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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 6, 2019 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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for the latest show updates, follow me on twitter, facebook and instagram, and i'll be back next week right here on "the wall street journal" at large. thank you for joining us. weeke. lou: good evening everybody. president trump today inspecting the southern border, dressing the national emergency and the influx of illegal immigrants. the president warning prospective border crossings today telling them to turn up round and not continue their journey north. >> the system is full. we can't take you any more whether it's asylum, whether it's anything you want. illegal immigration, we can't take you anywhere -- anymore. her country is full. the area is full, the set or is full. we can't take you anymore, i'm sorry it can't happen so turn around.
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lou: brandon judd with the president joins us tonight. a national trump economy is booming. the national left another knowledge in that. more jobs added in march than expected. unemployment now at a 49 year low, almost a half-century. the president with a 51% approval rating. president trump today touting the skyrocketing trump economy. >> the economic numbers just came out. they are very very good. our country is doing unbelievably well. most of you don't report that because it doesn't sound good from your perspective but the country is doing really really well. lou: the soaring trump economy leaving the radical left-wing media with absolutely nothing to talk about except their hatred of the president and the nation. tonight we take up the
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president's soaring economy and its commitment to stop illegal immigration and find a way to secure the border despite the obstruction and subversion of the radical dems and the globalist elite to control those dems and most rhino spray pastor robert jeffers though "washington examiner" among our guests and the red storm rising. russia and venezuela, china there as well and expanding its influence throughout latin america and the caribbean. can he be stopped? what will it take? general jack keane joins us tonight to take up that challenge. our top story tonight president trump at the southern border in calexico california meeting there with border patrol agents border sheriffs, visiting the border wall in pledging hundreds more miles of wall to be built in the near future. >> it's under construction. we have a lot of things happening and we expect to have
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close to 400 miles done within two years from now. that's a lot, 400 miles will cover most of it. lou: the president threatened to shut down the border as mexico and its government listened. president trump singh since he made that threat mexico is now doing more than they have done in decades. >> mexico over the last four days has done more than they have ever done. we were talking about that before. they are apprehending people now by the thousands in bringing them back to their countries, bringing them back to where they came from and i think you see that. that's at their southern border. that's a big difference. they have never done that before. when i say never done i mean in 30 years they have never done it like they are doing it right now. lou: the presents boundless energy continues after his trip to the border. tonight he's attending a fund-raiser in los angeles.
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there he will add to his campaign 2020 war chest. the campaign and in 2018 raising $129 million for their first guest tonight with the president of the california mexico border today to take up a roundtable discussion on the border crisis joining us tonight president of the national border control counsel brandon. jeff: . branded as good to have you with us. >> good evening. thanks for having me. lou: brand in let's start with your impression of the wall and your sense of the president's view of it all. >> the first thing that he did was he showed congress he's not going to take no for an answer. he has told the american public that he's going to get the funds necessary to build the wall to physically keep people out in an effort which is exactly what we need to do. lou: brandon that porter and
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that wall was never close enough to really get a sense of it. 30 feet tall, right? they make yes, it is going to be lou: your sense of if it's ability to repel illegal, would-be illegal immigrants? >> yes as already proven that works. all you have to do is look at the locations of where we have built those physical barriers and how illegal immigration has been added. that's the proof that you need. the democrats know it. they know that it works and they know it will help secure the border. they are just playing politics. we live in a political world and they are playing it that way. lou: playing it that way and for them it is no game. they want to obstruct this president at every turn and i think we have to in all honesty and well just being
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comprehensive as they like to say when talking about immigration include the rhinos who have blocked the president throughout the two years of republican control in congress. >> absolutely. it's not just the democrats. it's mostly democrats but it's not just the democrats. it's the rhinos as well but president trump has proven that he's able to get around them. we don't just need laws in order for catch and release. we need ingenuity. we need the right ideas and i think the right ideas are coming because this administration has been overturning every single rock and digging for the responses that we need in the catch and release program and frankly i think it's coming. lou: would you propose border patrol agent should be trained at the senior patrol agent level to be also asylum officers with
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limited authority to conduct credible interviews with asylum seekers? is it enough for it to the five-year backlog on illegal border crossings who are claiming asylum? >> absolutely. you look at the way the laws are structured once the critical interview is done they must be in. once they see an immigration judge if that person does not have a credible -- and we know 90% of people that asked for asylum once they go before an immigration judge don't have an asylum case we know that will end up dating the catalyst that gets people deported back and once they are deported these people will stop coming. it's protection that's a magnet that draws people here to
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violate our immigration laws. lou: the magnitude of this problem is frankly an imaginable now. i mentioned the backlog of asylum seekers. we have 100,000 a month being apprehended, illegal immigrants which means the traditional ratio of 3-1 means were talking about 40,000 a month in this country. this is just, and the catch and release is now it seems the primary response of the border patrol created how do we fix fi? >> again that's we need to do. we need to train her agents to become limited authority asylum officer responsibilities. that's going to be the way that we end this problem. it will end along with the border walls, along with
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expansion of their migrant protocols or remain in mexico. when you put all of those things together again take congress out of the process. you know that congress isn't going to acton like i said today if they are not going to be part of the solution they need to get out of the way and let this administration worked to end this problem and the administration is working to do that and frankly i think we are going to get there. lou: why did it take so long to implement the so-called remain in mexico program? the prison was talking about two months ago. dhs apparently didn't react. >> i'm not going to defend it but you have to have the mexican government's cooperation that's part of the reason the president threatened to close the border. if we are going to get mexico's cooperation we have to be
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willing to take economic sanctions against mexico and we have seen what happens. when he is ready to take those economic actions all of a sudden the mexican government is willing to do more to allow us to put more people in mexico pending their asylum claim. lou: and the hundreds of thousands if not millions of illegal immigrants in this country, are they going to be allowed to remain in place or are they going to be deported do you think? >> the first thing that we have to do is we have to address the current issue of those people coming to our borders. once we get that under control and we will get that under control then you can start looking at the interior of the united states. the problem is if we go after the interior first then you continue to have more people coming in and they back fill those people that you go after.
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if you go after the border first and secure that end. [inaudible] lou: brandon judd thank you for being with us. the red storm has arrived in the western hemisphere and the former russian troops propping up socialist dictator maduro. the russians, the chinese, the state department pentagon efforts now to push back against the russians are general jack keane is coming up next. first new political gyrations from senator lindsey graham. what is he doing? he can't seem to decide whether he is for the president, against the president. who and what is he channeling? byron york of the "washington examiner" joins us next on that
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putting on quite a demonstration i guess we could call it flexibility now calling for president trump to release his tax returns. the senator has been, i won't say he is confused but has been confusing of late siding with the president on issues like siding with brett kavanaugh and supreme court defending against impeachment supporting the present during the mueller investigation. but graham has also been opposite the president when it comes to shutting down the government of pulling our troops out of syria and now he's calling for the president's tax returns. we are going to follow this carefully. it's beginning to look like a pattern. capitol one has told the radical dems they will need a subpoena if they want to get their hands on the president banking records congressional democrats are pressing the documents as part of their wide-ranging assault against the president, a political persecution of this
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president. it has intensified since the mueller report found no collusion or obstruction. nancy pelosi and jerrold nadler adam schiff as politically corrupt and abusive of their power as richard nixon never was in watergate. joining us tonight is byron york chief correspondent for the "washington examiner" and "fox business" contributor. byron it's great to see you with us. your thoughts on first what should be the response of the leadership of the republican party on capitol hill to what is clearly abuse of power and purely political assaults on the president and this administration. >> specifically on this whole tax thing the house ways & means committee sent a letter to the irs demanding the president's tax returns. i think what you're going to see
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our in court. first of all we should establish its a fishing expedition. democrats think there's something really bad in there that they can use against the president. lou: i think that nomenclature trivializes what is a venal venom is ignorant assault against a sitting president. this is spurious. it is absolutely beyond the proper bounds of the intent of the constitution or the statutory authority of the united states congress. it's eerily politically motivated and an assault on the president. >> which is why a judge will have to ultimately decide whether the democrats had to have some sort of legitimate legislative purpose in asking for this return and if you read the letter from richard neal of the irs, it's almost funny. talks about how the committee wants to improve and reform and
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streamline the audit processes at the irs and that's why they need this one specific person's tax returns. if you listen to all the other democrats they all say we are going to get this guy, there's something in there that the chairman of the ways & means committee is suggesting that it's because of legitimate legislative inquiry into the out of process. lea: i began by asking you before we got into the specific issues of the court and by the way it's laughable byron. i'm laughing about you thinking the courts or some sort of the repository of truth, justice and neutrality with high levels of objectivity and discernment. >> they are a source of finality. they will settle this thing.
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lou: like i said i think it's an absurdity to ignore the obvious political judicial system which is heavily in favor of the radical dems on capitol hill. let's turn to the witchhunt itself that process and what the courts may or may not decide. it's really an uncertain outcome. we are looking at john roberts who was in charge as well as everything else the fisa court system. what are we to make of what appears to be a studied turn of direction on the part of what we were told would be a conservative justice and now the chief justice who looks like having something of a meltdown philosophically. >> that obviously the replacement of justice kennedy, a lot of conservatives thought he's kind of the half
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conservative and we are going to replace them with the whole concert at the end that's a plus for the conservative side but the chief justice john roberts believes there needs to be kennedy like vote that can go either way, swing vote on the supreme court and i guess he has taken the job. this is really a think surprised and disappointed a number of republicans but of course john roberts is the man who had to twist himself into a pretzel to rule that obamacare was constitutional. they will shouldn't be totally surprised about this. lea: i think that's true. i don't think they got over the idea that a chief justice could build a case and the ruling around a foundation turning a penalty into a tax and a tax into a penalty and now whatever will he do and what will in fact the nation do if this continues
1:22 am
along this course? byron it's always great to see you. the president is doing pretty well that you think? >> he's been having some pretty good times and if you go through what he was saying at the border today, he was briefed by one of the officials there who was talking about the amount of barriers that have been built, 82 miles this ear 97 miles before it the end of the year, 277 more miles next year for a total of four and 50 so he can actually point to this. that is real solid progress. lou: tyron york always great to see you. we'd like to hear your thoughts on all of this. follow me on twitter @lou dobbs like me on facebook and follow me on instagram @lou dobbs tonight. i like all the pictures on instagram. coming up next another radical left-wing judge, another one that struck in the trump agenda. we will take up the legal
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lea: breaking news in obama appointed judge has become the third federal judge to block the trump administration and block including a citizenship question on the 2020s census. in this obama backed ruling judge george hazell somehow is come to the conclusion that a citizenship question would make the census quote less accurate. that is an obama style judge. global is jamie dimon and by the way the business press didn't pay attention to this in the context of his earlier criticism of the president strategy on trade. here he is jamie dimon the
1:28 am
leader of the biggest bank in the country said when asked to president trump should have gotten an a to the trade dispute with china. >> absolutely we should have. i think lighthizer and mnuchin have been doing a good job. they have made a huge amount of progress in detail. whatever that means for the economy. lou: well that's quite a remarkable statement for jamie dimon who have opposed this president, who had criticized the trade dispute and by the way the business press reluctant to acknowledge that jamie dimon was now supporting the president's policies in a reversal for him, but good for him. join me tomorrow on "watters' world." this is very important, 8:00 p.m. to four night we will be taken up the president's visit to the border the radical dems the rino's efforts to block this president and all of his efforts but especially to build the wall on the border despite
1:29 am
the national merchant sea. joining us tonight is gregg jarrett fox legal analyst and a great friend of this broadcast and best-selling author. great to have you here. >> it's great to be here. lou: let's start with the census chief justice roberts, there are no obama judges and no bush judges. this is a chief justice who is either delirious or obfuscating. >> he lives in his own little world and that's the problem with a lot of supreme court justices. you know i sometimes wonder how they manage to contort the facts and twist the law to come up with their rulings. roberts is a perfect example of by the way you are absolutely correct in pointing out with byron, john roberts who is in charge of the fisa court appointed all 12 justices to the fisa court, should go the fraud has taken place but he's
1:30 am
oblivious i think because again he lives in his own little bubble. he probably has no idea. lou: you don't think it's energy being spent? >> i think he has no earthly clue and he should demand the presiding judge of the consent hearing. lou: it's been a little time now and he's had time and surely we will hear about it in a paper or television broadcasts. what do you think? >> everybody in america should watch your program. lou: amen end well said that let's turn to the census question. citizenship, saying he would make it a less accurate census, are you kidding me? what nonsense. >> if i had a nickel for any judge -- judge i'd be a rich man. it was pretty clear as long as you have a valid reason you may
1:31 am
ask a census question which by the way has been asked on an off for more than a century. the ballot rigging by secretary ross is we want to be able to enforce properly the voting rights act. it makes sense. who is eligible and who is sent? lou: also as it pertains to whether or not we are going to have all of the seats in the house of representatives in california and new york. maybe it would be good to know how many of their people are actual citizens or whether they are going to absolutely fully debased the electoral system and upend the congress of the united states. >> at some point in time it's going to be you can't ask someone their gender because that might offend them and discourage them from answering the census questions. soon there will be no census because everything is offensive. lou: at the rate we are going,
1:32 am
our judges are politically corrupt. they are stupid, many of them. >> not all but many. lou: i'm going to go with many and the supreme court is an intriguing institution for me because here they have 100 cases of -- a year and they end up with these extraordinarily long vacations and they travel. they talk and they do very little law as far as i can tell. that is an archaic and mechanistic, anachronistic institution. we have a society and we have people that need to have judges make a decision in the federal court system where if you are attacked in the federal judiciary you are going to spend maybe millions in years just defending yourself irrespective of whether you are innocent or
1:33 am
liable, guilty or not liable. >> the supreme court spends way too much time trying to craft these beautiful lovely well-written decisions that are written by them for the most part. there are written by their law clerks who are kids fresh out of school. he gets some of the results based on their political beliefs lou: what about the idea that we are not getting good decisions? he of backlogs of cases in the civil and criminal courts that are embarrassing. we look like the third world country in so many respects in this nation to the law seems to be immune to change. >> i agree with you and you and i were talking earlier about xavier becerra the attorney general of california. this is a guy who is filed eight lawsuits against the federal government. becerra doesn't know the first thing about the law.
1:34 am
he lost the travel ban case and now this thing is decriminalized illegals coming into united states because they don't harm you. lou: gregg jarrett always instructive to be with you. >> rate to be with you. >> sending warm military to venezuela to prop up dictators nicolas maduro who we no longer recognize as president. we will take that up with general jack keane and much, much more. stay with us. we are coming right anna, do you have those plans? yes! i just wanted to show you something i've been wor... ♪ james r. and associates. anna speaking... ♪ james r. and associates. anna. ♪ [phone ringing] baker architects. this is anna baker. at northwestern mutual, this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow is important, but you're ready to bet on yourself today.
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lou: headlines tonight president trump said he will once again skip the national left-wing media's white house correspondents' dinner. president trump said instead he will host a positive rally. former president obama continues to conduct his wildly inappropriate shadow presidency oversees the former president
1:39 am
meeting with german chancellor angela merkel in berlin and secretary of state mike pompeo said it's time for the russians to stop expanding their military presence in venezuela and clear the way for an end to the socialist regime of nicolas maduro. but he's not holding out hope the russians will comply with his demands. >> we don't see any evidence that they have started to move out and indeed there is risk that it will get worse before it gets better. we made very clear that the cost will be high. we done the same thing with the cubans who are also there helping maduro stay in power and we are working with the chinese who have interests there. lou: they have interests there. what are we going to do? retired four-star general "fox business" chief strategic analyst general jack keane to answer that very question. general, it's good to have you with us and what are we going to do? >> that's a great question. what we get here is condemnation and rhetoric from the
1:40 am
administration as you would expect the town think we are in a position in the place yet where military action will be called for by the united states or our allies in the hemisphere. i think the game plan right now and i agree with it is continue the sanctions. they haven't totally taken effect yet and continue to squeeze this regime. i do believe if violence returns on the wholesale level and we run out of options with the sanctions then it is likely that the military option would be put on the table but we are not there yet. dealing with the russians however, we have got to do more than just rhetoric with these guys. the only thing they truly understand lou is pushback read what is putin up to hear? he's been invested in venezuela since 2006. about $17 billion in gold mining and oil. he is about or million dollars directly in delatore capability helicopters and missiles etc. so
1:41 am
he's got something he wants to protect. it's much bigger than that strategically. lou: you are saying all those assets in venezuela. >> in venezuela. lou: y. handle world to the bush and obama administrations let them do that without response? >> it's extraordinary. putin clearly took advantage of both administrations. lou: two of the worst in our country. >> ever since he took office so what putin is up to every single day he is trying to reduce the united states global dominance in the world. he's doing it europe, the middle east africa and here. here he is in our backyard so i think the issue is propping up the assad regime if he can prop of maduro and maduro can possibly hang on his influence in the western hemisphere putin, russia will go up. what should we do? i think we go to his backyard
1:42 am
and doubled down in ukraine in his backyard with military assistance. that's number one. lou: i'm looking at two administrations, bush, obama. two years of president trump and nothing has been done to support the level of military assistance we should have been providing the ukrainian's. >> i totally agree. obama refused to do that despite their pleas but we should double down on this and let in putin know clearly the reason that we are doing this is because your involvement in venezuela. the other thing is putin is in violation of the u.n. resolution on sanctions in north korea. they have never complied with their own resolution that they voted for. i would expose that was some evidence and let the world see that they are violating it. putin deserves a. >> in the face here and i think the administration can give it to them. lou: meanwhile china is all over
1:43 am
the caribbean islands. they are expanding as you know in central america. they are specifically the most strategic part of central america is the panamanian, the panel canal. it looks to me like the hemisphere is a flame and we are simply not responding to what is a clear and present threat to this country and to this hemisphere. >> china has a vicious strategic objective there and in economic investment on every continent. we have got to-together policies and alliances with our allies to push back on china. when you take the united states economy coupled with other countries in the world where an absolute overmatch for them and we have to have the will. it will comes first and we can pushback not just economically, we have to push back on the
1:44 am
militarily and geopolitically as well. this economic influence is all about geopolitical control. lou: what i can't figure out is what in the world the united states has been doing. i can understand as the president put if we spent $7 trillion in iraq and afghanistan while this was taking place without response from our intelligence agencies and in three administration's. it's beyond comprehension to me. general as best i can comprehend i do so because your illumination. thanks for being with us. >> good talking to you lou. lou: a new report suggests more and more americans are turning away from god. this doesn't seem like the right time to be doing that in my opinion but we'll take it up with pastor robert jeffress to see what he has to say. we are blessed to have him with us every friday evening. we do so next. stay with us. you can't afford to miss what
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lou: google it turns out is a lovely outfit. it has canceled its own ethics board after well a concern about
1:49 am
a conservative being on an ai advisory board. its employees are concerned. the tech giants left-wing staff and management objected to the idea of having a conservative on the panel looking at political bias at google. according to the daily caller employees cheered the management decision when they simply abandoned the ethics committee. a shocking survey revealing america is becoming godless. the number of americans who identify as having no religion has risen almost tripled since 1991. it is a third of the u.s. population. joining us tonight robert jeffress member of the faith initiative pastor of the first baptist church of dallas "fox business" contributor. it's great to have you with us. are you surprised by this report? >> lou i'm really not in actually i think there are some good news in here for two reason.
1:50 am
first of all i think what you're seeing happening is people are feeling like they can be more honest about what they believe or they don't believe. 50 years ago people felt like he had to check a box catholic or baptist or something to show that there are good people even if they didn't personally embrace those beliefs so as our cultures become more secular people feel like they can say what they believe or don't believe in that's good because nobody goes to heaven one by one lou: especially lying about their belief in god. >> this is where the good news is. the people that are checking none the survey shows came mainly from protestant mainline denominations. those denominations are becoming more and more liberal in their politics and certainly in their theology and people are saying look before the here and sunday morning isn't any different from what i hear in "cnn" why bother to even go to church? churches like mind conservative churches where growing
1:51 am
furiously. we cover six blocks of downtown dallas and we are in our second building program in seven years not because people are attracted to me that they are attracted to the unchanging truth of god's word and that's a good news. those kinds of churches are growing. lou: pastor you are being very modest and you should at least claim that you are not driving them away. >> hopefully not this sunday anyway. lou: i am sure not and i'm sure you're preaching is a major part of the success of the church. it is really interesting to me to look at what churches succeed and where they succeed particularly protestant churches and when you look at the catholic church i mean it's falling apart. his b they don't acknowledge it publicly in our many people talk about what it's been a devastating era for the catholic
1:52 am
church in terms of its membership and its likely future. why is it that evangelical churches seem to be booming at this time? >> i think the reason lou cho is in a changing world people want the assurance that comes from the unchanging truth of god's word and i look at my own church first baptist of dallas. people join, we have people from the catholic church, episcopalian, methodist. they don't care what the label is any longer. they want the truth that comes from god's word. that's where the power is and that is what is attracting people today regardless of their background. lou: and the catholic church, there are plights? >> well look, what's going on in the catholic church is very sad. it's her rent is that i can't speak a lot about that is the baptist church has had its own share problems recently as well. abuse is nondenominational.
1:53 am
churches like mine we have a zero-tolerance policy for that sort of thing and i think parents with children are going to look for a church that takes seriously the protection of children and we certainly do. lou: i would certainly hope so. it's just stunning but i was speaking more towards the trouble they are having with finding priests and the shortage of priests and the declining, dramatically declining membership of the church. a question for another day, pastor. it's great to have you with us. you get the last word here. >> thanks so much lou. things are going well. we have a great president with a great agenda and i think everything is looking up especially for 2020. lou: robert jeffers thank you so much for being with us. we appreciate. we appreciate a pastor. >> thanks lou. you are the best. lou: president trump's is the border to see the worsening
1:54 am
crisis first-hand. we will have the latest for you from the border and give you the president's perspective. stay with us. cooper!
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lou: the president today at the southern border, calexico, california. this amid the escalating border security crisis. the president warned about what he called the colossal surge of illegal immigrants overwhelming our border and immigration system. >> the system's full. can't take any more. sorry, folks. can't take any more. asylum, i look at some of these asylum people, they're gang members. they have lawyers greeting them. they're gang members, and they say i fear for my life. they're the ones that are causing fear for life. it's a scam,ming okay? it's a scam.
1:59 am
it's a hoax. i know about hoaxes, i just went through a hoax. [laughter] lou: indeed, he did. and the dems are persisting in that hoax. they've got variations on the theme that they've established, and it looks like we're going to see that resolved at least in court and relatively quickly. here's a look at the u.s. national debt. avert your eyes, i'm going to say it anyway, spoiler alert, $22.1 trillion and climbing. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. judicial watch president tom finton, cybersecurity expert mo began wright and attorney march immediate dylan among our guests monday. please join me tomorrow for watters world at 8 p.m. tomorrow night. we'll be taking up the rino efforts to obstruct president trump's agenda, his efforts to build the wall on the border. and a reminder to follow me on
2:00 am
twitter, facebook and instagram. thanks for joining us. have a great weekend and good night from new york. ♪ ♪ >> the heyday of hollywood. >> it was exciting. bette davis, marilyn monroe, joan crawford. >> a star-struck teen bit by the bug. >> before there were paparazzi, there was jack kuster. >> this autograph hound takes names like no other... >> elvis and, oh my gosh, robert redford. >> you name it, all of them. >> it's probably the best collection in the world. >> ...and leaves his stunned heir a lot to sort out. >> what, in your wildest dreams, is this collection worth? [ theme music plays ]


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