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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 22, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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have a good evening. lou: for nearly two decades america has sacrificed blood and tremendous sniewrt east in and president trump is making good on his promise to end the endless wars. >> nobody was killed. nobody cut their finger. there has been nothing. and they are leaving. rather i think not expeditiously, rather intelligently. leaving certain areas. lou: suggestions we are leaving
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200 american troops to protect syrian oil fields, why are we moving troops to iraq rather than bringing them home to the united states. and why is the secretary of defense, mark esper leading a delegation to negotiate with the taliban. and what about those dems trying to destroy the president's administration. nancy pelosi traveling with radical dems and one lame duck congressman. president trump: i'm trying to get out of wars. we may have to get into war, too. if iran does something, they will be hit like they have never been hit before. reporter: that comment part of a
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lengthy cabinet meeting. and attempts to navigate u.s. troops. vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pompeo negotiated a pause between the kurds and the turkish forces. president trump: where is the agreement that says we have to stay in the middle east for the rest of humanity and the rest of civilization. we never said that. and we have protected them. we have taken very good care of them. reporter: the president's shift in policy there seems to have placated some critics who were worried his strategy was doomed fail. nancy pelosi led a delegation to afghanistan. despite an end to peace talks
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with the taliban last month, following an attack in kabul that killed 11 civilians including an american service member. the president reversed his decisioned to hold the g7 summit at one of his properties in miami. some people today pointed to his willingness to change course on the g7 or on his syria policy. but a white house source told me something important. she said the president is only focused on the american people and he's willing to change his mind if that's going to be for the benefit of this country. lou: you can't ask for more than that. president trump today demanding more fight from the members of his own party, calling out a
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lack of tenacity and cohesion from republicans. especially when it comes to countering the kooshed night, orchestrated efforts of the deep state, and the radical dimms trying to overthrow his presidency. at a cabinet meeting the president said republicans have two things going for them that radical dimms don't. >> i think the democrats fight dairt dirt why it and they are lousy politicians. but they are vicious and they stick together. they don't have mitt romney in their midst. they don't have people like that. they stick together. you never see them break off. lou: president trump calling out romney who over the weekend admitted to having a twitter account under the tail yas pierre delicto. romney using the account to
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defend himself from critics without any apparent element of self-awareness, romney had this to say to "axios." >> there is no up side attacking the leader of your party. so people want to hang on to their job. lou: he may not hang on to his own job. we'll see. the senator has been a vocal critic of this pat -- from this president since 2016. he called trump a phoney and fraud before groveling to be trump's secretary of state. resistance romney signaled he would be willing to support impeachment of the president as
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well if nancy pelosi and adam schiff can dig up enough top -- to remove him. the decision about our troops in syria last we are prompted senator lindsey graham to declare he would become the president's worst nightmare. well, apparently he's okay now with that withdrawal. graham telling fox this weekend that he has seen the light. that there is some out number of about the president's syria withdrawal policy. >> i'm increasingly optimistic we can have some historic solutions in syria that have eluded us for years if we play our cards right. lou: if you get the idea lindsey graham is a settled supportered of the president. get ready for this. graham is leaving the door open
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for impeachment. >> fit all comes out you could support impeachment? >> sure. show me something that is a crime. if you can show me trump actually was engage in a quid pro quo outside the phone call, that would be very disturbing. lou: what is graham playing at with his on again-off again support for the president. he acknowledged there is no evidence of quid pro quo. and frustratingly, what has he done to investigate the origins of spygate which he promised he's given a lot of lip service to investigations by the doj and fbi. the president might be wondering what the good people of south carolina sent him and the american people. joining us, jason chaffetz, also
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best-selling author and fox news contributor. let's start with -- graham. what in the world is he doing in the jew dish airive committee he has wasted nine months now and hasn't done a single thing toss investigate as the corollary committee in the house that has gone after this president tooth and tong. >> there has been a flurry of activity with adam schiff. the democrats play offense. this is my general criticism of republicans. we seem to apologize and make excuses, we seem to say let's lets things trick tell out. we generally don't play oh ferns and get the facts themselves. he is the chairman of the judiciary committee. he has subpoena authority.
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he can bring them up before the committee. lou: give us your best judgment. what in the world is he thinking? >> i really hope -- and this is a hope -- the horowitz report, when mr. horowitz -- that thing finally hits the light of day. he turned it in weeks and weeks ago. but it has to pass the classification juggernaut. you have the internal fight where you will see horowitz appear before the senate judiciary committee. lou: that's your hope. why in the world hasn't he be investigating ukraine and the biden corruption charges. and how in the world could he have done it without acquiescence and approval of mitch mcconnell, and why is this president so absolutely lacking
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in support among the rino republicans of his party? >> the republicans should give the benefit of the doubt to the president. i want them to always have an open mind. but there is no doubt in this case. there is no justification for this so-called impeachment. three times they voted in the house, three times it failed. they don't have any other underlying evidence. they have the majority. they can use the tools and levers just like adam schiff is. but they don't. they are take their sweet old senate time. lou: it's gone beyond the sweet old senate. this is vicious passivity and refusal to support the leader of the party. it's not lost on the american
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people. they are behaving in the most of contemptible fashion and betraying the president by their inaction. >> i have think the president makes a good point when he talks about how unified democrats are. i can see the sphrus tracing. if you are the president and you know he's done nothing wrong and you see how well things are going with the economy and you look over your shoulder and see people taking pot shots at you, i can see after three years why it's frustrating for the president. lou: mitt romney is a petty, bitter and coarse, to me, just a subject verse idea within his own conference. what kind of ignorance like that should be tomorrow rated by either party. do you think the democrats would put up with a mitt romney in
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their own midst? >> i guess what's worries me is mitt romney sought and got donald trump's endorsement. he rode it to the finish line and didn't say a thing about it. he used donald trump politically to get elected. about he had taken this type of position against donald trump, i think would have had a hard time getting elected in utah. lou: his ignorance is overwhelming. it will consign him to a footnote in history and that will be surrounded by dust and ashes in a very small bin. disgusting behavior on the part of a grown man. it's awful. jason, thanks for being with us. president trump today expressing optimism his administration will
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have a china trade deal signed at apec next month. president trump: we'll be able stop we think sign a completed document with china. and things in phase two are easier than phase one. lou: the president's optimistic comments come hours after commerce secretary wilbur ross afford put the brakes on the actual prospect. soap we would like to make a deal and they would like to make a deal. but it has to be the right deal and it doesn't have to be in november. it's more important that it be a proper deal than when it occurs. lou: the architect of this deal with china saying it's far more important to get it right than give any kind of date.
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right now if i may say, this is a deal that doesn't look to me that one that is even close to what would in the interest of this country. its los angeles enforcement, it la any control against the continued theft of interest electric stiewl property and technology, and it is to me right now -- it's a huge question as to why we would even discuss trade with a country that is now absolutely our number of one adversary on the globe. on squall street, stocks closing higher. the dow up 57 points. nasdaq up 73. a remind tore listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. president trump demands the republican party unite and fight
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the radical dimms and their impeachment inquiry. congressman jim overdanes amongst the leaders in the republican party. we'll take up the so-called impeachment inquiry. a new poll shows swing state voters don't want the president impeached. we take you have the anti-impeachment mood sweeping across this country. judicial watch
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president trump: to impeach me is the only way they will win. all they have is a phone call that's perfect. all they have is a whistleblower, where is he? he's gone. then they have a second whistleblower, and where is he? he's gone. lou: a "new york times" college poll shows swing state voters overwhelmingly oppose the radical dimms efforts to remove the president from office. according to that poll, when
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asked if they support up people and removal. 57% of the voters oppose. only 43% support them. the president is headlining a fundraiser for the international redistricting committee. obama will soon join eric holder and former virginia governor terry mcauliffe at super pack works to position democrats favorably in a round of redistricting after the 2020 census. the elder soros donated 31,000 to senator obama.
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another 28,000 for his reelection in 2012. this is quite something. the radical dimms, they are talking about abuse of power instead of violating some bizarre rule of foreign policy in which the president can't exercise his own critical judgment. they keep coming up with a new philosophy and rationale. almost biweekly. >> it's not an impeachment inquiry at least historically speaking. when you engage in secrecy and rolling over the rights of the accused. in this case president trump. it looks like more coup than any impeachment. it would open up the process.
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to public disclose our and accountability. and a coup doesn't allow you to do that. and i can tell you that -- lou: where did the whistleblowers go? where the hell did they go? >> if they were talking publicly, adam schiff would be exposed for the corrupt politician he is in terms of his coordination that he lied about. lou: he's too busy flying with nancy pelosi to jordan and afghanistan. now he wants to be in charge of foreign policy in addition to carry out an effort to overthrow the president of the united states. >> i don't know if the house will be able to get a minority to stop this in the house. this is why the senate needs to take leadership. they don't want to. but this is where voters need to
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let their senators know what they expect. i am talking about lindsey graham and mitch mcconnell be, and every republican senator, they need to get together to shut down this coup and say we are not going to take on an impeachment. >> maybe the senator from west virginia might join in. who knows. lou: that's one. joe manchin. i think you are right. it would be a candy rock mountain if we could find honest brokers and honest members of our two political parties. i have got to say, think about this, nothing is happening in the u.s. senate. nothing. for 9 months the senate of the senate judiciary committee has not lifted a finger to help this president. he blathers sound bites one side
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or another for or against the president every week, but has done nothing for the american people, but truth, justice and the american way. he's an embarrassment to the government of this country and its traditions. >> if the senate leadership wanted something done, the committees would be holding hearings. chuck grassley is doing more as former judiciary chairman than the full committee is doing in terms of exposing what's going on. judicial watch is doing more than congress on all of this in terms of getting information out. we know the former ukrainian ambassador had an enemies list that included you. we have the clinton email and state department and this justice department participated in and trying to hide. we have more information coming
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out this week about ukrainian involvement in the presidential campaign. all of this coming out with an independent group doing an investigation as opposed to the senators and congressmen who are supposed to be doing oversight under the constitution. lou: and the former president of ukraine fleeing ukraine and moving as much of his belongings as he can, out of the country, or trying to it's a desperate situation. this ukrainian government decided there will be an investigation of the bidens, oh, yes, and as well agent poroshenko presidency. >> it's not just a coup it's a massive obstruction of justice of the justice department investigation. we have seen what went on under the obama administration and their colluding with a half dozen countries to target trump
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and upend our election. lou: thanks for all you are doing at judicial watch. up next. president trump commits to ending those endless wars in the middle east. so what's the deal with our troops. some are saying, some are going. stay with us. stay with us. he will be right back.
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>> we are bringing our troops back home. these great it in companies and lockheed don't like the. my largest cheer was for building the wall and number two and probably tide number one is we are bringing our soldiers
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back home. lou: president trump describing how this policy in syria is playing with the american people. his comments come after the pentagon announced plans to keep 200 of those troops in northeastern syria to ostensibly defend oil fields from isis fighters and others, including iran, presumably. american fighters seized the omar oil fields, one of syria's largest oil fields. over a thousand of our troops crossed over into iraq where they continue the battle against isis in the region. joining us to make sense of all this, retired army colonel, douglas mcgregor. it looks like the hand of the military industrial complex is trying to hold on to some
4:32 am
semblance of a presence in the area the president said get the hell out. >> you have given me a tall order. you asked me to make sense of it and i can't. the president gave explicit orders to withdraw troops from syria. and today the secretary of state talks about the alleged readiness to use military power against turkey. this is the state that president trump recognized had the right to defend its borders and eliminate the threat of kurdish terrorism. and the secretary of defense said i may leave u.s. forces in northeastern turkey. he would rather see some american killed by the turks to precipitate a war? all of this has to be seen
4:33 am
against a backdrop of a crisis in mexico where the mexican government is disintegrating. and 40 mill americans live along the border. and border patrol is overstretched. and they can't secure the border. we are dealing with people on the hill and apparently people inside the administration who are more concerned about enriching themselves in future politics by donors who want to keep us perpetually engaged in these conflicts. even fit puts us at risk of war with turkey. we have soldiers on the ground and we have 50 nuclear weapons there. this is the height of insanity. lou: that act of insanity has been perpetrated by the
4:34 am
secretary of defense who in my -- forgive my judgment. it looks to me like he violated the chain of command. violated a direct order for all the world to witness, and the commander of those troops in northern syria has to understand the president of the united states wants him and those troops out of there. and as you said, unambiguous. but everything seems to be diffused into ambiguity in this pentagon now. it's the strangest pentagon i have ever witnessed. you are the military man. but when we see general mattis and let's go through the list, defying direct orders from the president and getting away with it. shouldn't somebody be fired for this? >> absolutely. it's clear to me the secretary of defense couldn't find a grenade in an ammo dump.
4:35 am
i don't understand why the secretary of defense or the secretary of state haven't been such on the to the oval office and told to submit their resignations. this is indefensible. trump wants to do something similar to what mr. erdogan wants to do. mr. trump wants to protect the united states and its people. that's what this is about. it's not about a larger share of money from the defense industries or foreign and domestic lobbies. but that's what we are dealing with. lou: colonel douglas mcgregor, thanks for being with us. we appreciate your insight. sean doocy told president trump -- the two disqualified because
4:36 am
after federal statute stating acting cabinet level officials must be next in line for the position order hold a senate confirmed' knock nation. these would not be the selections of the rinos and radical dimms. we are coming rigigigig
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president trump: why did he say he met with the whistleblower? he knew all about the whistleblower. why didn't he say? he's a crooked politician. very bad for our country. this whole thing is very bad for our country. lou: president trump calling out the dimms' role in the so-called impeachment inquiry. the vote was a close one to censure adam schiff. 218-185. think of what would have happened in that vote if paul ryan hadn't thrown away the house. joining us tonight, one of the republicans trying to have schiff censured. jim jordan who has been leading the good fight against the
4:41 am
radical dimms for years. member of the house judiciary committee, jim jordan. the vote, i have to say, it was a strong statement. i was very sceptical about it, but it was a strong statement and you guise ought to be proud of it. >> every republican voted the right way because they understand what's going on. they understand the partisan and unfair process speaker pelosi and adam schiff are conduct. they are trying to impeach the president of the united states 13 months before the election based on an anonymous whistleblower who worked joe biden. when the call happened and this whistleblower gets information from somebody who leaks it to him, he writes a memo and says it was a frightening call. then he waits 18 days before he
4:42 am
writes the cam plant. and guess who sees first? adam schiff's staff. the form you are supposed to fill out when you are filing a whistleblower complaints. there is a box to check, did you talk to people on capitol hill. every republican voted the right way tonight on the floor. lou: adam schiff is back channeling with two russian disk jockies i guess is the way to describe them. look for different against the president of the united states. too go back to how this started. there is this call where the president supposed by said i am going to hold up you crane security assistance money. then we gets the transcript and
4:43 am
find out that didn't happen. even democrat chairmen, no quid pro quo. then we have the special envoy, ambassador kirk volcker testify, and he says the same thing. they keep doing their investigation down in the basement of the capitol where no one can get in and see, and no one can read the transcripts. they schedule depositions at the same time so you can't be in two places at the same time. the american people see through it. they understand this process is unfair. lou: it's pure ignorance on the part of the radical dimms. look at them now, schiff and pelosi have run away to jordan and afghanistan as if in a matter of a few hours discussion
4:44 am
in both countries they will have a superior understanding of syria and afghanistan. it is preposterous what we are witnessing and their conduct is horrific. when you look at the so-called whistleblower's complaints. he says over the past four months i have communicated with more than after a dozen u.s. officials. i want to know who these people are. i want to know hot which the blower is. to my knowledge the only person who knows who these people are is adam schiff and his staff. why don't the american people get to know this? we are talking about impeaching the president of the united states, 300 some million people in this country, and only adam schiff and his staff get to know
4:45 am
hot individuals who started this charade we are living through. lou: i presume the head of the cia also knows -- they are characteristics a officers or are former cia officers. and don't you find it interesting that the cia keeps working its way into this -- into the architecture of this absolute absurd fraud being perpetrated on the american people? >> the other morning may know is the inspector general. i would like to have a chance to question this guy and find out with kind of investigation he did and the people he got to talk to because we haven't got to talk to those people. the american people have no idea who the individuals are the whistleblower communicated with. remember, he didn't file this complaint nell or she didn't file this complaints until they went off to talk to adam schiff
4:46 am
and his staff. lou: as the president point out, they never expected adam ship and all this friends he never expected the president to release the transcript of the conversation. so all the conspiracy and orchestration, the american people have right before their eyes the transcript of that call, and the question is are you going to believe these partisan subject were subversir lying eyes? failed presidential candidate hillary clinton still stunningly delusional when it comes to the politics and consequences of her own failed campaign. she is charging tulsi gabbard is
4:47 am
a russian asset. this is deep now. gabbard clinton claims is the success roar to jill stein as the russian spoiler candidate. most of recently accusing the 2016 green party candidate jill stein of being you a russian asset, suggesting russia needs a third party candidate to influence u.s. elections. but i'm sorry, mrs. clinton, but there was and the single state that would have swung in your favor in 2016 if you added stein's totals. president trump has a far better case and claim against spoiler candidates like the third party candidates he ran against. if you were to add the vote totals of president trump's third party candidates,
4:48 am
president trump would have won five additional states, nevada, maine, new hampshire and new mexico. if the president won those states he would have won 29 additional electoral votes. sorry, mrs. clinton. it doesn't add up. we should note, mcmullin is a former cia operator. so the conspiracy theorists have a readily available connection between coul today the charactea and the democratic candidates. the mystery continues. up next, president trump's
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historic lead in fundraising beginning to rattle the radical left as it should. stay with us. eñ
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lou: welcome back.
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joining me trump 2020 campaign national press secretary, kayleigh mcenany. fundraising has to be unnerving the radical dimms. the ratio between your campaignen the dem hopefuls is stunning. >> the rnc outraised the dnc by four times. $300 million this year alobe. it's more than any sitting president has had on hand. the most of remarkable part, 33,000 new -- 313,000 new donors. lou: it shows his appeal is broadening and the energy and
4:54 am
interest of the voters in support of it. >> he out raised bernie and hillary combined. our online fundraising led by gary coby. they have done $100 million this year alone. lou: latino small businesses growing as they never have before. the president has a remarkable story for minorities. this is truly prosperity for all off course you will never hear about it on the media. lou: that's why they have a campaign. >> but it's extraordinary. when you look at latino businesses alone. 23% of that was from one year alone. it's the donald trump presidency making a difference for minority
4:55 am
voters. it's for latino and black voters. lou: i think we should whisper. we'll be back with more and we are coming right back.
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lou: we are back with trump 2020 national campaign press
4:59 am
secretary, kayleigh mcenany. the president going after republicans for not fighting hard enough for him, supporting him, and he's absolutely right. it's extraordinary. mitt romney with the temerity to have a twitter alias acting like a child. what is the influence of that? what is the effect of it? >> it has zero effect when you have 93% republican support. it's after he missions that he would need a french alter ego to attack the press when president trump does it outright. that's why he has 93% approval rating among republicans, he attacks back. lou: he tells it straight and goes directly to the american people. so many people want him to drop that twitter account so we could
5:00 am
leave it up to the left-wing media. tomorrow sidney powell and general jack keane among our guests. see you have tomorrow. good night from lauren: it is 5:00 cam. here are your top stories at this hour. justin trudeau narrowly holding on for a second term but with a minority government. what this could mean for usmca at home. cheryl: a landmark settlement in a multistate opioid lawsuit but victims' families say it is still not enough. what it could mean for more lawsuits and the churr futures e companies who are paying up. lauren: are the 2020 candidates in disarray. some of the underdogs are seeing their war chest grow. cheryl: and how a heated fast food chicken sandwich fight inspired


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