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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  November 16, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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dobbs. we thank you for being with us tonight. good night from new >> investing never works, right now we are in market, doesn't take much at all for people to drift. lauren: investors digest brexit turmoil. we saw swing 500 points for the dow, it did end up 208. >> lots of volatility, checking u.s. stock market futures, let's take a look, dow down 47, s&p
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down 8 and nasdaq down 60. lauren: still trading to the upside over concerns of future prime minister theresa may and plan to leave the european union. >> nikkei down half percent where chip stocks fell. lauren: facebook under fire, mark zuckerberg fighting back over latest criticism of his company and leadership. fbn:am starts right now. ♪ ♪ lauren: happy friday. i love saying that, november 16th, i'm lauren simonetti. gerri: i'm going to join you, happy friday, i'm gerri willis. lauren: i hope everybody no the northeast got into work this morning or can get to work. gerri: a lot of cars on the road myself. lauren: shares of pg&e soaring
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after hours after suggested state largest utility not allowed to go bankrupt. stock rallying as much as 49% after plunging 15-year low over concerns that pg&e can be foundation for individual rights in education liable for largest wild fire in history, expanded the utility and practices and problems with power lines in northern california, 15 minutes before campfire first reported last week. gerri: 40% contained. full containment is not expected until the end of the month and the death toll continues to rise at least 66 people are dead and more than 600 remain missing, hundreds of people are searching for paradise which was wiped out by fire last week.
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>> our hope if there are missing people we can find them and bring closure to people that need that. gerri: campfire destroying more than 11,000 buildings, president trump set to visit the fire zone tomorrow. lauren: imposing economic sanctions on 17 saudi officials for their role in the murder of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi, the move freezes assets, prohibits americans from doing business with them, treasury secretary mnuchin saying in a statement, these individuals who targeted and brutally killed journalist must face consequences for actions, many lawmakers including republican senator marco rubio urging the white house to continue investigating the case. this comes after the ad ji government said it will seek the death penalty for 5 suspects in the case. gerri: new high-tech weapon, state agency gave no details on the type of weapon saying it
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only lad been developed over a long period of time. kim jong un witnessed the test, north korea's first official report of weapon's test in a year and summit back in june kim and president trump agreed korean peninsula should materialize but never set out. there was no word on when the release will happen. lauren: new developments in trade negotiations between u.s. and china, washington now getting the first response from beijing to its demands. gerri: ed lawrence in washington with the details. >> good morning, a lot of trade news, china has outlined what changes they would like to see from the u.s. in order to do trade deal, this is the first response the u.s. has received to our calls for fairer trade deal, this is what the u.s. has been waiting for, treasury officials saying that they led
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teleconference to discuss trade issues. they are referring to the meeting between president trump xi jinping and donald trump, move markets yesterday that representative lighthizer told industry leaders the administration would hold off on additional chinese tariffs because of trade talks and in strongly worded statement a spokesperson said ambassador has made no representations to industry executive that future section 301 tariffs are in hold united states international trade commission holding the second hearing about the impact of the new u.s. mca, assessment will help congress decide if the agreement should be ratified. the president of the automotive council says the changes to rule of origin to auto will make a huge different. >> while we don't see any immediate impact, we do think
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long term it would encourage greater investment in the united states. >> out of the hearing lobby groups say any new tariffs on autos like the 25% the president proposed would slow down sales globally as well as cause decline in sales 1.2 million units in the u.s. alone adding $2,500 to the price of a new car 232 tariffs could come any moment. the european union has been vocal against them. gerri: zuckerberg pushing back against bombshell report in new york times. lauren: hillary vaughn joins us with that. how is zuckerberg responding here? >> good morning, lauren and gerri, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says it's unfair after his company is being treated after they struggled
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russian activity and timely manner. >> i said before that we were too slow to stop russian interference and slow to get on top of it. we stumbled along the way but to suggest that we weren't interested in knowing the truth or we we wanted to hide what we knew or try to prevent investigations is simplien -- simply untrue. >> tried to hide and down play the scoab of russian interference problem from anyone. shares of facebook down a percentage point. .6% this year. lauren: okay, i got they got hit more than that. how is apple moving to the movie business. >> tech giant is partnering with movie studio a23, expanding on original content, investment that began with original tv
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shows, the new york-based studio will produce multiple films for apple, apple planned to invest more than $1 billion if original content in the past year and so far apple shares are up. gerri: 824 is super cool. how much did the david hockey painting pulled off? >> $93 million, most expensive painting ever sold for a living artist, features a man in pink jacket looking at pool, but started slim 18 million but the bidding car escalated very quickly. >> that's a lot of money for that painting, i think, i'm just saying if i had $90 million i might not buy the painting. lauren: i like the painting but not for 90 million.
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[laughter] lauren: prime minister theresa may fights to keep plan over controversial plan for uk leaving european union, confidence vote on may herself could be next week, this could only get better and better. michael, so much to get to. i want to play you some sound from what theresa may said yesterday at news conference. >> i think members of the public want the government to get on with delivering on brexit for them and as i said earlier, am i going to see this through, yes. lauren: is that possible, michael, so many analysts say the deal is dead in the water and she does not survive this, does she? >> it's difficult to say what the alternative is, lauren, i think that's really, i think, what an awful lot of the discussion, political discussion is really about, now the way that the argument has been framed is this deal or no deal or no brexit.
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ultimately whoever is in charge of the negotiations the same options remain on the table. so i don't think a change of prime minister is going to change arithmetic around the possibilities available to the houses -- the house of commons when it comes to vote next month. lauren: so what's so bad in this near 600-page deal that basically took them a year to put together and spelled out how they leave in just 4-month's time, what's so bad about it? >> revolves around the irish back stop. it's to do with what happens after that, there is no expiring date with respect to 20 can can son leave bli made that we could be tied in transition phase and
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no unilateral way of getting out of that. lauren: yeah. >> whatever the criticisms to have prime minister she has boxed herself in by ruling out a number of other options and if these 48 letters come in over the course of next 24 hours, we could have a leadership vote as early as monday of next week. having a leadership vote is one thing, though, getting the necessary numbers to replace her is something else. and if they can't get the necessary numbers, then they can't amount another confidence challenge for another months. lauren: i'm watching sterling, it's a barometer if theresa may keeps her job and it's up today. >> no problem. >> let's take a look at u.s. futures, dow down 53, s&p 500 down 9, nasdaq down 63. still ahead is wikileaks founder william assange about to face
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documents in the u.s., the new court document revealed while you were sleeping, the first storm in the u.s., commuter lands into chaos. roads so bad people were abandoning their cars and walking across bridges and the nightmare isn't over for some. you're watching fbn:am
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gerri: wow, nor'easter ended right here in northeast, 7-traffic related deaths have been reported. first snowfall of the season in new york city created a massive traffic slowdown, brought public transport for standstill. i saw this myself, multiple crashes reported. lauren: more than 30 homes lost power, virginia, pennsylvania, majority of airlines have waived fees obviously for passengers, so many to work can't get here, stayed here last night because you couldn't get home. gerri: abandoning your car on
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the highway, it's amazing, janice dean with what we can expect. janice: don't shoot the messenger, even my husband said shoveling and said did you predict this amount of snow, this was overachiever from houston texas, brought early snowfall in houston, 3 imps of snow in dc, a lot of snow in short period of time, we knew it was coming, no question. this was nor'easter we were predicting for several days but brought a lot of snow in a very short period of time. it was overachiever from the beginning, a lot of folks weren't prepared. a lot of officials did not sunk the roads and came during rush hour, we are not done yet, here where we have winner storm warnings up to new england, several more inches of snow for morning commute for them, it'll be tricky, we will watch system dive across the great lakes,
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quiet forecast, we could see scattered snowflakes, northern rockies and if i could real quick, we have rain in the forecast next week for california. that's good news but we could see some flooding issues, we will keep you posted. glad you made it in? lauren: you too, have a good weekend. lauren: let's take a look at u.s. futures, friday morning, first time in 5 days the dow is up yesterday, it's down again this morning, 62, s&p down 11. coming up recount in florida coming to blow after county miss the deadline by minutes. >> 3:02 and should have been 3:00 o'clock. lauren: historic move florida is now make to go decide the fate of sunshine state.
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gerri: welcome back, let's get you caught up on what's happening now, opening u.s. futures, down 70, s&p down 11, nasdaq down almost 70. tributes are pouring in for country legend and tv star roy clark. ♪ ♪ gerri: remember that? best known for hosting show heehaw. member of hall of fame and and
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the organization tweeting in remembrance, roy thank you for spreading laughter, positivivity, we will keep it going for you, keith urban saying, my first cma memory sitting on my living room floor watching roy clark tear it up, love and respect for he and his family for all he did. roy clark passed away from pneumonia compliccations in home, he was 85. wikileaks founder william assange is facing charges in the u.s. unsealed court documents from federally-related case, named by mistake, it's not clear what charges he may face. florida senate election is headed for manual recount after yesterday's machine tally left the outcome too close to call. senator rick scott led by less than 1 quarter of a point. the state refusing to accept
5:23 am
broward county's after they submitted 2 minutes past deadline, gillum plans to challenge the outcome in court. and next door in guillermo counties are scrambling to certify election results by this afternoon after federal judge ordered absentee ballots with mistakes to counted, republican brian kemp leading stacy abrams by 65,000 votes, new york social network hitting the web exclusively for trump supporters, the sign called trump town for people who have been blocked by other social media networks for expressing conservative or protrump views, the founder says he wants to create a place where free speech is not prohibited and that's where news. lauren: trump town, nasdaq down 73, s&p down 12, still ahead, facebook fires back at the
5:24 am
scathing new york times report but is mark zuckerberg tired of taking the blame? >> we are creating a new independent body that people will be able to appeal to that would have the authority to determine whether content should come up or stay down. lauren: is that enough to put back, talk about expensive taste, you never know how much people are ditching out for designer turkey this thanksgiving, you're watching fbn:am.
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>> to suggest that we weren't interested in knowing the truth or that we we wanted to hide what we knew or that we try today prevent investigations is
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simply untrue. lauren: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg under fire and fighting back against scathing criticism of his company and leadership. can he hold on? gerri: markets snap 5-day losing streak, trade talk about tariffs and rebounded finally in technology stocks, dow ending over 200 points but down 700 for the week so far. let's see if we can turn that around, maybe not, all in the red, dow down 77, s&p down 12, nasdaq down 70. lauren: europe is in the green despite concerns of future theresa may, controversial plan to leave european union. gerri: in stocks mostly higher, nikkei down half percent. lauren: do you want a designer turkey? you have to pay a lot of money, fbn:am continues right now.
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♪ ♪ lauren: coming up 5:30 in the morning. good morning, i'm lauren simonetti. gerri: good morning, i'm gerri willis, volatility on wall street but not the good kind, the dow or it was the good kind, pardon me, dow industrials swinging another 500 points, ending 208 aztec stocks rally, what's ahead 2018 starts to wind down. let's bring melissa and david investment strategists. melissa, i want to start with you, my friend, if we can get through next week, might there be a rally? >> i really think the market has a chance to do it, we are down a little bit this morning but we were down yesterday too and we hanged on. the market can hang on and can get next week, closed
5:30 am
on thursday and half day on friday, a lot of people leave early wednesday, i think the market will make it into the final week of november. that possibly rally. remember we have the summit, g20 summit. gerri: yesterday's market was a seagul, it was up and it was down. we would be looking for trade talks, some positive news with china, what do you see? >> i think we have really the ingredients for a fantastic christmas rally here, we have a strong consumer, we have got lower valuations. gerri: what about the g0 meeting, my friend? >> exactly. going on right now, thinking that we have potentially big upside if we get a little bit of good news on trade talks or maybe good news from the fed
5:31 am
saying he won't raise interest rates quite as stroj strong in 2019. that's absolutely true, david. melissa, i want to talk about retail, i paid a lot of attention when wal-mart had great report and didn't really get any reward for it. they had internet sales up 43%, it really looked good, what do you make retail could lead us higher? >> i have to be honest with you, wal-mart's chart looks pretty good despite it fell on earnings, wal-mart and target retailers that compete in amazon that's up trend, when you look at the retail stocks compare today likes of jc penny, nordstrom is down from last night on earnings, macy's is lower too, i still like want it really wasn't a buy but going into holiday season typically these stocks could rally, target
5:32 am
and wal-mart could rally now and the end of the year, macy's i just think didn't do -- gerri: they still very t -- have a lot of trouble. david, is it value, is it industrials, what is the next sect that's really going to take a leadership role? >> well, i think you have big value, i think you have companies out there that have extremely strong balance sheets so they can increase the increase in rates but still at lower pe prices so certainly feel like in an economy that the interest rate starts to move up, techs may lag with value showing major strength. gerri: all right, guys, great information, appreciate your time, melissa and david. >> great to be here. >> have a good weekend. lauren: facebook ceo is pushing back after new criticism after new york times suggested that
5:33 am
the media company deliberately pushed down, tough year for them, the founder and chief analyst of disruptive tech research, lou, first off, your thoughts on how facebook is handing the controversy. >> i mean, cry me a river mark zuckerberg, you're being criticized, the ceo of one the largest tech companies in the world, that comes with the job. i think the evidence is overwhelming here, you are mark zuckerberg versus 50 different source that is "the new york times" consulted with. he has no credibility. no one trusts what facebook says because they've hit privacy scandals before and like the headline said they've denied and deflected as much as they could until they could move on and change the narrative. lauren: they are still trying to change the narrative, let's listen to mark zuckerberg on call with reporters yesterday.
5:34 am
>> one of my biggest lessons is when you connect more than 2 billion people you will see all the good and bad of humanity. lauren: sounds like a really sorry excuse me to me, the good and bad of humanity, they are being accuse offed hiring firms and trying to cover up stories, links and responsibility and saying we had no idea. >> lauren, he didn't know, he's the ceo. it's not his fault. i think it's a cop-out talking about connecting, you know, 2 billion people and you get the good and the bad, he built tool, platform that can be used for good and bad and it is ris responsibility to make sure it's used for good. lauren: what about sheryl sandberg, the adult in the room, what is she saying? >> there's evidence that both of them -- remember the days after cambridge analytica they were nowhere to be found. they are not ready to step up and lead,
5:35 am
they need to leave and let someone else do it. lauren: i don't really want to work for facebook, says so many computer science majors, these are interns, these are interns that make $8,000 a month and we are hearing some of them don't want to touch this company. >> yeah. i think -- lauren: changes the morale of facebook. >> morale of facebook internally and the morale of investors, the stock will avoid hitting new lows because it's toxic environment being on the platform, working for them and as investor you never know where the next hit or might mare -- nightmare comes from. lauren: you the narrative works to turn stock around. >> no, it'll take time. nobody believes that they are transparent, found religion and tell us everything that they neglected to do for so many years, look, i think we said the last time we talked, facebook is in penalty box and it's be
5:36 am
indefinite stay there until they can prove that user growth is picking back up and serious about doing the right thing. lauren: lou, thank you very much. gerri: interesting stuff. hillary vaughn, pardon me joins us with that and other headlines, good morning, hillary. >> hey, good morning, gerri, tesla is giving their home solar systems a major price cut to boost sales, home solar systems up to 25% off now price quote for potential solar system, customers will be able to save up to a$2,005,000, a lot of cheaper than it was before, savings depend on where you live and the size of the rooftop system you want to buy, tesla is up 10% so far year to date. lauren: all right, hillary, we have some good deals for anyone who wants to update their office. i need to update mine, what can you tell me? >> yes, so staples and office depo not normally when you think of when you think black friday,
5:37 am
they are having major sales online and huge signs for tech lovers hoping upgrade hardware, 5 different laptops including hp laptop with one tera byte hard drive, that's saving customers over 300 bucks, customers who shop in store 8:00 a.m. to noon, will get a google mini, offering the amazon fire 7 tablet with alexa for nearly half off, hp pavilion laptop on sale, saving $330 going for just under $500. gerri: lots of deal out there. lauren has been talking about the designer turkey? lauren: because i can't make one, that's why. gerri: tell us about it. >> did you know there were designer turkeys out there because i didn't, if you want one it could cost you $200,
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high-end dollar is worth the high-dollar price, organic birds live longer and smaller breasts and live out playing and flirting with other turkeys in the flock, loyal customers say you can taste that the birds lived good life, juicier but also in high demand, of course, exclusive waiting list because they are designer birds, if you haven't ordered by labor day, you're probably out of luck, you will have to wait until next thanksgiving. lauren: now we know, i will save myself money in the meantime, hillary, thank you. gerri: let's check out u.s. stock futures, all in the red, dow jones industrial average down 73, s&p 500 down almost 12 and nasdaq down 70 and in thursday night football close game with seattle seahawks and packers, jared max with the highlights, what would you do with free ce shuip for life, why one quarterback may need some ideas.
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you're watching fbn:am.
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gerri: welcome back, to fbn:am, ready up to week 11 in nfl season, kicked off last night on fox, can you believe week 11. lauren: week 11 and jared max with news with exciting game. jared: goes to 11 and beyond and
5:42 am
we get to playoffs, a couple of playoffs teams that we are used to seeing in playoffs met in mediocre season. seatle seahawks against packers, russell wilson will put seahawks in position to overcome deficit against green bay packers, wilson set them up for touchdown, second of the night, seattle would win and hold onto win, seattle 5-5, green bay lost 3-4 and drops under 500. no surprises in rider's choice, milwaukee brewers first year in milwaukee hit 326, 36 home runs, fellow 26-year-old outfielder and first-time winner the red sox ran away, led the majors at 32 home runs, fox sports makes a major deal with major league baseball, 7-year contract extension reported by sports business journal to be worth
5:43 am
$5.1 billion, an increase of 36% in previous deal, extends fox's broadcast rights till 2028 whether he recollects start seeing more baseball games in fox sports in 2022. ten games and that's it, carmelo anthony will no long western playing for houston rockets, the team will give all-star to find another possible team before they waive him, wasn't a right fit said the houston rockets, have you ever seen anybody wearing a t-shirt that says i put ketchup on my ketchup, i did. it went viral this yesterday, the ketchup love, heinz57, they are making him this promise, puts ketchup on the state, ketchup for life if he puts ketchup on steak.
5:44 am
this is a gentleman in antartica, big fan of capitals, cole is his name. look at him hanging out with the we penguins. i want to know which one is sidney crosby. gerri: you made up the t-shirt thing. jared: i've seen it. lauren: he puts ketchup on everything. jared: not at good stake. lauren: fox news channel 24/7, siriusxm 115. gerri: s&p 500 down 11, the nasdaq down 73 and the trump administration slaps sanctions on 17 saudis believed to be involved in killing of journalist jamal khashoggi, what's the future with u.s.
5:45 am
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lauren: welcome back, let's get you caught up on what's happening now. final day for week, nasdaq down by the same. big percentage loss for the nasdaq this morning. southwest airlines says it removed two malfunctioning flight centers from boeing jets before the line aircraft crashed into the ocean, the controllers same type that may be responsible for airline crash
5:49 am
that killed all 189 passengers, the southwest centers were removed as part of routine troubleshooting process. fda nationwide band on menthyl cigarettes, cutting down teen access to vaping, if approved the ban would remove a third of cigarettes sold each year. after 181 years the house of representatives is listing a ban on wearing hats on the floor, the new rules would accommodate religious head gear as has for medical reasons, members wan today broker away from the british tradition of wearing hats and parliament, speaking of parliament, check tout craziness going on in sri lanka, full-on brawl over no confidence vote over the party's newly appointed prime minister, dozens of
5:50 am
lawmakers taking part, throwing punches and even kicking, one member was actually taken to the hospital with a hand injury. so real blood on the parliament right there. unbelievable. gerri: we are headed that way. lauren: seems so. gerri: imposed sanctions on 17 officials on their role of killing of saudi journalist, it is the first concrete response by the administration to jamal khashoggi's murder in saudi consulate in turkey in october, listen. >> action today is an important step in responding to jamal khashoggi's killing, the state department will continue to seek all relevant facts, we will continue to consult congress and work with other nations to hold accountable those involved in killing. >> important step but is it -- should the u.s. do more to finish those responsible, let's bring in former white house deputy brad blakeman and democratic strategists.
5:51 am
>> bret, i'm going to start with you, the sanctions here for 17 would be freezing any u.s. assets, it's possible that many folks do not have u.s. assets, this seems to be a light slap on the wrist to many who are very critical of this decision, should more be done? >> it probably will, but this is a shot over the bow to the king saudi arabia and crown prince, their report isn't here yet, three independent investigations, saudis, the turks and our own, i think this is an important first step because it puts pressure a discussional pressure on the saudis to come dleen and tell us what happened. i can assure you, there's bipartisan effort here in the hill and the will of the president to do what's necessary to avenge the kill offing brutal murder of journalist. gerri: i want to show faces of some of the people who are being charged here by the saudi
5:52 am
government, could end up losing their lives in all of this, trusted aide of the saudi crown prince, there's a senior aide, there's the consul general, what do you say to this? should these folks face stiffer penalties from the u.s.? they are certainly facing stiff penalties from saudi arabia? >> well, the point becomes mooted. us putting sanctions on 17 men who might be condemn today die doesn't really make much impact, the question really is for us where do we go from here with relationship with saudi arabia, are we going to tolerate rogue-state behavior for a nation that's been all-time ally of the united states, what's our commitment in the trump administration to human rights and civil rights across the world? we saw in the last administration strong commitment to that and that's why we went into two different countries and invaded iraq and afghanistan, where is the trump administration? gerri: brad, you respond to this, where's the big question, what is our relationship with
5:53 am
the saudis, should the prince be held more accountable, certainly the point i was trying to make with the last question how closely allied these people who are now jailed in saudi arabia have to the prince? >> well, there's a lot i believe the president know that is hasn't disclosed, shown his hand as the turks know a lot more than they are disclosing, we will give the saudis the opportunity to come clean and tell us the truth. we know initially they didn't as to whereabouts and what happened to him. so we have a multifaceted relationship with the saudis and it's in our interest to continue that relationship, the question is how do we get beyond this and the only way to do it is to make sure that it never happens against, we want to know why it happened, who is responsible, and then they'll let the chip falls where they may, if it goes through the leadership and the crown prince or the king himself, then we are going to have to deal with it very, very seriously. but we shouldn't prejudge what we don't know. we do know this, that he was
5:54 am
brutally murdered and there's a price to pay for that. gerri: all right, we have to leave it there, my apologizes, thank you brad and hanza for coming on today. appreciate your time. >> thanks for having us, good morning. lauren: fallout from theresa may's controversial brexit plan, stay with us. the same iot technology on the ibm cloud that helps race teams improve performance and safety. bye. girls, don't wave at strangers. can now be built into everything we drive. when you apply expertise across an industry, bye! you can put smart to work.
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lauren: british pound pound bid turmoil over uk theresa may's controversial brexit plan, what does that say on theresa may's possibility to keep job, jane, what are your thoughts this morning? >> well, the parliament has been steady, there's been good news for theresa may and that's because one of the key ministers michael has decide food stay, also rumors yesterday that maybe he would go, present himself as challenge the other her position as another prime minister but lots of rumors, still lots of rumors and that her job could be on the line and next few days will be crucial, even if we get a new leader of the conservative party, new prime minister, the issue about brexit and whether or not parliament will pass the plan that theresa may put in
5:58 am
place. gerri: 7 government officials leaving yesterday. could she actually survive a no confidence vote? there's a possibility that she could survive, the next few days will be really, really crucial and watching the headlines, watching the rumors and as i say, a week a very long time in politics and bound to be in uk in the following week. lauren: jane for investors out there and people watching the show, the pound, the sterling trade, the trade to watch to see if theresa may can survive all of. is it good news that sterling was up, yesterday it was down the most in 2 years? >> that's exactly right. sterling is extremely binary reflecting the headlines, part of the issue is uncertainty
5:59 am
about the leader of the party, but part of uncertainty is about brexit. even if we had a different leader, different prime minister we would still are those concerns, one of the big reasons that sterling is down is because if that plan that theresa may has put together with eu does not get through parliament and right now there may not be a majority in parliament that would support it, then looks like we will have a hard brexit. leaving the eu next march without a plan and that's the real reason why sterling has been so heavily sold. gerri: all right, thank you for that, we appreciate your time this morning. lauren: all this impacting the markets and maria bartiromo will take you through markets. maria: i'm maria bartiromo, happy friday, friday november 16th, your top stories right now just before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. facebook in turmoil, ceo mark zuckerberg on defense from a new york times article yesterday alleging mismanagement during
6:00 am
russian scandal, why he he says claims against him are unfair. facebook shares down about 1%, market is looking to open lower once again this morning, dow industrials down 88 points, s&p 500 down 13 and nasdaq this morning down about 75 points as you can see better than 1% lower on the nasdaq, rebounded from the tech sector yesterday was pretty strong and that led major indices higher at the close, dow jones industrial averaged kicked off almost 1% higher, s&p was better than 1% and the nasdaq one and three quarters percent with gain of 122 points at the close yesterday. check european indices, this is what's happening, mixed story, cac quarante where it closed day before, up 1 point and dax index in germany up 15 points as british prime minister theresa may faces backlash over deal she made for uk to leave the european union. may insisting britain's exit will happen on time and without


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