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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 2, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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hate mail tomorrow night, and tomorrow, kat timpf, guy benson, and eugene monroe, our pro-marijuana panel. mm-hmm. nice. lou: good evening. the radical dimms contrived a political persecution of president trump they will likely soon regret. already speaker pelosi is talking about prayer, apparently praying for mercy from the low lifes in her party who concocted a scheme to impeach trump. the senseless, baseless claims that the president was somehow improper in his phone call with president zelensky of ukraine.
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zelensky said straight out that president trump never pressured him. and that's how the -- the transcript from their call read as well. today speaker pelosi and adam schiff leading the charge on capitol hill as is their wont in full-throated dramatic readings. they claim president trump is a threat to the republic and the constitution. the same constitution they are working to up-end. the president tore into the house intel committee chairman this afternoon. president trump: he should be forced to resign from congress. adam schiff. he should be forced to resign. he made up a conversation and reported it and said it to
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congress and the american people. it was horrible what he said. and that was supposed to be coming from me. but it was fabricated. this guy was negative on mike pompeo. he can't -- there is an expression, he couldn't carry his blank strap. i can't say it, they will say the was terrible to say. but he couldn't carry his blank strap. do you understand that. lou: more evidence the radical dimms are engaged in the biggest political scandal in our history or an extension of it. a report from the "new york times" finds that schiff and his staff knew about the whistleblower report days before it was even construct or filed. catherine herridge has the latest from washington.
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catherine: adam schiff's spokesman confirmed the whistleblower contacted the committee for guidance on how to report possible wrongdoing within the jurisdiction of the intelligence community. there was a question on timing adding quote at no point did the committee review or receive the complaint in advance. chairman schiff does not know the identity of the whistleblower and has not met with or spoke within the whistleblower or his counsel. the president who got the story as it broke unload on the democratic chairman. it just happened as i am walking up here. that's a big story. he knew long before and he helped write it, too. catherine: early in the day before the schiff whistleblower connection was known within, the speaker nancy pelosi said the
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president's own word are proof of wrongdoing. they point to the president's request for the ukrainian president to investigate biden and his son. catherine: schiff says he expects blocks. >> we'll have to decide whether to litigate or how to litigate. we are not fooling around here, though. catherine: fox asked the whistleblower's legal team if there was as contact. they said there was no contact until nearly a month after the complaint was submitted to the intelligence community's inspector general.
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lou: it turns out schiff had early notice. >> you are surprised he is conspiring to level false charges against the president of the united states? the guy who claimed he had direct evidence of russian collusion? lied to the american people? as part of the other conspiracy to frame. that's why we are considering a lawsuit. remember he doesn't have immunity when he's off the floor of the congress. and his statement about having this evidence of russian collusion was made to a reporter. the supreme court case says yes, say it to congress, you are immune. put in a press release, you are liable like anybody else. we are considering a lawsuit to vindicate the constitutional rights of the president, the president's administration, to
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also remedy the program trampling on the civil rights of many, many people. lou: including the rights of his attorney. this is an effort to intimidate you. >> they are going after barr who is his government attorney. they are going after me who is his private community. with barr they are obstructing justice. remember they were charging the president with obstruction of justice? so why isn't it obstruction of justice if democratic senatorred reach out to foreigners and say don't cooperate with barr. it's an investigation of an alleged crime involving advanced manipulation of intelligence services in italy, the ukraine, the united kingdom and
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australia. that's also an attempt to interfere with the president's ability. their interference with barr is attempting to interfere with barr trying to make sure the law is executed. >> i have a good record of going after scoundrels including the mafia and the unions. they were a hell of a lot smarter than schiff. schiff should have kept his remarks on the -- floor of the house and he would have been immune. but when he starts spouting all over the place, and i'm not talking about whether he's involved in setting up the whistleblower thing.
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but a month before i can show him saying things remarkably similar to what the whistleblower's complaint has tonight, which is more a legal brief. it has to be a washington lawyer, i have a suspicion -- which would you be surprised if it was a democratic partisan who did it? i would be absolutely shocked. this could be the second setup, by the way. now it's time to fight back. it's time to hold these people liable for threatening to arrest the president's attorney general. that's not intimidation. it's not intimidation to threent disbar me because i'm doing my
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job? what's going to come out tomorrow is the refutable -- the irrefutable proof. i delivered it to them and conducted it before the mueller ways was over -- the mueller case was over. i began this investigation in november of 2018. i concluded it by the end of march. mueller had just conclude his investigation then. my key interviews were in january when mueller was still trying to frame him in the worst way possible. this evidence was valuable to me in defending him. that's why i gathered him. bind wasn't a candidate then. i didn't even think he would be a candidate. he looked like he couldn't walk across the street. lou: the president said he wanted the origins of the 2016 conspiracy against him
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investigated. >> the ukrainians came to me, i didn't go looking for them. they told me for a year and a half they were trying to get to the fbi. they hired a lawyer to try to get to the justice department. they couldn't get to the justice department. the reason i gave it to the state department was because my witnesses didn't trust the justice department. i tried to convince them that once bill barr was there they didn't have to worry about but they don't understand that. i delivered some of the notes i had, then i expected i would hear back, and i never heard back. they never even gave me the courtesy of calling me in to ask me about the credibility of these things. they never talked to the principal witnesses, and i think the deep state people stride to deep state it because i never
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heard another word about it. i bet we won't find a report of an investigation like that. that's what i would do. lou: they are tblight inspectors general. >> obama holdover? lou: correct. atkinson from the intelligence community. he is. >> he did a good job the obama justice department. this guy missed peter strzok, mccabe, comey. lou: doesn't it strike you -- he's a hell of an investigator. i don't think i would hire him when i was u.s. attorney. lou: doesn't it strike you as questionable that the national
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media doesn't want to discuss this? >> there is no way i can describe how disgusted i am with how corrupt the swamp media is. i knew when they told me about biden. this came to me as ukrainian collusion. in the middle i said joe biden fixed the case against his son, soros and burisma. and i said what do you mean fixed the case. he said come on, everybody in ukraine knows. didn't you see that interview? he said no i never saw the interview. he showed me the interview with biden. i said oh, my god web's guilty. he didn't mention his son. he kept his son out of it. then they gave me the documents. i have seen the underlying documents of the investigation, of the laundered money, the money that went to hunter biden
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from latvia to cyprus, to the u.s. i have the notes back from cyprus. per u.s. government we can't give you identities for hunter good bind and devon hunter. everybody knows they gave them out. then shokin testifies when he called he was told the u.s. embassy said don't give over the amounts on hunter bind and levon. bind said he didn't know about burisma. it's so obvious, it takes almost a corrupt mind not to see it. it's logical. what happened is logical. let me put is this way. there is any serious adult human being that thinks a
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multi-billionaire, ukrainian oligarch who fled ukraine, worked with russia and stole $5 billion is going to pay this kid $3 billion to $8 billion? there is anybody who thinks china would give this kid 2 cents? or were they buying and compromising the office of the vice president of the united states. an odor that was so foul that everybody in ukraine used to laugh sat joe biden when he -- laugh at joe biden when he talked with corruption in ukraine. lou: the president's attorney who has his own attorney, john sail, to represent you and all the matters attached to the impeachment inquiry. >> never authorized by a vote of congress in order to deprive the
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president of the right to call witnesses. the reason is to again trample his right to call witnesses in his defense. so they won't give him that right. they take his right to counsel. shokin wants to testify openly and point the finger sat biden and say he's a crook. the minute the affidavit came out they knew i had it. that's why they tried to silence me. it's no accidental i put the affidavit of shokin out. three hours later they say we demand the press not interview him. who does that other than somebody who thinks they own the press. they are trying to destroy my
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reputation. i get calls about did you represent somebody 10 years ago or did you do this or did you do that? i say what does it matter. why don't you investigate the case first then you can go after the process. lou: no one would have a more public record in his profession -- >> if the mafia couldn't get me and the farc, these pipsqueaks aren't going to get me. lou: we have 30 seconds to wrap up. the transcript says there is no issue. the justice department has so ruled. why in the world -- where do we go and why can't this be concluded quickly? >> because the democrats are engaged in and i illegal
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conspiracy to take him out of office at any cost. it doesn't matter if he's legal or illegal or they perpetuate lies. this is a plan that started with peter strzok to prevent him from getting into office and the understand plan was to frame him if he got into office. the first allegation is one that was serious. the second one is a joke. the conversation is completely meaningless. he doesn't threatening with he doesn't use money. joe biden does all that and they are trying to suppress it. lou: when do the lawsuits with you and the president begin? >> they take time to put together. i got a whole new set of allegations today that could be even more serious. maybe not. i haven't checked them out yet. lou: you are just guessing? >> i am not guessing. i have had allegations that come to me that turn out to be true.
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president trump: to impeach a president over a fraud that was committed by the other people who want to win an election in 2020 which they won't. it's gone on for a long time. we had the mueller collusion delusion. that went on for years. and that's done. no collusion, no obstruction, no nothing. it was a joke, and everyone knows it. and it was from day one. lou: president trump' on the dimms' impeachment. ronna mcdaniel joins us. how can you judge whether the president is gaining or losing
10:23 pm
support from his base. >> it's been gangbusters. the support is unlike anything we have seen before. 24 hours after nancy pelosi launched her coup attempt. we had 50,000 new small online donors. we raised $10 million within 24 hours. the energy behind our base to support this president and recognizing the corruption in the democrat party is sending our fundraising through the roof. lou: the other test is to see how this party is standing up for this president. i want to complement you and the national committee for standing up for this president. there will be a price for office holders who don't stand with
10:24 pm
this president. you can call it what you will. but it's an effort to overthrow the presidency of donald trump. >> it disenfranchises 53 million who elected this president. people keep saying to me, we want republicans to stand up for this president. democrats always stick together. we need to stick together and support our president. he's doing everything he can to make lives better for people across the country. that's why they are giving money. they are trying to under fine the vote of all 63 million people. they don't like the vote. they don't like that we elected donald trump. they think they are smarter and everybody. they are saying we are going to impeach this president and we are not going to have it.
10:25 pm
lou: schiff, pelosi, schumer, nadler, you know, whatever it i, the today dry of radical dimms is really committing a farce here. there is nothing about this contrivance, this rigged effort of putting some sort of pretext of an impeachment inquiry against what is i am any stated an attempt to overthrow the president rather than letting the voters decide in november of next year. we are 13 month away from that. this is stunning stuff, and the president has to deal with this ridiculous nonsense again, it's deeply, deeply, grossly, i think, insulting to the nation itself. >> exactly. we have learned that adam schiff was quliewghtd whistleblower's attorney, that his staff was. this is not how we conduct the business of the united states of
10:26 pm
america. the fact that she hasn't brought this impeachment vote to the floor. by not letting congress vote on it, she is preventing the minority from having seen a power. she is preventing the president from having to defend himself and bring witnesses forward. that's not the rule of law and how we conduct business in theouts of america. if she wants to be fair and praying for the country. lou: she didn't say she is praying for the country. she said be prayerful. she may be praying for forgiveness for this ruse and the rickety contraption they constructed against the president of the united states. keep up the fight and keep winning. >> go to stop the madness d dot
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don't wait. - [announcer] norton 360 with lifelock. use promo code get25 to save 25% off your first year and get a free shredder with annual membership. call now to start your membership or visit president trump: they said i want alligators and electrified fences. i said i'm tough on the border but i'm not that tough. okay, it was a lie. lou: president trump calling out the left-wing national media for running the reports. the president called the story corrupt reporting. joining us tonight, former reagan white house director, and
10:32 pm
political analyst. ed rollins. what did you think of the president's attorney? >> it's the best interview i have seen with rudy in a long long time. i worked with him when i was number three in justice. he used to be a superb attorney, and still is a superb attorney. he made some news tonight. he laid it out. he turned this over to state. where is it? what's pompeo and his people doing over there? they are all part of the same team. why isn't this the case he made, why isn't it out? lou: pompeo has stood up for his people. he told congress they are not going to treat diplomats in the pompeo or the trump state department in the fashion they are trying to intimidate this administration. think about this. and it's stunning to consider.
10:33 pm
not only does the president have to have his lawyers as president, -- he has to have hs lawyers as an individual. rudy is chief among those personal attorneys as is attorney general barr amongst the governmental attorneys. now rudy needs an aattorney. in this case, john sale. >> just the money the staff people have spent being dragged up before hearings. you don't go before a congressional hearing without lawyers. i can tell you the moment you start hiring a lawyer, it's a couple hundred thank you dollars it's intimidation they do. i think pompeo has to stick up even more so for the president. lou: there was nothing about
10:34 pm
that call with zelensky. you don't have to be an attorney. you read it and look at it, and you you know what it is. for these leaders of the democratic party to carry out this corrupt contrivance against a president of the united states as they have done under the special counsel, spygate, you call it what you will. but they have been harassing this president, seeking to overthrow him, to subvert him, for three years. and it's still not it seems near an end. >> the reality if they want to execute the 218 votes they have to impeach him, they will do that, no matter what the facts are. the key thing is, it's not what schiff did himself. they recommend a lawyer. the lawyer has drafted this document. they know exactly what's in this
10:35 pm
document. >> it comes to a point, to hell with process. when can this president, can he basically tell congress to go to hell here? because otherwise they will have the capacity to hamstring him all the way to november of next year, and maybe that's the decision of the ultimate decision will be the voters deciding who's going to be president, who will control the house and who will control the senate. >> you can't let them fast track this. they want to get this impeachment done by thanksgiving or before. once you drag it in -- >> the question becomes how do you do that? >> you don't give them the stuff they ask more until they prove why they need it. >> why not put this before the supreme court? >> i am all for that. let the courts decide this and it will take months and months to do.
10:36 pm
expediting again, again, they got campaigns to run. and they don't want to lose their house. lou: who is they? >> nancy pelosi and schiff and others. lou: they are about to lose a bunch of them. peter navarro joins us next on all the president is accomplishing on trade. the world trade organization. winning.
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president trump: there has never been a better time to do business in america. we passed the largest tax cuts and refeernl regulation cuts in the history of our country. we slashed business tax and we are fueling job growth through our record-setting campaign to abolish those unnecessary regulations. lou: president trump talking about the strong economy in his time in office, and his trait council -- this trade council president peter navarro joins us. this economy remains strong and this president is winning including at the world trade organization. peter, good to have you with us tonight. let's talk about the import of that $7.5 billion at the world
10:41 pm
trade organization against airbus, the united states prevailing. it's hard to emergency the united states is getting any kind of a reasonable break from world trade organization. here it is and congratulations. >> make no mistake about it. he never does think small. this is the largest award in world trade organization history by a factor of 2. he also did tonight trump time with ambassador lighthizer as the tip of the spear. dairy farmers, other farmers will be rejoicing because of this because they will be helped by this. lou: the china trade talks are coming up next week. up mentioned the u.s. trade representative, robert lighthizer. a lot of discussion today since the china day that 70 years of
10:42 pm
communist rule, and a heck of a parade. xi talking about nothing will stop the chinese people, nothing, nothing will stop the chinese nation. it's as bellicose as nationalistic as anything one can imagine coming from beijing. here it is. it's straight in our face. your thoughts about the impact on trade talks. >> the juxtaposition of weapons in tienanmen square pointed at america and capitalism and freedom battling communism in hong kong streets was stark on october 1. i always said, this is not a trade negotiation. it's about an economic system that china is perpetrating on the world. it has what i call the seven deadly sins.
10:43 pm
the chinese negotiator will come here but he will meet some puff negotiators on the other -- he will meet some tough negotiators on the other side of the table. lou: the wto decision gives the united states the ability to put tariffs on european goods and agricultural products. those go into effect the 18th of this month. what will be the likely reaction of that decision? >> the point of the tariffs is to make us whole. but also put pressure on the e.u. to solve this airbus subsidy problem. airbus as a company would not exist without the governments of germany and france in the u.k. it's capitalism versus socialism
10:44 pm
and europe inc. and somebody has to give. what ambassador lighthizer did was design them in a way to put pressure on the e.u. to come to the table and get that done. we'll see what happens. but this was a great victory today for president trump. they just keep piling up as all this other crud keeps going on. lou: i understand that word, and i bet most of of this audience understands it and many of its synonyms. breaking news tonight, the state department's inspector general's steve len nirks k giving congressional staffers a packet of old news stories on sue crane. sources telling the "daily caller" that closed door briefing, an obama holdover as rudy giuliani points out earlier
10:45 pm
on the broadcast didn't have any new bombshells but a bunch of news articles written this past spring by one john solomon about democratic ties to ukraine. this is starting to get better and better. the republican effort to fight back against -- what is he calling, shifty schiff. congressman jim banks joins us after the break. republicans fighting back. will miracles never end? [ applause ] thank you. it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ it's what gives audible there'smembers an edge.ening;
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president trump: he should resign from office in disgrace. they should look at him for treason. he's making up the words of the president of the united states. not only words, but the meaning point's a disgrace and should not be allowed to happen. lou: the president referring to house intel committee chair adam schiff. he doesn't like adam schiff for riding a parody of president trump's phone call with the leader of the ukraine which many
10:50 pm
people assumed were the actual words, no doubt. doubt. congressman, good to have you with us. what are the odds of that motion surviving? >> i am not optimistic the nancy pelosi-led house will ever censure adam schiff, but they should. it is disgraceful. the fake script adam schiff read before the house intelligence committee. but the bombshell in the "new york times" article today about adam sthif colluding all along with the whistleblower is even further evidence he should be censured for his disgraceful activities. lou: few people are surprised i suspect that schiff was part of a contrivance to create an
10:51 pm
architecture of the phoney persecution of the president just as i'm sure they were involved in the previous efforts to overthrow this president. that is the special counsel, spygate, call it wall. what can the republicans do here? >> at the end of the day we have a couple dozen members who signed on to representative andy biggs motion. when we get back from this two-week recess there will be dozens more who signed on. there is as censure motion with dozens of members of a black eye for adam schiff and his leadership and a very important committee. he owes the american people an apology. my constituents in indiana are ashamed sat what they are watching every day on tv from the russia collusion hoax to the treatment of justice kavanaugh, and now these fake impeachment inquiry hearings of adam schiff
10:52 pm
should be held accountable. he's the first of many month should be held accountable for their bad actions. lou: what do you think of nancy pelosi saying the president should be working with the radical dimms from usmca to gun control as she and schiff and all are again simply persecuting politically this president. >> i'm in my second term, lou. i have been here just as long as president trump has. and each step of the way he has been willing to compromise and sit down with the other side and find solutions to our country's problems. but there is works both ways. we know nancy pelosi refuses each and every time to work with this president. speaker pelosi needs to take her own advice. lou: should the president tell her to go to hell outright?
10:53 pm
i don't understand why you republicans are so nice. i really don't. you have got -- this looks like an effort to intimidate the president, to bribe him. he has been pushing all of these issues and they have been nowhere for three years. ignorance of it is colossal to have the affront are you to start making these suggestions that they have a nice little ceremony in the rose garden to celebrate their cooperation. it's nuts. >> i agree with you, lou. that's why this president is so popular in northeast indiana where i'm from. an 80 percent plus approval rating the last time we looked. that's because he never backs down. he fights. that's why so many of us are calling for bad actors in the congress like adam schiff to be held accountable. that's why i stepped up on andy
10:54 pm
biggs' motion for several actions that are unbecoming of a member of congress. lou: we are coming right back. i can't believe it. what? that our new house is haunted by casper the friendly ghost? hey jill! hey kurt! movies? i'll get snacks! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. i got snacks! ohhh, i got popcorn, i got caramel corn, i got kettle corn. am i chewing too loud? believe it! geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars.
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things you can do with schwab: you can earn more when you invest your cash. ♪ you can get a satisfaction guarantee. ♪ you can also wonder why our competitors don't offer that. schwab, a modern approach to wealth management. lou: x learned today that the house intel committee chairman
10:58 pm
adam schiff and his committee staff received early information on the whistleblower's allegations. the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani talking about possible legal action against schiff and others. >> you are surprised he's once again conspiring to level false charges against the president of the united states, the guy who claimed he had direct evidence of russian collusion and lied to the american people? that's part of the other conspiracy to frame. that's why we are considering a lawsuit with him as one of the principal defendants. he doesn't have immunity when he's off the floor of the congress. lou: earlier this year the even
10:59 pm
even an interview handed over to congress. the dow down almost 500 points. the s & p lost 53. the nasdaq down 153 points. volume on the big board approaching 4 billion shares. athe stock market lost almost $400 billion in market cap today. crude oil is just over $52 a barrel. silver gaining 2%. and remind tore listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. that's it for us tonight. tomorrow night we'll be joined by attorneys victoria toensing, joseph digenova and national security experts fred fleitz. a reminder to follow me on
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twitter @loudobbs. like me on facebook and follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. see you tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] trish: we learned that the democrat in charge of the house intelligence committee, adam schiff, received an account of the whistleblower report days before it was filed. i'm trish regan. for the record, that kind of thing with the whistleblower, that's just not done. how can you be a whistleblower if you are liking your intel to a political party instead of just blowing the whistle? how can this person be trusted? this so-called whistleblower was providing an account of his or her second hand knowledge ahead of time to adam schiff's s


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