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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  November 15, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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crossing into the country. a judge will rule tomorrow whether the white house or cnn wins the lawsuit over the revoking of the hard pass over one jim acosta. we'll see you tomorrow, right here along with corey high people are going to need to spend a little bit of that. jerome foul on the market volatility in the economy plus the volatile session. right now u.s. stocks.
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one person still in bear market territory. three quarters of 1%. 5587 per barrel. with the chinese and hong kong stocks. striking a trade deal. and then there's this. >> have you been working out? because you really have let yourself go. >> i'm pregnant. we've all the big winners and losers for the country music award.
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fbn:am starts right now. good morning it's 501. dominic rob has resigned. from the european union. his announcement comes after they had secured the backing of the cabinet for the agreement. furious conservative numbers. could topple by submitting enough letters of no confidence to trigger a leadership challenge. now they are down by 24 points. nasdaq however a gradual
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chipping away. a terrible slowdown. you still see solid growth but you see growing signs of a bit of a slowdown. the federal reserve is still widely expected to raise interest rates. the u.s. economy remains strong. white house economic advisor discussing that point with our trish regan on prime time last night. >> we have this whopping employment number. 250,000. we have tremendous isn. let's not forget.
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desperate search is underway. nearly 900 homes had been burned and destroyed. also meeting with south korea's president. he assured me as this talks
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took place. south korea remains committed to fully enforcing all of the un resolutions. and sanctions. they have given them something. on the sidelines. tariffs on $250 billion of chinese imports.
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the revenue was climbing. walmart grew their online sales. that the first reaction.
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those total just north of $2 billion. they are giving up a lot. their extensive deals only time will tell may be in the senate well had massive competition and they want to be the same company in five years in which case it would be a big mistake. in the rollout. amazon said 25,000 jobs, and each of those areas would average more than a hundred $50,000 a worker. i think they are getting the bargain of the century. i think that's why ask for a review. he said others are taking advantage of the postal system as well. from amazon to apple. apple and now nearing their market territory. joining us now. shares of apple hit a four-month low yesterday.
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following a guggenheim securities analyst downgraded rating and earnings estimate. investors wondering the same thing. we sought shares dropped by 2.5% yesterday. we will see with apple. we will have much don't have much better news for huber either. i head of the plan. they are seeing a slowdown. they rose 38% that was less than the second quarter year-over-year increase of 63 percent. they grew to just over a
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billion dollars from $891 million in the second quarter. warren buffett continuing to bet big on banks. they took a $4 billion stake. and now has a considerable sake. they increase the holdings in the bank of new york. and usd. and three quarters% in after-hours trading. thank you. let's check the stock market futures right now. still in negative territory. and the nasdaq of 15. victoria's secret ceo gets the boot. we will tell you why. [music]
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welcome back let's get you cut caught up on what's happening now. checking the u.s. futures. meanwhile michael avenue and
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90 the attorney for storming daniels is denying allegations for domestic violence. >> i have never struck a woman i never will strike a woman. i am looking forward to a full investigation at which point i am confident that i will be fully exonerated. >> he was arrested after a confrontation at his los angeles apartment with an unidentified woman. he later posted a $50,000 bail and is facing a felony charge. they have ask a federal judge to extend the deadline for recounting votes that were thrown out due to mismatched signature issues. they may extend the deadline another three or four days. that's not enough time to notify voters. the lawyers will need to
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submit responses no later than today at 9:00 a.m. victoria's secret ceo is leaving the company after just two years in the role the resignation comes amid a sharp decline in sales as the brand struggles to keep up with changing consumer demand. and that's it's happening now. they are concerned about a slowdown in the worldwide economy and the stock markets are on edge. he joins us now. do you think they're concerned enough to back off hiking interest rates. if you listen to chairman foul's comments what he was saying is we're having slowing global growth. the u.s. is still reporting really strong numbers. i think the u.s. is still on the same track before.
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is it possible for the u.s. economy to continue to grow while the rest of the world slows down. that's can be the real issue. we're deftly going see some slowing. there is that component and then there is a slowing global growth. we will wait and see. right now we are a consumption economy at the end of the day. we can still grow here it's just a question of how much. we will talk about that later in the show. i also want to talk about this volatility. many people thought it would go away after october and certainly after the midterm elections but it has not. why are we still seen the wild swing.
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we don't really know the trajectory of 2019. people are trying to assess what the growth rate looks like. and is egg in a slow. i think it's pretty much a consensus that we are going to slow. i think we'll just be choppy here until we start to see the company talk. we did have a brexit plan in place to get them out of the european union. an overnight we saw the brexit executive resign. will done dominic. a few more and we will be rid of this prime minister. what sort of uncertainty does this inject into global markets today. i risk i have the crystal ball
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for it. it's and something were to continue to monitor from that perspective. one of the things we had been talking about is that we still like international stocks overall. but the uncertainty and the economic and slowing and things like that. has created that evaluation differential. there is a reason why they are cheaper right now. we are still advocating for positions. if they don't have anything in now. but over time we understand that there are some differences and work and had to monitor what's happening in the market there. jeremy, thank you very much. let's check out how the stock market futures are doing right now. coming up in the most surprising thing about the country music awards. no surprises.
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politics were left at the door. during last night's 52nd annual cma awards. they vowed to stay away from political satire and instead focus on celebrating country music in its artist. they kick off the night with
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last week's bar shooting in thousand oaks california. tonight, let's celebrate their lives let the music unitas with love and their enduring memory. please join me. carrie underwood have quite a night also. revealing that she is expecting a baby boy. she then went on to win the female vocalist of the year award after amazing performance of her new son. it was keith urban who took home he thanked his wife his
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kids and his late father. >> it seemed like everyone was just being nice. two women killed in a tour bus crash. in placid parts of the south. that deadly storm it's now headed north. gina seen as live in the fox weather center with your forecast. i want everybody to be safe. this one is that can be a huge storm but it is connect cause some slippery travel and traveling people need to be off the roads. this is our first official snowfall for a lot of us across the northeast. and you can see where we have the freezing rain across parts of the ohio valley. it's gonna be a tricky commute
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for a lot of folks. here is the radar and we can see freezing rain in columbus. the ice is actually accumulated on the roads. we need to get those emergency vehicles. that's where will see the worst of the snowfall. along the coast. it's mainly going to be a main event --dash mecca rain event. thank you for that. amid concern about a global economic slowdown. 1100 points lapped up. maybe some relief in sight.
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we have to be thinking about how much further to raise rates. and the way we will be were approaching that is to be looking really carefully. how they are reacting to the policy.
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on the market volatility. and that worries about the global economic slowdown. driven in part by news from the uk. right now does u.s. stock futures at the dow up to 21. we are still watching oil prices . it did snap a 12 day losing streak yesterday. eighty-eight cents per barrel. stocks open higher with all eyes on the uk prime minister. and in asia all they are jumping more than 1%. a new study shows worker morale plunging at facebook. mark zuckerberg's illness had have a good time. we continue right now.
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it's 5:30 in the morning. good morning. we still had have a good time. apple heading for the longest losing streak in more than six months as the broader market faces another bout of selling. what's next for apple and the tech sector. always good to see you. i want to get started with the brexit question. and i will give you only one question on this. obviously the wheels coming off the effort and we set the futures for u.s. a stocks turn around 80 points. why does it matter for stocks here. it's a great question. at that we resolve this in 2016. is going back to where we first started the brexit
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news. the market heats uncertainty. i think it's true in spate with this. we thought at some point it was good to be a clean brexit exit if you will a sickly the uk by itself. now it looks like that is in jeopardy. they're even struggling to come up with a plan. the prime ministers are resigning. no one knows and that's the problem. and that impacts our trade. that has a lot of the market here concerned with what might happen in the future and we might not know it for years to come. big implications. is something to keep an eye on. we will say what a lot of investors are watching right now. that stock trading below the market cap.
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we've have the news that suppliers are warning that their sales are going down. where does apple go next. is there any reason for the stock to go higher. it's always funny. whenever it seems like they hit a milestone. i don't think that's a case the case with apple and here's why. if you think it's still a hardware company. that is probably the business. are you buying an apple the services company. that is still growing. it's still a relatively small part of their business on a
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year basis. almost 40 billion in revenue. and that's growing depending on the tied in. all of that kind of stuff. that is still growing by leaps and bounds. the whole company by the way only has a pe compare that to netflix with 102. if they can make the transition and continue to tap in to the huge user base. >> thank you for coming on today. we appreciate it. they are expected to post a profit of a dollar one per share. we are hoping for a three peat
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this year. jean, good to see. it's been a while. i think you're going to get your three peat this year. looks like a great holiday season. a lot of different people are coming out with the numbers. that's compared to a 3.9% last year deloitte is the big consulting firm. maybe even more bullish. e marketers are expec the world is slowing down.
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that's what investors are looking at right now. walmart for example they are releasing earnings today. people say about walmart. what about the tariff overall. that is a concern for walmart. right now for the holiday season they bought all of that stuff. are you concerned that what happened to macy's sl our out of the park report card yesterday. are you concerned that's can happen walmart today you would think with macy's and the incredible numbers that they showed. the stock would've gone up.
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they invest in the future not in the past. it's still up almost 80% this year walmart is also significantly increase this year. particularly this information with china. and it might be when the retailers actually start increasing prices. unfortunately we are out of time. have a great day. the price a bit coin hitting a new low for the year. good morning. ed it dropped 10% yesterday. bit coin has lost more than 60% of its value this year.
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in a separate digital currency. and caused the broad decline as other crypto currencies fell yesterday also. it appears to be that the difficulty year of leadership turmoil. it is taking a toll on employee morale. they were optimistic about facebook's future down 32 percentage points from the year earlier. meanwhile 53% said it was making the world better. shares of facebook our down 19%. in the most unlikely rapper kanye west tweeting out.
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on the far right of your screen. and some friends there son of choice according to the tweet. i wanted that white by the backstreet boys. it will be a bonus track on his next album. let's show you guys the volatile markets. we will see more swings lately today. looking at the dow at 37 on the nasdaq. in sports lebron james passes all-time great will chamberlain and the key statistic. but take a look at this. will show that to you again when we come back.
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welcome back. lebron james moving up the all-time nba scoring list. the lakers are starting to look pretty good also. he got the story for us. lebron james and showtime. showtime. the lakers coming to life.
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evening milestones. free throw away from passing. make room for lebron james. he passes will chamberlain the fifth and all-time scoring. in his finale in 2016. take a look at the all-time top five scores. lebron james now only 80067 points away from reaching michael jordan. one of the dirtiest cheap shots well ever see any sporting event. after they hit at three-point shot. they level them with the sub -- sucker point.
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suspended from the team and barred from the campus. division iii ball. it'll had to pitch for a winning team to be awarded the top award for a picture. they finished 13 places. in another first-time winner. he took american league honors and posted the 21 and five record. the first time since 72 that the cy young winners the fewest ever by a starter. also the lowest run support in major league baseball. today we find out who wins the mvp for the american and the national lakes. can it just makes you wonder i realize you're in a game but at what point do something like that happen and someone
5:44 am
says does it go from division three to cellblock d. thank you for that. you can catch the sports report on fox news headline 247. let's get you a quick check on your money. is it's looking pretty good on wall street. it's caving 1100 points. even though a key brexit minister has resigned from the uk parliament they are picking at the new leaders in the house. and they are selling out their priorities. we know that democrats have a plan. they want to disrupt, they want to try to impeach and they want to stall what achievements we've been we been able to move forward. and a brawl at mcdonald's over catch up.
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select let's get you brexit uncertainty up and that is catch up. brexit uncertainty up and that is where futures art this morning. they are gaining 45 points s&p up five. a landslide victory. kevin mccarthy defeating jim jordan. they have served as the house majority leader.
5:49 am
the primary goal is to reunite the divided country as well as the government. across the pond teresa may gearing up to present her plan to parliament today. even after the departure. she is facing resistance. just hours ago and just hours after the draft deal was announced. check this out. i'll hopeful on full brawl. please are looking for this woman who insulted -- assaulted an employee. all because of the argument over catch up. >> november is national diabetes month. the center for disease control estimates 30 million people are living with the diabetes half of those get this and there undiagnosed.
5:50 am
the most common cost that u.s. more than $350 billion to treat and that number expected to treat more than $600 billion in the next five years to talk more about this let's bring in dr. janet ness watch. thank you for coming on. it such a pleasure to talk to you. i want to start briefly with the political and economic question. there is a huge conversation nationally about whether they should be forced to pay for pre-existing conditions. i want you to weigh in on how that impacts diabetes patients. what does it mean for them. >> is a law. as it is right now. insurance companies cannot deny coverage for anyone with pre-existing conditions whether it's a diabetes are in asthma or cancer. you can be charged more for any pre-existing conditions.
5:51 am
and that was just a force to pay $25 million for not covering cancer treatments. that may be a precedent sent. what's so amazing about this is the number of americans affected. there is no family in this country that doesn't have somebody in their family with diabetes or someone who is other diagnosed in the family. what is a signal that you might have it. >> they may have excessive thirst or urination. that is not the right way to lose weight. it can be life-threatening. i have seen it happen firsthand in the er. and they can go into cardiac arrest. it's very dangerous. it's white so important for them to deliver it regularly. including blood work. to test for diabetes. it's a very simple blood test. prevention, education and
5:52 am
early detection. i was just can ask you. i don't think as a diabetes as a life-threatening disease. if you do have it and get diagnosed what are the steps you need to be taking to keep yourself fit and healthy. maintain a healthy weight. make sure you eat a well balanced diet. exercise regularly. when we exercise the muscles in our body will naturally had that. smoking can increase your risk of heart disease and kidney problems can happen. by this and that kind of thing.
5:53 am
i wanted to ask you quickly. it seems to me like science should solve diabetes. there is a lot of research underway right now. but right now the most important thing is prevention. even if you don't have diabetes is still important to exercise and maintain a normal healthy weight. low fat and high fiber. as far as vaccines there are none right now. there is a possible genetic environmental component. we are working on other treatments in addition to medications. dr. janet, thanks for coming on today. after two years we have more brexit and drama in great
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lauren: british prime minister theresa may and her plan to leave uk is in turmoil, secretary late toast resign. scott shellady managing director can tgm europe, he joins from
5:57 am
cme, what happens to theresa may and her government? >> well, i happen to like theresa may, she's been a pretty good fighter through all of this. i've lived there, i live there now, 2 and a half years ago when we had brexit vote she vote today remain. she's tasked with a job that she doesn't truly believe in. that's a difficult job. she won't be able to make everybody happy. you have people on the left and right chirping all of this time trying to get a great deal or the deal that she concocted, 40 billion sterling to get out, that's the divorce bill. some regulations she signed up to till 2030, there's still really not going to be out. that's why you have seen resignations, the government will be in turmoil here and this could force unlike we have here they can force a new leader of the party without having new election.
5:58 am
they can change their leaders and stay in power and that's something that's called -- something we don't have here, very common over there, not very common, that's how margaret thatcher was forced out. >> quickly, what kind of impacts on market would they have if they have to go out a new pm, would the pound go down even more? >> somebody that will been probrexit and lead the country through next 6 to 8 months. it's going to be more turmoil. i will say this right now, i don't think the u.s. will be the problem going forward for the markets. i think europe is in turmoil. merkel out, italian summing nose and now you have the turmoil in london or britain. that's the problem i think here, huge economy, let's watch europe here because that's what could roll the marks next time around. lauren: and we are, scott shellady, thank you very much. >> it's time for mornings with
5:59 am
maria, good morning, maria. maria: hello, good morning to you, thank you so much, good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday november 15th, top stories right now just before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. we have breaking news right now, saudi arabia has indicted 11 people connected to the murder of jamal khashoggi. prosecutors there recommending the death penalty for 5 of those people, we have the very latest developments as they come in right now. meanwhile uncertainty over britainas exit over britain union, prime minister theresa may announcing a deal last night. it's taking toll of markets this morning, second cabinet member stepping down just in the last hour, theresa may now speaking before parliament, we will bring it to you. broader market, cac quarante is down 21 and the dax index down 8, very much fractional moves this morning in europe. move to watch is the british pound and as you can see there it is lower versus the u.s. dollar this
6:00 am
morning, the news taking toll in the u.s., futures turning lower but now expecting higher open in the broader averages, the other major indices higher across the board after declines yesterday, dow industrials, down 206 points, almost 1%, the s&p down 20 and nasdaq at the close yesterday almost down 1% 65 points lower n asia overnight, markets mostly higher, with the exception of japan, nikkei average down quarter percent, best performer hong kong up 1.75% in hang seng index overnight, we are watching the price of oil, crude oil on decline, oil back down to 66.06 a barrel, well, facebook fallout, bombshell report, mark zuckerberg and sheryl sandberg share the company's crisis, decisions sparking controversy, we will go behind the curtain


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