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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  June 3, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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on twitter, at lou dobbs like me on facebook, follow me on instagram at lou dobbs tonight. again, thanks for joining us. good night from new york. here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. he kicks off its three-day state visit. in the midst of crucial negotiations. china and make -- mexico changing their tune. mexico is preparing for meetings in the u.s. they are slapping tariffs on goods crossing the southern border if they don't step up to help and the integration crisis. the very latest on the global trade tit for tat.
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calls for the party to move away from socialism gets booed. is it a good sign for bernie sanders. how you can cash in on the race for the white house. it is the latest public transportation that may be coming to a city near you. it is monday june 3, fbm -- fbn:am starts right now. here is how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. off of the session lows right now. they are following almost 200 points within the last hour. tensions escalated over the weekend. it looks like right now it is down only 134.
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as we become the longest losing streak. european markets also in the red. president trump against that three-day visit. and now that asia also reacting. the comments from the senior chinese official. the u.s. would not be able to pressure beijing with any type of trade deal. the global trade work continues this weekend. happy monday. breaking news just moments ago president trump is now officially in london for a three day state visit. tomorrow meeting without growing minister theresa may.
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the president arrives right now he is at winfield house. that is the ambassadors residence. the mayor of london is being nasty to a major ally. who's looking forward to being a good ally to the united kingdom. british tabloid told the president that megan merkel has said in the past that she said should move to canada if the president ended up becoming president. somehow over the weekend that morphed into the president calling the dashes of sussex nasty. he's bringing along his kids but the president will not
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meet megan merkel today. the kids get to a dinners with the royal family over the next three days. they alluded to the fact we are commemorated another moment when our nation in the entire world was tested at the highest level. the 75th anniversary of d-day. right after this event we will board air force one and traveled to the united kingdom into normandy france. honoring the 75th anniversary. the president well have a lunch and a few hours with the queen of england. of course everybody is
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listening to see if there will be a deal between the u.s. and great britain. will check back later with you this hour. china and mexico are now singling and there willing to discuss this. beijing says there willing to adopt a cooperative approach to find a solution. mexico is now sending a delegation to washington after president trump threatened to slap tariffs on all mexican imports into the united states democratic presidential candidate. i think what president trump has done is highly problematic
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he is using trade policy on an issue related to immigration. he doesn't have a real strategic plan. they are bracing for a legal fight. the wall street journal reports the in that the inquiry could raise the threat of new regulatory oversight. and perhaps the entire tech industry. it would examine google's business practices relating to search and other businesses. the faa is mourning the nearly 150 parks in the 737 jet may
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be defective. more than 300 jets can be affected worldwide. they are used to guide the plane's wings. they are responsible for two fatal crashes. they made changes to the software that causes the caused the system to rely on one sensor and set of two as originally designed its officials were not made aware of those changes. see make social media accounts reports say that apple plans to announce the end of itunes at the annual developer conference. the content from the facebook and instagram accounts have been moved over to new pages
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for apple tv. we sure well. let's get to some of the headlines making news this monday. the deal in the semiconductor business. the combination will help it expand its market for cars and connected devices. the cloud outage temporarily set down some of the web outages. it is investigating a way to prevent this from happening again.
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virginia beach church is pain tribute to the 12 victims who died on friday. selling a $45 million in the weekend. a good enough for number one. that total is more than $10 million off of industry expectations. now you know.
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the end of may kind of mess. s&p is down ten. president trump has just arrived in the uk in the last hour. they're not necessarily going over so well. how would you like to get paid to travel and to go on dates. with details coming up on fbn:am. i'm working to make each day a little sweeter.
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present trump kicking off a three-day visit to the united kingdom during thersea may's final week as prime minister. michael houston. chief market analyst. let's first talk about this. friday she will be resigning as have of the party. he said these are the two leaders. an asset but he also had very nice things to say about boris
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johnson. he goes back about three years ago. in the comments with respect to the u.s. relationship with the uk. i think his comments had gone down equally. depending on which side of the debate you are on. it's not particularly constructive. he was actually up plotting present trump's visit saying he believes that the trade deal if it can be signed.
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brexit has now been delayed until october. they had suggested that they would block any trade agreement. the irish border which is really acting as a significant love jam. i think it remains in the hands of u.s. policymakers as well. that something from a business perspective that's a little dicey.
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over the next few weeks and months. the u.s. and the uk will come to a form of agreement. particularly in terms of five tea. the uk as part of is part of the five eyes intelligence network. they are taking a hard line. thank you for the commentary. we're looking for to seen a lot of pictures at a london today. future selling off this morning. nasdaq 58. russia dealing a major blow as
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>> mexican officials are said to address the possibility of at least a 5% and escalating terrace. president trump wants action on securing the border.
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you might be paying more for avocados. they were tweeting this yesterday. mexico is starting a big delegation. they can solve it in one day. sitting down with our commerce secretary. trying to find a solution to this. the president means business. >> he is definitely serious. i expect these tariffs to go to the 5% level on june 10. serious about fixing the situation in the southern border.
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and if they can slow it at the border. until it hits 25 percent. that be quite some summer. john kennedy said yesterday he doesn't think that's can happen. he's been known to play with fire. not here removed. if he stops at 25% tariff on mexico it will tank the economy. mexico is a friend of the american people and wants to calm things down a little bit but the fact is for border states like texas mexico is their largest trading partner.
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let's move to russia. key defense advisors. russia state defense contractor which is trained has cut its staff in venezuela. with the diplomatic operations. by shutting down the embassy in caracas. the u.s. can do and more than 50 other countries had recognized opposition leaders. we are prepared to engage in a conversation with no
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preconditions. to fundamentally reverse the malign activity of this islamic republic. president trump is fighting trade battles on two continents. what are these repercussions. what do they mean for the u.s. economy. one company wants you to hop your way to work. key portfolio events.
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>> global market after this monday. the futures are off of session lows we are only down 90 right now. they're crashing over trade technology and security. it is still planning to add to 553-point plunge. as you can see we are down the flight to safety story. they came off the longest weekly losing streak. european markets in the red this monday. the 75th anniversary. take a look at stocks in asia. the u.s. would not be pressuring beijing to cut a trade deal. china is still willing to talk. we do had breaking news.
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president trump is officially in london for his three-day state visit. the president will meet with members of the royal family today. he will meet with the outgoing prime minister. edward lawrence live in london. what these protests are going to look like. good morning again. they are expecting the protest to be larger than the last time the president visited here. the president already tweeting before he landed here in london. he is already on the ground. he tweeted this. the mayor of london is nasty for the things he said and he is doing against president donald trump. they went on in the streets. to compare the mayor of london.
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the president going on to say that he would be a good friend to the united kingdom. the mayor of london has agreed to allow them to fly. he also have an opt ed and one of the newspapers here in london. criticizing president donald trump harshly. the royal family is expected to bring up climate change a government spokesman. they will also talk about climate change. with the president here. it is supposed to be the larger protest the that happened across the city. the approval rating here in the united kingdom. here around 28 percent. a number of polls here in this country. the mayor of london though allowing that balloon to fly obviously getting under the president's skin.
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thank you very much. china and mexico both signaling that they want to discuss trade with the united states. present trump now threatening to slap tariffs on mexico. he is the principal. the policy analyst for the asia economy. good morning. let me begin with you. would you say that using tariffs as the negotiation tactic is working because if you look at what just happened with mexico are they now saying they did have the u.s. mca but now they're being threatened with new tariffs for another reason. i think we look at the last two years. we see that they have not been an effective tool.
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mexico is more of a reliable partner than china is. many companies go pro would be one of them said everything going on with china has more operations in mexico. what you do now if these escalating tariffs do go into effect. the first would be on june 10. the only knock against the whole situation is that i would like to see them fight one battle at a time. the mexican thing was precipitated by a thousand people coming over. that's why he have a snap decision with the mexican tariffs. at the end of the day at least it gets people coming to the table. when we finally do it's cannot be good for the market.
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how else to get them to come to the table. that's what is doing here. to solve the immigration problem. it does us blow up the u.s. mca. the senator from iowa said it's a bad idea. the tariffs certainly don't make it any easier to get through congress. now we have this additional cost that the constituencies. i can have two explain to their folks back home about why they should or should it pass this bill. even the mexican government and makes it harder for them to get through their legislature as well. that's what they have to say about what president trump is doing. do you see any more backlash.
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it's a frustrating situation all around. our own congress could get something done. i don't think he's using tariffs for that. but we have an immigration problem that's not been solved. they are setting a delegation right here to the u.s. to talk. here are some other headlines making news this morning. they launched a second round of air raids in 24 hours against syria. israel filed missiles on to a military airbase. the attacks coming hours after the military said two projectiles were filed -- fired from there.
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>> they are urging them to stop the violence. the world is watching. what is the purpose. what will it get you. the state department has issued a new policy but now requires them to provide information about their social media accounts. ikea let you re-creating the living rooms of your favorite tv shows. and then friends there is their version. you can buy all of the products that are featured. a new mode of a transportation may be coming to san francisco. it is challenging the scooters as it transportation option.
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>> if we want to beat donald trump socialism is not the answer. i was reelected medicare for all may sound good. but it's actually not good policy nor is it good politics. i'm telling you that was a democratic hopefuls. they both got booed at the
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democratic convention over the weekend there crime seem to be not falling into the recent calls for socialism within the democratic party. there is a big difference between capitalism and greed. and that's where the divide has begun. we know what help -- healthy capitalism looks like. what we're trying to fight against is the worst in instinct of companies that care more about their shareholder value than their employees or people in their communities. >> are they having trouble lean on a single message. all of this has been an interesting play out with the two getting booed on stage. we have a hearst -- harsh reaction from alexander
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cortez. basically went on and said because of the medicare for all comment. what's going on in the party. the question that a lot of people are asking our kin and canada who is moderate enough to win the general election even have a chance to make it out of the primary maybe it can't happen. and i think joe biden's evidence of that is still possible but all of these other candidates a lot of people in the middle of the field and obviously bernie sanders at the number two spot is really trying to force joe biden and everyone else in the field to go left. i don't know if it's hard to say whether or not a moderate candidate could make it out.
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they say that electability is the main thing. i want to show you the fox news poll. this is what america really cares about. cost of healthcare 40%. main issue they are talking about. third climate change. what are they missing. i think they are missing the fact that the government -- the democratic party is not the general american population. they were buddha. that is not even a major representation of the democratic party itself. that was in california. this is as far left as the democrats get. looking at that in those booze doesn't necessarily look at what they think on that issue. i have to ask you about cory
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booker. cory booker has been giving details of this. every baby that is born regardless of where they live or whatever. when you think of this idea. the new american birth right. i think it's another government subsidy. it's about as close as you can get to buying votes. is pretty remarkable. we appreciate you getting up early as always. one website that calls itself the staff market a politics is making it happen. mark meredith has all of the details. i will usually log in and check what's going on in the site.
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i tend to invest in candidates that we might know. sugarman as one of thousands of traders using a website called predicted. the site act like a stock market nine companies but in political issues. like the race to become of the 2020 democratic nominee. now he has a legitimate chance of winning. 's remake you're actually buying shares or selling shares and in political outcomes. actually predicted the future and putting the very small amount of money on the outcome. they get to decide how much they want to invest from a few cents up to a maximum of $850 on any one issue. if you want to make the killing you go to wall
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street. the site is getting more competitive by the day but that it still allows him to test his political instincts. the fact that i had skin in the game really keeps these political events in elections current and interesting to me. predicted takes a cut would traders sell their shares for a profit they actually shared that academic research. let's check in with us doc market this morning. we could recover from here. a third of 1%. it's battered the midwest. it may shatter the grocery bill as well.
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>> thunderstorms and heavy rain. there live in the fox weather center. another rough weekend. unfortunately another start to the work week with severe storms across some of the same areas.
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that is going to be continuing into tomorrow. even stretching into parts of the midwest. hurricane season starts on june 1. we did already had it. whether it gets a name or becomes a depression or a storm. it will have more heavy rain across production. over the next couple of days watching the potential for several inches of rain. we are getting that over the next couple of days. thank you very much. it is causing so much misery from farmers. the devastating flood.
5:51 am
they cannot plant. that is raising concerns about higher grain prices. this translates into higher prices. they only planted about half of the corn crop this year. if you went to bed before halftime you really miss everything. toronto great the first half. they led by five at the break. everything changed there. they scored in the first 18 points. the war years or were while ballots. clay thompson led with a hamstring injury. twenty-five points. draymond green. the war years still without
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kevin durant's. trust in south carolina shot one under par. increase by 500 grand. the final round at the memorial. patrick can tree. he trailed by four shots. the lowest round indeterminate history. tiger woods and came on strong in the final round. still finished. the questions are immediately here. will rob a well robert gutkowski really state retired.
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has napier taking part in the special event for pediatric cancer. and this is all regarding rumors on whether or not he comes back. new fashion coming in major major league baseball. he actually pulled up the pants all the way. i like it. it brings us to san diego. it's always at the baseball parks. they eventually have an exterminator out here. i'm out. we do have to go. fox news headlights 247.
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june 3 your top stories at 6:00 a.m. breaking news president trump arriving in london overnight kicking off his state visit to the united states kingdom. is not receiving a warm welcome for everyone and the president is already fighting back. both canada and mexico reportedly showing a willingness to negotiate. we will look at what is next as economist warm recession. a major outage for google services from gmail to youtube down for hours. details on that plus the company getting ready for a legal fight with the u.s. government. at the end of that era they are gearing up for that developer's conference where i
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will likely say goodbye to itunes as we know it. mornings with maria starts right now. global trade tensions riling valley markets this morning. they point to a lower open. you can take a look at the features there. it has been a rough month for stocks again in all major market gauges were sharply lower their down more than 10%. president trump is in the united kingdom in london for a state visit. and meeting with members of the royal family next hour. edward lawrence is in london with ty


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