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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  October 2, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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like me on facebook and follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. see you tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] trish: we learned that the democrat in charge of the house intelligence committee, adam schiff, received an account of the whistleblower report days before it was filed. i'm trish regan. for the record, that kind of thing with the whistleblower, that's just not done. how can you be a whistleblower if you are liking your intel to a political party instead of just blowing the whistle? how can this person be trusted? this so-called whistleblower was providing an account of his or her second hand knowledge ahead of time to adam schiff's staff.
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and somehow adam schiff failed to disclose any of that. when asked by the media whether he had any head up or inside knowledge about this, this is what he said. watch. >> we have not spoken directly with the whistleblower. we would like to. but i am sure the whistleblower has concerns that he has not been individualsed as the law required by the inspector general or the director of intelligence just how he is to communicate with congress. trish: we have not spoken with the whistleblower? adam schiff's staff was given a head up days before it was released. adam schiff is now saying in a statement the whistleblower contacted the committee for guidance on how to report possible wrongdoing. why didn't you say that in the first place? the facts increasingly suggest a political takedown. that's shameful. the president firing on all
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cylinders in a joint press conference with the prime minister of finland. president trump: it's a big story. he knew long before and he helped write it too. it's a scam. nancy pelosi hand out subpoenas like they are cookies. you wanted to subpoena? here you go. take them like they are cookies. >> they are laughing like they are cookies. but that's serious stuff. you are talking about undoing the will of the american voters sheer. joining me, geraldo rivera and former florida attorney general pam bondi. from a legal perspective, i wanted to talk to you about that. geraldo in a previous life you were a lawyer and you have legal background as well. for her to be handing out these subpoenas, never having had a vote on the inquiry, how
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unusual, unprecedented and possibly i don't know, illegal is that? >> well, i think what people have to bear in mind is impeachment is not a legal proceeding. it is a political proceeding. they are all the broad rules set forth by the constitution. but the majority in the house can do pretty much wait wants as witnessed by adam schiff. what is to me deeply troubling, and i think the president is on to something, put aside the hyperbole and the dramatic flourish. if adam schiff or his staff were indeed in these conferences with the cia officer who was the whistleblower, the conduit for all the information, it's so easy to see how congressman schiff or more likely his staff say to the cia guys, that's
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interesting, but don't you want to say it this way? it will be more powerful if you said it this way. you can see how the political process so pollutes the -- the quest for truth that it becomes so deeply partisan, it's war by another means. it's deeply troubling, and i think we have only scratched the surface. trish: pam, i have so many questions, but i guess i will get back to this. how does the president fire back against this. there is the court of public opinion. we have been through this before. we have been through this a few times. now here you are trying again. this particular effort, however, feels that of the more coordinated. knowing they are actively coordinating to take him down, how does he -- how dose approach that and fire back at that. >> he sure did today. what you said was shameful.
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everything they are doing is shameful. since day two of his election, prior to his election they have been trying attack and impeach our president. look at everything he accomplished in spite of what they continued to do to him. shameful is an understatement. i poke to him friday. he's a -- i spoke to him friday. he's a friend. he's working for our country. you know what he has on his side? i will sent. geraldo dealt with the mueller investigation. sean hannity and fox news, the mueller investigation could have gone on and on and on but it was exposed. now they are trying again. and there is less here than they had in mueller. it's so outrageous that they are doing this to the american people with our economy so good and all the great things that are happening and all that congress could do on a bipartisan basis.
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trish: geraldo, why not wait 12 hours until the transcript comes out? why do you think nancy pelosi was in a mad dash to launch this thing and fire the subpoenas off, hand them out like cookies to use the president's expression? >> i think with the lawsuits that will definitely come, because i advised the president and his entire cabinet and the white house staff to fight everything tooth and nail. don't cooperate to the extent that you can legally not cooperate. make them work for everything they get. look at the mueller investigation that pam brings up and i think it is instructive. this language we are hearing from schiff and waters and nadler and speaker pelosi, the eloquence, no one is above the law and this is horrifying. this is the same soundtrack of two years ago of 2016, 2017,
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2018. oh, this is the worse thing. this is another constitutional crisis. oh, my god, the republic is ending because the president is a traitor, he's putin's bitch. oh, oh, oh, i guess he's not. trish: watch your language, sir. >> you have to see through what's going on here. this as pam says, a political takedown. they couldn't even wait, the year and a few months until the november 2020 to win it fair and square. trish: americans i think they see through that. i think they see through what the political operation is trying to do. not to mention the fact that
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adam schiff, maybe he just misspoke. for him to say we haven't spoken to the whistleblower. now to find out, and he corrected that with that statement. we did did speak to the whistleblower. pam, doesn't the american public get collude into that and doesn't it backfire on them? >> it did and it will and it's going to in the 2020 election. adam schiff is outrageous. he need to resign because he should be investigated. the reason they are issuing all these subpoenas is because they don't want to take a vote. they want to have their cake and eat sit too. you know what will happen to those democrats that vote to impeach the president? they will lose their elections. trish: don't cave on that. don't cave.
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coming up, hillary clinton is back at it on "the view" today still not accepting trump as president. >> i think he knows that he's an illegitimate president. trish: coming up. it's funny how this all works. don't forget, that's what she was accusing trump of in 2016. there she was in the debate on stage saying he was un-american because he wouldn't accept the election results. the "wall street journal's" james freedman is here. it got heated between president trump and the media today at one of his press conferences. president trump: did you hear me. ask a question. i have given you a long answer. "this gentleman a question. don't be rude.
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>> i don't want to be rude. i wanted you to have a chance to answer the question i asked you. president trump: i answered the whole thing. it's a hoax. you know who's playing into the hoax? people like you. trish: conrad black is here and he will tell us if the media is in on this coup to unseat the president. not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> i would like to ask you about your use of the word treason. you used it in the past few days. do you correspond anybody who opposes you a traitor? president trump: no, when you stand in our great chamber and make up a story like schiff did. trish: a great question. do you consider anybody who opposes you treasonous? president trump: we have the president of finland, ask him a question. >> i have one for him. but i want to foul on the one i asked you. president trump: it's a hoax. you know who's playing into the hoax? people like and the fake news media and i say in many cases
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the corrupt media. much of the media in this country is not just fake, it's corrupt. trish: it got a little bit heated. the gentleman was reuters was trying to get the president to answer the question he asked. remember after this president was elected they had the little devil ears sticking up out of the president? this is the way it has been since the beginning. joining me, a former media stay can, conrad black. what does the media have against donald trump? do you think they are in on this to the extent that they want to see him impeached? >> it's a large group, and you don't want to generalize too much and i have no standing to mind read them. they are very hostile to him.
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not your network. but other networks extremely hostile especially in washington. he is an outsider. he attacked the system, the so-called swamp in which they are comfortable and prominent players. and he attacked the media for failing to tell the american people about the misgovernment. and he has a point. it's not for me to say the degree in which it's coordinated with the media. and in most of cases i wouldn't think that. but he's a threat to the group think, the back scratching log rolling society they ran that was good for wall street, hollywood, silicon valley and the national press club. trish: he has been calling it like it is, making a lot of
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enemies along the way. i think even deep within the republican party there are those who still don't accept him. how does he navigate this? don't forget, this is have much a political move, and it's being tried in this court of public opinion. doesn't he in some way need goodwill from the media or can he go it alone? >> well, it would be certainly desirable and i am sure he desires more than anyone that he would get fair place where he hasn't had much in the media. when you say how does it happen. he did attack whole system. he attacked the lobbyists. he attacked all of them. these people when attacked, however corrupt or hundai serving of sympathy they may be, everyone responds when they are attacked. that to some degree is what the
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media is doing. it feels threatened by them. he end runed them by the social media owned by political enemies of his. what he and elizabeth warren can agree upon. is his dislike for the social media. like all revolutions, that's what he's seek, a complete draining of the swamp. you have to take it in stages. it's not a violent thing. it's through a process and it's broadly speaking according to law. he take over the republican party for the first 6 months or 8 months he didn't have any influence on the republican party. he has jeff flake and the one truthful intelligent think i ever heard him say said it's the president's party now. he's gradually taking over. it's become the majority there. but it takes a while. trish: they are trying to stop
8:19 pm
him. and i think that that's in part what all this impeachment stuff is about and this rush to judgment. unfortunately i am out of time. but it's so good to see you. thanks for being become here. coming up. no one wants impeachment more than far left democrat maxine waters. >> they say maxine please don't say i am peachment any more. when they say that, i say impeachment impeachment impeachment. i will fight every day until he is impeached. trish: she is now saying impeachment isn't enough. she wants president trump in jail. first an explosive "wall street journal" report says forget bind. it might be hillary who is most of even twined in this financial scandal stuff. james freeman has the details on that next.
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president trump: biden and his son are stone cold crooked. and you not. his son walks out with millions of dollars. the kid knows nothing. you not and so do we. trish: president trump slamming joe biden and his son. he got $50,000 a month for a job he wasn't qualified for in ukraine. all the time his dad was playing a major role in determining how much money the united states would be giving ukraine in aid. the left says that's a right-wing conspiracy. nothing to see here. other than the fact it's a conflict of interest and it was reported in other liberal publications like the new yorker and the "new york times." they whether ones first reporting the conflict. why are the dems going on such
8:25 pm
offense. why are they so determined to accuse the president of trying to influence ukraine in a quid pro quo scheme. perhaps, perhaps it's because politicians, politicians that they are are just trying to get ahead of a news cycle. they are going on offense because they don't want to be on defense. the "wall street journal"'s james free man thinks there is something to that. he writes that bind is not the only one who should be worried. hillary clinton should be worried, too. in 2015 the article reported rue cranian officials helped hillary clinton to research damaging information on trump and his advisors. it was right out there.
8:26 pm
joining me, mr. james freeman himself. i told you earlier i cut it out and put it on the kitchen counter. everybody say the. let me ask you, in terms of what you found and going back to some of the 2017 reports, how interconnected might clinton have been in all this. >> joe biden is going to need a better answer for his son's $50,000 a month dig in ukraine. but as we look into this more. this is being driven by senators ron johnson of wisconsin and chuck grassley of iowa, at least a letter they sent to attorney general barr saying we have been looking at this ukraine deal for a while, and there is a lot of evidence people in that government helped the clinton cap pain create or find dirt on
8:27 pm
trump, specifically to tie him to russia. that was obviously the big point of this whole collusion effort or collusion story effort from the beginning. what's interesting is they are not quoting conservative bloggers, they are quoting a long article in "politico" from 2017. they are quoting testimony from nelly ohr, the fusion gps employee, wife of bruce ohr saying yes there was a ukrainian politician who helped us in this effort. as the attorney general tries to find out how in 2016 the surveillance tools of our government get turned on the political opposition party. i think it will involve questions for hillary clinton, for her campaign and for the dnc. trish: is it appropriate for the president to be asking this? we learned mike pompeo was on the call as i would think he
8:28 pm
would be or should be. that didn't strike me as and form normal necessarily. it was the first call with the new ukrainian president. there is the sense that the president wasn't allowed to ask for anything. you made an important point as we were in commercial that it wasn't actually the president of the united states that asked for any dirt on biden. >> what happens as you know, if you go through the call, i urge a lot of people to read that transcript. we were told so much before it was released on what was going to be in it. it was an effort to tell us what happened. when you read the transcript. it's you a different story. number one, the president wants help to find out what happened in 2016. he wants other governments to share with attorney general barr, totally legitimate. we learned from the mueller report there was no evidence of collusion. so how did this story, how did
8:29 pm
this claim, how did this thing that drove all of this surveillance of the trump campaign get going? this is as perfectly legitimate inquiry, they have been public by the. attorney general barr wants to get to the bottom of it. all of us as vote horse want integrity in our system should want that. the president brings up rudy giuliani and the bind issues. and the president says yes, we would like to know about that. we would like to you look into that. i think ideally that's an issue that's handled perhaps at the justice department level and not the president. but -- but donald trump ran in 2016 in saying he was going to drain the swamp. he is saying look at this deal involving a swamp creature, the biden family, obviously looks
8:30 pm
weird. is the biden family supposed to have immunity because they are active in politics? ing as long as joe biden is running for president no one can ask questions about the money his son is collecting in i don't think so. trish: to your point what you wrote in the couple is exactly what was going on with the clintons and their fixes. it's an interesting fascinating story. we have breaking news coming in to us. more developments on ukraine we'll get to the momentarily. also coming up. no one wants impeachment more than far-left democrat maxine waters. but now she says she is more interested in something else. forget impeachment. that's not enough. she wants the president in jail. but first a showdown between democracy and totalitarians happening in hong kong. retired four-star general jack
8:31 pm
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trish: protests in hong kong. one day afterring a young activist was shot at point blank range in the chest. these also continued after xi jinping unveiled his new arsenal that he says could hit the u.s. my next guest says we don't know if the weapons are as effective as china tries to say they are or if they are even in production. what do you think what you saw and the weapons on display? >> there is no doubt -- it's an impressive display of selective weapons. they took this out of the page
8:36 pm
of the soviet union. they used to do this every may day. china has done three under the president xi regime. but we have to remember what the purpose is. this is major propaganda and rub rubo d be -- propaganda. and to convince the public that china is an overwhelming military force capable of domination. that's what they are about. if the united states wanted to do a trade'd parade like this -- do a parade like this with the diversity of equipment we have, it would be staggeringly overwhelming. but that's not our culture. journal us by our performance. trish: in terms of way it's got. you made the point you know
8:37 pm
known if all of this is real, et cetera. but i know that you are concerned if we were say to go to war with china today, it's not the sort of thing we would win. what do you mean by that? >> they design their military packaging and weapons development specifically for going to war in a place like taiwan or one of the islands where they designed missiles to keep our carrier battlegroup where they can no longer be effective to strike all of our air bases in the region and make it a tough fight. it's specifically designed to go against the united states and our allies in the region. there is reasons for that. they caught us. 18 years of 9/11 wars. 8 years of the obama administration cutting military budgets. sequestration doing that. we are in to our third budget
8:38 pm
from the trump administration getting us out of that hole. if people in the pentagon make the right decisions, don't bet point wrong horses here. we'll be okay. this buildup is as important if not more important than the reagan buildup in the 1980 ss when we came out of a protracted war in vietnam. trish: north korea flexing its might as well. is that to show off to china or us. >> it's mostly leveraging for the upcoming talks. they want to impose intimidation on south korea and japan. but really it's about the talks coming. these are staff working level talks, something we should have done a lot of last time as opposed to going into that hanoi summit. they didn't get the sanction relief they wanted. that's why they have been firing
8:39 pm
all the missiles and rockets. this time our administration is dead set on show me the beef this time. where is the actual evidence that you are going to denuclearize your weapons, ballistic missiles included in that. what's the schedule to do that. where are they located. what kind of inventory do you have. put something opening the table that gives you some credibility. when you told the president in the first meeting our intent is to denuclearize. let's see it. if they are mott producing this time, i think the talks are probably going to be called off. trish: it's a moment for north korea. general keane, thank you. democrat hyperbole lurks. maxine waters wants the president behind bars. republican congressman greg
8:40 pm
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trish: i have a big interview to tell you about. i will be speaking exclusively to ivanka trump.
8:44 pm
he's hosting a round table with the ceo of google. she'll talk about how we best prepare american workers for the changes in our economy. and we'll look tine her workforce job initiative and she is focusing on workplace empowerment for every single american. as the democrats remain hell bent on rushing through the impeachment process, some members of congress don't think impeachment goes far enough. far left congress woman max seen water writes on twitter, i'm calling on the gop to stop trump's filthy talk about whistleblowers and mob language implying they should be killed. impeachment is not good enough. he needs to be imprisoned and
8:45 pm
placed? solitairely confinement. can you do anything to slow this down in the judiciary committee? i'm stunned nancy pelosi is launching this inquiry and issuing subpoenas despite never having gotten the vote. and she launches something before having read the memo of the transcript. adam schiff, it turns out his staff got some kind of account of the whistleblower's filings before it was filed. as i said earlier, it doesn't feel like a whistleblower if you are coordinating with the democratic party. can you do anything to slow it down, stop it in congress? >> it sounds like adam schiff was colluding with the whistleblower from the accounts that came out today. i'm not worried about slowing it down. the democrats will move in the direction they are going to move. what i'm worried about is what
8:46 pm
are you going to impeach the president on. explain to me where the high crimes and misdemeanors were located. i didn't read anything that transcript that gave me cause for concern. nancy pelosi had a press conference before the transscript was public. so obviously the democrats will stop at nothing to impeach this president. they have been talking about it since the president has gone the elected. spins before the president got elected. hillary clinton tipped her hat. she called trump an illegitimate president. i believe that's what democrats believed all along. trish: this news just came in. i want to share the. apparently the fired the prosecutor at the center of this ukraine controversy told the president's personal southern rudy giuliani who was on earlier this evening lou dobbs, that he was told to back off an investigation into the natural gas firm linked to joe biden's son.
8:47 pm
this particular prosecutor had a history of corruption surrounding him, but nonetheless, i apparently told -- he apparently told rudy giuliani that he was told by that administration to back off, to not be investigating that particular firm. how do you have react to that? >> biden himself in a tv interview bragged about the fact that he had six hours left, and if they didn't fire that prosecutor he wasn't going to send billions of american tax dollars to the ukraine. i think there is certainly enough to investigate. the president certainly has the authority in the interest of the americans to insure if there was corruption on behalf of americans officials in the wait ukrainian assistance, that should be investigated. the ukrainian president has every right to investigate that. trish trish: does that backfire.
8:48 pm
if they had taken a play out of history they would have seen how this affected the republican party with bill clinton. but the american people have the ability to forget. they might have thought twice. but instead they are barreling forth. >> i think it american people are smarter than the democrats give them credit for. first it started with the mueller investigation. $35 million. and that amounted to nothing. mueller himself said there was no evidence of collusion. they moved the narrative to obstruction of justice. that didn't work out for them. then it was corruption. trump was having people stay at this hotels, then we moved to this whistleblower incident. trish: this is definitely -- the mueller stuff is pretty bad along the way. but it feels like it's been ratcheted up and there is desperation. i wonder how much pressure nancy
8:49 pm
pelosi was getting from the squad? >> certainly she was getting pressure. before the transcript was out or the complaint from the whistleblower was out. she stood up and had a press conference and announced she was doing an impeachment inquiry. interesting enough, she wouldn't put it for a full vote on the house floor. they had six different committees investigating this president continuing to investigate the president on things that i just don't think if you read that transcript, i encourage the american people to read it. i don't see anything that's high crimes and misdemeanors. trish: we learned the attorney general william barr asked the president to help assist in terms of making sure they could follow through on some of the investigative issues from 2016. they are trying to figure out why you had that whole mueller thing to begin with. an innocent american who happened to work on the trump
8:50 pm
campaign had a fisa warrant taken out on him. there are a lot of things to get answered. we also learned the secretary of state mike pompeo was on the call which seems like the normal thing. they are making a big deal out of everything. congressman -- steube, thank you. kennedy: fake news or florida. i finally get to play along. you have to decide if the nugget is phone phoney baloney or if is from the sunshine state. and i will talk to the mayor of knox county, tennessee. trish: thanks so much. we'll see you at 9:00.
8:51 pm
hillary clinton is back at it on "the view" still not accepting president trump as the president of the united states. >> i think he knows he's an illegitimate president. trish: we have some sound. we'll listen to the 2016 debate when hillary accused trump of being un-american if he didn't accept the election results. kind of hypocritical.
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>> first, i do think he knows that he is an illegitimate president, he is be on sussed with the fact -- obsessed with the fact he was helped a lot. trish: hillary clinton making rounds this week, on the new book tour, making her opinions about the president darn clear, she was voicing a different tune during at presidential election. >> i support democracy, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, i will support the outcome of this elect. >> we have accepted outcomes when we may not have liked them, he is de den denigrating talkinn
8:56 pm
our democracy. >> here we go. >> maybe a minute, you get the point. joining me right now, deneen, there is tape. >> you know, president trump is in hillary clinton's head 24/7. you mentioned hypocrisy, her middle name should be hypocrite, look at words and actions she said during debate time versus present time, any time she has written a new booker on on a talk show with her speeches, it the same thing over and over again. she is so obsessed about fact she is not the president of the united states. trish: steve bannon thinks she will run again, he said, she is
8:57 pm
running, that is what is part of the book tour, can you imagine. >> well, her last name is clinton, i would not put anything past her. think about this, elizabeth warren, has war on wealthy. you look at joe biden. with his blunders, he is a weak candidate, he faces possibility of being investigated over his ukraine dealings and action. enter hillary clinton, i would not put it past her. if she decides to enter the presidential race. trish: that is amazing, i think at some point, if she were to do, that i would say she is a glutton for punishment, they have a very thin field there on democratic ticket side, one guy they may have had, they are tearing apartment they are just you know throwing him kicking
8:58 pm
him to the curb. i guess because they think they can get trump that way, they will destroy the one person that might have actually had a shot, running against donald trump. destroy him in hopes of destroying trump. >> yeah, sure. you are referring to joe biden, he is not pr progressive, he ist left enough, joe biden does not make the cut. the party is more socialism, freebies and more government control, that is less freedom for americans, that is the democrat party today. trish: the whole impeachment thing is about government control, it seems, there was no vote taken, just straight to the sousubpoenas. >> you are right, i hope americans pay attention to how democrats are handling
8:59 pm
themselves. the news that came out today with schiff, terms of him having knowledge of what the whistleblower would say. trish: he denied, just days earlier. he said we didn't have any interaction, it turns out we did. as in adam schiff's staff member had an account of what was coming forward from the whistleblower. doesn't seem like you could be a whistleblower, if you are coordinating behind the scenes with the opposing party. >> you are right, schiff also said sh he swore up and down the was collusion, concrete proof, but none. so again look at what democrats are doing and saying, dragging americans through what they want to do with try to impeach this president, they did not bridg ba
9:00 pm
vote to the floor, crazy. trish: i think that americans will see it. and jobs matter, we have a interview with ivanka trump on friday, thank you, kennedy is next. kennedy: now. get ready for fireworks, because president trump is on the war path, right now general jock strap adam schiff is public enemy number one. why? schiff is trying to paint the president into a corner with this whole ukraine controversy. and he thinks that president is a gangster. >> the president wants to make this about the wiggl wig whistleblower, and suggest people that come forward with evidence of his wrong doing are somehow treasonnists and should be treated as traitors and spies, this is an effort to intimidate witnesses, an


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