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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  August 14, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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well. good night from new york. trish: breaking right now. let's take a live look at an active shoot ear situation. the standoff currently unfolding with at least one, possibly two police officers being held hostage, being held hostage in a multi family home. one floor above where the suspect is firing at officers. we have gotten reports that that suspect is life streaming these activities on facebook. 60s officers have been wound. we can confirm there are s.w.a.t. teams along the rooftops. there is a hostage negotiator,
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you can see in these pictures, a lot of police on the scene. we have a report on his way to the sane as we speak. but fox's david lee miller is joining us with late-breaking details from our newsroom. david? >> it's 3 and a half hours since the standoff began. this an active and ongoing situation with another round of gunfire heard on the streets just moments ago. there have been reports there a been a series of loud bangs. our afill environmentalist reports they believe a concussion grenade was just used to help the s.w.a.t. team end the standoff. but there are reports that the suspect is still firing. they are urging residents to avoid the area and stay away. authorities tried to communicate with the shooter to implore him
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to avoid further injuries. six police officers have been shot and transported to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. our fox afill rat in philadelphia reporting that three suspects are in custody. one officer is pinned down in a bedroom with two suspects in handcuffs. another another officer is pinned down with a suspect in the bathroom. suspect also in handcuffs. the emergency call came in at 4:30 this afternoon. this was apparently a narcotics call. police flooded the scene and that's when the shootout began. there are reports that hundreds of rounds were fired from the
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home. numerous agents reresponsibilitied to the scene to assist the philadelphia police. the president has been briefed. he is continuing to monitor the situation. the attorney general has been briefed as well. to give you context, local media reporting a short time ago that not far from where the shooting is taking place, there is a daycare center. just moments ago 80 of those children were escorted out by police. trish: it's important to get people out of that highly trafficked area in philadelphia. the police commissioner is giving a news update. >> he's not -- there is no indication that he's trying to surrender right now. we do know he's still alive. there is no question about that because of the shots that keep ringing out. we are very concerned about the neighborhood. we are concerned about our police officers. but we are doing everything
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within our power to get him to come out. >> have you been in touch with his family? >> we are trying to do as much as we can to resolve this peacefully. without getting into all of that we are trying to use and leverage everything possible. multiple attempts to talk to him, trying to assure him i'm out front, we have the highest assurances he won't be harmed when he comes out. normally i wouldn't even take this posture but i have police officers in a volatile situation. i have to get back over there now. >> have you had the opportunity to speak to the six officers? it was a very traumatic experience for them. fay was talking to one of the officers who had a graze wound to the head, and he had two little boys 8 or 9 years old and how their lives would have
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changed. our concern is for them and their families. we'll sort out the other stuff once the scene has been resolved over where the shooting took place. and we are thankful, a little angry about someone having all that weaponry, and all that fire power. the officers and the families right now. god bless hem and god save them all. trish: we heard from the mayor in philadelphia. we have heard from the police commissioner. the police commissioner saying so far the active shooter is giving no indication he is willing to surrender. so they are continuing the standoff. the concern is obviously for the 60s police officers that are in the hospital. but continuing tonight for the
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two individuals, possibly two that are in the multi family home. there are s.w.a.t. teams along the rooftops. the entire community has been cleared out. you just heard from our reporter david lee mirl saying there is a children's daycare center nearby. roughly say the 0 childre d -- n were escorted out of the area. but this an active shooter situation. they are attempting a hostage negotiation with the one to two police officers that are still inside the multi family unit. i want to bring in for reaction the former fbi assistant director, chris wrecker. again knowing this started to
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unfoamed around 4:30 p.m. >> the critical question is are these officers truly hostages or barricaded themselves in areas where they are away from the suspect because that changes the equation. if they are hostages, that limits the police action that can take place. you mentioned the flash bang. that's an indication the s.w.a.t. team is doing something about entering the building. they are trying to clear areas so they can stage. but it's incredibly complex when you have hostages. trish: how does it enable that s.w.a.t. team to get into the multi family home. >> that's a distraction. flash bangs are percussion
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grenade. they create smoke, they startle someone. it bounce around in front of you and all that goes off in front of you. you will be startled just long enough to give the s.w.a.t.ars s and the hostages an edge. they have to go into save their lives if they are in imminent danger. trish: this shooter was apparently broadcasting the whole thing on facebook live streaming it. over 100 thoughts witnesses said they heard being fired. you heard the mayor make a little bit of a political comment because of the gun control environmentr environment we are talking about. he said it's disturbing that somebody would have that much fire power. that kind of fire power just
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from what you you have heard thus far, what kind of damage could it do in terms of the swat steam team? how much are they up against? >> let me say i worked in miami and i was a swat member down there as well. drugs and guns go together. this is in fact a lot of fire power there. and we don't know -- i haven't heard any reports about what kind of weapon. it looks like a lot of rapid rounds coming out. trish: drugs and guns go together. this was some kind of drug bust. within minutes you had tons of police there in philadelphia being called to the scene. you know, there is drug busts i'm sure that happen every day in philadelphia. drug busts that happen every day in miami. you don't always see this kind
8:10 pm
of situation. so this is a little more trouble. >> this an indication to me of a fairly significant drug operation when they are that heavily armed and that desperate. i hate to speculate too much. but i will say the tactics going in -- the officers -- the s.w.a.t. team members going in are forming you have the perimeter around there. they will have ballistic shields but also these large shields that protect mult pelt officers at one time that will take an ak-47 round and allow the officers to get in as close as they need to get. it sounds like the officers have barricaded themselves somewhere and they are separate from the subject. trish: we have gotten reports earlier that the subject, the short, was actually shooting up
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into the house, potentially trying to get at these officers. but to your point maybe they were able to barricade themselves. we know definitely one, but possibly two officers inside. just to reiterate. a hostage negotiator on the scene, a s.w.a.t. team on the scene and we'll continue watching this. we have a report on the way. so within the hour we'll be coming back and showing you more from the streets of philadelphia. hopefully this will be resolved shortly. chris, good to see you, thank you very much. again we are going to be monitoring the situation throughout the hour. we'll bring us the updates as they come in and all of these live pictures. mean while a drive-by shooting targeting an i.c.e. officer in texas. former acting i.c.e. director tom homan asks, where is the
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outrage from democrats on that. a woman accusing jeffrey etch stein of rape when she was only 15 yeersde yeersd old is also ce mountains maxwell saying she helped jeffrey epstein arrange the meetings. a clash between pro-democracy protesters and riot police in hong kong. a report from hong kong after this.
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trish: another night of clashes between pro-democracy protesters and police in hong kong after demonstrators dretiond in black fought with police at the international airport. but the protest and the anger you have seen from the people. you have satellite images that show china is stockpiling nirlt vehicles in a stadium just across the bay from hong kong.
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let's bring in retired four-star general jack keane. what do you make of that satellite image? >> well, certainly it's obviously preparations for military intervention in hong kong. but it could be sending a message that there is potential for that and it's more about intimidation and coercion. i suspect that's wait i is for right now. bsh -- wait is. they drove these vehicles. they wanted the images to be record and obviously they are. it is out there certainly as a possibility. trish: then they basically would have the entire world against them and it would be somewhat reminiscent of tienanmen square if you were to go after those innocent people protesting for democracy in hong kong by the
8:18 pm
way? >> it's hard for the american people to get our head around how preoccupied the chinese communist party are with their own people. they believe their own people are more of a threat than any adversary on the globe? they need to control that society to impose their communist rule. it's a repressive, authoritarian control they have over them. there are thousands of demonstrations a year in china that never ever get note rides by any kind of publicity whatsoever. they form a special unit after tienanmen square. the numbers are close to 700,000 that deal with the civil unrest movements largely removed from the east coast of china inland and in the rural areas. every single day they are
8:19 pm
practiced at what to do. controlling this population is critical to them. it's their own population they are worried about because they don't want this to bleed over into their own population. so they have been controlling the narrative in china. they saw none of that. at first glimpse they got the demonstrations at all when there was violence associated in those demonstrations. the hong canning airport, a million chinese go there every month. they are seeing that on chinese national television because there is violence and disruption of normal civilian travel. >> is this making its way through mainland china, people are understanding this, and seeing these pictures which i imagine, general, has an impact and brings back some bad
8:20 pm
memories. >> i think what the people in china are seeing and what they have been exposed to is a protest movement that favors the communist chinese. they are seeing disruption of people, innocent people trying to fly someplace. it's not the government. and their lives are being disrupted and there is violence occurring. i think that plays into china's propaganda. i don't believe there is great sympathy in mainland china for what's happening in hong kong. we had difficulty getting our head around how can you control the narrative for a million people, but they are masters at it. to he this demonstration all they would have to do is cemetery lamb's resignation which they have refused. withdraw the extradition law which terry lamb said is dead. but then negotiate about the
8:21 pm
people you put in your jailhouse. you have say they are rioting and we say they are demonstrating and they shouldn't get 8-year sentences. the communist chinese don't want to go there because they believe it's a sign of weakness on their part. so this will continue for a while. >> i hope those people stay safe and my heart goes out to them. thank you very much. all right, everyone. a drive-by shooting targeting an i.c.e. office in texas. former acting i.c.e. director tom homan is here. he wonders why the democrats want to blame the mass shootings on donald trump. third-party workers rinsed to and transcribed your private
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trish: these live pictures are coming from philadelphia where an active shooter standoff is ongoing. it started four hours ago. they have a hostage negotiator. and we understand they are imploring the short to stop and surrender himself. he apparently is shooting up at one, possibly 2 police officers on a different floor. he's allegedly shooting up through the floor trying to get them. but the police commissioner told us a short time ago he believes
8:27 pm
those officers are okay. what's critical is they get this shooter to surrender. they cleared the area. there was a daycare center nearby with children tonight. they asked people to stay away and are trying to get this man to surrender. however, the commissioner says there is no indication he is willing to do so. we'll continue following all the news out of philadelphia and we'll continue to bring that to you. a brand-new privacy scandal from facebook to tell you about. reports surfacing that audio data from some users' voice chats were collected. you are talking over facebook, they collect the conversation, and they have been sending it out to third party contractors to transcribe those private conversations. facebook says in a statement
8:28 pm
that they are quote pausing these practices and did so a week ago. what who -- w this short was lie streaming on facebook it's unbelievable how much this company doesn't care. they are getting rather lech russ in that they are take your conversation and were doing so up until a week ago and transcribing them for what? >> they don't seem to learn their lesson. the first murder live stream on facebook was by a jihadist in paris. everything when zuckerberg testified before the senate,
8:29 pm
everything is couched in legalese. the fact that you are taking my voice conversations -- it's not artificial intelligence, it's human, listening, transcribing. and first the transparency that lets me know humans are his being to what i'm saying and transcribing it. it's why they are negotiating a $5 mill settlement with the fcc for privacy violations. trish: an early mentor to zuckerberg, he said they don't care. he said mark zuckerberg, sheryl sandberg, they do not care. all they care about is making money and exploiting americans and their use of social media so they can make money. it's really bad, morgan.
8:30 pm
at&t, if they decide to listen to your conversations, they would be in trouble for that. shouldn't facebook likewise be in trouble? facebook, what's that. and messenger are all owned by facebook they have more influence and power than any government agency out there. these are conversations, not minor voice command. they can go on for 5 to 10 to 15 minutes. they don't care as long as they can drive profits and revenue and continue to be the top 60s platforms in the world they will do that unless the government breaks them out. trish: they might as well be
8:31 pm
china. the chinese trying to manipulate their population. there is no freedom there. you have got internet, social media companies spying on us. that's a slippery slope. where does that go. is there enough pressure coming from the trump administration? will we see the right regulations in place in possibly a breakup of facebook and google. these are companies that have become monopolies. >> when too much power gets concentrated in too few hands, the government has to do something. is there a legislative relief. the ones that have come closest so far is the european union and the general data protection regulation. the strictest privacy standards in the world.
8:32 pm
if we adopted half of it, once you start hitting their bottom line you will get the behavior you want. but as long as they can run rampant and they get support. you realize you are the product being sold. >> and people need to recognize this, too. it's tough, because this is the way they communicate. i deleted my personal facebook account after reading roger's book. the more i hear, the happier i am about it. it's one where they can make a difference. a drive-by shooting targeting an ice office in texas. acting i.c.e. director tom homan is here and he's speaking out. nr what you need.
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>> we had federal employees who were present. though they weren't hit by the rounds fired. but by the grace of god hat the bullets gone 2 inches in another direction, we could be here talking about the murder of a an official. federal employees, innocent people doing their jobs are put in harm's way. trish: workers hit by a wave of violence and threats as political tensions ramp up over the migrant crisis on our southern border. tom homan is calming out the hypocrisy. his op-ed called border patrol are targets for left-wing extremists.
8:38 pm
where's the outrage from dems? i am concerned about the divisiveness and the extremism. if you are right or left, if you are a nut, you are a nut. we have a lot of nuts on the left, too. and nobody on the left wants to call that out. that's your point. how come? >> absolutely. after what happened in el paso and dayton which are tragedies, everybody has to condemn that. they are quick to bring blame the president and those who want to control the border. but i haven't heard one person talk about the i.c.e. facility that was attempted to get burned down in washington state where hundreds of people would have been killed. mainly immigrants in custody. less than a year ago antifa shut
8:39 pm
down an office. wives and children are bullied at schools and churches. but you don't hear the left talk about that at all. the hate rhetoric isn't cornered by the conservatives. there is a lot going on on the left and the speaker of the house stead i.c.e. sisters invaded those companies and terrorized the workers. if congress can do it, then you have got nuts saying they can do it. trish: there is no leadership from congress when they are saying things like that. for some reason law and order is no longer relevant in today's crazy world where you have the left saying give them free college, give them free healthcare. a thousand bucs a month. it's insane.
8:40 pm
it makes absolutely no sense it would completely cripple our country unless we want to take over all of latin and south america and canada while we are at it and have one western hemisphere that we run. it just doesn't work. you are going to have everybody come here and it's not an affordable situation. '. but i guess politically speaking it's speed yenlt for them continually paint the right as racist and, you know, closed off and not willing to lend a helping hand to anyone. i want to get to this other story with you right now. i have you here, and you are a former police officers. and we are getting breaking news coming out of the streets of philadelphia where police police went in just to serve a warrant in this drug bust situation, and there is an active short who has one, possibly two police
8:41 pm
officers inside a multi family home. we have gotten reports he's shooting up through the floor at him. we are told by the police commissioner he believes the police officers are safe. yet there is no indication that this shooter is willing to surrender. walk us through what the police are doing and the next step based on your experience. >> i think they are going to try to end it as peaceful as position and have no more injuries. that one thing a lot of people don't talk about. police don't want to take a life. they will took you this person to try to get him to surrender. but at a certain point the police will make a decision to go into the house to use the force they need, possibly deadly force, to end the confrontation. it's my understanding he's still firing shots. trish: you have police officers in the house right now.
8:42 pm
those police officers are in hah hostage situatio situation posst risk. >> the police officers may have to use deadly force to end this. but it's hateful rhetoric on law enforcement. anybody who wants to shoot a police officer, if you take on a police officer you have no care for life. they have to end this as quickly as possible. trish: they are imploring the short to come out. but so far they have gotten no indication he'll do that. tom, continue your fight because it's an important one in society. >> in this whole attacking i.c.e. officers and border patrol agents. the democratic leadership and those running for president,
8:43 pm
step up. this is domestic terrorism. look at the definition of terrorism. use violence and intimidation for political end. someone will get killed. these americans are patriots and serving their nation. step up and say something. stopville spying them. these are good people and they are doing the job you want them to do. they are enforcing your laws congress. they enacted these laws, the law enforcement officers are just enforcing them. trish: there are more breaking developments in the streets of philadelphia. we'll bring you the latest live from the ground right after this.
8:44 pm
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trish: you are looking at live pictures of philadelphia where there is an active shooter situation. rick leventhal just arrived on the scene. reporter: there is a massive police presence here. from what we understand, this is an ongoing situation with gunmen inside that home refusing to leave and continuing to shoot sat officers. i am told a short time ago the
8:48 pm
s.w.a.t. team tried to enter the residence but had to retreat because of heavy fire from the suspect who i am told is armed with an ar-15 and several guns. according to chief of police some of the officers were jumping out the windows and exiting doors to try to escape the gunfire. six officers were wounded. none of those wounds were life-threatening. this is about as close as we can get. we are two blocks from where the shooting took place. we are at broad street close to temple university in an area of north philadelphia. there are dogs on scene and a heavy showing by philadelphia police and the s.w.a.t. team of which is on scene and trying to figure out what to do with this
8:49 pm
guy who we are told has been live streaming the shooting his facebook followers. we can't quon firm that nor -- we can't confirm it nor can we show it. from what we understand, there were two other police officers on the second floor of this residence in this building who were pinned down by the gunfire and the suspect was shooting through the floor at those officers huddles apparently and wear iting for this situation to resolve itself waiting for the police to resolve the situation other suspect to give. we are on broad street near eero d -- near erie a couple blocks from the scene. trish: have they been able to clear everybody out. >> they have been warning people
8:50 pm
via twitter to avoid the area. there are residents desperate and anxious to get back and eager for this thing to end. but whether anyone is still on that block, we don't know if anyone has been injured or pinned down. but we do know six officers were shot and the suspect apparently has been shooting out the windows as this goes on. trish: just terrible, and facebook living streaming to boot. next, a woman accusing jeffrey epstein of rape when she was 15 years old is now charge a manhattan socialite and alleged epstein madame. the woman she says helped jeffrey epstein to arrange those meetings. we will have the latest next. all money managers might seem the same,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ trish: tonight new major break in post death of jeffrey epstein. shocking his guards were asleep at the job. they lied about their failure -- watch jeffrey epstein after the fact. fox new correspondent bryan lle. >> a source tells fox news, investigators looking to 2 guards fell asleep during their
8:55 pm
shift, and whether or not they falsified logs trying to cover it up. surveillance camera shows the two guards did not check in on epstein every 30 minutes as required. even no the logs indicated they did. falsifying reports is a felony. >> 30 minute checks is an issue that is always been around. people not making proper 30 minute checks. they either do not make them or do what i refer to as a drive-by, a cursory quick walk through the range takes 10 minutes. >> union representing guard said they were overworked, one worked 80 hours that week. meanwhile, there is renewed focused on epstein's alleged primary c coconspire aso cocons.
8:56 pm
she has been living with tech ceo outside of boston, in a phone call with fox he acknowledged they were once friends but denied that maxwell is his girlfriend and they live together. she is also a target of a new lawsuit filed today by accuser rose who said she was 14 and 15 years old when epstein assaulted her, and also suing his estate and three of his unnamed female household staff members who she said were enablers. >> they are fighting in court to have thisbl plea deal thrown out the. today epstein's lawyers responded in court saying they
8:57 pm
believe that plea tea deal shoud still stand. trish: thank you. joining us by phone. former fbi assistant director danny col. who is your reaction. >> it is terrible. fbi will find out what happened. compare videos and logs someone lied, someone falsified a document, if i did this case, first thing i would ask, who took him off suicide watch? who made that decision to do that? and why -- what is the justifications. i would seize everyone's cell phone, who is texting who. what decisions were made, how did the guards communicate with
8:58 pm
each other, and we'll get to the bottom of this. trish: do you think anything being done. there are a lot of questions, not just the victims seeking justice, i think, we look at a story like this, you have seen conspiracy theories. it leaves people with a lot of questions, how does a guy get away with committing suicide, possibly getting away with all he did? >> we don't know who else is involved. one thing that sticks in our craw has human being is the molesting of children. i have worked in cases. i will tell you -- sexual
8:59 pm
predators are like lemmings going to the ocean, they cannot stop. they don't care. they don't worry about getting caught, they don't care. unbelievable dedication. and that is reason they make mistakes. that one reason that this case will be solved. they get in their mind, there is a child, i can col most -- moler her. trish: oh, my goad tha god, a te thing, this and i can't even. there are bad people out there i feel bad he gets to end his life without these people, the victims, the women gets some closure. >> thank you. trish: we'll continue on network, watching this story out of philadelphia. kennedy is next with more for you. our reporter there rick
9:00 pm
leventhal on the scene, have a terrific night, stay safe, i'll see you back here tomorrow. kennedy: breaking news out of philadelphia, at least 6 police officers shot in a wild gunfight, and standoff which that been going on for 5 year, this is still on going, a live look at scene, officers were serving a warrant at a house in nicetown neighborhood and arrested several suspected drug dealers, while they were in the house one person with a gun started shooting at narcotic officers through the walls and floor boards, when other officers responded, the gunman started shooting at them too. federal agency on the scene trying to get them to surrender, the entire neighborhood on


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