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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 11, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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good night. as self indulge
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allegation, healthcare and work permits. mexico government is beginning to act as now obrador is now wise and responsible enough to become president trump's partner against sex traffics and drug smuggling across the u.s. and mexico border. if so, president trump has
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against made history, and proved that nancy pelosi, chuck schumer. and mitch mcconnell, wrong, wrong on tariffs, wrong to work again the american people and wrong to have alived themselves with -- aligned themselves with the mexican drug cartels instead of with the president and u.s. national interest. >> this something that u.s. has been trying to get for over 20 years with mexico, as soon as i put tariffs on the take tell took two days, if we -- it took two days, we have all we want, we'll be a great partner with mexico now, now they respect us. lou: first guest to talk about how the deal with mexico, will help curb the flow of illegal immigrants, drugs and gangs, joining us, mark morgan, acting dec o director of u.s. mihm u in
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and custom enforcement. mark. the mexican different is to ploiing troop--deploying troopsn border with guatemala, already making arrests on the train that has already moved thousands of illegals from the south of mexico to northern mexico to cross our border, this looks like real progress, if sustained it could be a tremendous pivot point in u.s.-mexico relations? >> lou, you are absolutely right, make no mistake, this shute shabsolutely a game changf mexico continues to promise through, this is unprecedented, the 6,000 troops on southern border, and hundreds of law enforcement and third element, that under the mpp, migrant pro
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protection protocol. they allow ase asylum seekers to remain there. that is a game changer, you will see the numbers go down if mexico sticks to their agreement. lou: their enforcement of their own immigration laws, and security of their southern border and their willingness to enlarge the number immigrants they receive up only moval from u.s. for asee loom seekers, until they can be ajeu- adjudicated. obrador has a different tone now, he sounds as though he wants to be a partner with this president, your thoughts. >> so, i think that is right, but if you look at history, sometimes in mexico we apply pressure, they stip up and do a little bit, then they go back to
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the sidelines. i think you are correct, lou that this pressure was so intense, and so strong, i believe mexico -- the government of mexico felt they had no other choice but get off the sideline and be true partners, if they continue to carry this out they will be true partners with us in this crisis. lou: to me this is stunning to watch nancy pelosi, chuck schumer. and mitch mcconnell, the chamber of commerce with the affrontry, a business lobby, business biggest lobby to i to tell the president what to do, you saw president earlier in broadcast talking on cnbc responding to a chamber functionary talking about tariffs as if he knew what he was talking about. as president put it. he -- his name may be billion, i but she not -- brilliant but he
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is not, we're also watching chuck schumer, mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi again wrong about this president, they are also wrong about how we must enforce our laws and secure our border, and president is getting that done now without any one of the three help, assistant or well wishes. now the issue of all -- we're talking about hundreds of thousands, millions, of ill goingillegalsin this country whr deportation orders, and who under our laws should have been removed, why not? >> that is the 60,000 dollar question, we can talk about what mexico is doing and what we're doing on southern border. but, one of the biggest pull factors, biggest incentive are the people who enter our country illegally, know that once they get here, they will be allow
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method -- allowed to stay. that is what we have to address. in 20117 over 90% of families wo came here still remain, this year, i.c.e. from december to march released over 200,000 family units. so far this year. we have to look at the law interior force am and look at people who order removal, and apply the law equally, if you are here in violation of federal immigration law, consequences should be applied. the rule of law, as i.c.e. director i am committed to american people, that is about what we'll to. we'll enforce the law. lou: president trump made it clear he wants that border secured, hu u.s. immigration law enforced. and frustrated with dhs head
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after head, secretary of department of homeland security. and also being frankly frustrated by a deep state that has done everything it can to flummox those responsible for enforcing the laws andi securing the border. are we at a new point in trump administration history where the president has the help at the cacabinet level to enforce laws and secure the border. >> what i will say without getting into specific conversations i have had with people, i made clear, that i believe, we need to enforce the rule of law and make sure that anyone here who is illegal, should be treated the same, no demographics should be exempt, and everyone that is here illegally, including families, the consequences have to be applied and they show be removed with compassion and humanity,
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and everyone that i have spoken to understands that. jim: too b -- lou: to be clear, the left here, chamber of commerce, their lackeys, like to be on -- be o- snrez anothetheseof family unioy received due process, order removed by the court, judgment have been made. theitheir rights in tact. it is there is nothing about it arbitrary or outside due process. >> correct, you hit the nail on head, this is a final order by a judge. a judge has declared their claim was not valid he or she handed down a judgment, ordering them removed. inf we don't enforce that, then it is no worth anything, we migt
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as well do away with the system. lou: there is no hyperbole in what is stating obvious to every american, that nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, mitch mcconnell as he talks about now tariffs against mexico, they started screaming the chamber, having a fit last week, as the president made had clear. me would be putting tariffs on if an agreement was not reached and mexico it not take action, they -- these three, clilt capil hill leaders, chamber of commerce and party of hate, the democratic party, have absolutely aligned themselves with the ca cartels who benefit from sex traffics from drug smuggling and moving illegal imfrans across the border, i can't see any other way to look at it can you. >> as a law enforcement officer, i am not going to come abou com.
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the government was mexico office sideline before the president put on the tariffs, now mexico is in full force, committing to be in a partner, and solving this crisis that is a fact. lou: all right, mark morgan, part of the solution. appreciate it thank you, acting rise -- i.c.e. director. >> you bet. lou: a helicopter pilot today died in new york city after he was forced to make a hard emergency landing on the rooftop of a manhattan skyscraper, no other injuries were reported, it appears that the pilot chose to crash helicopter on that roof, sparing countless lives that could have been lost had he cheesen to hi chosen to hit thed opportunity streets below.
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witnesses respec report hearingn engine noise. >> new york city fire department sent out this image of the totally disintegrated helicopter on the rooftop. official cause of the crash is yet to be determined. but sources tell fox news, mechanical failure was the cause of the crash. >> up next, president trump takes ons chamber of horrors for doubting th the effectiveness fr his tariff threat on mexico. >> also what was hiding behind the walls of this minnesota restaurant that sent police officers scattering. we'll have more on that, much more ahead, stay with us, right after this break.
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commerce, vice president myron brilliant today telling cnbc there's a thought, that president trump's use of tariffs, quote, creates uncertainty with our trading partners end quote, howdies tushing could that be. wasting no time at all, president trump called in to cnbc to slam and shame the chamber. diswhr well, i gues.
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well i guess he's not sobri. without tariffs we would be captive to every country. we lose a fortune with virtually every country. they take advantage of us in every way possible and the u.s. chamber is right there with them. and as far as the u.s. chamber of dmers, the commerce, they hat representing the united states, not just the campaigns that are members of the u.s. chamber of commerce. lou: and the president concerned of the merger of aerospace companies right lessen cooperation saying, quote, when i hear united an raytheon, when i hear they're merging, does that make it less competitive? it's already not competitive. they're two great companies. i love them both but i want to see that we don't hurt our competition.
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100ceos signed a letter crying pro-life legislation throughout the country. let me repeat that. the ceos are getting their noses into politics. isn't it brilliant. don't you know better that the ceo of ben & jerry's has a strong view of abortion? i know i don't. joining us now, ed rollins, new york fox columnist michael goodwin. you would think this is monday the way i'm pronouncing some words here tonight. i apologize to everyone. let me start with the president calling and going after myron brilliant who, by the want, if he's so brilliant, why is he only vice president. your thoughts abthe president's comments. >> his comments rang a bell. i feel as though i've heard them from somewhere else, someone
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else many times, that being lou dobbs. great minds and all that. lou: one great mind and that's the president. >> but the chamber, you know, lou, obviously there was something going on last week when the republican senators started to peel away from the president on this. lou: it still infuriates me. >> that's why i said it. lou: thanks a lot. >> it was the lobbyist, the big business people saying that mexico tariffs will hurt a lot of our friends. lou: they're so full of it. >> but that, i think, is what -- lou: don't you think it's great the president called in. >> yes. lou: took on remarkably less than brilliant brilliant. >> and there would have been no deal without the tariffs. lou: without the president there's no deal. i mean you can talk about the tariffs and these ignorant acolytes of the quote unquote
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free trade which means i want to suck the life blood out of the american workers and our midment class and put anytime the pockets of the one-percenters, if you will attacks pair expense. this president is talking about balancing an economy, balancing trade relationships and by god he's doing it, ed. >> equally as important, this would not have happened without his basically intervention here. the "the new york times." this was going on months ago. excuse me my language. at the end of the day the bottom line is this president made this happen. we had a serious problem, a steer yous problem witserious pr and he said if you're not going to straighten it out i'm going to step in and he did. mexico understands he's a tough negotiate. they're going to do what's right long term and short term. everybody not giving hip credit for it is ridiculous.
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he made it happen. lou: the reason they're not giving him credit, they were on the wrong side of this president, on the wrong side of reality, truth and judgment when they imposed tariffs. they have no sense of history, no sense of economics. they have only their own personal interest and greed and focus, not that of the national interest, not that of the middle class, working men and women, small business. no 150 u.s. multinationals and let them soak up everything in their path. >> this is a great summary in effect of why donald trump was elected. why he is a disrupter to both parties. i mean almost more to the republicans in some ways because of this very thing, that he would -- that a republican president would do this, shows you how far that republican establishment moved away from the working class. lou: think of the way this
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president approaches things. and sometimes his patience is extraordinary in my judgment. but he doesn't just simply go after a democrat or the. connell: ic party othedemocratie republican par i, their sellout lock stom stock and barrel to the republican establishment, big business establishment. he puts forward his proposition. if they choose to oppose it, they attack him and he takes them on. anby the want he takes them on with results, real consequence and real performance. >> and he does what's in the best interest of this country. we could not have the border situations going on and he's now stopped it. lou: just do what the president said. give him his wall. give him his policies. and act in the national interest. but no, the comaim ber of commerce, the business round table and wall street think they're very bright. frankly they can't carry his
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luggage. it's ridiculous. >> they're becoming less and less relevant every day. lou: making themselves so. >> instead they jump into the abortion fight. lou: can you believe that video? >> who knows what's next? this is how they've been coulded by the democratic party, the cultural heights controlled by the media. lou: they've stolen their basic opposition as a party which was egalitarian. they slice and dice soash ya economic demographic to the point that human beings, american citizens are unrecognizable in that pou porre that they've made. >> you would think it would be for the american customers and american works loved no. lou: they don't give a flip
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about the middle class or the american dream. tom donahue should just get to his knees and beg the forgiveness of the american people. >> he never will and now he has the super jet privileges of the world. no ceo in the world has more vet privileges that he has. have you read the story he can take a jet wherever he wants to go, not a ceo in america that has the same privilege that he has. lou: he's earned every one of them. he should spend every hour that he possibly can on one of those jets going to all sorts of places. i've got a list. if myron brilliant wants to call me, i'll give him a list. thank you very much. appreciate it michael. thank you as always. >> sorry. i'll send my contribution -- lou: no. forth right language here is welcomed and we appreciate it ever so much. up next, congressional dimms
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bring in a disgraced watergate figure to smear president trump, of course. >> and now we got john dean, 45 years ago went to -- pled guilty to obstruction of justice and now coming in to enlightening the judiciary committee on obstruction of justice. >> this committee is now hearing from the '70s and they want their star witness back. lou: john dean, john dean. oh my goodness. we're going to take that up. we'll have that and much more. the you dish committee and gerald nadler. those are a name and a title i never thought would be joined but here we have it. there is john dean. we're coming right pack. stay with us. right after these quick messages we return.
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lou: justice department agreeing to hand over evidence from
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robert mueller report to house judiciary committee, radical dim chairman jerry nadler said that move would pause efforts, as he put it, pause efforts, people talk like that in washington to hold attorney general barr in criminal contempt, that does not seem to matter, the house is hold a vote tomorrow on civil contempt regula -- resolution fr to allow house to com compel testimony of barr. wow. house judiciary committee also hearing from former nic nixon we house counsel john dean, on capitol hill, claiming their remarkable parallels between watergate and the findings of robert mueller. >> president trump slamming dean, calling out his at best, muddy, murky, awful past. >> john dean has been a loser
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for many years, i've been watching him on one of the networks that is not trump oriented, they paid him a lot of money, john has been a loser for a long time, he was disbarred he went to prison, other than that he is doing a great job. lou: joining us efficiental judh president, tim fitton. thank you for joining us, president capturing essence of john dean, loser, liar, creeping guy who wants to be a pawn of the left. your thoughts? >> yeah, everyones that to make a living he decided av hi afters nixon-related crimes to make a living attacking republicans and kowtowing to left that destroyed his career, almost put him away. lou: that makes sense. >> he has been working on cnn, and so-called expert on these
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issues, he is just an anti-republican ac activist like cnn is. but you know key point is that if there anything watergate related, it is the actions of the obama administration. the unprecedented spying on president trump or then candidate president trump that involved multiple agents, state department, fbi, doj, state department, nsa, cia, white house. and the office of director of national intelligence. then on top of that prior on to that remember, obama used irs to target his political opponents, lois lerner and that, doj, and fbi under comey working with lerner. all this may be news to people who are not following -- following cnn and regular media, but, when you talk to about corruption, and nic nixonian le, obama makes nixon look like a
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piker in terms of abusive power to target and try to destroy his political enemies. >> at the very least, obama politicized more agencies, i think than most people thought exists particularly within the intelligence community itself, it is just awesome to look at ha he did there. and to do so, little bi blatantt consequence to this point. we talk about judicial watch, and efforts to produce documents and information that is otherwise hidden by the deep state, and members of radical dimms, who want it never to see the light of day, we're watching this -- we talk about slow walking back in 2017, i thought well maybe they will slow walk until 2017, 2018. herey are 2019, still we don't have the truth. we don't have consequence.
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what is it going to take to root out the evil that has corrupted the leadership of both department of justice and -- and the fbi, as well as agencies of our intelligence community? >> i think it will take criminal prosecution. i don't know if justice department will do that, despite all noise about it. >> have you been skeptical about that a long time. despite -- >> i'm always hopeful, attorney general barr says everything all right things, today there was a letter released he sent to judiciary committee, saying he has a broad review going on right now of whether this spying operation against president trump was legal. lou: what happens to the inspector general report? we were told that as a matter of fact, joe digenova victoria tensing let us know they had on good out that ig report would be
4:35 am
delayed, which see suspected, now this sounds like it has been slow walked out, i don't understand why the department of justice, cannot, cannot do something on the timely basis, they have -- i mean they have given so much time to so many people who are politically corrupt. to hide evidence to forge evidence to change the record. what in the world are we doing to do here. >> justice department has about a dozen political appointees, some good, some bad. lou: you are in a philosophical mood. we're up again a hard break, tom fitton will join us on the other side of the break, stay with us, we'll hear more of his philosophy and and more. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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lou: we're back with tom fitton who is discussing his philosophy on the deep state. your thoughts here, quickly, let's finish your thought. >> bureaucracy is still running the show, anything that barr because, will be deput done over significant resistance. so it will be a battle, assuming it even takes place at doj, not
4:40 am
only within doj and fbi but other agents like cia and state, we have documents coming out today, further confirming state department is a locust of evil when it came to targeting trump on spygate. incredible breadth of corruption used to target candidate trump, i am surprised she is stil he in power given all of the lies in office against him. lou: he has full power of federal government focused on him, he has not only survived, but prevailed, and won. and all of them prove to belie ars and worse -- liars and worse who conspire against him. >> you know, god bless america. lou: a men. >> if you are an innocent man you can beat the system.
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lou: sometimes, but also good to be a strong leader like president trump, i'm not sure that anyone else could have survived it, tom fitton thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: more than a million protestor demonstrate marching in hong kong this weekend, protesting denouncing a new law that would allow suspected criminals in the stay to be sent to mainland china for trial. they fear that the extradition legislation it is -- will be a law, if it is to be a an acted would allow beijing to target its political opponents. would communists really do that? i can't imagine, can you. protests to be biggest in hong kong since 2014 pro democracy umbrella movement there. joining us congressman matt gaetz. john dean, before your committee. the give and take, if i can call
4:42 am
it that by the two of you, fascinating to watch. what a humiliation for the judiciary committee, for its leader, chair, gerald ed that lirradler andradical dimms. >> we were visited by guest on h christmas past, nadler is begging nants tha nancy pelosi n opportunity to open his fact free impeachment in the house. she has not allow the him, the natural react to reinvigorate enthusiasm for impeachment of richard nixon, they could not get there to donald trump. highway patrol that american -- hope that american people would see this is really hai hilariouf there were not really tragic things to address. we don't have the ability to
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deal with the crises on our southern border. because that i want to bridge bg back their own episode of that 70's show. lou: ignorance on parade with radical dimms. and where the republicans, i thought as you know, distinguished themselves while they were in power, just saying. but, right now, to watch nadler play games with william barr. where is this headed? barr tried to cooperate. now the rules committee takes up preparation for civil contempt citation against the attorney general. i mean the ignorance of nadler and these chairmen is just breath taking. why should the administration give them even an inch to prolong what has been an ordeal
4:44 am
for this president and the nation? >> we finally have an attorney general who will go in and enforce the rule of law, bill barr is a great american, he is enduring these attacks because he is getting to the truth. because he is turning the tables, think about it, lou. we have false accusations again the president of the united states democrats think that now we should spend you know, another year, evaluating how the president reacted to those false allegations. >> what is wrong with a good old blaine thplain the hell with yoo nadler and the house. >> they should, administration should not participate in this political show, they are not any posture to do oversight, it is a farce there are real problems we need to solve like our intellectual property and border disputes, yet we have a
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fact-free impeachment built on a report that found was there no collusion. lou: i have to tell you this president, with the deal with mexico, the ul made -- ultimatum that president ow obrador has responded to, he is only person in that town, who seems to have the intelligence, tha, talent ad principle and courage to get something done. pelosi and schumer are cute players, evil though may be. and mcconnell, my god. what in hell is he? to quote my friend ed rollins. >> we need to get border security out of senate to house to put pressure on nancy pelosi, but in meantime, get to origins of russia investigation, more important how a bunch of deep state bureaucrats were able to
4:46 am
falsely size the manti. -- falsely size the president. lou: how does that go, i heard they were doing big things, and source for that was lindsey graham, i seen nothing, ed that -- nada, gyp. >zip.>> bill barr is getting something done. going from -- >> i am asking you about on capitol hill, what the republicans are doing, they watch what paul ryan did to house with the house, now they watch the same under mcconnell and graham, and they are bystanders, they are standing by. >> lindsey graham made a commit commitment. lou: what does that warm up begin. >> i have every confidence he will do it. there is no reason why we should not get to bottom of these false allegations, i hope lindsey
4:47 am
graham will do it, i know bill barr is. lou: congressman matt gaetz, if you say it will happen i believe it. when you say william barr. i'm gold going to with -- going to withhold my opinion on-line -- lindsey graham. lou: >> i think he is going to get there. lou: when is he going it to start. >> you said it, they move at glacial pace. lou: i think that republic is served well at moving of a flaishaglacial pace. >> we need to move faster on false allegations and russia probe. lou: you know, i have another way of putting it, much less eloquently. if linsdey graham buz does not y
4:48 am
out an investigation against other committees led by adam schiff for example, then. the republicans are damn fools, congressman. i know you are not. >> that is a fair statement. lou: you are a great american. we usually agree on most things. >> true. lou: i agree wit agree with you. >> thank you, lou. >> we'll be right back. stay with us. nutrition can seem o ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: joining us now, marc lotter for trump 2020 campaign, former press secretary to vice president pence, greats to see you, mark. >> thank you. lou: i think your candidate got a further leg up on 2020 with mexico deal. and with all of the whining, silly, son of a guns on capitol hill, including mitch mcconnell, chuck schumer, and nancy pelosi who say tariffs would not work, and president just drilled them. >> amazing what you can accomplish when american president shows strong leadership like trump did. for too long our american foreign policy has been based on please and a prayer. going country to please do something and pray they would
4:53 am
follow through, this president believes in action not just talk. lou: he is you know. discussion about tariffs, tariffs work. he did make that point. but what -- the point he really made is president trump is a leader, decisive and determined and by god he succeeds. and what i love is the chamber of commerce, the big bad business lobby, who were protesting his tariff, schumer and pelosi and mcconnell shelling him out -- selling him out, he shoves his program through, and lopez obrador wants to be his partner, you could not get a more of in your face than that. >> it was perfectly, on display when president announced his decision with tariffs, mexico came to issu washington d.c. ton discussions, these talks had been going on for months not shown progress, it was mostly
4:54 am
talk, but when president took a strong stand, used the tools to encourage a change in behavior, mexico came to the table, they got a deal done quickly, that is because the tariffs and threat there -- it worked. lou: and at-this-point, the -- i can't wait to see the polls over the next three o to four weeks n president's approval rating. he revealed nancy pelosi and chuck schumer as they are, the party of hate. and rob part republican party do better. do you think that mcconnell is getting the lesson, we have 30 seconds. >> i do. i think that congress is quickly realizing when mexico dowses mordoes moreto secure our borden congress, congress needs to step up, even "new york times" has an editoeditorial, saying congresso
4:55 am
act on the border could and humanitarian crisis on the border. lou: "new york times" making a 24 hour conversion after seeing themselves proved idiotic and wrong, and president right. >> also, for puc per usual, marc lotter. stay with us, we're coming right back, stay with us.
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lou: on wall street stocks closing higher. the volume on the big board 2.2 billion shares. a remind tore listen to my report coast to coast on the salem radio network. the president greeting team penske at the white house. >> if we don't get approval i will have to think in terms of tariffs. but it's all because of the tariffs. mexico is doing more for the united states as of now than congress. specifically the democrats. they have to get their act
5:00 am
together. they have to work and get something done because we have a tremendous problem at the lauren: it's 5:00 a.m. these are the top stories this hour. will she show? president trump threatening to slap tariffs on another $300 billion of chinese exports if the chinese leader doesn't meet with him at the g-20 summit later this month, plus, how the 2020 presidential race could impact any chance of a trade deal. well, president trump is firing back against critics of his deal with mexico, saying the country is doing more to help the u.s. than democrats but he's still not taking the tariff threat off the table. big tech in the hot seat today, congress holding its first silicon valley anti-trust investigation hearing as the calls to break up big tech are getting louden


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