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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 31, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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of you for watching. i'm paul bigot. -- i'm paul gigot, we hope to see you all here next week. lou: the long awaited release of the report from david horowitz turning out to be an obtuse
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documents unnecessarily long and short of the candor the fbi pretends to value internally, but not when it comes to the agency once served by the agency so heroically. comey leengtd confidential information. and comey pursued an investigation of president trump he called a witch hunt by it turned out to be was even worse than a witch hunt. it was an effort to overthrow the trump presidency. tonight i.g. report shows comb yims reckless disregard for law and policies of the fbi as he
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violated protocol after protocol. in his disgrace comey does not ask for forgiveness, but an apop polly. for that we turn to. catherineher catherineherridge . her are the i.g. found that james comey violated policy. quote we have previously faulted comey for acting iewn lathe lateral lire and inconsistent with department policy. what was not permitted was the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information to achieve a personally desired outschool. comey later told congress they believed the memos were his property to share.
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>> i understood this to be my recollection recorded. as a private citizen i felt free to share that. catherine: but the ig found they were government property. comey used a columbia law school professor as an intermediary. before he wasp fired he testified on the hill. >> have you ever authorized someone else at the fbi to be an anonymous stores in news reports about the trump investigation? >> no. reporter: the report found comey kept the reports in higgs home in a safe. memo 2 contained classified information at the lowest level.
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he used his personal scanner to provide copies to one of his personal attorney. that person provided copies to two other attorneys. the report made clear tomorrow comey crosses the line. the i.g. found no classified information was shared with the media. this is the second time horowitz found that taupie went beyond this authority. the justice department has declined to prosecute. comey remains a central player in two pending investigations. >> catherine, thank you. we'll have much more on the comb irreport in tonight's
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broadcast:the "washington examiner." while favoring open borders, illegal immigration, the immigration policy of corporate america is straightforward. they are promoting cheap labor, foreign labor and ignoring the most of relevant data about the issues that will confront the labor force in the dmeerls years and decades ahead. this will move well beyond illegal immigrants competing for jobs which through automation will displace our middle class. 56 million mayorans are at high risk to losing their jobs to robotics and artificial intelligence. according to the mckenzie institute, 73 million u.s. jobs would be replaced by artificial
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intelligence by 2030. that's more than 40% of the current u.s. labor force. those numbers are in addition to the millions of americans to lost their jobs already because of robotics and automation. joining us tonight, congressman andy biggs of arizona. a member of the house judiciary committee, co-chair of the border security caucus. good to see you. before we get into border issues and other matters, let me get your reaction to the report of the brookings institute showing that's americans whose jobs are at risk. do you ever hear anybody talking about it in quantified terms on capitol hill? i don't. i hear all of the lobbyists who
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surround you talk about we have to have more cheap labor. >> i'm hearing the same thing you are by is nothing about the automation issue. or getting more cheap labor in the country. but i'll tell you i don't hear enough about how we can protect and help our american workers. that's what i find to be greatly dismayed as i consider what we don't consider on capitol hill. lou: it's a strange thing that the chamber of customers puts out record after report of how much illegal labor, cheap labor, they are calling for open borders which makes it not quite easy for illegal labor and it's not coincidental that it is easier to cross that border from mexico. i want to ask you, the president of the united states has -- is doing everything he can, he's
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building parts of the wall. he has some of the money, not most of of the money to build that wall. he's used in tariffs to demand cooperation with neighboring countries in the region. and he can't even get his own caucus to stand up and cheer him for what he's doing for the american worker. he's the only american -- forget policies, lawmakers web's the only american, american official, american leader, president of the united states, the only american standing up for the american worker. >> i would have to agree with you. i see him standing in the breach. if you just talk the border issue itself. he's fighting. we fight this incessant battle
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of people who don't want us to build a fence and enforce our laws. i never could imagine a time in my life when we have people sitting in the united states congress advising constituents to not follow the united states laws. we have sanctuary cities and counties. all these things send a message that we are lawless inartful country. you have donald trump as president of the united states saying we are the best country in the world. we can be great for as long as we choose to be great. but we are not choosing to be great. lou: it am not the choice of all americans. it is the choice of the president. he is almost single handedly with his force of will moving us toward a brighter future and
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american workers and working families. report after report today it's the tim cook is selling millions of dollars in stock as his company is beset by great jeopardy in china where he built hundreds of thousands of jobs for the chinese and some 0 jobs in the united states. but -- and some jobs in the united states. but nothing on parity like the jobs created in china by his company. >> that's right. that's part of the problem of the policies of the previous generation, to see outsourcing of millions of jobs. american jobs overseas. when you see china, china is having economic problems. they are an authoritarian dictatorship. and sooner or later there is a
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comeup pence. it will be a normalization of the construction and plaintiffing jobs. they are coming back. >> there is a company coming back with a thousand jobs to this valley because of the president of the united states. lou: that story has been replicated across the country. let's turn to james comey. it is a story of disgrace, dishonor. for a storied agency, a justice department that once was principled, led by officials who had the answers to the nation at
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heart. it is to me dismaying to look at this report. this office of the inspector general. it's turgid. it's a shameful documents to me because it doesn't even deal what with wait describes, that is the legal impact and consequence of a man, james comey, who not only disgraced himself but attempted to by his actions, artifice and fraud, to unseat a president of the united states. >> i have never seen anyone about a god complex like this gentleman. if you start going through this, you find even the people that were in agreement with him politically that were probably in on this deal to unseat
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president trump and force him out of office. they didn't even know everything this guy was doing. he was taking these memos he said were his personal property and taking them home. he was distributing them to a "new york times" reporter to manipulate the forcing o a specl council appointment. as you read this and read his own word quoted in here, i come across saying here is a guy who has no sense of shame. no sense of shame. lou: this guy had enablers, acome police, and they were sworn servants of the american people and benaiftd most of dishonorable fashion
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knowledgeable. it's difficult to discuss it because it's gut-wrenching to think that the fbi's leadership has become. what the agency itself has descended to. congressman andy biggs, thank you so much. the are today canceled his planned weekend trip to poland as a potentially devastating hurricane is barreling toward florida. president trump says he will send vice president mike pence in poland in his place. weather forecasters saying hurricane dorian could slam into florida as a category 4 hurricane labor day. that would bring life-threatening storm surges along the atlantic coast, and the potential for devastating damage. president trump says he hopes
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lou: 20 candidate, 10 of them have qualified for the dem's next debate. that takes place next month. i suspect you like me can hardly wait. lawrence o'donnell has retracted his false, malicious report in which he tried to tie president trump's finances to a russian oligarch. the president said in part, the
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totally inaccurate reporting by lawrence o'donnell is no different than the horrible, corrupt and fraudulent fake news i had to put up with for years, end quote. joining us, tammy bruce, host of the foxnation show, "get." tammy bruce. let's start with this beauty. this an impressive a job of obfuscating and make obtuse what should be direct. >> it's an art form. a year and a half, millions of dollars. there it is. i think they have templates. i think they call it up and slot in some names. i have been enraged with a number of people that id a mir
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saying that's damning to comey. he did things that was apparently the beginnings of a coup in this country. all they can say is he broke the rules. lou: and protocols. >> lois lerks rner danced away. this is why president trump was elected. we saw this dual system. and it's so unacceptable. there is so much work to be done. the remarkable and beautiful government. just another sign here of what's unacceptable to the american people. lou: the left-wing made crane
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stead of embracing this report, the damnation of a precious, pretentious absolutely fraudulent former director of the fbi. >> everybody wants this to be enough. it says everything we already knew. so it's as though the left will say this has really harmed him. they are saying that because they don't want people to want more. and it reveals the contempt with which they whole the american people as if we don't know what's going on. we do. lou: it's a seriously divisive but open question tore all americans. that is, who will be punished for what. the left in the intelligence agencies. namely the fbi. the head of national
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intelligence. the cia, perhaps the obama white house put the nation through. all of this should be subject to investigation and right now there is a yawning abyss that has to be crossed before that can happen. we are 2 1/2 years town a presidency that all of these agencies and that administration clearly tried to prevent. >> the benefit is we have a president who sees what we see. he has been dealing with the swamp that has been working overtime to stop him. but this is like a cancer it's a cancer or virus that changes itself based on being recognized. and changes in order to survive itself. we can't let up. we have got to adopt as we see -- we have got to adapt as we see it happening.
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not only holding it. we have to move forward being more aggressive. i love what the president has done with his personal attorney with lawrence o'donnell. lou: americans don't know what to believe regarding the death of jeffrey epstein. according to a new pole, the american people are divide. 34% say he murdered. 33% said he hanged himself. and 32 were 2% of us aren't surr way. up next. could america's longest war finally be nearing its end?
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lou: president trump launching the u.s. spade command. -- space command. they will focus on satellite operation and space support. the communist regime in schiena sending a new group of troops to hong kong. it might be a situation where the pla has a military presence of 6,000 to 10,000 in hong kong and has been at that force level for some time. president trump says he's ready
7:30 pm
to reduce the number of troops in afghanistan down to 8,600. that's the number general austin scott miller has been working on. an american ken invoice -- an american envoy has been working on. joining us, jack keane. nine rounds and we are still, still nowhere it seems with the taliban. are we to be in any way encouraged that there will and tenth round? >> i think frankly we are close to some kind of announcement. maybe within a week or so. after 8 or 9 months of core gaitions. i think the framework, something
7:31 pm
like this. the united states will agree, and this wil will be the headlie all over the world. the united states will agree to withdraw all troops by the end of 2020, less than 18 months from now with the following conditions. one, there must be an agreement between the afghan afghan government. and two that al qaeda will not establish a safe haven in afghanistan. we can't trust the taliban. the other one is the taliban guarantees they will destroy isis. the problem with that is they don't have the capability to do that as isis has grown inside
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afghanistan. so we'll not move from 8,600 to zero despite the fact that that's proclaimed as an end state until such time as those conditions are met. lou: it sound to knee. forgive me if my scepticism sounds like cynicism. and it's 20 years of engagement. this president to his great credit says he wants to bring our troops home and put the burden on the nation's upon whom it legitimately belongs. he has to first clear a lot of brush at the pentagon. and there is an abiding inertia within the pentagon that would argue relentlessly for another two decade that we need troops there to control a situation
7:33 pm
that we have yet to control. is it not time to destroy an enemy or get away from that particular war zone? >> i am sympathetic to everything you just said. 18 years is an incredibly long time to be involved in one engagement like this. but here is the issue. why do we go there? because al qaeda was there. the u.s.s. cole and 9/11. the taliban would not give up died so we had to take their regime down. we prevented died who ran across the border into pakistan. and we prevented them from attacking us again. this is not something we can't talk too much about. but we have the capability which
7:34 pm
is not military that have their foot on the necks of the taliban. so our concern when you talk to guys like me. got it. we are worn out by the war in afghanistan. but we don't want the al qaeda to attack us again and establish a safe haven. can we get forces down to a much smaller level to guarantee that won't happen? we are doing the same thing in syria with a modest amount of forces. these are the only places where the radical islamists want to atalks, the american people. lou: i understand and appreciate your construct for the situation. i would add to it one other dimension that to me is fund amountal to whatever we would do. we produce i don't know how many
7:35 pm
generals over the course of the past two decades. we have people arguing about are we criticizing our men and women in uniform? our enlisted -- or soldiers. and i'm not. i am questioning the generals and the strategy. when you talk about asymmetric warfare. when you think of the trillions of dollars this country spent in iraq span afghanistan and a bunch of rag tag jihadists have spent peanuts. what we are doing is unsustainable. the sooner we recognize that, we are in deep deep trouble. >> i have agree. i said that with lindsey graham in an op-ed. but particularly at shy levels. but i do think and it's worth an
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details about a private meeting disgraced former fbi director comey had with president trump in 2017. according to this report, comey, the former director of intelligence james clearm, john wren man and admiral mike rogers met with president-elect trump weeks before his inauguration. after that briefing comb irmet privately with the president-elect to excuse salacious allegations in the so-called steele dossier concocted by christopher feel. top fbi and intel brass believed the allegations or preextended to -- or pretended to. even though there was no confidence about its contents.
7:41 pm
then comey took notes after the meeting as seems to be his practice before reporting back to top intelligence officials working on the controls fire hurricane investigation. joining me now, byron york, chief correspondent for. this document is turgent and obtuse. it seems designed to obfuscate instead of understandable. >> the meeting took place january 26, 2017. the intelligence community created a report on russian
7:42 pm
efforts to infear with the 206 election. in january 2017 they go up to the trump tower as a group to present the report to president trump. by previous agreement they all leave the room except comey. and comey tells president-elect room that there is an allegation that in 2015 you were in a russian hotel room with a russian and the russians taped it all. the president was stunned. comey said the only reason they did that was to tell the president it was out there. what we see in this new report is they meticulously planned this moment in which they would hit trump with this information. comey had met with his top officials and what they call the
7:43 pm
crossfire hurricane team beforehand. they made a plan where comey would immediately write down everything he could remember from this. he went down to an fbi vehicle and there was a secure laptop rating for him and he said he started writing as the vehicle began moving. he went to the fbi headquarters in new york. and there was a secure video teleconference for him set up to talk with crossfire hurricane supervisors and top fbi officials about what trump answered to the dossier allegations. lou: and it all amounted to nothing. >> absolutely nothing. lou: meanwhile through artifice and fraud, they triggered comey's firing through the special counsel.
7:44 pm
i always thought admiral rogers as the hero because he has been absent from th -- from the conspiratorial efforts. but here he is at this meeting. that's an anomaly over the course of this run. >> i think we should tell viewers that's the first part of the story. the -- the second part is the leak of the fact the top intel officials briefed the president. so the meeting takes place january 6. january 10cnn reports an exclusive. are playing a
7:45 pm
season opener under the lights as they take on the miami, ohio, redhawks. hello, everyone, i'm brian custer alongside robert smith. you've got the iowa hawkeyes beginning the season ranked 20th in the ap preseason poll. they have the most experienced quarterback in nate stanley. miami university is starting a true freshman. >> robert: starting a true freshman here. chuck martin made this decision and said the guy was poised. obviously he has got the pedigree with the gabbert family, but what really made him comfortable was the system gabbert played at in high school. because there was some familiarity, had the same verbiage, felt comfortable enough to have him start here on the road. >> brian: he's the younger brother of blaine gabbert and now you've got nate stanly, most experienced quarterback in the big ten. >> robert: 26 touchdown passes each of the last two years, done
7:46 pm
really well here, but like so many young quarterbacks, a little bit inconsistent. it's going to be interesting to see tonight. miami probably going to get the safeties inserted into the front to slow down the run of iowa. you may see nate stanley have a few chances to practice the slow ball. >> brian: we're under way here in iowa city. and it's a touchback. the hawkeyes will begin at their own 25. here comes nate stanley, making his 27th consecutive start. this is a guy over the past couple of seasons, robert, has thrown 52 touchdown passes. >> robert: yeah, he's had a great record throwing the football. 26 touchdowns that we've said each of the last two years. it's going to be interesting to see, though, with this year's team. of course not going to have two of his favorite targets. two tight ends picked in the first round a year ago and quarterbacks love having tight ends to throw to. so we'll see kind of how those
7:47 pm
numbers look this year. >> brian: mekhi sargent the lone setback. right away we've got a flag. you don't want that. i mean the very first play. you can see coach ferentz was telling his team, come on, come on, tempo, tempo, let's go, let's go. >> robert: this is what you hate as a coach in these first games. you want to see a clean game. obviously it's a physical mismatch that you have against a miami team. the worst thing that you want to happen, though, is just to have the mechanics go poorly. don't have the penalties, don't make dumb mistakes, don't turn the ball over.
7:48 pm
>> brian: we want to welcome everyone who was watching the mets and the phillies. we're in iowa city, the season opener. for the iowa hawkeyes. taking on miami university redhawks in the first quarter, first possession for the hawkeyes. second and seven. from the i-formation, stanley rolls out. that's complete to ihmir smith-marsette and he's got a first down. pickup of 18. >> robert: this is what's going to make this iowa defense so difficult for miami to defend today. you've got this big heavy look, multiple tight ends, a fullback in the backfield and then you get play action, so guys have to react quickly.
7:49 pm
it's one thing to know that you've got the physical mismatch, but the eye discipline that's required can be so difficult for these players. >> brian: sargen and toren young in the backfield. this is sargent, a pickup of three. well, we talk about iowa and their lineup. they have two of the best offensive linemen in jackson and tristan wirfs in the big ten. >> robert: you know coach ferentz is hoping those guys will stick around. that's how we know iowa football, get those big tackles, a lot of them right here from the state of iowa, and get that run game going. >> brian: here's sargent up the middle. he's about a yard shy of a first down.
7:50 pm
the miami defense, they're led by the junior, doug costin. he has started every game for the redhawks, led them in sacks last season with six. >> robert: yeah, costin is that guy in the middle of this defense that can try and be a little bit disruptive. but really miami has got to do everything that they can to try and get extra guys into the front. and again, you see iowa loading up these heavy formations to make miami get everybody packed in. >> brian: from the i-formation they give it to the fullback, brady ross, and that's a first down. >> robert: not always going to be pretty. sometimes you've just got to put that head down and you can see a nice push from the offensive line, kind of recreating the line of scrimmage. does a nice job covering up the football. always two hands in traffic, b. >> brian: spoken from a man who
7:51 pm
knows. >> robert: 27 years since i was here. same pink locker room. >> brian: again from the "i," stanley looking and complete. that's brandon smith. he's the junior out of mississippi. manny rugamba makes the stop. he played here his freshman, sophomore year and then transferred to miami university. >> robert: yeah, and he had a little bit of trash talk. some mild trash talk. they were asking how do you cover these guys. he said, hey, they're just guys. these wide receivers are just guys. >> brian: yeah, he did, he did. >> robert: we'll see. there might be a double move coming his way sometime tonight. >> brian: second and five. stanley looking over the middle, incomplete. he was looking in the area of
7:52 pm
tyrone tracy. >> robert: a little behind tracy on that one. not sure if the ball is slick, maybe came out funny or got tipped there. i think tracy can still make that one, though. >> brian: so the hawkeyes will be looking at third and five. from the redhawks 38 yard line, they go two tight ends here. and around the end, that's nico ragaini, and he comes up about four yards short. myles reid makes the stop for the redhawks. >> robert: i don't expect the punt unit to be going on the field for this one, try a little trickeration here, get the reverse. miami does a nice job stringing this thing out. miami is coming to play. of course speaking of coach martin the other day, you know,
7:53 pm
he wanted to see the guys that are willing to go on the road and fight. it's very early. they're not real deep, but they're fighting right now. >> brian: fourth down and three. this is the ninth play of this drive. from the gun, stanley looking left, throws. incomplete. he was looking in the area of nico ragaini. ragaini in the slot, and the slot receiver has led iowa in receiving each of the last four seasons. >> robert: trying to take their shot on fourth down. didndn't quite get it. i
7:54 pm
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