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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 1, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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you. >> thank you. trish: have a great night, kennedy begins right now, see you tomorrow. kennedy: great whistleblower showdown of 2019, you see. one corner president trump and the other an unnamed person who claims that president said naughty things on a phone call with the president of ukraine. but our president wants this person's identity, and the critics are like, nah bro, they claim that president asked his ukrainian counterpart for dirt on joe biden, joe dirt, get it. president has always claimed high did nothing wrong, and that whistleblower is full of warm pa bologna, tweeting today: this
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is about a found conversation. no pressure at all. it is just another democrat hoax. end of quote, president said he wants to face his accuser, a lot of people say that not a good idea for a bunch of reason, whistleblow are's attorney said today in a statement, intel community whistleblower is entitled t to to an -- today ioa republican senator chuck grassley agreed saying this person should be heard and protected. we should work to respect
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whistle-blowerrer's respect for confidentiality even hillary clinton is jumping in yes, here she goes. >> what do you think of president trump calling for the whistleblower to be outed. >> that is really dangerous. from everything we know, we don't know much, this is a experienced person who saw things that bothered him, that is what whittle blower statutes is for. kennedy: unless it is the "new york times" reporting my e-mail server. the president probably will not be deterred, and claims he wants to unmask the dreaded whistleblower, is it a wise move or pouring more gasoline on the political inferno, tonight's party panel. jessica tarlov . and tom shillue. and wwe super star.
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precipice of his fox debut, dolf ziegler. >> what was a noise. >> it is weak, their case is weak. >> ahead. >> democrats, you know what i feel, russia thing that nonsince this is weakest and they know it is weak. i do hope the whistleblower does get unmasked, he is taking advantage of whistleblower thing, they should say, except the president. kennedy: president is violating the law or his or her duty they should not be held accountable. >> for this instance, intelligence community, president is president, under hisper view. the whole -- this is a misuse, a misuse of whistleblower law, i
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hope we unmask the guy, we see how political he is, i want to unmask all other people, it is fantastic. kennedy: is there a way. i don't need to know anything about the whistleblower, i think it is interesting if it is another partisan hack who is only motivated to undo an election he is soar about or she. is there a way to have accountability that is anonymous. >> my turn. i think they are working to the best of their ability to make sure it happens, close door testimony. kennedy: also off capitol hill. how do you do that. >> you mentioned, "new york times" has gone a long way to identify this person. by saying where they work, and when they were -- to the white house, you can trace. fancy words, ad fro grad degree.
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kennedy: did you get a phd in vocab. >> no political science. kennedy: ooh. >> a lot of people probably already know who that person is. kennedy: chuck grassley said don't publish this person's identity, they say proper protocol was followed. >> everyone has confirmed that, but the president, number one fan here. >> we need clarification. >> change the whistleblower laws. kennedy: we need whistleblowers and to constrain government, keep it within the lanes that have expanded, you can see from tom and jessica, the feelings about whistl whistleblower splin party lines. >> of course. kennedy: supporters of president
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are upset this whistleblower taking potentially second han information to try to launch a formal impeachment. should the new whistleblower be forced to liver i live in moscoh edward snowden. >> no. i enjoy my alone time but that is too much. >> even now, just now in the clip with hillary, and we don't know much, anyway impeachment she just said he don't know much about that whistleblower. kennedy: there is something wrong with that. >> they decided three years ago they will resist, get him out one way or another, he has done a lot of bone-headed thing, but when people in middle see this, every time, this is it we got
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him, you are rooting again this guy, and now 63 million people who voted for him, think it all against him. >> matches read out from the call - -- >> ♪ not really, not really. kennedy: there are facts to be gathered to meet the democrat outrage. if you go after the president and you fail, people will be pissed. you are tuc stuck with no presit pence. and democrats have got nothing done. there is so much oxygen. >> the call is all we care about. the whistleblower report is a hysterical interpretation. we should go by the call, the president said it is perfect, so i am fine. and that is summary of the transcript of the perfect call. >> they will vote like this. kennedy: tom and jessica will switch hats later on.
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>> if you can believe it. kennedy: party swap, it is fantastic. don't expect to see president trump and adam schiff eat wings and watch football together any time soon. president calling a personal foul on schiff tweeting, why isn't congressman adam schiff brought up on charges for fraudulently makes a statement and reading it to congress, as if this statement, which was very dishonest and bad for me. this should never be allowed. he took it a step further, busted out democrat to english i learn more and more each day, i come to conclusion, what i am facing not an impeachment but a coop. taking away power of people. and their god given rights as citizens of the united states of america. is the president ready to throw
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the that will fla challenge flas or did he just waste a time out? joining me now to discuss it. former house oversight committee chair darrell issa. last week he announced a challenge to dunkin' hunter. -- duncan hunter. welcome back congressman. >> thank you. and i enjoyed your panel, they hit on great points. one of them is the whistle blower statute does allow for the whistleblower to remain a secret. but it also requires that the information be self evident. the whistleblower does not get to characterize something, they deliver the information, and then the information speaks for itself. that is where i think that president is. should be and i don't need to hear from the whistleblower, but you need to hear from the source
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information whether the president did anything wrong. kennedy: what is the logjam here? you have a bunch of democrats who are riled up, republicans in middle who are confused. and a of facts. >> look for the truth. there are basic facts, the transcript. we've seen the entire transcript, if we're not satisfies we saw it all, then make sure we have seen it all. at the end of the day, i read the trip, that var available. the president is right, what he did is went bounds of -- went bounds of what he can should do, we've forgotten the basic question, if president said i want you to investigate corruption, does not matter
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where the leverage is, to someone we're giving 400 million in aid to, should that automatically be off limits if it is a high ranking american or you should go afternoon after c, don't worry if it is high or low ranking, corruption, by americans is prohibited by law. kennedy: it is and also the pond that democrats and republicans like in fish in for opposition research that is problematic for this president, you know, it one thin to say, stop with that corruption, we don't want people in your country screwing with our election. that is valid, i think sending rudy guliani to talk to ukrainian operatives is where you have a heard time explains it. that is where president appeared to be a little bit flat footed. >> people have a right to say does this president do everything in the most
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diplomatic and articulate way. in the best -- of good diplomacy, we could have a debate about that, but that is not a debate about impeachment. the mutua impeachment did the president perform high crimes or misdemeanors now, did he pis off al green, the fact is that -- >> that not a the reason to imtype of impeach someone. >> that is al green's reason. kennedy: you could make a case bill clinton selling satellite technology to chinese government, and some of the wmdfraud in launching the iraq war, up -- potentially that was impeachable for president bush and every administration, look at pallet 400 million in mixed denomination cash to iran from
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president obama, every administration has something by this standard is impeachable. >> you are saying right thing, we have to get past the idea that i-word is something we use, we never had a president deserving of impeachment from the first one from andrew johnson. kennedy: he was awful. >> they impeached him because he fired secretary of war, secretary of war was popular. kennedy: he fanned flames of racism and division to point of murder in the south. >> kennedy. kennedy: and openly usedn-word. >> that is what he was not impeached for, impeachment has been used as a political tool that is wrong. kennedy: and threat of impeachment. you may go back to thel lion's den, you are running for congress, one district over in
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50th now respected by problem plagued duncan hunter. >> well, duncan is not really running, people think he is, the fact, he is clearly defending -- defending a difficult legal case that is taking all of his energy. >> a very -- kind way to say that. >> look. he is a loyal american who tried too do the right thing, many times, he made mistakes. the fact and i represented a third of this for most of my time in congress. and in redistricting i lost part. i now look at this as an appropriate opportunity to serve people that i have served in the past. the ever so honest hung jury bob menendez blocked my ability to be confirmed on a presidential appointment that gives me an punopportunity to go back sit nt
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to him at next state of union with reelected president trump, saying hey bob how does this make you feel. kennedy: don't let bob menendez leave your cheese in the wind. >> thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up, scathing new report claims that drug enforcement administration did little to slow production of opioids, what is the point of the dea. catherine ward. >> and nirvana basis krist novoselic, will join me to talk music and politics, coming up. changes our perspective, connects us, and pushes us further. the most inspiring minds, the most compelling stories: audible. but super poligrip gives him a tight seal. snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike's denture.
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kennedy: you want to save lives? end war on drugs, and outdated burbureaucrat mentality that gee witgoes with it. guess who is biggest loser? the dea. they created a lame system to cut down on prescription opioid abuse, this is a giant pot hole of failure, opioid deaths rose 71%. weabetween 2013 and 17.
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tea -- in a pou porous system. the black market took off. in latest wave in on going epidemic, over perished from overdose death in 2017. heroin, and prescription opioids, and 28 thousand from fentanyl. there are no labels on things like white powder heroin and no dosage instructtions when your garden variety junk is spiked with fentanyl, have you no idea by how much and almost no way to survivor deadly dose.
9:21 pm
but putting pressure on legal market and punishing legitimate patients who batter things like cancer and chronic pain, you are extending the black market by clamping down on only transparent avenue, you need more freedom not less and a paradigm shift in our thinking about senseless, deadly war that will create and consume more victims. that is the memo. inspector general said that feds need to use more data, are drug warrior at the dea those who can fix it. joining me, editor in chief of reason, catherine madge ward. >> hey. kennedy: are you surprised they dismantled it. >> i am shocked this different agency has done a bad job. >> me too, keep talking i'm
9:22 pm
walking not there yet, i am wearing very high platforms. >> sorry, i was trying for sarcasm i forced you to run. dea, has done a bunch of make work and database creation and record collect, which failed to translate to. but this is par for the course, you look at agencies that are charged with enforcing an an i impossible pro big they will do a bad job. >> they point to, are all of the drug stores and pill shops, they take off line, but they don't say, we took 80 thousand pill vendors out of business and we took away their license, next day, they can reapply for license get it back, they have no way of tracking who was
9:23 pm
selling what, for one place they would have them report weekly, to number of prescription, and pills they were administering, and others could do it quarterly. so was there no way of keeping track. but what they have done is punish people who need relief. and then other people are now finding the pills that are pressed at home with god knows what and other opioids like heroin on the black market. >> this is the story of the opioid crisis, real under reported that, the so-called overdose date death, in -- overdose deaths, they are poisoning deaths, they are people who took a different substance than the one they thought they were taking it killed them, that is a poisoning. you know say what you' about big pharma and people certainly have a lot of bad things to say, you get what you buy in those pills,
9:24 pm
it may be we could have a separate conversation about whether people areapproappropriy using or abusing but there is a huge value for people to be able to buy, prescribe medicine on open, legal market because, we see, as you have described in the mark markethe black mark eds death. kennedy: yes. true, and sad, prohibition creates a larger criminal element, and i don't understand how people don't see that this is the deadly consequence of too much, much big government and heartless bureaucracy. >> other thing, i found myself sympathizing a little bit with the dea as a look at this ig report, they said, we don't want to lower the production
9:25 pm
caps, we're worries about cracking down on current legal distributors, people really need them, we'll leave them high and dry. kennedy: chat win thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: well done. >> democrats are going hard on impeachment. but president's supporter say that left is acting insane, we hear both sides of the argument when the panel returns to switch their opposition, philosophy, they will party swap next. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow,
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flipping the script, it is time to party swap. there we go tonight, we have two legends, tom shillue arguing liberal point of view, jessica tarlov . and ziegler has all questions, rev and judge, you are -- ref and judge, are you ready to rumble -- can they without being sued. >> no, 10 cents every time. kennedy: ready. >> do better this time. ♪ we start with impeachment, no one has been talking about that tom, can't wait. i gave you the question. everyone knows impeaching president trump is not enough. the democrat show impeach pence too. tell the viewer how much better life would be with president pelosi. >> well, you can't -- has to be
9:31 pm
a one-two, vice president is a partner in crime tote president, would not do anything good to impeach president, a shining example, due to his intolerance. he would sit in oval office behind that desk makes impeachment itself un10able. >> to we need a new word for removing vice president as well, just guilt by association or guilt because of ickiness. >> i say, impeachment is a one-two. >> whoever lost the election becomes president. >> we have been looking for hillary in white house. kennedy: undoing of the sham 2016 election, and instilling real winner. >> jessica why will impeachment backfire on the democrats, and may be two more, or three more
9:32 pm
terms. >> the president has been talking about that. the economy is great, and the wall is going up. >> alligator on snakes. >> shooting migrants in the leg. >> that is not unconstitutional. >> that is why i support it. >> look at this, this is the face of trump derangement syndrome. >> it has been going on with 2016. >> they are afraid. >> why can't they let trump be trump. >> because they are a bunch of snowflakes, they don't understand -- >> case closed. >> they don't know his style. >> the voice of our generation. >> i was at th javit center, i s
9:33 pm
waiting for hillary's speech, i can't do this any more. kennedy: he is really tearing up. >> everyone knows president trump has to keep tweeting because social media cannot be trusted, what other should be. >> for chant. >> send a selfie. >> but this is really an affront. to first amendment, liberal hear something they don't like, suddenly it is unacceptable, you listen to kamala harris talk about this. support from free speech from important journalists like andy noh . >> and crickets. same thing with secondmm, they are -- you know choose our own adventure, you can't be -- >> by the way.
9:34 pm
>> 10 cents in your swear jar. >> w we have a goddive god giveo carry an ar-15. kennedy: jea jessica making sen. >> president is a toddler, twitter is his sandbox. >> i love kamala harris, but i disagree, maybe closer to my republican colleague jessica taolov, every time president tweets he gives us more fodder for impeachment, keep the feed open. kennedy: >> and hillary is gutsy, jessica, hillary said the gutsiest thing she has done was stay with her husband. should we applaud all other women who stayed with hillary as
9:35 pm
husband. kennedy: that is a lot of applause. is that sharon stone in lincoln bedroom, what's up bill. >> there is nothing gutsy about taking 20 years to come up with that line. where was that gutsy feminism which she was talking about bimbo eruption or turning full force of white house and mainstream peace against monica lewinsky. a woman in her 20s who was taken advantage of. >> he just wanted to sing her song. >> i think it was more. >> last question, hillary said, gutsiest thing she defense win for american president. >> we can only hope, she was gutsy, when she ran for president and in that relationship with hermela aragawi becaus-- herhusband, bi.
9:36 pm
she was standing by her country. >> a patriot. >> right wing conspareacey was after her husband from the beginning. >> the winner is tom shillue, he brought tears, we saw newscasters on election night, what a call back, two and a half years later. kennedy: the javit center, that is hard, that is one of the best party small caps swaps -- this friday night, there is something special for you america. >> oh, we're here live at fox, letting you know friday night smackdown, come to fox friday. we're going to fight right now, i don't top hurt him. >> what? >> ouch. >> [ laughter ] kennedy: oh, no, friday night
9:37 pm
could live on fox, 8 p.m., eastern, check it out. poor jimmy fel faella. >> you should see the other guy. kennedy: i hope the wounds heal. coming up, nirvana bassist, crystal crucrystalkrist krist ns life, streets and his new band.
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giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? ♪ newest video from giants in the trees, you might rec mysel recos handsome bassist from somewhere else that is krist novoselic,
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next man. ninirvana classic album getting- krist and i were children of the 90s. joining me now. bassist, master of the grange krist novoselic welcome back. >> hello, kennedy. kennedy: i am so excited you are here in our fox business refresh week, talking about investing in you, investing in success and creativity, and all things that get harder and harder to do with more and more government. i want to talk about reish of -- reissue of the album does it bring back a lot of memories frm that night. >> it does it was a special show for us, and nir va nirvana.
9:43 pm
we barely pulled it off, that is a re-- requim for kirk cobain. that is just after he passed away. if you are like a collector there is something there for you. kennedy: track listing, i think is so beautiful, and when i interviewed pat sneer a few years ago he said he suggested that man who sold the world, were there and track tras that t night you had a hand helping. >> well, yeah, we talked about what would work and not work, we plays and rehearsed, we were a hard edgey band, we had to be soft, and we were always sensitive. but we have to have a soft performance, unplugged. >> what didn't you play, is
9:44 pm
there anything you done play you scrapped during rehearsal that you regret? >> oh, no, i don't regret anything about it, it was nice the way it came together, band, we were -- it was nice. >> i was there, it was incredible night, and dan murphy from soul asylum is only person in room who know the gravity of the set list, and knew obscure tracks you played, first time i saw pat sneer live, it was a complete sound, funny, i look at my never yo -- never you nevada- nephew today, he just graduated high school, he and his friends love nir van awhat it is? >> music is something that hard to put your finger on. i think kirk cobain was such a good artist, there was something about him that he expressed
9:45 pm
himself it would, a lot of people would receive that and could relate to that we played really well together. we liked to play music, we were very interested in music. and we tried to shake things up, listen to nirvana record there are a lot of different sounds, and different moods and approaches. and so, just try to keep it interesting, shake it up. kennedy: you told our producer chelsea, you and kirk were watching mtv when i was on. >> yeah, you know kirk was a chronic channel surfer, i would did to his house, his remote he would be flipping and weirdest thing, not saying weird, but he would stop, if you were on mtv, he were watching it, i said, you know, that kennedy she is a smartass, he rose to your defense, he said she is sardonic, he was a fan, we were
9:46 pm
both fans. kennedy: pat said that is nice, pat said years later, that he tried to prank call me, and i answered phone, i branche tanked him back not knowing it was kirk cow bain. cobain. >> you could isdo that then, all you had was spha star 69, do you still talk to courtney? >> yeah. i saw courtney -- when? well, it was a somber occasion, i sat next to her at chris cornell's funeral. kennedy: that one really breaks my heart. >> it is really hard, we lost a great band, sound garden, like. it is devastating. >> it is. and again, your break to record came out like three week apart,.
9:47 pm
>> we would play music for each other, and in like. it was in 2012, 2011, i was in grol's film. with paul mccartney, they were filming a video, i called kim, and guitar player, said, you are in l.a. let's get together, we got together that night in passa dea-- pasadena i, here is my new song, it was paul mccartney, pat and dave, she our new song, we did that 25 or 30 years ago. kennedy: how amazing is that. >> i am excited about music, still really. kennedy: that is one of the -- >> two records out with giant in the trees, a new record, a
9:48 pm
spoken word record, i do music doctor robert michael pile does the spoken word, butterfly launches from spar pole. >> good to talk to you, come back to new york, we can talk politics and waive the world. >> thank you. >> thank you, my friend, topical storm is next, stay put. not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ carl, i appreciate the invite here. as my broker, what am i paying you to manage my money? it's racquetball time. (thumps) ugh! carl, does your firm offer a satisfaction guarantee? like schwab does. guarantee? (splash) carl, can you remind me what you've invested my money in?
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kennedy: prince harry closed his african tour. look in mirror, this is the topical storm. one. we begin in canada, hockey season feels like a novemberer ending hamster -- never ending hamster wheel. these two lovable fur balls dressed up as zamboni operators. watcare the women show shot vido say their names are buster and
9:53 pm
bingo. this is making headline, a rat fell out of the ceiling at white house today, lands in press pool, no one was hours, and like all white house rats, it landed a book deal. >> topic two. florida beer vendor arrested for charging a miami dolphin fans $724 for two bruc brews. he use his own cred card reader, that way cheaper than a normal price of beer at a football ga
9:54 pm
game. only thing keeping their fans from jumping off roof, most don't like standing in line. we on this very program are debuting a fantastic new game tomorrow night, fake news or florida? you can play at home. unless you live in florida. be probably then sold your tv to bailout your dog who got a dui ? >> is if fake or florida in found out tomorrow night. >> we head to o'hare airport, american airline circling the wagons, look at that. holy crap, caters cart went full impeachment probe, spun in circles until it crushed everything in its path. the accelerator got stuck to the floor, which is what is happening to nancy pelosi, you
9:55 pm
guys, i can't drive 55, i am 85. the cart was throwing back sandwiches and nancy is throwing back merlo "the masters: sergio. no one was hurt. there was a problem. these two drive like they are stoned. they are going 4 miles an hour, step on it bingo. guinea pigs are so cute. if you are into furry rodentses. i am not going to make a joke about a famous actor who was in "pretty woman." hectorral zando would be quite upset.
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♪ let's play it again ♪ there it is. last night mouth trumpet monday song, this week's winner jeffrey, he got it first. if you follow courtney back, she will send you a plastic mouth
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trumpet, thank you for watching the best hour of your day. tomorrow night corey lewandows lewandowski. and jimmy faella. >> good evening. the radical dimhs obstruction, subversion and continuing effort to overthrow the trump presidency is showing significant signs of wear and weakness in their mad dash to contrive a fraudulent and rapidly dissent graight impeachment charge against the president, the dimms created not only an announce for the president, but for themselves. they appear to have created a bit of quicksand. and that sucking sound you hear is the sinking of their hopes to frame president trump and once again their lies laid bare before the


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