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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 11, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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we know the truth. we'll spare the audience. if you had any inclination in that regard, he's in burmuda shorts. thanks for watching. see you next time. blake: the two 2020 frontrunners in iowa tearing into each other. the president calling joe biden a dummy and weak. biden says the president is an existential threat. but the polls show a clear leader. lawmakers had their attention on the southern border and big tech while others got an earful from comedian jon stewart. the top attorneys for 10 states are the new hangup and a lawsuit is involved. i'm blake berman in for
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elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. [♪] it might be the middle of june, but if you needed any evidence that the 2020 elect is upon us, we go to iowa. the president and joe biden are holding events there, and the trade war was the focus even before the president left to head for iowa. reporter: the president making news before he left in iowa. we have one strayed situation dying d one trade situation dying off, and the president saying he got everything he wanted in two days of negotiations including a secret agreement. he says the united states did
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get 6,000 mexican troops going to their southern border with guatemala to stop the illegal immigration from coming through. president trump: this is a simple agreement. this is one page of a very long and very good aagreement with mexico and the united states. it will go into effect when mexico tells me it's okay to release it. blake: the path got an expanded asylum program where asylum seekers will wait on the mexican side of the border for their court case. the president responding to harsh word by china. he's saying he'll only take a good deal with china or no deal. president trump: we are expecting to meet with president xi shortly.
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we have a good relationship. we had a deal with china, then they went back on the deal. but we had a deal with china. unless they come back to that deal, i have no interest. reporter: no deal unless they go back to the deal china originally agreed upon. he's highlighting the fact that he has $16 billion in retaliation tariffs. the chinese are saying if the president escalates this trade dispute, then the chinese will respond with determination. for both sides it appears digging in on this one for the long-haul. blake: iowa, where we began tonight. an interesting stop for the president to make. he won that state handily by 16
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points. joining me now, trump 2020 campaign press secretary kayleigh mcenany. the president making a stop in iowa. what's the thinking behind that. >> he's been in iowa, michigan, wisconsin. he'll be in florida next tuesday for the official announcement of his campaign. it's not one the campaign is a part of. but it's important to stop and make good on your promises. >> i know it's not an official campaign stop. but we have the president on one side and joe biden on the other side of the television screen. it felt like a campaign in iowa. >> joe biden named the president 76 times which led the president to respond. we did see the side by side of
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the president and biden. blake: i want to ask you about new polling that's come out in the last couple days. a national poll. here are the numbers. it doesn't look good for the president. trailing joe biden by 13 points. bernie sanders up on the president by 9. ' senator harris is up by 8 and senator warren up by 7. and joe biden beating the president in solid red texas. after being briefed on a devastating 17-state poll conducted by his campaign
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tollster, mr. trumed told aides to deny this. >> never heard those instructions. joe biden winning texas is a pipe dream. that's not happening. go back and read the polling between hillary clinton and donald trump. our internal polling shows when the rrl against a defined democrat, he wins. blake: is it generic polling that doesn't look necessarily strong? >> a defined democrat, joe biden among them, will win. we are making headway. we are look at oregon and potentially put resources there. we are confidence just on holding the map bud extending the map.
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blake: four years ago we were talk about clinton versus bush, trump versus biden. iowa is the democratic frontrunner's first big test. here is robin biro. thank you for joining us. you just heard kayleigh say they are thinking about putting resources in oregon. normally solid blue. your thoughts? >> it's all fair game this math is basically unpredictable. i would like to see the dnc put that in their 50-state plan. howard dean put all 50 states sat play. we need a really good fight here to fire both sides of the aisle up so the best man or woman who rides to the occasion. >> i want to take you back to
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iowa which is the focus of the political world tonight. at least the 2020 political world. here is a new poll from "the des moines register." the polling in that state, joe biden up solidly. but rising there, elizabeth warren and pete beaut judge. your take on that? >> elizabeth warren has been hitting hard to the point where she forced the other candidates to restructure their position on certain key issues. i noticed that and my colleagues have as well. mayor pete has been rocketing for a couple months and almost hijacked the message because he hits all the ideals our partied holds dear. he's got the youth factor. he's a veteran from the war in afghanistan. we love that he brought on a
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team of 100 foreign policy experts to help with that foreign policy speech and helped them give a clear message. blake: do you think we should put any stock in these polls? when you look at elizabeth warren and pete beaut judge, it makes you raise an eyebrow. so i'm not putting any stock in the polls. but i will say this. they are interesting. it's interesting to see those but i don't think we should be determining what resources go to them. >> what do you make of joe biden going after the president in the manner he did in the prepared remarks we got. the president's name was mentioned 76 times. he called the president an existential threat. is this a pivot from joe biden or is this something we expect
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all democrats to do the next 16, 17 months. >> this is definitely a pivot. this is no longer the kind, uncle joe. we are not look for a feel good candidate. we are look for someone who can take on president trump and win. it reminded me too much of hillary clinton on the campaign. she mentioned trump's name so much we didn't get to hear enough her own policies. meantime, coming up on "the evening edit" -- coming up, self states teaming up. we are going to be going to. charliegascharlie gasparino afte break. 10 attorneys general have filed a lawsuit against t-mobile and
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blake: new develop manies in the t-mobile and sprint potential merger. 10 states have filed lawsuits. the latest is what? reporter: 10ags have joined together. they are all from blue states. california believes it's a democratic mantra that reducing the number of carriers from 4 to 3. if they combined, you would have at & t and sprint and t-mobile.
6:16 pm
the sec chairman has approved it. saying despite the reduction of carriers, that it could compete with the other two on price. the trump administration's economic officials, donald trump is in favor of this deal. you have got to kind of read the tea leaves. they sucker punched the doj on this. meaning they filed it without warning. they are actually dealing with state a.g.s to find out what would appease them. they filed it anyway. you have to ask yourself, why did they file it without telling him. and the best thing you can couple with is this. you have to connect a few dots.
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it looks like there is progress between the doj and the two companies maybe to get this thing through with additional concessions. there have been meetings between the g-5 and the companies were meeting yesterday with the doj, specifically the ceo of t-mobile and the sprint ceo as well. so it looks like there is progress on the deal, then this happens. the question is, i guess, if you are a shareholder. this is a big merger. it's more than just a number. the trump administration believes if these two companies can merge and be strong. that's the economic and national security rationale. so now the question is, what do
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you make of the suit. it seems like it's because the progress he made toward the deal and they are trying to in any way up end it. could they be successful? doubtful. ask judge napolitano. they might find a lower court to agree with it. but the doj approvals this and there is additional concessions, the states will not be able to block this. blake: the doj had no comment on this. >> or anybody else. blake: charlie gas a trin oh, thanks for joining us. the comedian ask jon stewart tearing into lawmakers, criticizing some for not even showing up to a hearing involving the 9/11 victims
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compensation fund. >> we are an incredible metaphor, this rimes, for the entire process. getting healthcare and benefits for 9/11 first responders has come to. behind me a filled room of 9/11 first responders. in front of me, a nearly empty congress. sick and dying, they brought themselves down here to speak. and no one -- shameful it's an embarrassment to the country and a stain on this institution. you should be ashamed of yourselves for those who aren't here. but you won't be. because accountability doesn't appear to be something that occurred in this chamber.
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blake: that was the image right there. we reached out to the office of the members who sit on that committee. of the 15 members of congress, two were not present for the entirety of the hearing. the absent members were congressman swalell and another from pennsylvania. others were coming in and out. the reason why you saw that row of empty chairs is because the full committee doesn't meet until tomorrow. with me are two first responders who were at that meeting today. gerald, jake. thank you for joining me. the john stewart clip that has been playing over and over saying how can you not even be
6:21 pm
here for this hearing is something that grabbed attention. but the other part is how have you guys not funded this victims compensation fund. >> he's been saying that all along, this is the third time we have been coming out asking for the funding. last time we got the medical benefits. a five-year projected cost. unfortunately because of the amount of victims that put in for that money, it's running out quicker than ever thought would happen. we are more than a year out from when it's supposed to expire and they cut the funding. >> these are for the first responders who went into the ash and rubble. they have gotten very sick and died in some cases, cancer, you can go down the line. and who want and need this money, and it will run out next year.
6:22 pm
are you confident when all is said and done, this is just congressional theater and they will fund the money for this fund? >> we had to come down here in 2015. it is a process. i'm confident in that we'll never quit. we'll never forget our members and we'll never forget anybody else who responded. so we'll continue to wash the halls of congress until the proper funding is allowed. >> i want to play one clip real quick from the ranking member of this committee, jon stewart calling out that member not comparable to a natural disaster. >> you guys are obviously heroes and 9/11 was a big deal. but we have a lot of stuff to do. we have toik mar there is money for a variety of disasters. but this wasn't a hurricane or
6:23 pm
tornado. and that's your job anyway. blake: do you have think congress is looking at this through the right lens? >> most of of the time, yes. but when it comes down to the money and where it's going to come from, that was them covering themselves or trying to detract from not committing wholeheartedly to giving us the money, funding it forever. >> john is such an advocate for first responders. he's so passionate in what he does for us and for all first responders. obviously you can say he wears his emotions on his sleeve. blake: thank you both for coming in tonight. >> thank you for giving us the time to speak. blake: 90% of asylum seekers entering the u.s. and essentially disappearing.
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blake: the acting secretary for the department of homeland security defendantifying before the senate judiciary committee giving fresh statistics about asylum seekers domght southern border. >> what percentage of people show up for their hearings. >> we did an expedited pilot. out of 7,000, 90% did not show up. blake: here, the former u.s. ambassador to mexico, antonio garza. thanks for joining us.
6:29 pm
you harper that 90% of d you hear that 90% of asylum seekers don't show up for their hearings. >> it's a high number. we need to review our asylum procedures. the last few days what has been highlighted is the need for more cooperation between the u.s. and mexico on the enforcement side. the ability for people to move from mexico through our southern border and into the process without any intention of appearing for their asylum hearings is something that's been abused. i think the need for reviewing the asylum procedures is long overdue. one of the things that has come out the last few days under the imminent threat of tariffs was
6:30 pm
mexico and the united states coming to the table. mexico agreed to enhance their enforcement procedures committing 6,000 national guard troops to that. i think they are committed to it. you have seen the last few months, actually, the numbers on enforcement and deportation have started to trending in the right direction. they committed additional resources to it. more police and national guard along the isthmus that all coming from central america have to cross. you saw arrests of high-profile traffickers last week, and more enforcement along the bus routes central americans are taking to
6:31 pm
reach our southern borderer in the u.s. it appears they are serious about this. that and they expanded programs like remain in mexico pending the asylum procedures in the united states. there is an expansion of the enforcement efforts and a 45-day review process that they agreed to. i think this time it's going to stick. blake: the threat of tariffs, is that the right way to go about it? >> well, listen. i personally think tariffs were the wrong tool to use in this situation. using tariffs to try to accomplish policy objectives unrelated to trade and economics, i think they brought a certain urgency. the -- and an expansion of existing programs. i would have liked to see it done through a diplomatic route.
6:32 pm
but it's hard to argue with the fact that it did bring a certain urgency and expansion of existing programs to the table. and we are hopeful in terms of the u.s. mexico cooperation it will stick so we can move forward and start look at ratification of the usmca. antonio garza, former ambassador to mexico. thank you very much. let's get back out to iowa. june 2019 and iowa coming into focus. peter doocy is there following the former vice president joe biden. what a day for joe biden so far in iowa, huh, peter? >> i'll keep my voice low.
6:33 pm
the program for the president just started. until today joe biden had not been one of the democratic candidates who was asked to weigh in real-time about controversies surrounding the president. but that changed. >> on the d-day ceremonies. it was astounding to me that he was tweeting attacks on everybody from the mayor of london to bette midler. reporter: biden defended his position this weekend not to show up explaining it was his granddaughter's graduation. he told lobbyists he would skip his own inauguration for that graduation. he's not paying attention to the two dozen democrats he's competing with in the primary.
6:34 pm
he's focusing almost entirely on donald trump. >> four years of donald trump will be viewed as an aberration in american history. 8 years will change american history and how we are viewed around the world. reporter: iowa is a state the president won by 10 points. and the general election is the only thing either of these men are concerned about today. blake: peter, thank you very much. coming up be president trump said he received a letter from kim jong-un, a beautiful letter, he says. and pushes back hard on a report that kim's half brother was a cia source under his watch. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios.
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>> reporter: house judiciary subcommittee looking into the anti-trust probe of big tech companies, started looking into how these big platforms like google are affecting news. >> many in silicon valley dismiss the press as old media failing to evolve in the line of competition. but this is wrong. we are not losing business to an innovator who has found a more efficient way to investigate. we are losing business because the dominant platforms deploy
6:40 pm
our news content to target our audiences and sell that content to the same isers we are trying to were -- the same advertisers we are trying to serve. >> 2,000 counties have no daily newspaper. and google and facebook are pushing back on the idea that they are to blame. google says their going the news function has no advertising, they make no money off it and they are pushing clicks to these news sites. google said we worked for years to be a collaborative advertising partner to the news industry as it works to adapt to the new economics of the internet. a study by a news media alliance
6:41 pm
which represents 2,000 newspapers around the country released a statement says google made 2.7 billion dollars by scraping and selling media content without paying the content creators. blake: there is a lot going on with big tech. the democrats are saying these companies aren't too big to fail, they are too big to operate. >> the democrats' bark is bigger than their bite. the democrats are taking money from the silicon valley and big tech. everyone but elizabeth warren. i'm not saying republicans
6:42 pm
aren't taking money from big tech. i'm just telling you democrats are. blake: house republicans were together same thing going after big tech. they were doing it in a different way which is what president trump was saying, they are not too big to operate, but they are too big and they discriminate against us. you have big tech being hit from democrats and republicans who are free market capitalists. >> big tech or distrust of big tech is a bipartisan issue. the difference with some of the democrats, it's more about them just being big. where with the republicans it's more about data privacy and bias. anti-trust cases are not just about how big or dominant someone is. what look like a monopoly today
6:43 pm
may not be a monopoly. i get worried when bureaucrats determine what is good and what is wrong. blake: the message coming out of this white house is deregulation. >> i share the distrust of big tech. but the question is are we going at it with a sledgehammer like elizabeth warren or a scalpel like mitch mcconnell. if you go big you sometimes have unintended consequences. you had amazon and apple arguing over e books. we regulated it such that it made amazon stronger and kicked apple out of the sector. i think if you are going to regulate them, i prefer for them to be under a republican president. my concern is if someone like
6:44 pm
elizabeth warren is playing to the populist crowd, it will be more to the marketplace. blake: the president says a summit with kim jong-un is possible. later in the show, democrats continuing to try to figure out if they are going to take the impeachment route. did you hear what nancy pelosi said today?
6:45 pm
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i'm gonna tell you that was the best $150 i ever spent in my life. life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. blake: more details coming out on a report that kim jong-un's assassinated half brother was a cia even formant. the report is that kim jong-nam was in contact with security agencies in other countries. the president said he just received a letter from kim jong-un just yesterday. joining me, the former deputy division chief for north korea,
6:49 pm
bruce klinger. the story of the assassinated half brother killed in an airport in malaysia in 2017. sounds like a movie in its own right. but not surprising to you? >> the cia would have been trying to get any kind of information on kim jong-un, his describing sticks and decision-making process. particularly after 2011 when the father died. the cia interviewed all the classmates of kim jong-un when he was a student. bruce * does the half broth -- blake: does the half brother have any real actionable information. >> we would have appreciated the
6:50 pm
insights. but in later years kim jong-un had not been back to north korea for several years. he didn't seem to have a political base. so it's questionable how much information he would have had shortly before his death. he said the following. he said, i would tell him that would not happen under my auspices. meaning the cia reaching out to kim jong-un's half brother being in connection with it. it's like the president saying i want nothing to do with this. but isn't that what the cia does? >> when i was at cia we referred to north korea as the hardest of the hard targets. the country is a direct nuclear missile and conventional threat to the united states and our allies. we should be trying to get
6:51 pm
information any way we can. having a high-level intelligence source is one way to do it. blake: here is president trump earlier today. president trump: i want to get it further advanced. in the meantime, no nuclear testing, no major missile testing. nothing like when i first got here. now i can confirm it because of the letter i got yesterday. i think that something will happen that's going to be very positive. blake: does the president have a point when he says no major nuclear tests, no major missile testing? they launched short-range missiles. >> there have been self instances in the past under previous u.s. administrations where we had multiple years without testing. north korea said it has completed its nuclear weapons
6:52 pm
and icbm programs. north korea is required to not only not test, but abandon it missiles. regardless of what kim jong-un promised, he's required not to do any testing and abandon those programs. blake: the latest news about the half brother work the cia adds to it. when it comes to impeachment, the house speaker nancy pelosi and house judiciary chairman jerry nadler not seeing eye to eye. at least not publicly. do all te have in common, limu? [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need!
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>> the fight over possible impeachment intensifies as a speaker of the house nancy pelosi and the house judiciary committee chairman, jerry nadler, crashed over to whether to begin an impeachment inquiry into the present. according to reports now there is pushing pelosi and private to allow him to launch an impeachment inquiry. pelosi says house democrats who oppose it outnumber those who are pushing forward. cracks impeachment if you're going in that path, you don't go to court with your weakest case. as long as you keep getting more information to build your
6:57 pm
case. you have responsibility to do that. cracks it may come -- >> it may come to how do you reconcile? >> it is not of the table i don't think you should impeach for political reasons and i don't think you should not impeach for political reasons. it is not about politics. >> jimmy now the former whitewater deputy independent counsel and former federal prosecutor, bob, how are you doing? >> how are you doing? >> looks like democrats are deciding what a way to go. house speaker holds all the cards here. after whether this makes it whether to the floor. >>obsoleted the speaker has the cards. she is a decision whether or not these please -- committees before an approach is upset minority democrats want to move forward and she clearly doesn't because the public is simply not there. >> jerry nadler. if he gets a point where it's
6:58 pm
almost 50-50 split is there anything jerry nadler can do in his position? >> i think what he is trying to do is he has got a think a little bit of his caucus, he will try to bring out evidence. he wants to get a fresh body other than mr. dean who testify to such a try to persuade the public. because the public is not there yet. those are the tea leaves that speaker pelosi is reading. she saying that they are just not in favor of impeachment. >> and democrats. it is not a 50-50 split but it is unfavorable right now among democrats. >> right. it has to change. >> because of 20/20, they're worried if it spirals out of control it will help the president. >> what many people don't remember his back when the impeachment of president clinton occurred in 1998, then speaker newt gingrich lost, republicans lost a lot of
6:59 pm
season and that he lost his job a speaker because it was very very unfavorable and people were not happy about it. chris pelosi was asked today about the comments reportedly when she said in private, the president should go to prison. her response to that today was quote - i'm done with him, i don't even want to talk about him. you think she will stick to that? or did that is her signaling to democrats hey, let's just hit the pause button for second. >> i think she is speaking to the democrats who want impeachment. by saying the president should be in jail, personal think and helps her because on the one hand she is saying, no impeachment inquiry on the other hand, he should be in jail. what does that say?she believes the president should be in jail but she should not impeach? it does not make a lot of sense it seems contradictory to me. >> a long way to go with this until january 2021. >> that is what a lot of people are hoping. robert bittman, thank you for
7:00 pm
joining us tonight.that does it for us. there is a lot more coming up on fox business. lou dobbs is next on fbn. i will be back for liz tomorrow night. until then have a good one. lou: good evening everybody. president trump in iowa tonight where he and radical dim candidate biden are looking for votes. each holding events and giving biden a taste of what it would be like to actually run against president trump in 2020 and the answer? not good. not good. certainly, sleepy joe is not getting any help from the trump economy. which continues to surge. small business optimism in this country has had a seven month high. as the market is near its


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