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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  August 20, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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you to buy the tickets and nobody shows up anyway, you're out the money and don't go to the game. melissa: but later on when the season is over it's like i want a little bit more. makes perfect sense. that does it for us. connell: we'll see you tomorrow. bulls & bears starts right now. president trump: we're right now the number one country in the world by far as an economy if you go from november 9 to present you're talking about almost a 60% increase in the stock market. you're talking about unemployment numbers that are the lowest in history in many categories, and overall, almost the lowest ever in the history of our country. david: the u.s. economy is solid that's the message from the president as new reports surface as the administration is looking to bolster growth even more, amid warning signs of a slow down or even a recession. welcome, everybody. this is bulls & bears thanks for joining us i'm david asman. joining me on the panel jonathan
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hoenig, christina partsinevelos, john layfield. the president confirming reports he is eying a payroll tax cut but he says it has nothing to do with any recession fears. listen. president trump: i've been thinking about payroll taxes for a long time whether or not we do it now or not is, it's not being done because of recession, because we are legitimately, if we had a cut in interest rates by the fed, if they would do their job properly, and if they would do a meaningful cut, because they raise too fast you'd see growth like you've not seen ever in this country. david: so carol we've been hearing about a payroll tax cut since the original tax cuts were mentioned, about a year and a half ago. should we move forward on a payroll tax cut now? >> definitely not at this time. you have to remember what payroll taxes go to fund and that's social security, so unless you're going to redo all of the social security, which is
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already underfunded i don't think that's the right tool; however i do like the fact that the president is focused on fiscal policy, and would like to get away from monetary policy because i think the fiscal policy is really what's going to provide some relief to the consumer who is strong right now , but carrying quite a load of debt so if you want to provide them some relief that's going to come from fiscal tools, not from lowering interest rates >> underfunded carol are you talking about our government? >> [laughter] >> i know, yeah. >> shocking, so look carol is right but i don't think the president should be talking about it mainly because it's not going to happen. this is a stimulus measure, whether the economy is slowing this is just fodder for the other side to debate whether the economy is truly slowing or not but the other side, the democrat s, are not going to allow this to happen just like they aren't going to allow an infrastructure bill to happen before the election. not because it's good or bad for the country, but it's because it's bad for them, because it will help the economy.
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that's politics in the world today, so when the president talks about this, it puts doubt in the economy. i think the economy is slowing, we still have a very good economy, but consumer is over 70 % of gdp you don't want to put that doubt out there especially because you can't get it done. >> and all this talk about cutting cutting cutting, what about cutting spending? you know, there's no point in a tax cut, in my opinion, unless there's some talk of at least cutting a little bit of spending all you're doing is you cut taxes now david it's just pushing those bills back either for yourself, or for your kids and grandchildren. you're also slowing growth at the same time. david: i thought you were in favor of all tax cuts? >> unless you're cutting, you're not only just cutting taxes, david ursino have to cut the spending as well and specifically, the payroll tax think about it. this goes to fund social security medicare all of these entitlement programs so what about setting up a system to phase these out over 20 years over 30 years that would be a real boom for our economy long term, not just a short-term
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stimulus of a tax cut. >> yeah, i think the entire panel agrees that this is if anything not the most natural time to add this extra bit of stimulus, we had this happen in 2011-2012 under the obama administration and that was after the recession so there are a lot of mixed signals coming from the administration if they're saying the economy is so strong, and yet, they are trying to stimulate the economy again with a payroll tax which really we'll see immediately but how much are we getting extra per month as employees does it come out to less than $100, so it's a little bit -- david: i'm going to stand out as the member of the panel who disagrees with everybody in the panel because i think any tax cut at any time takes money away from government and puts it back in the hands of the private sector and jonathan i'm ashamed at you that you didn't point that out. i mean the fact is that the private sector when the private sector has more money, whether it's the employees or the employers, i think the economy is in better shape. go ahead. >> david just quickly just
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point to the example of japan. big spending for decades and decades and decades, they run up a huge debt and more unaccounted for 20 plus years that's my fear for this country if we don't address this spending god knows the democrats won't address it. if the economy is so good, this is where we should consider cutting. >> okay well let's talk about another cut because we know the president spoke today and he is considering another one. listen to that. president trump: we've been talking about indexing for a long time, and many people like indexing and it can be done very simply and don't directly by me, and so we've been looking at that as you probably have heard i can do it directly. so we're talking about indexing, and we're always looking at the capital gain stacks, payroll tax >> i feel like this would potentially be fuel for democrat s, that feel like this would benefit the rich, you know , having indexing the capital gains tax, what do you guys think? david: i think half of america holds stocks, so if it's benefit ing the rich it's benefit ing half of the americans
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rich. the bottom line though is whether or not the president can do this by himself. >> it's illegal. david: well no, george h. w. bush was going to do it. he put it through his legal team and they said you better not, but the point is it may be legal or illegal but it's definitely challenged in the courts. >> i would rather see him, go ahead. david: go ahead, carol. >> i would much rather see the president go in the direction of capital gains, and talking about the fed, those two things are sort of fighting with each other , they want people to invest more in the market but then inflate asset prices and what happens in the long run, so i think that i would rather have him focus on those cuts but from a realistic standpoint, we're already hearing the presidential candidates and the democrats say that they want to increase capital gains, so i think that unfortunately, that type of a proposal would probably be dead on arrival. >> and we have had tax cuts in the past say 100 years so you go
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all the way back to kennedy that was enacted, you go to ronald regan and bush and then president trump which is now the fifth tax cut say in the last -- david: you forgot bill clinton. bill clinton cut capital gains tax. >> and you saw the market improve every time. david: absolutely. >> more importantly you saw treasury revenue increase every time. treasury revenue is actually up about 3% on tax receipt so this isn't a problem with tax cuts. as jonathan mentioned this is a problem with spending. we have almost 3% gdp growth. this is the most spending in our country's history right now and if we can't get our spending under control, in boom time, when a recession comes it's going to be terrible. david: all right go ahead jonathan. you were dying to get in. >> briefly, david 50% of the budget goes to these entitlement programs medicare, and so people get very consumerred. they say don't takeaway my social security. think about trump the great planner looking 20 years down
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the horizon and developing a program to for example, let people opt out of these programs that takes a visionary and that would be a real boom to our economy. david: i'd like to opt out of any tax i can to do that. meanwhile, joe biden touting his lead in the polls in his first 2020 tv ad, just released but it's his wife whose getting most of the attention today. her controversial comments, the democratic voters we'll play them for you coming next. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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>> we have to beat donald trump and all of the polls agree, joe biden is the strongest democrat to do the job. david: democrat front runner joe biden pushing electability in his first 2020 campaign ad, this is his
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wife dr. jill biden telling democrats that even though they may prefer a different candidate they need to put those feelings aside. listen. >> your candidate might be better on i don't know, healthcare, than joe is, but you've got to look at whose going to win this election, and maybe you have to swallow a little bit and say okay, i like so and so better, but your bottom line has to be that we have to beat trump. david: not exactly, a glowing endorsement of her husband but is she right? is electability better than having a good platform for this election? >> david, unpredictability is the name of the game in this business. i mean, who thought that barack obama was electable? who thought trump was electable and people don't vote ultimately based on who they think is elect able. they vote their morality. they vote based on who they think is right and who they think is wrong, and i think joe last at least in this cycle, that vision people want an ideal it's.
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biden is the old guard and socialism, that he doesn't think is mainstream is mainstream, with a lot of these younger people running, especially voter s especially within the democratic party. >> usually w primary voters and stuff, i do agree that they want an ideal it's but going forward there's some polls that highlighted the main party is beating the president, beating president trump and because he's done things so differently and a lot of people are upset and that's where joe biden could possibly lead; however our fox polls showed the difference between biden and then the success of sanders, warren and kamala harris isn't that much different , so it is a big risk to highlight that maybe america doesn't really like my husband, so but you should vote for him anyway because he could beat trump i don't know and the choice of words. david: kind of weird. >> i'm not going to make any jokes but whoa. >> it's so funny, christina. she basically said well my husband is the most skinny kid
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at fat camp. like wow that's an amazing endorsement thank you to my wife for that fantastic endorsement. look i don't think that joe biden has a chance of beating trump but i certainly think that he is their best hope, because he's one of the only ones that is somewhat moderate and so i think that the point he was trying to underscore is how far left the democratic platform has moved, and the fact that they don't have anybody who speaks to what the majority of the people are looking for, and i think that that's a big issue and it's a pretty sad state of affairs if we're voting for people because they are the lesser of two evils versus somebody that you're actually passionate for. >> but both sides are carol. i mean, both candidates, the incumbent to president trump and the leading joe biden are saying you may not like me but you need to vote for me. how bad is our country when the two guys that are running for president are admitting that you guys probably don't like me but you should vote for me. i really think though that this election is going to be, i disagree slightly with what you said jonathan. i agree with what you said about
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inspiring candidates for like president obama was inspiring and he came along, and president trump the same way he was different, he was anti- establishment and i think right now this is all about president trump. i think this is about do we like president trump? do we want him to have another term? is the economy okay? do we think he's okay as the leader of our country as far as the morality and what he says and what he tweets so i think on the other side, it's just going to be whoever they think can beat him is more important because none of these democrats are very inspiring, and so when you don't have an inspiring candidate you have to be able to say this is a guy who can beat the president. david: but haven't we been here before? democrats essentially went through the same thing in 2016. they said you may not like hillary because a lot of democrats didn't like hillary, but she's the only thing that stands between trump and the white house. they tried it and it failed, so we've been here before. >> and they lost. david: yeah. >> and they lost and that's why i think you're all underestimat ing just how far left, not just the democrats, it's socialism is mainstream now medicare for everyone is mainstream now, so a moderate
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like biden isn't going to cut it they are going to go radical and that's why some of these more fringe candidates are probably going to end up getting the nomination among the dems. >> and they will lose badly. >> the democratic candidates may be far left because that seems to bode well on television but our voters really like that and the vast majority of voters are moderate. they may be more socially, you know, sorry fiscally conservative and then culturally democratic, and i just think that's, you can't just general ize right there and i think that we keep talking about it because it bodes well for tv when you talk about socialistic policies. >> well we like talking about it too. >> i'm not saying it's a bad thing but that's what they are going on because that gets them airtime. >> go ahead, carol. >> no i was going to agree with christina. i think at the end of the day most of the people in this country are moderate. the fact is that the socialistic talking point is getting a lot of play, but most people are going to have to make a decision
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are they going to vote with their pocket book if you're a democrat or because maybe they don't like the way the guy tweet s, and at the end of the day i think the pocket book wins david: i agree with you. policies do matter to voters and i think that's what happened in the last election we have to move on because we got breaking news. walmart is suing electric car maker tesla over roof fires at several walmart stores last year walmart is alleging the fires were caused by tesla's solar panels. remember they just got into this whole idea of renting out these solar panels this week. well the complaint is accusing tesla of negligence, shares of tesla are now down about 1.25% after-hours, we will be following this story and bring you any developments as we get them throughout the hour. it's going to be a big story tomorrow as well. meanwhile big tech already facing growing anti-trust pressure, from the federal government but now states are also stepping in, and they could have the biggest impact. more on the fallout coming next.
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david: well now more than a dozen states are preparing to move forward with a joint anti-trust investigation into big tech companies including google, facebook, amazon, and apple. the department of justice saying that they are now working with these state attorneys general to probe the market power of these tech giants. christina you've been following this story all day what's the latest? >> well the latest is essential are that this could be in the next month or so the doj confirm ing that state attorney generals have been in talks with them and they're not going to be looking specifically just at price, so competition. they will also be looking at innovation and quality so what that means is like facebook acquiring what's app and instagram. should they have done that? does that give them a full monopoly over the market so they are checking the market power of
5:22 pm
a lot of these big tech firms. twitter, google, amazon am replied back to me with no comment today as to be expected. but going forward, look at the layers. you have the ftc and the doj, department of justice both doing their own reviews, their own anti-trust reviews and then you have congress that have had congressional hearings and said they want to look into big tech and now the latest which is at the state level, across the country with the wall street journal saying they could be up to 20 states. i know north carolina so far confirmed they are in talks as well as texas. david: that's a lot of government. >> that potentially makes these stocks uninvestable. it's just sad. i mean, these are the most productive, the most innovative, the most successful and christina i had to laugh you say they are looking to see if they've innovated and my god look at facebook from five or 10 years back look at amazon and look how many companies have fallen away and how many competitors that are constantly trying to get into these spaces. the fact that this is being
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perpetrated by a republican administration i could tell you this is a non-objective hatred of success. >> but is it success redefining the fact we don't necessarily have a full free market and no matter what a lot of these corporations do somewhat act like monopolies and crush the competition. david: they wouldn't exist if it wasn't for free market. >> exactly this is free market working at the end of the day the reason why these are so successful is because they are providing unparalleled values to the consumer. the consumer is not getting screwed over on price. they're not paying anything for most of these things, on amazon they are getting good values, they are supporting small business, the consumer could change their minds at any time. there are plenty of substitutes for facebook, which by the way is not critical. there are plenty of substitutes for amazon, at the end of the day, the consumer is happy, and lazy if they wanted to do something else they would. this is an absolute travesty and of course i agree with jonathan. >> i agree it being a travesty. look these idiots in government
5:24 pm
are telling everybody grab your pitch forks let's storm the castle. that is all this is about guys. this isn't about competition. this isn't about monopoly. this is about getting money out of these big tech companies just like they did tobacco companies and the banks, get money out to plug budget deficits because they can't balance a checkbook or get political capital out of it by saying look at us. we went after the bad tech guys. this is a bunch of this is a dog and pony show run by a bunch of idiots who couldn't run a one car parade. i'm so against these politicians going after american business. david: there's something about it going after it kind of reminds me of the russia probe. you assume there's guilt before you find any evidence of a crime >> but then what about europe? the fact that it's in europe and how they have been able to get money from a lot of the big tech s. david: bargain with the devil is what they are doing there. >> the real danger long term is like microsoft for example, david where you had a government in that company for years, and this could be for a period of stagnation for these tech
5:25 pm
companies. these are the companies that are pulling america along. these are the ones that are innovating so you have governments in these offices, signing off on their decisions both very poorly for the stocks. >> and jonathan it's so stupid. what do you gain by breaking them up? think about that if facebook is now facebook, instagram, what's app and occulus separately how does that change anything? it doesn't. it's an absolutely stupid stupid thing they think makes any sense and it absolutely doesn't. david: you know what gains is government because they are rak ing in more money. that's why a lot of these state governments are going for it, right? >> that's exactly why they are going after it. look this government can't get education right? 50% of kids in the inner city graduate and 50% that do graduate at the eighth grade reading level they can't get immigration rights tax policy rights and most of these have been in the senate since before the computer, and now they are trying to regulate the internet it's absolutely insane to me.
5:26 pm
david: don't insult them. >> why don't you run then and become a politician if everybody else is so stupid? >> the one same person i'm not sure it's the one eyed guy can be king it's a good idea. david: well i vote for you thank you very much. so the new york times under fire after a leaked document revealing what critics say is evidence of the paper's major bias, goes all the way to the executive editor, the media research centers dan gaynor sounding off, coming next what might seem like a small cough can be a big bad problem for your grandchildren. babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough.
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david: tech crunch just reporting that movie ticket subscription service movie pass, remember that, has exposed tens of thousands of customer credit numbers and personal credit card s because a critical server was not being protected with a password. we're going to continue to follow this story you'd think they know by now, we'll bring you updates throughout this hour , meanwhile the new york times slammed after a leaked transcript of an employee town meeting went public. executive editor dean beckey reportedly suggesting that the paper shift gears in its coverage of president trump changing the focus from the russia investigation which didn't end up any place to an examination of his character. texas senator ted cruz sounding off on twitter, "there was a time when journalists covered news. the new york times has given up on even pretending any more.
5:31 pm
today they are a propaganda outlet by liberals for liberals. these remarks, at their town hall, are a scandal and would be a firing offense at any real journalistic outlet." here now is dan gaynor from the media research center so dan, is ted cruz right? >> absolutely. we've gone from russia russia russia to the great race and the only race that new york times in the left and the media really care about is the 2020 race, and they are just using racial politics as a way of getting there. >> dan is it a matter of using racial politics or just bringing out the best story and one of the reasons i ask is because newspapers aren't founded in cedar rapids iowa, they are usually in liberal centers so they inherently i believe there's got to be a liberal bias but what do you do if that is the case? what do you hope to accomplish from this, other than just exposeing this? >> well you have to expose it, because let's face it new york times is one of the two most
5:32 pm
influential outlets in the country. so when their little private meeting reveals that even their editor knows that their readers are liberal, a lot of their staff are liberal, they cheer when they go after trump, when they go after biden, and they know the conservatives don't even read them except people like me who get paid to do it. it's important that everybody understand that, because that effects the whole political compensation for 2020. >> dan, it's carol ross. certainly the new york times has shown their biases many times, but by their own admission, trump has been really good for business. at the end of the day, can they afford for him to not get a second term, because it seems like it's in their best interest to have four more years of going after president trump. >> well that sounds logical but the press are not being logical. we've seen it whether it's entertainment media or news media, if you watch bill maher, bill maher has been calling for a recession for a couple of
5:33 pm
years just to get rid of trump, he had a news guy on there who agreed with him. i think a lot of the people in the press would do anything they could to get rid of trump. they don't care about the ramifications, because let's face it if you work for the new york times i think you feel pretty insulated from the vague ares of the market. >> dan it's christina thank you for joining us. i just want you to take a more macro perspective. what we're see seeing are politicians trying to discredit journalists because they don't like what's being reported and i think of bernie sanders going after the washington post based off their unfavorable reporting on him, so is this something we often see especially around election time? >> well politicians have been fighting the press forever. you go back to fdr, and he was fighting with the press. jfk did, nixon did. it's a long history, but what we've evolved into is a news system, a news environment, where it is overwhelmingly negative to trump, anybody who supports him, anybody on the
5:34 pm
right. >> but it's the other way too. it's coming from the president as well. >> but you know, the president criticizes the media, because he has to. because the media is so wildly unfair to him. i understand bernie sanders has been critical, because you could argue he got a little bit screw ed over by the media too but there's no comparison. it's like on a scale of 1-100, bernie is somewhere around 7 and trump is about 1,012. >> so dan is the big revelation that the new york times is liberal? this is breaking news and isn't that, everyone knows that and isn't that the beauty ultimately of a free press? i mean, in a system with a one press or a government press, it's just one story isn't the beauty of our system is that you that you have a lot of different news choices especially today in the internet age? >> well first of all it's strange to hear them admit it when they basically come out and claim they're not. that's the key here. media outlets have been telling us for decades, going back 50 years, that they're supposedly
5:35 pm
neutral, so when they admit that their staff wants to see them take down trump or they admit their readers do, that's a big step, so we've moved into a different news environment and yes overwhelmingly the media outlet choices that americans have to pick from are liberal, so it may be they seem like fair market but it's not right now. david: dan, i'm wondering whose leading whom, you know, a lot of people think that the democrats just kind of use the media. other people think that actually it's the media that's leading on a lot of democrats, in this whole race issue was brought up more in the media first than picked up on, by politicians. what do you think? >> the media are the most radical wing of the left. we've done from democrats influencing the media to the media influencing democrats. we've got two sections in our paper, and look, the issue of
5:36 pm
slavery in america is an important one but to come out and say that it effects every aspect of what's going on in the country and to try to play it into 2020 election, that's a media choice where they are trying to set an agenda, they are more concerned about the narrative than they are about the news. >> but dan isn't this just about a business decision? i'd like to see a report on india dropping out of the article and job peoples now los ing their control, but no one wants to buy that story except for me. writing about president trump and race, a lot of people want to buy that story. is this really bias or just a marketing genius by these guys because their subscriptions are up significantly, i pointed out by christina the last few years. >> but see again, what you're saying is they're then tailoring to a liberal market that's something we've been saying for a long time. they are the ones who have been saying no we're neutral news, we're for everybody and we both know that that's a lot of things
5:37 pm
david: dan gainor, i appreciate you coming in thanks a lot. >> thanks, been a pleasure. david: don't say we didn't warn you, folks. the big change taking effect at one major u.s. airport, what you need to know before you fly, that's next. do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers.
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david: san francisco international airport is the first airport in the nation to ban sales of plastic water bottles. it's a part of the effort to become the world's first zero- waste airport by 2021. fox news is here is claudia what are travelers saying about all of this? >> well, good evening, david. this is catching some passengers by surprise. those who had hoped to buy a bottle of water like this one at sfo out of luck starting today so we seen restaurants like starbucks, and all of the other shops and kiosks here at sfo
5:41 pm
pulling these water bottles from their shelves and sending them back to the vendors. airport officials clearly trying to change people's behavior in the name of saving the environment, encouraging fliers to bring their own reuseable bottles filling up with the airports tap water after they pass through security. >> we've got over 100 points around the airport where you could fill up with free water. it's a touch-free sensor-based operation so that gets you out of having to buy something every time you're at the airport. >> still, this does not apply to soft drinks, tea or juices. you can still buy those here at sfo, and that has some shaking their hands wondering if this makes sense. the vice president of the international bottled water association says, "if consumers can't get a bottled water product in their preferred plastic container they are likely to purchase a less health it beverage in a much heavier plastic bottle, which will actually increase the amount of waste, generated at sfo."
5:42 pm
but san francisco leaders say look this is a step in the right direction. they've already taken a stand against plastic bags and plastic straws and officials say they will go after those flavored sugary drinks that come in plastic bottles. david? david: water fountains are free folks claudia thank you very much so jonathan i'm wondering what you think about all of this >> it makes no sense and you can't buy water bottles but you can buy plastic bottles of soda or what not? once again david the whole point of the environmental movement is just to make life difficult for us. people want their own bottled water just let them have it. it's unbelievable here and this is a first world issue, but the irony is that a lot of parts of san francisco, it's like a third world, because the report after report about downtown san francisco, it's like a slum. so why don't they worry about that before literally taking a bottle of water out of peoples hands. >> like you said first world problems, there is a loophole. if the bottle of water is larger
5:43 pm
than one liter they can sill sell it so it's 1 liter or less they are removing so i'm surprised they didn't go after the sugary stuff first to jonathan's point. >> just wait. >> especially because they plan to be zero-waste airport by 202o that. they removed the single use, i don't even know, forks and knives, and spoons, so i applaud them for doing this. i don't think it's very smart and people just start walking around with the reuseable bottle s of water i'd do it and fill it up. a lot of people do it. >> i don't think this is as smart as i'm a frequent traveler , i love to spend my four to $6 on bottle of water because i can't bring it through tsa. now i have to figure out and navigate this what if you forget then you have to drink a coke or sugary juice instead of water? >> try a sparkling water. >> it is absolute insanity. this is not going to save the planet by the way. this is just signaling and i agree that they need to get on what is going on in downtown san
5:44 pm
francisco, where you have places where there's maps of where people have gone to the bathroom on the sidewalks. they want to save the planet maybe address that and leave my bottled water alone. david: there's one man surround ed by water our friend in bermuda what do you think? >> i think you can hardly catch a fish in bermuda that isn't full of micro plastic. we are destroying our oceans. they need to clean-up the homeless problem in san francisco. they have problems with a lot of inconsistency with this law but this is a step in the right direction. we are doing things that are harming our ocean that is going to take centuries to repair and it's not -- >> but the bottles, no, the bottle from the airports, the bottle from the airport is not going into the ocean. let's just call it like it is. >> oh,, come on. come on. stop it, stop it. you're right. plastic doesn't end up in the ocean, correct that's it. >> it comes from india and china not from the bottle that i'm taking on the airplane and throwing away in the garbage. >> that is saying screw the
5:45 pm
world we're going to do whatever we want because they are worse than us, someone else has stolen far more than us therefore we can steal. it's not the other kids do it we can do it too. we should be stewards of this world there's nothing wrong with that. >> but john you mention the plastics and the fish and the ocean. you still eat the fish right? you said that it's ruined the fish in the ocean. you still eat the fish on the ocean out of the ocean in bermuda don't you so it's not that bad. >> but they're polluted jonathan. there's a point where they get to and a lot of fish are getting there that you can't eat them. >> but it's not coming from the water bottles in the airport. david: all right >> i vote for john for president. david: you can avoid paying any money, and you can avoid arguments if you just drink at the water fountain that's what we used to do for dozens an dozens of years. >> or bring a bottle with you. david: anyway we got to move on great discussion. meanwhile look out disney.
5:46 pm
apple taking a shot across the bow at the streaming wars. details of their new platform, and when we might see an apple channel. that's coming up. hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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david: well now apple is enter ing the streaming, the tech giant reportedly is launching its own tv plus service in november, right before disney launches there's, for about $10 a month you will have access initially to only five original series, that are currently in development, that they're spending more than $6 billion in order to make. the morning show is one of them it's about a morning news show allegedly costing more per episode than hbo paid for game of thrones so should disney, netflix, amazon, lulu all the
5:50 pm
rest be concerned apple will dominate this space? >> no, especially disney, david disney is the best content create or in the world by far, and you look at what they've done with espn plus where they have ufc as part of their package added 568,000 viewers in two days when they had the first event in brooklyn. they do streaming very well. the one thing that apple can do and it's what disney is trying to get into more is live sport. i think apple with their money they can't compare content with disney, but they can buy things. they can buy nfl rights, they can buy nba rights, premier league rights and i think that's where apple goes where if you want to watch these great sports that so many people love, you ever have to have an apple tv to do it and that will change the game. >> yeah, no this is content is king, and apple is very behind the 8 ball here, i agree, in terms of disney. if you have a kid, somebody whose in to the disney properties, super heros that's a no-brainer for you. if you're already locked into netflix and used to using it as
5:51 pm
long as they have one to two shows at a time you're interested in binging, i think people are going to be interested in keeping that, so the question is, what is apple going to do. the morning show show looks interesting but i'm not going to add a third one on top of everything else, just for that. it's going to be a very expensive proposition if they want to compete from a content side and they have a long way to go on that. >> carol how much did you spend on your cable bill because if you take these subscription service and after them out at $ 10 a month and get four of them disney plus, apple or amazon and netflix, isn't it still cheaper than what your cable provider is >> yeah that's the funny part about the whole thing christina if you think about it at the end of the day people are probably going to spend more for all of these disassembled bundles than they did for cable when it was bun eled together, jonathan? >> it's not funny at all. back to free market at work. this is what happens when you have freedom you have companies
5:52 pm
tripping over themselves and spending a lot of money to do it and it shows you david even in a free market, there is no monopoly. apple is the 800-pound gorilla even they can't guarantee eyeballs no matter how much they spend and i don't own any of these stocks but i put my money on disney to john's important these are born storytellers and they got the merchandising and they got the location kids grow up watching the disney movies and then they go spend the money david: hooray for what you said about the free market, jonathan. i think you're right on the mark this is a wonderful thing about what a free market does. it provides opportunity you had what $130 billion at apple had in its pocket in cash. they were wondering what to do with it and the market told them what to do with it. they may not be successful, but all of us consumers benefit as a result. >> we could as the prices could potential drop because that disney plus is a little bit cheaper and i like how jonathan does stick to a theme but i disagree and i do think some of these technology companies are
5:53 pm
starting to show a monopoly behavior. david: love the free market christina it's good for you. late night host conan o'brien not taking no for an answer when it comes to a possible sale of greenland. what the comedian is offering to do to help the president seal a deal, that's next. i come facee with a lot of behinds. so i know there's a big need for new gas-x maximum strength. it relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort fast. so no one needs to know you've got gas. gas-x. so no one needs to know you've got gas. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected
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david: president trump poking fun at himself saying i promise not to do this to greenland. late-night host conan o'brien is offering his help. >> greenland is definitely for sale. ladies and gentlemen, if we don't move fast, some other country will overpay for it.
5:57 pm
to make sure this purchase goes through, i will personally travel to greenland. if i do not make this deal, i conan o'brien will never ever again step foot on american soil. david: so denielts from denmark and greenland, is it for sale? >> girls fighting over an average-looking guy who has no job. as a recovering investment banker, everything is for sale, it's just a question of price. >> it's all about rare earth minerals. they are expensive because they are below all those glaciers. but i would love to hear him
5:58 pm
encourage trade with greenland. let american mining companies invest in greenland and extract those rare earth minerals. >> did you know on august 2 the largest amount of ice melted in greenland? and nasa has earn office over there that focuses on oceans melting? it plays into climate and sea levels rising. you are a conspiracy theorist. the president is going after greenland to get rid of those -- i don't know. i am going to stop. david: there are some valuable minerals there and because the glaciers are melting, it gives us access to the arctic passage. look what thomas jefferson did
5:59 pm
with the louisiana purchase and what james polk did buying the land all the way to the pacific ocean. it would actually make some sense. but i don't think there is a chance it will happen. >> i wonder if tourism will increase. david: it already has. tour guides are saying their orders are doubling and tripling. >> he just said it was on the back burner. this has been discussed with a serious tone. >> i want to get a shout-out to john gabriel on twitter. david: the reason it many called greenland is because it's full of ice.
6:00 pm
they wanted to encourage people to come thinking it was green. i think the consensus is it's still in play. that does it for "bulls and bears." thanks for watching. liz: tonight the pushback. recession fears overblown. this as the president today confirms that yes he considered a payroll tax cut to help consumers. as reports come in the white house also mulled reversing some of the china tariffs. president trump bashing rashida tlaib and omar abde -- and ilha. nancy


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