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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 8, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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us jer on fnc, thanks to my panel, thanks to all of you for watching, i hope to see you all next week. ♪ ♪ >> good evening, everybody, we have got a lot to cover here tonight. breaking news top stories major selloff on wall street today, dow jones industrials s&p, the nasdaq, those indexes all falling more than 3% on the day, the dow plummeting a breath-taking 799 points, bank stocks hit particularly hard, bank of america, morgan stanley, citigroup, all down more than 4% on the day, regional banks, even harder hit, undoubted by reversal, president trump standing strong in trade negotiations with communist china, the president vows to add more tariffs if the two countries can't make a deal that
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is fair, reciprocal and >> we have taken historic action to bring back american jobs by cracking down on china's very abusive trade practices, but they want to make a deal, and that's good, because i like them, and i like their president, president xi. and we're going to make a deal, but a fair deal. fair deal! there's a difference! [applause] no bad deals. lou: and we take up the latest in these markets and the president's balanced trade policies, his insistence that china abandon its mercantile trade policies and agree to fair and reciprocal trade and end their piracy of american intellectual property and technology. the man who many consider the president's essential intellectual and financial force in his cabinet is commerce secretary wilbur ross. he joins us here tonight to discuss the trump doctrine on trade with his insights on these volatile markets as well. also tonight the d.c. swamp is
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awash with official leaks, rumors and speculation about the robert mueller witch hunt. is it coming to a close? the special counsel may be tying up what are being termed loose ends in the russia witch hunt, and there are considerable leaks and rumors that the special counsel office is expected to file a sentencing memo shortly in the case of former trump national security adviser general michael flynn. what does all of this mean for the probe into oft-discussed but ultimately barren allegations of russian collusion? to answer all our questions, attorneys gregg jarrett and cleta mitchell with us tonight. and our top story, a major market selloff on wall street. the dow fell just less than 800 points, the s&p down more than 90, the nasdaq off 283 points. the wilshire 5000 index measuring stocks falling approximately a trillion dollars in value today.
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the wall street dive coming as china claims it will take action against the theft of intellectual property. whether china's declaration is anything more than, well, lip service to the united states remains to be seen. fox business' edward lawrence in washington tonight, and he has the latest for us. >> reporter: that's the key question. china started to take steps they said they would take. now we'll have to see if they will follow through. today the chinese government released an outline describing in detail what would be considered stealing intellectual property of another company. the document signed off by almost every government agency including their supreme court. it lists more than 30 punishments from public shaming to adding the company's name to an online list of offenders, to the barring trade, to denying government subsidies. treasury secretary steve mnuchin said he believes this time the chinese are not all talk. >> we have a lot of work to do, but i think this is the first time you've had a direct
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agreement between the two presidents, president xi and president trump. i think president xi made some very strong commitments on changing structural and nonstructural issues, and if we can get this negotiated and get a real agreement, i think this is the single biggest opportunity for u.s. business and u.s. workers. >> reporter: still, the market lost almost 800 points partially on the tweet by president donald trump tweeting that he is a tariff man, adding when people or countries come to raid our great wealth of our nation, i'd want them to pay for the privilege of typing -- of doing so. his economic advisers doing damage control. >> i think what the markets have to do is give this process the requisite time. i mean, it's silly for the markets to react to some kind of rumors in the air. >> reporter: but the fact remains that the tariff policy by this president to china is still on the table literally, bringing them to the table. still, we have only seen talk up to this point, and national
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security adviser john bolton says china buying a bunch of agriculture is not the goal of this relationship. >> we don't see the american future being a third world country supplying natural resources and agricultural products to china. we need to see some major changes in their behavior. >> reporter: now, trade sources say that china is planning to meet again before tend of the year to continue the trade talks. the president still has his 90-day, 86-day deadline now in place to protect intellectual property or tariffs on china will go up. lou? lou: ed, thank you very much. john bolton couldn't be more correct. that is, agricultural products are not the future of the chinese trade relationship with the united states no matter what, what the chinese may want. [laughter] ed lawrence, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> reporter: thanks, lou. lou: joining me tonight to take opportunity, amongst other things, the 90-day tariff truce
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and timetable for ultimate success in negotiating, the u.s./china trade relationship and, of course, today's extraordinary stock market decline, we're joined tonight by commerce secretary wilbur ross. mr. secretary, great to have you with us. and no better person could we talk to than you on what is happening in terms of administration policy and its correlation to the markets and the economy. let's start, if we may, because the business press in this country has gone in the course of 24 hours from declaring, amazingly, that president trump had succeeded in creating a construct in the trade relationship between china and the united states that would resolve all of the problems that exist whether it's theft of our stuff or whether it is perpetual deficits that we run in trade with china.
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and today an almost 800-point drop in the dow. let's go fist to trade -- let's go first to trade. i've heard all sorts of, you know, flapping lips and blather today from various sources talking about trade. it seems to me there are only two issues that form also the metrics by which success will be judged. the first is when, when will that trade relationship be in balance between china and the united states. and, secondly, when will the chinese absolutely stop stealing u.s. intellectual property and technology? do you agree? >> well, guy that those are the two elements -- well, i agree that those are the two elements. if you look at our trade deficit overall, it has two components. one is geographic, that's called china. the other is a product line, and that's called automotive. if we don't solve those two, we're not going to solve the trade deficit. so it's pretty clearly defined
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what those issues are. and that's why, for example, we put in the 232 tariffs on steel and aluminum. lou: right. >> the bigger question and the more complicated one, and i suspected the harder one -- i suspect the harder one, ultimately, to get resolved is the whole thing about force technology transfers, theft of intellectual property rights, cybersecurity breaches, the whole nine yards on stealing our technology. and that's our future. that's why the president isn't going to stand for it any longer. he and i a few weeks ago proudly signed the 10 millionth patent issued by the u.s. lou: right, i remember. >> no country has ever achieved anything like that. and half of those ten million are in the last 25 or so years. because the pace of our
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technological change is improving. lou: and being over the course of the last 25 years, mr. secretary, that means that a high, significant number of those patents are in the possession of the chinese government right this very moment, correct? >> well, that's tragically true. because the mistake that was made when we admitted china to the wto was doing so on the theory that they would then play by the rules but not putting in a real enforcement mechanism in case they didn't. and guess what? they didn't. lou: they didn't, and it was 28 years ago that president clinton decoupled human rights from trade policy, and to our everlasting detriment in that relationship, the result is massive -- trillions of dollars -- in stolen
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intellectual property and trade deficits that we've run with china that have cut into our economic growth. this is not something that can be tolerated, yet this president is being actively engaged and corporate america is fighting him tooth and nail at every turn not to disturb a trade relationship that is eating away the country's wealth. and as you say, destroying a significant part of our future. >> well, the problem is for corporate america most of them have made a kind of devil's bargain, and so they're operating very -- relatively comfortably in china. and they've made the decision to benefit their short-term earnings even if it means over the long term china displaces their very own technology. that's a bad bargain, but it's
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driven a lot by the obsession with the quarterly earnings, and it's a very, very short-sighted decision that some of these fellas have made. lou: mr. secretary, we appreciate you being with us, as always. we thank you for your time and wish you continued success. commerce secretary wilbur ross. >> thank you. keep spreading the truth. lou: yes, sir. up next here, the president says there are strong signals from china that they'll come to terms on a fair, balanced, reciprocal trade deal with america and stop stealing our technology and intellectual property. we take a look at how big the trade problem really is and some problems that are getting bigger by the day. also, can congress come together to fund president trump's border wall? i said fund it. not a few billion dollars, no, no pittances. the full enchilada, $25 billion. we'll ask congressman andy big when we come back in just a
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...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. lou: president trump today praised the efforts of china made since his meeting with president xi over the weekend. the president tweeted this saying, quote: very strong signals being sent by china once
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they returned home from their long trip including stops from argentina. not to sound naive or anything, but i believe president xi meant every word of what he said at our long and hopefully historic meeting. all subjects discussed. the president's optimism comes as the trade deficit with china is now on a pace to set new records. the more than $301 billion deficit through september is the largest ever through the first nine months of any year in trade with the, well, the people's republic of china. and since the president slapped tariffs on chinese goods in june, the monthly deficit has risen each month. as the commission on the theft of american intellectual property has reported, the chinese theft of intellectual property and our technology running as high as $600 billion a year. joining me now, congressman andy biggs of arizona. he serves on the house judiciary committee, the science, space and technology committee and
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member of the influential house freedom caw i cuts. congressman, good to have you with us. let's start with, first of all, the mueller probe, the statement on general flynn and his contributions, the sentencing memorandum. a lot of questions about all the redactions and, again, it amounts to process with 70 hours of testimony, 19 interviews from the general. what do you make of it? >> well, i got the addendum, and i looked at it, and i said, well, no one can tell what's in there, because so much of it's redacted. lou: aren't we all getting used to in? >> yeah. lou: for a free nation, we're being treated pretty much like folks -- anything but citizens of this country. this is really, this must stop. >> well, it's an authoritarian bent, in my mind. because if you look at it, what's happened here is they've investigated president trump as a person because he's a
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political enemy to them. and that's what started this thing, and it started with a guy named peter strzok. so this devolves all the way down to somebody like general flynn who ends up -- and they used a -- lou: i think it started with a guy named obama. >> well, yeah. right. lou: i think when he decided that he could rationalize spying on a political opponent and to do so with utter impunity and the deep state resident in the leadership of the fbi and the department of justice decided they could support him in that effort. >> yeah. and that's the problem. and we see this abuse of power, it's at the highest levels of those -- department of justice and the fbi, formerly highest levels of the irs. and we have not been able to get to the bottom of it yet. and so you see somebody like a general flynn, military hero, and he goes in, and they get him on a process crime. and one of the things, they use a real clever piece of language in their memo basically that
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means he said he forgot or he didn't remember something happening. and they used that as some kind of basis for prosecuting him. and this is all -- i wish he hadn't pled guilty because it's hard for me to believe that any jury would have taken these guys seriously. lou: the man has been -- the special counsel has bankrupted the man. he's had to sell his house to pay his legal fees. he and his family's lives have been absolutely devastated here. it's just a horrible, horrible precedent to watch a special counsel that was supposed to be an improvement on the old independent counsels -- >> right. lou: this is, as you say, it's authoritarian in nature, it is pure hell for whoever they target. let's turn to, speaking of targeting, fired fbi director james comey to appear before the house oversight and judiciary committees. what do you want to know from
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comey? >> well, there's a lot to learn from comey if he'll tell us. but, i mean, let's start with the exculpatory letter that he wrote and the timing of that and the process in exonerating hillary clinton and for him to usurp loretta lynch's power. let's talk about loretta lynch and the relationship with bill clinton -- lou: all of those are interesting and intriguing questions. what i don't understand is why now? why in the sunset moments of this republican-led congress are you taking, taking up the issue of comey? >> well, i, you know what? lou, i don't know. i know that we asked for this a year ago. i mean, this is something we've wanted for a long time, and it's happening, finally. and, you know what? i'm not going to let it go to waste, but let's be honest, i think comey's done an excellent job of letting -- of running the clock out, and we haven't really prevented that. and that's been part of my problem and part of the reason that i've just been frustrated
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like crazy. lou: and the capper is we find out that -- [laughter] the house campaign, republican campaign committee has been hacked finish. >> yeah. lou: -- using, for whatever reason, the same crowd strike as when the dnc was hacked. it's really an amazing story of absolutely pathetic, botched leadership under the, under the speakership of one paul ryan. it's just incredible. >> yep. lou: not a pleasant way, i'm sure, for you all to watch the power shift and the gavel shift to nancy pelosi, but there it is. congressman, always good to see you. look forward to seeing you soon. >> thanks, lou. yeah, have a good one. lou: up next, there are new signs robert mueller could be, maybe, might be, potentially, hypothetically could wrap up his witch hunt. we take up the latest.
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attorneys cleta mitchell and gregg jarrett join us here next. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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lou: mueller's legal filings this week on flynn, paul manafort, michael cohen and whether mueller is finally wrapping up the witch hunt. attorney, former member of the oklahoma house of representatives, cleta mitchell, and gregg jarrett, fox legal analyst and author of "the new york times" pestseller "-- bestseller "the russia hoax." let me start, cleta, with you. a sentencing them me-- memo for general flynn. we're in december finally, i think this is the fourth sentencing date, and your thoughts about where we are with at least general flynn. >> well, this is such a travesty that this special prosecutor
7:27 pm
has -- special counsel has inflicted on this fine person who serve our country. and, you know, you just hardly know what to make of it when you think about the fact that this special prosecutor, this special counsel has basically created crimes that took place after the november 2016 election. because of the expansive, the too expansive orders that he was given, the grant of authority he was given, the fact that rod rosenstein has not overseen him properly, he has unlimited budget, unlimited resources, unlimited power -- lou: unlimited time. >> unlimited time and, of course, that's what jeff flake is worried about, that poor robert mueller needs to be protected. lou: which tells you why there will be a national cheer when jeff flake finally exits at least the d.c. swamp. [laughter] >> yes. lou: gregg, your thoughts. it is, it is -- this has nothing
7:28 pm
to do, general flynn has nothing to do with collusion with the russians. >> that's right. and he likely hases in -- has no information whatsoever to provide mueller. first of all, he would be charged with collusion, whatever that amorphous crime is, but he'd be charged with something, and he wasn't. he's charged with a process crime. and second of all, clearly now that mueller is moving to sentencing, he is not going to use michael flynn as a witness against trump. he would delay the sentencing yet again if that was his intention. it isn't. so it's a big nothing in terms of collusion. lou: the sentencing memo would detail, would it not, the trade that was made between flynn and the special counsel in terms of eliciting some sort of -- >> information. lou: -- benefit, information. >> yeah, probably would. although it may be under seal, we just don't know. lou: oh, great.
7:29 pm
>> only flynn and the lawyers would know. lou: more obfuscation. >> of course. lou: let's turn to the possibility that -- because the swamp, clet ooh, is awash with these rumors. i love that word, "awash," awash with rumors that we're seeing the mueller witch hunt wrap up. and i don't know why, but in every instance the expression is tight up loose ends. tying up loose ends. your thoughts. >> well, i really am not optimistic that that's the case. now, it may be that because the democrats have taken over the house that he will now feel that it's appropriate for him to hand a report over to the likes of adam schiff and others so that they can initiate -- lou: that's a good point. >> -- impeachment proceedings, because that's actually what this is all about. this started as a counterintelligence investigation, and it's morphed
7:30 pm
into a let's go after all these people and see if we can either force them to commit crimes by talking to us or see if we can find some crimes which is what they've done in the case of manafort and rick gates. i think had republicans retained control of the house that we wouldn't be hearing all these rumors about -- lou: cleta, i've got to be honest with you, i basically am no particularly upset with the fact that the republicans lost the house. [laughter] >> yes, believe me, i know. >> i am so tired of the futile baloney. going back to benghazi and fast and furious all the way to the most recent subpoenaing of fired fbi director james comey. >> right. lou: my god, could you imagine anything -- gregg, i mean, anything finish. >> right. lou: -- more just impotent than the actions of the judiciary, the house oversight committee in
7:31 pm
all of this? >> oh, i agree 100%. they bungled many of these investigations. finish as far as collusion is concerned, the facts don't support it. obstruction of justice, the law doesn't support it. but that doesn't mean that mueller, because he hates trump and he's incredibly biased and the evidence is that he's unscrupulous and unprincipled, will nevertheless write a report that will imply based on flimsy circumstantial evidence that meeting with a russian is somehow a crime or that tweeting out something is obstruction of justice, which is ludicrous. but this is mueller who's pals with comey, and they are out to get trump -- lou: rosenstein. >> and rosenstein and the whole gang. and they'll write a report that will try to damage trump and that rabid democrats in the house will use for impeachment. >> that's exactly what this is all about, it's what it's always been about. this has never been about anything but getting rid of the
7:32 pm
president that was duly elected in 2016 and nullifying the effects, the results of that election. that's what this is all about. lou: and the cowards who make up both parties and their leadership who would not stand for this president -- >> well, that's true. lou: -- stand up for him, and the american people ought to be embarrassed that they ever elected a single one of these people. >> there are a few who have tried, but they've been completely thwarted by the republican leadership in the house. and i, frankly, have seen no evidence that senator richard burr who's -- lou: oh, a joke. >> the senate intelligence committee, i don't know that he has a pulse. [laughter] you know, i hate to say that, but that's basically what i have witnessed. and they've allowed the democrats to basically run that investigation from start to finish. it's very frustrating. lou: and, by the way, still having come up -- you get the last word finish a scintilla of evidence. >> there's no evidence. two congressional committees reviewed two million documents
7:33 pm
and over 200 witnesses. they didn't come up with a whiff of collusion. it was all conjured by comey's fbi and the department of justice under the barack obama administration. lou: every american should think, i believe, every day what if this president did not have his individual, personal strength, his immense capacities? because a lesser man would have been already devastated and destroyed by these relentless attacks from the weak hyenas who make up the national left-wing media and most of the establishment of this country whether republican or democrat. gregg jarrett, cleta mitchell, thanks for being with us. >> thanks a lot. lou: up next, the clueless dems can't seem to put their finger on the pulse of the american people according to the dems themselves. >> we're not going to make america great again. it was never that great.
7:34 pm
>> the crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. >> the economy is still rigged against working people -- >> last year we gave the military a $700 billion tax -- budget increase. which they didn't even ask for. >> the ideas that we campaigns on, which a few years ago were seen to be radical ideas, are now mainstream. ♪ lou: bernie, i think they're still pretty radical. we'll find out if they become mainstream. folks, we're going to see a lot of those people. it's going to be exciting. we'll take that up and much more right after the break. ed rollins joins me. stay with us. ♪ ♪ (roger) being a good father
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but we need you to join us, too, in completing this important mission. please visit and help build homes, and rebuild lives. lou: dems are often out of touch with real american voters. one liberal luminary claims that's not why their party is having trouble winning over voters. >> one of the things that we democrats have a really hard time is connecting to people's hearts instead of here. we have a really hard time doing that, and one of the reasons that was told to me at one of our retreats is we democrats know so much. and that is true. [laughter] and we have to tell everybody how smart we are. lou: i don't want --
7:39 pm
[laughter] i think she should probably keep it a secret, how smart she is. apparently, the dems are out of touch with reality period. it's hard the believe, blue r -- but there are three midterm races to be called yet. think of that, still. december 5th. election officials claim their still counting ballots. north carolina's 9th district had been call for republican mark harris but was uncalled because of claims of voter fraud with mail-in absentee ballots. are you, do you find this complicated enough yet? well, in new york democrat nat mcmurray conceded his race against chris collins, but fox news has yet to call the race. there are fewer than 3,000 votes separating the two. in california the 21st district was called for republican congressman, but further ballot counting put the democrat, p. j. cox, in the lead. do you see the theme there? it looks like the earlier they
7:40 pm
vote and the latest they count, the better it is for democrats. [laughter] it should be mentioned as well seven other races in which republicans lead are across the country -- led across the country on election night somehow swung to the dems after further, of course, counting. joining me now, someone who knows how to win elections. he's served as national campaign director for the '84 reagan/bush campaign. they only won 49 out of 50 states. top republican strategist, top strategist for great american pac, former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst ed rollins. first of all, i get a kick out of senator hirono. i mean, this is -- >> if they weren't the kavanaugh hearings, no one would even know who she was. she, obviously, comes from hawaii, and she's not front and center. there must be something in the water or the air the fact that she's saying democrats are too smart, but they have an
7:41 pm
incapability of speaking with the american people. i expect her to be running for president in another week or two. lou: no doubt about it, because bringing all of that talented, intellect to bear. [laughter] >> absolutely. lou: it's strange to me, a very strange process where we are watching this president who is now very optimistic about doing a deal with china, we've actually seen a little thawing here on the part of the national left-wing media in which they were giving him some support monday, took it away yesterday with an 800-point decline in the dow. today they're back talking about maybe being halfway decent and fair themselves. >> well, if he doesn't win this battle -- and he will win this battle -- lou: which battle is that? >> the battle with the chinese. basically, as you have said so well on this show, she they have stolen so much of our intellectual property, what have you, that we'll be in second
7:42 pm
place very quickly, and we'll stay there forever. and my sense is this is drawing the line, and he has to get the win here. lou: and it's important that there be a sense of history about this. >> right. lou: because this president is trying to repair the stupid mistakes, the horrible mistakes of three presidents who preceded him. and that's obama, that's bush and that's clinton. and in 1990 giving, you know, favored nation status to the chinese and letting them define themselves as a developing nation not to be held accountable for anything within the framework of the wto, this goes on today. this president is going to change it or else. >> i'd say they're pretty well developed at this point in time -- [laughter] lou: yes, i think so. >> pretty good thieves for a long time, and they think that's the way to do it. there's a great history there, and he's the only one who's going to stand up and stop it. i think to a certain extent i know we have to -- i know you
7:43 pm
keep ecking people, but we have to keep educating people how this is meaningful. and that woman that's the chairman of gm basically saying as their opening more plants in mexico and closing more plants in north america -- lou: five in north america. do you know how important we are? we've got a president who has focused on this with intensity and with power, and this -- mary barra is making no sense. i mean, her company putting all of that production -- oh, i understand she's making sense for her bottom line with a very clever piece of labor arbitrage. you just step across the border and pay a fraction of the money. this is an outrage, and the american people should be shutting it down. i can't tell you how many americans i run into, viewers of this broadcast and loyal viewers, who still say, you know, it's just corporate america, it's just the way they have to run their companies. that's sheer balderdash. the fact is that this is a
7:44 pm
country that is more than a whole market, it is the home of these corporations. it's where they have they'ved, and they have a responsibility to all americans. >> and they get all the benefits. it's not like it's a free market where they're -- lou: gm picked up $200 million just in the first installment on these tax cuts. this president pushing tax cuts that were, you know, immensely beneficial to corporate america. and this is the thanks he gets. i think he's probably just about tired of being stabbed in the back. it's just a guess. >> he should be. and let's have -- lou: is he going to win? >> i think he's going to win because i think he's tough. i think at the end of the day, as you watched the funeral today, he's not going to be lovey dovey as other presidents have in the past. taking nothing away from bush, but at the end of the day, we're two different parties. we need to try two different
7:45 pm
agendas, and it's his agenda really what matters today. lou: the problem is it's really the establishment agenda in both parties. ed roll rinse, good to see you, my friend. up next, james comey and loretta lynch will soon head for hearings on capitol hill. we can't wait for that. except for one part. we're not going to be able to see them or hear them. but we've got representatives at work in washington, and i'm sure they'll do their part for us, the citizens of america. stay with us.
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lou: james comey reaching a deal with house republicans, ending his subpoena fight. comey will testify friday behind closed doors. comey tweeted this, quote: hard to protect my rights without being in contempt which i don't believe in, so will sit in the dark. but republicans agree i'm free to talk when done and transcript released in 24 hours. this is the closest i can get to public testimony. the fbi's corrupt chief of counterintelligence retiring, he helped oversee the investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails and the supposed trump-russia collusion. he leaves his post by the end of this year. his departure one of the last from the obama era, among those
7:50 pm
who have also left or fired, they include former fbi director james comey, his deputy director, andrew mccabe, both fired. agents lisa page, peter strzok and general counsel james baker. michael avenatti has disappointed the world, announcing he won't run for the presidency in 2020. avenatti was removing himself from contention as cnn president jeff zucker was declaring he may well leave television some day. up next, the shameless left-wing national media. you probably won't be surprised to know that they have used the funeral of president george h.w. bush, some of them, to attack president trump. >> this is the embodiment of just how different it can be. and that's a message to trump. >> he signed into law the clean air act amendments of 1990, one
7:51 pm
of the most sweeping environmental statutes ever. >> yeah. >> this president that we have now is trying to unravel everything that he did and obama did. >> under donald trump, the office of the presidency has been debased in a way that is unimaginable. we celebrate george h.w. bush's legacy and fear the next two years of mr. trump's wild white house ride. >> i think prince charles has felt more comfortable in new guinea -- [laughter] than this president felt here today. lou: wow. talk about left-wing elitists. presidential historian doug weed joins us again tonightful we're going to take that up and much more right after these quick messages. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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this holiday season, don't just give... vet tix. give something to those who gave. for more information on how you can make a difference right now, go to lou: joining us once again, presidential historian doug weed. great to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: one of the things that stands out on this day, george h.w. bush a terrific fellow, immensely engaging fellow as a human being. what he accomplished is remarkable, because he was at a moment inly, as you pointed out earlier in the broadcast, and it's interesting that the left-wing media gives him credit for that but does not look to the moment in which donald trump is serving the interest of the american people and guiding the
7:56 pm
nation. and that's a shame, isn't it? >> it's a shame and, lou -- [laughter] what's a bit comical to me is they rewrite history. george w. bush -- h.w. bush was very nice, but he was not weak. he had a thick spine, and he was brutal as a politician must be to get elected. lou: right. >> for example, we broke the rules. reagan taught that, first, you establish your positive vision, then you go negative. negative works. he learned it in north carolina. but in 1988, lou, we came out of the gate negative. i mean, the person who told me the willie horton story was george h.w. bush. [laughter] it wasn't a dog whistle, it was in your face. and we had to say, you know, it's better if you let other people tell that story. and we spread rumors about kitty dukakis. i'm not proud of that, and we ran, we ran operatives if in our opponents' campaigns without their knowledge. it was a very brutal campaign.
7:57 pm
so the national media today is portraying this was kinder, gentler, we should go back, this modern president, he's a philistine, he's too crude. but this is the modern presidency, and to win it -- whether you're george h.w. bush or donald trump -- you're going to have to learn how to win it by branding and by counterpunching. this is the new politics, and it's not evil, it's new. lou: yeah. and in this time, it's unique. never have we seen any president assailed as we are watching this president not only by the national left-wing media, but by the elites of his own party, the globalists, the power structure in this country which is at least at the surface you can see the business round table, the chamber of commerce, the koch brothers, wall street all attacking this president and his policies because people, if they just, you know, think clearly, he is the one who's challenging 45 years of deficits, trade
7:58 pm
deficits with the world. $20 trillion in debt. and continued obeisance to the moneyed interest and the status quo rather than the american middle class and the american dream. this president has to win or this nation cannot survive. i truly believe that. >> i believe it too. and the reason he won is because those flyover states have descended into poverty. they've just been sucked dry, and the money has all been transferred to china. and we've got a president who's got the guts to speak the truthen all these issues -- truth on all these issues. i r why is he saying that? it's amazing to watch it. lou: you know, the little tone that i hear from some people who are, identify themselves as republicans, many of them as conservatives, they say, you know, i just wish he wouldn't tweet. [laughter] i just wish he wouldn't talk like that. you mean speak the truth? you mean speak to you directly
7:59 pm
and personally as president of the united states? when have you ever seen a president do what he is doing now? >> yeah. people are always against anything new. they were against the lithograph. they said, well, andrew jackson was using the lithograph. they said, hey, but short, fat, bald john quincy adams won't be elected if you use lithographs. and then they were against william henry harrison because he used music. now they're against donald trump because he's branding, and he's counterpunching, and it's all evil. anything new is bad, the media just can't talk it. lou: they can't take it because they are living on borrowed time, let's be very, very serious here. >> and they're part of the establishment you were talking about. [laughter] lou: absolutely. and also each and every one with their corporate masters who have other interests than those that are so, well, seemingly obvious to audiences. >> it's all about money. lou: well, not all about money. a little bit about power.
8:00 pm
[laughter] >> yes. lou: doug wead, it's always good to see you. that's it for us tonight. thank you for being with us. have a good evening and good night from new york. mug. ♪ ♪ night from new york. trish: we have details pouring in after special counsel robert mueller issues a series of memos in connection with his russia investigation. but so far no apparent proof of collusion with russia. robert mueller alleging former trump campaign chairman paul manafort repeatly lied about a variety of topics. federal prosecutors coming out swinging against michael cohen. recommending he receive four years in jail, even though he cooperated with prosecutors. here is mueller's


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