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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 2, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: good evening president trump back in the white house after his triumphant g20 summit in japan. trump and xi jinping set the next spai phase of u.s., china e talks in motion, mr. trump's historic meeting with kim jong-un in north korea. of leadership, the courage and judgment to do. to meet with kim jong-un on kim's side of the korean dmz . and the national left wing media cohorts refuse to give the president credit for not only
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becomings first sitting president to enter north korea, but with a tweet, he invited kim to meet him in his own country, restarting the trump-kim denuclearization talks. while president trump was saving preworld, meeting with -- the free world, meeting with kim and xi, putin, erdogan, abe, merkel and others, human right protesters flooded into streets of hong kong, and smashed their way to city government headquarters creating greatest challenge to rule of president xi and the chinese communist party ever. the tens of thousands of protesters, the half million demonstrators, taking on the communist regime on the very anniversary of the former british colony' colony's returno
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chinese rule. worsening demonstrations like you saw in hong continental, edward lawrence, live at the white house with a the very latest. reporter: this is president donald trump making history, unplanned. he walked into north korea after greeting the leader kim jong-un, white house sources say it stems from the tweet, it truly was unplanned, offering on meet north korean leader at the dmz . >> this is tremendous, they can say whatever they want about the president, the guy is trying to forge peace with north korea, if you don't like the fact he stepped over the border too bad. he is the president of the united states, he is a rules breaker, he trying to create peace, i don't understand what the issue could be with that. reporter: president making it clear he would like denuclearization of north korea, this is first time they met since they walked away from talks in vietnam.
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in g20, president trump met with president xi jinping, he wants to make a good deal for america. >> it has been hundreds of billions of dollars a year for many, many years, we can't make a 50/50 deal, the deal has to be somewhat tilted to our advantage. unfortunately we're hurting china, because many of their companies are leaving and going to a nontariff state. reporter: president trump agreed to not add tariffs or new tariffs on chinese imports, but u.s. trade representative robber lighthouser is working on report anyway, and president will allow american companies to sell to huawei away -- huawei stays on entity list. but they grand temporary license to sell that technology. google for example holds one of those been licenses and can tell
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products to the chinese manufacture. >> he is not a believer in china chance theory, xi comes from a strong country and a strong economy, that is why president trump has been clever, xi, did not have to come back to the talks, he could have just told to us go to hell. reporter: senator rubio criticizing the sale to huawei. >> ed lawrence thank you. lou: first guest says that president trump is driving negotiations in north korea and the right direction. as president pushes today a totally denuclearized north korea, joining us congressman chuck fleishmann of tennessee, member of house appropriations
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committee, it is great to have you here, congressman, we start with the right direction. i look at some comments from whether rubio or democrats having a fit. you would think they were opposed to denuclearizationing the north korea peninsula. >> i'm a little puzzled by their comments, actually, i think that president gets high marks, let's face it for years america policy, whether republican or democratic, was failing with north korea. since this president has taken over president trump, he faced threat of north korea, he basically made a attempt to reach out, and get communications flowing. i wish the rest of the world was great and peace loving like the united states but they are not. i can tell you whether north korea, china or a friend or foe, world leaders know that donald trump knows how to leed, and how to govern and be a diplomat, he
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is doing a good job. lou: from your perspective, just how important do you believe it is to get the north koreans to denuclear a -- denuclearize? >> it is very important. we have allies in japan and, of course, south koreaing but even china are concerned. you have nuclear power, when you joins nuclear club, it is always dangerous. ands fact that north korea developed a very strong nuclear weapon, and a weapon they could deliver is really been destableddizing, president trump confronts this threat head omoving us in right direction this is a dangerous dictatorship but once again whether north korea, china, a friend or foe, president trump's foreign policy has been strong. and moving america forward. lou: yes, absolutely.
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and what is stunning is not only is he courageous and imaginative with his leadership, but he is intellectually far ahead of in foreign policy, certainly far ahead of our not just competitors any longer, some of out right aning it -- an -- antagonists and enemies of this country, north korea, he met with kim jong-un in weeks leading to go, 20, what do you think that relationship is between, whic xi, kim jong-un ae president and how will the president exploit that relationship? >> i think that relationship is cordial, there is respect. as we look at world stage. people talk about russia, people
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talk about other countries. china is the real threat. economically, militarily. this is the nation that has been moving forward. and donald trump realizes that. and he has said it before. america has been taken advantage of for decades by the chinese. and he does not blame them. he knows that xi is representing the chinese, and thank goodness we have a president in donald trump who is representing american interests. lou: who understands realpolitiks, that is working in national interest of the country he just happens to be leading. >> yes. lou: it is interesting to see some of these democratic hopefuls, elizabeth warren tweeted this, this is stunning to think that this is from people who would be so presumption as to seem party's nomination for president. elizabeth warren said, responding to with the president's historic step to
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north korea. we should be dealing with north korea through principal, diplomacy that promoted u.s. security, i would call that typical, nonsense call blather, kamala mari harris -- saying ths president should take the nokiah korean nuclear threat and its crimes against humanity seriously. really? thank you, senator. this kind of vac yo -- yawn non. and joe biden saying this:
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these are people who would like to campaign again him on an even equal footing. >> lou, i think it is pitiful. there was a time we had a bipartisan foreign policy, i can remember scoop jackson. -- this is good for the nation. i think that democrats rhetoric is divisive. in this case. and i think they are wrong. and i do think that president trump is on the right path, but think about it this way. i'm for donald trump, i want him to be the next president. in anyone those democratic hopefully were in oval office being commander in chief, i hope not. lou: perish the thought. >> indeed, but you think they would want support from other people not just be left alone.
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they are going in the wrong direction. lou: there, they are going in wrong direction, they have come from wrong direction. >> it is left, left, and further left, and un; i unfortunate for america. >> yes. lou: up next, former acting i.c.e. director tom homan has a few questions for chuck schumer, nancy pelosi and those 2020 democratic presidential hopefuls, also more than a half million protestors flooded streets of hong kong, the taliban's deadly attack in afghanistan, and president's new warning for iran. we take it up with national security expert, ktmcfarland, joining us after these quick messages, stay with us. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need.
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i'll pass. >> they know what they are doing, they know what they are playing with. i think they are playing with fire. no message to iran. what so ever. lou: president trump responding to iran's breach ofs uranium limit under the obama era nuclear deal, president's comes after a number of international
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challenges, for this administration in afghanistan, the taliban today set off a bomb killing 40 people, more than 100 people were wounded. as that blast reached into the sky. u.s. and taliban officials holding talks in qatar to end the 18 year war in afghanistan, we don't know if the talks will continue after these provocations, state department also monitoring destructive scenes in hong kong and democratic demonstrations. riot police today firing tear gas on hundreds of thousands of protesters after they swarmed city legislator main building, demonstrator using an annual pro democracy march to voice their ongoing frustration at a chinese extradition bill that would allow them to move hodg hong kog citizens to mainland china for
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trial. all this, at juan in venezuela seems to have disappeared. joining me now. kt mcfarland. good to have you with us. first, iran breaching its limits on urain yun uranium enrichmentt promised. now the president said iran is playing with fire, what are his options? >> they are not playing with fire, trump has a lot of options and leverage, the iranian economy is in trouble. contracted 6% this year. inflation is running 50%. and same time, the united states can take actions to freeze iran out of the international market. because we control the dollar and the banking system, we could make it so iran does not get to sell anything to anyone. and secondly, we don't need
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iran's oil, we can wait it out, i think because we have a strong economy under president trump and iranians have a fractured and failing economy, we have a lot of options, and they are playing with fire. lou: we don't need their oil. but your european allies in particular do. iran has managed under sanctions to still possess a nuclear program and now accelerate toward what could be a final year stage development of a nuclear weapon, this is becoming deeply troubling, this is appoint at which the -- a point at which the president is running out of rhetorical options, don't you think? >> mm-hmm. yeah. i mean, but there are other options to have short of war. and short of somehow a major military engagement, last thing
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we need, trump said this, is another war. lou: that is last thing any of us want. >> there are economic options and cyber. lou: any of us don't want that. >> yes, he has cyber options and various options you don't necessarily see in a book, that is why his com come today is a - comment today is a no comment. lou: venezuela. all but disappearing from the washington consciousness, we have not heard from bolton on venezuela or from pompeo. meanwhile could guaido is receding farther and farther to the margins, where are we headed here i? >> this is troubling. it looks like opposition to maduro was developing. whether it be countries around venezuela getting involved, we were encouraging the opposition,
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but for whatever reason the opposition leader in venezuela is sort of faltering. i think this goes on for a linger time, maduro stays in power longer about at end was day this is up to people in region to solve. lou: what is troubling is analogue between iran and venezuela. >> mm-hmm. lou: -- one hand, putting your paying in sanctions and impact on its economy. venezuela's economy is far worse. yet there is no change in direction or leadership and no step forward for u.s. policy or initiatives in the country. this becomes highly problematic. >> well, it is -- yes, right. it becomes particularly problematic for country in the region, because of the refugee problem. because of the -- are active in
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venezuela, i'm not sure that united states has an option, a military option in venezuela. at beginning of trump administration we conducted a review of what would happen in venezuela, our option, at the time, i see no reason to change, we decided most move was to help behind scenes, a lot of assistant without making it look like america's big feet were coming in to boss everyone around, this is up to the venezuelans to solve with a lot of assistance but it should not be america jumping in again to solve the problem,. lou: thank you so much. thank you. lou: up next, latest decision on capitol hill. that has radical dems at each other -- radical dimms at each other's throats. >> and also, tom homan has questions for folks like elizabeth warren and all of the rest. stay with us, we're coming right back.
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lou: there is a new report that reveals new 2020 democratic presidential hopefuls are falling into disarraying. unnamed democratic hopeful adviser -- many other strategist say that first debates opened a new to top tier candidates. they include kamala harris and elizabeth warren, not much bet or capitol hill for democrats, they just can't get along. that is what happens, they are so hostile they want to go after each other, reports pointing to a growing rift, many blame senate minority leader chuck schumer. why not?
4:27 am
for co cop -- capitulating to republicans on the border fund bill. i say, want a bet, joining us former reagan white house political director fox business political analyst, the sav is st himself ed rollins, a heavy price? >> key thing here, i have said this on the show, joe biden has a glass jaw. he showed that the other night, you have several women that are articulate who are -- layout message that is totally out of the mainstream was country. they made the promises of what they will do. and it is not going to sell to the country.
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lou: problem is that polls don't reveal that and the fact is that biden still still -- >> in the new polls he is crashing. lou: lower? >> crashing. lou: he is in the lead? >> his support has come from av one americans wh--african-amerie seeing he is no longer a winner, he is very inarticulate. he may have had facelifts but he is still a man older than me, and you, he is not functional, and he slurs his words. he has old ideas. inevitability. we watch with hillary clinton, not a good strategy. if you want to win this, you have to be hungry and win it. >> inevitability.
4:29 am
obama and biden is not a good combination, obama did not want him to run. >> he was smart. >> what does this mean? you are watching these debates, like the rest of us, or many of us, what do you see? i read articles about mayor pete, articles about kamala harris, i don't recognize what they are reporting from i have been witnessing on television, i don't see excitement or electricity. she is pushing issues and talking sense, and -- >> for their party. lou: of course there is, she is to me, principle. >> she has run the best campaign to date, i think she will take bernie sanders out, i think that harris could take out biden. a long way to go, but, first
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impression, 18 million people watch, 8 million stream, that is not happening all of the way through, first impressions last. lou: listening to julian castro and tom perez saying that illegal immigrants are paying a lot in taxes so giving them free stuff like the free medical care and free education, you name it, is no big problem. are these people out of their minds who do they think are paying the taxes. elizabeth: that is. >> just say, you don't want to pay obamacare for healthcare for americans, but you want to give those coming in ill loolgl ille. >> if we could roll the sound. >> isn't that open borders? not limiting how immigration any
4:31 am
real way? >> i wouldin challenge you there george. number one there no way we could call this open borders, we 654 miles of fencing, we have thousands of 57 ne personnel at border, this still a civil court process, there are still people who are being deported. there are people applying for asylum that are not granted asylum. lou: there is a fella who just is scared to death of the facts. he is talking all sort -- here is the only issue, how many people julian castro, come across that border illegally every year? what has democratic party done to eliminate the loopholes for asylum, to actually bolster border security? i mean that goes beyond disingenuous to the level of very least symboling. >> donald trump did not lose one
4:32 am
trump supporter from those two debates. lou: i would say that is true, and those people will push a lot of people toward donald trump, you can say what you want to, if you are a democrat, most do, about it president and attack him, he speaks more truth in a single day than you hear from those candidates. for the rest of the year. >> right. lou: ed rollins, great to see you. >> thank you. lou: thank you so much. >> we'd like to hear from you, share your comments, follow me on twitter at lou dobbs, like me on facebook, follow he on instagram, at "lou dobbs tonight." up next, why are chuck schumer and nancy pelosi so much more concerned about illegal immigrants than american citizens? that not just an appearance, it is a reality, we take
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>> the democrats like this system because eat open border -- it's open borders, we don't allow it to be open borders. it shouldn't be there way, we're the only ones in the world that have a system like this. this is absolutely insane. lou: insane, and let's be clear with each other, it is absolutely stupid. but we're doing it.
4:37 am
president trump today going after those radical dimms, their open border policies, his comments only a day after "new york times" published an open ed -- op-ed that said public shaming of border patrol agents would be in order, this article written by a hyma humanitarian - human rights professor saying that immigration lawyers have agents names, journalists reporting at border have names, photos and videos, the agent actions should be publicized. this is done in argument for doxing, but -- not even on the border, not even an american, does not know what he is talking about, but suddenly he has a national audience for his vial nonsense. joining us tom homan, former
4:38 am
acting director of immigration, customs enforcement also a fox business contributor. this is institutional ignorance. possessed by "new york times," and spread by the "new york times," who -- i mean your reaction? >> this is disgusting. they are vilifying men and women of the border patrol to leave safety and security of their homer day to defend this nation, how about 4,000 lives this border patrol safed this year, people who would have tied they found in dire straits or they bring toys from their children to the processing centers so these children have something to play work how come they don't talk about those who take sickness home to their families, they don't talk about all sacrifices the american patriots make, they want to vilify them this is did different -- disgusting.
4:39 am
lou: journalists, i believe are persuadedded by this nonsense of harassment of illegal immigrants, instead of apprehension which is what they are paid to do. it is a country right now divided on this issue. should we have the right to precheck ourselves our nation and borders? or just open our arms and say, you know rollover us. the idiots are really taking command. until this president was elected this thing would be over right now, i really believe it. in 2 1/2 years from his election coulelection, he rolled it backs beat is building, i believe. >> we're a country of laws, everyone one of those congressmen people who want to run for president, all 20, they don't believe in the rule of law, they want to make illegal immigration legal, free medical
4:40 am
car, abolish i.c.e. they are offering more entice am enticement, not one offered a fix on the border. i have said for years, if you don't fix the loop hole loopholf women will be raped, and children will keep dying, what brought nancy pelosi to table, president saying we'll arrest illegal ale yep aliens in unites nothing else mattered. lou: if president had not threatened tariffs on mexican goods i don't believe that own r would have thought about securing the border. >> the president has schooled everyone. he is doing all we can to secure the border.
4:41 am
unprecedent asset on border. the man is keeping his promise to the american people, he is the right president at the right time, he will succeed, i have 100% faith in this president. lou: i think it since rifting that the -- it is interesting that lies keep coming, you listen to democratic hopefuls, the folks what talk about 11 million illegal immigrant in united states the fact is that most recent number, is somewhere between 22 and 30 million illegal immigrants here. why can't we get a straight answer from even the government? this is really out of control, we have a machine. propropaganda machine pushing ts out. we have, if you figure ratio of one aone -- apprehension, we're
4:42 am
talking 4 million more just this year alone. >> president is trying to get a handle on that. the democrats don't want that question added to the census, because then more illegal aliens, that are counted today theirielectoral vote this is jut about power to them, election, and electoral votes. lou: looking at poll screen if we could. a picture of a victim of illegal immigration. who no one is taking about this in the democratic caucus, no one amongst the democratic presidential hopefuls, these young people and older people as well, move to the 93-year-old woman, raped and murdered by illegal immigrants. i mean that goes on and on.
4:43 am
>> i saw a lot of democrat use that picture of father and daughter. who died crossing the rio grande, that is sad, i have seen many dead migrants in my caree. i know it is sad. it angers me, i have said, if democrats don't close the hoop loopholes more will die, they show this picture the other day, and say this is president trump's fault? no, close the loopholes or more people will die. they don't want to talk about these cases, fav-year-ol 5-yearo was brutally raped or murder, or 5-month-old raped and murdered. by illegal alien. these are people, they are in united states, they are attacked
4:44 am
by people who are not even supposed to be here, all 20 on that stage than open borders. let's get them more free stuff, that entices more people to come, they don't want to second- second oured border, they need to look in the mirror, this president wants to save lives, build a wall it will save live, close a hoop hole tha loophole , and fix the system to save lives. the president is trying to save lives. this president is trying to stop tragedy, we need to support him, stop fal false for thattive of e of democratic leadership. lou: maybe someone will ask that question. great to have you with us tom
4:45 am
homan. when is president going to make you immigration czar? >> we'll see. i mean -- >> i didn't' too put you on the spot. >> you just did, never say never. lou: i would saw now, now. tom homan. >> i appreciate what you do, sir. lou: thank you, same back at you. >> check out this bizarre summer scene in mexico. hail buried guadalajara under 5 feet of ice, this freak storm, damaged hundreds of homes, and washed away 50 cars, after several days where temperatures were 90 degrees in guadalajara. no injuries have been reported. but what an incredible phenomenon. >> up next, judicial watch uncovers more corruption went
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lou: another bombshell from judicial watch, a deposition reveals that obama justice department granted immunity to the hillary clinton attorney responsible for deleting those
4:50 am
30,000 e-mails during her time at the state department. sam will onlon son revealed. contraries to what she told fbi she was aware that hillary clinton used a private e-mail account while secretary of state, joining us, tom fenton, president of judicial watch that uncovered those shocking e-mails, tom, let's start with immunity? why? >> we knew they game immunity to cheryl mills, hillary clinton a lawyer also stev chief of staffn the department. then we get discovery, we bring in this mrs. clinton's lawyer who also worked at state department. and she describes her deleting
4:51 am
the 33 thousand e-mails, and admits she got ir immunity. it shows you the further sham nature of the investigation, on top of it, she is contradicting what she told the fbi about what she knew and when about the clinton e-mail system. she knew what hillary clinton. lou: you are not suggesting she was lying are you? >> either the fbi got it wrong, she misremembered or she is lying. lou: okay. i am going to take one of those three, i'll leave it up to audience to decide which i have chosen. this is at-this-point irremedial, there is nothing to be done. we have -- >> yes, they can reopen the
4:52 am
criminal investigation, hillary clinton issue. they -- you know. lou: i was talking about samuelsson in particular with immunity. how do they hold accountable those who made this decision to give her immunity? >> she was not given it for her testimony that is now an issue here. immunity is not a get out of jail free card, it has been used as a disproductio disproduct din people think nothing one done. and again, the justice department is still defending this whole crowd opposing our effort to get information through discovery. lou: why? how? a new president. a newea attorney general, a new, and a commitment to getting to the bottom of this corruption, what is the world? two and a half years into this presidency, what in the world are we witnessing here?
4:53 am
>> you recall russia gate investigation, had its desired impact, to freeze justice department for taking another look at clinton e-mail issue. that is done. attorney general barr needs to be specific hire, an here, say d that to take another look, we don't believe and trust when comey and lynch did, judicial watch is providing information to a federal court who want these answers, my you have attorney general barr needs to start asking the same questions that judicial watch has been asking, thanks to a federal court ruling. we had information that obama white house was involved in lying about clinton e-mail. whether theyickive -- existed or motte, new information this week that they were purposely under classifying clinton e-mails, seemingly too protect her from being either more liable for
4:54 am
criminal prosecution because of the increased numbers of classified materials, the cover-up is immense. lou: focus persona personally o. at what point do deep state and radical dimms and president obama his intelligence community, krupp fbi and corrupd justice department have won and the hell with it, when do we say that. >> you know, there are wins and losses, they were not able to stop president trump from becoming president despite the lawlessness and corruption to protect hillary clinton. they were not -- snow, no. jim: i'm tal-->> i'm talking go.
4:55 am
>> that is an open question. if we relied on justice department to do the right thing, we would sho shut down. >> tom thank you. >> keep will faith. >> we're coming right back stay with us.
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lou: on wall street, stock rallying.
4:59 am
the s & p up 23. the 6th s & p record close this year. the nasdaq, 3 1/2 billion shares. the dow is only 111 points away from its all-time record high. a reminder to his be to my reports coast to coast on the salem radio network. the president back in the white house after his historic meeting with kim jong-un in north korea. >> i wish the rest of the world was great like the united states and peace loving like the united states, but they are not. and i can tell you this, whether it's north korea, china, a friend or foe. world leaders know donald trump knows how to lead, how to
5:00 am
govern, and how to be a diplomat and he's doing a good job. cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. they're playing with fire, the warning from president trump on iran as the country confirmed it violated the limit on enriched uranium, will maximum pressure lead to diplomacy or military conflict. lauren: with the u.s. and china in a tariff cease fire, is europe in the cross hairs? cheryl: mayhem in hong kong. half a million protesterred marched in the street. lauren: and why nike bowed to collin l kaepernick over their latest sneaker man. it is tuesday, july 2nd


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