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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 17, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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joining me and my guests on women and money. if you questions for me about the show for questions for the guests, please reach out for twitter is the best way. lou: good evening everyone. violence breaking out in tijuana were hundreds of migrants from the central american caravan have arrived. just south of the border. thousands more migrants still on their way. we have the latest tonighton the caravan . what the border patrol is doing to keep them out of the united states. all of that here tonight. also, california's radical dimms senator, kemal harris launches a vile attack against men and women of immigration and customs enforcement. comparing them to the ku klux klan.
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the director, joins us and he has a response to her disgusting remarks. and a ruling with pure reasoning a federal judge ordered the white house to restore the revoked hard pass to cnn 's jim acosta. the president addressed the ruling, made it clear that the outlandish behavior by acosta will not be tolerated. >> what they said though is that we have two create rules and regulations for conduct etc. we will do that and we will write them up right now. it's not a big deal. and if he misbehaves we will throw him out. nobody believes in the first amendment more than i do. i think someone is acting out of sorts, i will leave, i will say thank you very much everybody i appreciate coming and i will leave. those reporters will not be too friendly to everett is acting up. lou: we take up the ruling, the presence respond with political
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strategist ed rollins and a staffer blake, in florida the recount underway in the senate race. incumbent bill nelson needs a miracle. as he trails governor rick scott by more than 12,000 votes. you can be sure, the radical dimms will be doing the worst by more votes before sunday's deadline. the chairman of the florida republican party, joins us tonight to take up the parties electoral fight. our top story tonight, violence erupting overnight in tijuana. there are migrants that clashed with local residents that do not like the migrants loitering in their neighborhoods and the three-hour confrontation residents saying, the mexican national anthem, they waved flags and it cheered when the central american migrants were bussed away from the area. two local refugee shelters. during the night, three journalists traveling with the caravan, were injured in the scuffle. fox news correspond, william
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longeness joins us tonight from tijuana where he is covering that caravan. william? reporter: that is one of the reasons the city opened the shelter.they did not want anymore violence and the migrants going out to the beaches where the people, the residents said we don't want you here. they came here. 2000 people here last night. i want to show you behind you, again, a line for food. they just stopped serving beans and rice out of the back of his toyota.the president has definitely drawn a line in the sand. tijuana is going to be the test. the border you can see right over there, the port of entry about a mile away. the administration believes it had to send a message or this will are they doing that? the increase border security. both with aircraft as well as the wire. they put it up, along the fence there. also, catch and release. it can't happen anymore. that's one of the reasons the
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administration stop that. if they say if you're going to wait in line for asylum it will be a long time. you will get in line. and of course, is putting a lot of people here between a rock and a hard place. you don't have money to go home, they are stuck here in the shelters. and there is very little space. >> people think different. maybe the most people waiting for the other guys coming and then i don't know -- why you know -- i don't know what the people have two -- reporter: some guys will jump the border. they already told me that. because i don't like the situation here. of course, some could say mexico as we talked about. work for a while and hire a coyote i've heard that. they can stay here and claim asylum. they can try to claim asylum in the united states but right now we are only taking 30 people a day. there are already more than a thousand people in line. what does that mean? it means they will wait here for five weeks or several
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months. >> they have to sign your name and then where you coming from. and you need to wait for your number. and one number, that is 10 persons. >> i want to just get my number, they let you, they let me -- give it to me. oh wait, i don't know how long i will wait for. reporter: and how long that is, some people i have a different barometer. some may state weeks some may stay longer. but time will be up and the tensions will rise. as you said, a lot of people do not want them here for a long period of time. the shelter behind me, it will fill up very quickly. the maximum here is 2000, maybe 3000 at most. one bathroom, that does not last very long. i also did talk to got to the solicitor, it is unofficial. but maybe they will plan a sit in where the port of entry, the
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28 lanes of traffic going through, it could potentially happen this weekend as a way to gain attention to their plight. lou? lou: their plight has been recognized since they crossed the guatemalan border with mexico.there is a lesson here for the mexican government as well. it is the most important part of the lessons being taught by the ministration. this is what you get when you do not secure your own borders. your southern border with guatemala. with central america. are you hearing anything about that lesson being learned? and how the mexican government will respond not to what is obviously a crisis on his northern border? reporter: right. you and i know, if they stop them the first time you would not have the caravan now you have b, c and d. now you have 10,000 people. one of the things i think the difference bringing the new government coming in a week from now. i think one may not been thinking about it.
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saying let it be this guys problem. they let them in. then they tried to stop them the next day. and they let that happen. ultimately, hey, mexico is having to deal with the situation and we are the release valve. so the u.s. doesn't begin to -- lou: no longer. reporter: i am with you. now they have inherited this problem. lou: i would only argue cinematics with you. they have a large created this problem as they have throughout with the crisis on our border. the president is exerting for the first time, real interest in securing the nations borders and this is the beginning of the effect. william longeness, thank you so much and hopefully everyone there will be taken care of by the mexican government.the good folks of tijuana. the mexican government has now an immense responsibility on its hands. thanks so much. appreciate it. william longeness from tijuana. right now, to take up the
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radical dimms unhinged attacks against our immigration and customs enforcement agency and officials, by the way, and the growing migrant caravans in mexico.we have the former acting director of immigration and customs enforcement, tom, josc fox business contributor. good to see you. i want to think first of all -- a man spent his career securing the borders and dealing with enforcement of the immigration laws. what is your action to what you're seeing happen now at just, south of the border? and in tijuana? >> look, i think they said it right lou. mexico, they should have done it on the southern border. they are part to blame for this but mexico did offer a couple thousand amnesty. if they want to sit in the roadway at the port of entry intomexico will certainly respond to that because they do
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not want to shut down that sort of commerce traffic. we will see but look, we have a president finally that has drawn a line in the sand through -- he has thrown the gauntlet down. they are going to get due process.but here is where the president is doing something different. he is going to detain them until they see a judge. 90 percent of them based on current data will lose their case because they are fraudulent claims. they do not qualify for asylum. put them on a plane, send them home like we did in 2014 and the numbers will drop. that is what needs to be done. consequence and deterrence. there are some people that escape fear persecution but most are taking advantage of loopholes. lou: and they are also in a position now, they are hungry, tired, some of now facing elements asthey are going to be sick . they're going tohave you know cold or the flu . by the way, just being detained by i.c.e. is a heck of a lot better than
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sitting there in a shelter in tijuana watching your health deteriorate. this is a very tough thing. it cannot be allowed to cross the border and that is what the president has said. they're not going to do it. >> i cannot blame anyone for wanting to be part of the greatest country on earth. but you cannot want to be a part of the greatest country on earth and not respect its laws. you want to come here because you want a better life, do it the right way. like millions to every year. lou: you and i can reason that and believe it. the fact is that these people have been led by left-wing groups, non-gmos, they are being exploited and we have to do something about it all. because it is not going to be just enough to secure the border. we're going to have to deal with everything hemisphere and
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certainly in proximity to the southern border. mexico and central america. let me turn to kamala harris. i know you have heard this but i want to share this with the audience. she is one of the principal rising stars of the radical left. the reticle dimms. senator kamala harris actually drew a parallel between i.c.e. and the kkk.>> the clan was what we would call today, a domestic terrorist group. >> why? why would we call them domestic terrorist groups? >> because they try to use fear and force to change political environment. >> and what was the motivation for this? >> based on race and ethnicity. >> right. are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and discretion at i.c.e. is being used to enforce the law? and do you see any parallels? >> i do not see any parallels between -- offices in ages.>>
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i'm talking about perception. >> i do not see parallel. >> are you aware that there is a perception? are you aware that there is a perception? >> to put i.c.e. in the same category as the kkk. lou: there you have it. a sitting u.s. senator comparing immigration and customs enforcement to the kkk. in trying to dance it while she did it. >> look, if thereis truly perception on this , she needs to look in the mirror. because her andnancy pelosi , chuck schumer, on and on, dick durbin, kirsten gillibrand. this u.s. senator has described patriots -- they're not making this up. if the kkk enforcing laws is congress kkk? it is discussing at every
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level. she should walk the law enforcement memorial wall. and apologize to the men and women that gave the life of the country. lou: do you think she cares? >> i don't think she cares. she puts her own ambition ahead of that. law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day. lou: the values of this nation, the traditions, its rules and law. and order. >> al-qaida koch it would-- tha brothers. insisting on open borders, i do not see, what will be the reaction of this administration to them. because right now, it looks like they are being extraordinarily accommodated to interests that are frankly,
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antithetical to the existing laws. antithetical to the traditions of values as countries citizenry and putting priority of illegal immigrants over citizens. but let's not leave her just yet i want to say one thing. she made a comment. she says fear in the community. let me make something clear. if you're in the united states illegally you're supposed to be uncomfortable. if you and i go to highway hundred miles an hour, we are afraid we will get a ticket. if you lie on the taxes you are free to get audited. if you choose to enter the country illegally which is a crime, you should be uncomfortable. lou: what about the koch brothers, tom donahue, u.s. multinationals, wall street. looks like they are having their way, doesn't it? >> the same people that do not want e-verify. lou: or merit-based immigration. >> another -- she needs to look in the mirror.
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they want century cities, they do not want e-verify. they want to talk about abolishing i.c.e. theydo not want i.c.e. -- lou: are we talking to harris or the people with the money driving the agenda? >> both. lou: tom homan, always good to have you with us. thanks so much. you think that the president will succeed in holding one of the border? >> i think he will do everything within his power to do what congress -- and i want to thank you for telling the story. you are one of the guys telling the truth and i appreciate that. lou: thank you very much. appreciate all that you do and have done for years. thanks so much, tom homan. braking is the wall street journal reporting that the central intelligence agency, has concluded that saudi crown prince ordered the murder of saudi dissident, jamal
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khashoggi. the cia assessment is the most definitive link to date of the involvement of the crown prince in the assassination of jamal khashoggi and runs counter to what the saudi government is now saying and what they have concluded in their investigation of his murder. up next, extended deadline approaching for a manual recount in florida.the governors race wrapped up in favor of ron desantis. his challenger however, will not concede. we are reaction from the chairmanof the republican party . we are joined next, we will be right back. stay with us. i can't believe it. that grandpa's nose is performing "flight of the bumblebee?" ♪ no, you goof. i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. nice.
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in the florida counting of ballots. i know that is unimaginable but, it's the truth. a hand recount about for the senate race between republican rick scott and democrat bill nelson goes on. correspondent phil keating is in palm beach county tonight. yes, that palm beach county with the latest for us. reporter: good evening, lou. it was a pretty fast day full of progress across the state
6:21 am
today. 57 counties, most of them, if not all of them, at this hour completing their hand count of those questionable ballots. in the senate race. that is why all of the tables behind me are now totally empty. in fact, so is the warehouse. everyone has gone home for the night.much of the focus today on that still too close to be decided u.s. senate race. around noon, palm beach county underway with the account. the process to determine voter intent on ballots where the voter cast some races left others like where they pick more than one candidate to win. if they could not decide on the ballots of the voters intent, then they went to the canvassing board which pretty quickly went through the remaining stack. here, it was all done by subset. this was done in 67 counties today. the intention of finally deciding the states midterm elections 2018. palm beach elections chief is not worried at all about getting everything complete to tallahassee in time. >> and what will happen now is that the determination of the
6:22 am
ballots over and under that were out stacked will be duplicated and will be added into the vote total. we will report the u.s. senate race by noon on sunday, the deadline. reporter: republican governor, rick scott, who leads democrat incumbent, bill nelson, he continues to hold the lead. first in the original count and then the recount. 12,500 votes essentially, is what he leads by. in the governors race, republican ron desantis leads democratic tallahassee mayor, andrew gillum by about 33,000 votes. so that race is just waiting to be decided and officially certified by the state. all of that happening on tuesday morning.lou: everything is time. phil keating, thank you.i'm sorry it is so lonely there in the warehouse in palm beach county. phil keating, report appeared
6:23 am
in other election had i say. radical dimms stacey abrams has ended her bid for the governorship of georgia. at a press conference today she said she did not want to hold public office if she needed to steam her way into the post. republican, brian kemp, will not become the 83rd governor of georgia. abrams is not conceding but rather simply, excepting her fate. joining us tonight to talk about those florida recounts and all of the midterm election results, blaise ingoglia. the chairman of the republican party of florida. it is good to talk with you. and can i ask you, where are we with these races, hand counts, recounts, i mean -- you know, palm beach county and broward county have done it again. >> yeah, they have. but at the end of the day when everything is said and done, we are going to have governor ron desantis and we are extremely happy about that. that race should be certified later on next week.
6:24 am
and although we still have the manual hand recount going on right now in the u.s. senate race, there's not enough votes to overturn that . so we will have rick scott be the next u.s. senator from the great state of florida. lou: i love the language that grows up around these if you will, controversial election results. everyone talking about now, in florida the case between nelson and scott. that he is now outside the margin of fraud. how confident are you on a scale of 1 to 10 that that is indeed, out of the margin of fraud and that rick scott will be the center?>> i think the margin of incompetence in bridal county and palm beach county is just astounding.-- i think we have a lot of fixing to do the counties when election is over. supervisor snipes and broward county, supervisor booker in beach county, clearly had to go. and you know, i know people are
6:25 am
calling off republicans to sort of like get them out of office. what does that fall upon republicans to get them out of office? democrats need to start taking responsibility, the chairs of both of the counties in palm beach and broward county , should come out publicly and asked them both to resign their positions. because democrats need to prove to everyone that they cannot and will not stand up for this incompetence any longer. lou: i think you will acknowledge it is time for the republicans nationwide, not just in florida but nationwide, to take responsibility for making sure that the democrats are doing the right thing. their instincts are not always the best. and they have to be guided in that regard. and as you have demonstrated, as chairman of the florida republican party, you know how to do that by winning. i want to point out that two things if i may. you're the most successful chairman in the republican
6:26 am
party history in the state. and the second thing i want to point out is, you also the fellow who told me on the night before the election in november, how it was going to go in florida for one, donald j trump. when all of the country was expecting overwhelmingly, a democratic laid out what was going to happen in the state of florida. and i mean, to this point, blaise, i tell people that story. it was a remarkable call on your part. >> and the same thing happened this year with the pollsters. they got it wrong also. everyone was protecting a win by andrew gillum. lou: it was close! >> is great to be the chairman and the republican party florida. i got to win the governors race twice and u.s. senate race three times in the same elections. it is a good time to be the chair of the florida gop. lou: as i'm sure the president
6:27 am
has point out to you, you did pretty good work in 2016 as well. blaise ingoglia, good to see you again. >> good to see you. thank you. lou: up next the rino 's -- theywe will take that
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lou: an impending budget battle will force congress to take action on the border walls. congress and the president approved five of 12 speppedding packages. president trump wants $25 billion to build the wall. so far the dems, and the rinos have refused to give him his due. if they continue to do so, could there be a partial shutdown on
6:32 am
december 7 when funding expires? >> i believe politically they are hurting themselves. i think it's a good thing for me, but i want to get the rollout. >> some no shutdown scenario. >> i can't commit to that, but it's possible. lou: the dimms have the majority in the house. 231 seats, 198 for the republicans. in the senate republicans have the majority, 51 seats, and the likelihood of 53. the races in the florida and mississippi, with a runoff ahead in mississippi. likely it' it's fair to say republican. joining me on the latest of the
6:33 am
possible expects of a government shutdown and what always tight, tight margin of victory for republicans. former reagan white house political director ed rollins. good to see you. let's start with -- i was talking with the head of the republican party in florida. this is becoming a tight race between traditional republicans and rinos, and left-wing socialists. you couldn't ask for a tighter race than what they ran against in florida and arizona. ed: we lost a two-term orange county district in california, we don't have an orange county district any more in california, we lost them all. only thing south of los angeles is hunter who basically has lots
6:34 am
of political problems ahead of him. he's the only member of congress we have. we lost five seats? kevin mccarthy's home state. lou: democrats who won are basically running as republicans. ed: there were 7 million more democrats vote for congress than we had across the country. lou: what are the republicans going to do? >> you cannot run national campaigns. you can't run congressional campaigns out of washington. if i was running the trump administration, i would gone it four states he has to win. and do just what -- lou: what happened to ohio. ed: and ohio. the margin is very close. we have to start in those states
6:35 am
right today and for the next two years keep building a base. lou: this government has -- this president has been really be toyed with by rino ryan and the republican party. what the heck does he expect -- can he expect from nancy pelosi and her left-wing bunch? >> if he wants a wall, he's got to get it now. shut down the government. do whatever it takes. he has to make this stand or there won't sab wall in his term. lou: fit' not in his term, when would it be? ed: never. lou: is it worth the shutdown? ed: i think so. republicans, it's the most of important issue to us. lou: when you look at what's happening on that border. >> it's now or never. lou: be sure to vote in our poll
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6:40 am
his pass must be restored. the judge used a 1977 case focusing on revocation of credentials based on political motives or partisan differences, not outlandish behavior exhibited by acosta. here is how president obama dealt with it. we thought would like to see how times have changed. nary a people from the left-wing media about this. >> the civil rights of lgbt americans -- hold on. okay. you know what? no, no, no, no, no. you are in my house cheers. >> you are not going to get a good response from me my interrupting me like this. lou: you remember the chants of trump trump trump from the white
6:41 am
house press corps, right? there is, joining me now to talk about the illegal immigration crisis, the recount fiasco in florida, a former member of george w. bush's senior staff, brad blakeman. by the way, how did that work out, brad? >> it worked out great. the reason why is we exposed the corruption and intimidation and income comments same two counties in 2000. let's start with the close races. the republican party is not widening its lead. can it any longer afford to have a bunch of rye know bunch -- ofd because it means a divided house
6:42 am
and a senate. on the bordered wall and illegal immigration and support for this president's entire agenda. >> we haven't had a president in recent memory making good as fast on his promises as this president. they should be running closely aligned to a guy who is delivering on each promise. when he talked about growth in the campaign. so republicans better get on board. this is a wake-up call. we have to stand on principle. we can't be running away from success. lou: that's what these fools did and that's why it's a huge problem in the house of representatives. you had so many resignations, you had a leader in the house who was an abject fool who betrayed the president' time and time again. then ended by betraying his
6:43 am
conference, the fools who wanted him in as speaker. he resigned in april, and is still in the job for crying out loud. how smart does a republican have to be. >> we are creating a lot of our own projecto problems. we have 40 incumbents cut and run. that's an outrage. lou: how many people did you have in the conference who didn't have the guts to throw the resigned speaker the hell out. you talk about gutless. what flag would it be if it's anything other than white. this looks like abject surrender to k street and the koch brothers, and this is a president nos no -- not only doe than any president in history. he isn't getting any support from any part of the business community or any part of the -- it's ridiculous. no one' stand up for a man doing
6:44 am
more workday in and day out than any 10 of these people on capitol hill. and i'm inyo insulting them by g the comparison. >> you are right. i hope the republicans elect a new minority leader in the house. lou: they put in an acolyte of the outgoing speaker, another establishment tool until otherwise demonstrated. brad, you are not. it's always great to have you with us. it looks like it's going well for the republican party in florida, but very close indeed. brad, thanks so much. appreciate it. up next, robert mueller's ties to julian assange. the reason assange could soon be in a u.s. courtroom and possibly a prison.
6:45 am
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lou: the president said on twitter, congratulations to ron
6:49 am
desantis on becoming the new governor of florida. he fought and fought and as a result a historic victory. he'll be a great governor. he congratulated brian kemp in georgia. he said stacey abrams fought throng and hard. she will have a terrific political future. julian assange could end up in a u.s. courtroom. his name appeared in a leectd court document which revealed assange has been charged and scheduled to be arrested. but wikileaks has been under scrutiny since 2016 for release of dnc and clinton emails. robert mueller is look into wikileaks and how it got that dnc information. joining us, what's going on in
6:50 am
this country? we'll ask robert jeffress. author of the book, choosing the extraordinary life. let's start with this very close race in florida, and georgia, and arizona and other obviously other jurisdictions throughout the country. putting republicans under whatever guys against left wing basically socialist candidates and it's neck-and-neck. what do you make of it? >> i can't predict what's going to happen in those races. but here's what's going on overall. the left has been doing everything they to be delegitimize this president. first it was the collusion illusion. that hasn't worked out. now they created what i call the myth of the mid-term massacre. the idea that somehow the gop
6:51 am
lost massive amounts because of trump's popularity. president trump did not have the shellacking obama did in losing 60 house seats and six senate seats. he had minimal houses in the house and picked up senate seats. there is a myth out there that somehow evangelical women have abandoned president trump because of his particular stance and personality. an nbc exit poll shows -- lou: is that because he is achieving too much? is it because he works harder than anyone else? would it be because he has restored the american way and also the american trump doctrine throughout the world. would that be the reason american women would not like this president? are you kidding me? >> it is just absolutely foolish. and it's not -- look, this
6:52 am
collusion illusion and you are talking about the wikileaks thing tonight. i don't know what the truth is. but i'll tell you this. i think the left is going to be shocked at how little americans care about this even if it's shown the trump campaign had some knowledge of these emails. people don't care. they voted for him not because of russia. but because he was the superior candidate and he's val gait dating that every day. lou: that's absolutely true. the reality is this is a president who after a mid-term election, think about it, because you pointed it out. obama lost 66 seats in the house. he lost 6 seats in the senate. this president looks like he's going to lose somewhere in the neighborhood of the historical average which is 33 seats. that looks like it will be par
6:53 am
for this election. and gained in the senate. that's only happened twice previously in american history. those are the realities. and we talk about the reality on this broadcast. but there is also the issue of, this is a president who has been betrayed by the leadership in the house of representatives the first two years of his presidency. and leaving undone the wall. leaving undone the direction of the country that should be supported by the entire conference in the house and the senate. where do we go from here? for the next two years. >> there are going to be some head winds. but i will make this prediction. i believe the house flipping and being under the leadership of maxine waters and nancy pelosi is going to give president trump an even larger reelection majority win in 2020. this is all going to work for
6:54 am
good. i believe that. i believe there is great momentum and support behind this president because he's focusing on results and we are seeing those results every day of every week. lou: robert jeffress, we appreciate it have much. one other forecast. who wins in 2020? >> donald j. trump. lou: just wanted to test you. just wanted to check. >> no doubt about it. lou: up next. we take up the latest in the president's plan to defend our borders answer sovereignty. we are coming right back. stay with us. a once-in-five hundred year storm should happen every five hundred years, right? fact is, there have been twenty-six in the last decade. allstate is adapting. with drones to assess home damage sooner. and if a flying object damages your car, you can snap a photo and get your claim processed in hours, not days. plus, allstate can pay your claim in minutes.
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lou: in last night's show we asked you this question, if sciewrk our borders or reforming our prison is more important to you. 94% said border enforcement. violence break out as the first group of central american migrants arrived in tijuana. tom holman addressing the president's efforts to secure that border. >> we got a president final that has drawn a fluent sand, threw the gauntlet down. we have a lot of resources down there. we have a dod down there.
6:59 am
thethey will get their due proc. but he'll detain them until they see a judge. lou: president trump traveling to california tomorrow there he will visit with the victims of the wildfires. and the florida senate race goes on. we expect the broward county canvassing board to announce their results tomorrow. the fall beach election workers have gone home for the evening. maybe they will try again tomorrow morning. and remind tore vote in our poll tonight. the question is this. do you believe president trump's border wall will ever be built? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. we hope you have a great, great weekend.
7:00 am
harmeet dhillon and diamond and silk among our guests monday. we hope you join us. good night from new york. [♪] >> a brilliant young architect designs this gem... >> tony! oh, my gosh, look at all this light! >> ...long before he's a legend of design. >> pietro belluschi. innovative architectural designs. they evoke the grandeur of this land. >> his kid becomes an architect, too. >> i didn't want to be "the son of." >> it's a blessing and a curse. >> and that's what i went through for 40 years. >> will he let his father's masterpiece face the wrecking ball? >> did your heart stop? >> absolutely, my heart stopped. >> or breathe new life into it after he's gone? >> before your dad died, did he tell you he was proud of you?


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