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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  March 12, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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matt gaetz, and morgan wright whereare among this guest. bulls and bears are here sat 5:00 p.m. eastern fox business network. good night from new york. trish: a nationwide college admission scam expose be hip credit i at its work. all generated to get these people's kids into some of the country's best colleges. lori loughlin and felicity huffman are just two among those arrested. it comes at the expense of all of us. the rest of the country. we have new developments for you on this breaking story in just
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moments. nancy pelosi trying to rein in the fringe elements of her party. you know who they are, the three of them trying to hold it hostage. nancy pelosi says she is against the impeachment of president trump. >> they wanted to impeach bush for the iraq war. i didn't believe in it then and i don't believe in it now unless there is some conclusive evidence. trish: she left a little wiggle room there. which is it? venezuela tonight on the brink of a potential civil war as the brutal socialist dictator nicolas maduro goes on national television. this as he attempts to charge the opposition leader, the man
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freed world recognizes as the leader of the country, with sabotaging the national electrical grid. warm guaido said he was considering invoking article 187 of the venezuelan constitution to bring foreign forces into venezuela. trish: . 50 people have been charged in a massive cheating and bribery scandal with the fbi busting open a multi-billion dollar college admission scheme. felicity huffman and full house actress lori loughlin, both
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indicted in the scandal. molly line is here with more. reporter: prosecutors, the fbi announcing the culmination of operation varlsity blues. the bus-up of a college admin scheme that's includes bribery, fake tests, and fake athletic prowess. >> we are here to announce charges in the largest college admission scam in the mist of our country. >> rich and privileged parents were willing to cheat to get their kids into elite schools. including lori loughlin and felicity huffman. >> they flaunt their wealth, sparing no expense so they could set their children up for success with the best education money could buy literally.
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some spent anywhere from $200,000 to $6.5 million for guaranteed admission. reporter: william rick singer of newport beach, california fled guilty to racketeering conspiracy, money laundering and obstruction of justice. the charges are that he helped parents fake their kids' athletic prowess. >> $85 million were paid in total to guarantee admission to yale, georgetown, stanford, the university of southern california, the university of texas, ucla, and wake forest. reporter: investigators say the institutions did not know about the scam. >> we believe everyone charged here today had a role in fostering a role of corruption
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and greed that created an uneven playing field for students trying to get in the right way through hard work, grades and community serb advice. trish: a judge is asking actress felicity huffman can be released in a $250,000 bond. we are also getting word that lori loughlin's husband can be released on a $1 million bond. here with me for reaction is former nevada gop state chairman and airport herself. amy, this is -- i guess in some ways this is in the back of everyone's mind. somehow these games happen. this has taken it to a whole other level where you had people
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going in and taking the test for the kids. and you had fake photos of them in their athletic ability. what's your reaction to this? how much does this set these elite colleges back? >> the arrogance is mind blowing. the selfishness is repulsive. i have four children. you mentioned i was a parent. i will have 3 in high school next year. i have one daughter in particular who works her tail off to can valedictorian. she is so well rounded. she work incredibly hard making sure she does her best academically, athletically and she is involved in the community. to hear stories like this. when you hear parents who pretty much minimize or diminish this hard work by many of these people who are trying to get into these great schools.
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and by saying don't worry, honey, mommy and daddy will pay for it, we have it taken care of. trish: emma, what do you see on college campuses. is this talked about? is this known? certain people are parents with fat wallets who are able to grease the wheels? >> these comes as a shock. these are great student, who are working hard. it would be insulting to know there is a chance that the kid next to you in class had their mom and dad pay for them to get in. i can't imagine anything for insulting that mom and dad pay something one to take a test for you to get into college. trish: part of life is working hard for something and having something to be proud of saying
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i did that. i created that. i accomplished that. i am the one that got the a. i am the one who got the great score on the s.a.t. you are taking that away from a child, which gets us to a bigger and broader story. things are too off be handed to them. it's too easy. and it takes a little bit of the fun out of it. doesn't it, amy. you know when your daughter gets an a on her test it's because she has worked hard. and there is a pride and element of fun that guess into that and sense of accomplishment which is so critical for every american. >> heaven forbid that she actually achieved that with her own merit. i'm so incredibly proud of all my children and how much effort they put into their academics and athletics. the fact that these parents took the spot of more qualified kids
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is mind blowing to me. the level of hypocrisy as well, a number of these elite hollywood actresses and actors and administrators in universities, the majority of them are liberal. they are the ones who usually tout equality for all. let's make sure we take care of the minorities and let's make sure we are concerned about the lower and middle class who can't pay for the full tuition. trish: when you are taking their spots at school, it will make it harder for them to compete and make it a fair and level playing field. emma, how would you feel to one of the kid month got a rejection letter because lori loughlin or another celebrity's child got in instead. >> it would be terrible.
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finding out this kind of news, it shows you, this country is a place where we should be able to work for our merit. and this shows it's important we hold colleges accountable. i think these people are going to be brought to justice. what this story plays into is people see college degrees as an easy ticket to a good job and certain level of income. we know you have to work hard and prove you can do things to get a good job and get that income. greasing the wheels is not going to help people long term. the young adults will graduate and realize they didn't get that credit. trish: you will have a skewed vision of the world. the world doesn't work that way. talent matters. skills matter. the sooner we can teach those kid that, the better. we have more developing on this
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story. also coming up. house majority leader nancy pelosi trying to rein in the extremists in her party saying impeaching president trump just isn't worth it. but she is going to have a tough time trying to make that case to a lot of those freshmen democrats who have only one thing on their agenda, to impeach the president. ilhan omar and ocasio-cortez pretend venezuela isn't so bad. take a look at those images. this is the desperation you see. people attempting to find water to drink. this is sewer water that they are drinking in this video. this is the desperation of the people tonight in venezuela. every day maduro clings to power, the chances civil war
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trish: house speaker nancy pelosi atelling to gain some control over the far left today. >> to take your eye off that ball is not good. what i'm saying is from our standpoint our day-to-day work is not about him, it's about the american people. trish: good for her. if only she can get the rest of them to fall in line.
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deneen borelli and scott bolton. it's a detour to go down this whole impeach thing. but that's what so many freshmen new members of congress have been asking for. is nancy pelosi going to be able to be the leader she need to be and get everybody back on course? >> i think everybody is on course. the diversity of the democratic party is our strength. our unity has been our power since trump has been in office. trish: ilhan omar, congresswoman tlaib, and aoc, you think they are helping the democratic party? >> i think nancy pelosi thinks they are helping the democratic party. they are united on the democratic front and united on
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beating trump. deneen borelli, i think look, if i were a democrat i would want to see some kind of consistency in the party and i would want to see on one page and it certainly wouldn't be the socialism page. it will get them four more years of donald trump if they put up the likes of bernie sanders on that ticket. if i were a democrat, to see someone who is responsible on that ticket with the chaos within the party, and the extremism which i refer to as the alt-left taking hold, i don't know if they will get that, which is a recipe for four more years of donald trump. >> i agree. chaos is the great word of the day, trish. nancy pelosi has lost complete control. it's not just march madness with
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college basketball, it's march madness in the house of representatives. nancy pelosi has zero control over the freshmen running circles around her. omar, ocasio-cortez, tlaib. their extremist views, socialism, impeach donald trump. they cannot control them. trish: i get the sense that is a power trip they are not willing to disengage from. if anything, they seem emboldened right now. aoc, ilhan omar, thraib. i think there is a strength they see in that in being different. i hear the diversity thing. i welcome -- i have got you on this show, right? i welcome intellectual diversity. i want to hear all side.
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i understand that the party wants to be welcoming to all sides. but at some point you have to say, let's get in line because we want to win come 2020. if you think this is somehow a made-up crisis, that won't play in peoria. you know how i feel about the venezuela issue. those three freshmen are using the media and the media is use them to get their message out and reflect their constituency. the people we ought to be listening to are the democrats that turned those districts blue. you might get media coverage. but those are the ones to watch. to beat trump you will have to hold those districts, and all get unified behind that ticket. i think even those on the far left of the progressives will
8:21 pm
fall in line behind the issue. but that doesn't mean they won't be unified in the end. >> ocasio-cortez recently spoke at a conference with a lot of young people. the featured panel for her was ocasio-cortez, the new left. this is certainly the new left. the establishment cannot rain in these guys. i think this is looking better and better for president trump in 2020. americans don't want this kind of extremism. >> she is not running for president, quite frankly. bernie is running. but he won't get the nomination either. it's early. so let's keep watching, folks.
8:22 pm
deneen, good to see you. another journalist detained in venezuela. he was someone who challenged socialist dictator nicolas maduro's brutal policies. i challenge nicolas maduro's brutal poll is every day on the show. how lucky are we that we live in this country where we have freedom of speech and freedom of the press. where i can say whatever i want about the trump administration or about the maduro administration or anyone i choose. because of that freedom. so for all those who claim the white house is stifling free speech, i'm setting the record straight. and i have an update on this journalist. secretary of state mike pompeo pulling the rest of our diplomats out of venezuela. what that move could mean for possible military action. general bob scales was coming up
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trish: tonight another journalist goes missing after the maduro regime attacked him for his anti-dictatorship stance in venezuela. lurks is carlos diaz went missing yesterday in venezuela. it has been more than 24 hours since he disappeared after the socialist dictator nicolas maduro said just moments after the man the read world recognize as the president of venezuela appeared on this show, that he, nicolas maduro, that's him on national television, is calling on all the para military groups known as colectivos, these are armed gangs, to take to the
8:28 pm
streets to intimidate people. just minutes before that, juan guaido, the man the free world recognizes as the rightful president of that country per their constitution appeared exclusively in an interview with me, his first one since returning home to caracas. there is a section of the constitution where you can ask for military help. my question is will you ask for it. >> [through the interpreter] it's part of article 187 of our national constitution. it allows for an outside country to cooperate or assist venezuela in the sense as stated in this article of the constitution which empowers me as the person in charge to employ whatever measures are necessary to enact this cooperation and assistance for venezuela.
8:29 pm
trish: so the world and the people of venezuela now face a choice. we can see freedom and democracy with juan guaido in venezuela, and all the wonderful things that come with that, including economic opportunity or we can continue to watch the miserable suppression of nicolas maduro without it. for all that was said about the trump administration, let me pint out something that i can -- point out something i can tell you would never actually happen in venezuela. >> if the president uses the same kind of language we heard in 2016? >> there are a lot of -- any possibility of removing -- >> i didn't hear you answer the
8:30 pm
question. does the president believe democrats hate jews? trish: before you jump on this administration as suppressing the freedom of the press band wagon. that kind of press conference, that came from today, by the way, that would never be tolerated in an authoritarian regime. a dictatorship in which journalists are jailed and tortured or even killed for their reporting. here with me right now to react to all of this, presidential historian, doug wead. that was yesterday be press conference. but reporters can say what they think, can say what they believe in this country, and they dock so without the fear of being taken from their home in the middle of the night as we know so many journalists have in venezuela, and that's something that is a wonderful freedom, and
8:31 pm
i think we should never forget it's an important part of who we are as a nation. am i correct? >> we should never forget it. that harvard study showed 96% of the news stories about donald trump were negative. when you think of maduro in venezuela and journalists that are being detained and put in prison, the political prison he has, including journalists from france and germany. that doesn't get a lot of attention. you mentioned luis carlos. what was heartbreaking was to see the venezuelan people struggling to help by tweeting out, they wanted everybody in the country, be on the alert, do you see him? do you see him? looking for this little beacon of hope because he's a journalist willing to risk his life to tell the truth.
8:32 pm
it's heartbreaking. trish: i think that about journalists and politicians. we had many political activists. you probably met julio is living in exile in colombia. and trying to help from colombia. tore david zalans scrks i who had to hide out in the colombian jungle for weeks before he could get to freedom. we have had people who have been jailed by nicolas maduro because they have a different opinion. and there are people who have had far worse things happen to them. and it shows you, in some ways how quickly i think a country and society and a system can
8:33 pm
deteriorate because this is not the venezuela that existed, and i say this to you as an historian in the 1980s and 1990s. this is the direct result of socialism and a system that cannot work economically. thanks to hugo chavez and nicolas maduro. >> this is a country where people are reduced to drinking out of the girts and sewers. our socialist bernie sanders and some of the others were admitting and saying that limiting free speech on the university of california berkeley, bernie sanders said that's intellectual weakness. you ought to let them speak. now they are backing off of that and back off any condemn the nation of maduro. what do they need to see before they say no, that's not the kind
8:34 pm
of socialism we want in america. what will they need to see? trish: i asked juan guaido that very question and he invited them to come down so they could see it firsthand in noise power, no food, no water, no medicine. that's the reality of 20 years of socialism in venezuela. the hashtag is dondeestacarlos. there are some reports that he is home safe. i can't confirm that but let's hope for the best. juan guaido telling me he's considering invoking article 187 from the constitution.
8:35 pm
that's a mall that's been looted in venezuela. they are resorting to looting of drug stores of this particular mall. article 187 would allow congress to authorize military operations. general bob scales is here with what that might mean in terms of whether we would engage in any kind of military intervention in venezuela. next, federal prosecutors indicting dozen of elites in hollywood, including a pair of actresses. they are all trying to get their kids into the best colleges in the country. we have the legal fallout of this pay-to-play scandal coming up. she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪ now...
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8:40 pm
it? >> [through the interpreter] it's part of article 187 of our national constitution for venezuela. it allows for an outside country to cooperate or assist venezuela as stated in this article of the constitution which empowers me as the person in charge to employ whatever measures are necessary to enact this cooperation and assistance for venezuela. trish: the man the united states and the rest of the free world recognizes as the president of the venezuela per the venezuelan constitution telling me he would consider invoking article 187 of the venezuelan constitution which would thrs foreign military action in his country. this as the brutal socialist dictator nicolas maduro goes on television moments after senior
8:41 pm
guaido came on this program. he called for armed gangs, cuban-backed thugs, this violent para-military groups called colectivos to take to the streets. they are trying to accuse juan guaido with sabotaging the country's electrical grid. the situation is growing more desperate. this is video of venezuelans swarming sewage drains in order to get water for themselves and their families. people have no food, they have no water, they have no medicine. they have no life. what happens next? joining me now, retired army major general bob scales. no power, six days, and there are severe consequences that
8:42 pm
come with that, including many that have died. so walk me through this. juan guaido yesterday on this program told me he was invoke a national emergency. something he can do via the constitution. so it's now a national emergency. he can call on the world to say come help us. i said what if maduro says no, we are not going to allow you to help or give water or food to these people who so desperately need it. would you then look at article 187? that's when he explained to me what it is. it would enable him to call for outside foreign military help. do you think he'll have to do that? and if so, will we assist? >> i hope it doesn't come to this. isn't it interesting? part of central and south american history, have you noticed that these militaries do
8:43 pm
very -- are not useful in defending their countries. they are useful, armies like el salvador and cuba, now venezuela, in repressing their own people. just a few men with guns are able to strike a balance between a part of venezuela the entire world supports. 87% of the population are in favor of ousting maduro. but a few men with guns are holding up the liberation of the country. i find it extraordinary. trish: we are looking at videos, looting of a drug store in venezuela. this is like a walgreens, people are breaking trying to get whatever they could. we also have video of colectivos marching around town on their motorcycles with their guns and there you go, and they are doing that to intimidate and terrify the people of venezuela because
8:44 pm
if you get out of line and say you are going to support the opposition, these guys come along and may actually cause you a whole lot of harm. is there any analogy you can make? i look at that and i'm reminded of in iraq these religious zealots that would police the towns. you have socialists backed bid cubans trying to police the town. >> this is not the venezuelan military. you notice that the real venezuelan military are sequestered in their barracks. these are the professional soldiers i think if maduro unleashed would turn on maduro and out of him. these are mafia thugs. they are teenagers and young men who have a machine gun and are terrorizing that country.
8:45 pm
the problem is it's all about timing. it's all about relying on a military intervention is the last resort. let's allow this to play out tragically for the moment. trish: how do you do that? six days, no power. a starving population. at what point does nicolas maduro -- more whrooting video of people going into a store. they are drinking out of sewers for goodness sake. when does this tart to break? when does maduro say for the good of my country, i'm going to leave and turn this over to somebody who can insure that we get the necessary aid in. >> i think it's just pushing closer and closer to some type of intervention. you remember about a week ago you asked me this question. and i told you, it's not going
8:46 pm
to happen. it's highly improbable. as you can see as events begin to unfurl in venezuela. and as the anarchy begins to reign in that country. some military solution is over the horizon. but what's the great danger? it's civil war. god forbid the collect ideaos and their thugs should lang on long enough to pit venezuela against venezuela. that's the ultimate tragedy. trish: the state department is ordering all of its personnel out of venezuela. what's the significance of that. >> very, very significant. remember now, that embassy was our bastion in caracas. it was our foothold of democracy in caracas. for maduro to throw them out simply because he refuses to protect them or give them
8:47 pm
resources to survive, they have to leave because they have no other choice. no more american presence in caracas. maduro might think that's a smart idea. but the venezuelan citizens understand what's going on. i think his time is numbered. but we have to be eafl we don't overreact voluntarily. trish: general scales, we have to keep talking. some hollywood elite paying millions in bribes to get their kid into top colleges. this could be the tip of the iceberg. exclusive legal fallout coming up next. the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪ what do all these people have in common, limu?
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trish: hollywood entitlement seemingly knows no bounds. there we are with a-list actresses lori loughlin and felicity huffman cheating to get their kids into some of the best colleges. the legal fallout could be really big. it's quite a case. only one hand you think, oh, you
8:52 pm
know, the kid's family name is on a building, maybe that had something to do with them getting in. but this is taking it to a whole other level. this is a case where you have got people taking the darn s.a.t.s for them and made-up scholarships. >> wealthy and powerful people have had connections to elite schools. but this thinks it to a whole didn't level. which is paying a coach to false any say this kid is a great athlete. so accept them into the school when it's false and made up. having someone else take a test for you. that's criminality. the other one is sort of like subliminal. it's an ugly case.
8:53 pm
a lot of the parents are very, very competitive about wanting to get the kid in. the way to look at eight, is it for the parents or for the kids. it's a great argument to say my child did well. one, what's the relative culpability of everybody. two, reading your mind and the way you teed it up, watching it, where's it going and holes might be implicated. the culpability, the one who ran the scheme, rick singer is the most of culpable. and the coaches who were paid off to assert somebody was a good candidate. the parents less so but still culpable. they participated in the scheme knowingly. they charged them with racketeering. the viewers may be saying racketeering is organized crime. it is. but you can use it to define any
8:54 pm
criminal enterprise. they did it to put pressure on people to start cooperating. trish: who else would have damages against him and the school. is the school vulnerable to that? they are employing coaches who are working out deals with this rick singer. >> that goes to knowledge. as you break this case down. you will be saying who knew? did a student know or no not kn. you hope they didn't. would there be liability? on behalf of the school. to have liability for this false behavior. in terms of the criminal case there could be a lot of people involved. a lot of people may stop cooperating. trish: it's crazy to me that parents would do such a despicable thing. i went to columbia university. a very, very good school. but it's not all that. that and about $5 will get you a cup of coffee.
8:55 pm
you need a whole lot more and some stamp of approval from some school. >> you don't need to be lying and have other people taking tests for you. you can do it on your own merits. go to the school that's commensurate with your abilities and hard work. >> don't go to school, you can learn on your own. this is more proof of it. we'll keep talking. i have a feeling this story will keep going. more trish regan primetime next. thank you clients? well jd power did just rank them highest in investor satisfaction with full service brokerage firms...again. and online equity trades are only $4.95... i mean you can't have low cost and be full service. it's impossible. it's like having your cake and eating it too. ask your broker if they offer award-winning full service and low costs. how am i going to explain this? if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab.
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>> tomorrow night i am back with more fallout for the pay to play college scandal. really disgusting example of the elite trying to use their money to buy position. we will have much more than that. the story is not going anywhere. thus unfortunately another story that continues to bubble
9:00 pm
up into venezuela more tomorrow night. have a terrific evening everyone. kennedy begins right now. kennedy: thank you trish! the democratic party civil war is upon us. impeachment and socialism tearing them apart from the inside. can nancy pelosi hold it all together? or will the president exploit this new weakness and skate into an easy reelection victory?it's been only two months since nancy pelosi and democrats took control of the house. at that time the rank and file split over these divisive issues prefers hysteria over impeachment. al green wants to get filing articles of impeachment against the president because it is tues


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