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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 29, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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with the pentagon. david: microsoft to me still feels like a new tech company. by -- but i guess it's a new th company:what's going on. >> our democratic colleagues seem to come up with a lot of criticism, but have no answer. >> if there is any shutdown, it's on president trump's back. >> they don't see the bigger picture which is the drug cartels and the transnational criminal organizations. president trump: if we don't get border security, a possible shutdown. liz: the president is gearing up for this fight when he gets back from the g20. build that wall. we have two top legislators on the race to get it funded before
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the dem kratle take over the -- the democrats take over the house. new disturbing details on what's going on on the border. top democrats are doing a 180. and it's not just hillary clinton. it's a potential 2. >d a potential2020 contender. breaking news on facebook and google. why does it always seem like billionaire mark zuckerberg says one thing in public but says another thing behind our back. gregg jarrett will take on the media hysteria over the guilty plea by michael cohen today. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right
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now. [♪] first up, president trump standing tough. canceling a meeting with russian president vladimir putin at the g20 summit citing the ukraine conflict. the president says he does think china wants to make a trade deal. blake berman is live in buenas aires. reporter: it's a couple days worth of meetings culminating saturday evening a dinner sit-down with chinese president xi jinping to talk about a number of topics, none more important than trade. the president cast some doubt on whether there would be a breakthrough as it relates to a possible trade deal. >> i think we are close to doing
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something with china. but i don't know that it want to do it. what we have right now is billions and billions of dollars coming into the united states in the form of tariffs or taxes. but i will tell you that i think china wants to make a deal. i'm open to making a deal. but i like the deal we have right now. reporter: the president will not be meeting vladimir putin. the president canceled that meeting via twitter on board air force one after being briefed about russia's recent aggressive action against ukraine off the waters of crimea. the 8 department today defending that decision. >> the president's tweets on the subject were quite clear what we looked for. the return of the ukrainian sailors and the vessels.
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the aggression that we witnessed this week is unacceptable, and a strong message has been sent. reporter: a spokesperson for the kremlin said they were not made aware of the president's tweet before he signed off on that tweet saying if this is so, the president will have a couple of additional hours on the program for useful meetings on the sidelines of the summit. liz: rudy giuliani slamming the decision to file charges against michael cohen during this g20 trip. the president tweeting a possible government shutdown if they don't get the wall money. migrants were arrested for illegally crossing the border.
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charges were not filed because the accused had medical problems or had children beside them. we are getting the facts of that story. let's bring in texas congressman michael burgess. what is the holdup in congress over getting money for the border wall. >> the deadline is the 7th of december. it gave us until december. it is possible that there will be required another short-term extension. but i believe an agreement can be reached and i believe the president need to get the money for the wall. we saw the images of people coming to the fence, coming through the fence. the fence is not secure. the infrastructure needs to exist to secure the border and the president is correct. he needs to get the money to do
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the job. liz: you make an important point. this is a story that's coming next week. he's saying he'll shut down the government. do you think a deal will get made? >> the actual mechanics of a government shutdown will be if an agreement can't be reached on the 7th. so it's not actually an action by the white house. but it shuts the government down and would be failure to reach an agreement an appropriations lapse in homeland security. a number of the appropriations bills did pass by december. unlike in 2013 when a similar situation existed, the united states military had been funded. the department of health and human services had been funded. there are significant funding
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bills that already passed. the montana needs to get his money. liz: it will be a partial shutdown. i hear what you are saying. what dollar figure do you have in your mind that you think is the correct number? >> the president has said he needs $25 billion to build the wall and a $5 billion installment this years what is required. that is what the congress should provide the president. i think the votes are there on the house side to get that done. the difficulty is always on the senate side with a 60-vote margin that's required. this is one of those times i believe the senate majority leader should forgo the 60-vote rule and pass the vote with 51 votes. liz: can he do that? >> yes. it happened before and it happened with the supreme court
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justice gorsuch. where they suspended the 60-vote rule. obviously we challenges on that. but he sustained a simple majority. a quick reconciliation bill would only require 51 votes to pass. it's unconscionable that the senate leader on the democratic side would shut down the government because he doesn't want to defend our southern border. liz: thanks again. bill and hillary clinton on their 13-city speaking tour. they were in montreal. bill clinton saying america should be more like canada when it comes to border security. madison, great to see you. bill clinton likes canada's system for immigration.
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doesn't canada have a merit-based immigration system which trump says the u.s. should do? it sounds like he may be agreeing with him. >> canada does have a partially merit-based system. the majority of close to 50% of their immigrants don't come in on the merit-based system. when it comes to merit-based, the president has been pushing that. i think it have much mirrors and goes back to what john f. kennedy said. ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. that's what the heart of this policy is. what can these immigrants do to produce the youths america. liz: democrats in 2014 are
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for -- were for what president trump is pushing. it's striking for bill clinton to say what he's saying now about canada having a good system. clinton signed in 1996 the toughest immigration reform bill that is still with us today. it invented the immigration enforcement and increased deportations, right? >> over the years it's been bipartisan in terms of support for securing our borders and making sure we improve our immigration system. now president trump is in office and people hate for this president has jeff come their desire to get things done for the american people and make our system better. they know it's broken and we need to get things done. but they prefer to obstruct the agenda of president trump. i think a lot of them are
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backtracking on this issue. there have been many cases or the past 20-30 years where a lot of these democrats still in congress today supported the things president trump and his administration are talking about now. liz: madison, tell us what happened over the last five years. all of a sudden the media and their coverage, critics are saying there is a 180 in perspective of what is needed to do border security. this is the five years. now all of a sudden it's open borders. that's how it feels. >> i think when we look at the media coverage of this issue, it's quite appalling. making sure we have people out there being fair and covering the facts. and it's not happening. people are letting their personal biases come into their stories. and they are not reporting the facts. people are reading articles
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online and aren'tg getting the information they are there to receive. i want fair coverage even if it's not always something i want to hear. liz: let's get to a market check of your money. the dow closing slightly lower today. the blue chip index is on pace for it best week since the 2016 election. the national average for regular gas is $2.51. that's money in your pocket. 1 states with gas stations selling gas for less than $2 a gallon. in other headlines. new information about that murderous boston mobster whitey bulger. he reportedly wrote to a friend that he hoped to die peacefully in his sleep. those letters were sent just before he was murdered in
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prison. the victims of bernie madoff's ponzi scheme will receive their third installment of money. the beatles songs for millennials on fire today. tweeters are rewriting the title of famous beatles song. strawberry fields, whatever. i get by with a little help from my parents. while my iphone gently tweets. look at this cute video. a 6-year-old boy upstages pope francis during the weekly speech. he ran on stage. shook the hand of a security guard on the way. the pope let the child continue
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to play around him. the president saying he's trying to protect american jobs. we got the mayor of one ohio town at the center of this fight. he's fearing economic disaster right before christmas. we have breaking details on something we were telling you could be coming. possible tax breaks to keep those gm jobs. stay right there.
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liz: president trump again slamming general motors on twitter. hes gm is counter to what other auto companies are doing. auto companies pouring into the u.s. including bmw. the mayor of morristown, ohio. he's mayor arno hill. how serious is this for your town. we want to hear about the human pain behind the stories. >>ing this our third layoff in the last two years. two years ago we were running three shifts. we lost the third shift, then
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the second shift. by the time it's done we will have lost 3,000 jobs. the people who have lost jobs, their benefits are starting to run out. the second layoff, i believe their benefits will be running out by the end of the year. the people from the first shift may be able to ride it out on unemployment. but the village is taking a pretty good hit. we are doing what we can. we have been adjusting every time there is a layoff. the small businesses, every business that came in, the ripple effect is what we are looking at. i know a lot of the doors, gas station, all the businesses, they are the ones feeling it already.
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i think the president is trying to get general motors' attention. general motors did get bailed out and i ran on, hey, northeast ohio, we are going to bring the jobs back. northeast ohio is the part of the state, the first to go down in the downturn and the last one to come up. he turned the economy since the last presidential election. i'm glad they said they were not person in thely shuttering the plant. they are going to cease production. i think we still have a pulse and a heartbeat. to prevent the jobs from going overseas. we'll show how ford rearranges shifts in kentucky and michigan. >> as far as the possible tax
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break, i know i have been in touch with, i talked t talk -- e talked to sherrod brown, and they said we have to know what gm wants and needs to remain competitive. i do believe that long term i feel we are going to get a product. as far as general motors, general motors is shuffling some of their laid off plant workers to other plants. if there is an opening, i'm sure several people may move on. i appreciate that. i am sure if we get another product, a lot of those people want to come back home. >> you are saying hopefully gm will put an suv or truck manufacturing capability in the
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factory in dordstown. is that a possibility? >> i'm hoping an suv, a crossover, a hybrid? liz: can gm recalibrate their factory to do that? >> the factory was set up for a smaller car. but in the 90s they tries to process the plant where they could change the mix. it was about 12 years ago in the paint plant and they may not be able to fit some of the bigger products. but they can make adjustments. i heard they might be shutting down production of the prius. they have the same base as the encore. i am holding out that we'll get
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a product. liz: mayor arno hill o -- much lordstown, ohio. we have a new show premiering on fox business. here is a sneak peek with former stress require secretary larry summers. he said president trump is right about china. >> we in the united states need to be very clear. we are entitled and we are right, to reject chinese cheating. chinese violation of the rules, rules that don't cover up fair practices. we are right when we are against that. liz: the full interview will air tomorrow night right here on the fox business network. coming up, remember when
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facebook mark zuckerberg told congress facebook does not sell your data? well, not so fast. we'll detail for you your fastball. facebook was all about selling access to your data. the u.s. scouring through facebook's internal documents it seized last week. life expectancy for americans falling at a rate not seen in 100 years. that's back when there was world war i and a flu pandemic. president trump is fighting to help rural america where the health crisis is the worst. over 100 years ago,
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we were talking about the model t. now here we are talking about winning the most jd power iqs and appeal awards. talking about driver-assist technology talking about cars that talk and listen. talking about the highest customer loyalty in the country. but that's enough talking. seriously. that was a lot of talking. back to building
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liz: another day and another round of shady dealing by big
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tech. the new york labor union slamming amazon pore dehumanizing and deadly work practices. internal documents seized by great britain shows facebook profiting by selling companies free access to your data. also twitter censored a u.s. marine for apparently no reason. he's set to testify at a congressional hearing. google faces multi million dollar fines for tracking people even after you turn off your google stuff. harmeet dhillon is fighting censorship of conservatives. >> what's amazing to me is that
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we haven't seen more action against the big tech companies, even like my client james demoore who was fired from google. opening up investigations with the federal trade commission or congress passing legislation to rein in the civil rights and privacy rights. we see that happening in europe. some of the stories you just mentioned are emanating out of europe where they have concern for privacy rights of citizens there. >> we have big tech lobbyists all over washington, d.c. i like your response to texas congressman louie gohmert. here is his fix for big tech. >> they ought to be subject to lawsuits and some billion dollar class actions would probably
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change their conduct pretty dwramatically. >> that was louie gohmert. social media is exempt from lawsuits because they supposedly offer truly diverse political discourse. >> i think the congress way representative gohmert sits on has had two years to do something about it. but a lot of these companies with arbitration clauses and limitation of liability. twitter has a $100 limit of liability. liz: it's pretty creepy that google is tracking you after you turn off your location or pause it. they are tracking you via other apps. google workers have been
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protesting google building a search engine for china because china will use that search engine to track its citizens, and we have had news coming in that more google workers support, support that censors search engine while they didn't help the pentagon. what's going on there. >> to be clear. they were double the number of google employees protesting google's work for the pentagon. i am impressed any google employees are bold enough to protest what's going on in chain al. they don't seem to care about what google is doing to americans, stealing their
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privacy. liz: i'm look at the headline, 500 google workers sign a letter saying yes google build that censored search engine for china. it's pretty striking what's going on there. >> that's 500 saying yes do it. 500 people who have questionable moral judgment. i don't think it's fair to say there are many of them who support it. liz: what do you think of google going ahead with this censored search engine. >> i think it's awful. china uses data to prevent people from flying, to put people into cams and prevent them from getting jobs it's outrageous any american company would participate in that. they are doing it for the unholy
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dollar. liz: do you think facebook jumped a shark in terms of its credibility? >> it looks like the consideration of charging for the data in this story is from 2012 to 2014. they said they don't currently do that. but follow the money. if you are not being charged for a product, you are the product. i think that's okay for americans as long as it's disclosed. what is bad is it has not been disclosed. and there is no way to get it back. liz: they have been giving access to data. cambridge analytica was reading facebook messages. high-profile democrats doing a 180 on border security. he'll never guess the latest democrat to jump on the trump
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bandwagon. more details surfacing about the growing crisis at the border with the migrant caravan. stay right there. (roger) being a good father
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for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ liz: the border patrol arrested an ms-13 member on the american side of the border. he traveled from honduras to the border. reporter: just about the last couple hours the situation started to develop. there were migrants from that caravan staying at the nearby shelter. they tried to march to the
6:40 pm
immigration offices. the police said they are doing their job and they are giving orders to not let them pass. at the same time this is happening, it's a rainy day. 60% according to health officials are suffering from respiratory infections staying at that shelter. he says he's concerned about his health and others around him. >> that's a big problem. especially with children. you hear them coughing. they start coughing and coughing. we adults cannot even take it sometimes. and for children many much more difficult. reporter: with so many people, some 6,000 migrants living in so much close quarters, there are talks of opening up a second additional shelter. the details being hammered out as we speak.
6:41 pm
liz where fox news medical correspondent dr. marc siegel. there is a concern about the humanitarian issue. >> i feel bad for the people there. they are in trouble because they are in such close quarters. the respiratory viruses. the issue is the viruses spread quickly among people in close quarters. especially this time of year. the report was this morning one-third are sick. it's probably more than that. the nurses have been telling them that. respiratory viruses. i'm concerned about chicken pox that's going around down there because people aren't vaccinated. you can get quite ill. three cases of tuberculosis, hepatitis-a and lice, heart
6:42 pm
disease, asthma *. liz: the tijuana mayor says the funding is running out. life expectancy dropping in the u.s. for the third straight year. rural america is getting hit. we haven't seen it dropping at this rate since world war i. >> i thought it was going to be the obesity epidemic. that's stable. we have less cancer, people dying of cancer. it's actually suicide and the drug overdoses. we are seeing 70,000 drug overdose deaths per year which is up because of illegal fentanyl. even as we start to get a handle on doctors not prescribing too much, we still have illegal chemists in china and mexico
6:43 pm
with fentanyl that caused overdose deaths. io, pennsylvania. they are getting hammered. then we have suicide in places that are my favorite places in the country. nevada, wyoming, new mexico. you would think just being alive in this place would be enough to sustain you. but not if you don't have a job. 2017. 53% increase over 1999. it's because of job loss. i am hopeful with the economy recovering we'll see improvement. liz: the white house has been battling for jobs across the country. this has been hitting mainly ages 25 to 44.
6:44 pm
the white house getting us on track. we are seeing more jobs than ever before. that will translate to people being happier in rural states. we thereof having you on. are you going to stay on the story for us? >> i think jobs will translate to people being happier and being alive. thank you, dr. siegel. much of the mainstream media losing their collective mind after president trump's former attorney pleads guilty to lying to congress with the trump tower real estate deal in moscow. the markets shrugged it off. but gregg jarrett is here to explain why it am not the smoke gun the media is trying to report against trump. rtfolios
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liz: president trump calling his former attorney weak and a coward. it was special counsel robert
6:49 pm
mueller who brought charges against michael cohen for lying about the attempts to build a trump tower in moscow. >> it's not a crime to build a tower in moscow. trump is a real estate developer. he had an option and lire of intent and he scrapped the deal. to my mind if there was some coordination or collusion or conspiracy with russia to win the election connected to trump tower, cohen would have been charged. but he wasn't. he's charged as four other individuals were charged with process crimes. these are things' that occurred after the fact caused by mueller's versus geation itself. if mueller had evidence of collusion cohen would have been charged and so would others. >> that is the key silver
6:50 pm
bullet. we don't know what robert mueller is going to do down the road. if there was conspirator collusion, you are saying we would have seen those charges already? >> right. the media and the left which is slightly redundant, have promised that we would know by now all the evidence of collusion, secret transfers and rendezvouses and spoking you gun evidence -- and smoking gun evidence of conspiracy. collusion is not a crime in a criminal case. you would have to find some other relevant statute. so far all the people he has been charge. all of them are tax fraud cases, money laundering or process
6:51 pm
crimes, gee, you are not telling the truth to me. liz: attorney allen ger -- alanz agreed with you. it was a byproduct of him running a business while he was campaigning. >> not only is it legal to talk to russians about building real estate in moscow, and it's perfectly legal as in the trump tower meeting with a russian lawyer to have a consideration with the russian. it's not a crime to talk to a russian. you can receive information from a russian as long as money doesn't exchange hands. it's not a violation of the federal campaign election act. it's not conspiracy to defraud the government. all that is nonsense.
6:52 pm
liz: the media is bringing up the president is not meeting with putin over ukraine. >> the media nicks if they say russia conclusion enough, it will establish a crime, and it doesn't under american law. liz: the president apparently told the "new york post" that a march done for paul manafort is not -- a pardon for paul manafort is not off the table. what's your take on that story? >> if it were me, i would pardon everybody to vex and anger robert mule per and his team of partisans. this is the don't know biased unfair prosecution i have ever seen in my life answer i have been a lawyer for almost 40 years. mueller had conflicts of interest. should never have received the job. assembles a team of anti-trump
6:53 pm
hillary partisans. they have exhibited severe prejudice. so when mueller comes out with his report, whether it's made public or not, trump's legal team will be publishing their counter report. as professor dershowitz pointed out. his version of events from a prosecutorial point of view. the lawyers for trump have been preparing their own counter report, or you can read my book. and that needs -- in fairness to the president that needs to be presented simultaneously. thank you so much. we'll be right back. stay right there.
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air velocity is reading at fifteen fpm.
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why would you need to learn every detail about a company? firmness... nine. it's how ibm services helps retailers around the world drive growth and save millions. he's very into this. yeah. is that the standard amount? yes. feels good. when your partners are obsessed with business and technology, you can put smart to work. elizabeth: welcome back. who said this, europe is crushed under the transformation that's taking place, because of immigration, germany, angela merkel weakened because of it. italy significantly impacted with. its former secretary of state john kerry, talk that he may run in 2020. he's starting to sound a lot like president trump. certainly stownded like what senator obama and senator
6:58 pm
hillary clinton has said in the past. let's take it up with congressman john reid. your reaction to john kerry. >> obviously a statement like that about immigration should be reflected in america's policy. we need a border, we need to secure the border and make sure it's functioning. a enwh you see the hypocrisy of secretary kerry demonstrating that they recognize this in europe and not in america, that's a question that we should be asking of our leaders. elizabeth: republican conservatives alike are humanitarian, pro-legal immigration. the democrats continue to muddy and the media muddies this issue. it's not the first time democrats have spoken against illegal immigration. bill clinton again, barack obama, senator dianne feinstein. your take on that. >> we as republicans, myself, firmly believe people should be able to come to america legally to enjoy the american dream. that's what's made us great for
6:59 pm
generations. the diversity is a strength, not a weakness. but you need a border that keeps us secure. when you see a ms13 gang member arrested at the southern border trying to cross with the caravan coming up through tijuana, that is a signal, a problem that nodes tneeds to be fixed. the hypocrisy on the left, it's good for europe to control the borders and immigration and not for america, politics at play, not substance. elizabeth: are you promf immigration? >> i believe in immigration. i believe we should have a country that welcomes people to the american dream but we have to do it in is smart way with structure, technologies and people to keep us safe and sound. that's the top priority. but have a border that functions so people can come and go in a way that's safe. elizabeth: i wish i had time with you. we ran out of time. thank you so much for having
7:00 pm
us in your homes and thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good night. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, president trump due to land i in about an hour, taking with him his america first message of free and fair trade to the summit of g20 leaders, including chinese president xi jinping feeling the full source of trump, policy and american tariffs. we'll talk about the president's efforts to save american jobs to stop chinese left of american intellectual property with former state department senior adds visier clissen whiten. and. and the o


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