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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 5, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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of love, shannon bream, and matt welch. freedom on fbn, continuing coverage of farewell to president george w george h.w. , always think thises oing of you. top stories. the body of president george hw bush is in texas where it will lie in repose throughout the evening until the funeral tomorrow morning. earlier today, a state funeral was held at the national cathedral in washington peer president trump and the first lady joined other living past presidents to pay their respects to the 41st. a historian joins us tonight, with his perspective on mr. bush's compass rose more. also chinese commonest government and state run media
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newly supportive of a trade deal with the us. the president says he will settle for nothing less then a great deal and there will be no deal otherwise. president trump has said all along his administration would stay tough and end the outright thievery of the chinese. >> china will end up treating us fairly.for many years had free reign, they do not have any more. last year we lost $500 billion on trade with china. we cannot let that happen. >> we take out the presidents efforts to fight back against china and we will be joined by congressman andy diggs to talk about the border wall and whether it will ever be built. will the government be shut down in two weeks and what will be his questions to james comey when the former fbi director testifies before the house committees this week. and the radical dimms remain out of touch. senator hirono says the dimms
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themselves are out of touch because are you ready for this? they are just too smart. >> a really good at showing all the information people here but not here. i've been saying all along that we need to speak to the heart, not in a manipulative way. >> there you are. take up the aloof patronizing dimms with ed rollins. we begin tonight with former president george h. w. bush lying in repose in houston, texas. his body arrived there moments ago returned from a funeral service in washington d.c.. attended by four living presidents. including president trump. >> mike emanuel has the story. >> he was no cynic. he looked for the good in each person and he usually found it. dad told us public services noble and necessary.
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the former president george w. bush eulogized his father just eight months after losing his mother. >> the best father a son or daughter can have. and in our grief, a smile knowing that dad is hugging mommy. and holding moms hand again.♪ ♪ >> the majestic national ♪ cathedral was packed with ♪ more than 3200 invited ♪ guests honoring the life and ♪ legendary public service of ♪ george h. w. bush. ♪ president trump was on hand ♪ with four former living ♪ presidents but the sitting ♪ president did not get the ♪ warmest of welcomes. ♪ a handshake from his predecessor while the former first lady, not making eye contact. the former canadian prime minister spoke. >> i believe it will be said that an occupant at the oval office was more courageous, more principled and more honorable than george herbert
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walker bush. reporter: and it was noted -- >> at this time the popularity rating was 93 percent. mine was .93 -- [laughter] and so, off we went! we have gathered as we headed to marine one. and george said, wave to your pals over there in the media. he placed good value on a good joke. that's why he chose simpson to speak. [laughter] reporter: a historian and biographer john meacham talked about his term in office. >> lincoln and bush both called on us to choose the right over the convenient. hope rather than to fear and to heed not our worst impulses. but our best instincts.♪
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♪ [music] reporter: john meacham actually read the eulogy to the former president bush before he passed away. and with his trademark committee, mr. bush said, that is a lot about me, john. >> thank you very much. mike emanuel. joining a site with some perspective on the days events and the 41st president of the nine states, presidential historian, formal special assistant to george h. w. bush. doug, good to have you with us. an impressive sendoff. your thoughts about all that was said today. the man's biographer e -- biography and achievements.
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>> i think history will rank him is great because he ended the cold war. some of the confusion today, there are people saying, you cannot live donald trump and george h. w. bush. but i live donald trump and what he is doing to turn america. i also logged george h. w. bush for ending the cold war and dismantling that soviet union. >> in managing the end of what was the soviet union, i think most would argue that the fall of the berlin wall marked the beginning of the end of the soviet union and that it was under the administration of ronald reagan which actually the soviet union itself and -- was defeated. >> he deserves credit for that event in europe. he subscribed to napoleons axiom that you never interrupt your enemy when they are in the process of defeating themselves. and we had people come to us
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lobbying for the baltic states and they said, send troops now. we will never get another chance like this in 100 years. but george h. w. bush had his eye on moscow. if he has the king and checkmate, he will not pick up a pond.he will stay with the king until he wins again. >> the media coverage could not have been more glowing than it seemed to me. what we witnessed today and throughout this week. your thoughts? [laughter] >> well, it was not accurate! the other day i saw him say boy, they know how to treat the media. george h. w. bush knew how to treat the media.i saw that at breakfast and i almost spit the cheerios out of my nose. i remember in the white house with george h. w. bush and we got the word anyone caught with
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frank is fired on the spot. he is going down the list calling staffers at the white house trying to get information and david hoffman was banned. anyone seeing in his presence would be fired on the spot. they had to move him out. newsweek was in the deep freeze. the media relationships with presidents have always been tough. and it's always been combative. there is nothing new right now. [laughter] >> isn't it strange how truth is often so vigorously at odds with narrative in these days? doug wead, thank you so much. we will talk with you later in the broadcast. doug wead. >> thank you. >> in other major news of course revolving around the mueller witchhunt in the d.c. swamp your special counsel office recommending little or no jail time at all for former national security advisor, general michael flynn. citing his valuable contributions to the investigation.
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chief intelligence correspondent, catherine herridge with the story. >> according to the sentencing memo, special counsel robert mueller recommended no jail time to the national security advisor. michael flynn substantial cooperation including 19 interviews, some covering russia and the trump campaign and the trump transition team. quote his early cooperation was particularly valuable. one of the few people with long-term and first-hand site regarding insight. the decision to plead guilty and corporate likely affected the decisions related first-hand witnesses to be forthcoming. and more legal action is ahead. some of the benefit may not be fully realized at this time. what's attracting the most attention is the heavily redacted sections. blacktop by special counsel citing sensitive information about ongoing investigations.
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while a careful reading indicates a handful of probes the documents suggest at least one goes beyond the special counsel mandate. >> people are continuing to be available. after sentencing but again, the general rule is that when the filings by the government are made and ready to go forward with sentencing, the cooperation of the individuals is essentially at the end. >> while the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani, like in the guilty plea to standing on the sidewalk with major repercussions for many. the senior democrat courted most of those are redacted. far more than we have the president may know. and a former associate pled guilty which is a processed crime. sentencing schedule december 18. it is not clear how the federal judge review the heavily redacted special counsel memos. which says they are inconsistent with open and
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transparent judicial process. >> absolutely. thank you. up next, the president says, there are strong signals from china that they will come to terms on a fair balanced reciprocal trade deal with america and stop stealing our technology and intellectual property. we take a look at how big the trade problem really is and some problems that are getting bigger by the day. also, can congress come together to fund the president's border wall? i said fund it! not a few billion dollars. the full enchilada. 25 billion. we'll ask andy biggs will become back in just a second. become back in just a second. st
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the efforts of china made since his meeting with president xi jinping over that we compute the president tweeted this saying quote - very strong signals being sent by china. once they returned home from their long trip including stops from argentina. not to sound nacve or anything but i believe president xi jinping meant every word of what he said an hour long and hopefully historic meeting. all subjects discussed. the president's optimism comes
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as the trade deficit with china is now on a pace to set new records. the more than $301 billion deficit through september is the largest ever through the first nine months of any year in trade with the well, the people's republic of china. and since the president slapped tariffs on chinese goods in june, the monthly deficit has risen each month. as the commission on the theft of american international property has reported chinese theft of intellectual property and technology running as high as $600 billion per year. the chief financial officer of chinese telecom company -- facing extradition to the united states after being arrested in canada today on suspicion of violating u.s. sanctions against iran. a trade ban was put in place on chinese tech company, zte for violating the same sanctions back in march. a $1.4 billion settlement was
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reached allowing the company to resume doing business with u.s. companies. journeyman, congressman andy biggs of arizona, on the house judiciary committee and the hausman caucus. congressman, good to have you with us. let's start with first of all, the mueller probe. the statement on general flynn and his contributions. the sentencing memorandum. a lot of questions about all of the reductions and again, it amounts to process with 70 hours of testimony. 19 interviews from the general. what do you make of it? >> i got the addendum and i looked at and said, no one can tell what is in there because so much of it is redacted. >> are we all getting used to this? this for a free nation. we are being treated pretty much like folks, anything but
10:18 pm
citizens of this country. this is really, this must stop. >> it is an authoritarian in my mind because if you look at what's happened here is they investigated president trump as a person because he is a political enemy to them. that is what started this thing and it started with a guy named peter strzok. this devolves all the way down to some of the general flynn who ends up, and -- >> i think it started with a guy named obama. when he decided he could rationalize spying on a political opponent, and to do so with utter impunity and the deep state resident and leadership of the fbi and department of justice. they decided they could support him in that effort. >> that is the problem. we see this abuse of power. it is at the highest level of the department of justice and fbi, formally the highest level of the irs. and we have not been able to
10:19 pm
get to the bottom of it yet. someone like a general flynn, military hero and he goes and in the get him on a processed crime and they use a real clever piece of language in the memo. basically that means, he said he forgot what he did not remember something happening. and they use that as some kind of basis for prosecuting him. and i wish he had not pled guilty because it's hard for me to believe that any jury would have taken these guys seriously. >> the special counsel has bankrupted the man, he has had to sell his house to pay legal fees. he and his family's lives have been absolutely devastated here. it is just a horrible, horrible precedent to watch a special counsel that was supposed to be an improvement on the old independent councils, this is as he said, authoritarian in nature. it is pure hell for whoever
10:20 pm
they target. let's turn to speaking of targeting, fired fbi director, james comey to appear before the house oversight and judiciary committees. what do you want to know from james comey? >> there's a lot to know from him if he will tell us. let's start with the letter that he wrote and the timing of that and the process in exonerating hillary clinton and for him to use loretta lynch and her power peerless took about loretta lynch and the relationship with bill clinton. >> those are intriguing questions. what i do not understand is why now? why any sunset moments of this republican-led congress, are you taking up the issue of james comey? >> well, you know what, lou, i don't know. we ask this for year ago. it is something we asked for a long time and it is happening finally.
10:21 pm
i will not let it go but let's be honest, i think that james comey has done an excellent job of running the clock out and we have not really prevented that. and it has been part of my problem, part of the reason i've been frustrating like crazy. >> and we find out that the house campaign, republican campaign committee has been hacked. using, for whatever reason, the same democratic firm as when the dnc was hacked. it is really an amazing story of absolutely pathetic botched leadership under the speakership of one paul ryan. it is just incredible. not a pleasant way i'm sure to watch the power shift and the gavel shift to nancy pelosi but there it is.
10:22 pm
congressman, always good to see you. i look forward to seeing you soon. >> have a good one.>> be sure to vote on the pulpit tonight do you believe the radical dimms and deep state has succeeded to this point in subverting the trump agenda on border security, illegal immigration and balanced trade? we would like to hear what you think. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on twitter, facebook and instagram @loudobbs tonight. and the clueless dimms have not been able to put their finger on the pulse of america. >> we are not going to make america great again. it was never that great. >> with their giving to work is to schmooze is so pathetic. >> the economy is still rigged against working people. >> lester given the military $700 billion budget increase
10:23 pm
which they did not even ask for! >> the idea that wecampaigned on , with a few years ago seemed to be radical ideas are now mainstream. >> i think they are still pretty radical. we will see if they become mainstream. folks, we will see a lot of those people. it is going to be exciting. we will take that up and much more right after the break. ed r ♪ ♪ ♪ this holiday season, families near you need your help. visit now to donate.
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tell your doctor about any changes in medicines you're taking. the most common side effects are swelling of the arms and legs and confusion. we spoke up and it made all the difference. ask your parkinson's specialist about nuplazid. >> the gm ceo mary barra telling lawmakers today that she is keeping an open mind about keeping production jobs that she says are being unallocated. although she does not want to raise expectations either. she was on capitol hill today talking about the announcement last week. announcing that gm would cut 15,000 jobs. a decision strongly criticized
10:28 pm
by president trump. the radical dimms are often out of touch with real american voters. one liberal luminary claims that is not why the parties having trouble winning over voters. >> one of the things that we democrats have a really hard time is connecting two people -- one of the reasons it was told to marriage retreat that we democrats know so much that it's true. and we have kind of tell everyone how smart we are. >> i don't -- [laughter] i think she should probably keep it a secret how smart she is. apparently the usnca out of touch with reality period. it is hard to believe but their three midterm mazes to be called yet. think of that, still! election officials claim they are still counting ballots be
10:29 pm
north carolina's ninth district had been close republican mark harris. but was uncalled because claims of voter fraud with mail and absentee ballots. do you find this complicated enough yet? in new york, democrat mcmurray conceded his race against republican congressman, chris collins. but fox news has yet to call the race to their fewer than 3000 votes separating the two. in california the 21st district was called for republican congressman, -- but further about county put this back in play and now tj cox is in the lead. you see the theme there? it looks like the earlier they vote and the later they count, the better it is for democrats. it should be mentioned as well, seven of the races in which republicans lead across the country, on election night, somehow to the dimms after further of course counting. join me now, someone that knows
10:30 pm
how to win elections. he served as national campaign director for the 84 reagan/bush campaign. they only won 49/50 states. republican strategist, top strategist for great america pac, fox business political analyst. bill rollins. first why i get a kick out of senator hirono. >> it was not for the kavanaugh hearings no one would know she was. she is not front and center but but there must be something in the water there the fact that she saint democrats are too smart but they have the ability to touch their heart. it sounds like some communication system expected to be running for president another week or two. >> no doubt about it, bring all that talent to bear. it is strange to me, very strange process. we are watching this president
10:31 pm
who is not very optimistic about doing a deal with china. we've actually seen a little bit here on the part of the national left-wing media in which they were giving him some support monday. took it away yesterday with 800 point decline in the dow. today they are back talking about maybe being halfway decent. >> if he does not win this battle, and he will win this battle. >> what battle is that? >> the battle with the chinese. basically you have said so well on the show, they have stolen so much about intellectual value.they are in second place and they will stay there sense is, this is gone and he has to get the win. >> it is important that there be a sense of history about this because this president is trying to repair this stupid mistake. the horrible mistakes of three presidents that preceded him.
10:32 pm
that is obama, bush and clinton. in 1990, giving the favorite nation status to the chinese, letting them define themselves as a developing nation, not to be held accountable for anything within the framework of the wto. this goes on today, this president will change your wells. >> they are pretty well developed at this point in time.they have been thieves for a long time and they think that is the way to do it. and there is great history there. he is the only one that will stand up there and stop it. and i think to a certain extent, we have to keep that, new keep educating people but we have to keep educating people how this is meaningful and important. and the chairman of gm basically saying, their opening more plants in mexico and closing plants in america. that this will be good for the american -- in the 14,000 -- >> we have a president who has
10:33 pm
focused on this, with intensity, and with power and this, mary barra is making a sense. her company puttingall of the production , i understand she's making sense for her bottom line with a very clever piece of labor arbitrage. you just step across the border and pay a fraction of the money. this is an outrage and american people should be shutting it down. i cannot tell you how many americans i ran into. viewers of this broadcast, loyal viewers are still so you know, is just corporate america. it is just the way they have to run their companies. that is balderdash. the fact is that this is a country that is more than a market it is the home of the corporations. it is where they have thrived and they have a responsibility to all americans. >> because i get all the benefits. the government gives them benefits every time they turn
10:34 pm
around. >> gm picked up $200 million in the first installment on these tax cuts. this president pushing tax cuts that were you know, immensely beneficial to corporate america. and this is the thanks he gets. i think is probably just about tired of being stabbed in the back. it is just a guess. >> he should be. >> is he going to win? >> i think he will because he is tough. if you watch the funeral to he's not lovey-dovey with all the democrats like other presidents in the past. taking nothing away from bush, this is his day but at the end of the day, you are different parties and we need to try two different agendas. and it is his agenda that matters today. >> problem is it is also the establishment agenda in both parties. ed rollins, thank you. good to see my friend. up next a high ranking fbi official that worked on the hillary email investigation and yes, the russian collusion. he is retiring.
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10:39 pm
falling after nearly 800 point plunge in the dow. s&p futures done about 18 nasdaq futures down 54. and i should point out it is awfully early in these numbers. at this stage it seldom means much. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. the ninth circuit court of appeals ruling against a federal law that would make it legal to encourage immigrants to enter the country illegally. how about that? a panel of three democratic appointed judges decide to such a rule violates the first amendment. and defense secretary james mattis today, exercising his right to free speech. and is in the 6000 troops now stationed at the southern border will remain there through, are you ready? the end of january. so about just almost 2 months left. the deployment was set to expire on december 15.
10:40 pm
according to a new report, dhs secretary, kirstjen nielsen, may not be fired after all! her newly observed toughness on illegal immigration in the caravans has reportedly impressed the president. we will see. the fbi correct chief of counterintelligence, retiring. he helped oversee the bureau investigation of hillary clinton emails and they suppose it trump/russia collusion. he leaves his post by the end of the appeared his departure when the last from the obama era. among those who have also left our fired fbi director james comey, his deputy director andrew mccabe, both fired. agents lisa paige and peter strzok and general counsel, james baker. join me now, a managing partner of dillon law group, rnc committee woman for california, gregg jarrett and author of the nearest timesbestseller, the russia hoax, great to have you
10:41 pm
both here. let's begin , you lived with the ninth circuit court of appeals. what a test that is for law, how does your reaction to the ruling? >> well, lou, and passionate first amendment lawyer. i found this decision to be crazy because it was not even with the plaintiff who was appealing, the defendant appealed the case asked for. the judge's after seeing the original briefs reached out and asked him to reach the other issue. the law says it's in a crime to encourage him to come the country stay in the country illegally. just like it is a crime to encourage anyone to break and of love. they are sympathetic to people encouraging relatives to stay legally or lawyers encouraging clients to stay illegally. the law violated the first
10:42 pm
amendment. i think the case is ripe for an appeal to the united states supreme court. it makes no sense. >> if that's the case, it would just add to the high percentage of the reversal of the ninth circuit court of appeals. but at this juncture, they are not even adhering to common sense. >> with the law and the facts, you can make $1 billion betting against the ninth circuit. they get it wrong all the time. classic example. this is nothing to do with the first amendment and free speech. it is bedrock law in america that if you provide substantial assistance in the commission of a crime, it is aiding and embedded. it is a violation of a specific statute. the ninth circuit, i do not know if they are smoking all of the legal marijuana out there but you know, they got it all wrong. >> if so they must be on some illegal marijuana for years because there has not been a change in pattern. let's go to bill, one of the
10:43 pm
central figures at the fbi, retiring. no consequences. >> no, of course not. none of the people associated with the obama administration or bill in hillary clinton have any consequences for misconduct and criminal acts. you know, he is a part of the comey cabal. he helped cleanse the exoneration statement of hillary clinton's criminality. he also was in involved in spying on the trump campaign. this is a guy that stonewalled congress for the longest time. when he was forced to testify, behind closed doors, he laid all of the blame on peter strzok. good riddance to bill priestap. >> what about the republicans? frankly, they look like fools
10:44 pm
now. particularly in the house. the house intelligence committee led by devin nunes. they have the clock went out of them. from fast and furious, benghazi forward. lots of hot air and no delivery. this is, i think in retrospect, before the end of the congress and control, republican control, i mean it is awful to contemplate what a failure they represent in their investigations from those committees, isn't it? >> it has been an impotent performance by many of our republican members of congress. and people who we all respect originally trey gowdy made a lot of excuses for some of these guys and said that they think they are great and so here we are with the final minutes on the clock and -- james comey will finally come and testify but i have no hope that anything will come out of that worthwhile. >> are republicans learning anything? >> you know, certainly i am on
10:45 pm
, we will have to have better people running in the next circle. but we also have the whole mishap with the nrc hacking and so forth. it is crazy. it is not our best and brightest hour unfortunately. >> harmeet dhillo, gregg jarrett, -- >> he is clever and cunning and slippery as aneil . -- slippery as an eel.>> you never hear those accolades a better republican. thank you for being with us, we appreciate it. up next, the shameless left-wing media. you probably will not be surprised that they are taking the day to attack president trump. >> this is the embodiment of just how different it can be.
10:46 pm
and that is a message to trump. >> he signed into law the clean air act of 1991. one of the most sweeping environmental statutes ever. this president that we have now is trying to unravel everything that he did and obama did. >> gonna donald trump the office of the president has been in debate in a way that is unimaginable. we celebrate george h. w. bush 's legacy and fear the next two years of mr. trump 's wild white house ride. >> i think he is comfortable in new guinea. [laughter] >> wow! talk about left-wing. presidential historian, doug will join us t when my hot water heater failed, she was pregnant, in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do.
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presidential historian, doug, good to have you with us. one of the things that stands out in this day, george h. w. bush, a terrific fellow. engaging fellow, as a human being. what he accomplished is
10:51 pm
remarkable because he was at a moment history as you pointed out earlier in the broadcast, it is interesting that the left-wing media gets credit for that but does not look to the moment in which donald trump is serving the interest of the american people and guiding the nation. and that is a shame, isn't it? >> it is a shame and a bit comical to me, they rewrite history. george w. bush was, george h. w. bush was very nice but he was not weak. he had a thick spine and he was brutal as a politician must be to get elected. for example, we broke the rules so reagan taught that first establish a positive vision. then you go negative. negative works, he learned that north carolina. in 1988, we came out of the gate negative. i mean, the person that told me the willie horton story was george h. w. bush.
10:52 pm
it was not a dog whistle, it was in your face. and he had to say it is better if the other peoples tell the strip release read stories about kitty dukakis. i am not proud of that. we ran operatives in our opponents campaign without their knowledge. it was a very brutal campaign. so the national media today, is portraying, this kinder and gentler, which go back. this modern president is a philistine, he is too crude. but this is modern presidency and to win, whether george h. w. bush or donald trump, you have to learn to win by branding and by counter punching. this is the new politics and it is not evil. it is new. >> and the time is unique. never have we seen any president as we are watching this president. not only by the national left-wing media, but by the elites of his own party, the globalist, power structure in the country.
10:53 pm
which is at least at the surface, you can see the business roundtable, the chamber of commerce, the koch brothers, wall street all attacking the president and his policies because people, if they just speak clearly, he is the one who is challenging 45 years of deficits, trade deficits with the world. $20 trillion in debt, and continued -- in the status quo the rather than the american middle class and dream. the president has to win where the nation cannot survive. >> i truly believe that.>> i believe the reason he won is because the flyover states have descended into poverty. they've just been sucked dry and the money has been transferred to china. we've got a president who has the guts to speak the truth. on all of these issues.
10:54 pm
it takes my breath away. i think why are you saying tha it is true, do you agree? yes, but why are you saying that? it is amazing to watch him . >> the tone i hear from some people who identify themselves as republicans. many as conservatives. they say, i just wish he would not tweet. i just wish he would not talk like that. you mean speak the truth? you may speak to you directly and personally? as president of the united states one of you ever seen a president do what he is doing now? >> people always against anything new. they were against the lithograph. they said andrew greg jackson was using the lithograph. they said short, fat bald john quincy adams will not be elected president if you use lithograph. then they were against harris because he used music pinout donald trump is branding and counter punching. and it is all evil. anything new is bad.
10:55 pm
the media just cannot take it. >> they cannot take it because they are living on borrowed time. let's be very serious here. >> and their part of the establishment you are talking about. >> absolutely, and each and everyone with the corporate masters have other interests -- seemingly obvious to audiences. >> is all about money.>> all about money. and a little about power. [laughter] >> yes, always good to see you. thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you. >> coming up next, john kerry. he once said the era of the monroe doctrine is over. the idea that the united states would never -- the viewers seem to have a different take on u.s. diplomacy. we will today... back pain can't win. now introducing aleve back and muscle pain. only aleve targets tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back & muscle. all day strong. all day long.
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11:00 pm
it started with a guy named peter rock. lou: and some would argue a guy named president obama. good night from new york. [♪] trish: breaking tonight. new details surrounding general michael flynn's sentencing in which robert mueller and his team recommend leniency for flynn claiming that flynn's cooperation is so extensive they must have all they need. this document, this addendum to the government's memorandum on sentencing, i can assure you the liberal media is misguide. robert mueller is still not telling the american people what he's after.


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