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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 12, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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it was easy for me to relate to, because believe it or not, i'm not perfect either. he was a great guy. and lee dead at 95. "evening edit" starts right now. reporter: a brutal day for investors. the dow in sell-off mode. nasdaq and s & p closing down for a third day in a row. the devastation in california continues, at least 31 people dead and 200 missing. in florida the recall effort escalating. florida's lieutenant governor joins us in a bit. i'm blake berman in for
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elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. [♪] blake: markets up today. the markets the big story. the dow plummeting 622 points and tech stocks led the sell-off. dierdre: we saw the dow down for its third consecutive day. tech stocks hurt sentiment the most of. iphone's facial recognition function cut its outlook. that stock is down 30% today. neither company confirmed the cut in shipments. tech maker saw extreme selling.
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intel also closed lower. the ceo is trying to sell assets to reduce the leverage on g.e.'s stocks. they point to understandable concerns about u.s. growth. the u.s. economy is strong, but the global picture is less so. europe and china's picture is weaker. all these factors are just contributing to investors buying u.s. dollars. the market saying the u.s. dollars are the safest currencies to hold. the doll ash's rights hurts
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consumers. we have a looming spectre of the fed where we expect rates to go higher which will push the dollar higher and make all borrowing costs more expensive. blake: and you have got to wonder with the holiday season approaching what that means. to the west and california's wildfires. 31 dead, more than 200 mission as hundreds of thousands of acres continue to burn. over 600 homes destroyed in one part of northern california alone. 8,000 firefighters are battling three major outbreaks. the campfire in northern california and the hail and woolsey fires in southern california. tonight two more wildfires have broke out. scott mcclain is with cal fire.
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you have quite the task ahead of you. let's go south to north. 91,000 acres burned. 21% contained. 50,000 structures threatened. where do you go from here? >> we are still dealing with a red flag warning on that fire. it looks like it will end tomorrow. we want to get the winds to die down so the firefighters can get tighter into those flames. those flames of course not being so aggressive. we are dealing with topography issues and extreme weather conditions. blake: by tomorrow, that sound fairly optimistic. >> i'm taking it. the red flag warnings have been coming and going on a regular basis. blake: there have been a couple
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other fires, one affecting highway 118, san fernando to moorpark. where does that stand for you in southern california. >> that up with has been caught. so it looks good there. we are averaging 100 wildfires a week in southern california. blake: the camp fire, 113,000 acres. 25% contained. when you talk about fatalities. this is the area, 31 people killed so far. >> there are two down in the woolsey fire that passed away on the campfire. it's ranked number one as the most of deadly on california record. i expect them to take that number one bracket the next day
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or two. 113,000 acres, 25% contained. three firefighter injuries. we are looking for the winds to diminish throughout the course of the day. we'll get a lot of work done throughout the day. blake: 200 plus people til missing from that paradise area? >> the surrounding area as well. paradise being the predominant, yes. blake: when you talk about 200 missing, is it simply they have pled their homes and you dorntsu don't know where they are? >> it's unfortunately it could be almost anything. but when you are evacuating that quick, you didn't have any time. you picked up what you had and you took off. some made it out. some got trapped in and out of
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those areas. we happened cars backed up on the small roads. we developed temporary refuge areas. it was a jigsaw puzzle trying to get those individuals out of paradise and out of harm's way. a lot of fire engines damaged by heat. we even had a dozer come in to open up corridor for the engines to get some rescues taken care of. blake: you are doing a great job, all we can say is keeping going and the best of luck. jody jones is the mayor of paradise, california. jody, thank you for joining us. do you hear us? >> yes, i can hear you.
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blake: your area has been especially hit hard. i am wondering how you are doing, and your house and your livelihood. >> thank you. i am tired. my house burned down. my sister's house burned down, my husband's office building burned down. but we paul made it out. my grandchildren were evacuated. we are all safe and we are alive. blake: when you say your house burned down, thousand close were you when that happened? what was that like? >> i was not at home. i was actually running errands and i was at me up sister's house when i got the evacuation notice on my cell phone and had to leave. i could not get back home. the fires had already come into town. my husband was at home. and i said you need to go outside and hook your truck up to the motorhome so yo you cantw
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it out. he just put the animals in the motorhome and left. we didn't meet up until we made to it chico 3 1/2 hours later. blake: 29 people killed. there are hundreds more missing. i can tell you as somebody who grew up in south florida, there are some things people don't understand to about hurricanes. i can't relate to forest' fires. the average person watching this can't relate to this. what don't they understand about what's going on in your community? >> it's devastating what's happened. you can look at the pictures. but when you see it, you can't
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believe all of those homes just went up in a matter of hours. the fire chief said it was like you had 100 matches in your hand and you threw them all over town and every single one of them took all at the same time. it was a unique situation, i would have to say. blake: we heard from scott mclean in southern california. he thinks the fire there could be gone by tomorrow. what are the best hopes for your communities? >> there isn't fire in paradise right now. they are fighting fire on both edges of that fire nap around our town. but they are not expecting the fire to come back to paradise. what's happening there is cleanup efforts right now. there is cleanup crews. they are trying to get down
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power lines secured and put up new poles. they are trying to move hazardous debris and that sort of thing. blake: we wish you all the best. thank you for speaking with us, jody. claudia cowan is on the ground there. i am sure you just heard some of that. i have got to imagine there are countless stories like jody jones. reporter: it's hard to get your head around the scope of the devastation. on main street, almost every building burned to the ground by some estimates. 90% of the city is gone. we are talk about 29 fatalities. that number could rise. 50,000 people evacuated. the biggest challenge is identifying the remain as the because some of the bodies are
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pushed beyond recognition, and relatives of the missing might be asked to provide a dna sample to help identify the dead. search continues to track down more than 200 people listed as missing. it's possible they made it to evacuation centers or staying out of town, but haven't been able to communicate with their families. those who fled the flames, sometimes by driving through them can't come back. paradise was home to elderly and disabled people. they will be displaced for a long time. california governor jerry brown requested the president declare a major disaster. the governor adding climate change is threatening our whole way of life. >> this is not the new normal.
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this is the new abnormal. and this new abnormal will continue the next 10 to 15 to 20 years. the best science is telling us that dryness, warmth, drought, all those things, they are going to intensify. reporter: this is the biggest fire in the country and 4,000 firefighters are on it. dozens of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft are dropping water and fire retardant. they have it 25% surrounded. and they are hoping to make big gains today until strong gusty winds return this evening. the toxic smoke from the fires makes it difficult to breathe and talk and breathe. until the big winds come and blow the smoke away, and that's
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creates a fire threat. the smoke will be here, too. blake: we'll be right back. stay with us.
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blake: florida's ballot recount
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is under way in the gubernatorial and senate race. fox news' phil keating is live in lauder hill. they got just a few days to wrap this up, right? reporter: that's right. they have a thursday, 3:00 p.m. deadline to make this recount. some think they may not be able to. and others say it will be counting. they are still sorting the 800,000 ballots here, taking the page ones with the recount races on them and making a new step. once they have that complete, they will begin recounting the election for broward county. in west palm beach county, their tabulation machines can only do one race at a time.
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that will triple and quin quinte the amount of time. governor rick scott's attorneys took a loss in front of the senator nelson attorneys as well as that of the county elections office. the governor filed suit to bring in law enforcement officers to impound the ballots when they were not being used. the judge said that was not need but he agreed to a to add threee sheriff's deputies. the verbal barbs continued today. >> rick scott isn't underred in
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making sure every lawful vote is counted. and he's using his power as governor to try to undermine the voting process. reporter: meanwhile 150 floridians in the panhandle voted by fax or email, even though that's against the law. the secretary of state's office is looking into that. there are calls for governor scott to recuse himself entirely as the outcome directly impacts him. blake: joining me now, the lieutenant governor from florida. thanks for joining us. let's start with bill nellen, the incouple -- bill mel on is
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calling for scott to step aside. he says you are the governor and have the most of vested interest in this. what would you say to those folks who voted for bill nelson, saying i feel more secure if rick scott were to step aside and let this play out. >> i would like to thank all the veterans, being that today is veterans day, including our governor, rick scott who is a veteran. i see no reason for him to recuse himself. these recounts are happening at the county level. there are 600 supervisors of elections. the only one that is not elected is christina white of mic dade county and is a -- of miami-dade county who will complete her recount ahead of the deadline.
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blake: jeb bush said it's time for snipes to step aside or have the god suspend her. >> she clearly has shown herself to be incompetent and to have broken election law. reported ballots before they were supposed to be reported. left things off the ballot. she is clearly incompetent. i heard or saw a news report that she hadn't even begun her recount. miami-dade county, well over 50% done with their recount and broward hasn't even begun. blake: if she is incompetent and has a troubling history of violating election law, why did the governor feel comfortable
6:23 pm
with her overseeing his, and was there ever discussion of removing her beforehand. >> going forward nothing will be ruled out as far as consequences for these horrible, horrible elections she has done here in broward this year. leading into the election there were no indications for the 2018 general elections there would be problems. but she has shown herself to be clearly incompetent and nothing will be taken off the take. blake: there is a law in florida one-half of one percent or less it's mandatory. but when you look at the sheer numbers in the race between governor scott and bill nelson. it's 12,500 votes. should this be revisited, this
6:24 pm
process? or is it a good sort of checks and balances throughout the state? >> this process is in place. all the statutes dealing with these elections, the dead lines for reporting every 45 minutes on election night uploaded to the state. all these things are in place as a result of what happened in 2000. there was input from both sides, both parties, from the supervisors of elections, democrats. and this is the product that was come up with. and broward, norp palm beach were able to comply with the law. they were in violation of multiple state statutes from tuesday at 7:30 on. so as far as the sheer volume. if miami-dade county which has 100,000 more ballots to count and they can complete it on time and most of likely early. there is no reason that broward
6:25 pm
nor fall beach shouldn't be able to complete their recount on time. about lieutenant governor, thanks so much. by the way, when should mention we reached out to the florida governor candidate andrew gillum to come on tonight. we are work his team on his availability. in a few years u.s. will be spending more on debt than our national defense. what the retired four-star general jack keane has to say. firefighters battle the out-of-control wildfires in california. stay with us. i've always been amazed by what's next.
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blake: live pictures coming out of malibu, california from kttv.
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this is the woolsey fire. the santa ana winds are threatening to worsen things. adam klotz is in the weather center. adam: southern california with the santa ana winds will make it a tougher fire to fight. when you get into southern california you are talking about extreme to at least severe drought in some of those locations. 6-10 inches below seasonal rainfall in those cases. in of any these places you are seeing what the brown spots, that means air has less than 10% humidity. that's bone dry and makes them easier to ignite. that will improve in a couple days. the wind have been tough.
6:31 pm
you are looking at winds only 15-20 miles an hour. but that's been on the lower end of what the wind have been producing. consistently 15-20-mile-an-hour wind. gusts up to 50, 60, 70 miles an hour. that will be an issue throughout the course of this evening. but running into tuesday also. so we have wind gust warnings across much of southern california. most of of those bigger fires, the woolsey fire north of los angeles, the gusting wind will continue to be an issue. at least today and tomorrow this continues to be a problem probably lightening up for folks wednesday. blake: turning to today's market. the dow plunging 600 points. with me lee munson and keith
6:32 pm
fitzgerald. thank you for joining us tonight. keith, is it am that dragged the market down? when apple goes, the tech stocks go and here we are? >> yes and no. am is a widely held liquid to be and part of the computerized selling. computers hit a key level, more selling comes down it's a big stock and widely held. people are imagining two of those things, that's a witch's brew. >> we have the holiday season around the corner. is this indicative of what we might see from apple and that sector or is this a one-off, not necessarily. >> i can read all i need.
6:33 pm
last earning season back in august i came on fox business and said this only about iphone sales. if iphone sales slip, i don't care what cloud service or what piece of revenue. let's just discuss our profit margins. to me it was the end of the deal. we are seeing bare sentiment. we had 7 of the last 8 fridays close down. so i'm just a contrarian. i want to do the opposite of that. last week we saw the 10-year treasury rally in the face of unexpected inflation from the ppi numbers. so you have to be bullish and you have to be a contrarian. tech has a problem because of valuations. blake: what about the dollar? it hit a 17-month high today.
6:34 pm
that brought in part goldman sachs down. any worries there? >> well, again, 40-something percent of the s & p earnings come from overseas. the fear is those earnings will be impacted. this people trying to get ahead of things that might happen. every ceo worth their salt has reserves built up. so i'm not especially concerned. i think you have the opportunity to buy the right companies, especially because they are being put on sale. 10:30 the dow was down 250. the prospect of presidential harassment by the dems is causing the stock market big headaches. what do you think? >> just because trump said it doesn't might's not real.
6:35 pm
i think he's spot-on right now. we have been talking about the two is. infrastructure and impeachment. the deficit is not going to get better. so at least if we can get infrastructure spending versus spending two years trying to impeach the president. the dollar is a problem. but there are other problems like housing numbers aren't great. but we saw so much good here i don't think the dollar will kill this story. blake: keith and lee, thank you both for staying with us. president trump tells europe it's time to pay their fair hair for security. we'll dig into the numbers with general jack keane on this veterans day. stay with us. the day after chemo might mean a trip back to
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blake: today we honor all the u.s. military members who dedicated their lives to defend this nation. we thank them all for their service, including jack keane. a thought from you on this veterans day? >> it's always a special day. this country couldn't exist without the service of our veterans. what makes it also such an esteemed country is we have never forgotten that. blake: president trump went over to europe, the 100th anniversary of world war i. he said nations over there have to pay their fair share and he hit them on trade. he said it's time these rich countries pay the united states
6:41 pm
for its great military protection or protect themselves and trade must be free and fair. is it a realistic ask for the president to say of these mainly nato countries to say increase your defense spending or cut us a check? >> they all agreed to get their defense spending up to at least 2% of gdp. that was their agreement, it's suppose to be done around 2023. most of of them were not doing it. i think what president trump focused on web's a catalyst to get them to incites. because we are disproportionately paying it it's a fair comment for president trump to make. we are moving the troops top the eastern part of europe as a deterrence against russia's aggression. the president has the loudest
6:42 pm
voice about strengthening nato. they don't like the public wire brushing that's taking place. blake: you mentioned 2023. the nationalling congressional budget office said the interest pairs in five years will be higher than defense spending. on its face that seems unsustainable. how will that work out? >> part of that as you mentioned the interest rates are climbing. he's doing what he can, and it would have some influence over the federal reserve. in my own mind, we have to have the defense. and it's been inadequate for years. tour capabilities haven't evaluated, and our adversaries are increasing. and the issues are very serious.
6:43 pm
the point is, our leaders have got to come to grips with the discretionary spending we are doing as it pertains to not just defense which i believe has to be increased. but in terms of medicare, social security. if we don't do something about that, we are heading towards a cliff. >> if it gets to that boiling point, does have it to be walked back at some point? >> i think it's non-negotiable. i disagree with the detectivor of o & b telling the department of defense to take a cut. they want to take the defense budget down 33 billion to $700 billion round numbers, and i think that begins to take away from the much needed defense increase that president trump started on. two years is not enough to get us out of this deep hole we are
6:44 pm
in. blake rrp former hillary clinton senior advisor saying hillary may run in 2020. [ phone rings ] what?!
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blake: the democratic party gearing up its subpoena power to probe every aspect of president trump's presidency. here is a list of potentially 85 targets. let's take it up with judge andrew napolitano. thanks for joining us. >> i don't know why they topped at 85. blake: i want to play this sound bite. she will be the incoming house of the appropriations committee. sheer ways she told "axios." >> should the majority look into these issues that have couple,
6:49 pm
space force. >> yes. >> james comey firing. >> yes. >> the family separation policy. >> absolutely. >> hurricane relief in puerto rico. >> yes it was absolutely inadequate. >> white house staff use of personal email. >> for sure. >> the president's business dealing abroad. >> absolutely. blake: that's just some of it. is that a preview of what we are going to see in 2019. >> sadly it is. one of the more savvy democrats in the country, former mayor of philadelphia, governor of pennsylvania, ed rendell. he said just in a word, should the democrats investigator legislate? he said if they want to have a chance in 2020, they need to lepght late. i think the thousands judiciary committee under congressman joe
6:50 pm
nadler who represents manhattan will seek to begin an impeachment of the president and justice kavanaugh. i think the house intelligence committee under congressman schiff will reopen the investigation of all the communications of the trump campaign supposedly had with russians during the 2016 elections. these would be almost shadow investigations of what bob mueller is doing without the requirement of secrecy. they can release whatever they can couple with that they think will embarrass the republicans as the republicans have done the past two years to democrats. blake: he says he thinks the president may not comply with some of this stuff. the president was asked about his tax returns an brought up the point they are under audit though i'm not sure that would
6:51 pm
matter for a subpoena. if the president says i'm not giving you something or we are not giving you something, is this headed to the supreme court at some point. >> yes and no. the court does not like to get involved in disputes between the two political branches of government because they are all equal at that level. but when the supreme court has ruled on subpoenas, they have almost always gone against the president. the most of recent ruling awhile ago is 1974 and the run-up to watergate in the united states versus nixon. it has narrowed radically where the president can keep things from the president. if they want tax returns, they will just get them from the irs. supposely under some type of seal of secrecy and they will be leaked by someone somehow to the press. i think you will see a lot of that. are they trying to wreck his
6:52 pm
presidency and make him miserable and cause him to treble the size of the white house legal team? yes, yes and yes. blake: is it more effective from a strategy standpoint to hone in on one thing, or is it, throw a wide net out there and see what sticks. >> i am convinced, especially after the interviews with congress woman lowey and nadler they will throw a wide net out there and see what sticks. the president will have and very difficult time the next two years. blake: coming up. why a former senior advisor to hillary clinton says hillary is running in 2020. we'll take it up. stay with us.
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>> hillary clinton says she doesn't want to run for president for senior former advisers says don't listen to that. it is game on in 2020. mark and - lay out their opinion piece hillary will run again reinventing yourself as a double firebrand. but it will evenly capture the 2020 emanation. clinical power panel now democratic strategist and the daily signal, visiting fellow at
6:57 pm
the independent women's forum. thank you for joining us spent great to be here. >> it's the summer of 2015 all over again. is this real? >> no, it's not been people who almost made a career out of running against hillary clinton since 2016. same people who positive republicans would get control of the house. there's a level of detachment from reality that somehow the name hillary clinton drives people out of their senses. when she says no, she means no good news for democrats is candidate to the extent the polls matter but they don't for example, they become rather handily so democrats are concerned about the weakness of the field the good without her. >> if, if, if, if she were to do it, liberal firebrand? >> it's interesting that her reporters think she can rebrand yourself because she has tried this again and again and thus
6:58 pm
far it has not worked. we are all reminded today after reading this of the definition of insanity. try the same thing over again and it does not work. she currently there was popular in the polls and popular now in this progressive socialist brand of liberalism and that is what she wants to run and it's not like she's doing the same thing all over again. >> is it a sign of weakness with the democratic field? that someone who has run a couple of times has been out there again or is it hope? >> for someone who's part of the organized democratic serviceman to find out. mark penn who has been someone who the clinton team has cast aside but this out for reason you have to ask him. not because he's talked to hillary clinton who said wink, wink i'm in but i'm positive that has not happened. the fact is the democrats rather especially after last tuesday and all the return since their feeling pretty good about their chances in 2020 without her. >> she said she wants to be
6:59 pm
president. she does not want to run but want to be president. >> running is a big component though. to be president yet to get out there and run. when you think these democrats will start doing their name into the fold - are we getting to that point now? >> absolutely. after the midterms it's competition between democrats and when is the right timing and strategy to move forward. they do have a pretty deep field this time around unlike in the past presidential election so i think it's a strategy and now is the time. >> so many people running in the concern is there's a shortage of advisors. you go down the list of kamal harris at some point you run out the people who run campaigns or raised hundreds of millions of dollars in national commands so these people are now under the radar lying people up because they do want to make pronouncements early and will have debate by next spring. is not not going to be crazy?
7:00 pm
>> head to new hampshire and suck alina aromas getting there. >> republicans are hoping for hillary clinton 2020. >> thank you for joining us. we have a long time to talk about this. elizabeth macdonald will be back tomorrow night. thank you very much for watching. lou dobbs. lou: our top story deadly wildfires continue to rage throughout california tonight. the death toll there has risen to 31 and more than 200 people are missing. hundreds of thousands have been evacuated and the two main buyers located in northern and southern california have already burned more than 200,000 acres state officials warning the weather will make these fires even more dangerous. >> we still in the red flag of the weather. it's mentioned earlier expected up to 40-mile an h


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