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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 15, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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lou dobbs is next on the fox business network. lou: good evening, our top story, wildfires in northern and southern california still raging, high winds gusts to 40 miles an hour, driving in dry brush fueling the fires over thousands of acres, destroying thousands of houses and buildings, devastating communities. and as feared, death toll continues to rise. interior secretary ryan zinke surveying the damage today, aftermath saying he has never seen such widespread damage even in war zones. we'll have the latest.
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>> this my feuert fourth trip to california, unfortunately every trip has been forest fires, each year, i say this is the worst, now we're here today this is the worst fire. lou: key midterm races in florida remain undecided, recounts underway. and a confusing fashion. and in palm beach county voting machines hindering rather than helping, adding to frustration of candidates, election voters, workers and voters. we'll have that story for you on what is going on this time. in florida fraud and folly capital of people watch and -- palm beach and broward counties. and to discover more votes each day. for bill nelson and andrew
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gillum, rnc chair mcdan el and congrescongressman matt matt ga. and the caravans are arriving at u.s.-mexico border, trying to scale the border fence inty ona. tijuana. and jim mattis in mcallen, texas. >> we'll update you on trump administration's effort to defend america's borders here. our top story, president trump today praised firefighter and first responders for their incredible job as they have worked endless hours tackling massive fires that are ravaging areas of northern and southern california. wildfires are most deadly in state history, death toll risen to 50. 200 people, many elderly.
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in 80s and 90s, are still missing. correspondent claudia co cowen n paradise, california with the story. >> this is heartbreak. >> hard to describe words. until you visit, visit with the victims, and see the smaller great communities become a charred image of what they were. reporter: federal and state officials survey. paradise residents come to terms with the new reality. >> it is dishearteninhearteningu are homeless. >> i went from owning a house to living in a tent. reporter: a handful of 8,000 homes destroyed in camp fire, it is 35% contains, thousands of other homes remain under threat. >> so many people had harrowing experiences as they evacuated,
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most of grateful, there are a lot of questions it is uncertain for most. reporter: this wom woman parkin- walmart parking lot turned into a tent city. >> our house is not there. reporter: death toll at 48, one official told fox news he is certain that number will rise as 100 people remain missing. invest get or are still looking to a cause, angry homeowners say state utility is to blame, filed a lawsuit claims a pacific gas and electric line failed sparking the fire. across california, more than 9,000 firefighter battle flames in 3 major wildfires that have burned 237,000 acres. flare-ups like this over need in san bernardino county, quickly
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contained. but offers ample evidence of dangers that remain. >> we'll have more difficulties, things are not going on get better. reporter: secretary zinke said he hopes camp fire will lead to changes in forest management policy this loss and devastation is unacceptable. >> claudia thank you. >> recounts underway. election results remain unsettled in florida and georgia, where radical dimms seemingly finding more votes. in georgia democrat statey abrams continues to gain ground on republican brian kemp in her effort to force a run off. abrams campaign won rulings from obama appointed federal judges who said vote coin counts couldt
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be finalized until friday, two full days from the origin at date to be finalized. and provisional ballots must be counted, including those with wrong birth dates or none at all. abrams needs to gain 17,000 votes to bring kemp under 50% flesh hold. >> florida recoin of governor, senate and agriculture commissioner, dragging on. at the center of recount battle federal judge mark walker, another obama appointee, and a judge with long history of ruling against governor scott, walker will soon slide whether to suspend the counts, and ruling on mail in ballots with mismatching voter signatures and late arriving absentees should be counted. >> decision on these matters are expected soon. and the dprekd direction of the
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decisions well, suspected. joining us, to discuss the g.o.p. house leadership, sore losers, rana mcdaniel. let me say congratulation on the senate. we don't know full extent yet, but well done. you have an uphill battle in the house, what are your thought as you watch recounts and uncertainty, whether it be in georgia or in florida or mississippi with november 27 run off awaiting? >> well, we do know full result of senate race, rick scott won, and he is next senator of florida. and democrat are doing everything in their power to take away the voters choice. by using courts, and county clerks that are not following deadline, this is something that american people need to see through, it is just ridiculous,
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and it disenfranchizes the will of voter, rick scott is senator from florida. we'll win, numbers are not there for nelson. same with brian kemp in georgia, numbers are not there are in stacey abrams, funny to hear how other network say republicans need to be more gracious and accept defeat, i have never seen more sore losers than right now. with the democrats, the voters' republican leade leadership. lou: and they also want a party that is aggressive, like their chair, and rnc, outspoken and direct. and supportive of the president, are you expecting that kind of leadership from the new majority leader. -- excuse me minority leader in house of representatives kevin
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mccarthy. >> you know everywhere that president trump went, candidates won, these are trump republicans that are coming to washington. in senate and house, they recognize that voters' to see our party support our president. our president is a change agent, he is getting things done, he is a fighter, that is he they want to see. i think kevin mccarthy recognizes that, and i certainly think this that mitch mcconnell recognizes that, he has 4 new senator that came to washington because of president trump campaigning for them. kramer and braun and holly and scott. they all in washington because of president trump going to their state over and over, getting the conditio candidatess the finish line. >> with you at rnc getting ready for 2020 now, and a clear path toward it, this is going to be probably the strongest, toughest, and dirtiest partisan battle that we've seen in some time. we have gone through quite a
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period, it look like the next -- this run-up to 2020, is going to be something to behold, your thoughts about how the republican should be preparing. and what you expect was not only the senators and congressmen but their leadership? >> i will say one thing, we're a rule of law party, we have seen from democrats they did not abide by the law, we're seeing that in florida with the votes, what county is up advisers have -- supervis supervisors have dot egregious, we need too recognize what we're up against, we're up against a democrat party that will do anything to win, we have to put our best foot forward, and we're reading to compete in 2020 to take back the house, and continue to do good thing we're doing for american people lead by our great president donald trump. lou: that great president
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deserves support of all republican office holders. what do you say to republicans try to protect special council from president's decision making whatever it might be. making silly, noisy rather than standing tall and shoulder-to-shoulder with the president? >> i just wish sometimes they would fight the democrats with the same vigor they do our president. my goodness, and mitch mcconnell said it best, president has done nothing to say he will remove mueller, there is no need to put these steps in place to make sure he can't remove him. so, let's get back to the job at hand, focus on american people, focus on th the a-- agenda thats what everyone republican some focus on supporting our president. lou: some republicans, and national left wim mea wing media
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can't decide if they are more concerned about rod rosenstein and fact he is in office or fearful or perhaps potentially disappointed, he is president still has in the fired him, despite the news stories they have produced for a year, rana mcdaniel always great it see you, and congratulations. >> thank you, lou. lou: thank you. lou: still ahead, dems, national left wing media, they get it wrong again, as department of justice decides in favor of president trump and his appointment of matthew whitaker as acting attorney general, end of discussion. >> as a principle officer he cannot be appointed to this position. >> he will create a constitutional crisis by inhibits mueller. >> this is scrape be the bottom
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of the barrel, he has a walking conflict of interest. >> he should never have been appointed. that -- it, it does violence to the constitution. lou: all those people will be issuing a public apology tomorrow, and admitting how wrong they were. of course, they won't. we will take it up with former federal prosecutor sydney powell. up next, change of guard for republican party, what future of republican party look like, ed rollins joins us. don't go anywhere. we're coming right (sfx: orchestra warming up) where's tommy? (sfx: stage doors opening) i thought he was with you? no jack! (sfx: piano plays "twinkle twinkle little star" tommy? (sfx: audience laughing) go get him!
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don't stop. keep playing. (sfx: pianist playing masterful duet) here we go here's the fun part did you do this? great job! (sfx: audience applause)
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lou: congressman kevin mccarthy will be republican minority leading after beating jim jordan as they voted the leadership today. and wyoming liz cheney conference chair, and paul ryan saying of new leadership, are you ready? it give me great confidence as i depart knowing this conference is in good hands with my friend kevin mccarthy at the top, at the top, the very tippi top? national left wing media resorted to save haven attacks
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again primpresident trump accusf all sorts of things, so many i'm not repeating it all, joining us to take that up. the left wing -- what would you call them? i can't use that word, we'll call them left wing journalists, joining he, top strategist for great america pak. and fox political analyst, ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: let's start with just talking with rana mcdaniel, head of rnc, she is so positive, so strong. and developed a winning strategy for the rnc, i think she is impressive. >> she is. lou: there is a big fall off with leadership in may opinion -- my opinion in house. >> mccarthy has to be offensive tackle on left side,
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and president is his quarterback. >> you mean bike pau like paul . >> no paul ryan is an example of what not to be. my sense, task ahead we're in presidential politics of 20. and new house leadership, realize they are not getting much done, they will do all they can to be o obstruct this presi, we have to make sure they don't. >> how. >> you argue, you defend him, and speak on tv shows, you don't let him do it by himself, the president had to do a lot of carrying of baggage of this house. lou: president returns from trip to armistice commemoration. and with -- you know being attacked from nearly every quarter, staff erupting in the
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national left wing media. >> a great point. that is right. >> high within from there to foreign policy arena, did not expressioned his opinion the. and who cares what french president thinks, i would argue, is that president has to about december 1 to get his changes made and his cabinet and white house staff, and start december one get going. you can't let it hang on and battles go on, make decisions -- >> which battles? >> internal. lou: white house. >> that is important. lou: hugh about reports, quote, unquote, it could be fake news, that discussion about the one of deputies of john bolton,
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national security adviser being in a quarrel of some sort with first lady, of all people. and you know his chief of staff perhaps on his way out. >> i think that reality is, i understand they moved deputy national security person to another position today. i think kelly is sort of warn out his welcome, it is time for him to retire and live happily ever after as a four-star general, he did best he could for a while. lou: there is one. you know it is such a important job, but a job he took more front and center and put himself in front of press too often, it seems to me, that is my judgment. he it not spend enough time making sure that president's path was cleared whether a trip to europe or france. or whatever it might be, this president has to it seems to me,
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depend on too few people who have their requisite skills to serve a president add admirably as he deserves. >> chief of staff often forgets it is chief of the staff, this is president is very clear in what he wants to do, figure out what he wants to do, you make it happen, that is his job of chief of staff. lou: mike pence's chief of staff. >> i would argue against, that you can't serve two masters at the same time, he has a full-time job to pence, he is a young guy, president needs someone who is his person to move the ball forward. lou: and a hell of a person, one heck of an operator and highly effective. >> and withou ego.
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he knows who he wants to do, you need to make sure it gets happened, and get a staff that is loyal, does not put stories to "new york times" or "washington post." lou: does a name come to mind? >> not from top of my head, i tell you anyone that fights for first lady, having couple worked with a couple first ladies is a fool. this is a first lady who served effectively. argue about seats on a plane, that is like taking playing russian roulette with 5 shells in a gun. lou: ed rollins thank you. >> thank you. lou: appreciate it, new numbers show hate crime rising, up 17% last year, fbi said majority of offenses were motivate the by motivated by hatred over race, religion, this is third straight
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year. >> vote in our poll, question is, do you think constituents would be better served with congressional republican leadership that fully embraces president trump's america first agenda? rather than the globalist interest of koch brothers, chamber of commerce and wall street? cast your vote on twitter. follow me on twitter @loudobbs, and like me on facebook and instagram. up next, first wave of caravan migrants reaching the u.s. border. remember those reports about they were weeks away. well, here we are, thousands more days away, we take up latest with washington examiner's byron york, we're coming right back. stay with us.
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lou: dozens of migrant from the caravan have arrived at u.s.-mexico border, you can see many on top of border fence, one
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man jumped to u.s. side before he returned back over the fence. border patrol looking on as all this was unfolding. this comes as secretary of defense james mattis today, visiting active duty troops posted outside of mcallen, texas, saying i am 100% nep we % confident we have troops necessary for the mission. joining me now with recoin recoy ron york. fox business contributor, great to have you with us byron. >> hello, lou. lou: this is a interesting time to say the least, but the recounts in florida make it seem as though time has stood still. the fact that palm beach county and broward county are issue here, to me is amazing.
4:30 am
what in the world lead to this, and how in the world is it going to end. >> it started with a very agressest democratic effort to challenge the results, they were pretty definitive. what is going on now is mind boggling, i saw a reporter today tweet out a photo of work space at palm beach board of election, nothing of happening, tomorrow is deadline, they are doing nothing. i think there are important things to remember, last i checked. rick scott had a 12,000 vote lead, and desantis with a 3500 vote over gillum. -- 35,000 over gillum, there have been 26 statewide recounts in united states, since the year 2000. and in those only three resulted in initial result being changed.
4:31 am
and each of those was the result of changes in vote totals that measured in hundreds. so, that would make you think that barring some incredibly fishy new development, that scott and desantis will win. >> i concur, it would make one thing, but also you have to think this is broward county and palm beach county. and they have done some outrageous things in years past, and elections past. and not the least of which is perhaps the current elect in which we're watching all sorts of ballots and machines, and equipment show up at schools, and back of rental cars. i mean, there is a lot to test a person's optimism about the integrity of the electoral
4:32 am
process in those two counties. >> we have really seen a lot of the florida veterans, come up and say, this nothing new. not just 2000 presidential recount, it has been since then, marco rubio was very early to sound the alarm saying something really fishy is going on in broward, that no surprise it has a long time, jeb bush who initially appointed snipes a while back has said, she must be removed after this election. lou: and another part of the equation, why didn't rick scott get rid of her, she had all sorts of trouble in 2016. >> that was going to be my next sentence, we hear people say she must be premoved after this, but they have the -- removed but they had this before where they havtheyviolate the law, and notg happened. lou: well, with that said, i think all we can do is a, maybe
4:33 am
it's about time that republicans start showing up at those electoral election commissions in advance of the vote, rather than after. what do you think? >> in retrospect it was predictable. and everyone i have talked to suggested that in in case, justs in say minnesota withal frank -- al franken election years ago, republicans got caught flat footed. >> if you are running for governor of the state, in which you i mean for senate, in state in when you are governor. >> you are already the governor. lou: byron york, thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: police in los angeles have arrested creepy porn lawyer, as he is known to some of my favorite people. michael avenatti, has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, just hours
4:34 am
after the california state bar cleared avenatti of an ethics investigation, related to way he ran a seattle-based coffee chain. >> up next control of major senate and governor seat on the line in florida. and the agriculture commissioner, we'll bring you the latest, a live report from the scene, with congressman matt gaetz, stay with us, we'll be right back. you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: president trump calling for firing of broward county election supervisor brenda snipes, telling daily caller, she is a disaster and a disgrace, coming within less than 24 hours of a recount deadline in florida, phil keating with the latest for us. reporter: good evening, florida recount deadline is fast approaching tomorrow afternoon. 3:00 p.m., then all 67 counties must submit their unofficial election results for a second time. in tallahassee to secretary of state's office, live inside of broward recount operation, machine are humming. with ballots from election day only, they finished recounting early and mail in votes, they are expecting to finish it in morning, beating deadline, and escaping issues. up in palm beach county, a more
4:39 am
dire situation, it has old and outdated machines, overworked in this recount. some malfunctioned last night losing a full day of recounting that had to be repeated. >> we did not anticipate we would have this, we anticipated a quiet midterm elected. reporter: palm beach seriously doubts it can finish in time. but not miami-dade, which finished its recounting last night, 15 legal tha challenges e been filed. and deciding nelson law the to o count mail in ballots. where voter signature does not match records.
4:40 am
nelson trails rick scott in senate race by 12 thousand vote out of 8 million votes cast, so close they will almost certainly be headed to a happened recoin tomorrow -- hand recount tomorrow, and a suit by nelson asked this judge to erase deadline, period. just so that all 67 counties even those who can't make the deadline, can make a deadline, so that everyone vote is counted. >> phil keating thank you very much. in florida. joining us now to talk about the dems effort to count every vote, even votes that people have no idea existed in the races in florida, and some in georgia as well. congressman matt gaetz, member of house judiciary, congressman on election nea night you triedo look at what was going on in the
4:41 am
election office there in broward county, you were chased off by the police for crying out loud. i think we're getting some sense of maybe why they didn't want you around. >> good news is that for ron desantis and rick scott their victories are outside margin of fraud. but in florida our election system was stress tested and palm beach and broward county a failing grade, state statutes violated, constitution of florida violated, in palm beach there will not be legal compliance with reporting of ballots, i am concerned that democrats will see how they can in future steal election through
4:42 am
lawsuits if they can't win with the voters. lou: i'm concerned that republican party will not see what they should do to make sure none of that nonsense carried out by dems occurs again. which of us is mostapproappropry concerned. >> you are right, republicans need to take seriously integrity of ballot and elec election pro, i called for rick scott to suspend brenda snipes in broward. he has chosen not to to so, i think that is a mistake. because he is a candidate for senate does not mean he does not need to fulfill his observation as governor of florida, these two people cannot be trusted to follow the law. i showed up with a court order
4:43 am
giving the rick scott team ability to inspect what world they were doing, they did not let us behind the gates, they allowed democrats back and forth but they excluded republicans with court orders from conducting legal oversight to make sure there are no shenanigans. lou: i think governor scott might want to listen to you on this. hard as a matter of fact. i also' to point out you were first to point out one of your counties, in the north there, also is able to go after despite a hurricane, they did everything on time. while broward and palm beach were a mess. >> you are right. lou: a number of people tweet what you said the first moment. >> it makes sense, if northwest florida, able to get tabulation right in on time, there is no excuse for them not to do things in south florida the same way, high concern -- my concern, my constituent voted correctly,
4:44 am
they followed the law, i will be damned if violation of law in south florida will dilute legal votes of my constituent, all of florida should not be painted with same brush, we're frustrated with incompetent or corrupt people in other parts of state erode integrity of a process my constituent have a right to be able to rely on. lou: republicans are learningal ple--learning almost daily towad 2020. add congress managing matt gaetz suggested from the beginning, good luck, we appreciate it about thank you. lou: on wall street stocks low lower. volume on big board picking up, 4.4 billion shares, the results not improving. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day,
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coast-to-coast on salem network. >> we take up latest in legal battle with former federal prosecutor sydney powell, stay with us, we'll be right back. i am a family man.
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lou: justice department approving of the president trump's appointment of matthew
4:49 am
wiwhitaker. stating, all three branches of government have long recognize president may designate an acting official to perform duties of a office even when acting official has not been confirmed. joining me to take up whitaker's new role, that including oversight of russia collusion investigation, sydney powell, author of license to lie. great to see you. and no surprise in this. it seems to me there should have been no surprise. the ethical judgment of justice department is whitaker has been appropriately appointed by the president to his post as acting a g . >> right. it is arv according to plain language of statute, and white
4:50 am
house consulted with office of legal counsel before the president made that decision, i am sure mr. flood looked at statutes himself it makes sense that is one of options that president has under the law, he exercised it. it is appropriate. lou: rod rosenstein according to? reports is furious this president has out maneuvered him, there is a new sheriff in charge of the mueller witch-hunt. >> well, i think that is appropriate too. i think mr. rod rosenstein is probably counting his days. and i hope they are not very long for being in the department of justice, i hope they are long enough for mr. goodlatte to get testimony he needs from mr. rod rosenstein in front of congress. lou: that since -- is
4:51 am
interesting, good-- goodlatte is a lame duck, he has done nothing helpful. what makes you think that appearance by rod rosenstein would be helpful to to our expending our body of knowledge about corruption. the rampant corruption in leadership of fbi, justice department, and special counsel. >> problem is -- is -- examing f those witness still confidential. lou: american people don't get much benefit from things they can't see, read, hear. >> right. lou: and that has been result of all of house investigations. with exception of the devin
4:52 am
nunes intelligence committee. i mean what a waste of effort and time they ran the clock out on this issue. and i i don't know what republicans think they can do now. >> we need everything declassified and unsealed. lou: the president can do that. >> he can. lou: why hasn't he? >> i think he is getting advice, i rather he ignore. i think a lot of people have encouraged time had declassify it, i would encourage him to do it as well. lou: and if this point, jeral nadler, with 115 congress. in his plan to investigate president's impact on integrity of justice department and fbi, you can't make this up. what do you make of what kind
4:53 am
of. they seem like a clown act already. >> it is. it is laughable for mr. nadler to make those accusations, president's tweets reflect general public outrage over double standards, people are just fed up with all corruption in doj and fbi, that is what president is saying. so we need all of this exposed so people can be held account able and public can know the truth. lou: nadler and adam schiff. at forefront of those calling for president's impeachment. and nancy pelosi is talking the same stuff now. she seems lea like she wants no there ththrottle it back.
4:54 am
how big of a mess -- with? >> it will be a nuisance. but it is going nowhere, they will not have votes to impeach the president, the economy is best it has been. lou: i am thinking what option does he have to fight back? and make them regret even talking nonsense? >> oh, he has -- executive privilege. lou: we'll take it up later, we're at end of our time, i appreciate it sydney powell. >> thank you, lou. lou: thank you up next, dems effort to rewrite election rules in florida, as those recounts go on and on and on, we'll have more, we'll be right back. ♪rock guitar ♪yeah
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lou: nightly question, should every american support border security in order to protect its citizens. 98% of you said yes. it makes you wonder why there is such a divide in washington. president trump calling for the broward county election supervisors firing after all the fraud claims. election results still uncertain in florida and georgia.
4:59 am
ronna m daniel talking about the dimm's efforts to steal elections. >> they talk about how republicans should be gracious in defeat. i have never seen sore losers like the democrats' in the elections. lou: these migrants arrive be with their care vans, escorted by mexican police to the u.s.-mexico border. these are the same migrants that to newscasters said wouldn't arrive for weeks. the weeks have gone by quickly. defense secretary jim mattis visiting troops deployed to keep the caravan migrants from
5:00 am
crossing into the country. a judge will rule tomorrow whether the white house or cnn wins the lawsuit over the revoking of the hard pass over one jim acosta. we'll see you tomorrow, right here along with corey high people are going to need to spend a little bit of that. jerome foul on the market volatility in the economy plus the volatile session. right now u.s. stocks.


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