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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  August 3, 2019 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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life 10:00 a.m. eastern on fox news this sunday. a big show with kevin mccarthy joining me sunday. starts every weekday from six to 9:00 a.m. eastern on fox business with mornings with maria. we set the tone today all week long we hope you will be there with us. thank you for being with me. have a great weekend i will see you next time. ♪ >> hello and welcome to wall street journal at large. i'm the executive washington editor of the wall street journal. filling in for gerry baker. 20 democratic presidential candidate met in back-to-back debates in those debates laid from ideological in the party. first ideological's but, democrats are deciding whether they should be a party of bill and hillary clinton, centerleft or elizabeth worn and bernie sanders. the large field has put into
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three camps on this question. the progressive that states time for them to stop into cautious, and claim what they believe in the heart and it's time for government run in higher taxes on the wealthy and free college education for all. moderate, joe biden here believe those may be worthy goals but are too risky for the economy and likely to scare off moderate voters. the third camp is made up of a few candidates are trying to struggle to do with it for each. here come all here's an pete buttigieg. all that leads to the critical tactical question for both parties. will this be a base selection in which is deciding a voters so the turnout greater numbers. in that case the progressive works better. or will it be winning over voters in ideological middle. in that case the modern argument works better. here to break it down is a famous name from emmanuel.
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he is president obama's chief of staff before become a mayor of chicago and now the centerview partners. for even the casual viewer of this week's debates, the most striking thing and take away was ideological divide. moderates versus progressive. i wonder whether this is a growing divide or just becoming more visible because of this campaign. >> it is not new. it's i would say etiological's one, there is gender, et cetera and that flex the breath and things happening in the party. the president obama, president clinton i work for both face similar efforts, i can remember there was about 100 votes against both budget agreement, 110 if i'm not mistaken. you had children's healthcare,
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coverage for 10 million children, i hope scholarship credit, major major environmental so voting against it. here is what i would say there is an etiological, but i say this is somebody who comes out of a centerleft perspective rather than slight twist left center. we don't disagree about making sure that those who need healthcare haven't been everybody. i really do think we should focus of the party on the 35 million americans that are single illness awaiting. how do we get there prayed not whether we should get there. we also have an agreement that no family should take a second mortgage or second job to give the child a chance of education. right now there's another story out of chicago were. were making the kids dependent on some of the off so they can get better scholarships. the crisis is not what the parents did at the cost for even
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well-off families. there's a fight but more about means and ends. it is a fight in the sense of how than the political side, you look lower on the hood which is how they win an election. there are people as you said who really believe you have to put a bunch of 220 volts on the base. there are others, which i think both 92, 96 presidential, 082012 presidential, 2006 congressional, 2008 congressional -- >> those be the ones you're pretty one. >> the ones i participated in. [laughter] the fact is, we have one and sees the majority or the
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presidency when we have one in swinging areas because we made a case. i don't really believe it's about either or. we need a very strong turnout and we also need to make sure that voters who are not happy with trump come home to the democratic party. there is old whole slug of voters who did not vote for trump but voted against hillary. the republicans lost in 2018. we need to keep them in 2020. >> and that fact you wrote a memo to the candidates before the debates and warned them not to be careful to lose the swing voters in wisconsin, michigan, for savanna and ohio and if you win the nomination in a way that forecloses the path to victory in the general election, we will lose in your name will go down. did they take your vice or did they spare away? >> i just finished my trip to rome, 984 miles to be exact, two weeks 60 miles a day. i was on the coast of michigan wisconsin. illinois and indiana one will be
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blue and one will be read. i met people of all walks of life in diners across the country breakfast places in a lot of places were drink at the end of the night. first of all one thing i would say, even when you disagree people listen to each other, life is not crossfire in america. but nobody s america. they were concerned about their family, their children's future, their healthcare their ability to afford the lives they built themselves. we need not jnd bold but good ideas that meet people where they live their lives. if you look at the congressional races that we won, the book of the majority in 2018 came out of the state and came out of those districts. there are districts that we use "the color purple" but they can go either way presidential congressional. and i would say the debates on
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certain times than what was concerned about, what you quoted was president obama and president clinton won the nomination that make them more competitive for the general election. we are angry at donald trump swing voters are exhausted by donald trump. it's not the same strain of emotion. and we need to have a message, narrative that both get the anger and exhaustion and make a singular case. >> let me give you the progressive argument, the tactical, and 2016 we picked the establishment moderate candidate, hillary clinton that produced president donald trump, enough of that, let's do the passionate thing, go with our hearts be true to our ideals and move to the left because that will create the passion and excitement the hillary clinton did not produce. >> the piece of it is when you win --
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>> what if it is not good? there's both things in the past that have not worked out. foreign-policy in the mustard. i want good that meet people where they are. in chicago, if you had a b average we would make community college free. it takes two years of cost of education right off of a family's budget line. and if you keep the b average the university of chicago will give you the remaining two years. families don't want to get the chance to at the mckendree. i wouldn't call it big and bold i would call it a policy that 81% of the kids take it. you're dealing with access to jobs and careers in a way that
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doesn't adversely affect the parents that want to see the kids exceed. we are trying to do the same thing. to me whether it's a good idea or a bad idea or a big idea versus a small idea and whether it meets people where they meet their lives. progressive thinks we have to turn out our base. that the majority and ability to win in wisconsin is not just milwaukee and madison. it's also waiting the suburbs around milwaukee and also to be frank, is nokia clobbered in small-town america. we will not win it just took it clobbered. if you look at the successful races from pennsylvania to minnesota, everyone of those did better in the small town areas in the suburbs. that's why they are pretty much saying what i'm saying. we need these voters that came to us in 2018, do not turn them away in 2020.
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can you do more with less? can you raise the bar while reducing your footprint? for our 100 years we've been answering the questions of today to meet the energy needs of tomorrow. southern company >> president obama's chief of staff and former chicago mayor rahm emanuel. the overriding question going into this week for the democrats is whether joe biden could retain his status as the front runner in a very large democratic after these debates. did he? >> yes but i want to come back to one thing. i think what joe biden did in this debate is he stabilized
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what was a rocky performance, he took a law of incoming but became -- all other nine people had to say something could go of joe biden. at a certain point, i don't take over the two and half hours, i'm not sure the rest of america did. that said, i wouldn't say sympathy so much that uncle joe came more through. there's still a great reservoir of support and affection in the democrat party. >> one of the things you will want to contrast with trump is style. i don't mean style in a cheap way, people are exhausted. four more years of a tweet a day. and something comforting with joe biden that none of the other candidates have matched. do not underestimate how powerful a weapon that is in the future. every buddy is focusing on the divide of the democrats along the ideological. those are republican divide. people are walking out of congress. they're tired of donald trump.
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and now, everybody for two years with their tongue. and it's a very telling thing that mayor pete said. strongest moment when he addressed republicans. and don't underestimate that while there is silence, there literally knocking on their conscience. and there's a divide in the republican party and a wing that has decided they don't want a part of donald trump anymore. we'll have to go to another break shortly. you mentioned everybody taking a shot at joe biden as a dynamic wednesday night debate. in a way by taking shot him there was also shot taken at president barack obama the most president under popular popular. >> he had an incredible chief of staff since the great society.
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what are they doing? >> there saying obamacare was not enough. >> a little history, we love social security in the democratic party. what originally was proposed that african-americans did not get it from roosevelt. the icon of the democratic party. you build on things. it was medicare 196 divide, the medicare today was part a, b, c, d all there, you build. this is either, we have a lot of young people who don't know history or all talk institutions to start teaching people real history. every element from wilson and teddy roosevelt to franklin roosevelt to the great society builds on the progress of generations before for generations to come. this is nuts. >> stay with us. democratic said the number one
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>> rahm emanuel, do democrats win in 2020 by turning up the base by winning over people in the middle or do they have to do both. >> both. here's the way of look at it. let's take trump for second period if you president obama, president trump and president clinton, they lead 68%. it's a telling site.
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the fact is even with a healthy economy he is below 50 consistently. here's the negative, even though i think he spews some of the most horrific racially language against african-americans and immigrants, he does not go below 44%. he does not dip. that tells you a lot. one, no one has succeeded in the past and the country has changed democratically that you could up in politics. you need a strong base turnout which donald trump will provide all the electricity we need in a candidate, whatever category, nonparty i did 5% to feel comfortable voting for. they are not happy with donald trump but they are not sold on us yet. they decided about trump and undecided about us. we need to make them comfortable doing that. >> so they don't like donald trump they may like his economy. >> i wrote in the same mental
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under memo, they think the economy is okay not bad, they think donald trump is worse than bad. it's impressive any other way to minnesota, voters mainly in pima voters. we should be very clear to them about healthcare. my view, the president undoing aca in healthcare will and pre-existing conditions, that is a fight that we want so we have a 25% advantage on credibility related to healthcare. >> one of the things people forget about his third-party candidates really like hillary clinton. howard schultz, ceo of starbucks, if he's looking at these debates and deciding he will really get into this thing. >> ask him. >> colin, i don't know. my guess is howard agrees, as i've also said there's one test
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beating trump, everything else we can work out. last question, if you look at the map do democrats have to take back the state you refer to or other targets? >> i would take her category, there is bentivegna, michigan, wisconsin, ohio. then there is order, and then there is arizona, north carolina and georgia. and i would tear them that way and they go to another break, women, noncollege, geographic suburban and all those various. >> in the mix is for the central question. >> you have to play in how to be aggressive. rahm emanuel they can so much. one thing we do not hear much about during this week a presidential debate. stay with us. ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance,
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>> we heard thousands of words from democratic presidential candidates into rounds of debates. sometimes it seems we hear almost causally from president trump on twitter or the white house. here is one statistic you know here, either the president or the democrats utter. one point to $3 trillion.
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that the amount of debt the u.s. surgery will amount this year. that just at to the cumulative national debt of $22 trillion. this is not some aberration. the government is in the first of four straight years in which a deficit will be near or above $1 trillion. this is not happening by accident nor the result of past actions. just last week they agreed on a budget bill that the committee will add 1.7 train dollars in debt over the next decade. democrats like to say the flood of red ink is from 2017. but it is not. discretionary spending the kind congress must consider and approve every year will raise 21% over the course of the first term so their spending involved as well. president trump and the republicans like to say the tax
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cut will pay for itself and not a cause of the debt problem. but it is. federal receipts have dropped since the tax cut went effect. all this raises real questions about whether the country can afford the big plant some of the democratic candidates are proposing in the new numbers make president trump of the obama ministration for running up the deficit. the two parties can agree on one thing. neither want to talk about all this red ink. that is it for us this week. for the latest show update follow us on twitter, facebook, and instagram. next week gerry baker will be back and he'll have a look at how cutting edge technology is being used to improve healthcare. that is at wall street journal at large, they give for joining us. ♪
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>> he risks his life to take down gangsters... >> your uncle met al capone and even spent time with him? >> he lived with him. >> he was like the james bond. he was the serpico. >> ...and helped crack the crime of the century. >> "the kidnapping and murder of charles augustus lindbergh jr." >> wow! >> this will forever change how this story will be viewed. >> but to his family, he's a total mystery. >> a real shadowy figure. >> very shadowy. >> now his heir is on a mission to honor him. >> are you obsessed with this? >> absolutely. >> as we go undercover with the mob. >> you know, i didn't do it. [ cell doors slam ] ♪


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