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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  August 20, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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i hope you are as well. see you then. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. trish: 0 states are getting ready to launch investigations into google, facebook and amazon. they are monopolies, and they are hurting each and every one of us to make a buck. maybe americans would like to keep a little bit more of what they earn. president trump says the country may soon see another tax cut. president trump: i would love to do something on capital gains. payroll tax is something we think about and a lot of people would like to see that. that have much affects the
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workers of our country. trish: you bet it does. find out what it might mean for your paycheck. the homeless crisis in california reaching a tipping points. there are some treats literally covered in human waste. it's so bad one company created a poop app so you know which street corners to avoid. you would think the politicians would wake up. you would think. big tech in the hot seat tonight. 2080s are teaming up for an investigation into the world's largest tech firms, goggle, facebook and amazon. facebook in particular is under fire for violating users'
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policy. it's paying companies to transcribe its users' audio chat and perhaps more that we don't know about. all in the name of profit. the company is rolling out a new policy allowing people to separate their browsing history from their profile. this is a problem because they are taking our data, our lives, and they are selling those lives to the highest bidder. and it's a problem on the national security level because we have evidence that russia and the chinese, the chinese are trying to manipulate us online. joining us, pete hegseth. pete, good to see you. i think it' really important that we be looking at this.
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i am happy the administration is willing to take it on. and launched an investigation. now, you get the states launching an investigation. are these companies monopolies? >> yes. if any administration is going to take this on it will be the trump administration. look how they stared down china. these big tech is too big in modern america today with too much control over our private and political lives. we heard the reports about google's ability to move votes through facebook search manipulation. if you want to detach it's hard to do so. so this is a bipartisan thing which is encouraging. you have seen the trump administration, you even heard
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elizabeth warren talking about this. attorneys general republicans and democrats willing to take this on. you can bust up monopolies without being anti-cap thattist or anti-profit. as a conservative, as someone who is just spoken. i'm concerned about the consolidation of power and information in the hands of elites. almost all liberals, globalists willing to work with the chinese to sell their technology to enable those oligarchies and dictatorships. this an incredibly good development. states taking the lead is something our country is founded on, federalism, states taking back the power. trish: it's about time somebody confronts this. you look at facebook and instagram. this is pure -- there are other
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competitors and you say kid aren't using facebook these days. one of the things that comes up is whether the consumer is suffering. because that's the only major platform. i want to play -- >> i want an alternative. i am going to get rid of my gmail account as quickly as i can find the alternative. trish: why not turn to google. who even heard of yahoo search. it's so convenient the way google weaves in their systems together and we all fall for it. there is not a real alternative. trish: this is a guy i have known for a long time. he was one of the first investors in facebook he's the guy who sort of mentored mark
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zuckerberg and introduced sheryl sandberg to mark zuckerberg. he's out with a book that completely torches facebook. it caused me to get rid of my personal facebook account. >> they create voodoo dolls of every one of us. they use that first to influence the choices available to us, but then to influence our behavior, to actually manipulate you are behavior. trish: roger is making the point, they have all of our information and they can basically just, you know, sell it and use it for whatever purpose they want. >> any purpose they want. i am concerned when the government consolidates information. what about big tech and big
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business who have different political views have access to your accounts, your passwords, preferences, search history, friend, affiliation, then they decide to weaponize it, discreetly. most of of which you would never know about. that's where the congressional oversight and the attorneys general is so critical. this is a huge story most of people are missing. they are too busy sharing information on ticktock china is using to identify who they are. someone has information on you. it's about time some of these folks step up. trish: the president is out tweeting. denmark is a very special country with incredible people. but based on the prime minister's comments that she would have no interest in discussing the purchase of agreement, i will be postponing our meeting connected in two
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weeks for another time. yeah, all right. so he called her out. the danes don't want to sell so he's not interested in meeting. >> i wanted greenland. i was kind of in on it. trish: i did, too. >> it's an idea that no one would have thought of. but, hey, maybe it's just an initial rebuff. maybe it's part of their negotiations. we want a better price for greenland. trish: she is welcome back when she is ready to negotiate. a special congratulations to you, sir. tying the knot. that's awesome. >> thank you very much. i love my jennifer and we are so blessed with our our hoard of
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kids we love. trish: congratulations to you and your wife jennifer. far left congresswoman rashida tlaib -- >> she said i'm her dream manifested. i'm her free bird. so why would i come back and be caged? trish: a former israeli ambassador telling a different story about tlaib. >> they aspire to destroy the state of israel through economic strangulation. trish: also, san francisco international airport banning plastic water bottles as the city's homeless crisis rages. tonight a guest is here who says
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the ultra liberal high tax city which needs to get its priorities in order. president trump is saying he's thinking about pushing for a payroll tax cut. he says americans deserve to keep more of their hard earned cash. he's here next.
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president trump: i would love to do something on capital gains. that's a big deal, it go through congress. payroll taxes is something we think about. people would like to see that and that have much affects the workers of our country. if the fed would do its job, which it has done poorly the last year and a half. you would see a burst of growth like you have never seen before. that would be lowering interest rates. trish: the president talking about ways to get the economy going. one of my personal favorites is lower taxes. he's talking about lower capital gains tax and a lower payroll tax. this is what we need so americans can keep more our hard-earned money. right? you work hard for that. is it fair you have to turn over so much of it to uncle sam?
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uncle sam should manage its budget better and let us keep more of what we earn. joining me congressman perry. you like this idea, too, right? lower taxes? >> of course. i always love it when people who work hard get to keep the money that they earn. i listened to what you said. washington and congress needs to budget a little better. they need to budget at all. it's great and we should allow americans to keep as much of every single dollar they earn. federal revenues are off the charts. you know what else is at record level? spending. trish: getting back to that other little one in there. federal receipts. the amount of money the federal government is taking in from tax
8:16 pm
even though they lowered taxes is at anr a record. ex -- is at a record. explain that. >> more people are participating in our economy. we have the best economy in 50 years. the lowest unemployment in 50 years. the numbers are off the charts. 6 million jobs created since the election. 500,000 manufacturing jobs created or brought back home. trish: you know what they are going to say. they will say we can't afford a tax cut. >> what the american people can't afford is for the federal government to keep on taking their money to enact policies they don't agree with, like the green new deal or medicare for all or healthcare for none. it costs $1.3 billion annually
8:17 pm
to deal with illegal foreign nationals residing in pennsylvania. what the taxpayers and liberals need to understand. what the taxpayers understand is washington has a spending problem. the american taxpayer worker doesn't have a problem earning money when the economy is working well under this administration. trish: if you lower taxes and get more people participating in a great economy. you will have more incoming money, washington, that is a concept they just don't get. >> the democrats are actually hoping and praying for a recession, so they are parroting this phrase over and over again hoping people will get scared and saying there is a recession coming. if you try and do that, we have other tools in the tool box that will keep this roaring ask economy right on going. trish: i want to get your
8:18 pm
thoughts on this one. you have got all these socialists out there campaigning. all the democrats are look together furthest kind of leftist candidate they can get to. which would mean they definitely won't win in 2020. i think people aren't going to vote for a socialist. which brings me to joe biden. jill biden is saying her husband might not be the best on all issue ofs, but democrats should vote for him anyway. watch this. >> your candidate might be better on healthcare than joe is. but you have got to look at who is going to win this election. and maybe you have to swallow a little bit and say okay be i like so and so better. but your bottom line is we have to beat trump. trish: congressman perry, what do you think about that? >> it's a stark reality of the
8:19 pm
indication in the polls that what is most of important to these democrats is beating donald trump. it's not about what's good for the country it's not about acknowledging a roaring economy. it's not about running on policy. it's about seizing power back so they can enact the green new deal and medicare for also they can tax people. it's an indicator that they are bankrupt and can't run on their ideas. it's a slap in the face to the majority of the democrat party saying this election is over. vice president biden is the on one that can win it, and that's all we are interested in is winning. he has been elected for the better part of 50 years. he hasn't held a private sector job since the 1970s, if he ever did. bernie sanders didn't leave
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socialism to come to the democrat party. the democrat party left to become socialist. and they want to win. trish: another story really proves that some of these liberal politicians have no common sense. congressman perry, it's good to see you. san francisco, their airport is banning plastic bottles as its city's homeless crisis ranges. we have a guest who knows where the far-left city's priorities are. a bridge collapse shocking a group of kayakers. the u.s. warning greece not to help out an iranian oil tanker that's break our sanctions by smuggling oil.
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trish: the u.s. is warning greece not to help an iranian oil taker head for its shores. it was held up in an attempt to seize the ship because it's smuggling oil in total direct violation of u.s. sanctions. that was unsuccessful. now the clock is ticking. it's set to arrive at a greek port six days from now. we are saying any effort to assist this tanker, this iranian tanker with smuggled oil we see as providing support to a terrorist organization. but tehran is warning that any move to seize that taker again
8:26 pm
would have quote heavy consequences. rebecca, iran wants to go to war or something. the rhetoric out of this country, this constant rhetoric they are thoag our way. their course of action really suggests that they want conflict. am i misreading this? >> they think they can provoke without it leading to outright military conflict if the united states and our allies aren't going to respond. i'm incredibly disappointed the u.k. allows this taker to leave the port and head toward greece. this has $100 million worth of crude on it. it's going to the irgc. anybody hoffa sill 80s the transfer of this oil aids a terrorist organization. and in doing so, you can have
8:27 pm
consequences that would cause the united states to revoke any visa you might have. there are consequences to anybody who would help this tanker. trish: the europeans are supposed to be our friend, our allies. but when it comes to the iran thing, they don't seem to be acting like a friend. >> in the case of the u.k. after they took this iranian tanker because they believed it was heading toward syria. they didn't take it because it violated u.s. sanctions, they took it because they thought it violated e.u. sanctions. but then iran seized a british tanker that it's still holding. it looks like the british blinked. they thought if they let this taker go, iran would release
8:28 pm
their tanker. i heard it's too big to fit in the port. but fit goes there, the only way sanctions work is if they are actually even forced. this oil has choked out until iranians relent and change their behavior. trish: so they don't have any money to finance their behavior. thus far the sanctions in your view are having an effect? >> there are indications some of the proxy groups are looking for cash, they are running out of cash. that's part of what we are trying to do. the iranian government spend over a billion dollars annually on terrorist organizations. that does not include support for the assad regime. we have to continue to have these sanctions take effect. the people really suffering is
8:29 pm
the iranian people, and that's the direct fault of the iranian regime. trish: rebecca, good to see you. we have more show ahead tonight. >> she said i am her dream manifested. i am her free bird. so why would i come back and be caged. >> these two members of congress support an organization called bds which doesn't aspire to create a two-state solution. it aspires to destroy the state of israel through economic strangulation. trish: the water bottle ban as san francisco's homeless crisis ranges on. >> i'm proud of the city of san francisco and california for being aware and taking some
8:30 pm
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trish: san francisco is banning plastic water bottles. claudia cowan has the latest. >> this ban is catching passengers by surprise. those who wanted to buy a bought of water, out of luck. shops are pulling these water bottles off their shelves and sending them back to suppliers. they are encouraging flyers to bring their own reusable bottles and fill up with the airport's tap water after they pass security. >> it's a touch-free operation. that gets you out of having to buy something he time you are at
8:35 pm
the airport. >> i think it's a positive move. i'm proud of the city of san francisco and california for being aware and taking some action to save our planet. >> it does not apply to soft drinks, tea or juices that come in plastic bottles. that has some shaking their head at the logic. if consumers can't get a bottled water product in their preferred plastic container, they will purchase a much heavier plastic bottle. san francisco leaders say this is a step in the right direction. they have take and stand against plastic bags and plastic straws. officials say they will go after
8:36 pm
the flavored sugary drinks eventually. trish: i think i'm peachless on this one. insane. chris pointing out something that should be obvious. you have a homelessness crisis surging. so enacting a plastic water bottle ban at the airport might not necessarily -- if you are running san francisco, be at the top of your to-do his. the total inside the city jumping 35% in the last two years. why is banning water bottles a priority right now? guys, deneen, come on. like in the scheme of things. as we heard in claudia's report.
8:37 pm
it doesn't even work if your intended goal is to get people to consume less plastic and, you know, maybe be a little healthier. you are not even accomplishing that. what a waste. >> clearly it's the silly season in california all year long, trish. they have a war on plastic bags, bottles and straws. when you look at the democrat politicians, their priorities to are totally misguide. you talk about the homelessness crisis. it's heartbreaking to see all these people on the treats. but with this crisis it's the unsanitary conditions and the diseases from the trash, feces, urine, the rodents running around. the politicians' priorities are totally miss guide.
8:38 pm
you can't ignore the i am ands of this. trish: something else i can't ignore is a new app out there, capri, designed to help people in san francisco navigate their way around some of the human waste. and it's actually kind of a clever name. it's called snap crap. excuse my french, there is a poop patrol app to tell you where the problem is so you can avoid that street corner. can't someone just do something to help people get off the street and keep it clean so we don't need apps like that? >> it sounds like the silicon valley. someone obviously decided to capitalize on what is a pretty terrible and tragic circumstance
8:39 pm
inside the city of san francisco. the way i see this -- >> how -- local government is a messed up government. >> i went to college in stanford. i spent a lot of time in the city of san francisco. and witnesses some of these deplorable conditions. walk down to the embarcadero. a lot of these unsanitary conditions, is there not one cause, nor is there one solution. trish: you are overthinking it. saying not one solution. i think there is an easy solution. to assist these people by getting them the necessary treatment they need and getting them off of the street.
8:40 pm
so they are not pooping on street corners. >> you are right. it's affecting the tourism industry and local businesses. it's affecting families. the numbers are outrageous and they continue to grow and grow on a regular basis. but when you look at the visuals, the images of all of the garbage and waste. how in the world are these politicians not being proactive to fix a problem that is right in front of them? they are walking by it. >> that's why these individual politicians will ultimately be held accountable to those who put them in office. this is the thing about places like san francisco. you and i might not agree at all with the way the people in san francisco, the elected officials are running that city because it's obviously horrible
8:41 pm
in the way it's being executed. but the people in san francisco have to speak out and vote these individuals out if they want a better community. trish: i used to live there. it was sort of like a badge of honor. people in san francisco kind of liked they had this homeless population. gavin newsom talked about a proposal where he as mayor would give them help instead of funding. they used to hand out cash every week. and he was able to show that cash led to a major spike in the rates of overdosing and the tax on the emergency room system was significant. he said why are we giving them money? shouldn't we be giving thyme them services. but the city council didn't go for it. they shot it down.
8:42 pm
somehow they are willing to just keep giving out a little bit here, a little bit there. i think overall this is a problem with the democratic party's economic policy. >> you are absolutely right. look at the number of people who were fleeing from california in droves because of the failed policies from the democrat politicians driving the cities in the ground for years. trish: deneen and capri, good to see you guys. a flaitio -- a glacial bridge c. rashida tlaib gets emotional. my next guest says she is playing the victim card even
8:43 pm
though she is the one who is the bully. this is straight out of the playbook of bds. zuhdi jasser is here and speaking out against all of it. >> she said i am her dream manifested. i am her free bird. so why would i come back and be caged? about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room. this is jamie. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in
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county rsh i don't blame them for doing what they did. i think it would have been very bad to let them in. israel has to do what they need to do. i wouldn't cut off aid to israel. i can't believe we are having this conversation. five years ago or even three years ago talking about cutting off aid to israel because of two people who hate israel and hate jewish people, we are having this conversation. trish: these women are saying we need to reexamine our aid to israel. our big ally. this is the former israeli ambassador to the u.s. saying the freshmen congresswomen are
8:48 pm
out to destroy israel economically. >> they supported an organization called bds and it aspires to destroy the state of israel through economic strangulation. trish: joining me, the islamic forum for democracy, dr. zuhdi jasser. what's going on here. what are these women really about? >> you have the fringe of the fringe. bds is not a modern centrist movement. there would be no jews in palestine, and that's the founding ideology. and the destruction of israel with no end point. not only was their agenda the entire bds agenda. when they said they want the
8:49 pm
appropriation address toward israel, it proves that was their entire goal, the economic disruption of israel. the tears, i get it. as a muslim it's offensive that they have an opportunity, a platform to seek real solutions. instead they are bonding with radicals, they are bonding with fringe movements and hurting the palestinian movement more than they would think that they are helping it. trish: one of the os they partnered with, an organization that was arranging their whole trip to israel is an organization that has reportedly condoned suicide bombing. if you are condoning a suicide bomber, justifying it in any way, you are the lowest of the low. that's an org that really thinks terrorism is okay. i wonder, what are members of our u.s. congress doing hooking
8:50 pm
up with organizations that think terrorism is just fine? >> this is the mentality, the pool these two congresswomen are swimming in. you never hear them talk contrite with what israel has to live with. there are jewish families that have to deal with rockets and bombing from hamas. they do it with self-righteous indignation. the organization is quoted as saying the female suicide bombers sacrificed their lives for the cause. then you wonder why our communities are being radicalized. these fringe women represent the leadership of much of our community. they don't seek balance or try to find rational middle of the way resolutions. they seek to bully their way
8:51 pm
into the victimization conflicts. trish: you are remarkable. you have heard me say this before. i am always so impressed by you. your community needs that, right? if we had more dr. jazzers out there the in the world look for peace as opposed to ilhan omar and rashida tlaib who seem to be trying to create more of a divide, i think the world would be a better place. so i guess with that in mind keep doing what you are doing. >> thank you. there aren't many of us out there. you look at the other networks. all they are talking about is the victimization of these two congresswomen, not how radical or anti-semitic the bds movement is. the red green axis only want to pay atechs to the victimization and not the reality of their
8:52 pm
ideas. thank you. trish: coming up next, a glacial bridge collapse caught on tape. (speaking japanese) where am i? (woman speaking french) are you crazy/nuts? cyclist: pip! pip! (woman speaking french) i'm here, look at me. it's completely your fault. (man speaking french) ok? it's me. it's my fault? no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. (pterodactyl screech) believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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with just a few clicks or a phone call, we'll pick up and deliver your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99. saves you time and money. make it simple. make it ship sticks. trish: welcome back, time for our lightning round, i am glad to have campus reform media director, cabot phillips good to
8:56 pm
see you. >> thank you. trish: took me a minute, i'm almost on vacation, a little slower tonight. >> no worries. trish: a great story, i know you probably have extra insight. as a twin. a toddler helping his brother, escape from the crib. watch . >> when i look at this video, i see creativity and team work, they should b should be commendy their parents, notice, the eye for safety, they put a pillow down. we had a different strategy, we
8:57 pm
would pull the blanket across and pull the blanket our cribs were on wheels we would pull our cribs closer. kennedy: when mcloser. trish: when my twin girls were little they tried to hop over to each other's cribs. >> they celebrated with the high 5 and fist pump, my favorite part. trish: there are a pair of kayakers that got more than they bargained for while filming a glacier collapsing. >> moral of this story, listen to your wife, the guy that films this video said his wife warned him, don't get too close to the glaciers when you are filming they can fall. they were fine, they got soaked but, interesting stat, 15 people every year die from falling ice whether glaciers, icicles.
8:58 pm
as we approach fall and winner, a psa, keep your head on a swivel, don't get close to things that are ice and are melting, i think he will listen to his wife. trish: i don't know if this guy was listening, the next story a french couple that could face up to 6 years in prison because they were stealing sand? >> this is not just stealing a little bit, some people hear, that they say, well what is the big deal maybe a bottle, they tried to smuggle 90 pounds of sand from a italian beach, in an suv, they should a commercial interest at stake. trish: 90 pounds. >> i once took a rock from pompeii on a high school trip, i am wondering if i am an international fudg fugitive, i l mail it back.
8:59 pm
italian authorities are serious about doing 90 pounds worth of sand out. trish: this actually happened in sardinnia, i will be there this week, i told my little son about this story, he got nervous. what about when the sand is on me, that is okay. not 90 pounds. trish: hope. >> hopeful y there is enough sand for a sandcastle. trish: hopefully, thank you cabot. >> thank you, happy to be on. trish: thank you. >> and yeah, i can't wait. i am off, i hope you have a terrific week, i'll see you soon. we have a lot of news happening, don't go anywhere, trish regan primetim every night, eight p.m., kennedy begins now.
9:00 pm
♪ kennedy: biggest rapper teaming up with biggest sport to help solve social justice issues that have divided our country, hurt nfl bottom line, "new jersey nowthe league'snew partnership s hit a snag, last week, nfl announced teaming up with jay-z's company. also word that jay-z could be a owner of an unnamed nfl team, here is the rub. friend. supporters of now infamous nfl


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