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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  November 13, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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which is a rejection of the failures of internationalism that hurt the american people. lou: mcsally has conceded. imagine that. >>saying we're going it have a slowdown. globe is much worse for us but i think we're doing some catching up here and on the sidelines that's where i'm at. >> staying on sidelines the best strategy in this volatile works as a slowdown in apple iphone sales dow sinking more than 600 points on monday. j big move and will there be a bounceback today checking u.s. stock futures up 58 and s&p 500 up almost 8. nasdaq up 32 an nice turnaround. oil was a factor in selloff yesterday falling 11 day in a
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row that is longest selloff ever. that suggest weakness in gloanl economy and guess what down 12 days in a row oil at 58.53. down. >> it is hishing looking at up 16 and cac 0 up 12 and dax in germany up 58. >> a picture in asia, stocks in china up had been 1%. in japan down over 2%. >> it looks official as amazon gets set to announce location today of its two new headquarters fbn:am starts right now. >> it's 5:01 a.m. in new york good morning to you and thank you for start your day with us i'm lauren simonetti. >> i'm gerri willis in for cheryl casone i hope markets
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have a good run today yesterday was brutal. >> they're trying to make a comeback to bears took control wall street ged goldman sachs and a it will together shaving 182 points off the dow jones industrial average as tech stock overall tanked we bring in jonathon honing and tech analyst ian to discuss what's going on. gentlemen, good morning. jonathan you touch tech stocks here jonathon or do you think they're going fall some more? >> they always say don't catch a flying night and tech stocks i believe they are falling five when is you look at a stock like apple this isn't just any other stock 11% of the nasdaq almost 5% of the a dow jones industrial these are names that have led market high sore think of stocks essentially as a stool. when you see apple when you see facebook goldman sachs all breaking down it is tough to want to hold a lot of stocks right now. >> what do you think and do you think this tech selloff that we've seen this year, do you
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think it end in tears or do you think the market is beginning to go back up as far as tech stocks are concerned? >> no i tend to agree catching falling fives is a great way to say it also a need to be correction. these company became trillion dollar companies and a littles overvalued i got out of some of my positions as well so not a bad move at all. only thing that could change is they say economy is going well and open doors in a holiday season they're going to settling and go a little lower. >> how much lower do they go? that'sthat's the question at wht level do we buy looking at the momentum stocks high fly terse that so many people own, how much lower do they actually go? >> well what's hopeful lauren is that other leadership emerging think become to late 1990 what you saw was technology stocks tick a breathe or microsoft just go set out for a while like other industries emerge that's what they would like it see here
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whether mcdonald's or starbucks these are stocks that knew 52 week highs we want to see new leadership emerge because it is not tech leading us higher as it has for the better part of the last five years. >> do you think we're we setting our expectations overall looking at the big tech stocks they can't continue to grow, grow, grow. what jonathon noted that older stocks the value stocks the consumer stocks that this is the new leadership have we reset our expectations? >> reset our expectations yes and i'm not sure if it is a leadership i say but everyone is looking for where to have incredible growth and not sure where that will come from and plenty of room because tech companies do all things. a.m. son bias whole foods so they can do kreases consolidation with incredible innovation but yeah deals like these are become a little bit more value stock. >> in what is the new leadership do, though? in the market the new leadership you said you don't think it's -- value stock? >> i don't believe yes. i'm not sure to look honestly i
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believe tech is future of the world and i know nowhere to look for this honestly. >> if tech is future of the world people say apple cause that was the catalyst for big selloff we saw yesterdays and been catalyst for selloffs we saw especially this fall. if -- if apple is -- losing its invasion i don't know what i'm saying. j well this is 800 pound gorilla lauren you can say as apple goes so goes nation certainly the stock market you probably own a a pl even if you don't own a a it will directly it's found in 401(k) and index fund somewhere in there to a stock when almost everyone owns and given markets -- almost 280 new 52 week lows yesterday only about 70 or 80, week high so trend at large is lower for stocks apple included. >> i want to one up on you jonathan so goes the apple and nation and asia stocks in japan
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got killed because of apple. jonathon ian thank you guys so much. >> thank you. >> and vice president pence in japan keeping up the pressure on country to cut its trade surplus with the u.s. listen. >> the united states is had a trade imbalance with japan for too long. american products and services too often face barriers to compete fairly in japanese markets. mr. prime minister, we welcome the decision that you and president trump reached in september to begin negotiations on a bilateral trade agreement. >> meanwhile treasury secretary steven mnuchin has reportedly resumed trade talks with his chinese counterparts saying asking chip to put forward an offer before trade negotiations begin but beijing wants to talk first before making a proposal. elections one week ago but they're still counting votes and in thes are declaring a major victory in arizona. democrats kyrsten sinema beating
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martha mcsally in senate race there. taking the seat being vacated by retiring republican senator jeff flake. >> arizona rejected what has become far too common in our country. name calling, heavy personal attacks, and doing whatever it takes just to get elected. >> and in florida recount continue in the senate and governor's races. and heavily democratic broward county additional sheriff deputies guard ballot and voting machines and official rep count has not begun in that county and bill nelson calling on governor rick scott to recuse himself from any role in the recount. >> scott cannot oversee this process in a fair pane impartial way. goal is to make sure we have law enforcement that's watching the ballots, watching the machines all a of the time. just to make sure there's, you
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know, no shenanigans. >> meanwhile all 67 counties face a deadline to finish their recount. nearby in georgia governor race, the federal judge ruled it in favor of democrats stacey abrams to take steps to protect provisional ballots and friday to cert if i midterm election results. abrams said it could affect thousands of provisional ballots and brian kemp declared victory and he's up by about 60,000 votes. >> counts go on and on on. president trump has a new media target comcast in the universal. president suggesting company is operating anticompetitively. american television says that comcast violates antitrust laws. he then goes on to quote our very own fox business correspondent charlie gasparino saying this these guys are acting much worse and have much
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more potential to consumers than anything at&t and thyme warner would do. trump i think koaing calls for doj to investigate comcast business practices. boeing report withwith held information of lion jet calling 189 people onboard. "the wall street journal" reports that boeing didn't tell airlines about potential hazards in a new flight controlled feature on 737 max. the automated stall prevention system is investigated as playing a role in the crash. the journal says problem is that the system can push the plane's nose down so strongly that pilots can't pull it back up. this is affecting shares well it was i have to tell you they've just turned around they're now up by 97 cents in the premarket. >> meanwhile camp fire in northern california is now the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in the state. more than 40 people killed as president proves a disaster
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declaration. >> live outside the airport near los angeles, as multiple fires continue to burn throughout the state. right what's the latest? >> good morning. we're at the distinct command story for woolsey and hill fires in a couple of hours hundreds of firefighters will arrive to start is a 24-hour shift. in the meantime some of they will right behind us sleeping in tents now in northern california investigator are looking into whether sparking pg&e powerlines may have started camp fire become the most deadly and destructive in the state's history. 42 people have died. they've been found in their homes and cars trying to escape at last update it was 30% contained. and cal fire doesn't expect to have full containment for another week. nearly 6500 homes have been destroyed including some belonging to firefighters and their families. >> it's just absolutely
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heartbreaking to drive through paradise and see the level of -- destruction. my family lost their home in the fire. my parents did. my grandmother did. >> here in southern california woolsey fire 40% contained and estimate 400 buildings void in both fires crews are working against dry windy conditions and steep terrain. but california is getting help. president trump has approved a major disaster declaration tweeting in part, want to respond quickly it alleviate incredible suffering going on. i'm with you all the way. meantime cal fire is thanking their partners that have come from 17 states including as far as alaska and georgia. back to you. >> you this picture is just amazing. ray thank you so much for that report. >> all right let's take a look at how u.s. futures are shaping up after major selloff that we
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saw yesterday two days of pretty intense selling on dow but now turning things around dow is up not by much but nasdaq up by 28 coming up there were fighting for a piece of the rain forest. ♪ >> amazon in las vegas are perfect fit for each other. >> a city -- [inaudible conversations] >> well long awaited search for amazon new head quarters is over. details on the new digs, coming up. and talk about going out with the bang. literally -- the explosive way one woman's divorce just came it a pretty dramatic end. can you see it over there -- in the water. bam. ♪ alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time.
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the search is over amazon fiver billion dollar investorment in new headquarters ending in split decision. who is it tracee carrasco is beginning to tell us. tracee. >> good good morning year long c search with with 23 l candidates may finally be over. long island city here in new york city and crystal city in virginia will be the home for amazon surprise split. second and third headquarters giving the company a presence in three hubs amazon plays to evenly divide offices with as much as 25,000 employees and each government officials in both locations expecting to hold
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events announcements today shares of amazon are up far this year. >> could we have done something in the middle of the country like nashville was in line -- columbus, ohio. i was pulling ohio a lot of people are annoyed that change course ultimately did two cities because proposal that the cities gave where they showed cars for special arrangement for the full investment not half of it. >> although people are are happy with half of it. i think lots of jobs what about facebook they shut down yesterday. facebook went down early yesterday afternoon displaying an error message from reported that facebook messenger wasn't working either. facebook said that outage was the result of a -- routine test but didn't elaborate what testing they were doing. shares of facebook are down nearly 18%, of course, everyone went on twitter to complain about it. with a hashtag facebook down -- as we usually do. we complain on twitter what is kellogg doing to its product
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lineup? >>kellogg latest brand to kind f do so as consumers buy healthier snacks and fresher foods they are reportedly considering a sale of its cook koa and fruit snack businesses including keebler and other brands selling would allow kellogg to, quote, bring a sharper focus to its core business. businesses up for sale have about 900 million dollars man yule sales shares of kellogg are down 4% this year. >> assuming core business is cereal. frozen foods breakfast items. >> that healthier stuff, with i don't know. preem eating. thanks. >> we're helicoptering to monitor stock market future after yesterday big selloff it ache look dow industrial average up 50 here. the s&p 500 up 7. nasdaq up 30. still ahead oil prices continue to slide as president trump says you can thank him for that. >> if you look at oil prices they've come down substantially over last couple of months
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>> 5:21 in the morning get you caught up futures point ig herer after a blood bath yesterday s&p up 9 nasdaq up 34.5. new survey indicating that north korea may be expanding its missile and nuclear program despite fight for
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denuclearization and studies show satellite imagery has spread to 16 secret sites five months after president trump met with kim jong-un in singapore. well here at home asking attorney general matt whitaker will recuse himself from mueller investigation and intensely critical of the mueller probe before tenure in doj as chief of staff. and democrats say he has too many conflicts of interest to continue oversight of this investigation. meanwhile former info washington bureau chief says he expects to be indicted soon for perjury. course he says he received a subpoena back in august that ongoing negotiations with mueller and his team have gone nowhere. and a procter & gamble may have another packaging problem. the company debuted its tide ecobox there it is it happen haded to look like a wine box and that is generating a lot of buzz on twitter with some
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calling the infamous tide pod challenge where teens were daring each other to eat detergent pods if it look like wine maybe you want to drink it. we sure hope not. meanwhile stocks closing sharp isly lower with a dow tumbling 602 points yesterday. this as crude oil loses ground for 11th consecutive dayening loest on record and to be down for the 12th day. todd is the chief strategist for bubba trading todd great to have you here. you know, i didn't think it could get any worse than october, the s&p 500 had its worst month in seven years but here we are in november and looking brutal. how long will this volatility continue in your view? >> good morning. we have i think a lot more room to go on downside you know markets as they start to generate more volatility as we're seeing because volatility trade is up but you can see trending higher and more volatility question get which is more uncertainty in that takes over from the overcomplacency we
5:24 am
have for ten years when every dip was now seeing a lot of underlying problems in the market we have companies etch though some are reporting good earnings they're not guiding well forward so this is creating more guidance. you've got more problems there's more cost and more loan debt. >> you're a professional the rest of us, you know, we invest in stocks for long haul we don't know how to react in scenarios like this. what do you do and mindset how do you approach investing? >> me personally as my look at my long-term and full investment i hedge that and leave it alone because i know it is wealthy and we have a very big haircut coming but eventually up 8% year over year that's the average for 150 years but in the short-term as trader i'm going to look for opportunity to sell and dow was up almost 200 points overnight so i was looking to sell into this rally and we would have in next day or so a giant rally to
5:25 am
upside similar to last wednesday which i think will helicopter to fail these wild volatile rallies usually fail that is not a sign of a bull market but market turning into a correct or bear market. >> so we just show some of those very volatile numbers i want to get you to other story which is oil on pace here for 12 days in a row. of downward movement and trump, donald trump our president may be responsible for this. yesterday he tweeted this, hopefully saudi arabia he wrote and opec will not be cutting oil production. oil prices should be much lower he wrote based on supply. what do you make of this? what does this mean for the isn't that correct? >> you know, i guess we all forget when markets are flourishing an oil was 11 a barrel. so i think oil has a lot of room to go on downside when you look a simple supply demand factor in this country alone, we've got over 200 year supply without infecting environment. so i think that -- you look at the amount of supply
5:26 am
around globe you look at the global carnage going on in their economies so demand is down supply is up oil should bounce off 58 but i think first quarter see in high 40s before it's all done. >> high 40s there's a call bring you with on toe talk about that. todd thanks for coming on. great to see you. >> have a great day. stocks have a lot more room to the downside but downside not happening today dow futures higher by 68 nasdaq up 35 s&p jumping 9.5. coming up, yesterday's stocks plunge. as president trump pointing fingers. >> they're not doing any investigations for political purpose. but to seek the truth so i'll take -- word that you could describe about how democrats feel before in regard strategic. future investigations when they take over the house really to blame for yesterday's market plunge and kfc adding a little south for your mouth the
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>> i don't think anything helps this market or helps it find a bid until the fed has had its next meeting and it tells us how it interprets this number coming out on and other numbers. >> worries about a global slowdown sending stocks tumbling dow down 602 points. will there be a bounceback today it is starting out pretty good u.s. stock market futures dow up 58 points right now. the s&p 500 up almost -9d nasdaq up 33. oils a big factor in selloff that we saw yesterday oil is down 12 days in a row never seen pfer a losing streak this long. it is down 2.5% at 582 a barrel.
5:31 am
in europe stocks ig mother wall street dive and opener higher all three index higher up 5, and the dax up 51. we'll take it in asia a picture with stockses in japan tanking by 2%. but in china up about 1%. selling on wall street sparked by fears that apple iphone sales are slowing. what's the selloff overdone? we'll answer fbn:am continues right now. it is 35u 31 in the morning tuesday november 13th. good morning i'm lauren simonetti. >> good morning i'm gerri willis in for lauren simonetti -- for cheryl casone sorry -- [laughter] >> you were looking at me saying good morning lauren simonetti. in for cheryl we have to talk about apple that is a major stock to watch. but usually is but more so
5:32 am
yesterday and today took a dive hitting three month low it is down again this morning. it is down 57 cents at 19360 a share. the broader market often follows a physical as it did yesterday. all of this started yesterday when supplier hingted they were cutting production some of the key components setting off fears of weak demanding for iphone and bring in tim higgins to discuss all of this. is this a demand problem for apple or do you think it's something else? >> well that's the big question that's the concern, these sorts of signals in the fast have been a thing to come an example in 2013 and 2016 where these reports then led to lower sales in the following quarter. apple, however, would say you can't look at these as a forecast an you know there's confusion. you know, a bank of america analyst saying that perhaps apple has a -- stockpile of phones going into this all important holiday quarter so -- these signals can be confusing
5:33 am
you're trying to figure out where they're goinged it and what they're going to do in christmas season. >> they're confuse and they move market unfortunately because apple has such a big waiting i want to read to you something that ceo tim cook said earlier this month he said this is like if you go to the market and you push your cart up to the cashier and she said or she says how many unit do you have in there it doesn't matter a lot how many there are in terms of the overall value of what's in the cart and what he means is, so what if we're not selling as much iphones we're selling them for more money so in the end does it even matter? it doesn't matter. >> that's the story that a l is trying to do as it pivots into more of a service company as is -- sales of smartphones slows or stalls, what they essentially have been doing is more for fens and life of the phone get more money out of you. it used to be to change over
5:34 am
phone eve two years now or every three years almost so that's really hitting a a until other smartphone makers. >> so a l and other smartphone makers are okay with the fact that we're going to hang on to our device long or but keep us in their ecosystem with their services and solve the soft square? >> that's the idea with apple but it speaks to broader challenge of these large tech companies here in silicon valley trying to figure out what next big thing is to generate this growth, the continue that upward movement we've seen overst last few years, we know that's the big question hanging over apple is it going to be ax r or going to be virtual reality or driveless car, that's why they're putting investment into those they really need a next big bet because look at iphones it has been about ten years of that, and then market is -- it used to that now. >> stock ul paing again this morning after 5% drop yesterday a lot of people are concerned. tim higgins thank you very much
5:35 am
for getting up with us. all right people concerned but strox moving higher and can they continue higher without tech stock. cofounder and fox business contradict tore and michael lee, wealth portfolio and market strategist joins us now. welcome to both of you i'll start request you. you know, we look for stocks sectors, anything that could lead this market higher, and conversation right now that seems to have stocks higher is trade. we've mike pence the vice president already over in japan talking about what japan needs to do to make our markets better is that the solution is that what we need do we need a trade deal with china and other players around the globe? >> i don't think so because trade situation wasn't dragging on stocks. i mean the leadership was apple until a few week ago that was stock that was doing well unlike other tech stocks unlike market until things flop out and i
5:36 am
think investors are rightfully concerned just to thing that you talked about minutes ago. you know the whole it doesn't matter how many ieg phones are in the basket if that was true then two or three years they shouldn't have been reporting numbers it is funny to ride growth psych cycle an say it is not important that doesn't make any sense so i think that scared that was the lead percent and need new leadership and answer to your question it might be pooring stocks after ten years of logging our dollar got very are strong and if our dollar ul pas it will boost stocks in the currency conversion if nothing else thane that could happen at this point. so if investors go somewhere that isn't tech stocks also value stocks roongtly like utilities. >> people have been talking about value stock for years now, if i had a dollar for every bear and cover that talks about tech value stocks i would be a wealthy woman right now. michael to you. let's talk a little bit about retailers coming out right we have all of that good news on
5:37 am
earnings. s&p company 77% of them beating earnings estimates for the quarter. now that -- that information sort of run aring out we've got a few retailers coming out hx d home depot wal-mart as you can see companies coming out this week will that be a help to major indexes? >> yeah. i think so. if you remember last quarter, these a lot of these companies brick-and-mortar stores which did expect that very little for blew the doors off. what's going on right now is we have extremely strong economy. we have small business optimism coming out at the top of the hour. and then a big inflation number tomorrow what these data points are saying u.s. economy is on, you know set the stage for prolivening growth. this creates a problem in the fact that interest rates needs to go higher and interest rates go higher created a more volatility with a lot more stocks move in wildly different direction. you add that to problem with apple also we have brought up goldman sachs and there's issues
5:38 am
with a dow component all big yesterday so a lot going on. >> so forward looking advice here johannes to you first. you said value where would you put your money specifically? >> doing long-term investment great bonds but yet to really come down stock and value thing like everybody was in it ten years ago when they were coming out with dividends and this, and only be in greet and then growth did really well and money was not in biotech until recently and they bailed out allowed and now they're pend pendulum is too far away? >> i am still a fan of tech trade and even though this especially now that those are gotten beaten up if you have a multiyear time horizon if you're a day trader god bless you one of the most difficult markets you're ever going to find. >> great job great conversation.
5:39 am
thank you. [laughter] andest working man at 5 p.m. eastern we'll watch. we certainly will. well the world large fest liquor producer is selling off a lot of its brands. tracee carrasco joining us now with more on that. tracee. >> good morning. it will sell its whys disand 18 other brands to u.s. distiller and maker of buffalo trace bourbon for 550 million so it can focus on premium labels. it has been pushing new brands like george clooney tequila and it has been adding brands such as southern comfort shares are down 2% this year. that was a fascinating story in my view any time you can talk to me about bourbon is a good day. at 5 a.m. -- [laughter] labor department trying to curb about 401(k) cash jot. >> labor department could allow companies to automatically transfer retirement accounts of
5:40 am
5,000 dollars or less belonging to employees who change jobs to the 401(k) plans of their new employers. it is the fort to cut down on the premature flow of money out of 401(k) type plans. research shows that as many as 8 % of people leaving jobs with less than 5,000 dollars in their accounts eventually cash out. bad idea are. let's do brunch after the show at kfc. [laughter] >> good idea kentucky fried chicken is serving up chicken and waffles you can choose between kfc extra crispy chicken or extra crispy chicken tenders and tried 15 different waffle variations before settling on thick waffles and it will be available through december 31st. chicken waffles -- bourbon, oh, my gosh.
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covered bakes this morning. my favorite hit of the day. [laughter] >> me too. fan worldwide are paying tribute to a real superhero stan lee, the father of spider-man, the hull ironman and many other comic bock characters died yesterday in los angeles. he was the legendary writer of maf veal comics his comics also turned into those blockbuster movies we've all seen generating billions worldwide what a full life that man had. >> absolutely. well after yesterday's selloff on wall street, let's see how futures are shaping up this morning. some relief for investors dow up 77 the high of the show. maybe we'll build from up. so we have a long way to go because two day of pretty intense selling for dow in stores the surprise ending for monday night football. as new york giants take on the san francisco 49ers.
5:42 am
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>> well the camp fire in
5:45 am
northern california is now parking lot deadliest and most destructive wildfire in state history. >> senior fox meteorologist janice is tracking dry, windy conditions janice that are only fueling the flame and any relief in sight? >> i mean we have to get through today, and tomorrow and then hopefully a little bit of rain in the forecast but that's next week. every hour kowngts right now in that fire fight and current wind gusts have died down considerably from what we were yesterday afternoon but they're going to ramp are up again today where we have wind advisories wind warnings for southern california with gusts of 70 miles per hour. so the worst of the weather is really focused on southern california. northern california, central california, they'll hopefully get firefighters to contain a lot of wildfire that camp fire that we're watching. but southern california we're not out of the woods so red-flag warnings still in effect around the l.a. area are down towards san diego. where wind gusts later on this afternoon into this evening even into overnight will be excessive
5:46 am
and that is going to be very dangerous. we don't have any rain in the forecast for next several days and relative humidity is so dry. so just fuel for those fires unfortunately. over next 12 to 24 hours. also i want to make mention that we love to donate so many of the rain across southeast, we have a lot of rain and snow moving in to eastern seaboard perhaps even a nor'easter to end workweek ladies back to you. >> yeah. thank you very much. nor'easter for the weekend. yep. at this second weekend in a row i think. well -- on paper, it was one of the worst month night football matchups ever. but turned out to be an exciting game. >> who knew. but worth staying up for last night in 49ers and giants was worst than any two teams on "monday night football" this late in the season since 1975. yeah yowment it see giant receiver odell beckham jr. dance the carlton well he's going to do it after he scores this
5:47 am
touchdown here gets within a field goal. [laughter] obj second touchdown of the night niners led and late eli manning one more quarterback in him. maybe more than that. giant win 27-23 sterling shepard catches game winner before the game football players cheerleaders and coffins from the paradise high school were at the game therm busting by 49ers. 90% of the players homes reportedly destroyed bit wifes. they stood with niners players for anthem team a also 49ers helping those impacted. itnot just former nfl players sd their league over head injuries former nhl players settlement has been reached and former nhl players this is not a class action like in nfl. total settlement 7 million goes to 318 plaintiffs. 22,000 a piece. nhl does not accept liability.
5:48 am
national league rookie of the year of braves and golden state warriors have a plan for 100 a month you can get to go to oracle arena to see warrior games but -- but it is a big but -- you can't actually see the court. >> what? >> you can hear the roar of the crowd you can buy expensive concessions -- drink the booze, eat the food but you can't see the court and it is only 100 a month. >> not qort it. no -- jared don't like it. they think there's such a waiting list that people want to just get close. >> we'll see. jared max catch his fox reports on 24/7 on siriusxm channel 115. we continue to monitor stock market futures after yesterday 602 point sell you have on dow ted a different story. dow up 8 points the s&p 500 up 12. the nasdaq up 48. y a change. and coming up head overseas to
5:49 am
see how european markets are reacting to yesterday's big selloff. and macey ceo has a plan to get retailer become on track you're watching fbn:am. [ phone rings ] what?!
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>> welcome back to fbn:am let's get you caught up checking u.s. futures dow moving higher up 90 s&p 500 up 12.5. nasdaq up nearly 50. meanwhile hamas militants bombarding israel with dozens of rockets and martyrs threatening in response to israeli air
5:53 am
strikes three people including two militants have been killed. israel says at least 20 of its people have been wounded. the violence appear to have been triggered by a raid in gaza over the weekend. washington post is reporting that president trump is planning to remove homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen as soon as this week but fox news source refuse this saying that president is happy with the job neilson has been doing and departure with occur and john kelly has been a big advocate since her appointment last year. macy's is tackling a problem of too much space and too few shoppers by downsizing a whole lot. department stores saying plan to reduce merchandise and cut down on staff on slower performing stores and hopes to ultimately save money to give customers a less cluttered shopping
5:54 am
experience and one texas woman going out of her 14-year marriage with a bang literally. kimberly -- posting her divorce party with a main event with her wedding dress being rung to pieces. watch. we kid you not. woman says she rigged her dress with 20 powngdz of explosives setting up in smoke with with a single shot from a gun explosion was felt 15 miles away and that lauren is what's happening now. >> going out with a bang. divorce parties are apparently a thing now. that's a whole different type of divorce party. we're seeing relief on wall street after the broader market sold off three days straight. s&p futures up 12 points this morning. nasdaq up 50 dow tech and 89 point get a trader take ons what's going on from london when we with return.
5:55 am
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lauren: major selloff on wall street yesterday, apple playing historic roll tumbling 5%. josh mahony. what's the reaction in europe, can the market, the global marks stay up if apple is down? >> yeah, morning, overnight we did hear forecast warnings from a couple of suppliers to am.
5:58 am
the big question mark here is whether we have seen peak in terms of iphone sales, apple said that they are not going to be announcing numbers for for iphone sales potentially because they are not necessarily going in the right direction. certainly the one thing to note that apple is relying on our cell phones where they go is likely to go. when you have tensions relationships with china, we have seen it with south korea and japan, consumers vote with wallets, given everything that's happening between u.s. and china, we are likely to see weaker sales in china. in the past this can be temporary and you might see the company bounce back in the future. >> i have to ask another question which is this, the whole business is -- the prices are going nowhere but down, how
5:59 am
is it possible to transition to a high-end business? >> i like you're saying, samsung and apple that are charging a lot and on the flip side companies that are doing the opposite, hand set that is might be $150 but have similar capabilities to apple, whether they are going to be be able to do that or not, massive challenge going forward. lauren: joshua mahoney, thank you very much. >> time for mornings with maria, maria bartiromo, good morning. maria: good morning, ladies, thank you so much, we will see you in a few minutes. good morning, i'm maria bartiromo, happy tuesday it is tuesday november 13th, your top stories right now before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, markets looking to rebounded this morning after serious selloff yesterday, futures indicating gain at the start of trading of 95 points, the market up about a third of a percent on the dow, half percent higher on the s&p and 3 quarters and percent higher on the nasdaq
6:00 am
with 49-point move higher for nasdaq, after broad-base selloff for stock prices, apple and goldman sachs dragging down dow industrials better than 600 points at the close, s&p 50 was down nearly 2% on the session, nasdaq worst performer, apple leading the charge in technology stocks lower yesterday. global markets this morning, also seeing bit of bounce, ftse 100 is up a fraction, 13 points higher there, 11 points higher in cac quarante in paris, two-thirds of 1% this morning. in asia overnight, mixed performances as you see there, best performer in china up about 1% on shanghai composite. nikkei average in japan better than 2% overnight. picks are in, long island and crystal city, virginia home, hq2 selection with the announcement coming as early as


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