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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 29, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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all of them right here in our country. what can we learn from him? that is tomorrow night right here at 8 p.m. eastern on trish reagan primetime. have a wonderful evening, everyone. kennedy is next. ♪ kennedy: the future begins now. kamala harris is on a in addition to bankrupt the country and we seal do it by running us into the ground with the progressive pipe dream known as medicare for all. last night she made her case on a. kennedy: town hall, already a town hall for just her. watch. >> i feel very strongly about this. we need to have medicare for all. that's just the bottom line. access to health care is a -- could not be thought of as a privilege. it could be understood as a right. kennedy: so are free bentleys. she wants to get rid of the private health insurance industry completely and playing
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to people's emotions by claiming it would not make us healthier but would cut down on the pesky paperwork. thank goodness. >> the idea is that everyone gets access to medical care and you don't have to go through the process of going through an insurance company, having them give you approval, going through the paperwork, all of the delay that may require. who of us have not had that situation where you've got to wait for approval and the doctor says i don't know if your insurance company is going to cover this. let's eliminate that. move on. kennedy: you don't move on. everyone who is in the audience, from canada said i had to do that, i had to wait a year to see a specialist. you think there are delays now, my dear. what you didn't hear her say is how we're going to pay for any of this. the cost would bring the economiteconomyto a grinding ha. estimates are in the 25 to $35 trillion range, more than 10.
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10% of the entire gdp of the united states. where in god's name would that money come from. oh, taxes. that's right. what about that part about making things easier. that is also a lie. all you have to do is take a look at canada or great britain where there are long lines for everything. there's one anecdote about a person saying they would have to wait four years to see a neurologist. let's go to tonight's panel where we've got editor at large and cohost of the fifth column podcast matt welch is here. and for the first time at the plexiglas oval, joined by media partner and cohost of the fifth column podcast, the greatest ever, kmele foster, fox nation host tom shillue. >> i could cohost the fifth column, couldn't i? kennedy: yeah. >> no. kennedy: it would be the sixth column. and then you would be like, i
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see libertarian people. that would be fun. so this feels like a winning strategy for all of the progressive democrats running for president. and so far they're getting a pass from anyone with a rational bone in their body who happens to work for mainstream media outlets. why is that? >> lord knows. joe scarborough is out there in the washington post. it's 177 million people would have their health care ripped up. i mean obamacare was kind of rough for the few million people who couldn't keep their plan. 177 million. everybody is going to have an absolutely different thing happen to them because of that. but there's an untethering on the democratic side from reality. republicans help by stop caring about fiscal reality, budgets with deb debts, who cares. democrats look around, oh, really we don't have to pretend to care, every eight years or
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so? so now it's going to be competitive medicare for all going forward, which makes the howard schultz entry into the race more interesting. he's calling bs on that in a way that makes all democrats upset. kennedy: he's not beholden to anyone right now. but as you look at this, it is massive fraud because you don't have a place to put the 150 million people. it is like the fire festival. so right now we're in the fun part of the fire festival where all of the models have shown up and everyone is getting them drunk, we're editing it on the island. medicare for all. that's where we're at in this scenario. but it all comes crashing down because we don't have villas on the beach. we have domes that are hurricane tents and everything is rain soaked anthere'soaked and there. >> when you pretend that things don't have costs associated with it, there are no trade-offs, you can guarantee anything you want,
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the one, the moon and the stars, it's damn easy to market your policy in that way. what i find interesting is did he look presidential? well, sure, to the extent that many presidents have gotten good and adept apt promising things and never talking about the serious actual tangible costs, the things we have to give up to attain the promised dream. i assume that's presidential but it's lie. a filthy lie and it's worth calling these people to account and demanding that they explain how this policy works. let's not worry about it. let's move on. let's move on is not policy detail but that's what she offered yesterday and it's shameful. kennedy: it is shameful because something has got to give and someone is going to suffer and it's going to be the people -- maybe not this general right right now tbhu 20 years when you the best people in society, the smartest and most focused who no longer want to go into medicine because with the medicare for
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all plan you're telling doctors that no matter how good they are at their area of expertise, they may not have expertise anymore and they're going to get paid the exact same as anyone else and on top of that everyone is going to have to take a 40% pay cut, would you do your current job with a 40% pay cut? >> i think i would. i love it so much, kennedy. kennedy: great answer. >> but -- kennedy: what if you had to look up people's chasms and parts? >> i don't think i would ever want to do that. but the thing is, the politicians realize we don't hold them account to anything. she can just change. she thinks very highly of herself as a political contender and she thinks i'm so skilled, watch me declare medicare for all and then when i get the democratic nomination i'll think of something else open my charm will pull it off. kennedy: how do you triangulate from this? how do you move on from this? this is progressive, far left, speaking to the wing of the democratic party.
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it feels like socialism is a good idea and the polling bears that out. what do you do toward a general election when you're asked harder questions because i don't think she's been politically challenged coming through the democratic machine in california. >> in addition to ripping up the entire health care industry she said we'll close down all for-profit colleges. okay. let's do that as well in a night where she's also defending her lousy, like some of the worst in the country record as attorney general. she has been one of the worst -- civil libertarians have been after her for years. i think what she's doing here is saying, hey, i can do the elizabeth warren thing and the bernie thing as well, maybe you'll stop asking me all of those questions how i covered the dirty cops, how i prosecuted medical marijuana dispensaries, i threatened parents of truant
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kids with jail. the thing is, that rhetoric will get it done. because it turns out -- and camille talks about this a lot. it turns out that the whole criminal justice reform that everyone was super excited about in 2014, '15 and '16, when you get an actual prosecutor in front of you, you say, whatever, that's just racist to say that she's a bad on crime person. it's awful. kennedy: well, you know what else is awful? howard schultz, if you ask democrats, they're so mad at him. today the former starbucks ceo, thinking of running as an independent as it were were quick to say that medicare for all will not work. >> senator harris is saying she wants to abolish the insurance industry. that's not correct. that's not american. what's next? what industry are we going to abolish next? kennedy: many have credited the congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez making it the
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first big issue of 2020 and she's sticking to he her guts. >> do you support senator harris' proposal last night in. >> i think that's the direction that we absolutely need to go in. kennedy: except for the going in that direction part. michael bloomberg, who is also said to be mulling a run, doesn't care for aoc's ideas, particularly her green new deal. in fact today he said, quote, i'm a little tired of listening to things that are pie in the sky. several democrats are reportedly considering a primary challenge against ocasio-cortez. they feel she's dragging the party too far to the left and she hasn't been on the job for a month. what does this tell you about the progressive wing of the democratic party. i think it's interesting because you have democratic socialists who are upset with her because she's really, in some ways, abandoning the agenda to talk about herself and you have establishment democrats who are upset with her because she's talking about aligning herself
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with a group of people who want to primary incumbent democrats. >> it is a very unusual situation to see the democrats -- to see the schism so obviously on display for their contempt of ocasio-cortez who didn't wait her turn. kennedy: that's what they're saying. there are people who will anonymously say -- lawmakers in new york state who have been waiting for 20 years for that seat and she just went ahead and took it. we're going to take it back. >> to focus on the policy for a moment with president elect starbucks there, i'm not at all certain i know where he's coming from. when i hear him sort of dismiss the policy of medicare for all as un-american, what does that mean exactly? what are you willing to do? he says in the same breath, well, we shouldn't get rid of the affordable care act. why shouldn't we get rid of this? kennedy: yeah, the most american thing you can do is offer people
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comois so they cachoice so theyr own decisions so they have a freedom to choose. that's a very american thing to do. and howard schultz is attacking the president for being politically experience. what sort of police call experience does she have. >> she has a lot of ceo experience. i'm going to listen to a lot of people. kennedy: i don't like that. i want to hear solutions and ideas. i'm done with listening. listening is lazy. that's a bay to o'rourk pea a b. >> on any otherrier he would be a left wing democrat. he talks the social justice game. but his wholesalesmanship is i'm a reasonable guy and i would keep everything obama did, elect me. that's good enough for a certain
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group of people. kennedy: we'll see if that certain group of people is big enough. steve schmitt is saying the democrats are going to nominate someone so far the to the left their candidacy is going to crater. and when they head to the general election, they're going to need someone else. they're homing they're going to play howard schultz. >> yes, w you could be in a situation where the independents is getting more votes than the democrat. kennedy: gary johnson is going to save us all. socialism destroy venezuela. moments ago trish reagan interviewed juan guaido and he explained what socialist leaders have done to his country. >> translator: no social services, no gas supply, they're cooking with wood fire. they destroyed and ruined one of
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the most prosperous countries in the world that supports. that's why the production of assets supported by the united states is very important. because the pillaging cannot continue. we need to protect the industry to make it prosperous again kennedy: will any of our socialist politicians heed the warning and will they make the connection between socialism? >> they put a fire wall in what happens in venezuela -- kennedy: it's democratic socialism. it's different. >> it's different. and if people aren't connecting the mind sets of it. kamala harris is going to be, the state is going to tell you what you can and cannot do, the state will back it by force. we know what to do better than you do. we want the good goals and we
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will find good experts to carry out the goals an it's not at all the same as people doing it in a latin american country. they should question their assumptions more than they are. kennedy: we don't need to be there with our military, right? >> i'm not so sure about that. kennedy: look at mr. hawkish foster. why don't i give you a white mustache to glue on your face. how about 5 thowrntion troop 5,. >> i won't dismiss it. kennedy: you're leaving everything on the table. >> this could be a significant problem for us if it disintegrates. i'm not certain i oppose the united states taking a position here saying we no longer support the incumbent regime because they've been awful and the elections are a shame. kennedy: we're up against a hard break. tom shillue, i turn to you. >> it's a terrible situation. i'm dispositionally opposed lie
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camille is. i'm not sure -- kennedy: it's probably just a nuclear device. >> maybe something le less than that. kennedy: it's going to work out well for the panel because they're brilliant and going to be back a little later. coming up, you may have to wait another week for the president to deliver the state of the union but you'll get the libertarian version right here tonight. plus, roger stone in court today pleading not guilty to a bunch of charges in the mueller investigation. cory lecorey lewandowski claimse kicked mueller off of the team and he'll explain next.
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hit d.c. today where the former presidential adviser and long time trump associate pleaded not guilty to seven charges stemming from the special counsel's investigation into the 2016 election. stone was greeted by hundreds of cameras and hecklers but the one thing he didn't face were charges related to russian collusion which was of course supposed to be the focus of the mueller investigation. stone was also charged with conspired with wikileaks and has
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left critics wondering what the point of last year's fbi raid was aside from giving cnn its first rivetting content in three years. "blackfish" i his you to much. stone said the case against him is razor thin but the white house has taken steps to distance itself from him and my next guest says they're wise to do so. cory lew win do sccorey lewando. you say that he deserves to be in jail? >> i think that's true. i'm proud to say i'm the person who fired roger stone from the trump campaign as early as i could possibly do it. this is a guy who we have now seen on numerous occasions says he did one thing and under oath said i really just said i did those things and what i said and have done are two different things. he takes credit for things he never did. the bottom line is, he's a
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serial liar. a self promoter and i am certain that he lied to congress because he lies to everybody about everything. kennedy: well that's a ringing endorsement. who hired him in the first place? did you? >> no, kennedy, i'll tell you this. unfortunately roger stone has been hanging around the trump administratioorganization and td for many many many years. probably north of 30 years. so i inherited some bad pennies when i came to the campaign. he and his protege, sam nunberg -- kennedy: sam had a meltdown on live television. >> i'm proud to say i fired him as well. kennedy: you have really had quite a job there between pal manafort and roger stone and some of the others who have been swirling around this campaign, even jorge papadopoulos, you wornd what iwonder what is it ae
9:22 pm
president that attracts these kind of people. >> these people want to be around a base of power. paul manafort had business in d.c. and now i think they're going to be reunited in a cell somewhere to reunite the lobby show. these guys want to be around power. they want to be around donald trump but they did it for their own reasons. but the deal is their indictments have nothing to do with the campaign or this fake russia collusion narrative. as you know, i'm not a fan of roger stone - -- kennedy: really? >> the tactics they used to pull him out of his house at a predawn raid -- kennedy: during the shutdown. how many fbi agents were there? how many vehicles were there? so if you work in federal law enforcement and you're not at the fbi and you're watching this, i wonder what's going through your head. we talk about the abuses of power in this country. and too much money being concentrated in too few places s
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with virtually no oversight. that's one of the things that comes to mind. if you think about the bad people that the fbi has had to frog march throughout their storied history. roger stone is a freak but i don't know if he meets the threshold of some of the other bad guys who didn't have the same level of armament. >> andy mccabe and comey and brennon and clapper, they've all lied to congress. we don't see the fbi kicking down their doors. roger stone didn't even have a valid passport. he was not a flight risk. they could have calleds his attorney saying bring him many in. let's kick down andy mccabe's door, convicted of lying under oath, why haven't they done that. there's two separate sets of rules, one for the hillary clinton supporters and one for the donald trump supporters.
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kennedy: i'll be cure use to see how this wraps into the larger investigation and i hope that we get to read the mueller report to decide for ourselves. thank you very much. coming up, president trump was supposed to deliver his state of the union address tonight but republicans and democrats, they all screwed it up. and to show you there's a better way, i will give you my libertarian state of the union in my monologue. that and reaction from thomas matthews next. -you mean, like, lunch? -come on. voted "most likely to help people save $668 when they switch." -at this school? -didn't you get caught in the laminating machine? -ha. [ sighs ] -"box, have a great summer. danielle." ooh. danielle, control yourself. i'd like to slow it down here with a special discount for a special girl. danielle, this one's for you.
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kennedy: as you know tonight was supposed tore the state of the union but since blow hard nancy pelosi is into take backs i have been asked to give a libertarian state of the union. and if you want the union to persist, this is the only one that matters. the president ran suicide an noninterventionist, a win he can't overindulge as far as liberty is concerned. he laid out the dire
9:29 pm
consequences of nation building, success of the administration has only extended failure and bloodshed for one empty presidency to the next. we're gradually reducing our footprint in syria and downsizing in afghanistan as it's painfully clear that the thousandtrillions we've spent ae thousands lost have only benefited iran. we have not solved the riddle to replace islam and until we do that we shouldn't be anywhere near the devils chamber pot. and now we turn to the tur noil in venezuela where the brain drain has left its most vulnerable citizens defenseless. the president must lean on his noninterventionallist impulses knowing that american bloodshed would be immoralist. now back home we've seen great
9:30 pm
bipartisan strides and meaningful justice reform legislation that four years ago would have seemed impossible in a republican administration. this president can set the tone for the states and future leaders to fix families, communities and individuals through the thoroughly american ideals of rehabilitation and redemption, not mass incarceration. unemployment is still unbelievably low and even with a slight uptick in december due to increased labor participation, women are seeing their lowest unemployment numbers in 65 years while black unemployment is at an all-time low. if the president can focus on these numbers, any democratic opponent would be hard pressed to sell a doom and gloom jobs message. work always dr triumph. the tax cuts were great, gdp growth is double the average of the obama years. but the broad trend is meaningless without cost cutting and serious intit lment reform. if left unchecked, status quo,
9:31 pm
medicare and social security sprees will tank economic growth and good will in half a generation. and more than anything the president needs to capitalize on it is capitalism and realize we're at a crossroads with younger voters see socialism as fun and viable. it is not. it is deadly for the economy and a state run society will evolve into ven venezuela under the wrg conditions. wealth condition and job growth are snog tis nothing to be asha. all of these positive things should be embraced. when viddism trumps statism anything is possible. god bless america. that's the memo. there's currently a civil war going on between the progressive and centrist wings of the democratic party and the gop has been dealing with its own identity crisis under the
9:32 pm
rise of trumpism. how do we get the message of liberty out there? let me ask one of the liberty minded congress people there in the swamp, thomas massey. is our libertarian movement strong? >> i think this president is more of a populous than a libertarian. but if you're a libertarian, you have to be cheering. everything you said in the state of the union is correct. i would add to his libertarian legacy is the appointment of over a dozen noninterventionist judges that don't legislate from the bench. they're not activists. that's going to be an endearing legacy. you nailed it. his biggest legacy for libertarians, if he can pull it off, get out of all of the wars around the globe that we shouldn't be in that are not in america's best interest. kennedy: and they're very expensive. some of these places we've been in for decades when you look at
9:33 pm
some of the bases that we are all around the world. is that really necessary for sustaining peace and freedom in this post modern age? >> it's counter productive to peace and sustaining freedom. in fact i would go further and say that this president -- under this president nato hasn't expanded. by expanding nato over the past -- that's what the post presidents have done, is to welcome other countries in there. we've sort of been poking people who could be our friends in the eye and now they're our adversaries. it's important for us to pull bhak. back. there will be more peace if we're not in everybody's business. kennedy: that brings me to venezuela. i touched on it a little bit and i know this is a sticking point because i know there are people who want to stand up for freedom. if you look at afghanistan, it's not hard to see how a well-intentioned incursion can creep into something that is now
9:34 pm
going into its 18th year. >> yeah. i'm not cheering for socialism by any means down there. but look, we don't need to be sending troops. we do not need to intervene. i've got faith in the people down there. and by the way, if you do the work for them, then they're not going to be able to sustain it. i mean they need to take their country back. that's what they're doing. we should not meddle in those affairs there either. kennedy: yeah. we have not been attacked by venezuela. and you know, i always think that there is a free market an an economic solution. and i understand that john bolton is real excited to get into one of these hot spots and the president so far has not allowed him to do so. but the fact that john bolton has the president's ear, what does that tell you ultimately about his foreign policy? >> it tells me the president needs a new adviser. he needs to replace john bolton as soon as possible. look, also if we're scoring this on a libertarian score card, the
9:35 pm
top of the deep state is gone. look, the fbi was trying to run our government. that's not a democracy. it's almost a banana republic. and five of six of the top people at the fbi are gone now. that's a victory in and of itself. let's also look at the programs that haven't been created. i mean president obama created obamacare. before that george bush created medicare part d. thank goodness president trump hasn't created another social program. it's like every president thinks his legacy is going to be one of these social programs and so far trump hasn't done that. i score that as a libertarian victory. kennedy: yes. and i think we need to push the president and everyone who is capable of doing it to push the ideas of economic freedom over socialism. because it's critical to get that message out there and to do it effectively. because it is one of optimism. it is one that looks at human nature through a much more positive lens and that must
9:36 pm
prevail. thanks for the work that you do. thanks for coming by. >> thanks, kennedy, for your state of the union. kennedy: hallelujah. someone had to do it. speake speaker and nancy pei agree he would give his state of the union a week from tonight. pegging his approval rating around 30%, one point above his record low last august. so request president trump recover some of his mojo in the state of the union. the panel is back, matt, camille and tom. so, you know, there is some polling that says the president was hurt by the shutdown. we didn't really accomplish anything. so what does he need to do in the state of the union to turn some of those numbers northward? >> you mentioned the good things, the job tough, the economy stuff, very good. i think one of the biggest things he can do is be normal.
9:37 pm
because i happen to be somebody who thinks that president trump is not that weird. you know, i totally -- i can totally deal with president trump. but a lot of people think he's a total wea weirdo. so whenever he gives a normal teleprompter type speech it does well for him and he has an opportunity to do that here. just to tick off all of the gains and the economic stuff. and then to talk about that he does have a plan for his wall and that he's being reasonable and that he's putting up offers and they're rejecting him and he can play the victim now. kennedy: he is doing that pretty well considering how quickly he goes off of the rails when he's corrected by someone. so who does he appeal to, do you think, next tuesday night? he's lost ann colter. she wrote a book about him. some of his supportive fanatics. or does he go big ten and try to
9:38 pm
appeal to moderate republicans? >> yeah, i have no idea. kennedy: by offering a bunch of free stuff. >> i suspect there will be a lot of promises of free stuff. i respect the congressman within i like him a lot. i think it's true when we talk about what the president has done well, i guess i'm banking on the things he hasn't done, the programses he hasn't created. but he's perfectly willing to spend money we don't have to maintain a number of really wasteful programs. and for all of us noninterventionist impulses and recent announcements that he'll be withdrawing from places, there's a lot of pressure for him to stay in those place fors the long run. i'm not sure we'll get the returns that i would like to see from a president and i'm note nt certain what that means to him. >> what i'm worried about is that he has said throughout his presidency in 2017 and elsewhere that yes, we shouldn't be doing nation building awrod in the middle east and north africa. i would love to see this in the
9:39 pm
state of the union saying we are coming home from afghanistan. but in the same speeches he talks about a spear of influence and he's been more aggressive toward venezuela. i'm afraid that his instiptions are mashed up there. we haven't had any bad thing happen. nothing really bad has happened in the last two years, we haven't had an economic crash. we might have one. a downturn. we haven't had a huge terrible thing happen abroad. it could happen here in venezuela soon. i wish that he would focus on pulling the troops back and doing the one thing to get bipartisan support which is the next step act. the next criminal justice deform. kennedy: the first step act is a great place to start but we have a long way to go. >> and they're working on it. that's great. kennedy: tom, camille and matt, what a wonderful night. state of our union is pretty solid, man.
9:40 pm
coming up, the nation's top intelligence officials had sobering things to say about north korea, iran and isis and they said those aren't even the biggest threats. we'll get our own briefs from mike baker, the real secretary of defense. he's next.
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♪ ♪ kennedy: don't be so shallow. u.s. officials briefed the senate intel committee today on the worldwide threat assessment. among those to testify, correctecorrectdirectorof nation coats. >> we assess that foreign actor wills view the 2020 u.s. elections as an opportunity toed advance their interests. we expect them to refine their capabilities and add new tactics as they learn from each other's experiences as efforts in
9:45 pm
previous elections. kennedy: coats also stated that north korea will not give up its nuclear weapons because the va jet stream views the weapons as critical to its survival. pushed back on the president's claim that acra iran could devea weapon. other than that it with as great day. joining me now to discuss the bad news briefing, former cia officer, it is make baker. welcome back, sir. >> welcome back. oh, to me. welcome back. kennedy: a couple of things strike me. i want to talk about russia and china. that was one of the thets that he laid out that they're getting together -- they see us collectively as their biggest threat. and you know, china sees russia had such an easy time screwing around with the 2016 election that why shouldn't they get in on the party in 2020. >> yeah. look.
9:46 pm
i mean, there's a couple of things about this. first of all, when you talk about russia and china possibly aligning closer together, that happens in cycles over the generations. we've seen that before. you know, russia, secondly, russia is kind of like the interstating pal oirritating pa. russia always punches above its waite. the gdp of a small european country. and when they see it in their own particular interest to align with china, they'll do it. but it only goes so far. i'm not overly concerned with that. these annual assessments tend to be fairly bland because their sis similadissemination is fair. frankly what they're saying -- they're not going out on a limb. kennedy: no they're not going out on a limb but is it -- do we usually see this much contrast between what the president says
9:47 pm
and how he assesses the foreign landscape and what the intelligence community says whom don't trust because i think it's stilled filled with deep staters. >> it's a very good point that you raise. there are a couple of reasons for it. one, we've got a president who tweets and he makes these absolute statements, we've defeated isis, i've removed the north korea nuclear threat. what i would say -- part of this is why the assessment is getting attention. any chance you can to show daylight between the intel community and trump, they will do that. when they talk about certain things, look, there are serious-minded people within the administration who understand that north korea is not likely to give up its weapons programs easily. but yet what they're saying is dialogue, you know, maybe shifting our policy towards north korea, maybe trying something different because the past several decades has been
9:48 pm
nothing, maybe we try something knenew with the reality it's gog to be different. with iran the assessment says we don't see iran developing nuclear weapons. guess what, we dispil hav stillo problem. we have no access to their military facilities. kennedy: i don't trust iran but i do see north korea having a little more aspirational attitude than they have in the past and they haven't tested a nuclear weapon and they haven't thrown any missiles even the sea of japan. thank you for being here. you always make sense of everything. mike baker, very good indeed. topical storm is next. stick with us. each day justin chooses to walk. at work... and after work. he does it all with dr. scholl's. only dr. scholl's has massaging gel insoles that provide all-day comfort. to keep him feeling more energized.
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kennedy: windchill temperaturess are expected to hit a negative 50 degrees in chicago tomorrow. luckily this isn't expected to happen again because knowing chicago old man winter is going to get mug pd. get in the house and crank up the heat because this is the topical storm. a little shot of fire bomb never hurt anybody. topic number one, we begin in tempe, arizona where cupid seems to be everywhere but the gym. first there was magic mike and now tragic mike. a donut shop is selling
9:53 pm
deliveries from this dancing cupid. we weren't going to show this but then we thought about the important message for the kids. and that message is, stay in school, believe it or not the dancing donut grams are a huge hit and the company is looking to hire two more dancers. if you need a gig, you might want to give it a go. from what i can tell these guys ra ellie bring home the bacon. the job pays well too. topic number two. winter is here but that didn't stop a north dakota man from buying a new car and taking it for a spin. oh gosh. this is going to wreck that true coat i just paid extra for. this poor fellow was trying to steer clear of the broke down car. he avoided it. the bad news is he spilled donut all over his cupid costume.
9:54 pm
luckily no one was hurt and the man told police he was on the way to the fanciest restaurant in all of north dakota. let's hope he enjoyed his arby's. we have the meat! topic number three. new jersey. very classy. not just to raise our collective self esteem. a youth basketball game got out of hand after a mom got called for charging. this is not a new show on bravo called "basketball moms" but it probably will be if this video makes the rounds. it's unclear what started the fray kus bu but they could have been drunk. momsdo a lot of drinking at the sporting events. i would know because i'll not allowed in the gym when think girls compete anymore. they've made six arrested but the judge sentenced them all to
9:55 pm
time served by living in jersey. they shared a ride home from the courthouse. i said take a right here. you can laugh. these two drive better than most people in the garden state. don't take my word for it. just don't go there. topic number three. the good news for president trump is that construction has finally pe gun on a southern border wall. the bad news is it's in denmark. danish officials are building a fence along the expwrer man board tore keep out pigs who have said to be contaminated with swine flu. there's a caravan forming in northern germany marching toward the border but the liberal farmers say there's no pig crisis and this is a manufactured controversy by the danish prime minister. nothing left the do now but shut down the government and duke it out on twitter. the piggy partition was finished yesterday but unfortunately it's
9:56 pm
broken because they bought it from an ikea in sweden. luckily they got a ton of meatballs to feed the workers. wouldn't that be fun in a food fight? we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the trump administration today addressing the national security crisis at our southern border. announcing several thousand of our troops will be sent to the border in support of the department of homeland security mission. with the first members of the newest caravan from central america arriving in tijuana in recent days and thousands more behind them, as many as 12,000 in this next caravan. the need for border security, the border wall, is absolutely manifest, more evident than other. the radical


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