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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  November 23, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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of enthusiasm." i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching this special edition of "strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. >> i'm out here for the thrill of the hunt. i love going black friday shopping. something i want and need. >> we're getting presents that most people couldn't afford unless they were clearing dollars off. >> we are off most wonderful time the year for retailers anyway. black friday in full swing this morning, and a it is on track to be one of the best biggest growing days in shopping history. >> fox business is open for business today and so is wall street with an a early close, though, of 1 p.m. eastern time let's take a look at how u.s. stock futures are looking this morning after a volatile session.
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dow is now open as we're lowered by had been 55 points s&p 500 also seeing small declines of 3 point or so priced in, and nasdaq lowered by 14 is what it's the premarket is indicating. let's take a look at stocks in asia how markets are faring in japan, nikkei up close for trading today but hank sang lower. cross pond in europe we have trade underway seeing an advance today via higher by third. cac 40 gain of 6 cents and dax index over in germany up by half percent there. >> watching oil with a opec meeting coming up next month but right now oil prices plunging to lowest numbers that we have seen since late 2017 at 5320 a loss of nearly 2.5% this morning. >> so if you're paying lessed a pump maybe more to spend and before you head out the door to shop today we have some tips on how to score some of the best deals around fbn:am starts right
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now. and it is 5:01 a.m. here in new york friday november 23rd it is black friday good morning i'm cheryl casone. >> that's right shop until you drop good morning to you i'm suzanne lee in for lauren simonetti. >> a lot to talk about tea this is the traditional start to the christmas season it is officially beginning. people hitting the the mall in search of, of course, of the best deals. >> our very own hillary vaughn is at the garden mall hillary are keep warm. >> i know. good morning. so actually black friday is really turning into glad thursday because this mall was open until pretty much all thanksgiving day until 2 a.m. they close for hours to change over to the shift and now shoppers are just filtering in as door started to open so really we're seeing retailers roll out deals earlier and
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earlier. the mall is opening its doors for the second time this friday. prethanksgiving deals more shoppers are spending mare money earlier. retail reverse seeing in store sales and americans spent 1.. on thanksgiving day up 29% according to adobe an lit ukes data. wednesday before thanksgiving also beat last year sales by 32%. so what's selling online is a lot of tech, of course, we're seeing nintendo console and amazon echo speakers really top sellers this month for the first time this year by 5 p.m. on thanksgiving day online sales totaled 1.7 billion up 28% so we're really seeing a massive surge in shoppers and sales compared to last year. we're gearing up for the second wave of shoppers here and when you look at onis line sales for first time ever on wednesday shoppers half that were driving onis line traffic were shopping
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on their phones. back to you. >> all right hillary vaughn live or fuss out on this black friday morning hillary thank you very much. okay so first it was ete now u.s. government is going after another chinese tell come company tracee carrasco enjos us now with with more on that, and other headlines making news this morning. good morning to you, tracee. >> u.s. government is trying to persuade wireless and internet providers in our ally krpghts to avoid telecommunication equipment. from technologies, u.s. officials are report think concerned about cybersecurity risks because of the close ties to the chiendz government. the journal reports that administration is also considering offering financial aid to countries that block the way. >> also this staying with technology, apple is going to be slashing prices in japan. what's going on? >> coming off heals of the report that apple has slowed production planes for all three of the newest iphones wall street journal reports that a l
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is offering discounts to mobile network operators in japan. to boost sales of the iphone 10r, major wireless carriers in japan reportedly plan to cut prices as early as next week. japan is one of the most lucrative markets for apple. apple is trading lower in the premarket this morning. inch you've got some tips for finding best black friday deals what are they? >> hopefully use beyond black friday but lots will be shopping today through cybermonday there are a number of websites that will help you maximize your savings. sign up for websites like e-baits i bought a honey or dosh that work with thousands of retailers to provide cash back offer coupon and other ways save also camel a price tracking website, that allows you to see pricing history of most items on amazon. lali to earn small amounts of bitcoin, instead of cashback while shopping online.
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a few of those i had never harled of but -- pretty good -- >> those are great also too but a lot of scams through the that people have to be careful as well make sure you're shopping on the website. >> yeah. very good point. very good point thank tracee vey much. get to markets another volatile week of trading mostly with a big selloff and markets way down on the week. but the week after -- thanksgiving and all of december historyically a good time for markets this so-called santa claus rally so are we going to see one this year bring in melissa founder of the stocks and melissa great to see you so early here on this black friday -- okay what do you think? santa claus rally in store? >> i think it is a little bit too soon to say i'm bullish in the market and it doesn't matter necessarily today if we saw we're lower this morning. i think you can't take a lot out of today trading because we're open for a few hours but people are off today but i will say next week is an important week for market and really month of
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december it is -- we don't know if the fed is really beginning to raise are rates. yes it was predicted that they were going to. but because we've had so much shelling in the month of october maybe that fed is going to back off. so even though everyone is very upset about the fact that market hasn't followed through we rally and drop off since maybe this is what needed to happen for fed to back off a little bit. >> i'm not sure about that melissa because fed is probability that futures priced in for a med move if you don't you're kowtowing the government brusher. >> trump has been had, you know, out there been saying i think they're raising rates too soon. i'm not saying that they're going to listen to trump but i'm saying that you have it look at the facts that market has sold off quite a bit from the beginning of october until now and we haven't rallied and why economy is strong. i don't think not raise raising rates in december is going to be that critical i think that they can take their time doing a little bit more. let's say they raise rates what
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will happen in the market it is holding uptrend now and will it continue to do that? it has to do with rates and also going to have with anything gets resolved at the end of the month between china and trump and are the tariff issues resolved or not. one of the things one thing happens in markets favor which is not raising rates in it is or if the tariffs if tariffs get resolved it that would be huge for the market or even inclination that they might get resolved any positive -- anything positive take away out of that meeting between china and trump would be great for market to show a santa claus rally at a this point too soon and bullish in the market i felt market might make new highs report at the end of the year it might. but telling you next week is so critical for the market and i can tell a lot better after the first of december. if we're able to do it -- >> next week too watch for melissa let me ask you, though, melissa give me a probability 66 out of 90 i think 9 times we've seen a santa claus rally into
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december your call? >> well, market still strong to me, of course, we can still rally look at santa claus rally, of course, what what i was looking at was market to go back up like dow didn't get to 27,000 number almost did. that would have been so much better if we would held on -- right after the election and we would have gone right back up there but fact is we didn't so now to say new highs by end of the year i'm not 100% will we rally yeah probably. but to me what i wanted to say it was -- was that certainty that strengthen market to make another new high after that october selloff would be so much bet. >> okay melissa always a pleasure thank you so much. have a great weekend. >> we'll have to see new highs this year before end well president trump hosting a thanksgiving dinner and mar-a-lago resort and included turkey there was lamb salmon and sea bass before sitting down request family and friends for big feast president spoke to troops sending greetings and visited a coast guard station in
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south florida. all right, well let's take a quick look at u.s. futures on this black friday before we head to break right now looking like a negative opening pointing lower by 74 and a premarket s&p down 5.537 nasdaq down 22 and quarter. still ahead james comey is now demanding to testify in front of the cameras. after house republicans give him a thanksgiving surprise subpoena -- >> it is simply not appropriate for mr. comey to attempt to turn this into some kind of a -- public performance on his part maybe to sell more books i'm not sure. what exactly his motivation is -- get to relive super bowl of washington with combmy hearing -- and hillary clinton call for closed borders in europe. why she this morning leaders overseas to crack down on immigration. you are watching fbn:am. ♪ if there's one thing all americans agree on,
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a deal is a deal. and congress has already made one to help america's seniors pay less for their prescriptions. but now, drug companies are lobbying congress, trying to force seniors to pay more so they can boost profits. but a deal is a deal. and the president has pledged to end price gouging by drug companies. we will no longer accept the inflated prices being charged to our seniors. protect seniors, not drug company profits.
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>> welcome back let's get you caught up on what's happening right now checking u.s. futures looks like a down session at least at the open. the the dow jones industrial futures are telling us lower by maybe 70 point or so s&p 500
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indicated five points down and nasdaq also seeing declines of maybe 22 point. black friday shopping -- turning deadly overnight to after a teenager opened fire in an alabama mall shooting dead two people during a fight or shooting people during a fight. pan pick shop percent hiding in closets fearing for their lives gunman shot dead by police. the two victims are in hospital. we have president trump thanksgiving day call to overseas troops, turning political, as he began discussing the migrant caravan in mexico speaking to brigadier trump compared u.s. efforts on southern border to the u.s. mission in afghanistan. speaking to reporters afterwards the the trump says he may consider closing down the border entirely. >> we find that it's -- it gets to a level where we are going to lose control or people are going to start getting hurt we will close entry intro the country before we can get it under control. >> the whole border. i mean, the whole border.
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we will close the border. so -- >> his comments come as migrants from caravan refuse to accept jobs and vee visas for rise of immigration, clinton telling the guardian that europe needs to, quote, get a handle on migration because that is what lit flame she also went on to criticize president trump saying his use of immigration as an issue to rally his supporters in 2016 is one of the reasons that she lost. if you want it buy gun in new york officials might start snooping through your social media and online search history. a new democrat sponsored bill would let law enforcement in check in for potential terrorism along with common racial religious and gender slurs. post and searches up to three years ago would be included in these checks critics argue they violate multiple constitutional rights that is your what's happening right now your headlines this morning.
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>> all right happening right now it is -- you can see what that really cool sun graphic it is black friday. [laughter] while some consumers are scouting out, of course, best deals this morning retail reverse looking for workers estimated 704,000 jobs available this christmas shopping season. reare tailers are having trouble filling those jobs. thanks to unemployment at a 48-year low that can lead to longer lines at the store -- and that's one of the issues stores are facing this year. let's bring in burt this strategic resource group. good morning. >> good morning shairlg. i understand that you've been out to sew what lines look like across at least in tristate area what are you seeing this morning? >> a big advantage macy's just from harold an hour ago to the -- macy's store in tristate area doing box office record-breaking business. and on the other hand, target made a big mistake opening
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yesterday in thanksgiving closing at the midnight being closed right now. wal-mart did a lot of business early. but wal-mart from the stores we saw especially that infamous valley stream store where heroic security guard got tragically stampeded to death years ago. wal-mart had a lot of inventory left and didn't look like they sold through nearly as well so so -- malls were okay but because of the tremendously cold weather what we're seeing here, and what our team seeing in other parts of the country cold wet weather, off to a somewhat slow start is it is not going it matter that much. because as you reported, 40% of the business is done. ten days before christmas, but if we're looking at one day and what's happened from yesterday to -- early this morning, somewhat slow. >> it is online so we started out talking about there's two big issues for retailers for the season first is this -- lack of workers that they're facing, in fact, zip recruiter
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said of the 144,000 openings that are stl available right now, there was only 117,000 applicants that's a little disturbing. because what does that mean for customer service? what does that mean for the retailers are they going to lose business that folks walk out of the store that's one big issue to talk to you about and also applications of the tariff war and if there are any. >> important point you're raising cheryl. one, workers not only are there only 117,000 applicants as you said, but of those applicants only about 10% are really qualified and have this skills to be successful in hourly retail and on the tariff wars, hasn't affected things that much because talking to retailers themselves venders have lowered to offset tariffs what that mean is more onshoring in the the u.s. advantage u.s. manufacturing long-term.
5:19 am
disadvantage peoples republic of china and other countries who ship from overseas to the u.s.. >> real quick burt i have to ask you, do you think that this -- that the tariff war particular is going to have an effect for next year it's about the forecast for retailers, burt. >> not going to have an affect that much because retailers are telling us that venders, quote, unquote eat the difference to be competitive and to stay in basic wren regular court distribution. >> wow thank you there you go that's something to watch as earnings come out for next quarter. great to have you here. thanks for info this morning. take a look at u.s. futures on this friday morning a shortened trading decision anden theres at thed open, in fact, it look like it is getting stooper losses that were implying at the open so dow jones industrial might be looking at losses of 85 points or so. now coming up but you finish your black friday shopping it is time for small business saturday but do mom and pop shops compete with big block chain and onis line retailers and --
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if the today shopping leave you famished we'll tell you where you can score some free food who doesn't love free food -- any. always good. you're watching fbn:am.
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a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. with black frud is all about, of course, the big name chain but saturday is for small business. since the first small business saturday back in 2010, days generated 85 billion in spending. but last year saw dip in foot traffic and revenue, that head of the mom and pom shops stack up against the country cpa for market group joins us now bright
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and early from philadelphia. good morning. >> good morning cheryl how are you? >> good we did see a bit of a dip for small business saturday last year were you worried this year is another tough -- weekend for the smaps group as the big box retail reverse really frankly slashing prices that compete. >> yeah. no, you know what i'm as worried as you might imagine look a fun tip right you mentioned a small business saturday started in 2010. it was a promotion from american express right the small business to give away stuff, and give a discount and it is ballooned into an enormous event. so i know there are tens of thousands of communities right now that are going to be celebrating small business saturday. and most of the retailers are looking forward to it. the national retail federation is expecting small businesses are going to sell about 4 to 5% more this holiday season than they did last year so mom and pop on main street is they're having a good holiday season and people are into it. j 85 billion spent over the
5:25 am
small business saturdays i mean that's -- look at small businesses that is driving engine for job growth in this country. we need small businesses and so let's pump them up right now gene why qowld owe pen gowrnlg to go to small business and advantage that have. i'll stat you off, though, with one idea. [laughter] there's a labor shortage for big company so you might get better service small business throwing that out there but what do you say? >> it is a good idea listen. small businesses in this country we employ more than 50% of the work forces that's -- there. small business themselves they're going into a big box retailers but i have to tell you cheryl a lot of people don't realize that, even though there are less merchants on the street and i think you probably see that walking around new york you know more like well known brands. let's not forget you know for all of the gone from the street there are millions of small businesses now that are selling onis line. i mean, you know, amazon has more than a million small
5:26 am
business merchant it is etsy has 2 million so when and i are shopping on street on small business saturday we're like geez whatever happened to ma mom and pop dress store that other merchant on main street they've gone onis line and they're selling well so you don't have to support them in local neighborhood online. >> i like that gene. really quick, had they gotten been helped by the tax cuts from the trump administration? >> yeah. i mean most of the clients they talk to have already seen up tick in what they're spending and available cash watch small business owners i know are making estimate payments they're making from the year before. when -- when they're actually seeing tax return filed in 2019 and how much if they save, keep an eye out on investment they make and people they hire there i think that's when you're seeing affect of the stock. >> gene supporting smabdz america so important ping. gene thank you for being here. appreciate it.
5:27 am
>> very good point all right let's take a look at u.s. futures once again we're looking at a down start on this shortened friday trading session. now still ahead this morning, carlos fate and this time as we're learning just exactly what he did with all of that money he failed to report an amazon may want to stop selling spray paint the new backlash popping up all over the city of one of its new planned headquarters you're watching fbn:am. jardiance asked: when it comes to managing your type 2 diabetes, what matters to you? step up to the stage here. feeling good about that? let's see- most of you say lower a1c. but only a few of you are thinking about your heart. fact is, even though it helps to manage a1c, type 2 diabetes still increases your risk
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j being able to see what it is that i'm buying versus wait and see when it comes in the mail stiewms i've had it crash or have website just like there's so many people on at the same time so to be automobile to get the deal and not worry if something sells out or crash or what are. >> here we go. the unofficial start of the
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holiday shopping season is here. with millions of americans hitting stores if best black friday deals but as black friday loses its mow joe to online retailers like amazon. >> fox business opened for business today and so is wall street. with an early close at 1 p.m. eastern time. so an hour after lunch, let's take a look at how u.s. stock futures are looking this morning after a volatile week so far dow we're down once again and open by 83 point s&p 500 looking at a small decline as well, and nasdaq 100 pricing in losses of 25 points or so. >> all right well stocks in asia overnight shanghai composite all of those markets lower in japan, the nikkei, trading their close for the the holiday. across the atlantic in the green seeing up there, it was across board the 100 up by 18 ponts the cac 40 in france higher by 19 or so and dax in germany looking at gains of a third of one percent. >> all right all about the saudis right now when it comes
5:32 am
to oil prices pricing to lowest levels and haven't seen since late 2017 ahead as it foots that is a loss of more than two bucks. how about some free food to go with your black friday shopping. don't we love free food well restrant are offering freebies for you fbn:am continues right now. >> and it is 5:32 a.m. here in new york, it is friday november 23rd, and it is black friday. good morning i'm cheryl casone. >> happy friday good morning to you cheryl i'm suzanne lee in for lauren simonetti our own hillary vaughn standing by at the roosevelt in the city with all of the latest. hillary, good morning. >> hey, good morning we made it inside and there's not a lot of shoppers here yet. but people we see already have bags and bags of purchases.
5:33 am
gifts for other people gifts for themselves i'm here with tanesha she got el toes of her own. how crazy was the mall last night? >> it was pretty packed. but i worked with it. >> and then after working you got some deals for yourself what deals did you see what was the best purchase you got? >> err err postal. so thanksgiving day shopping versus other times you work in the past was it a lot busier? >> yes. it was a lot busier. >> lines out the door -- >> well today it will be. >> clothes flying everywhere? j yeah refoldings a lot but it's fine. [laughter] >> but people trickling in but you know even poem that are working black friday work thanksgiving day when mall was open, obviously, cashes in on good deal.
5:34 am
5:30 out there this morning good for her hillary. >> yes. thank you hillary vaughn thanks. okay is we have early figures showing that shopping season is off to a great start iowa dob bee an liting reports 5 p.m. yesterday consumers spent 1.75 billion or dollars online. most of it on their smartphones. putting thanksgiving on track to be one of the fastest growing retail days in online shopping history. what does this mean for brick-and-mortar stores, though, bring in herzog of h squared research good friday morning to you. what does this mean for mobile because from from what i see 60% of the shopping actually is done on a smartphone. >> yeah. it is interesting susan. paypal cam out with a study that said -- about 48% of americans are probably going to spend online or on mobile devices as they shop during this holiday season so it is in line exactly with
5:35 am
what they were reporting as well, and round, i think what we're seeing at the mall is sort of the exception and not the rule people are certainly shopping. and they're going to stores and they're participating in all of that. but a lot of purchases i think we're going to see this year especially as we get into cybermonday are going to come from online. >> you know a trillion dollars, a trillion dollars -- is going to be spent for the very first time combined by black friday cybermonday with christmas. what does that say about american economy shouldn't that trickle down into other classes namely stock in. >> no it is really interesting so the disposable person income was up 29 billion dollars. so people are certainly feeling great about the economy and the state of the economy. you know, when you look at market they're all over the place you know seeing volatility all over. but when it comes to actual spending you know i see this a lot. pretty much every year, but i think the consumers el too ling this frugal fatigue you know where they have this demand for
5:36 am
longest time now they want to shop special on big ticket items like luxury items consumer hasn't been spending that much on luxury purchases. soening that's where we're really going to see that -- that money being spent. >> you're right big ticket items especially 4k televisions with a staying popular today but you know let's talk about the the retail reck this week because they've had a fantastic 2018 the s&p retail indention up 17% this year, however, this past week, though, you know there's been some realization are that yes earnings might be great now. but if you factor in tariffs, slowing global economy, they might not look so great in the future. >> well it's yeah that's something that we have with to think about especially come january when those tariffs are supposed to be implemented. but right now a lot of these retailers have is already made their purchases -- meaning that they've already priced out product that we're buying now. sost that's not going to have an impact on exactly what the consumer is buying and on that
5:37 am
pricing -- that dynamic prices that we're seeing. >> so great to see you thank you so much for getting up early for us on black friday. >> thank you suzanne. >> thank you. nissan chairman carlos is officially out of a job. tracee joins us now with more on that and other headlines making news this morning. good morning. >> good morning yes. nissan board has voted namentsly to remove remove chairman carlos from his job as more allegations of misconduct have emerged he allegedly used a subsidiary to spend 18 million dollars buying and renovating homes including a condo and rio de janeiro also allegedly paid his sister 60,000 dollars for kumenting work but no work was ever done. >> allegations coming out of japan are fascinating with all of this. it is really gotten hmm into trouble sew people are now using spray faint to protest amazon move to new york. >> yes. vamedzs have started tagging
5:38 am
sidewalk and bike shelters in queens with ama no and big red symbol you can see on your screen followed by no amazon in lic protesting the company moving in. many local residents and politician have been upset since the deal was announced. i can see that. [laughter] tracee tell us where can we get the great food deals today. because you know we're hungry when we shop. may be you spent all of your money with a number of restaurant offering free bow and deals you can get a free whopper at burger conditioning if you sign up the a new whopper shopper site today happens to be nationals presto day to celebrate all weekend long duncan is serving up immediate cap mean know with a gift card 25 or more two free slice of cheesecake and food delivery service door dash partnering up with wendy's apple bee wing stop, chick-fil-a to give out
5:39 am
free sides of french fries to first 15,000 customers who place a food order in the app just use the code black friday. get it -- black fry -- >> always good fried. good to see you tracee. thank you. we've got a lot more coming up folks. nfl week 12 kicked off on thanksgiving and turkey wasn't only thing getting roasted. got your football highlights coming up for this heck of a day. and -- former race car driver turned entrepreneur danica patrick has business advice. we're all using finger. s to find everything these days so whether it is a website, or social presents. they're all important if you want people to know about your business. danica top tips for building business empire that's coming up next. you're watching fbn:am.
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football fans have a triple servings of gaps and drew brees lead saints to a 31-10 win over falcons 10th for saints tightening grip nfc south fall to 4-7 dallas cowboys roasted redskins ran for 143 yards including that 16 yarder right there he throws a 20 donation to
5:43 am
this salvation army cowboys announce it on top of the nfc east and in detroit chicago bears overkeam slow start on short rest. they came back they beat lions supposed to be other way but beat lion with bear fifth straight win and they improve their record to 8-3. stay with sports, and form or professional race car driver danica patrick is taking a most of her life off the track. this entrepreneur is author of a best selling health and fitness book an interview with lauren simonetti saying that creating strong online presence is key to the success of building a brand. but a surprising number of businesses are are still stuck in the digital dark ages. >> this statistics like 50% of the businesses small business don't have a website. which is -- how do you ever find anyone i look someone up online before i
5:44 am
go to their restaurant or buy their product. >> supposed to be on website you need a social media presence as well for your brand arguably more important. >> all porkt we're all using our fingertips to find everything these days so whether it is a website or social presence. they're all important if you want people to know about your business. >> tell us about thumbnail. >> my wine it means dream in latin really because it was something that i only thought was maybe just going to be a dream for me. but i made it a reality. account another one of your brand is a at leisure brand. >> warrior a clothing line again from being a kid i love clothes love designing when i was young i used to cut my shirts up and tieth noes so clothing line was something that i always wanted. >> duff a brick-and-mortar store any aspirations to host retail store front? >> such an interesting thing. i'm just -- i just think that you're looking back if -- i don't think it is bad. look if i have my furthest
5:45 am
aspiration of let's say my clothing line i think you know make it so it is so successful that we have brick-and-mortar stores because that's like final step in you know i feel like when you get really, really big but i think that we're just all online now. >> any advice to small businesses out there really trying to lure customers into their physical stores and get some business? i mean i think advertising -- outreach and having passion behind it whether it is your social media presence in the the photos that you post, or your website just you know putting passion behind it, and -- >> i think people can tell thank you -- very much. all right -- on a role well king has returned to the big screen, disney dropping first trailer for new live action remake of the lion king. he can it out --
5:46 am
i was telling suzanne never seen this. i have to watch it remake of the 1994 film with well known voices including beyoncé as a nala and james earl jones as mewfasa i will go see that. looking at futures indicating lower open with the the s&p down by 11 points. the dow jones industrials down triple digits now. still ahead this morning the stakes kopght be high per as president trump gears up for his first face-to-face on his first hopefully before a face-to-face with chinese president next week in argentina. >> i can say this china wants to make a deal and tariffs if we can they will. will or won't they what are chances to get a deal done and there's a new top dog in town.
5:47 am
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welcome back let's get you caught up own what's happening right now negative opening to the stock market. this morning futures are starting to fall do you dow 129 and s&p down 1.5. and 26 people have been killed in a blast inside a mosque in afghanistan eastern coast province. officials don't yet know what caused that blast we're going to bring you updates as we get them this is breaking news. china rejecting u.s. accusations that beijing stepped up efforts
5:51 am
to steal technology. this comes after a u.s. government report concluded that bay yin is continuing to hack american companies to steal intellectual property. president trump insisting a trade deal can still work out he's expected to meet with an chiendz counterpart at the g20. former fbi director james comey vowing to fight a subpoena after house judiciary committee called question they want the question comey and loretta lynch to see if they have anti-trump and democrats want them to be talking in open session republicans including chairman of the committee bob say that session must be private to protect the integrity of the question and answers. and attorney for combmy says subpoena is a stunt and abuse of power is to support a false narrative. lion air says thursday press boeing for more details about a 737 plane while indonesian authorities issued a statement yet that pilots of flight 610
5:52 am
were battling automated nose down commands for the laps month fatal crash and boeing ceo spoke about things. >> this is ongoing investigation it will take whatever time is necessary to make sure it is done thoroughly again we participate fully in these investigations with technical assistance we'll helicopter to do that until the work is complete. the bottom line here is that 737 max is safe. >> finally, dog lovers can't get enough with whiskey to whip it named best in show at the 17th annual national dog show on thanksgiving. 3-year-old hound from sugar valley within a puppy contest an about dethrowing last year winner whip it originated back in england where they descended from greyhounds and that's what's happening. all right, president trump saying he hopes he can made a trade deal with china had he meets at the tbrks 20. >> but china wants to make a
5:53 am
deal if we can make a deal we will. something happens that would be a great thing i would be happy about that. i'm very prepared i've been preparing for it all my life. former white house deputy blake joins us now. what do you think will happen in argentina. >> it is up to china usually when presidents have these kind of summits that deliver have been set out long before the leaders to get together. i think frump has been very fluid and very honest and open with president xi never before have we had an american president that has been so direct whether on inport or exports or on trade, in macro also as you pointed out in earlier story the theft of intek chul property. president xi wants to wait out trump president trump is not going to let it happen. . because the trump has the decline of january 21st those secretaries set to expand on 200 billion excuse me, in chinese goods right now the the tariffs are at 10% supposed to jump to 25%.
5:54 am
do you think that president xi is willing to play chicken with president trump on this? >> i don't think he can afford to china is in a huge expansion in infrastructure, they have a lot of people they need to put to work. they have to house billion, 300 million people they've got real structural problems and don't forget america has a -- has a multifacet interest with china. we have to keep the pressure on them militarily they're expansion in south china sea as well as -- what they're doing in business. they have to if they want to be treated like a first world country then eve this to stop acting like a third world country. >> you have to come back as it gets underway we would love to have your thoughts thank you very much. we're watching, of course, that err we're also watching this british prime minister theresa may a deal is close on brexit but others not so confident we're gong to london, next.
5:55 am
5:56 am
♪look into my eyes ♪you will see ♪what you mean to me ♪don't tell me it's not worth trying for♪ ♪you know it's true ♪everything i do
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♪i do it for you ♪yeah, i would fight for you♪ ♪i'd lie for you ♪walk the wire for you ♪yeah, i'd die for you ♪you know it's true ♪everything i do ♪i do it for you >> officials meeting to finalize mae says deal is close but remain strong opposition in her own party. let's bring in chris beach in london of ig group he's there. what do you make of this looks like economic side of this is where the the con tense really lies with what has been presented to the eu.
5:58 am
>> yes. from u.k. perspective there's a lot of discontent i think to say the least among particularly conservative party and there lies not behind this deal you have noise from other side as well staying unhappy at the moment but it has kept in a corner by eu that is very keen to get this deal through but it is still far from clear whether this will make it through parliament it is a tough job to sell this one just to them but rest of the country as well. >> well certainly we're watching what happens with that and whether or not xi remains in party and in power. as xi has been in question thank you very much for joining us we appreciate it. >> thank you. thanks it all of for watching fbn:am now bhorntion maria gets underway. it is busiest shopping day of the year welcome to special black friday edition of mornings
5:59 am
with maria. >> good morning, everybody, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo it is friday november 23rd, get ready -- for shopping and your top stories at 6 a.m. eastern. thattenfrenzy hitting stores ann dust settles online sale set to hit a record level. we'll keep an eye on retailers this morning like -- amazon will see some holiday shoppers can turn that stock around and down in premarket trading so far. the futures are showing this -- in market across the board and back -- dow futures are down 132 points in what has been a rough week so far this before the market. this is end of the -- week that seen all three major market gauges down you can take
6:00 am
a look at this. this is 1119 close as a rough, rough time for stocks. in europe let's take look at trading in england, france and germany mixed market action there but just slight loss and gains of those three the 100 down ever so slightly. aging markets closing overnight nikkei was not trading for the the day. the shanghai shedding 2.5%. crude oil flipping and now oil price at the lowest level since late 2017 on an abundance of supply a 5% loss on cost as we speak. and telecom trouble, the u.s. warning countries about dealing with chinese companies and technologies, this ahead of the big meeting between president trump and china's president xi at the g20 summit next week. mortar battle president trump threatening to shut down the entire mexican border as immigration


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