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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 4, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EST

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also after the bell on weekdays at 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on foxbusiness. thank you so much for joining me tonight. my very good friend kennedy begins right now. ♪. kennedy: melissa, great to see you. let the games begin. democrats today retain control of the house promising to stand in the way of everything of president trump and the republicans agenda. how will the president stay one step ahead of this rowdy caucus? i look at the house for where lawmakers are now debating bills to end the government shutdown. right now on the docket a bill to the fund the home insecurity without any money for the wall. if and when they vote, will bring you right back to capitol hill. earlier this afternoon democrats elected nancy pelosi to her second term as house speaker and
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because of that, president trump facing a much different political lives in washington. drop, day 13 of the shutdown and bitter fight over all funding and surprise in the briefing room the present time smooth things over with speaker pelosi but said he's not going to cave on his demand for a wall. watch this. president trump: i just want to start off by congratulating nancy pelosi on being elected speaker of the house. it's a very great achievement and hopefully we will work together and get lots of things done. without while you cannot have border security. without a formal barrier call it what you will but without a wall you cannot have border security. to see what's been put out on social media where thousands of people are rushing the border. kennedy: president backed up by mike pence onto carlson echoing the president. watch. >> bottom line is you will not
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accept a deal that does not include wall spirit the president has made it clear that no wall, no deal. look, we are prepared to negotiate prepared to talk and prepared to listen. kennedy: so good at listening. on the today show hours before she was officially elected speaker nancy pelosi said she won't give the president 1 inch of that wall. >> are you willing to come up and give him some of his money for the wall? apparently that's the sticking point. >> were talking about border security but that means - we can go back and forth but no. how many times can we say no nothing for the wall. kennedy: president expected to meet with posey and others. to discuss the wall and shut down and how it up president succeed in this new environment - author of the art of the donald, get yours in time for valentine's day. chris edwards.
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welcome back. >> thank you for having me the one let's talk nancy pelosi. she is no, no nancy at this point it appears the shutdown is going to go on and on into next week looks like the lawmakers will be released and what does what is his second tenure look like to use of argument. >> would suspect he would not give president trump one of her campaign promises if she had her druthers and she's been running for this sometime and ran that she would # resist. resist the president in every single measure. only thing the president could possibly come back with measured that she wants and the republicans are otherwise not giving her baby something to help with the dreamers and people in the docket recipients something like that that will make it more difficult to say no
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and easy for pelosi to say yes. he's any to find and sources i talked to in the senate and house that they don't expect the shutdown to be over until the state of the union and if the president and nancy pelosi both sides cannot come to an agreement to them. kennedy: you are absolutely right and you sense the urgency and not hearing anything about daca and some sort of a trade for a wall or fence or border system for amnesty for a large group of people but i want to talk about nancy pelosi because she really is in an elite group of people that retook the speakership and obviously had some recipe for success and people discounted her but what does she have that hillary clinton does not. >> she's tough and knows how to move the levers of power extremely well. in the house of representatives. hillary clinton was a tough politician but nancy pelosi has put together around her allies
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that people need her. hillary clinton was more prone to do that before barack obama defeated her in a whole new round of democrats came and who are more loyal to rock obama and hillary clinton. nancy pelosi has maintained that power and uses it candidly and at times fairly brutally. there is some republicans speakers who wish they were as shrewd as she was. >> that's my question. what can republicans learn from her and how she interfaces with her caucus? >> this may be the first time the ruffians are looking to see what we've been dealing with because previous caucuses democrats have been united before huge leftward shift and before the tea party and the gop. the public and deal with a more difficult caucus with the conservatives and moderates and guys up in new york who had to deal with property taxes up there. pelosi had her first real
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serious rebellion in last run where hard left common in the cortez who is not interested in her speaker. it remains to be seen with the modern gop could remain to learn from nancy pelosi. conservatives would not like to see that for many republican leadership. kennedy: it will be interesting because you have two people because chuck schumer is not as critical in the mix as nancy pelosi is because she does have majority and more influence when it comes to the shutdown and setting a legislative agenda is something chuck schumer can't do but she's dug in and the president is dug in. will go past the state of the union that breaks the stalemate? >> i'd it be surprising if it goes past the state of the union although that's what heard over and over again. president trump wants to go out there and have a triumphant
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television moment. donnelly is advised to go out this. people are wondering today nancy pelosi will invite the president to give the state of the union although i'd not advise getting into a television battle with don trump the television president. he'll have to put more on the table but around dc the common wisdom among conservatives is they worry that president trump will break on this even though he is it seems like he will make a deal with democrats. in the vast amount of spending or something that was less than wall. kennedy: let's make a deal but chris, good to see you. >> thank you. kennedy: nancy pelosi offering a peek at the rest of the house democrats agenda today. watch this. >> empower our mandate for the people to lower healthcare costs and prescription drug prices and protect people with free pre-existing medical conditions. [cheering and applause]
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to increase paychecks by rebuilding america with green and modern infrastructure from sea to shining sea. kennedy: i love bamboo bridges. it's not surprised democrats are looking stabilize obamacare but we decided to crunch numbers and turns out medicaid for those eligible under the affordable care act will cost $62 billion this fiscal year. premium tax credits and other obamacare related spending will cost about 57 billion over $119 billion 20 times more than the president is asking for his wall. bible and seashell out cash for the border. the journey presidential writer for george w. bush and former advisory to hillary clinton and his campaign. welcome to both of you. >> happy new year, kennedy. kennedy: i will start with you
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antoine. i know democrats are talking about infrastructure and that's one area where they can work with the president and the president is eager to tackle a projector and get a win there. can't be a union cash cap. >> no, what you will see from house democrats is what the american people asked them to do in the midterm and that's why they have such large numbers in congress focused on a policy agenda or policy prescription that was sent to move the ball forward and bring our country together. you will see two things happen you will see investigate and legislate. hannity i think i've said this on your show but in the words of rob base, it takes things to go right. kennedy: went to the shutdown insight. >> there will be proposals put on the floor tonight if not already to reopen the government. pressure will be on the
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republicans to own donald trump's government shutdown that he claimed earlier. kennedy: but that is something that pundits get caught up in especially - who owns the shutdown? we have to look further down the road then the blame game and republicans and democrats have been bad about kicking the can down the road and not coming up with solutions. that's why congress has an approval rating of 18%. so ned, there is something [inaudible] what can republicans learn from this? >> republicans can sit and watch the democrats have a very rough next two years, kennedy. i'm not sure they can learn much except in fact this is what they can learn. they promised the american people they would do certain things and repeal obamacare and leadership promise trump they
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would put funding and for the wall and they made promises to the american people that they would solve the healthcare issue and other things and they did not. the voters punish them and now giving the democrats a chance to do it. i'm telling you, kennedy, not much a decision happening. i agree with antoine this will be investigation but the fact of the matter is - >> no, no. >> antoine i give you time. they will not let us like because all their crazy ideas the new green deal, medicare for all no way in hell will get pa past. kennedy: medicare for all - [inaudible conversations] kennedy: i don't want to talk investigation. nancy pelosi is talking about price-fixing drugs and that is anti- american and very venezuelan. what are democrats going to do to fix the broken health care
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system? >> you will see democratic is all focused on quality of life issues. on the healthcare side, 79% of the american people want to deal with the issue of cost. 57% want to deal with the issue of access. you will see these two things come from them get caucus and the pressure will be on the republican caucus in the president because the president has went on record saying he wants to deal with the issue of drug prices and wants to fix up your system but republican congress . kennedy: throwing our government and healthcare - it does not fix the system. it exacerbates the problem. it's a feeling bureaucracy and throwing more money and more government hold on. democrats up to be floyd to start investing the president with senator wyden climate in high school. he's already introducing
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legislation to releases never before seen tax returns and brad sherman the blowhard regency impeachment articles. he filed back in 2016 with democratic al green of texas. thanks to house about and its posey says efforts to check president trump power do not extend to impeachment although she did say the idea of a sitting president could be indicted will the democrats be able to resist the urge to impeach a president they just can't stand? ned. >> no, she put it on the table again saying she doesn't think indictment or impeachment are off the table and i don't think any of us or any rational person was under an allusion the democrats were not try impeachment. it will be death by a thousand investigations and i don't think there's anything there but the punishment will be the process. that's what we will see for next two years. they will try to do everything - the fact of the matter is it's all about the fact they still cannot accept the 2016 elections
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they want to nullify those can accept the fact that donald trump won fair and square. what will backfire is the people sitting in the rustbelt, ohio, michigan, minnesota all the states the democrats have to win in 20202 take the white house back these investigations and attempt to bring down trump and nullify the 26 elections are not going to sit well with those rustbelt voters. i'm telling you they will overplay their hand. kennedy: i agree with you and if democrats feel people are growing tired of so many areas of the president's life and administration under investigation and put forth ideas, antoine. instead of these vague complaints about his character in association put forward good ideas and a solid candidate but you guys are in the middle of an interminable cakewalk. >> number one, just because a
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man says it does make it through. i love when my friends when i try not to find into the republican business. you will not find democrats going to ignore the custom corruption that overflow from this and ministration. the american people gave them the opportunity and mandate to be checks and balances. kennedy: okay, antoine, riddle me desperate if they were so over the republic party why did they give the senate the wider majority? >> i can't go into the hearts and minds of the voters. kennedy: the don't be too confident and walk around like it's a mandate. >> on covenant of this. [inaudible conversations] >> kennedy, historically we won more seats in the congress watergate. close to 300 legislative seats,
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some governors races into issues on the ballot of conservative states that never were passed in a non- trump environment. that was historic. kennedy: still lost - >> you can't debate fact. i love you but you can't debate that. kennedy: not a mandate. if you act as if it is a mandate the title shift and not in your favor. come up with ideas that don't bark up the same - >> kennedy, i just laid out the back that we will do healthcare and infrastructure and portable housing, environment, you will see real wages. kennedy: that, last word. >> medicare for all, 32 trillion this new green deal chileans will try to completely restructure the american economy and want to put our entire grid on renewable energy in ten years. that will annihilate our economy.
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if you want quality of life and cheaper healthcare donald trump just did something today to go pricing transparency. you want to see cheaper prices for all americans in better health care he's working on that forced reising to the invite on cost. he's working on things and democrats and republicans - for the next two years he will have a lot by it in order. kennedy: god, i can't stand this - i don't want president trump - intron you're right. i will say you have to open up all of this to the free market and utility companies in this country are cartels. if you talk about price-fixing and talk about zero options that's the first place to look. imposing more government where we already have a cartel system is anti- american. thank you for being here and speaking your true than mine.
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>> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: coming up, we talk to rob again, this meant andy biggs about tonight vote in our begins to fight back against the democratic majority. first up, today's go mitt romney insults the president while hiding behind a washington post op-ed and after taking a beating from fellow republicans including his own knees as a new utah senator c as someone in witness protection, i can't tell you anything about myself. but believe me... i'm not your average consumer. that's why i switched to liberty mutual. they customized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. and as a man... uh... or a woman... with very specific needs that i can't tell you about- say cheese. mr. landry? oh no. hi mr. landry! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
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i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. kennedy: state what you want about mitt romney the guy does not know how to make an
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entrance. freshman senator for harsher critique of the president and washington post yesterday. it's been claimed by his own party even his own niece call the peace quote, disappointing and on proactive. louisiana senator john kennedy who summed it up best. >> for the millions of people who are better off today than they were two years ago, to them his op-ed piece was about as popular as head lice. [laughter] kennedy: that's not popular at all. romney attempted to cool the backlash by telling cnn he does not plan to be a daily commoner on the president but attention seeking led the silver medalist and thinking about another run for the gold in 2020 so if matt has his eye on white house how badly did he bungle the bull out on a scale of one to elizabeth warren. but go to tonight's panel. associate editor robbie.
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radio talkshow host leslie marshall along with host of the podcast something is off with andrew heaton who looks oddly enough like a former hr person who used to work are here. >> i'm related to bernie mac smith and we are second cousins. both handsome. i'm so happy to be here. kennedy: great to have you. robbie, i will start with you. this is always very funny disingenuous for people who state were fans of the president or mitt romney say he needs to be going back and forth between begging for the president money and affection the same time sorting his . kennedy: >> everyone is sick of mitt romney's antics right now. our bed i thought was not as harsh as some people made it out to be.
12:24 am
he agrees with a number of things president is doing as a wife but thinks he's not the most moral high character person on earth which is true which is something most people concede even if you like what he's doing. kennedy: mitt romney in the case in 2016 and did not ring true for voters. he thought at that point he would be drafted into the race and people would like for him to rescue the nomination from the british - >> everyone in the republican coalition shaft of translating trump is jesus christ. we write about things that sometimes . kennedy: they don't have to pretend mitt romney is jesus. he's trying to be a messianic figure and that's my problem with it. hyper moralizing and i'm so much better than you and it's like that may be but put it in your pipe and smoke it. >> romney probably won't do th that. kennedy: watching for mulligan beat each other is delightful. >> mitt romney you can't believe
12:25 am
anything he says the governor of massachusetts pro-choice. i'm running for president pro-life. i hate trump. i can basically estate now does not want to - [inaudible conversations] and then he does not want to be senator of utah but president. obviously so in addition to that the president talks about him play nice and you beat talks about play nice how will he play nice? if it's about him and if you spend as he has been historically soaked with the washy i don't know what the skype will do. this is a man who says obamacare, i invented obamacare. jump on board in a vote to dismantle it with the rest of us. i don't know what he's doing and why he's doing this now. kennedy: what is the bromley republican? >> it's a country club republican. republican party is by parties. he's the head of the country club guys which i kind of like and get that five. kennedy: do not pro- liberty.
12:26 am
>> no, but i love them temperamentally. the thing is mostly before and accurately assessed here the problem with trump's character but agreed with his policies which i did not think it was that harsh but looking at the president of the homeowners association take a swing at pt barnum. very different fight watching those two . kennedy: caged lines must be set free. >> it's a brilliant time-saving maneuver. the next time trump wakes up at 5:00 o'clock in the morning and threatens to maim rosie o'donnell on twitter romney can go i'm not into questions and i wrote this op-ed. then go back to his day. kennedy: exciting. much more with the panel because coming up we are three days into 2019 and the media is predicting it will be a tough one for president trump. i've got a few ideal there will promised peace and prosperity
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12:30 am
authoritarian agenda. president trump obviously a traditional conservative nor an ideologue except for his immigration alter orthodoxy and suits want to deal with the divided government. his desire to give-and-take from both sides can make the split houses and appealing challenge. talking is one thing but winning is something else entirely. what is the key to victory at the halfway point of his first term? that is easy. liberty. the president adopts a more focused and libertarian agenda he is more likely to get a interesting coalition out of the chaos. massive chasms in both parties right for expedition the president can use the bigger metal justice reform when as a map for unearthing legislative goals. 66% support legal cannabis and a time for the president to speed up the walk to green freedom and encourage congress to reschedule the substance if for no other reason than to help get people
12:31 am
off of deadly opiates. entitlements are the biggest debt choir on social security alone gobbled up a corner of the budget with trillion dollar a year in this appetite. combine that with medicare and you got a generation sorting bombs that will blow up the deficit in ten years as people live longer and cost of healthcare continues to go up. not because we don't have enough government healthcare because there's too much. the presidents backtracking on syrian troops removal shows how far and deadly it is to educate ourselves from complex wars in the middle east. it only proves what we should never be there in the first place. he will definitely find rational consensus from both parties to scale back our commitments abroad so we can save lives and money by staying out of wars differently don't pertain to us. with all the money saved and goodwill stored a pro- liberty agenda will keep the economy growing as the blowhards want to grow up, cut costs and work together to a real greatness and that is the memo.
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♪. kennedy: president said new divided congress could lead to a beautiful bipartisan type situation. could the president and the 116 congress work liberty magic together or will they act like bickering status? the panel is back with robbie, leslie and andrew. i will start with you. what is the most important thing for the president to tackle if you want to have success with both parties? >> you hit the nail on the head with legalizing marijuana. that is something worse than heroin right now according to federal government. we can fix that. other things too. i read up on ben carson and elizabeth warren both agree on certain housing policies where if you want to get a block grant
12:33 am
is a state you to relax your zoning regulations. everyone agrees high school workers are good coming into the country and impatient is fantastic if you're a high skilled worker. kennedy: more consensus on both sides but on but there's so much other reading and so much fighting is the pro- liberty tacked the best one for the president? >> no. kennedy: why? pgh. >> i live in california and i love freedom and liberty but if you look at what people came out and voted for the not what you voted for. two areas i think democrats and walk-ins can work together can pass and it becomes a win for both sides is infrastructure and we needed. and trade. hard on china, democrats are saying what happened to your campaign promises with china and currency minimization and has not touched down. kennedy: bigger deficit with more debt means less freedom and the economic isolationism also
12:34 am
very antifreedom and anti- free market. robbie. >> more to do on criminal justice reform. more people do more laws to be sentenced the people with no business still being in jail and cost so much to keep them there. you can release those people. also in terms of lives we have on the world trump is expressed nobly we should get people other places like syria and afghanistan. troops are in korean and troops all over the place. kennedy: bases all over the world. >> imposing our ideals on people. the drums and sing some against that have been good and many in the democratic coalition agree we should not do this they should building. kennedy: and i think that's a really smart move and you can take a rational look at the way we spend money in the military and is not thumbing your nose at those who wear the form. it's not withholding the necessary support from warriors and from veterans but what it does is it takes a responsible look at how we defend ourselves
12:35 am
and not imposing that the parts of the world that are frankly capable of defending themselves. >> sending our troops into areas of the world with no plan or reason to be there is not respecting them. that is disrespecting them. trump does understand that. kennedy: i thank you are right. that's why he's more popular with veterans than many in the media would let you believe. isn't that crazy? >> military is historically support more so policies of republican commander-in-chief than democrat. kennedy: typically correct and ran paul do well with . kennedy: and gary johnson because what is aleppo and they said that's right, someplace i don't want to go. >> they often feel taken for granted by people they no, will send more to war and is not well thought out. kennedy: your lives don't matter it's all political. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. kennedy: already.
12:36 am
new development tonight and the mysterious arrest of american paul whelen in russia. his lawyer appealed the jailing of the former us marine without bail which he argues in success. whalen was reportedly a charge with espionage and carries a sentence of up to 20 years in prison there. family says he was simply in moscow for a friend's wedding and as you know alleged russian spy played pled guilty last month to conspiring to act as an agent for the kremlin and has agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors. so to look white russians could have been here or is it just straight up payback? senior advisor to president trump and george w. bush christian. >> great to be here. kennedy: this little story is frankly weird. none of it at that. is there any way he could be a spike? >> it's extremely unlikely.
12:37 am
the us is known not to use nonofficial covers. that's what we would be if he was a spy. a lot of intelligent officers use diplomatic cover for many governments around the world. they go and pretend to be diplomats and have other duties if they get caught the worst that happens is sent home because they have diplomatic immunity. as a nokia don't have that immunity. you go to jail or be executed in some countries. the us does not do it that much but we become risk-averse especially post- watergate with intelligence reform. idea would take someone from a military background who does suspicious things and odd things and that he would be a knock in the most aggressive country for counterintelligence seems exceedingly unlikely. kennedy: he was discharged for the marine corps from bad conduct stealing social security number and writing bad checks so he was kicked out of the service and it's not like he's an exemplary marine - in that way he was expendable by the government and of course the
12:38 am
first place to look is with diplomats but not diplomat beyond russian social media for 13 years it's a little fishy? >> people with a mixed economic these were petty crimes but he was court-martialed and kicked out of the military and those be targets for recruitment by foreign and hostile and ultimate service but not by our own. people they have as officers who are engaged in espionage or running espionage is to the other extreme. backgrounds are so crystal-clear, if you will they often look like dudley do right and easy to spot because of that. kennedy: because they look like jim harbaugh? ass i think we can all agree on that. let's talk about maria because there are those who are saying this is tit for tat and she was arrested and cooperating with federal prosecutors in this
12:39 am
country and the russians won her back to do her harm because she's cooperating and so there's pinching someone and grasping at straws in order to get her back in there on fine graces. >> and to do trade to do a bridge of spy's situation. found a great espionage novel. it's unlikely in this case. the presence sentence she faces only potentially six-month. it's not like charge with espionage but charged with failing to register as an agent of a foreign power. the idea she has information beyond what is already been discovered in the indictment which is told investigators it's unlikely and the problem is if the russians were to trade whalen it would - they're saying he's a spy implies she is a spy when in fact they are said there no idea what she was doing. kennedy: no idea what she's doing. mike pompeo has been noncommittal about whalen and he's pretty much said yeah, well, we think it's necessary will ask him back.
12:40 am
>> secretary said is waiting to see what the legitimate reason according to russians is for charging for holding them. kennedy: what has john said he's met with paul whelen? >> i don't think he's and must publicly other than the meeting. kennedy: aspect as well. christian, holding does not at all. that's why it's so interesting. we shall see. thank you for mickey time tonight. >> thanks, kennedy. kennedy: coming up, or democrats to use government shutdown to secure a win in 2020? president think so am a stupid democrats are trying so hard to keep the president from scoring it when they're putting the country in danger. andy biggs dur -these people, they speak a language we cannot understand. ♪ [ telephone ringing ] -whoa. [ indistinct talking ] -deductible? -definitely speaking insurance. -additional interest on umbrella policy? -can you translate? -damage minimization of civil commotion.
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kennedy: breaking news, government shutdown house of representatives moments go voting on part of a series of bills that would end the government shutdown. but the only one they were not
12:44 am
does not include funding for the president border wall. to me arizona republican congressman and house judiciary committee andy biggs. voted on the bill and joins us now but will come back to the show. >> thanks, kennedy. kennedy: what did you vote on tonight? >> a bill that would fund dhs which includes tsa, border patrol and i.c.e. ages among others. just till february 8. democrats voted that out and go to senate where mitch mcconnell said will not put it up. as soon as i'm done with you i will go vote no on bill that would fund the other agencies through the rest of the fiscal year but neither one has portable funding in it. kennedy: you voted no on the first bill, correct? >> correct b1 if he goes to the senate it will die there. >> guess, like so many other dreams die. correct. kennedy: for so many people - that means the shutdown is going
12:45 am
to go on. what have you been told by your leadership about the shutdown? >> presidents committed and locked into this position and we are locked into the position and democrats seem to be locked in so what we are hearing is to be prepared for a fairly lengthy shutdown. to that end of us are trying to find a way to pay the people who work on the border and i.c.e. ages and tsa folks while they are in the shutdown because they are the ones who are not being paid. that is what will happen and we will see how it plays out. it will be a ways out before it's resolved. >> it will be the long is a government history? >> 21 days was long or short tempered well within our sites, quite frankly. kennedy: quite a record. who owns the shutdown? >> since chuck schumer is a guy who is refusing to budge in and see pelosi they own it.
12:46 am
here's why. there is not a bill on president trump's desk for him to sign or veto. he's indicated what he wants to do but does not have the opportunity to do more than bully pulpit it. people who produce the legislation which is congress which is the democrats in this instance because of the 60 vote rule in the senate they own the shutdown in my opinion. kennedy: you may feel that way but as the public feel that way? >> you know, i think so. right now the numbers - these things go the quickly as you might know. right now publicans feel strong and confident and blame the democrats. democrats in turn blame the republicans which is what makes the division within this country so palpable as we see it right here in the shutdown situation neither side has willing to take full ownership and pointing fingers at the other side. democrats do own it and the
12:47 am
public understand the. >> you do not vote for kevin mccarthy. if i was in your position i would not have either. a few voted for jim jordan which - what getting classy and sassy with massey. what is that they to republican leadership? >> my point was simple. we have a group of people and i like kevin but we are in the minority now because we did certain things and doing the same thing over and over again will not change outcomes. we need to make changes. i have immense respect for stephen kevin but i think we need to be changed and i we need to be ready to fight on the funding that democrats are putting forth with impeachment investigations and not going to look to be anymore bipartisan than we were and maybe even less so but that is why i voted for jim jordan. kennedy: it will be a long night and it's not going to be a short shutdown. you clearly have your work cut
12:48 am
out for you and thank you for taking time here tonight. >> good to be here with you, kennedy. kennedy: congressman vic, let's see what happens there and maybe congress can get something done on immigration. is that possible? >> i sure am hoping. this the wall is one thing that we have other policies in areas we have to get to whether they should rate cities and a lot to get you and is not just portab portable. >> andy, thanks again. no one ♪
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kennedy: a new york man arrested for attacking a deli worker who refused to make him a bagel. minimize the charges and says it was part of a smear campaign. that is an unfair big only bad joke. this is a tropical storm. there it is. florida mcdonald's where the worker are taking the fight for 15 to a whole new level. look at this fellow. arguing with the cashier who lives by the motto the customer is always right hooks. by the way your new year's diet is in trouble. if you are just insane oh gosh, mcdonald's sounds great right now. the vast state workers left him silly. he ended in jailbait on the site his about to start eating way healthier. video shared by customer who the police the man was arguing over a straw which is shocking because normally a straw man argument take place on done lemons show. [laughter] when life gives you lemons, change the channel.
12:53 am
topic number two. go to my home state of oregon. a man arrested after he tried to steal a bicycle. literally right outside a police station. yep. this might be the most embarrassing video you ever watch. i say that with all due respect to elizabeth warren's beer grab at this fellow that he could start a ridesharing program but unbeknownst to him the cops got a doorbell camp or christmas. who is they are? some jerk. oregon is such a hipster state even the terminals are locally sourced and now the cops will come posted. the bike bandit was booked on multiple charges but since been released and get this, ladies. told the cops he is single. check out his profile on felony harmony. he will steal your heart. in your bike. i wish i had a seat for my topic
12:54 am
number three. first international fashion trend 2019 is upon us and apparently backpacks are now really big in japan. look at that. it's called the backpackers closet. perfect for that moment when you trying to fit all your stuff in one bag on the plane. granted, they won't let you on board with one but you could claim you have your therapy elephant in there. each one goes for $240 but not easy to get because to pay with giant money. that's not true. the selling online so get one for the human trafficker in your life today. look, mom, i'm a mule. people of japan love their giant backpacks but not everyone in america seems to agree on them. it looks like a preview of tomorrow's shutdown meeting at the white house but let's be honest, it will not be this cordial. i'll give you a straw. topic number four.
12:55 am
finally we salute a florida woman used a toy gun to have a postal worker bled on a tricycle. in any other state people are like that's crazy but in flori florida, like that is best. i can't believe she got another one. the scale allegedly aimed a - honey, she in the toy gun and a mail carrier and looted his truck. call me old-fashioned but i miss the good old days when the packages get delivered and then you stole them off the porch. that is so last year. package pirate was caught by police after she attempted to flee on the over black tricycle and notice how they pointed out the exact color because other this is not the only tricycle robbery today in florida. they had to differentiate. she has been released on bail but her tricycle was impounded. her boyfriend is getting her a new bike. there you go, beth. i got you a bike. if only hit a giant backpack to
12:56 am
hide it in. so smart. topic number five. like a new year's gym membership this next segment is a dumb idea but it's time for viewer mail. thank you for nothing. indivisible rights i remember seeing kennedy on mtv when i was a kid and had no idea she was this mentally deranged. yeah, welcome to high death. jessica says - first him shame is delicious. michael brings it home with - we'll be right back, stay here. as a fitness junkie, i customize everything - bike, wheels, saddle.
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kennedy: breaking his house passed bills to reopen the government without putting the border wall. it will die in the senate. thank you for watching the best our of your day. i will be on the five tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern on the fox at 5:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel.ncer) the following is a paid advertisement from time life. (tapping) he was a virtuoso on the violin... -i think you play beautifully. -you do? yeah. (laughs) (laughter) (announcer) ...generous to a fault... why, baby when you go out with me, money means nothing... -why, i'll take ya-- -pardon me, mister, here's your penny change. (laughter) (announcer) ...and forever...39. who cares how old you are! it's how you feel, how you look. well, i look wonderful. (laughter) i mean, people tell me all the time! they can't get over how good i look on the stage.


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