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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  April 18, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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that's why they shifted to obstruction right away. it was about getting the truth was a bucket in the president. robert mueller knew that when he was appointed. rosenstein, they knew there was no collusion. lou: that is it for us today. thank you for being with us. good night from new york. >> i'm having a good day too. no collusion, no obstruction. [applause] there never was by the way, and there never will be. and we do have to get to the bottom of these things, i have sent it to my friends this should never happen for another president again. this hoax. it should happen to another president again. trish: you heard him, the president of the united states saying this should never happen to another president again. tonight on "trish regan primetime" we have you covered.
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continuing this charade until the president is out of office, that is their goal. and the liberal media being complicit in all of it. and even more unhinged. plus our intelligence agency. a special agent says it must stop. it needs to stop. and the former trump campaign advisor and many more all here this hour exclusively, "trish regan primetime" begins right now. tonight, the president of the states has been legally set free. from the charges of collusion thrown at him by those that disapproved of his election. those that never wanted him to win. it was determined after nearly
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2 years of a special prosecutor is in-depth investigation, that there was no collusion between donald trump and the russians and the trump campaign team and the russians. not only did mr. mueller find no evidence with which to charge the president or the campaign with collusion, robert mueller also looked into obstruction of justice. and ultimately decided not to indict. and now what do you know, congress is out for blood. with democratic members of the house hoping to impeach, of course will never fly in the senate but will not stop them because they are political animals, i have no doubt the president wanted to put into the investigation. it is clear from the report he wanted to do so. who wouldn't? mac however, it was one thing to want to stop people from saying untrue things about you. and it is another to stand in
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the way of justice. right? his advice did not allow him to get rid of robert mueller because legally would put them in a bad spot. but come on, can you blame them for asking the question? it is a crime now to say, why can't i fire him? are you willing to at least inquire? the odds were so stacked against the president really, from day one when he first entered the campaign. no one on the left, no one on the right actually for that matter. really wanted him to succeed. and the now infamous words, this may have actually been the insurance policy that the deep state was referencing. i believe history will show that today was a good day for the president. indeed, after a two-year investigation based on unverified material and talk about the so-called dossier.
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the results could not be more clear, the president did not collude. if you'll notice the mainstream media is no longer obsessed with the whole collusion thing. instead, they are obsessed with obstruction of justice. i will tell you what, things are about to get really ugly in the house and really ugly for the country. gentlemen are now a member of the body, congressman, good to have you tonight. the democrats are out for blood. they want to get the president any which way they can.maxine waters made that clear before she ever saw anything. now they're trying to put all of their hopes into the basket of obstruction. where will this lead them? >> into another circular chase because they will spend the next year or year and and a half trying to impeach this president over obstruction of justice. where there is really nothing
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there to go on. and they know that. they put their eggs in the collusion basket for so long that they're like, what do we do now? mac we will go after obstruction of justice, even though the predicate that you would normally see would be collusion over conspiracy actually. it is not there. so now they have to find something and say, whatever it is, and your point is exactly right. he on multiple occasions, they are using his request for information from an attorney, in other words, he's asking for advice from counsel, his recommending, expressing his own frustrations. they will say is obstruction of justice. if that's the case no one can really ever consult with an attorney. trish: i am still asking whether this will happen in the first place, congressman. you may have lost her earpiece,
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hope you can still hear me. but my question, we will check your audio there, why did it happen in the first place? mac why would they be lying on unverified information to get a bunch of fbi fisa warrant so they can eavesdrop and listen to peoples phone calls and eventually get themselves in a position of the special prosecutor?mac i think that inherently now has become the question and the attorney general articulated that the other day.i think the democrats have gotten increasingly nervous because things are turning.the wheels are turning. the congressman, will get back to in a moment. we are having trouble with his audio but we want to get to mercedes for new reaction from the white house. communications official, mercedes, good to have you here. so now, am i right?the question is, why did this happen in the first place? >> yeah, that is the million-dollar question. i should say about the $35
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million question that was spent of taxpayer dollars after two years of limitless resources for the special counsel. to come up empty-handed. and as attorney general william barr has said, this has been unprecedented. the amount of scrutiny, the new speculation where they carried this narrative and the story for two years that the president was a russian agent and colluded and the democrats saying they had evidence! now all of a sudden what we are seeing is that the president obviously, there has been no collusion, no obstruction and we have been vindicated because of what we have seen today in the mueller report. trish: it is amazing to think that john brennan was out there effectively calling the president and agent of russia. as the man who ran the cia or
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under president obama. you want to talk about partisan hacks at the cia, that's a great example. we will talk about that later in the show. let me ask you this because the criticism right now is surrounding from the left, attorney general william barr. he should not have had this and what do you think? mac quickly thing is fascinating when you have democrats in the past praising attorney general william barr 's experience and insight and the legal field. now you have the fact that the democrats found a new villain. that is attorney general william barr. he is a straight shooter and i think that this is one of the things he was working with our deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein as well as with the office of legal counsel. these are career lawyers as well. he worked with robert mueller. i mean they took time to get the report done and obviously, looking to see what needed to be redacted in terms of ensuring that it would protect sensitive information. i think it was important for the attorney general to be able to talk about the process that
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they push forward in looking at this report. i think it was an important move for the attorney general and of course, these democrats, they are on a mission. they have been on a mission to make this president be a guilty party. and this is not the way america functions. what we have seen in terms of what the report has shown is that there was no collusion. the absence of evidence of obstruction. no underlying crime for obstruction. and so it was very clear that the president has as we have seen, they did not conspire. with any russians. and so this is a moment right now for our nation to move on. what i think you will see is that the democrats are still going to be stuck in their impeachment mentality. which i think is devastating for them politically. trish: it is. you know, it would take some
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political advice from people that knew better, they would realize that it is devastating politically because the truth is, americans, they just want to know that they have got a safe country, and they have a prosperous country.that means having policies that put you in the right place. we had 3.8 percent unemployment now. very good historic lows, especially for minorities and women when it comes to unemployment. these are things that are very very good and it will directly have a good economic policy. but the mainstream media doesn't want to talk about know it, i know it. like nine people on one single panel. all in agreement with each other today. another network and there is the sense that they see it as their duty to impeach this president or at least tarnish his reputation in such a way to convince america that he must be impeached. it could happen, mercedes.
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you can have enough democrats in the house to say we will impeach him but i don't think it goes anywhere in the senate. and what do you think that routes for 2020? will it cause more people to go and say i will go to defend donald trump. >> i do think that it gets tiring for the american people to have to keep hearing the democrats saying the same song over and over again. which is been very predictable since president trump won. they are in complete denial. there a complete denial of the president success story in terms of the, such a booming economy. the fact that even under all of the pressure of the investigation, for the past two years, and the liberal media shaping this narrative that the president was a guilty party is, he has been able to accomplish so much. i mean it has been a historic record of accomplishments in terms of what the president has been able to do to unleash this economy and help the american worker. as you know, what's been interesting is that it was the president who said we need to
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cooperate with the special counsel. we have been transparent in this whole process. and in the process -- trish: he didn't even have to put this report out there. >> he could have fired robert mueller and in the investigation but he didn't do so. he let the process finish. yes, was he upset about the fact of the process was taking long? was he upset about the fact that james comey for example, wouldn't say that the president was personally not under investigation? absolutely! but even with all of that scrutiny, the president has been able to surpass this, leader nation and stays focused on what's important. which is that of ensuring that the forgotten man and woman has a great opportunity in america. that's what we are say because we are transforming communities every single day because of the presidents policies. trish: policies matter. you have a sideshow going on, not good for the country, not good for the administration and not good for him.
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i guess some of the other networks consider a good reading. mercedes, thank you. good to see you. >> thank you so much. trish: 22 months, hundreds of any use and millions of dollars later. no collusion. also why did this begin in the first place?mac trump 2016 -- says that simple. yet people out there that did not want donald trump in the white house. he will explain all straight ahead. the first liberal media going crazy over the mueller report. even accusingly attorney general of being his personal attorney. setting the record straight setting the record straight will it feel like the wheend of a journey?p working, or the beginning of something even better? when you prepare for retirement with pacific life, you can create a lifelong income... so you have the freedom to keep doing
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donald trump daily, sometimes hourly, assault on the rule of law in the country. >> the attorney general had an opportunity this morning to rise above the politics.and he blew it. and he just came out and to say that the president took quote - no act that deprived the investigation of witnesses or documents, it is just not a true statement appeared with the attorney general said just now. i thought today the attorney general the remarks were quite generous to the president and i
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asked him what he would say to americans to believe he is trying to help or protect the president. he did not answer the question. trish: and on and on. they are all after attorney general william barr accusing him basically being a puppet of the president. left leaning media to making all kinds of comments. there is open disdain here. you can see it, you can sense it. the media does not like the president. and there are people in the media right now that consider it their job, their mission to take -- i just wonder what happened to real journalism we actually look to the facts and you present those and you present all sides. i was watching the panel on one network today that they had nine people, all onset in agreement with each other. attacking the president. and attacking attorney general william barr. drew manning now, senior
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advisor to the president, george w. bush, and illiberal comments, adam epstein. you see? mac i get both sides, i cannot say that for the other networks. brad, i feel bad for my profession. i feel disgusted and what i see right now. and that is a total bias and unwillingness to listen to anything else, a total lack of intellectual diversity on the panels that they have. and i'm curious, what do you think is contributing to the conversation it, if any? mac because i think a lot of people that like donald trump will like him and none of that will change it. your thoughts? >> tremendous thoughts with mainstream media peer must be of the parable of the boy that cried wolf. they kept crying wolf, there's no wolf but there are a lot of sheep. a large democratic sheep and
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mainstream journalists, with a herd mentality to get rid of the president. it started before he was elected, continued after his election. right up to the inauguration, continued for the last 2+ years promising us at the present would be removed for high crimes and misdemeanors or worse. never panned out. there was no rope, then never will be because this president has done everything in his power to act within the war. he was besieged by narrowing the media, but democrats in congress. who lied and told ms. truths to the american people about the evidence that they had that was never produced. shame on them. and journalism suffers. politics suffers because of what we've just seen play out. trish: let's not forget -- the country suffers. we just heard from mercedes schlapp. we have seen the better economy, you know, nonetheless, this has been the main focus for most of the media, adam.
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and i just wonder why they are not a little more willing to listen to more perspective? >> umm, trish, this is a little more nuanced then maybe it is being portrayed. putting the collusion aside when it comes to matters of obstruction of justice, there are -- in what we saw today, what is in the mueller report, there are glaring patterns of bad behavior, unethical conduct. it's important that we do say that. trish: i'm just curious, if someone tries to frame you for something, or says adam, i am pretty darn sure that you are guilty of a crime and you sit there and say no, i didn't do it! and you shall say to your lawyers, do you think that we can greater the guy because he is clearly on a mission and i don't trust him. it somehow is obstruction of
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justice. you don't have the right as a human being to say this isn't fair? >> that is not my point. my point, that is not my point. my point is that robert mueller did not bring charges, not because of lack of evidence on obstruction of justice but because of department of justice guidelines.>> that is not so!i am a lawyer. -- [multiple speakers] >> humana be able to indent a present but you can refer -- [multiple speakers] >> they were never charged refer to congress my friend. it is simply a fact. >> what do you mean? mac>> congress can do whatever they want but the independent counsel could have been much more harsh in his recommendations to congress. humana have the power to indict but certainly has the power to refer to congress. that language you will not find in there. trish: that is important. i think it is an important distinction. and it's something a lot of people have not said throughout
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the day.i'm glad that you pointed out. we're such a politicized environment there people on the left along with members of the left media, the mainstream media that are also going to double down on that. we will find ourselves as we heard from other guests on the show, the situation for the next few years you will have witness after witness being called before the house and they are going to try and impeach him. adam, let me ask you, what you think that does for your party? mac does it get you anywhere? mac. >> trish, i've seen many times this is a political loser. the democrats like in november when they run of issues like economy and healthcare, they win. to the mean i don't want transparency? i do. i'm just talk about transparency as it relates to what we learned today from the mueller report. politically speaking i think the democrats are in a very
11:24 pm
good position -- spewing the master this, why is it we never saw the fbi report on clinton emails? mac is it because donald trump said it's in the past and we need to move forward and is healthier for us as a nation. why is it we never got into the down and dirty details of that and get this all released. and then the president and the ag made a clear, he could've redacted things. it would have been within his priority. we are not releasing this. and yet, he did. while not releasing the investigation into the hillary emails. >> absolutely, the president was acting appropriately. he is not seeking to get even or settle scores. but that's maybe what he should have done. make it hilarious crimes be accountable. in fact, we found out that the justice department, very high level of the fbi, were politicizing the trump -- the
11:25 pm
statute of limitations, unless it is wrong. >> it is certainly possible that could happen. trish: had to leave it there. brad and adam, thank you. evidence suggests collusion peers why did the justice department launch this in the first place? mac a former campaign advisor says is pretty darn simple. they do not want donald trump of the white house. he will explain it all next. >> the people that did something wrong with the other side. the dirty cops and a lot of the dirty cops and a lot of problems that were caused as my broker --what am i paying you to manage my money? it's racquetball time. ahhh! carl, does your firm offer a satisfaction guarantee? like schwab does. guarantee?
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million. nothing to sneeze at. more than 2000 subpoenas, 500 search warrants and 500 witnesses more than 230 communications records and the final answer, no collusion. so what set the whole thing off to begin with? mac former campaign advisor michael caputo. good to have you back in the show. 11 effort, a lot of time, a lot of money put into this. a lot of peoples lives were highly disturbed, including your own, sir by all of this. and they come up with no collusion. what do you think really happened? mac why did they start this investigation to begin with? mac. >> they end up with a hold of nothing, didn't they, trish? mac no collusion, no obstruction. right now we watch you can also. if you listen closely. they are flipping the script as you and i talked about the other day. they are flipping the script
11:31 pm
from collusion to obstruction. they couldn't say anything else but russia, russia, russia for two years. about one week from now you'll never hear about russia again. it will be all about these bogus charges of obstruction and representative nadler, house of the judiciary will try and dance all the way to impeachment with these bogus obstruction charges. this kind of breadcrumbs that we all knew the democrats on the miller investigation were going to try to lead them to some kind of possible impeachment process. trish: it is mind-boggling and so irresponsible. >> dirty cops did not like what they were here from the republican candidate that got involved in something they never should have with a perverse sense of right and wrong seeing themselves as the arbiters of the truth so they bent the truth, they broke the law and they spied upon the republican candidate for president of the united states. trish: here's my question in all of this. it is one thing if your
11:32 pm
legitimate concerns. if you actually believed right, that vladimir putin had donald trump on a string and he was effectively a puppet or an agent of vladimir putin as john brennan has tried to tell us the former head of the cia under president obama. if you really and truly had evidence that was leading to that collision, i'm not talking a good feeling but given evidence then you say okay, maybe we need to open this up and do some digging. but if you're doing this because you do not like the guy and he does not play by the same set of rules that you play by, and i talked about the right and the left.there are a lot of people that did not like donald trump as you all know. but just because you do not like and it does not give you the right to come up with a bunch of phony charges, so-called dirty dossier that will never be verified and use that as a reason to try and undo the will of the american people! >> no doubt.
11:33 pm
and those, you can see the compliant media, the resistance media out there now trying to nail down the tent pegs the final narrative. it all started at the end of july after george papadopoulos conversation earlier in the year, australia reported this to the state department and it all started from there. bull! absolute lies. we knew things were going on months before. they were already trying to thwart donald trump in 2015. i know they came after me in may 2016. we talked about this before, trish. trish: i know. >> i was in this report today. a better part of a page about the telephone call i had with a guy henry greenberg. they went for it about three or four paragraphs.there were two things missing. number one, not once in the entire part of the report today did they mention that henry greenberg was on the fbi payroll when he called me up.
11:34 pm
and nowhere in the report did they mention that henry greenberg lied and told the fbi or the miller investigation apparently, that i was at the meeting he had with roger stone. a complete lie. that the mueller investigation new because they showed me the tax that proved i was in trump tower when all that went down. -- trish: put the bread comes out to try and frame you and from the campaign? >> i don't know. i have to tell you this, i know they not like me talking about my interview. since the day i left out of that building. they have been -- also the prosecutor who interrogated me at roger stone's hearing in florida and he nearly flipped his lid. these guys are really upset that i will not shut up and stay off the television. i think they omitted and lied through omission. end line that i was -- they do
11:35 pm
that for retribution. but here's the thing. i'm a marginal player in this, trish. if they do that to a guy on the margin, lied through their teeth in the report to a guy on the margin, what kind of chicanery are they up to? mac what mischievous stuff for the doing of the other 400 pages of this report? trish: you think this was a political hatchet job? they were out to get him and there was nothing real, then you all along but they spun this tale in an attempt to take down the person that american citizens elected. >> i think that dan bongino has this right. there were a couple of phases. the first phase was the intelligence phase when they were plumbing the depths of the database illegally, they were unmasking people illegally. all the way to the summer of 2016 and then the president
11:36 pm
won. right? they knew the insurance policy so they started sitting at michael flynn. set him up, the president fired james comey and then of course, they started this investigation to set the president up for impeachment. trish: michael, thank you so much. okay thank you. we have more on the corruption we have more on the corruption ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! keep goin' man! you got it! if you ride, you get it. ♪ here i go again geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars.
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11:41 pm
influence things. we figured that out. that is for sure. but you know it is also for sure? donald trump was not working with them and known in the campaign was working with them. yet, despite the news, you've got the left digging in, digging in really hard right now. right now they're saying okay, maybe it was not collusion. but it was obstruction of justice. of course the only problem with that is that, this was -- robert mueller actually referred this to be prosecuted as a crime. as we just heard, the case was just too thin. so what is really going on here? how do we cut through this spin to just understand legally, what is going on here? german out a former federal prosecutor and constitutional law attorney. good to see you both. there is a lot of confusion out there. so many members in the media and so many people on the left right now spinning this is
11:42 pm
saying that robert mueller clearly wanted him. walk us through what robert mueller could have done if he thought there was a crime. >> less store the first part. it's mixing two concepts which is the russians tried to possibly interfere in the u.s. election. over here, did a particular candidate in the campaign participate and admixture together and said, do you see that? russians tried to interfere. they are trying to imply, very bizarre tactic, but it equates to the campaign. there is a total essential vindication in the report of the idea that anyone in the trump campaign did this. and no one can really argue. trish: that is where there -- >> is interesting. and i want to say this, it's a
11:43 pm
little odd to talk about obstruction when there is no underlying crime. that is usually an important point but let me again put a finer point on the pencil. you can obstruct justice even if it's not a crime. for example, mr. x is under investigation. we discussed -- the witness gets called. and we say we want you to lie. i can be guilty with obstruction of justice even though there is no underlying crime. however, in this case, you assume little frustrated, when people foam at the mouth for two years day in, day out, collision, criminal confusion, conspiracy, etc. the president is extremely frustrated which it was seven report. he lashes out a little here and there then they turn around and states obstruction of justice. timeout. you've heard corrupt intent.
11:44 pm
if you say to someone, can you see your way clear to go easy on somebody in a case. a, they can direct an attorney to drop the case. b, he can pardon. it is an order from the president. the point is several get ray in front of this. ridiculous. saying that comment am comment b and comment c is obstruction of justice. trish: wears robert mueller in all this? mac now of commentators by saying that he is punching it over to congress and congress can now impeachment. i mean if it actually was in fact obstruction of justice in a classic sense, wouldn't robert mueller be a little bit more emphatic than what we saw? >> let me be very clear, trish. of the traits most of the investigation and all of the subpoenas and witnesses and
11:45 pm
millions of dollars, of taxpayer money that has been spent on this, there are no prosecutorial or legal questions still open. what the democrats want the american people to focus on other political questions and there is absolutely not one scintilla of fact or evidence here that the democrats can actually point to that would be sufficient legal reason to invoke impeachment or removal of donald trump other than the fact that they simply hate him. the mueller report was very, very clear on this. and so that is what we need to understand about the report. this was a complete and full exoneration and there was no collusion, no obstruction of justice and so robert mueller should have simply said that. i mean he played the political tactic -- trish: why did he play politics on this? >> to give an open question to the democrats. so that congress can continue this and we can still sit here
11:46 pm
and debate this. [multiple speakers] trish: what are your thoughts? >> criminal case cumbria said it 100 times. if a case is being declined, that's it. fold up the file, put in the cabinet and move onto the next case. but here politically they were thirsty. let's get hundreds of pages of stuff that we may be able to use in has nothing to do with pure criminal law, as jenna said it is political. >> absolutely! and congress should never go back -- they should go back and look at prosecutorial discretionary decision here. you never see congress, they could have appointed their own special go back and say that we are not going to look at mueller it is absolutely political partisan dirty tactic. >> sure, apodictic is there nowhere because it will just
11:47 pm
annoy the american people. trish: thank you. coming up, remember this? >> do you still believe the president could be a russian asset? mac. >> i think it is possible. trish: the former senior members of our intelligence agency, wrongfully accusing the president of being a russian -- i'm setting the record straight. will make it back. naysayer said no one would subscribe to a car the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪ with a lot of other young couples. then we noticed something...strange. oh, could you, uh, make me a burger? -poof -- you're a burger.
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11:50 pm
11:51 pm
agent with over a dozen years experience is revealing a disturbing trend. we've noticed over the past few years.he says some of the former top guys have actually broken decades long protocol. to skew their liberal viewpoint in an effort to attack the president of the united states. take a look at what they have said in the last three years before the mueller probe was even near conclusion. watch. >> to even believe the president could be a russian
11:52 pm
asset? >> a thing is possible. i think that's why we start our investigation. i'm really anxious to see where the director concludes that. >> your say russia is handling president trump as an asset? >> is the appearance to me. what trump did you say was to betray the fbi, the cia and of the spirit and betray the american public. that's what use the term that this is nothing short of treasonous because it is a betrayal of the nation. he is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. trish: opinions like these, from intelligence agencies, it's why they've taken a hit. joining me right now special fbi agent, john, good to have you here. you listen to them right there and it was pretty -- these are pretty powerful people, right? you see john brennan, former head of the cia and they're making these accusations long before we knew the results of the mueller probe. what does it tell you?
11:53 pm
>> i'm amazed to hear some of this archetype, i've worked with cia agents over the years. great individuals, dedicated to protect the country but this is nonsense to talk politics. you are supposed to keep your political opinions to yourself and represent the facts and protect the country. trish: why has it changed?how has it changed? >> seems like persons on one side of the aisle want to go out there and express fbi agents for example are notorious for trying to keep their opinions to themselves. we've seen a couple people astray and they been singled out because of that. but most part, fbi agents, cia agents, they don't do these things because theyare supposed to be non-political . trish: that is not what we saw with donald trump. which leads a lot of people to talk about the deep state. and maybe the deep state really does exist because these people, pretty high up in the intelligence community, did not like this president.
11:54 pm
and went on national television to hit him over and over again, unprecedented, as you say. if they are a -- is very deep state? >> i don't know if there is but their people in positions of authority, they are breaking all the rules for the way business is supposed to be done. it is so important that the american people trust the agencies and believe in what they're doing and that they are not political. they undermine the efforts of great men and women. within the fbi and the cia by doing things like this. trish: is it just now commonplace to bash donald trump in the fbi and cia these days where they wouldn't have done and past administrations? >> is not commonplace and it is not acceptable. those people that do it are singled out and there are repercussions. you are seeing some prominent people that are gone and will express opinions.
11:55 pm
look at robert mueller. he runs the fbi but yet have not heard any political opinions out of him. and who can know for sure? trish: because he does like the president.i'm not putting words in your mouth but quite willingly he went on a path where he was creating all of this speculation. i don't know if he believes it or if this is him just being one big giant political hack. your take? >> with it as being a political hack or not it is clear hedoes not like president trump. but the facts came out, the mueller report speaks for itself. we've wasted a lot of time and money . trish: why did this happen to begin with? why did they believe that donald trump was an agent of russia? >> are trying to spin the stories get the political agenda out there. trish: you know you have some intelligence agents that are highly politicized right now. that is not good for the
11:56 pm
country for sure. john, good to have you here. john, good to have you here. thank you very much. (sobbing) john, good to have you here. thank you very much. (speaking in foreign language) i'm sorry i don't understand... ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. no matter what you trade, at fidelity craftsmanship and technology that have made the rx the leading luxury suv of all time. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $409 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid,
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♪ ♪ ♪ trish: i hope you have a wonderful easter sunday, and passover, have a terrific weekend, we'll be live thi tomow night, the show goes on, there is a lot to talk about. we're going on phase 2, i can't
12:00 am
wait to read the attorney general's report, i want to know what these people were up to when they put it together, see you tomorrow, good night. kennedy: democrats are not done reading the mueller report, they are already demanding more answers, and launching new investigations and threatening impeachment. do it. will it end? no. according to jerry nadler, not really, how could this be good for the nation? that is coming up. 11 a.m. eastern department of justice released highly anticipate thanticipated muelle. the attorney general cleared him of on


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