to bring it to a conclusion which is pretty much what most people believe. after two years.
6:36 am
>> about these hysterical theatrics about firing mueller there has never been a moment since mueller has been in that the president couldn't have fired him. he has had the power to fire him all along and i don't think the plan is for a new person to come in and fire mueller. the new person will ask the reasonable questions you mentioned at the beginning which is what is going on here and when can we wrap this up. but there is no indication that the president has any intention of firing the special counsel. maria: those questions are expected from the new acting ag, matthew whitaker, to see where we are as he takes this job. let me turn to immigration, the administration denying asylum to those crossing the border illegally, this comes the same day the appeals court ruled the president cannot cancel da ca, deferred action for childhood arrivals.
6:37 am
here's what nancy pelosi said about immigration last night on cnn. >> 11 million people in this country we have to address in terms of legalization and perhaps a path to citizenship. this is a bigger discussion about immigration, the president using fear tactics from thousand miles away, how many will qualify for asylum under our laws. maria: sounds like we will go back and forth about this immigration discussion and nothing gets done. i feel like we have been here before. your thoughts on this? >> first of all, she thinks they should all get a path to citizenship. it is probably not 11 million, probably next as of 121/2 million. all you have to do is look what happened on election day, california, new mexico, arizona, texas, of course they
6:38 am
once to make sure, they are changing the demographics of the electoral map so the longer they stretch this out the better. as far as what the president did is concerned there is not a single person legally entitled to asylum who the president's order hurts in any way. asylum is an act by a state which is a discretionary act. they get to ask and we get to decide and we get to put conditions on how asylum can be asked for and all the president is saying is you have to be in the country legally if you have entered and you have to enter through a lawful port of entry. maria: important point you make. great to see you this morning, thank you so much. and to you. andrew mccarthy, busy week, what a week it was. take a look at the top moments this program this week. the teeth on these sanctions. what is it going to do to iran? >> we will do everything we
6:39 am
can. the aim is to drive iranian oil exports to 0. we are working with other countries to get alternative supplies for countries that are buying. this is iran's political reaction. their economy is in trouble. maria: saturday night live's cheap shot. >> you may be surprised to hear he is a congressional candidate from texas and not a hitman in a porno movie. >> some pathetic need to begrudge veterans who served their country faithfully. >> priorities, serving the people of the second district, gaining their trust, big issue in my district was flooding. that is not the case across the country. immigration still an enormous issue especially border security so that will be important for me. >> a lot of momentum on the democratic side and i'm feeling it, a lot of energy and participation, more activity politically, financially and every single area.
6:40 am
i would say the decade -- maria: the house of representatives lived it to the democrat securing the 219 seat majority. republicans keep control of the senate. you say the 2020 reelection campaign starts today. >> the 2020 started a long time ago. maria: who is going to be at the table? >> everyone. there will be tables. >> people who thought 2016 was a fluke, guess what happens. almost everywhere donald trump put a stamp there were come back victories. >> of democrats tried to repeal the tax cuts that is not going to happen because the president won't allow it and republicans in the senate won't. gridlock is not inevitable. gridlock is a choice people make. there's going to be differences of opinion. >> it has been a divided congress for the last two years. a lot of democrats want to
6:41 am
reach out to republicans. in the appropriations. maria: you represent the people of texas, are you going to vote for border wall funding? >> know. there's a crisis in america. we have the debt at some point. the bigger issue is public education. it is the pourable. it is a disgrace. not one word has been mentioned this entire campaign about public education. not one word. we want to give people a shot at closing the income any quality gap, given education. maria: how has the economy been in terms of the union worker. >> workers are motivated like i have never seen before. >> consumer spending year-to-date is up 9% over the last year, 6% the year before so going from 3 to 6 to 9 so it is accelerating. during a given year $3 trillion of spending for the consumer team. the economy continues growth. >> people have confident the investments they make will payoff. and mcdonald's they are remodeling restaurants like crazy. maria: how about the kanye west
6:42 am
story, his backing your company mcdonald's, mcdonald's is my favorite restaurant and rivaled burger king, answering back, burger king tweets explains a lot. your reaction. >> i don't care what anybody in great britain has to say about mcdonald's or burger king. kanye west is a bright man, socially aware. >> this deal with fox, waiting on more approval. >> national approvals over the next 6 to 9 months. that last place was pretty nice. i don't like this whole thing. i think we can do better. change is hard. try to keep an open mind. come on, dad. this is for me, son?
6:43 am
principal. we can help you plan for that.
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maria: a judge halted the keystone xl oil pipeline project, cheryl casone he has that. >> reporter: a federal judge blocking the permit of the keystone xl pipeline to allow more time to study its environmental impact until completion of another environmental review that would include the effects of greenhouse gases. all of this, transcanada is preparing to build the 1200 mile oil pipeline in the trump administration issued construction permit in march 2017. same with oil. we are watching falling oil, for crude.
6:47 am
bear market territory, for a 4-year high of 7641 on october 3rd. oil under pressure on rising inventories and concerns. a move by the us to exempt countries from newly restored sanctions on iran. that is also waiting on prices, the countries include china, japan and turkey. you need oil for the car, it is not even thanksgiving but one nascar team is in the christmas spirit. team penske, and the number 2 ford, a brand-new miller light sponsored car into this holiday extravaganza. it will race this weekend in phoenix for the canon 500. the car is going to get noticed. you won't needs what is in phoenix. there is this. one restaurant paying tribute to the christmas classic else.
6:48 am
>> you like sugar. >> the grand syrup. then yes. we have a four main food groups, candy, candy canes, candy corn, syrup. >> this movie is now 15 years old. what better way than sugary spaghetti. will ferrell's character loves to eat this version. in chicago restaurant made up its own version of health spaghetti. you can have a through the 25th the. it is topped with strawberry and raspberry sauce, marshmallows, s'mores, pop tarts, eminems, coconuts, syrup, chocolate sauce did i leave anything out? kim jung un >> it needs more eminems. all the food groups. candy corn syrup.
6:49 am
we need to try that. maria: not happening. i am italian. i sorry. maybe you like it. >> i am just american. maria: gravy or sauce. dagen: we need you to expound on that for the southern people watching this. maria: will do. first coming up, helping those who served, one veteran giving that the tools they need to thrive in this job market, we talk to him next ahead of veterans day. stay with us. ♪ welcome to the place where people go to learn about
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6:53 am
maria: veterans day is this sunday. higher heroes usa is an organization helping those who served transition to civilian jobs market. joining knee is higher heroes usa's ceo, christopher plant. thank you for your service to our country. tell us about higher heroes. >> we are a national nonprofit and we are trying to empower veterans to find a great civilian job. there are 190,000 the transition every year and they don't have the skills, they don't know how to get into a great civilian job. maria: there are a lot of private companies from jpmorgan to banking pharmaceuticals that created programs for this and they have been helpful. >> absolutely. corporate america has done a fantastic job especially when unemployment numbers were so high they jumped in and tried to have great initiatives to bring this in but doesn't take away from the fact the
6:54 am
individuals getting out haven't done some of the things we consider normal, they have never done a resume, never interviewed, don't ever linked in profile, haven't gone through the process the donor how to get there. the vast bulk still need help. >> i have been fortunate enough to become friends with a lot of guys from the seal teams. it seems to be these guys say the same thing, we are not really smart, we just defend the country. they are all going to schools like wharton and getting mbas. this group in particular, to 12 of them, you see that is a trend? a program where you can get higher education while still in the service? >> there is absolutely. the government works very well to help people get degrees while they are in service and obviously you can use your g.i. bill afterwards was the navy seals, i worked a lot with them in the air force. incredible in humble to what they bring not only to the fight but what they bring as people in terms of what they can do after service. >> what about the spouses?
6:55 am
their spouses are left holding the bag trying to juggle everything. do you help them as well? >> we do. one of the main things is the spouse unemployment is 3 to 4 times the national average, someone with the same skills. for example -- when i was in the military we moved four times out of five centers, keep moving into the you get a very inconsistent job record. dagen: this bag is desperately beat up but is made by a company founded by two military spouses and the company is designed so they ship work to military spouses across the country and they do the selling in their homes, pieces of the various bags they may, you're supporting the terry spouses, there are a lot of companies just like this one. maria: we will be speaking with one coming up. they have been on our program before.
6:56 am
emily nunez, sword and plow cofounder and her sister betsy nunez. dagen: they are similar and competitive. we promote all of them. you will want to stay with us. >> your website? >> www. higher heroes maria: where are using the most strength in terms of help for heroes? what else do we need in terms of support? >> number one thing veterans ask for his help with deployment. number 2 is help with the a claims and medical. if we are going to look towards that it still goes back, they are not asking for a handout. they are asking a hand up. they are looking to get a good job and are taken care of. >> the congressional office, at the top of the list you have people serving that are coming
6:57 am
back and have to deal with the va and transfer records, it is still a nightmare. thank you for your service. >> appreciate that. maria: still ahead, the tight senate race in florida, the turmoil is there is rick scott asks for an investigation into voter fraud. that and more in the next hour, "mornings with maria," checking out florida, stay with us. beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand. like e-commerce spurring cardboard demand. the pursuit of allergy-free peanuts. . . . ew markets. ew markets. this is strategic investing. because your investments deserve the full story. t.rowe price. invest with confidence. and all thro' the house. 'twas the night before christmas, not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are chefs, bakers and food order takers. doctors and surgeons and all the life savers. the world is alive as you can see, this time of the year is so much more
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maria: welcome back. good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. happy from time to time it is friday, november 9th. your top stories right now. investors are on edge this morning, take a look at futures, indicating a triple dig et decline at the start of trading, down 130 points on the dow, down 61 on the nasdaq. almost 1%. this after a mixed story yesterday. the federal reserve kept interest rates unchanged as expected but some thought the central bank would signal a doveish tone following the market volatility last month. we did not see that. dow industrials with were up 11 points, s&p 500 down 7, nasdaq down 39 at the close yesterday. global markets under pressure.
7:01 am
fq100 down almost 1%, the cac down better than 1% and tax index down 2/3 of 1%. asia overnight, down. oil prices are down 20% from their most recent high. why it could be a warning for what's to come in the global economy. plus, madam speaker, house minority leader nancy pelosi standing firm that she will get the gavel back. >> i will be the speaker of the people's house. i feel confident about where i am and encouraged and support in my caucus that will go to the floor. maria: she may still face a tough road to victory. we're taking a look at the race for house speaker this morning. and a bomb shell lawsuit in florida, rick scott is alleging democrats were trying to steal the election. the details later this hour as florida is looking at a recount. all those stories coming up this friday morning. joining me to break it down,
7:02 am
dagen mcdowell, mike murphy and former utah congressman jason chaffetz. good morning. good to see you. >> what a week. maria: a lot of news and we have a lot o of open questions still. >> from the firing of jeff sessions which is on the list of things to an amazing election to the president traveling overseas. maria: he's headed to paris. we'll see him leave this morning. what's on your find. dagen: with florida, know the republicans will hold a majority in the senate but you have snema leading mcfally in the vote count in arizona, florida headed for a recount, some shenanigans going on according to governor rick scott there. a lot is up in the air. >> even the georgia governor's race is still -- maria: that's right. >> i'm hoping that now we have some bipartisanship that some how we get -- instead of
7:03 am
everyone attacking everyone, we get people working together. maria: that's why the markets i guess rallied. maybe markets like the divided government, 545 points higher on the dow the day after the midterms. >> it took a lot of uncertainty out. two, we sold off into the elections because we weren't sure what the outcomes were going to be. getting some of that back. but now, for the last two months of the year, we have to see if big tech can resume their leadership in the market. dagen: i don't know if i would cut a deal with somebody that is not acting in your best interest, i would say that about washington, jason chaffetz. >> i sat for two years when nancy pelosi was the speaker, i didn't see an ounce of bipartisanship in those two years. i saw it for myself. i don't think -- she said she has the overwhelming majority. she needs 218 people to vote for her as speaker. she is not there yet. maria: when i turned on the tv and saw her at the spode yum speaking and -- podium speaking
7:04 am
and doing the press conference, i thought it will be a long cup couple of years. dagen: don't underestimate her. i sat here and mocked her and dispaged that crumbs comment about the $2,000 bonuses that companies handed out but she dropped that and she focused on the issue of health care. i think the democrats and the messaging made that the number one issue. they preyed on people's fears about pre-existing conditions coverage and it helped them in the house,. maria: she probably will get the job because of her fund raising efforts. isn't she a massive fundraiser. >> nobody has ever raised more money than nancy pelosi. that's why she's at the top of the heap. she's not the speaker yet. maria: you're really skeptical she will get the 218. >> she will put a couple dozen members in jee jeopardy becausey pledged wouldn't vote for her. dagen: we don't have the final
7:05 am
tally. they raised $1 billion and that's 50% more than the republicans raised. maria: they definitely out-raised the republicans this season as well. >> i'm so glad i'm out of the business of raising money, i tell you that. i hated it. maria: i bet. that's hard. we have a lot coming up. let's get to the top story this hour, president trump reaching across the aisle to deep driving strong economic growth in the u.s. >> now is the time for members of both parties to join together, put partisanship aside, and keep the american economic miracle going strong. it is a miracle. we're doing so well and i've said it at a lot of rallies, some of you have probably heard it so much, you don't want to hear it again, but when people come to my office, presidents, prime ministers, they all congratulate me, almost the first thing on what we've done economically because it is really amazing. maria: joining us right now is oppenheimer funds chief
7:06 am
investment officer, krishna mammi. you see a slowdown on the horizon. >> i think the economy today is doing reasonably well. we're probably going to end up somewhere north of 3% for the year. i think the slowdown is already unfolding. so by the middle of next year, we are talking about getting back to close to 2% rather than 3% that we have seen in 2018. maria: do you think the slowdown is based on higher interest rates? the fed left interest rates unchanged yesterday but it looks like we're going to see a rate hike in the month of december. is that what's slowing things down or something else? >> that certainly is slowing things down a tad. i think part of it is because the capital spending cycle that we expected, the capital spending boost never materialized. so for the economy to get to a higher level, we need higher level of productivity. and productivity is improving but not to the level that we need it to be. maria: we talked about this a
7:07 am
lot, dagen. the cap ex, when the president rolled back and the congress rolled back all of those regulations earlier, early in his administration, cap spending did increase and we were like oh, businesses have been sitting on cash for s 10 years, they're finally putting it to work. was it trade, do you think, the worries over steel and aluminum that stopped businesses, saying i need to sit on cash again. dagen: it's likely playing into the decision making. business ex d pen di churs in te first quarter -- expenditures in the first quarter were up 11%. in the third quarter, they were up 8/10 of a percent. is that a momen moment terry wag because of concerns about trade. there's movement in europe. is that really what's in the way? or -- is it just a momentary
7:08 am
pause? i think from a cyclical standpoint, capital spending never got to the level it has in the past. the likelihood it will get there this late in the cycle is probably very small. having said that, capital spending is higher at this point in the cycle than it was in the beginning. but it's not enough to get us to 3% growth rate, i don't think. >> so i'm going to push back a little bit here. for investors at home watching this, trying to time the market, i'm sure you heard the saying it's not timing the market, it's your time in the market, so to try to reallocate assets out of funds or if you're planning for a slowdown, i think it's dangerous for people to start to take retirement funds and say i'm going to move over here, now reallocating on an active basis. i would advise people watch at home that we're going to go through ups and downs in the market but stay invested because investors will typically panic out at the wrong time like last month and not know when to get back had in. >> i couldn't agree with you
7:09 am
more. far from telling people to get out of the market can, if you go back and look at things, in this cycle the most amount of money that you have made is just being there, rather than being out of the market. our view right now is five more years. that is this cycle will probably last another three, four, five years. it's not ending in 2019 or 2020 that some people are forecasting. at this point, there's enough momentum in the economy to carry us through for a long time. inflation hasn't manifested itself. absolutely stay in the markets. there's no reason to take your money home just yet. maria: i want to ask you about trade. the u.s. and china are locked in the stea stale meat mate over t. there will be a meeting i washington today. there's an article in the journal today which is questioning this new house
7:10 am
leadership and what that does for usmca. we're supposed to see this ratified by congress as dagen noted in the new year. do the democrats stop this? do they force -- just because they've taken over the house majority or is it all about the senate? >> as long as the leadership race is in play, i don't think they take a hard position and go to the president and say this is what we need out of it. maria: you think it gets ratified. >> i think it gets ratified because blue collar america wants it to happen. >> i think it gets ratified because it's good policy. i think free trade is a good thing. if you look at the chinese data you were talking about, at the end of the day, trade hasn't really gone down meaningfully. what has risen is basically tension in people's minds and that's kind of ending up taking away from capital spending that we need at this point. dagen: one thing to note is -- in the wall street journal
7:11 am
article that maria mentioned, the unions will put pressure on the democrat toss ratify this. this is a huge win for the auto worworkers in this country. it discourages auto manufacturers to move production to mexico for cheap labor. it's a big win. the steel tariffs are a big win for steelworkers of the country. all it takes is a couple phone calls from the union leaders to nancy pelosi's office, i guarantee they get on board. >> donald trump didn't become president trump without those people in his corner. even though it will give donald trump a victory, they have to go there. maria: richard trumka joined us earlier in the week and said what you said, that it was a good deal. he really faced criticism from those outside the union. bottom line here, with all said, you're expecting th expecting s. would you put your money to work in stocks? >> absolutely. as i mentioned, five more years.
7:12 am
we expect the cycle to continue. there's a lot of upside in the market. maria: even technology? >> especially in technology. >> we need tech leadership. i think you'll see it in the last two months of the year. maria: we need tech leadership why? that will confirm the market is on firm footing. >> also because that's where the growth it. that's the strong leadership. otherwise you have weak leadership which will eventually fail. >> those companies are executing fantastically. i think tech will remain the leader. >> is there any sector you don't like? >> i think the interest rate sensitive sectors is in the walking around with an x on their back. maria: like financials. >> financials, housing, things like that. the fed will continue to tighten for at least another six months. so i think there will be a time for that. that's probably middle of next year rather than right now. maria: we'll leave it there great to get your insights. thanks so much. coming up searching for a motive, families are mourning this morning after 12 people were killed in a bar shooting in southern california yesterday. we have the latest from southern
7:13 am
california. and speaker pelosi once again, nancy pelosi's renewed confidence in getting the gavel back, all next, right here. ♪ if you feel like giving me a lifetime of devotion, i second that emotion. ♪ (engine roaring) (horn honking) okay, okay, okay... (clatter) ( ♪ ) feeling unsure? oh...
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7:16 am
maria: welcome back. new details emerging this morning about the mass shooting in california in that bar yesterday. jonathan hunt is in thousand owings california -- thousand oaks california with the latest. >> reporter: hundreds of people turned out last night at a number of vigils to honor and remember the 12 people who were killed at the borderline bar and grill and to offer support to the victims' families. among those who died was a man whose mother says he survived the las vegas shooting massacre
7:17 am
at a country music concert in october 2017 listen to that distraught mother. >> my son was in las vegas with a lot of his friends and he came home. he didn't come home last night. i don't want prayers. i don't want thoughts. i want gun control and i hope to god nobody else sends me anymore prayers. i want gun control. no more guns. >> reporter: the gunman has been identified as 28-year-old ian david long, a u.s. marine corps veteran who served in afghanistan. we obtained overnight disturbing video of the moments when he opened fire. watch and listen here. [gunfire] >> reporter: he used a glock .21 .45 caliber as his weapon of
7:18 am
choice. it was legally bought but it had an extended magazine, enabling him to fire more rounds. those are illegal in california. maria. maria: thank you. jonathan hunt in thousand oaks this morning. we'll take a short break. when we come back, three massive wildfires across california to tell you about. several firefighters injured while battling these blazes. the latest coming up. then hey alexa, give me unsight, how deepack chopra is teaming with amazon to fill your morning routine with positive vibes. he's here, back in a moment. ♪ i'm breaking down the barrier. ♪ making up our minds. ♪ i'm breaking down the barrie barriers. ♪ i'm breaking down the barriers.
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7:22 am
maria: welcome back. insights and inspiration from k chopra in the palm of your hand thanks to a partnership between live person and amazon's alexa. >> i have this little you microphone attached to this little phone and i just speak out to what i'm thinking and what my intention for the day is and then it's recorded here and it goes to live person and then it's on alexa a. it's all done very efficiently and smoothly and it's part of my daily routine now. maria: joining me right now is the author of the brand-new book, you are the universe, and alternative medicine advocate, deepak chopra. tell us about this new venture. >> well, for the last four years i've been sharing my insights or reflectionsreflection meditatioh people, started with friends,
7:23 am
family, social 3450e media and w alexa. it wasn't planned. but i start my day with a few reflections and intentions, clarity of mind, lightness of being and i expand on that and alexa picked it up to live person. maria: tell us why that's so important, the clarity that you try to have. >> i think setting an intention or asking yourself a simple question like what do i want is enough. you don't have to actually concentrate on having a specific intention. if you ask yourself, what do i want for me today or for the world or for my kids or -- you with will already have a response there. that brings clarity to your intention and if you start letting go and settle in your being, then that intention organizes its own fulfillment through synchroniesity. that's a well-known spiritual
7:24 am
tradition. maria: that organizes you to deal with sort of the chaos of the day or the noise of the day. >> the noise of the day. you carry your peace wherever your go, no matter what. maria: the technology is pretty user friendly as well. >> i think the technology is going to be the next phase of our evolution for higher consciousness, if we want it. technology can be destructive, as you know. anything you can do with technology, including hack the elections or whatever. but technology can also create a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthier, joyful world. maria: how does technology change going forward? what do you see that could be possible? >> what we see as the internet, that's our global brain right now. so if i send an abusive tweet, let's say to somebody in africa, i could give them high blood pressure just by doing that. on the other hand, i sense them aemoticon with a hug, it could
7:25 am
give them a dopa mne hit. if we don't like what's happening in the world we have to change the interconnect. maria: is live person looking to recruit other celebrities to partake in a.i. conversation. >> i think they are looking at other people, influencers. maria: maybe that will resonate with people, to bring new people in. >> we need a critical mass of people who want a more pauseful, just, sustainable, healthier and joyful world. that can only happen if we collectively have that intention and rewire our collective brain, which is the internet. it's our brain. maria: do you do new intentions every day? >> yes. maria: d how do those intentis come to you? >> i do a morning meditation which is always preceded by four questions. who am i, what do i want, what's my purpose, and what am i grateful for. and then something comes up.
7:26 am
maria: that will lead you to your intention. very good. tell us about book, you are the universe, the main theme. >> we live in a human universe. what you see outside here is a human creation. what we don't realize is even things like stars, galaxies and our own bodies are human concepts around pe perceptual experiences. the world is not out there. it's in you. your body is in you. your mind is in you. by you, i mean the infinite consciousness that modifies itself as perceptions, thoughts, feelings, emotions. so any experience you have, doesn't matter what the experience, it's either a sensation or a perception or an image or a feeling or a thought. once you understand that, you can go back through the source, through meditation as you're doing right now, then a that opens the door to creativity, insight, intuition, imagination, everything else. maria: gives you that clarity that you're looking for.
7:27 am
deepak, thanks very much. great to talk with you as always. >> thank you. maria: coming up, buying a home will cost you more. mortgage rates are surging to the highest level in nearly a decade. the taste of christmas this morning, this wine and cheese advent calendar is so popular it's getting a hefty price on e ebay. we've got more, back in a moment. ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪ numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand. like a biotech firm that engineers a patient's own cells to fight cancer. this is strategic investing. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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7:30 am
maria: welcome back. good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, november 9th. your top stories right now. wall street in the red this morning. we're at the lows of the morning with the dow industrials set to open down about 140 points. s&p is down 2/3 of a percent and the nasdaq is down almost 1% right now. the federal reserve left interest rates unchanged as expected yesterday. the markets were quiet. the major indices finished
7:31 am
mostly flat, up 11 points on the dow, down 7 on the s&p, down 40 points on the nasdaq yesterday. in europe, the selling continues, down across the board, fq100 down 1%, as is the cac. overnight in asia, lower across the board, worst performer was hong kong, down 2 1/3%. oil has entered a bear market. the price of crude oil down 21% in just under a month. oil now below $60 a barrel. florida election turmoil, big story this morning, governor rick scott asking for an investigation into voter fraud after accusing democrats of trying to steal the midterm election. fast moving wildfires in california to report, two firefighters are injured battling three blazes. look at that. plus, thousands of residents fleeing for their lives including kim kardashian, among others. home sales slowing down, mortgage rates at the highest level in near lay deck a -- nearly a decade.
7:32 am
all these wine advent calendars sold out fast. you can still find one, we've got it here, it may cost you a pretty penny, though. we'll tell you about it coming up. the battle for the gavel, how minority leader nancy pelosi officially launching her bid for house speakership. in an interview she weighed in on her chances. >> what is your level of confidence that you'll be the speaker of the house? >> total. >> 100%? >> 100%. >> do you have any reservations about whether or not you want this in your life at this point? >> no, none wha whatsoever. it's an urgency i can't resist. maria: joining us right now is kelly jane torrens. is she a shoe-in for this? >> no, she is not, maria. her confidence is impressive. we talk a lot about big egos in washington. we always talk about men. women can have big egos too. very few in washington have them
7:33 am
as big as nancy pelosi. so a bu bunch -- a dozen democrs do not want to see her as speaker. they organized a call, trying to figure out how they can stop her. one of them was conor lamb of pennsylvania who is a moderate democrat, recently ran and won his seat. another was tim ryan of ohio who actually had run against pelosi in the past. he said he doesn't want to run this time but he's trying to someone, anyone who will and that might be actually the biggest problem for the pelosi opponents is there doesn't seem to be ca candidate that people e getting behind and interested in. no one's declared they want to run. of course, i don't blame them. who wants to get on nancy pelosi's bad side. maria: they don't want to run but they don't want her to run. tim ryan joined me on sunday, congressman from ohio, and i asked him if he's going to challenge her. i think he's actually more interested in challenging
7:34 am
president trump in 2020 but he did say he is not voting for pelosi. watch this. >> after the 2016 election you wanted to unseat nancy pelosi to become speaker of the house. are you running for speaker of the house this time? >> we got a couple more days. there are a number of candidates that are having conversations that are talking about running. i will say it's not going to be a coronation. somebody is going to run for leadership. i think it's important that we have this discussion and have this conversation. i think the american people want a change. i think a lot of democrats want a change and so we're going to have that discussion starting on wednesday and let's hope we're having a conversation about speaker of the house and not leader of the minority party in congress. but there's a lot of conversations happening right now. maria: and jason chaffetz is here. you don't think she has the votes. >> there's too many people that
7:35 am
were on the record -- the very first vote you cast as a member of congress is who is going to be the next speaker. and you're going to ask these people like lamb out of pennsylvania to take that tough vote. i don't know how she gets to 218. but you're right, she certainly is confident. but kelly, i want to ask you, has leader mccarthy signaled what's going to happen in the next seven weeks? the republicans are still in control in the house and the senate for the next seven weeks. have we seen what that agenda is going to be? >> i've heard very little coming through. even republicans are calling it a lame duck session, which you think hey, you've got your last chance to do something and they don't seem very interested in taking it. i think they're a little more preoccupied and worried about what's going to come next. now, of course one of the things that donald trump has talked about upcoming in the house is the speaker run and he's of course tweeted that he really thinks the democrats should have
7:36 am
nancy pelosi. i don't think that has helped her cause. but as you -- [ laughter ] >> you had tim ryan on and talked about, maria, you said he might want to run against president trump. he brought up trump and pelosi in the same sentence after the elections, saying that -- pointing out that exit polls showed that nancy pelosi's negatives were on par with trump's at 55%. he's trying to pull those two together. jason, do you think there's anyone that is ready to step up and challenge her? >> there's got to be somebody, somebody in the leadership team will actually change. i think between the congressional black caucus, the hispanic caucus, luhan has a great case to make. you bakely see democrats on the
7:37 am
coast. you don't hear much about a tim ryan. there aren't as many democrats in the middle part of the country and they haven't gotten organized. maria: there's a fight within the democratic party since they've gone lurching to the left. that's one of the issues. but we've got to get to the florida senate race. this is one of the top stories. we've got to get your take on this situation, getting even tighter. republican candidate rick scott filing explosive lawsuit against topple ex officials in two heavily democratic counties. he detailed the allegations at a news conference yesterday. watch this. >i.>> i will not sit by why unethical liberals try to steal the election. they are trying to find more votes until the election turns out the way they want. maria: your reaction? >> i have to say, bill nelson is trying to claim that this is a politically motivated action by rick scott, by getting law enforcement to investigate. well, what's wrong with an
7:38 am
investigation? what do you have to worry about? i thought democrats were in favor of investigations to find out the truth. and let's face it, broward county, miami-dade, recounts, we've heard about this before haven't we. maria: we have. >> these are heavily democratic districts. when you have votes being tallied and the margin changing from one where there wasn't going to be a recount to close enough where not only would there be a machine recount, there would be a hand recount. you have to worry about that. the deadline is saturday noon for the counties to file election results. rick scott was in court. he's trying to get emergency hearings. so something can happen because of course once you get that hand recount, these officials, it's a heavily democratic area and i don't blame him for being nervous. arizona we saw margins changes, within an hour we had almost a percentage point i think. so yeah, it's very
7:39 am
nerve-racking. republicans, no matter what happens, looks like republicans will hold the senate. the margins matter a lot as we saw over the last year. >> there were tens of thousands of votes difference going into this race in the previous recounts, previous times it was less than 1,000 votes. there does seem to be something suspicious. i think it was senator marco rubio that was pointing it out earlier in the day yesterday, if you look at his tweets and what he was saying about the shenanigans that have been happening in florida. you have allegations about how some of the counties in arizona have been counting this too. there is a lot on the line. >> it's crazy to me that we talked so much about russian meddling in our elections and now we don't need russia, we're meddling in our own elections. we have to use technology to make this voting process successful. dagen: there are accusations of racism in florida and georgia
7:40 am
and that's why andrew gillum and stacy abrams didn't win. let me point out that president barack obama won florida two times and john james in michigan lost. so is that racism? >> it is interesting in arizona because governor doocy was reelected by a large margin. the number of people that would have to take to vote for doocy and switch parties to vote for kristen cinema, that's a -- dagen: doug doesy was campaigning with marc martha mcsally. >> who goes to the vote and votes doocy sinema. maria: michelle obama writes about shock she felt on election night when she learned president trump would succeed her husband, writing she tries to, quote, block it all out. your reaction? >> i'm trying not to laugh too
7:41 am
hard. block it all out. yeah, she upset that someone replaced her husband is dismantling some of his legacy. i hate to use the word legacy. it hasn't been positive. look at how much the economy has gotten better since then. look at iran. you had a president who was sucking up to people who murder their own people for speaking out against the government and now we have someone who is standing with the people of iran. so, yeah, she has a right to be upset a little bit, i guess. but is this all -- is this book just a employ? is she going to run? what's the point of the book otherwise. it could make a lot of money which politicians like to do. dagen: you can look at the expression on michelle obama's face on inauguration day. she was sick of washington and it had nothing to do with right versus left, republican versus democrat. i think she just wanted out of the political circles of d.c.
7:42 am
i'll just throw that in there. maria: it's true, yeah. kelly jane, go ahead. final word. >> dagen, great point, although she likes to still be in the arena. she's made so many comments since then. i think she didn't like being in the everyday life, political life of d.c. but she likes to talk a lot of the big picture. maria: well, she wrote a book. thank you so much. coming up, we've got a trio of wildfires burning across california, injuring two firefighters. the blaze forced thousands of people from their homes including kim kardashian among others. we'll tell you her story when we come back. mortgage rates are surging to the highest level in nearly 1 # of years. it's taking a -- 10 years. it's taking a toll on the housing market. we'll tell you bought it next. ♪ i was born and raised in the
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7:46 am
maria: welcome back. three major wildfires burning out of control right now in california. cheryl casone with headlines. cheryl: this is a fast-moving fire, maria. it's forced evacuations in northern california. the camp fire has burned 18,000 acres, destroying a number of structures, at least two firefighters and multiple civilians have been injured so far. and we're learning now that kim kardashian west says she was also forced to leave her home in the town of hidden hills.
7:47 am
this happened last night, because of that fire. so she shares this image on her instagram, says in part i pray everyone is safe. but what's interesting is that she was taking those pictures out of her jet as she was coming home, only to land and find out her own home was actually in danger. so meanwhile, let's look at southern california. two wildfires have triggered evacuations in ventura county. the national weather service t e issued red flag warnings throughout much of the state. another headline we're following, the cost of financing the purchase of a new home heading higher. the average rate on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage jumped to 4.94%, that's the highest level in nea nearly eight years. it priced many prospective home buyers out of the market. existing home sales have fallen for the past six months. rates are climbing as the fed is raising borrowing costs. they don't want the economy to
7:48 am
overheat. your mortgage may be more expensive. aldi's first ever wine advent calendar may be sold out in stores but you can still get your hands on one. it's going to frankly cost you a lot. the calendar, it's got 24 mini bottles of wine for $70. but now we're seeing it on ebay, huge markup, one sold for $300, maria. plus $50 in shipping because it's super heavy as we found out on our set as we tried to pick it up. 21 pounds. it's a wine calendar, it's got cheeses in it. they're not going to restock it. we got one on set but we can't open it because. maria: they opened the cheese. >> i didn't go for the alcohol. dagen: why can't we open it? i'm not talking about drinking it. cheryl: it's a supposedly hot property. here's how this works, there's little mini bottles. i'm going to do it.
7:49 am
if i get in trouble, oh, well. i'll pay for it. there's one for each day. dagen: i want to know how mini these bos bottles are. if it's like a glass per bottle. cheryl: that's not bad if it's a mini bottle. >> the one issue with the advent calendar i like to do it in the morning. it's tough to open the wine, that could create a problem if you drink the wine in the. cheryl: i can't get it open. will you help me open it. >> i'm all about the cheese. cheryl: i'm trying to get the wine open. can we take a commercial break? [ laughter ] sure fofor me not to open the wa shock. >> hang this on the wall and say kids, get a piece of cheese. cheryl: if you pay the $300, get a knife or something to open it. there's mini bottles of wine and it's different kinds, all kinds of fun stuff. maria: i love it.
7:50 am
>> that's a gouda. dagen: it better be more than a glass a bottle. cheryl: share baby bottles. i'm going to work on this. maria: honoring veterans in style, we'll show you more of these crafts created by a pair of sisters who also support veterans through every stage of their business. wait until you see this. back in a moment. ♪ oh, yeah. ♪ na na na na. can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪
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maria: welcome back. support veterans and honor them every day, that is the mission behind the company score sword d
7:54 am
plow. we like that mission right here on "mornings with maria." joining me right now are the sisters behind the company, emily nunes i kavencss along wih betsy nunes. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. maria: you just get me, i'm in awe knowing you are in afghanistan, your father is one of the great vets as well. thank you for your service. >> thank you so much. we are thrilled to be here, especially right before veterans day which is so important. maria: why is the company called sword and plow? >> it comes from the phrase to turns swords into plows, which means to take a military tech nothing and apply it to a peaceful civilian application. that's what we're doing with our made in america products and repurposing military surplus into our designs. maria: i love this. last time you came you had lots of camo products tell me what
7:55 am
the products are this time. >> we've got an assortment. we have everything from jewelry, necklaces, earrings made out of repurposed bullet casings, hand-hammered by a female vet in kentucky named shana. we've got bags to travel kits, essentially everything for you, a family member, loved one and they make perfect gifts for the holiday. maria: what's the best selling item. >> best sellers are our necklaces. they're so one of a kind. they don't look anything like what they're made out of. this 50 caliber shell casing, that's been a big hit. maria: tell me how that's done with the casing. >> this amazing veteran named shan, she hand hammers every bullet casing into a beautiful piece of jewelry. she was a 50 caliber machine gunner when she was in the army and she was deployed in after afghanistan. it's an amazing full circle experience. maria: it is incredible. tell us about the events you
7:56 am
have this month. >> we're gearing up for veterans day, big this sunday, and then gearing up for holiday season. but today we're donating 10% of profits from any of the sales on our website to bumper labs. they do incredible work. they are helping veterans and military spouses start their own business. so the sale of our products and the production of our products helps support veteran employment and empowerment. for your viewers we have a special code, fox 10, for 10% off for today and the weekend. maria: thank you for that for our viewers. not only that, they're real quality. >> they last forever. >> we have a steadfast guarantee. if anything happens, we repair it free of cost. maria: give me the average prices. >> from $19 to $350, we do free shipping on all orders $200 and up. we have a tote bag that makes a great diaper bag or bag for work
7:57 am
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joining us happy friday, i am maria bartiromo friday, november 9 top stories 8:00 a.m. on button on the east coast, investors on edge this morning, off the lows, nonetheless talking about a triple-digit decline start of trading down 117 dow, 13 s&p, 55 points nasdaq three quarters of a percent after mixed story yesterday the federal reserve kept interest rates unchanged as expected, markets quiet some thought stram bank could signal a dovish tone following market volatility last month not so dow jones industrial average 10 points s&p 500 down seven nasdaq down 40 points, global
8:01 am
markets selling continues there ft 1200 down almost a percent as cac quarante if paris dax in germany down one half 1% in asia overnight declines across the board hong kong worst as you can see oil a bear market prices down 20%, from most recent high only in a month, why it could be warning for the global economy coming up, google ends forced arbitration over harassment trains ceo detailing policy funding massive employee walkouts, e-cigarette crackdown food and drug pulling flavor devices from most stores more on rules how trying to curb usage among kids disney topped expectations new details about streaming service as well stock up 1 1/2% this morning a dow component coming joining me to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell rose cliffs ceo
8:02 am
manage partner murphy form utah congressman fors news contributor jason chaffetz great to see about everybody this morning. >> fired up. >> incredible week so we have. dagen: calendar opened the bought that don't do much for -- gift ideas. >> good gift. dagen: half a glass in my household. >> holiday i like that, already we are about to talk to congressman fleischmann your thoughts on what is most important jason now that we have the news and clarity on what p this congress is going to look like. >>. >> krang go back in session monday leadership races for the house will happen almost immediately. really, a week after election question i think what are the republicans going to try to pass, in the seven weeks that pef before they were turning
8:03 am
gavel to somebody on democrat side, they have to pass spending package federal spending i think first week of december what are they going to do criminal justice reform what are they going to do on spending package exhales on agenda something with taxes? they can pass it with just republicans right now. >> there a better chance bipartisanship i keep bringing up now divided not one party in charge and one party beneath them both have some control more chance of -- >> think nancy pelosi thinks she this is charge. >> i think the wild card is donald trump he signaled one invest first tweets sent out is there if you start investigating me if you are going to bombard me with subpoenas like everybody anticipates that is going to happen, be very difficult o get anything in your agenda done signaling to nancy pelosi rest you need me to get anything done, deal maker, that who is donald trump is, not going to stand for it if
8:04 am
having to be bombarded in personal life with investigations. >> speaking of investigations to reiterate something talked about yet hemingway of federalist overheard jerry nadler going to be head of judiciary can he talk on being a cella train about all investigations, demonstrates will go all in on russia, going after the fbi, four brett kavanaugh, investigation, and the go after brett kavanaugh for perjury. >> i think pharmaceuticals right in the crosshairs oversight reform can he cummings signaled that if pharmaceutical industry look out probably called before congress. >> president wants to roein in priertsdz what is elijah cummings going to do. >> try to open books expose how dollars flow. >> i have a prediction jeff suggestions out as attorney
8:05 am
general, big step -- >> -- legalizing marijuana nationwide completely did he criminalizeing it, sounds good. >> i would run on that 2020. >> not going to agree -- >> i agree with you i mean seeing in so many states already. >> recreational marijuana use is legal now. >> there you are, watched that we've got a lot the talk about. >> marijuana? >> we have not got your take about jeff sessions hold that thought we want to get to top story president trump traveling to paris next hour administration hit russia with additional sanctions as u.s. and china hold security talks blake burman from white house this morning, maybing good morning to you. >> maria, good morning to you as well sunday mark 100th anniversary of the ending of world war 1 ends -- first lady
8:06 am
melania trump you loaf white house spending weekend in paris france to commemorate milestone will include two visits to u.s. cemeteries there in answer from because of this the there is a gathering of world leaders as well, that will include russia's vladimir putin. just yesterday the treasurer department slapped fresh batch of new sanctions against russia related to annexation of crimea at wednesday press conference at the white house the president made it seem as if official meeting with putin over the weekend would be unlikely. instead pointing to end of the month. >> i don't think we have time set aside for that meeting would that being said we are very shortly meeting again, at g20 he will be there i will be there that is what we are actually looking forward to meeting we will have a lunch but i think there are many people there. >> in washington there is going to be security talks today between united states, and china, involving the defense secretary mattis, the
8:07 am
secretary of state pompeo and chinese counterparts this could set the stage for another high profile meeting at g20 likely later this month when president meets with the chinese president xi jinping, to talk about trade, today's discussions -- >> thank you, blake burman at the white house this morning joining us right now tennessee congressman, chuck, good to see you thanks for joining us, your reaction to the president agenda we want to get your thoughts, on what can get done if anything in the next seven weeks. >> good morning, maria. yes, of course, the president's agenda is overwhelming he is done outstanding job two years whether domestic front international front stayed so busy, now that off the campaign trail, he is going to paris i think going to be a robust agenda we need to continue to keep america going in the right direction. what i mean by that, keeping
8:08 am
taxes low, regulations low, and to avoid some of the distractions that i think some democrats now are trying to look at, in terms of investigations american people want us to govern country move forward that is where i think we need to go. in regarded to the next seven weeks, i will be back, next week working hard, going to be interesting, this will be a lame-duck session i think we can accomplish some things in the house we've got to on the spending side i remember the house appropriations committee we have got to get that done for the good of the country. so i hope we have a productive seven weeks. >> chuck, jason chaffetz. >> jace houn are you. >> good, this is one of the harevidenced working members in congress pours his heart and soul into it glad to be on here with you, a question though is -- you have to pass spending package i believe by first week of december is there any chance there is any cut in spending?
8:09 am
or is congress going to continue to pour gasoline on this fire spend as much as it has? >> jason thank you for the question, i appreciate your great service chairman in the house it was pleasure to serve with you. i think the american people want us to get the spending package wrapped up. as you know, when we broke the controls of the budget, control broke the sequester for two years, that opened up the opportunity to fund defense to get that done, and to address what we felt were our national domestic priorities differences between republicans and democrats, for example, i represent -- oak rinl tremendous federal assets need to be funded and the like there are a few bills left we have passed this obviously to december i don't think the american people want to shut down, one thing that is going to be important, is funding for the wall, i have supported on homeland security
8:10 am
appropriations committee funding for the wall the president wanted funding for the wall so there is simply some issues that come up impede the process by and large i think we will get it zmeen do you think that funding is funding for the wall going to be in the package in december. >> i think we are going to try really going to try, again, the problem could always be what it has been before united states senate one of the things that frustrated me as you know we worked hard in the house promoted president trump's agenda worked hard to get things done, passed last bills, they were impeded time and time again in the senate because about of the numbers not necessarily because of anything our majority did, but because we didn't have 60 votes, so again we don't have 60 votes in the senate i think you will see house getting it done, we just hope senate gets it done. >> was it the administration changing the rules for asylum swheeshgz and where they can apply for asylum a u.s. mexico border appeals court said
8:11 am
president can't end daca deferred action program where are we in this do you think anything gets done with new congress in the new year on immigration? >> thank you for that question, of course, unfortunately, the ninth circuit court of appeals has traditional been very liberal very far left, has been overturned even in prior years, by the supreme court. by less conservative supreme courts so while that is a little bit of a setback i think ultimately high court united states supreme court, will reverse ninth circuit on this and other issues i am not unduly concerned about that. on immigration i think we are going to have to look at from it a practicing standpoint from a policy standpoint, and, of course, there are always political implications to this, but that problem is not going to go away, the caravan is coming needs to be stopped so everyone, as american, now that the elections are over, we've got to get back to governing that is where i think we are. >> unanimous naps potentially
8:12 am
next speaker what she said just a last night about sniemgs we have to protect our borders our responsibility is to protect and defend we took an oath, when sworn into office to protect and defend we have to protect, in a way that protects our borders and honest our values, and also, recognizing 11 mill pm in this country we have to address in terms of legalization perhaps a path and i believe a path to citizenship. >> i feel i am having a déjà vu because i heard this before congressman. >> yes. well, and it is going to be interesting to see what new majority is going to do first of all, i think going to have problems internally, they have it be elected people from all over the left side of the spectrum, super far left, i think if speaker pelosi if speaker wants to be able to either fw anything
8:13 am
accomplished has to realize to work with robust republican majority, got to raise her thinner majority going to have a republican senate donald trump will be strong republican leader in the white house, so if she sets the tone for want to go work with republicans to, get things done, that is going to be one thing, if she goes off, to tradition left wing causes, she is going to be impeded going to be beaten. >> we will leave it there are you going to vote nor kevin mccarthy to be minority leader. >> yes, i am, i spoke with kevin earlier, whether or not he was going to be speaker or majority leader and so or minority leader so i have worked with him in the past i think he has done a good job we have leadership elections next week, so that is how i'm going to vote there are a lot of votes out there, but i think our minority has to get back to work fundamental conservative basics and work
8:14 am
forward. >> congressman thank you. thank you. >> stay with us, e-cigarette crackdown fd.a. working to curb popularity of vaping among teenagers wp. stay with us. .
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
maria: investigators searching for motive in that mass shooting in southern california, cheryl casone with details. cheryl: that is right, maria. they are trying to figure out what led to horrific rampage that killed 12 people in a bar thousand oaks california the gunman identified 28-year-old marine veteran ian long carried out the shooting, months after he met with mental health specialists he apparently killed himself inside the bar, hundreds of people attended a vigil last night to remember victims. >> the dawn will break, nabbed the morning we many be more loving, more compassion more unified full of hope because
8:18 am
we are as sign said as he i pulled up thousand oaks strong. >> among dead ventura county sheriffs sergeant ron helus thousands lining streets yesterday to honor him, as his hearst passed by e-cigarettes heard to get food drug administration going to pull flavor e-cigarettes from most convenience stores gas station imposing strict age verification recriminates for online sale curbing use among kid particularly high schoolers, 3.5 million young people use they products. >> oil prices continue to slide below 60 bucks a barrel down right now concerns about too much supply, we enter bear market territory yesterday down more than 20% from high 7641 contract hit october 3 oil below 60 bucks for the
8:19 am
first time in 8 months move by u.s. by the way, 8 countries from sanctions on iran weighed on prices countries cli china, japan turkey. >> well there is this, disney reported record annual profit after bell yesterday, revenue 12% 14. medicine fourth-quarter earnings beating expectations, blockbuster films and man the wasp on behalf of theing results, disney also announced new streaming service disney plus late next year the service will ask it of disney studios content as well as pixar marvel "star wars" franchise nationjafb on there g to control 60% hulu use fox to
8:20 am
add to lineup unclear what disney will charge going after netflix, disney up over 2% premarket. >> thank you so much google under fire major changes after employees protest how company handles sexual misconduct claims future of the federal reserve impact on markets central bank left rates unchanged yesterday. back in a moment. ♪ i want to get away i want to fly away ♪ yeah, yeah about yeah ♪ only half the story? at t. rowe price our experts go beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand. like e-commerce spurring cardboard demand.
8:21 am
the pursuit of allergy-free peanuts. and mobile payment reaching new markets. this is strategic investing. because your investments deserve the full story. t.rowe price. invest with confidence.
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8:23 am
>> cracking down on harassment google ceo made changes followma employee walkout this
8:24 am
minijoining is fox business reporter host 6 women and money, a new series of special tonight 9:30 pm fox business deirdre here great to see you. >> special. >> of course, changes happening google also you know microsoft uber doing the same thing no more forced arbitration for sexual harassment claims means that employees have the right to speak out i think the behind closed doors negotiations shut people down we saw response from google employees 20,000 walkout, after one senior executive got a 90-million-dollar exit package, when he was credibly accused of sexual harassment also changing or things saying google does have alcohol in offices part of the silicon valley culture saying if you are going to drink at work no more excessive drinking even late hours a lot of complaints were coming through not surprisingly when alcohol was involved goes one step further
8:25 am
in policy, even saying employee events or for example all of us socializeing if a manager not supposed to drink till you don't know what you are doing. >> you are kidding seem basic but listen silicon valley culture more relaxed sort of a little bit of overlap between personal and professional lives. >> to women a boys club quite frankly, i think that we in immediate the country the world ignored the fact, that there is a lot of bad behavior at these technology companies, not unlike wall street before the women -- >> it was -- i see them in bars a lot of men not a lot of ladies a lot of unchecked alcohol driven behavior, by tech pros. >> not a lot of ladies leadership. >> not in technical jobs either. >> beginning to hurt recruiting some of these young women out of mit chicago, with
8:26 am
lots to officer thinking twice perhaps about work for some bigger firms. >> speaking of he women a special on fox business network tonight women and money first guest is blackstone senior managing director joe, watch. >> when i was in elementary school mom went to work no business skill sets found mentor trained her an insurance under wrooir worked much of her life, till 75 actually, and so i never questioned that i would have a career, that it was important to be independent, financially, and she loved what she did so i always had just a great outlook on that. >> part that have conversation too is parents were holocaust survivors came with almost nothing grew up modest means in queens a lot personal story very much day job maybe next
8:27 am
generation can be inspired, by her path so impressive excited about to introduce viewers idea quest for american dream not gender neutral fantastic 9:30 right after wall street a get a show on wall street as well jim grant stephanie pomboy together this weekend, on maria bartiromo's wall street we will see you on women and money 9:30 thank you so much. we'll be right back. alexa, play weekend mix. the new lincoln mkc. connecting the world inside, with the world outside. . . introducing the well-connected 2019 lincoln mkc.
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8:30 am
maria: welcome back, breaking news, ppi producer price index up 6 tenths of a percent, much higher than expected. welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo, thanks for joining us, it is friday november 9th, top stories at 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. october ppi is breaking right now just hitting the tape up 6 tenths of a percent. the gain 2 tenths of a percent.
8:31 am
that was the expectation, we actually have gain of 6 tenths of a percent, we will get into it on inflation and whether or not this will be a problem for markets, take a look at futures, markets have been down all morning and they remain down in triple digits k down 117 points on the dow, one half 1%, the nasdaq is down 67 points, we have been focused on rising costs for a number of reasons, wages as well as input costs for companies, that's one of the reasons for this narrative that economic growth looks slow and now we get this october ppi up sixth tenths month over month, up 2.9% year over year, the estimate was 2.5%, so here too it is worst than expected on the october ppi, it is higher than expected, we will see what that does for markets, we do see futures worsening here. down 129 points in dow industrials because this is only going to lead if we do have
8:32 am
inflation lead federal reserve to raise interest rates further. we are looking at a down day across the board across world. cac quarante down 30 and dax down 30 quarter percent lower. asia markets, worst performer hong kong. oil, price of crude dropping 21% in just under a month, that's bear market territory, oil now at 59.66, that's down below $60 a barrel. back to the breaking news we go, the october producer price index hitting the tape up 6 tenths of a percent, mike murphy, your thoughts? >> you're finally see price increases, people said it wasn't out there, it is out there. what this could mean, maria, a situation where maybe the fed acts more quickly but maybe they don't act as quickly. you know, looking at this number in headline is really trying to figure out how the fed will
8:33 am
react. maria: let's get to jon hilsenrath, jon, your thoughts on the ppi number, is this a worrisome up six tenths up over month up 10% year over year? jon: it's something that you have to pay attention to, you can never put much weight on any one number but you know it moves us towards answers on something that there's been a lot of uncertainty about for the last few months, the headline consumer price inflation numbers which is what the fed watches have been on the soft side. the dollar was strong, that put down more pressure on inflation, oil prices are coming down, that's put some downward pressure on inflation but we are hearing the anecdotes from companies that they've got, you know, labor cost pressures building and other pressures building and then inflation was heading up, the federal reserve's own model says when unemployment gets low you should see pressure building.
8:34 am
if we start to see more numbers like this and this is just one number then that lends to the narrative that the fed is going to keep raising interest rates an also telling us something about this idea, you know, the trump administration is has been saying we can stimulate the supply side of the economy, grow fast without causing inflation, if we start seeing numbers like this and see the inflation that undermines the narrative. mike: hey, jon, it's mike murphy, i know it's one number, i know the fed has said several times that they are data-dependent, supports a rate hike, can you read out this supports 3 or supports 4 or now let's just wait and see what the next number is, how do you think they are looking at that? >> i should say this is a ppi number producer prices, it's kind of a flakey number, the fed looks much more carefully at the consumer price inflation data and as i said those have been
8:35 am
soft, the fed isn't going to be alarmed by this, listen, they are raising interest rates in december and this supports that decision and, you know, then we have to look at how things play out going into 2019 but there will be another rate increase in december and it's not going to make president trump happy. dagen: jon, it's dagen mcdowell, higher wholesale prices but muted consumer prices is actually bad for the stock market because wouldn't that indicate that companies really can't pass along their increase costs to their end users if you're in the consumer business and there lie it is problem that maybe the fed reserve doesn't get carried away but you have margin pressure because the company can't pass on cost increases to the -- to the end users? >> i just have to say, dagen, you're really smart. maria: yes, she is. dagen: thank you. jon: that's -- that's a very important point, you know, that companies are having trouble passing on the price increases
8:36 am
and this ppi number is a measure of the import costs of what they have to pay for their materials and that equals profit margin pressure that's not good for -- that's not good for profits so that's another reason why stocks won't react positively to it. maria: that's what we have been seeing, dagen, in terms of expectation that is the economy will slow, that's what you heard with the revenue misses in most recent quarter. >> absolutely, i will point out too that a lot of the increase -- a lot of the surprise to the upside in this producer price number is from energy costs going up and trade services so -- oil is in a bear market right now so you could see adjustment as we move into the month of november on the wholesale price side. maria: oil is down 21% in under a month. jon: these are flakey numbers and with oil prices going up headline prices on the consumer level are going to be heading down, we are also seeing another reason headline consumer price
8:37 am
numbers could come down is rental costs for housing, oversupply in rental housing, so, you know, we shouldn't overreact to this but it's not something that the stock market is going to take pleasantly. mike: i think when you look at oil selling off as it has, that really is a credit to not only the consumer but also to businesses that have typically paid large heeding and bills and this will help them going forward. jon: absolutely. yeah, i think you're right on that front. >> jon, it's jason chaffetz, the president is heading overseas, a lot of important talks, how do you read that? i don't know jon well, the important question is what's happening with china, we have these, we have g20 meetings coming up and the president is supposed to be meeting with
8:38 am
president xi about that, seems to me that we are in stalemate with the chinese and this again has inflation consequences, tariffs are coming on line, that could lead to price increases later in the year and going into 2019. dagen: jon, i floated an idea earlier about -- it was something that you mentioned earlier in the week about concerns of national debt level and facing 1 trillion-dollar annual budgets, with the democrats control the house does the fear come with longer-term interest rates moving up, does the fear become bad spending deals where democrats with republicans start spending more money potentially and what that could do to bond markets and longer rates? >> absolutely, i mean, the history of deal-making in washington is that the easiest deal to make is to spend more money and we saw them do that last february when they agree
8:39 am
today bust the budget caps with 300 billion more spending in order to get defense president the president had to agree to more spending on the discretionary level. if there's going to be any agreement, for instance, on infrastructure spending plan this year it's probably going to be an agreement to do it and fund it with more debt, so, you know, one of the losers in midterm elections was the deficit outlook, we are probably going to see an even worse deficit picture. maria: so when does that become an issue for the markets, do you think? we have been talking for spending problem for a while and now looking at the reality of trillion dollar deficits an for years to come, when do you think markets start seeing real disruption as a result of this? >> i think it's a great question, you know, in early 1990's talk about bond market vigilantand they forced
8:40 am
president bush, hb bush to increase tax increase that is he didn't want to and forced president clinton to avoid stimulus that he didn't want to do. the bond market vigilantes aren't really stating case right now. i kind of feel what's going on in bond market is like a slow boil that, you know, the frog slowly being boiled that, you know, perhaps we are going to see long-term rates creeping up particularly relative to rates elsewhere in the world but it doesn't become some jolt, it's something that slowly creeps up and undermines growth in the longer run. >> as for the government books, remember we are at all-time record high revenue to the treasury, we have a serious spending problem in washington, d.c. and the interest on the debt with the rising interest rates, we will be paying nearly a billion dollars a day on our national debt, that takes a lot of money to fund. jon: i want to say something about the revenue thing, revenue
8:41 am
should rise as gdp rises, it means incomes are going up, it means corporate profits are going up so renew should rise, the problem right now is that revenues aren't rising as fast as gdp. it shouldn't be a surprise that we have record high revenues, what we need to worry about is that revenue isn't rising faster. maria: all right, we will leave it there, jon, great to talk to you, jon hilsenrath joining us. joining us text rapid run hitting pause button, stuart varney weighs. aretha franklin memorabilia coming up. (vo) 'twas the night before christmas
8:42 am
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maria: welcome back, the darling of wall street, technology sector under pressure this month, joining us the host of varney & company, stuart varney to weigh in, stuart, time for old-time favorites. stuart: maybe too late, they have gone up nicely, big techs obviously led the whole market for what a couple of years at least. they seem to have gone into a pause mode if not a declining mode, meanwhile the old-fashion stocks they make things, they have services that you can actually touch and feel, they come rising up very nicely, look at mcdonalds, mcdonalds is what
8:46 am
about $187 a share, just a few months ago that thing was down 120, that's come a long way, that's old-line stock that's come very nicely, disney on the back of nice earnings that's going to record high today. that's an old-line stock but for some time it was out of favor, it's back now, what about wal-mart? that, again, out of favor as amazon came on strong, now wal-mart is doing very well with the grocery delivery business and they're back to 100 bucks a share, maybe the new leadership of this market in a booming economy is those old-line stocks, not necessarily industrial stocks but the ones that were out of favor for the past year, what do you think? maria: well, we will see, i mean, i think growth comes back to tech. you know, that's where the growth is. i think tech at some point comes back and when you look at what's going to happen next year in terms of all the activity and -- and unicorns going public, i would imagine tech comes back at some point, what do you think,
8:47 am
mike? mike: hey, stuart, it's mike murphy, agrees with you, i agree with what you're saying, you look at companies like wal-mart, i would argue, stuart, that it's not necessarily an old-line company anymore. i would say like a wal-mart and disney, they are competing with amazons and facebooks out there, i think everything is using technology, you will get leadership there, but remember we have talked about it you and i don't count out amazon and facebooks of the world. >> i wouldn't count them out. reinventing themselves with new technology, that's the ones to watch. >> stuart, jason chaffetz. i have serious stock i have to sell you -- [laughter] stuart: you're a manchester city kind of guy. >> we will win the derby this weekend for those who don't know english football. maria: you will have all of the above in ten minutes, top of the hour, stu, thank you so much, we will see you after mornings with
8:48 am
maria, varney & company at 9:00 a.m. eastern, join stuart and fan that's guest line-up, coming up rock on, iconic memorabilia including michael jackson's jacket from the bad tour, wait till you see what we have in studio. stay with us show me movies a grinch would love.
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maria: the city that never sleeps, rock and roll heaven for collectors this weekend, julian's aw holding blockbuster event with iconic memorabilia and we have hot items here, i spoke with executive director
8:52 am
martin nolan and i asked him about biggest items, michael jackson's jacket on bad tour. >> charity auction in 1989, sold for over $4,000 and maria if you look at the back, you can see where michael signed the jacket with an arrow, love michael jackson with 3 zeros. people believe he signed because that was the year he would passed away. maria: he believed that was the year he passed away. the signature on the jacket, that's really interesting. >> what's interesting, maria, about the jacket we sold in 2009 soon after michael passed away for 270,000, so you can see the price from 89 to 2000. maria: that's incredible. >> hard rock coffee this weekend, another world record, stakes 2, collectibles people see them as actual investment opportunities. maria: they sure. one of my favorite things is
8:53 am
prince get or, i'm a fan of his, the get or he plaid during final stage performance, tell us about -- i interviewed prince and he was just a sweetheart of a guy, may he rest in peace. tell me about the get or. >> a loyal fan base worldwide, this is a guitar that prince played in minnesota, a tribute to ray charles 3 weeks before prince passed away. maria: wow. >> surprise performance by prince and that's last get or, we sold one of get ors 2 years ago for 700,000, this we have estimate 60 to 80,000. gives you the idea of collectibility and the value of these items. maria: and still works. >> beautiful get or, great-working get or. maria: glasses of the late john lennon, these are cool, what makes them so special? >> they are john lennon, he wore them in video, 1967 way before mtv or music videos, these are fantastic glasses, iconic made in japan with patents, we
8:54 am
estimate them 10 to 20,000, several thousand dollars at the auction this weekend. maria: very cool, let's look at keith richards jacket here. [laughter] maria: it's really cool. this is going to go, what's the story behind the jacket? >> that's amazing jacket we call worn by keith richards of rolling stones. maria: he must have been so small, look how small the jacket is? >> absolutely, petite, tinny in 60's, if you add photographs of celebrities that impacts the value. maria: you have items from great late aretha franklin, he wore the hat, didn't she? let's do hat before the dress. >> the hat for royal family. estimated 1,000 to 1500 fantastic monumental hat, should
8:55 am
sell very well, she's getting a lot of riespc, maria. maria: she sure is. tell me about this. >> wore in 1981, performance in new york city, outfit, beautiful vest with the romper underneath and what's amazing there, if i can show the camera the lining to have vest. show girl. aretha loved her style, she was the queen of soul but style icon. maria: arnold did my wedding actually. >> you could wear this today. maria: lyrics to song. >> we have the entire collection coming to auction. famous monumental song, nice
8:56 am
hand-writing sketches on the actual lyrics and i think the prices for these will be out of this world, maria. maria: all of the items resinate with viewers, people like to collect these things just not use them but keep them in their home. >> maria, so much things happening in the world, political, but we have one continuity with entertainment, we like to own something from aretha or michael jackson or prince or whoever because we are keeping their memory alive. that's the continue tino matter what happens in the world we can fall back to a movie, album or a video and that's what people are holding onto. maria: thank you martin nolan, le would be right back, stay with us. numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand. like a biotech firm that engineers a patient's own cells to fight cancer.
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welcome back swroining me this weekend big show maria bartiromo wall street tonight 9 p.m. eastern. we've got anthony scaramucci talking about impact of the mid-materials. and then on sunday morning futures joining me fox news
9:00 am
sunday hear from kevin his first comments post the midterm changes. great show today everybody. thank you so much dagen mcdowell mike murphy. >> love you great week. great weekend have a great weekend "varney & company" begins right now. stewart take it away. >> good morning maria good morning everyone. well, this happened fast, didn't it? the price are of oil plunging and price of gas plunging with it. this puts money in your pocket and surely helps the already booming economy. as of now, crude is well below 60 bucks a barrel it was 80 dollars a barrel just a few week ago. and gas, dropping more than a penny a day. it is now down to an average of 272 down 30 days in a row. cheapest gas in the nation, delaware, average is $2.38 most expensive, california. 3.72 maybe they should rethink their gas tax heading for lower opening dow is off triple digits


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