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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  August 27, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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deirdre bolton will pick up "after the bell". deirdre: recession fears weighing on wall street. investors monitoring the ongoing trade negotiations between the u.s. and china. the dow ending down as you see on your screens lower there, 126 points. at one point up pretty high actually session but closing lower. s&p 500 and nasdaq ending in negative territory. i'm deirdre bolton in for melissa francis. connell: i'm connell mcshane. this is "after the bell." we'll have more on the big market movers. here is what is new at this hour lori laughlin, there she is, back in court this afternoon. the actress and her fashion designer husband facing a judge
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in the college cheating scandal. the hearing in boston wrapped moments ago. new details coming up on the legal challenge, what might happen next. plus the fight against e-cigarette companies. one state attorney general alleging that one manufacturerring a agressively targeting children. how regulators struggling with the growing vaping epidemic among younger americans. keeping track of tropical storm dorian, gaining strength in the caribbean, threatening parts of the u.s. the latest path of the storm is ahead. we'll tell you when it is expected to strike. deirdre: we have fox team coverage. gerri willis at the floor, blake burman at white house, phil flynn at the floor of cme. blake, we start with you. reporter: one story from the united states and completely different story from china as to whether or not there were conversations among the trade teams from both sides, most likely at the deputy level. at some point over the weekend.
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here's the disparity in the timeline, at least where thinks stand right now. we know that there were deputy level discussions among the trade teams last week. yesterday though, in france, president trump made headlines when he said that china called twice over the weekend, saying that they wanted to get back to the negotiating table but a spokesperson for china's foreign ministry suggested at the time that wasn't the case. saying they quote, not heard of weekend calls. in the press conference yesterday the president was adamant there were calls in the prior 48 hours. we had many calls. not just one. again today, china is denying that's the case. here is a quote from the foreign ministry spokesperson saying today, quote, i have not heard of this situation regarding the two calls that the u.s. mentioned in the weekend. they go on to say regrettably, u.s. increased tax rate on china's exports to the united states. this kind of extreme pressure is purely harmful and not constructive. back here at the white house,
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deirdre, the white house is continuing to stand by comments that president trump made yesterday in france saying there were indeed calls over the weekend. deirdre: blake, thanks as always. 's bring in our market panel. scott chicago, jeff sica, circle squared alternative investment ceo. scott, i don't know if it matters whether a call was made or not but the idea as blake said we don't really know could matter down the line to the credibility of the president, whether he is believed by investors. the chinese you assume, probably weren't believed to begin with by many investors so how are you operating this type of environment from an investment point of view where you don't seem to know what the heck is next? >> to. i don't think the market does ire, connell. the market is forecasting something next. that is lower interest rates. one thing consistent rates were plummeting all day long even when we got the initial bounce. that is concerning, that tells
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you the smart money as it were running towards safety in fixed income and treasurys. to me the market is foreshadowing more trouble ahead, more missed phone calls, more blocked caller i.d., whatever is out there because we can't get our stories straight. to me this trade war, trade negotiation is further apart than it ever has been and that is probably a negative for equities at least in the short term. connell: and as point the out by scott, jeff, the bond market really led the way which may be a negative for equities but there is something else we're seeing as far as yields go, not only two year yields higher than 10-year yields, we're back to the inversion story. three month treasury bill with the it higher than the 10-year three months in a row. what signals, we've been through this up number of times, what signal do you take away from the bond market? >> you have a bond market showing a clear slowdown but a stock market has pulled back but
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not pulled back as much as it could. i see a very confused scenario here. not only is the market confused about direction but we can't even decide whether a phone call was made or not made or what time was it made? check the phone records. reality is, is that a complicated trade situation cannot be solved unless they get past these petty disagreements. i don't want to be in a market that is going to be subjected to -- >> i'm calling at&t, jeff. connell: sounds crazy. >> that is the answer. connell: it might very well be. deirdre. deirdre: stocks specific mad cash to buy in bulk. costco shares up 5%. large crowds forced the first store in china to close its doors. not quite the ideal opening day. the stock is up 36% just this year. is a threat to public safety a sign of commercial success? >> i guess in this case, deirdre, it is. i have to say, i'm happy about this. we're costco shareholders, have
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been for sometime. we love the business mod did he. we love that end of retail. costcos, walmarts, amazons where we're playing retail, deirdre. what else is interesting. it goes to show you that message out there about companies needing or getting ordered to get out of china, they need china. all electronics companies, retail companies, they want access to this 100 million person expanding middle class in china. so you see results like we saw with the opening of costco, just one store recently. that is what these companies want. that is frankly what they deserve. i hope they keep going over there and trying to do business. deirdre: jeff, your favorite retail stocks? >> my favorite is tj maxx but to get back to the costco topic, once you catch the costco fever and can buy a year's supply of paper towels and swedish fish, i think that is showing that yes, in fact there is appetite for american retailers outside of
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the u.s. again, tj maxx, my favorite retailer. i think they have the treasure hunt philosophy there, that people love. they keep growing stores and they too are expanding into china. >> jeff you got to stop going through my pantry, swedish fish, totally true, man. tune fish. it is great. deirdre: scott, thank you very much. connell: that was unnecessary. tobacco giants, philip morris, altria, this was another big story a potential blockbuster deal gerri willis is here to talk more about. gerri? reporter: looks like philip morris is in discussions about purchase of altria in all stock share of equals. why are they doing this? facing shrinking cigarette sales in part because of health concerns out there. it could take a long time to get this deal through regular latetores. these two companies were
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together a decade ago. now they're trying to get back together. we'll look at boeing shares. why? because american airlines are saying they expect, they are confident in fact that boeing 737 max aircraft will fly later this year, possibly in time for christmas. very good news indeed. american has removed 24 max jets from its flying schedule through early november. you can see shares are down a little bit today. the entire sector in fact is down. boeing down as well. earlier today we learned a russian firm is suing boeing over the max jet saying it harmed their businesses, that the company did not give them adequate notice of props with the jet. but lots of movement today as you can see. it is a highly volatile day down here on the street. the dow closing down 120 points. back to you. connell: good enough. good to see yous gerri willis. deirdre: oil closing up 2%. phil flynn with more. the u.s. is about to send aton
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more oil into the market. where do prices go from here? >> i think they go higher. the market already has priced that in. today the real reason why oil went back is dashed hope for a quick resolution to the conflict between the united states and iran and the hope that that oil was going to come back in the market. that was the oil that the market is worried about. we've been hearing reports, we've known about for some time, new pipelines bringing a lot of oil to the market by the end of the year. opec says forget about it. they see oil inventories falling dramatically around the globe, mainly because of their compliance. opec the cheaters. not anymore. they say that what they see, even with this extra oil coming on to the market, it is for the fourth quarter, to see global oil inventories really plummet that gave oil a boost today, that along with iran. gold and silver they're
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exploding again today. silver is trying to catch up to gold. gold had taken off early but silver was cheap comparative. the silver, poor man's gold, really shining. back to you. deirdre: phil, thank you very much. connell: getting started. we'll have the story when we come back, facing a judge. this was moments ago for lori laughlin and her husband in court accused of paying 500 grand in the college admissions scandal. we're live outside of the courthouse with the breaking details. deirdre: north carolina attorney general slapping eight e-cigarette companies with a lawsuit for allegedly targeting children. one of our guests this hour has young patients with collapsed lungs after vaping. what she is saying about the growing epidemic. connell: tracking tropical storm dorian as it barrels through the caribbean. puerto rico, even florida bracing for landfall, possibly as a category 1 hurricane. ♪
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click, call or visit a store today. deirdre: facing questions over potential conflicts of interest, actress lori laughlin and her husband leaving a boston courtroom moments ago after a hearing in the college admissions scandal. fox news's molly line outside the courthouse. what's the latest? reporter: deirdre, clearly the
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couple wants to present a united front. lori laughlin and her husband holding hands, sitting side by side with the judge in federal court this was all about a conflict of interest. this was a hearing that essentially was all about the fact that they share some of the same attorneys though each retains separate counsel. several potential pitfalls were explored during the hearing. seemingly of greater concern through the prosecutors and judge, gee -- gianulli hired lawyers from a smaller firm. she could testify against gianulli and other parents. she also alleged to used through the mastermind of the scheme to have paid to get her daughters into usc, the university of southern california. that is the school that laughlin and gianulli are also accused going through the mastermind of
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the scheme to get daughters in. laughlin and gianulli accused of paying $500,000 coaches, administrators ultimately through the mastermind to achieve that goal. the couple signed waivers today, affirmed desire to continue to share a legal team. worth noting they are facing if convicted on the charges, 40 years in prison each. and they are among defendants choosing to go forward, not pleading guilty at this point in the case although many others decided to do so. deirdre? deirdre: thank you so much. molly line for news boston. connell: here is attorney whitney vaughn to talk more about this. good to see you. we haven't talked about this story, since when it first broke, felt like we are all over it. we have it particular hearing that molly describes. kind of normal to you, this conflict of interest type of stuff, husband and wife have the same lawyer, maybe might want to think twice about that, in case they don't agree, right? >> absolutely. it is normal in situations where you're going to have a criminal defense attorney and you have
4:17 pm
codefendants especially a husband and wife, they would have separate counsel, as molly mentioned they do have different counsel here. but they also both have the same counsel in addition to their separate counsel i believe their lead counsel in each of their cases. so it is not overwhelmingly common that this would happen but it is a common when the situation occurs the court will look into it, and make sure they understand the risks they're taking in terms of having representation they share with each other as well as representation shared with witness in the case or witnesses as it may be concerned with university of the southern california. connell: right. potential litigation between lori laughlin and her husband, against usc, the school where their daughters are going. that is potential conflict. there is big picture story remains very interesting, is the decision they made to go to trial. they're not only ones but probably most high-profile.
4:18 pm
fell lyssie huffman cut the deal love day to be a photographer, especially if you're a photographer backpedaling. as they go to trial, now that is a huge risk. because you could have cut a deal, got off with a pretty much a slap on the wrist, right? >> well, yes, obviously they have a constitutional right to go to trial. what we all need to keep in mind, even though they were indicted, even though there has been some information been released in terms of the government expects to be able to prove that doesn't mean the same thing as embeing able to prove it. connell: right. >> sometimes pleading isn't worth the risk in terms of maybe you know what the pitfalls are of going to trial but it is worth of risk of doing it because those pitfalls are not enough that outweigh the benefits of potentially going to trial and prevailing. so while a lot of people do plea and while the government certainly is notorious, federal government for cherry-picking their cases for prosecution in terms of who they choose to
4:19 pm
prosecute or not, there is still time. lori laughlin and her husband may still plea. connell: there could be a deal to be cut? >> yeah, absolutely. right. connell: there are 51 defendants i believe. >> yes. connell: in this whole scandal, whatever you want to call it. 28 as of now would go to trial. they haven't cut a deal. 23 have. it is split. fairly interesting. what conversation have you seen in the past with client, defendants that find themselves in that type after decision? what goes into the call? >> what goes into the call after the government provide what is called discovery, in other words, reports and information about evidence they would intend to introduce at trial, you go over all of that with a law that will be applied, not through the optics in terms of practically, what a jury might think, looking at this evidence. not as simple does this meet legal criteria or not. what it looks like to a jury in a big picture sort of way. it becomes about the evaluation
4:20 pm
of risks an benefits. connell: right. >> then, then it is each client's individual decision. i certainly had clients, who i might begging not to plea because i think the case against them is so weak but it is their decision. if they want to go to trial, or if they want to plea, ultimately at the end of the day, it is their lives. they get to make that decision on the advice of counsel. connell: we don't know what the behind the scenes are here. we'll watch a high-profile case. whitney, thanks for coming on. >> booed to see you, thanks. deirdre: reversing a controversial proposal. the college board is dropping plans to sign an adversity score to every student to takes the s.a.t. according to "the wall street journal." kristina partsinevelos is in the newsroom. she has all the details. chris tina? reporter: the adversity score looked to capture the socioeconomic status of a student but led to a huge debate about race and class when it comes to college admissions. why the company that administers s.a.t.'s college boards decided to scrap the adversity score
4:21 pm
which is literally a one number based off of 15 factors that looked at your poverty level, the crime rate in your neighborhood, and that number wasn't even given to students. 50 schools across the u.s. did take part in a beta test with that diversity score but now they have decided they're going to rename it completely. they will change the tool. it is going to be called landscape. it will give students access to their scores so they won't be left in the dark. they will look factors where your school is located, rural versus urban, size of senior class, how many students are eligible for free other reduced priced lunches. or median family income. they are doing this, schools want to be diverse this is case of for harvard university. harvard university prides itself in its admission is diverse student body. they have a lawsuit facing them discriminating against asian-american applicants holding them to a higher
4:22 pm
standard. what you're seeing on the screen right now number of s.a.t. students last year, 2.1 million people took the test. that is a 25% increase. so overall this adversity score has now changed to a new tool called landscape to address the fact that there has been a lot of criticism about unequal access to those who can get into these colleges in the first place. they're hoping that the score, which will be accessible to students, will help administer, address that issue so that you won't have that unequal access. deirdre: that is the big theme. kristina, thank you. connell: interesting backtrack there. a lot of people worked up about the story when it came out. taking on silicon valley, bernie sanders with a plan the idea to reform the media industry. looks like bad news for big tech. critics warn that it could backfire when it comes to the 2020 race. your smart phones putting your health at risk?
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deirdre: warning of the quote, decimation of journalism. senator bernie sanders taking aim at silicon valley, releasing a plan to strengthen the media industry by keeping the power of tech companies such as facebook and google more grd from "the wall street journal," also a fox news contributor. james, great to chat with you about this. senator sanders saying big tech gobbled up all the ad revenue newspapers used to get. so his solution he is proposing, taxing big tech. putting that money towards non-profit media, npr as an example. what do you make of the idea? >> yeah, it is not just big tech. we should point out he is for a tax. he does want to fund more, i guess you would say government-backed media. there is also a warning here for large media companies generally. doesn't want mergers. doesn't like one company owning
4:28 pm
lots of different platforms, radio stations, newspapers, what have you. for big tech, it is explicit warning that he is going to have the justice department use the antitrust laws to go after facebook and google. deirdre: you mentioned this immediate moratorium on media mergers but he also wants to bring us back in time, bring back some old ftc rules, limit a companies ability to own newspapers and tv stations in the same markets. even if he were elected which is already out there, would this pass? >> yeah. i think it would be, if he gets elected i guess you would have to say you would have pretty left-wing majorities in both houses would i assume. but, the issue here, it is not, in some ways it is not really media specific because he doesn't like capitalism. he doesn't like profits. so some of the plan is kind of a standard gripe. i guess to this point, it is maybe a little less ambitious
4:29 pm
than, than his environmental or health care plans where he is talking about full government takeover. at least in this area with media, he is saying that he wants to grow the government backed part of the media landscape. we think of pbs, national public radio, this type of thing, i think maybe you could expect, given the way he talks about it, more new local newspapers, funded by the government or local news sites. so that could over time be a big change how we get news but, it is odd. a lot is talking about kind of depressing mergers that creates these all powerful competitors but this media landscape, it is extremely competitive. if you look at all of these new video services, whether it is netflix or disney -- deirdre: it is fragmented. >> there are certainly a lot of options that seem to be competing very vigorously. deirdre: switching gears. you wrote an op-ed, at&t ceo
4:30 pm
randall stephenson embracing the move to redefine corporate values n an odd twist, at&t workers are striking over alleged unfair labor practices. you wrote this piece. now the stakeholders want a raise, treating non-owners like owners could be expensive for shareholders. >> yeah. deirdre: how do we go forward? it is not just at&t, numerous companies are trying to run themselves so that they are more attractive to all kinds of investors, but they still have to make a profit? >> yeah. last week the business roundtable, almost all of their ceos, i think it was 181 how the of roughly 190, including the at&t boss, signed on to the new statement saying they will be committed to serving all their stakeholders, not just people that own the business, employees, people, non-profits groups outside of the company and there was a lot of discussion last week, i think a lot of this find us very disturbing. if you take away focus from
4:31 pm
serving the people who actually own the business, to do that well, of course you got to take care of suppliers and customers and workers, but when you get away from that, there was a lot of talk and concern about how maybe you could get distracted. you start spending shareholders money on lots of things that don't create value. the week wasn't even out before the union representing a lot of workers with at&t was striking. then on monday we get word from a pr firm representing the communication workers of america, many of whose workers walked off the job at at&t. randall stephenson, you signed a corporate responsibility promise. deirdre: seems like most of these companies would like to run their companies ethically for their own reasons. >> sure. deirdre: if nothing else, cheaper, fewer lawsuits. when they make this public statement, exactly this will happen. you just have special interest groups, or people who maybe have a bone to pick, who come out of the walls. these companies end up spending
4:32 pm
more on lawyers anyway? >> i think they were thought they were going to get credit for stuff they were already doing, things they were already doing to pay workers well, comply with the law, et cetera. i talked to a few signers of that document by the way. this did not go through their corporate legal departments. they didn't really think long and hard about exactly what they were promising. >> that seems incredibly naive. >> it does. this is a question now, this is maybe the first issue with this union at at&t of saying you know, what exactly have they promised? are they going to have to fulfill any of it? deirdre: if you ask for problems you will get them, james freeman. thank you so much. >> thank you. connell: speaking of problems, smartphone links to a major health concern in a new report. something talked about a lot over the years but the fcc report he had is investigating certain apple and samsung phones for excessive radiation. there was an independent test run by "the chicago tribune" and in that test, apparently they
4:33 pm
found some of the devices emitted higher levels of radiation than the agency would allow. the excessive levels record the attests phones two millimeters away from human body. which is somebody holding up the device to their ear. not a good situation. deirdre: not at all. another health concern. vapeing, one state is taking legal action to crack down on vaping across the u.s. we'll bring you more on that. life-threatening risks linked to e-cigarettes. connell: plus weightful practices. thousands of transplant kidneys going unused despite a donor shortage in the country that sounds like a shocking report coming up. deirdre: terrifying scene in spain. dramatic footage of raging floodwaters carrying cars through streets of a madrid suburb. several villages were affected by heavy rain and hail. thankfully no injuries were reported. connell: wow. ♪
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what about him? ♪ let's do it. ♪ come on. this summer, add a new member to the family. hurry in and lease the glc 300 suv for just $419 a month with credit toward your first month's payment at the mercedes-benz summer event. going on now. connell: all right. smoking them out. eight e-cigarette companies are facing a lawsuit from the north carolina attorney general josh stein. stein first sued the leading manufacturer juul back in may, kay accusing the company of aggressively targeting minors and misrepresenting the dangers posed by its product. the centers for disease control saying it has identified 193
4:38 pm
possible cases of severe lung disease tied to vaping. in illinois vape user died last week after being hospitalized with severe respiratory illness. to a doctor who practices family and emergency medicine. good to see you as always. >> good to see you. connell: i want to point out before we start, don't forget to mention this, we called all eight companies about this lawsuit. none responded to our request for comment. what is your impression of dealing with young people that are vaping in terms of how the companies marketed? not the legal questions what the merits might be but what you see in your practice? >> connell, i'm not surprised they didn't respond. it is disheartening to me they targeted children through cotton candy and fruit punch, these artificial flavorings and chemicals but i have actually had young teenagers, young patients come in with chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, they can't stop
4:39 pm
coughing. i have to load them up on steroids, give them breathing treatments. you give them x-rays. some had to go to the hospital. some had what you call, thorax, their lungs sco collapsed from vaping. we're seeing warnings, it is severe young damage from vaping. connell: let me put up response we had earlier from juul. i mentioned there was an original lawsuit here. this was before the latest development. the company said we stopped sale of non-tobacco and methanol flavored juul pods to our traditional retail store partners. we enhanced our on lining age verification process. juul says shut down of facebook and instagram accounts, removing inappropriate social media content generated by others on the platform. this perception, making the point, children, people said don't know a lot about e-cigarette and vaping you know
4:40 pm
what? this is alternative to smoking. that is way it was seen and marketed, talked about, right? >> if used properly, connell, vaping can be used for smoking cessation if you wane off the nicotine but if children are inhaling these chemicals and these toxins, carcinogens, it is an irritant to their lungs. it causes inflammation to the lungs. it causes respiratory distress. they can't get oxygen in and out of their body. that is why we see them in the hospital and icu. people say what is causing them to have respiratory distress? is it chemicals, the experience or vape device? it could be one, all or combination of all. the artificial flavors, marijuana, is it device when you heat up chemicals you create a reaction inhaling toxic metals like lead, tin, nickel. this is inflammatory to young kids who are still growing and developing. connell: right. >> probably why we're seeing this more so in young teenagers
4:41 pm
but it is very harmful to them, to their lungs. in addition to that, nicotine is highly addictive. these companies like juul, they're targeting young kids at early age, they get hooked on it for life. what happens, 50% of those who vape, these young kids vaping, within six months, they can progress to regular cigarette smoking. connell: it is about half. we'll stay on the story, especially on the lawsuit. there is another medical story while we have you here, we want to talk about. this is something, when you see the numbers, from this new study that came out, they found in it, around 3500 donated kidneys go unused or just are completely thrown away every single year, 3500 thrown away, despite the fact that 93,000 patients are seeking kidney transplants at anytime. numbers are far lower in france, another place the study looked at. when you look at it here in the united states that is one of those things that sounds crazy.
4:42 pm
are they bad donors? what is happening here? why is that the case? >> this is definitely an eye-opener, because if we don't make changes this will have detrimental impact in the future of crd renal disease kitey patients. there is variable reasons why this is happening. we have to first look at the quality of the kidney that is being donated. you know, is there underlying medical disease such as, do they have diabetes? is there blood pressure? is it possibly cancerous. not all donors are from your neighbor or relative. connell: right. >> could be someone passed away in a car accident. we have to look at the quality of the organ. a big factor is cost. in addition to that, hospitals and surgeons, you know they have to take precautions because they don't want to do a transplant if it is potentially going to down the road, if the patient will have failure and rejection of the organ. that will reduce their five-star
4:43 pm
ratings. it will reduce their success rate. they will have a fear of losing government funding. that is why they have a high threshold for doing these transplants, but another study showed about half of those kidneys that are wasted, or are not used, are not used, maybe 50% of them could have been used. connell: that is interesting. that is something we should look into, do more about, people in such desperate need. thank you for coming on. >> thank you. deirdre: tracking tropical storm dorian. it is gaining strength in the caribbean. it is heading closer to the u.s. we'll look at the chances it become as category one storm before striking land. brazil's president says he will only accept aid from g7 nations under one condition. he is potentially losing out on millions of dollars to combat the ongoing fires. we'll tell you why he thinks he is right next.
4:44 pm
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4:48 pm
then maybe he would reconsider accepting the eight package but as it is. he is rejecting the money. the fires have been burning for three weeks. deirdre? deirdre: puerto rico declaring a state of emergency as tropical storm dorian strengthens in the caribbean. it could become a category 1 hurricane when it gets closer to the island. it may also threaten florida. accuweather meteorologist is with us now. erin, what can we expect? >> well the newest data shows it is unlikely that this storm will grow into a category 1 but there is still potential there. it is very powerful tropical storm at the moment, dorian. winds around 50 miles an hour. it is moving slowly west to northwest at 13 miles per hour. we expect it to push to the north and west tonight, reaching port -- puerto rico as tropical
4:49 pm
storm. and going through hispaniola and eventually reaching florida. we have dry air preventing it from strengthening. we have little wind sheer and warm water. those two things are certainly capable of increasing strength for the storm. as far as rain, we'll see up to 4 to 8 inches of rain. we expect mudslides and other problems with that the winds will be howling 60 to 80 miles per hour. so luckily it seeps people have taken precautions. back to you. deirdre: thank you so much. connell: so the u.s. and china at this point trading accusations over trade. we've talked about the two sides, seeming to blame each other for the stalled talks as they get to work trying to get the talks going again. our buddy edward lawrence here in new york today. he joins us with the very latest on that. we were talking about it earlier, edward with our investor guests, the market trying to figure out was there a call made, not a call made? does it really matter? what is the latest as you
4:50 pm
understand from both sides whether they're really talking? reporter: they are really talking. the question will something come of that talk? the chinese are accusing the u.s., that the u.s. needs to create conditions where we can have an agreement. the chinese accusing the u.s. doing a wrong practice, their words of tariffs, pushing this. both sides seem to be dug n there will be another round of face-to-face talks. a phone conversation will happen probably this week at some time, between high level, that is the vice premier in china, as well as u.s. tray representative. they will set up when that face-to-face meeting happens. the real question will be, is at that next meeting, will the chinese come ready with concessions they removed from the last agreement in may? or will they want more negotiations, more talking? connell: what is your mind-set, best you can tell? sources on the process on u.s. and chinese side? there is people speculating that china is waiting out or trying to wait out president trump towards the election in 2020. do you hear that or something
4:51 pm
different when you talk to your chinese sources? >> i hear china dug in, what chinese sources are saying. president xi cannot look weak and give up anything to the united states basically. also, i'm hearing that chain is not waiting out this president. they're not waiting for the election to see if a democrat gets in office. they're waiting for the economy to turn south. they have much longer to wait than we do. president xi does not have election, we have elections every four years. connell: might have weaker economy. >> right. connell: that is the push pull. how bad are things in china? are they worse here, does that necessarily mean they will give in or play through the pain? >> it appears they play through the pain. what the chinese president about two months ago or so, went on a tour giving speeches, talking about the long mile they have to go, saying they may have hardship going forward but to get to a better dealey're reall. connell: edward, good to see you in new york as always. edward lawrence all over trade.
4:52 pm
if you want to see more of edward lawrence, this is a promotion. not edward. that is a picture of myself. that doesn't get any worse. edward part of a very special program for this sunday. obviously i'm hosting it. edward and a panel of experts talking about the challenge of china. a big picture view. get beyond the tariffs. talk about big picture cultural issues, 9:00 p.m. eastern sunday. is when it premiers, fox business, never-before-seen highlights of our trip to china earlier this summer. coming up first on sunday night. deirdre: we'll watch it. meantime, also a return to studio 8 h h. comedian heady murphy set to host "snl" for the first time in 35 years. we'll tell you what is behind his return. ♪
4:53 pm
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4:57 pm
returning to host saturday night live in december after a dirty five year hiatus. variety senior tv editor ryan steinberg with me now. from a cynic's perspective is eddie murphy coming back to host snl so we can promo a $70 million deal with netflix that we are hearing is bubbling ever so quietly. >> probably part of the calculus. people don't actually promote new projects. he does not do a big range of tv and movies these days so i don't think announced it but it's possible he's doing it for a great promotional platform. connell: . diedre: why did he take a long break? he said and went on another netflix program with jerry seinfeld and said i knew i would come back but i just wanted the time to be right. >> great question. he's not part of the war and michael's crowd, lauren was a producer when eddie was on the show but from different generations and maybe he'll do more work for lauren to reach out and get him to be part of the family but it will be
4:58 pm
interesting to see. he has a lot of old sketches and characters and their curious to see if you'll use them. diedre: i need to ask about the potential netflix special. $70 million is the number being floated. chris rock and dave chapelle, they have gotten this kind of money depending on how many episodes they do, too-three is usually the way it goes but will he get that? >> i think he will get top dollar. is there a rare commodity. this is a guy who does not do stand up anymore. you don't see him in clubs over anymore. diedre: doesn't have enough to generate interest? >> sure, he's not done anything in your so people are curious. he could be raw and delirious and - that's right. diedre: brian, thank you. connell: one final note at this hour. bill diblasio essentially doubling down on at least one campaign strategy. let's watch.
4:59 pm
>> remember, the taller candidate is one every general election for president and only three exceptions in the history of the republic. if you want to get rid of donald trump choose the tallest candidate. [laughter] connell: yeah, so there's that. diedre: honestly, that's just like they vote for me because i have brown eyes. connell: well, i don't know where he's going in the polls but the knife and fork with the pizza had the tallest candidate wins. diedre: i'm just thinking if that's all you can do to recommend yourself is not a ringing endorsement. connell: i wonder - they should come up with a way to get these candidates down to at least one debate night. i don't think height is a way to do it but . diedre: fewer than 21 candidates. connell: let's dedicate one night a week to this not to. diedre: i should add on - [inaudible conversations] he should be in new york city fixing the subway cars i ride that rain inside the car when
5:00 pm
it's pouring. connell: all right, anyway, thank you for joining us. we appreciate will see what happens with the markets and tomorrow in whatever the tweets may hold. that's it for us. "bulls and bears" start right now. david: tonight on "bulls and bears" 2020 presidential candidate bernie sanders unveiling a plan to preserve and protect journalism as he sees it but plans to use your taxes and freeze murders in order to do all of this. good evening, i'm david as an intervening on penn state jonathan, christina, carol and john. the 2020 democrat may not love how the media covers him but he says he wants to save quotes, real journalism, by driving out its corporate owners. he slams the likes of jeff besos sanders new proposal aiming to stop corporate consolidation take antitrust action against tech giants like facebook and google


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