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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 30, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, president trump due to land i in about an hour, taking with him his america first message of free and fair trade to the summit of g20 leaders, including chinese president xi jinping feeling the full source of trump, policy and american tariffs. we'll talk about the president's efforts to save american jobs to stop chinese left of american intellectual property with former state department senior adds visier clissen whiten. and. and the out of control
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mueller witch hunt has hit new depths. this time trying to squeeze the president's personal attorney michael cohen over a business deal that never occurred. >> we had a position to possibly do a deal to build a building of some kind in moscow. i decided not to do it. the primary reason, it could have been other reasons but the primary reason was simple. i was focused on running for president. there could be nothing wrong if i did do it. i was running my business while i was campaigning. there was a good chance that i wouldn't have won in which case i would have gotten back into the business and why should i lose lots of opportunities. lou: and disturbing new revelations about the threat posed to public security and public health by the caravan massing at the u.s.-mexico border. hundreds of migrants, reportedly known criminals carrying deadly
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infectious diseases. we take up that report with steve rogers with us tonight. and rino lame duck speaker, you remember him, paul ryan, he lost the house for republicans, sabotaged candidates but none of that is stopping him from lecturing the republican party on who should be the next bearer. we'll tell you about his latest outrage here next. our top story, president trump on his way to argentina tonight where he will assuredly push ahead with his america first agenda. while at the summit the president will sit down with chinese president xi jinping to discuss the ongoing trade dispute between the two countries prior to his departure for argentina, the president addressed the prospects of a new trade deal with china. soon after air force one left the tarmac the administration announced that the president would be accompanied by trade
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adviser peter navarro. at that meeting with xi the left wing media decided that at that moment the market was down and they blamed, that's right, navarro showing up at the xi dinner for the markets losses. then the group at cnbc came navarro's attendance said that stocks were trading higher but dimming hoatdimming hopes of a l and then the market moved higher and they didn't know what to say. here to take up the president's trump to the g20 summit and what to expect from his meetings, christian whiten. great to have you with us. plet's starlet's thelet's start. it sounds like some advertising
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for some reallies appointment for those who are expecting the president to continue his tough policy position on trade with china. >> yeah. it also sounds like deja vu. we supposedly had a big deal with china at mar-a-lago and that was supposed to lead to wonders of trade. that fell apart. and then early this spring, march, april, larry ku low went on tv saying the trade war was over. they didn't want to call it that before. and then there was a deal. i think again the chinese are doing that, raising hype. they're going to offer framework saying we're serious this time, trust us and don't put the higher tariffs that are scheduled for january 1 or the third trench of tariffs that the president has offered. nothing really happens at the g20 and i don't think china is going to fundamentally change its system over dinner. lou: or has it shown any disposition to do so.
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the president himself putting the kibosh on these reports, what he would likely style as fake news, that there would be some sort of framework come out of this, which is usually, no offense, christian, given your background in the state department. it sounds like tip typical gooy gook coming out of the state department it means nothing and pretends nothing. >> it could be coming out of the treasury department. and as you pointed out the left wing financial press hearing what they want to hear. hear. it would be disastrous for president trump to take a deal that undermines all of the hard work he's done. lou: we have never trumpers within the administration who are working very hard, i give you anonymous, the author of the anonymous op-ed in the "the new york times" who's never been
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found out or at least identified publicly. this is a strange time. and the president deciding today that he's not going to meet with vladimir putin because of his aggression against ukraine. what do you make of it? >> well, here again we see the president is much tougher on russia than his predecessors. the media still say he's soft on russia, say he's friendly with dictators. obama and his secretary of state, john kerry, said they were going to get tough on russia. the year after that in 2015, kerry goes hat in head r hand tt vladimir putin. trump has reacted significantly and he doesn't get credit. lou: you know who else doesn't get credit is silicon valley and high-tech companies, big tech. and their relationship with china and their acquiesce it appears in politics in in
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country. they're not standing up supporting the president. they're not trying to forcibly stop the theft, hundreds of millions of dollars by china. why not? >> well they see it to their financial benefitten assume. although i don't think in the long run it is. i don't think it's good for apple that they were not willing to help the fbi unlock a terrorist cell phone but they're willing to help china sensor the internet. all across silicon valley they're complaining now that the administration, the government is finally looking at chinese here who are conducting industrial espionage. viewed as oversead chinese by the chinese government, put under close surveillance and they're used as assets and we're finally getting to the point where we're saying this is not good, exploited by oured a very varieour adadversaries. if they got smart about this it
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would be smart of them. they'll save money in the long run because they'll keep their intellectual property. lou: and there would be more people who would be able to afford apple iphone 1 10, i think they would find to their advantage. there's a new china study out from the hoover institution. and i want to read this part on the new china study saying beyond economic -- if we could put that up, please. beyond economic espionage theft, and forced technology transfer, china captures much valuable technology through its investments in u.s. high-tech companies and through its exploitation of the openness of american university labs. there is absolutely no, no vetting of students being brought in from china. these chinese nationals are an important source of that technology transfer. that's a nice expression for theft.
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it is a calamity that's befallen this country. and there is such a willingness on the part of the leftist universities to continue this, 20% of most universities, major universities are going to international students instead of americans to begin with. one has to ask why is that. and why -- who are they serving. >> well, they're serving the needs of their administrators. of course the professors are mostly left wing. but the mushrooming of staff of, you know, 18 vice chancellors for diversity and gender studies, that's where the money is going to. not actual education. add to the ranks of unpatriotic silicon valley types at universities. and you know who really suffers, asian americans. we've learned from this recent lawsuit that harvard for example has a quo that on asians that they're willing to accept. lou: asian americans. >> exactly. so these chinese who are here
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often being used as as seth for the chinese government are paying full ride. they're pushing assa asides asin americans. lou: isn't it extraordinary, asian americans, citizens, are being screened and international students, including asians, are being welcomed with open parms s they help to maintain, if you will, the high tuition levels for universities that for the most part are repositories of left wing indoctrination. good to have you with us. thanks. >> thanks, lou. lou: up next, with just a few weeks left in washington for this congress, five weeks remaining. just a little under that now. feckless lame duck speaker paul ryan using his remaining days to, well, an annoying son of a
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gun. >> i think the fed is by the way on the right track normalizing. >> was that issue on the front of donald j. trump's mind? >> i think it's more on the front of his mind. my own view, i would rather talk about the economy. we don't want to have a shutdown. no interest in doing that. makesno sense. makes no sense. bob mueller has been left alone. we put it into place, we put most of these things into law. lou: that man is absolutely delusional and self absorbed. did i mention that? we'll take up this ludicrous excuse for a speaker with ed rollins when we come back. stay with us. liberty mutual accident forgiveness means they won't hike your rates over one mistake. see, liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident.
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lou: k street owned rino lame duck speaker ryan says his former running mate, the one who did so well in the election bs, that is incoming senator mitt romney will pick up the on instructionist standard for the republican party left by john mccain. >> he feels a sense of civic duty. i think with john mccain passing, for example, myth
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believes that there's a role for him in our party, in being a statesman in our party. lou: we've all been waiting for that. you can tell that paul ryan has been. it must have slipped his well rather fragile mind that the standard bearer of the party is the president of the united states, for he is the party's leaders and frankly its only hope. joining us tonight to discuss all of this, top strategist for great america pac, former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst, ed rollins. the speaker continues to astound with his obtuseness, his absolute delusion. >> well they don't -- they didn't believe what trump was advocating which is conservative principles of the republican party. romney didn't believe it, that's one of the reasons he lost. lou: romney doesn't believe in
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anything but roomny. these guys are owned by the establishment. >> my great fear is that roomny is going to get in there -- when you've got two or three quote margins, anybody can play queen for a day. and romney, talking about his being the mccain of -- mccain basically destroyed the effort to get rid of obamacare by one vote. lou: basically he did it. >> we don't need another one. it would have been easy to elect somebody in utah. not exactly a liberal northwest state. lou: it's getting more so. >> he wanted the president's endorsement, the president was generous and endorsed him. and my sense is mitt romney gets out there and wants to be the new john mccain, there are a lot of us that are concerned that they'll attack him for whatever form we may have. lou: the republican party seems to be at an existential juncture. you've got idiots like sew many of those in leadership, in both the senate and the house, working against the president,
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actively and vigorously. if they did their jobs with half as much energy, much could be done by the hill. but they don't have that. and they don't have -- you know, frankly, i can't even imagine why there is such a thing as a republican party right now because you're watching this kind of nonsense. mitt romney come in, paul ryan going out. all of it is so unfortunate. >> paul ryan is not going away. paul ryan is going to be there somewhere. he has an ambition to be president some day. lou: he he'he's going to line hs pockets. >> he'll go back to politics in wisconsin and run for something. lou: what is the republican party going to do. they look like damn fools. >> the republican party is donald trump. the vast majority of americans self identify as republicans, even more than when i worked for ronald reagan are trump
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supporters. lou: trump supporters have got to be scratching their heads tonight. mike pompeo has just hired a never trumper want pro-china mad fanatic free trader at any cost to america, mary kis l. how does she get hired? >> i have no idea. i'm shocked by it. i like her personally but she is not a trump person. don't believe in the policies that the president advocates. and for her to be going in as a senior advise tore the secretary of state to me -- lou: he called, for example, the helsinki summit with putin and the president a great propaganda victory for putin. call the trump's aide to farmers, a tax aide. it goes on and on. doesn't make a lick of sense.
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and why she is there, there are enough never trumpers and bush establishment types that permeate the government as well as obama leftovers bhap the hell are they thinking ? >> with the two years left in this administration, this term, get ready for a reelection campaign, you've got to make sure your people are loyal to you and what your policies are. lou: what is mike pompeo thinking ? >> i have no idea. someone should have said to him no, thank yes very much, mr. secretary. you can't have it. all you have to do is read her columns and tweets. she's public about this. a nice person, articulate person but not a trump person. lou: the previous secretary of state for this administration did the same thing and got his tail kicked. this one, it looks to me, deserves the same response by the white house. i can't think imagine why it's not happening. >> the president or someone will have a heart to heart with him, this is the most important thing we're going to be doing in the
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next two years, foreign policy stuff this is my policy. i want people to advocate my policy. the state department is hard to move forward on anybody's agenda but their own. lou: the president is moving things by himself. this is the man driving the north korea engagement, also driving the new doctrine against china and, frankly, as christian whiten pointed out, this president has been far tougher, for example, than his pred predecessors. >> i would hope that john bolton would step in and do something on this front. lou: thank tboodness that john is there. >> absolutely. i agree. lou: ed rollins, as always, good to have you here. congressman jim jordan bowing out of the race to be the ranking member of the house judiciary committee. jordan's spokesman saying this, quote, it has been made clear to him that leadership is going to be selecting someone else, end
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quote. of course kevin mccarthy is, you know, a mini me of paul ryan, establishment hack. there remains a possibility jordan could challenge mark meadows, talking about an extraordinary development for the ranking member of the house oversight committee. i wouldn't bet on that either with kevin mccarthy fol plowing in paul ryan's footsteps. and by the way, i'm sure following the guidance of the same k street master masters ass predecessor. be sure to vote in the poll tonight. do you believe rino paul ryan will join the democratic party where he's belonged throughout his political career? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs, follow me on twitter, like me on facebook and follow me on instagram. the left wing national media has their hair on fire on michael cohen's new plea deal with the special counsel. >> it's shakespearean bhawz
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somebody who said he would take a bullet for donald trump is pointing the finger at him. >> it is a good day for donald trump to resign. i believe that. >> we have a rational explanation for why he was so pro-putin. >> what this represents is the possibility of something very simple, that there was money in it for donald trump. >> the plea today by cohen tells us that there is a financial connection here. >> hik michael cohen could be te single most terrifying person for donald trump. lou: oh, yeah. frightening. scary. oh boy. washington times columnist tammy bruce joins me after the break to take that up, as well as the latest in the mueller witch hunt. all of that evidence that they've built over the course of two years, it's astonishing. no wonder the president -- well, we'll take that up next. stay with us. we'll be right count, okay?
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lou: breaking news now. president trump will not be meeting with russian president putin during the upcoming g20 summit in argentina. president trump tweeted out his decision earlier today citing growing tension between russia and ukraine. russia hasn't released the u vainian vessels and sa sailors t it seized last week. president trump slamming the mueller witch hup hunt again. we'd like to add it's simply pathetic. in addition to working out a plea deal with former trump attorney michael cohen who has zero evidence of russian collusion, because there is no, mueller no focusing on late-night calls between the president and roger stone. mueller is trying to squeeze a journalist and conservative who said he will be filing a
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criminal lawsuit against mueller. mueller is absolutely -- his tactics have blown up in his face since trump campaign manager paul manafort reached a plea deal, and we'll see how that works out. joining me now to take up the president's upcoming g20 summit, the impact it could have on the united states, china and russia relations, tammy bruce, fox business contributor. great to have you with us. i've got to start with ryan. can you imagine this -- i mean the words fail me. he is such an ignoramus. it's unspeakable what the speaker is. >> it's remarkable. and i think he's serious when he expresses a kind of -- a genuine shock at why they would have lost the midterms and not
4:30 am
knowing why that would happen. i do think, though, that he's not necessarily a dumb man. i think he knows -- lou: i think he is. i think you're very safe to go there. >> he -- a lot of republicans wanted this kind of a punch at the president. i don't think that they necessarily mind losing the house because now they -- lou: republicans? >> i think they don't mind the democrats being in charge and leading the charge -- lou: who is they? >> the republicans in the house. the leadership. lou: oh, the leadership. >> certainly not all of them, the freedom caucus not. lou: well they're complete idiots and they should lose. they should be disbanded. >> they're the managers of the monster. this argument that there's partisanship in washington is fraud. and that this is really about, you know, pulling the wool over our eyes and getting the monster to be as plump as it can be and
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managing it while pretending to be conservative or liberal. that's what i think the republicans have been doing for quite some time. lou: the republican party, the establishment wing of that party, the vast number of republicans, i think you're right. there is a little problem, though. you've got a guy by the name of donald trump who is president of the united states. he ran against the establishment. in point of fact he's running against every one of the idiots in the republican parties who are really democrats posing as republicans. i think you're right in that construction. but this president is, right now he is harvesting the seeds of anti-establishment that he's been planting throughout the country for several years now. this is a real war. it's a fight that i hope the president doesn't ever, ever get tired of waging, because so much depends on his strength, his leadership and the weakness of these fools like -- there's no
4:32 am
other expression for what a paul ryan is. >> there's the sentiment i thin- lou: and kfn mccarthand kevin ms coming in right behind him. >> i'm sure people are telling him the fight will be over after the midterms. everyone will settle down. it will not. lou: who told him that? >> otherred a sizers within the establishment probably are telling him that, when in fact they know, as you are correct, this is a long term fight. this is not just about this term or this presidency. this is about whether or not the donald trump attitude, the new gop would survive and it's a gop that would be led by a man of action, donald trump, with ideas that would help the american people. where management of the monster is no longer acceptable, that we've got to cut it down and have the government work for the people. lou: do you think the american people have got the stomach for it? >> oh, yes. we're the american people who defeated the british when everyone said we couldn't. look at what we've established
4:33 am
from the beginning. lou: but that wasn't last week. >> i think being revolutionary is in our dna. we're even more committed to making sure that this experiment works because we're a relatively young country. our generations will make it work. it's not going to fail on our watch, i can tell you that right now. lou: and i'm going to say i hope the heck you're right. tammy bruce, always good to have you. thanks so much. and if you're calling for a free palestine at the united nations, the destruction of israel, cnn finally cut ties with mark lamont hill. while his comments were polarizing for cnn, it's apparently just remarkable that his other employer might keep him on the job. you know, hill also is a professor at temple yeumpt and they say his views are his own, no problem for them that he is
4:34 am
anti-israel. and calling for the destruction of the country. incredible. up next, critical health concerns now involving more than a third of the 6,000 migrants crammed in a tijuana mexico sports complex. we take it up with trump 2020 advisory board member steve rogers right after this quick break. stay with us. we'll be right back. maria, so how's work? maria: it was 4th period biology. our students just weren't getting how easily viruses spread. so ms. bell and i had them role play a zombie virus outbreak. by the time they had all learned the lesson, all the living...were dead. hey, how's your job going? carlos: oh, that big sales meeting i planned? next year, i might get to go. kid: cool!
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closing lower slightly barely. the dow down 28 points, the s&p lost 6, the nasdaq down 19. not bad since the nasdaq yesterday was up 200, the dow up more than 600. volume on the big board backing down to 3.5 billion shares from 3.9 eyed. crud oil up nearly 2%, $51 a barrel, gold closed flat, silver down nearly half a percent. a reminder, listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. disturbing news out of tijuana, 6,000 migrants cram into a sports complex there, more than a third of them are being treated for health related issues. more than 2200 medically treated, more than 60% with respiratory infections. and 101 cases of lies, four cases of chickenpox, serious concerns about the prospects of hepatitis because of the unsanitary conditions in which
4:39 am
they're living. other concerns also being outlined by the department of homeland security. they've identified now more than 600 criminals and gang members that are traveling in that caravan. joining me tonight to talk about the growing crisis op our border, security concerns and the president's fight to build a wall, of course, steve rogers want trump 2020 advisory board member, a former navy lieutenant commander and former fbi joint terrorism task force member. steve, great to have you here. >> pleasure to be here. lou: let's start with the caravan. the president doing the right thing, securing the border. he's being attacked as he is always, no matter what he does by the establishment, the left, the right, wall street, business round table, chamber of commerce and chum schumer and all of his budkes. >> lou, after 9/11 i was assigned to the fbi joint terrorism task force. we were gathering information about the border and we had
4:40 am
concerns by then who is crossing the border. our concern was who would bring a dirty bomb across the border. but we know there was a drug cartel and human trafficking. nothing was done by donald trump became the president of the united states. lou: he's the first presidential candidate to speak openly about the drug cartels and their role in corruption not only in mexico but at the border. by the way, the american people are coming to the realization that corruption south of the border means there's corruption to the north of the border. and we're not doing nearly enough to fight that either. >> and he's delivering on his promise that he would protect the american people. when you hear about 600 gang members this week, a gang member from ms13 was arrested, i mean, my goodness, how many did we not catch? so when he talks about protection, he meant it and he's delivering. lou: by the way, ms13 gang members are throughout the country, for crying out loud. and this is the first president to actually do something about
4:41 am
it. his justice department making headway. one of its few public at least accomplishments to this point. the cohen guilty plea. your reaction to what the left wing media is making of it here's a business deal that was never done. i don't know if you saw the clips that we had of the left wing media going nuts. >> lou, when i was doing investigations and police work and had a witness, a so-called witness change his story a dozen times, how do you believe him? michael cohen is out to save his own hyd hide. and. he think thinks he's going toe e hito save hislike on the back oe president, he's got another thing coming. lou: he's going to release some documents that they will find disturbing. documents about them. what do you make of the promise, the theft? >> i believe he know what is' in the documents. timing is everything. i know he cares for this country
4:42 am
and i know that perhaps he doesn't want to do damage to the country. even though it's democrats. he cares about the country. but if he has to use those documents to defend himself, go ahead. you know what? the american people, despite what the polls say, they support this president and value his judgment. lou: i'm troubled by a number of reports coming out. one would be a framework of a deal that he might reach with -- and this may be driven by chinese propaganda in this country. that he might come up with a framework that would be satisfactory for a while and defer tariffs rather than continue with the tariffs and stay tough with them. and by the way, if that were the case, there could still be the matter of a half a trillion dollars in stolen american intellectual property each and every year. these are disturbing reports and they're being driven in some measure by -- i'll call them what they are. they're never trumpers and establishment rino republicans within his own administration.
4:43 am
>> let's look at that. let's look at what the president has done. he's never compromised on the security of this country. never. and i believe he's driven by that even with this issue in china. lou: i think you're exactly right. and i have to wonder, though, when we look at this mary kissel appointment, a never trumper. i read to the audience a number of the tweets, her absolute pro-china, pro-fanatical actually free trade beliefs and her attacks on the president. what in the world is mike pompeo thinking of and how could you even rationalize this? >> difficult for us to rationalize it. but i got to tell you, i trust the judgment of the president and i'm sure he is going to make sure she or anyone else supports his policy. he's the boss, not mike pompeo, no one else. he's the president of the united states. lou: i think that may be a glue r news break for mike come pay yo. pompeo.
4:44 am
thanks so much. a new report for the center of disease control shows life expectancy in this country has declined for the second time in the past three years. the average life expectancy last year fell to just over 78 1/2 years old. the cdc says an increase in drug overdoses and suicides in this country are to blame for this alarming trend. last year nearly 70,000 people died from drug overdoses, a 10% increase from the previous year. last year more than 47,000 suicidingssuicides up from 45,0. overall nearly 3 million people in this country died last year, that's 70,000 more deaths than in the previous year. up next, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg tell congress his company doesn't sell your data. that doesn't mean they don't try or that they really don't. really, what does it all mean.
4:45 am
we take it up after the break with cybersecurity expert morgan wrielgt. he joins u
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lou: internal e-mail show facebook considered profits by selling information to companies
4:49 am
accessing your personal data, also suggesting that facebook employees talked about pushing some advertisers to spend more in return for increased access to user data. joining me now to take up what is going on in silicon valley and big tech to take up facebook and the company's growing struggles and the increased cyberthreats from russia, from china and iran, former senior adviser in the state department's antiterrorism assistance program, former law enforcement adviser and cybersecurity expert morgan wright. great to see you. i want to comment you on your recent op-ed which you said, proint blank, that high-tech's globalism is killing pay treism in this country. >> absolutely. lou: this is right now it seems to me the prospects for regulating out of control technology companies with huge, huge economic concentration in
4:50 am
power this time may be right. what are your thoughts? >> lou, you know the things that led up to it, enron, pretty soon the government said we're not going to take it anymore and you go through litigation, you sue, go through litigation and then pretty seen it's like congress goes we've had enough of this, we're going to pass a law and it's going to be codified. and people went to jail. so what we're going to find out is, i think, this issue of privacy is, i think, is the watershed moment where we start looking at what's happening in the eu with the seven countries that are filed against google for tracking them, the issue of privacy, facebook, cambridge an leanalytica. this has to come to a head at some time. lou: it's a hell of a note when the europeans have more impressive laws protecting consumers, protecting our personal data than does the
4:51 am
united states. it's incredible to me that we have lagged this far and given high-tech such a pass. i want to just turn to a specific issue. and that is google. he's going to be talking before. >> finally. lou: will be talking to congress. meanwhile he's doing business with china. it's an extraordinary mess. there's just no constraint and apparently no effort to reign in google and its pro-chinese policies which are effectively, the result is, anti-american. >> and that's why one of the reasons i wrote the op-ed. my father was a world war ii vet, also a vietnam vet. there were people that, you know, we had lost a lot of people in defense of freedom to fight people like what thigh china has become. and what has happened is we lacked this patriotism now -- e
4:52 am
. . research i did, 47% of the ceos believe in globalism. they believe the world should profit first and be taken care of before the united states. but yet they built their businesses on the opportunities that came from the united states. lou: that's right. >> and i think google is opening up the ai, the artificial intelligence center in shanghai, it's going to be ooh vibrant place np in china, nothing gets built there that doesn't get shared with the military. yet they turned our military down and threw them to the curb on using artificial intelligence to save soldier's lives and other civilians lives. and where's the outrage on that. they were more concerned about the project than the centers search engine that google is defending still to this day. saying they're not building it but they haven't thrown tight the curb yet either. lou: and meanwhile we're watching the chinese companies continue their advancements here. the front companies carrying out
4:53 am
espionage. 20% of places reserved for foreign students in our universities. you can mark it any way you want, it is a zero sum game. that means 20% of those seats didn't go to an american student ant there is no discussion whatsoever, no public policy about what has occurred by most of these universities that are left wing driven. they're left-wing indoctrination centers and we're looking at statistics now and surveys showing the millennial generation is the product of that indoctrination process. and the public schools and our education. >> yeah. during a congressional hearing fbi director wray talked about the con few issues institutes. this is for them to commit e pea thanking. 60% of the students in the u.s. now are chinese. we have nem in sensitive programs, getting phds in
4:54 am
things around material and artificial intelligence. it's going back to china. if you want to do business in china, you have to play by their rules. i think we ought to do the same thing to the other chinese companies who want to do stuff in the united states. lou: and this prt relented with president xi. >> unfortunately he did. lou: and that's got to be reversed too. what is happening is just unthinkable that we're letting this happen to this great country. and this president is responsible for driving these policies that will preserve the republic one hopes. morgan wright, good to have you with us. and i think it should be very clear to all why it is that the establishment the represented by the leadership of the republican party, the democratic party, why wall street, the koch brothers are having a fit as this president's policies move us
4:55 am
forward. they can't stand it because they know they're going to have to give up their globalist interest in favor of america first. well, morgan wright, always good to have you here. broward county residents will keep footing the bill for brenda snipes lex antics even after she leaves office. some would call it fraud. starting in january snipes will receive a total of 130,000 dollars a year in pensions. residents of florida will be paying for her incompetence for years and years to come for a job well done, of course. up next -- well, you know what? i'm going to surprise you on the side. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. stay with i joined the army after 911, cuz, um, i thought that was what i needed to do. we got our orders to go overseas and i went to baghdad, iraq. we were transporting a bomb sniffing dog
4:56 am
to the polling stations. we rolled over two anti-tank mines, it blew my humvee up, killed my sergeant. after the explosion, i suffered a closed head injury, um, traumatic brain injury, loss of a limb, burns to 60% of my body. when the doctors told me i reached my plateau, i did not want to hear that because i do not believe i have a plateau. so, i had to prove 'em wrong, which i am doing to this day and i will still do until the end of my days. i've gotten to where i am at because of my family. and, the wounded warrior project has helped me more than i can ever imagine. they have really been there to support me in my endeavors. my number one goal, basically, is to get close to where i was. i am more than ready to work hard to get to that goal.
4:57 am
i am living proof to never give up and i will never give up.
4:58 am
4:59 am
lou: breaking news and it's highly unexpected news from the republican party. house freedom caucus member jim jordan will become the ranking member of the house oversight committee. north carolina congressman mark meadows celebrated the decision saying this is one of the few times he can take real pleasure of the success of in jordan. a remind tore vote in tonight's poll. do you believe rino paul ryan will soon join the democratic
5:00 am
party where he has belonged throughout his career? tomorrow jerome corsi and fred fleitz among our guests. >> i think china wants to make a deal, i'm hoping to making a deal but frankly i like to deal we have right now. lauren: president trump has high-stakes meeting with world leaders in argentina, will he get a trade deal with china and how would his snub of russia's vladimir putin be received? cheryl: in your markets today the last trading day for the month of november, the dow posting best week since the election up over 4% this week. lauren: checking futures this friday morning and we have down arrows across the board. nasdaq down 24. cheryl: in europe stocks opening slightly lower there, as you can see major averages are in the


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