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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 20, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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kennedy: thank you for watching the best hour of your day. tomorrow night, corey well you win do yolewandowski, guy mentit timpf. . lou: good evening, many of the radical dimms and left wing national media are in harmony onalles almost all national issues. no dissidents at all. and its mercantile trade policies, and out right theft of american technology. and intellectual property. no matter it seems the cost to the united states and american workers. >> i have been saying for about two years, i hope we have a
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recession. >> a recession would be very worth getting rid of donald trump. >> there are plenty of signs of a possible recession. >> if we did face a recession it now be normal, it would be okay. >> those people i'm hearing are realizing importance of getting a deal done with china if they want a job 4 years from now. lou: president trump today reminding all americans of beijing's decades of breadth pry trade practices, china's theft of intellectual property and technology, and massive trade surpluses with united states over decades, anoints to trillions of dollars. >> china has been ripping this country off for 25 years, or longer it is about time, whether good for our country or bad for our country short-term. long-term it what it is about. there are experts they have 300
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billion a year where they steal it, someone had to to something with china. obama should have done it. bush should have done it, clinton should have done it, they all should have done. nobody did it i'm doing. you say my trade dealer causing -- my trade deals are not causing a problem. this had to be done, only difference and i'm doing it. lou: his trade deals are actually the solution, tonight we ask why everyone of president trump's public policy initiatives and policies whether it be challenging china's aggression or trade deficits or president's effort to secure our border with mexico. and to assure the safety of americans. why is that to the radical dimms, the rinos, national left wing media, corporate america. and wall street? why is it the elites, hate our president and his america first
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agenda? it begs the question, who would these globalist elites put first if not america? we'll try to get to the answer to that question tonight. is the president support amongst african-americans and hispanics the reason that the radical left what you now ginned up its basic attacks. the country two largest minority groups appear to be tiring of the left, treats them look fools, as if they will continue to put up with senseless slurs again this president, with no evidence, just hate. while this president continues to produce for all americans, keeping his promise to all americans. unemployment record levels.
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hispanics also enjoying near low levels, we'll show you the latest polling on the president's support among those groups, likely the reason that democrats are in a new higher stage of desperation. >> we bring with breaking news, nra chief executive wayne lapierre saying that president trump assured him that universal background checks are off the table, nra tweeted that development, president trump had sent clear signals on the issue this the day, president trump saying that he and the republican party are very strong on the second amendment. >> democrats would i believe, i think they would give up the second amendment. and the people that a lot o of e people that put me where i am are strong believers in the second amendment, i am also, we have to be very careful about that, they call it the slippery slope, all of a sudden
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everything gets taken away, we're not going to let that happen. lou: joining us tonight, former congressman, jason chaffetz, and best selling author, fox business contributor. you heard the president say strong on the second amendment, your thoughts about the president's position. that of the republican party. >> i think that the president is spot on. he understands this issue. his son is an avid shooter, most of the complaints, not all, but most you get from people are people that are not familiar with weapons, i happen to have 5, i am a conceal-carry permit holder, pos most people go throh background checks, i don't think if you look at the mass shootings that any of the changes that democrats are saying, one more law would suddenly change things. there are things we can do, but this so-called university background check, i don't think is one.
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lou: it i agree with you. reality that lawful purchases at gun shops require a background check. what we're experiencing in every instance, is someone, a family member, a counselor at a high school, not reporting people who are troubled, who are in dire need of help, we can you know there is a al awful, tragic lisf those circumstances. but none of that braying of taking away second facility amet rights of americans would address this issue. >> yes, they go after the honest hard working americans who maybe like huntinger they want to carry a weapon to feel more safe, they want to put more impediments on them, what they should do, don't allow those
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people who are teens less than age years old we know are entangled with law don't expunge their record when they are 18, allow law enforcement to look at those people when they suddenly turn 18. lou: you have lindsey graham, you know going on about red flag laws. to me is bizarre. acting as if he is some sort of a secondary presidential spokesman particularly on th sed amendment for which he is not qualified. we're getting such nonsense. and judiciary committee in senate has not done any investigating, it is not focused on any of these issues, it could take the issue of mental health in this country, instead playing at margin, and we never know with lindsey graham how --
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fungible that idea will be. and now with china, even amongst elite on wall street, the left wing media, and, of course, in politics, they all understand the truth of the president's position. if he does not stand here, all could be lost. >> i think everyone in their gut understands that china has been ripping us off for a very long time. i think that america figured out they wanted a disruptive and unconvental president. it takes a president like donald trump, not a resume item, not getting a cool business card or make more money after this job. but he could stand firm, that is what the people that are in the heartland of america understand. they know that. that is why he is doing so well
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and will continue to thrive. lou: it is amazing, acknowledging that president is right to take this position, jamie dimon as well. and yet, still the flirting a with the globalist elite and that suffocating crowd that you know lead wall street, and list goes on. this president standing up to the power political power, the economic power of those elites has been people do not i think appreciate how strong he had to be to deal with that. >> yeah, they are used to having a president who kind of tip-toe through the tulips and don't' to offend anyone. then here comes donald trump willing down to blow down the
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whole opportunit tulip field anl right, this is what we're doing. and you are not going to take advantage of america. we'll put tariffs on you, until you get your act straight, we just' fair, balance trade, that is a good winning message. lou: i think it is too. i would like to quarrel with you, you called him unconventional, conventional is clinton, bush and obama, each one of thes failing. the fact is he is a historic president. and i don't see where why republican should hesitate to use the word, everyone in the republican party knows he has done in two and a half years than anyone in modern history, and should be credited with that. >> i say it with fondness, he broke the mold, if you want different results do it in a
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different way, america figured that out, they had a plethora of washington d.c. insiders running for president, america rejecting that, said no, we want someone in business community who could stand up, get done put america first. a lot of people still don't understand the whole maga slogan, they still down get it. lou: we -- you know president make america great again, something that you would think that every american could embrace, but just about half the country is running from it they don't understand the man, the country or the times in and we live, or challenges that face this nation. and they don't care to open their eyes to the reality. jason chaffetz, great to have you with us, i can't wait for your new book. "power grab. liberal scheme to undermine trump, g.o.p. and our republic "we recommend it to you, is it
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lou: forever never trumpo rino, paul ryan too big for wayneville, wisconsin, a spokesperson said his family is temporarily renting a house in maryland, so his wife can be closer to her family. ryan made it clear, during his time in congress it was his career not his choice to brought him to dc, there you are. wondering what else has drawn him back to the swamp. a new poll shows joe biden commanding a double digit lead
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against the other 2020 dim presidential home fulls, cnn finding 29 percent of likely democrat idemocratic voters supy up, and kamala harris popularity plunged to 5%, down 12 points from june. similar numbers in "fox news poll" biden with 31% of democratic supporters and harris 8%. >> joining us tonight fox business political analyst. ed rollins. good to see you. let's start with biden is a hard man. >> you can't pay too much attention to polls at-this-point. >> we have a long ways to go. don't tell me not to use it. >> we'll focus on polls all the way through, but put it in -- until voters get to vote, in iowa in new hampshire, and in
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south carolina. a super tuesday after this. it does not matter, they move back and forth. he is the biggest name in the party. he is obama-light in all practical, he is not obama. he does not have issues of his own. own. >> he doesn't? >> new issues. you take two chasers, bernie sanders and. lou: kamala harris and elizabeth warren. >> warren and sanders, they have the same numbers, they have 15 and 14%, that is 29%. my sense once he gets into combat, he has never been a good candidate, he will drop. >> he is in combat with himself. >> that right. lou: he did utter my favorited biden implemennism, we believe s
10:19 pm
not truth. i am still working with that one, that is a beauty. >> remember, rudy guliani of way ahead, did not swor score well,e same with governor bush. we have our nominee, and the others, that is too bad. >> you know, this guy, "mooch" what is going on there? squarthere. >> scaramucci is a fool, he never would have been heard from by anyone. if president did not put him in a position he was not qualified for. he crashed and burned. now -- >> spectacularly. >> next 25 years, he will be a term, someone will scaramucci,
10:20 pm
he will crash and burn. lou: one of the most vicious, petty. >> stupid, just that way, stupid, he does not know politics. he is a stupid, stupid man. that is being kind. lou: we'll just bury that issue of him for a while. ryan. moving to dc ? this is the guy who flying back and forth on weekends to with with his family. >> ryan has been a washingtonian forever. he was an intern. and his family lived in wisconsin, but he will never leave. he will make tremendous amount of money being a lobbyist or heading a trade association like chamber of commerce. that is the problem, the establishment of that town is now ex-people like them, they don't represent the people, they represent their invested interest -- vested interest, i
10:21 pm
am not surprised. >> and president being attacked by the left, day unite, all quarters, all direction, whether it is recession or racism or russia. you know latest they try -- for some reason radical dimms having a hard time getting away from the letter r, who was it, george, kellyanne's husband. >> george conway. lou: good thing we're here to help each other. anyway, going after him. how does he put up with this much ignorance. >> he is tough, he is smart, he knows it does not matter at the end of the day, he is doing what he said he would do. he has a gigantic economy, rebuilding the military, the country. i always throw the question out, do you want biden? why would you even want to go
10:22 pm
back? my sense this president has been a suburb job, and -- superb job. and this country at end of the day, public the get a choice, the choice will be clear. lou: if not right now. >> well, it is right now as we speak, we just need to have the campaign. lou: the vote. >> that vote. lou: ed rollins thank you. >> thank you. lou: border patrol said they arrested a large group of nearly 200 illegals from central mark america near a new mexico port of entry. apapprehensions are still higher year-over-year. we'll have more on the crisis along mexican border in broadcast, david henin jere will join us later to talk about business and particularly banks
10:23 pm
playing politics. up next, a new study shows that china could cripple u.s. military in the pacific went hours. can you believe that? wow. just who is behind such a study? how credible is it? days but hours. we'll take it up after the break, see when you could of it all. stay with us. ♪ limu emu & doug
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we work until the work's done. and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow, the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ ) lou: officials in greece say they have no requests for the iranian oil tanker to dock. this is as sources tell fox news it is heading to syria. to transfer cargo later in the
10:28 pm
year. >> researchers from university of sydney claim that china could launch a military attack in the region. before u.s. could even respond. you see something this alarming, you ask yourself, who did this study? well, three people, these entities, australian government. two military defense companies. northrop grumman and telus a french company, makes you wond wonder. president trump for his part, said he is not losing any sleep over this. >> we have the strongest military in the world right now, we're close to getting finished with the whole rebuilding. there is no one close to us militarily. >> does not concern you? >> no, they pay a price they
10:29 pm
would not' to pay. lou: joining us, fox business national security foreign policy analyst, dr. walid phares, and dr. sebastian gorka, let's start with iran. this business with the tankers, why is this so significant, and why is the united states to this point hapless, if it wishes to stop the tanker and confiscate it, why has it not do done so. >> this demonstrates that iran regime is starving, they want tankers to go anywhere they can sell, this is evidence we're successful with regard to iran. on the other hand, seizing a tanker, i mean the united states before making such a decision needs to have the bigger plan. what happens next ithe iranians
10:30 pm
move, where? not just across gulf or mediterranean, give our administration the the credit for being willing to study what is being done, but not letting iran break these sanction. lou: it seems to me, we don't have a good answer. not a good one, seb? >> i agree with wa lid. this is a regime that is taughterring the antions that we reimposed. they are desperate, they are so very rich in oil, but barely has capacity to refine the oil under its own soil. this is rusty sabre rattling a
10:31 pm
very good sign. lou: we'll take it as that. the issue of isis is. walid, these accounts of isis some sort of resurgence no matter how nascent or controlled, it alarming when you think about the taliban in afghanistan, and isis in the relationship between those two, i see almost no mention of that relationship between isis. and the taliban. it is critical to the president's plans. to rationalize our military presence around the world. >> it is true, this is a problem, how to deal with the jihadists movement in the world on the long-term. but to be realistic, isis real estate and syria and iraq is gone. demonstration has done a
10:32 pm
formidable job in making sure that caliphate is gone. these are sca spasms. concern that i have is not isis in syria, that what we're doing nerp its oterms of cutting a a l with the taliban in qatar, that a question, i do not trust the taliban,. jim: that relationship between the taliban and isis. >> i think that taliban are cutting deal with al qaeda and isis, saying let me deal with the morning first, get them out -- with the americans first, get them out of afghanistan, then we have all we want after they are gone, we should not be naive. lou: and china, is confronting us across around the globe, russia is doing so region by region, particularly in middle
10:33 pm
east. your thoughts about the challenge they represent now, working together against the united states? >> well, under former kgb colonel, vladimir putin, russia is still a international threat, they are a nation in massive decline. with regard to the study from sydney, you asked the right question, this center that no nobody has heard of. this smacks of pro propaganda, e idea that china they could defeat us in a matter of hours, one me metric, china has one aircraft carrier that is diesel powers they bought second-hand from ukraine. we america have 12 nuclear
10:34 pm
aircraft carriers this is a farce of a study. lou: they would not try to gin up some business. >> you nailed it,. lou: last word. >> i agree with professor china has not had any experience in global warfare since korean wore. we are all over -- we are already deployed everywhere in the world. we can reach anywhere in hours, they should have done the study about our forces. lou: i think you would agree with me, we would forgo that experience, and be willing to lament our smaller presence around the globe rather than the vast presence that we have now, walid phares and sebastian gorka
10:35 pm
thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: follow h me on instagram, p next, a shocking new study exposes more of facebook's bias against conservative voices, and also its breadt to what seems ta authoritarian perspective. we'll have that and more right after this quick break. stay with us. chair is just a chair. that a handle is just a handle. or... that you can't be both inside and outside. most people haven't driven a lincoln. it's the final days of the lincoln summer invitation event. right now get 0% apr on all lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer.
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lou: "wall street journal" reporting a group of state attorneys general preparing to launch a broad investigation to technology giants, that include facebook, amazon, apple and google, investigation could begin next month and focus on whether the companies use their economic power to stifle competition, it could coincide with the department of justice's on going current antitrust investigation of the same subjects, and perhaps more. >> a audit fines a political diversity problem at facebook, imagine. study written by former republican senator jon kyl found lack of conservative voices among its employees, and its board of directors. facebook did not give senator jon kyl access to the current content policies ora or -- alga
10:40 pm
algorithms that create a so-called news tab, that feature media outlines paid for by facebook. joining me tonight, author corey lewandowski. the president taking on all comers, and today saying straight forward lely, on chinaf he had not done it no one would have. >> you know, as we look back on this administration in 30-years from now, we'll be looking at what don ha donald trump has doo level the playing field against china, and thank him. but for too long china has taken advantage of united states of america, through theft of intellectual property, currency manipulation or stealing our intellectual property without even telling us about it. so, they subsidize their
10:41 pm
companies they dump their product on our u.s. soil 'put american companies out of business. it is one of his legacies looking back when it administration is over, 30 years down road, our children, grandchildren will be thankful this president stood up to oppressive regime in china that is trying to rip us off every single day. lou: he was lone among candidates, as a candidate could taking on silicon valley. he has said straight forwardly, he wants to know what in the work is going on out -- what in the world is going on out there and. and anticonservative bias in social media. it looks we may see a informal joint effort add state attorneys general are taking on technology in silicon valley, as is the deputy of justice.
10:42 pm
>> i don't agree with many of the state attorneys general out there, particularly from new york. but in this case, i have say, i agree with her. she understands that, these companies, in silicon valley have done a terrible job of protecting people's personal vie vasey information -- privacy information and being a platform for just sharing information, they are bias, and they are forcing american public to go to their news feeds, they are now quote, unquote journalists through their news feeds. if the government does not regulate the information they share and protect that nasm coulinformknack, biel have a brm -- we'll have a big problem. these companies determine what people are seeing on a daily basis. lou: doing what they wish with use are data they possess without consequence, not so in europe, where europe is coming down hard on all of this the anticompetitive predatory practices as well as the just
10:43 pm
absolute disregard and violation of privacy. >> we see it every day, another story that some company listening in on your home because you have alexa or we see that cookies they ta take off you're computer, they know when you are walking or driving, they know your route, fox news did a huge expose about this, even when you shut off your phone, these companies are tracking youe every day, american people deserve better. lou: what are they hearing when they listen to your phone, and watching and you your home, as you travel, and make your plans to run for the senate? >> a lot of people that -- did not vote for gorsuch or kavanaugh and voted to keep funding safundsant cities,.
10:44 pm
lou: president said you would be tough to defeat. when will we hear you will take care of business? >> we had president in new hampshire thursday night, he beat, elton john for number of people who could fit in that arena. i will spend more time thinking about it, when i decide to do it, i'll break it on your show. lou: appreciate that. look forward to that. >> thank you. lou: thank you, corey well you lewandowski. up next. big banks refusing to fund border detention facilities, nothing like business in politics, we'll have more on that right after the break. stay with us. too many people in pain settle for a restless night's sleep. there's a better choice. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid and the 12-hour pain-relieving strength of aleve. that dares to last into the morning. so you feel refreshed.
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lou: a new report said that border patrol agents in california are seeing an increase of drugs coming in. at el sens sep el centro millios have been coming in. >> joining us tonight, damon
10:49 pm
heninger from corpasific, let's start with the number of banks that refuse to work with companies like yours, they feel they don't' to help customs enforcement. >> this is frustrating. we've been around 35 years providing solutions, we own and operate prison jail, decenttion center, we have great reentry programming and reduces recidivism. and we have more space. then we do community facilities be we provide last 6 or 12 months before individuals get released to community. they connection with a employer
10:50 pm
and reunify with families, this is frustrating that banks that have been with us 30 years. lou: what are they telling you, why they don't want your business. >> they don't have a good reason, this is the same business that we've done under president obama. this is the same service. they don't have a good reason to be honest, it pure politics in high view. lou: that may be the reason one would suspect it could be only reason to see commercial banks engaged in making political economic judgments in point of fact for political purposes. this is stunning stuff, i want to share with the audience, ryan moynihan. head of bank of america, on are you ready? on illegal immigration. >> we need to get immigration right. we need people in this country, we're not creating people fast enough, population is grown
10:51 pm
about half the rate it was before the thin the financial ce grow faster if we have more people, it has to be organized and efficient, and well documented that is the crisis we're facing. we need more people, we're in a crisis of trying to figure out how to do it. lou: wow that is clear, about immigration, he has the solution, more people. and we have to have them. he says. that is really stunning to see what you are up against, you are not alone. corporate america right now through business round table made it clear, the shareholders are not the stake holders of priority, they open it up to whatever political organization, wants to take them on. and community, it is prettiy what is your recourse? what are you going to do? >> i read announcement yesterday frommable round table closely. and as you know, jamie dimon is chair of that round table, being
10:52 pm
a ceo of j.p. morgan, a long time banking partner of ours. my view, is we're doing those things they are talking about. we have a great company, and we have -- >> i mean -- >> i guess my point is. lou: what? >> we do great work with went our facilities, reduce. we're getting people when they are released not back in criminal justice em system, we'e talking, i encourage banks if they want to be part of overall solution, we're in the sweet spot, on helping people get better prepared. >> we know they don't give a wit. >> you know, i know there is a lot of banks. >> legal recourse? >> well, i tell you, there a lot of folks on hill, in house and senate, and even regulator this
10:53 pm
engagous this topic, there is a lot ofinist. lou: they have a responsibility to shareholders and what they are doing here is outrageous. why is there not a challenge from the fed, why are they not reacting here? >> i tell you -- >> justice department. >> i will tell you, there is a lot of interest. i can't share anything tonight, but a lot of interest in last 30 days, from regulators. lou: i get tired of hearing that you know there is nothing yet. i don't mean from you. but when it comes to this ghf government. one -- you know, i mean. they need t to deal with this. to me, this seems to be on its face a disaster.
10:54 pm
who the hell do the people think they are. >> we're so critical. they don't have alternatives. our solution is effective. and flexible. lou: damon heninger, company, ceo of company, core civic. >> thank you. lou: keep me posted on any developments of which you cannot speak. >> thank you. lou: i promise to keep it a secret. >> thank you. lou: thank you. up next, president trump explaining his tough trade stance with china. why should he have to for crying out loud? we'll have more and that and much more after this quick break. after walking six miles at an amusement park...
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lou: on wall street the stocks moving lower today. volume on the big board, 3 billion shares. crude oil up a quarter percent. $56 a barrel. gold gained a quarter percent.
10:59 pm
listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. president trump at the white house defending his tough stance on china, saying china has been ripping this country off for more than a quarter century. president trump: somebody had to take on what china was doing to the news economically. we are winning big. i took it on. it should have been done by previous presidents. i am happy to do it because it had to be done. the smart people say thank you very much. the dumb people have no idea. and the political people they go in the wind. lou: tomorrow victoria toensing and joe digenova among our guests. looking forward to tomorrow
11:00 pm
night. i hope you are as well. see you then. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. trish: 0 states are getting ready to launch investigations into google, facebook and amazon. they are monopolies, and they are hurting each and every one of us to make a buck. maybe americans would like to keep a little bit more of what they earn. president trump says the country may soon see another tax cut. president trump: i would love to do something on capital gains. payroll tax is something we think about and a lot of people would like to see


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