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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 31, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: good evening. the radical dimms continue their parade of various witnesses varying in all sorts of occupations as they head to capitol hill. the dimms' motive never more clear than to subvert and overthrow the president. alexander vindman testified yesterday and according to the "new york times" admitted toal teshing the transcript of the ukraine transcript with president zelensky. he seemed more concerned with
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the opinions and policy positions of the so-called interagency carrying out the president's policy. the top white house official on the national security council in charge russia, tim more o -- tim morrison. this comes on the eve of his scheduled testimony before the house committee. for the latest we turn to john roberts. reporter: a new development in the impeachment inquiry. tim morrison who is the top russia expert at the national security council will be leaving his position. sources tell fox news it's been expected for some time. but the timing is significant because morrison is scheduled to testify tomorrow. according to the ambassador, morrison believed military aid
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to ukraine was contingent on ukrainian officials opening an investigation into hunter and joe biden. president trump kept up his criticism of lieutenant colonel alexander vindman saying the never trumper witness could find no quid pro quo in the transcript of the call. according to the "new york times" vindman testified crucial words and phrases were edited out much that final transcript of that july 25 call. vindman said president trump made reference to a video of joe biden talking about corruption in ukraine. vindman said he tried to have
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the edits restored, but was overruled. republicans saw nothing wrong with what they described as a collaborative process. >> there are a number of individual listening to the call and they put the transcript together. if one person disagrees, it's the collective group who decide, not the president. reporter: vindman says he thought it was wrong of the president to ask for the investigation of a u.s. citizen. he said he searched the transcript for a couple of minutes but said because president trump was in a dominant position, any requests would have been perceived as a demand. reporter: chile's president canceled next month's apec conference because of massive protests in the city's capital.
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that left the president scrambling to find a place for phase one of the trade deal with china. lou: we learn tonight that the stage is being set for testimony tomorrow from president trump's former national security advisor, john bolton. mike emanuel. more tonight from washington. >> adam schiff has proven in this process that he cannot adhere to the fundamental principles of fairness. reporter: adam schiff led two depositions of state department officials. catherine croft said bobbing livingston was seeking to out the u.s. ambassador of ukraine. christopher anderson told lawmakers john bolton was concerned about the impact of
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president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani. the next steps are a more public phase of open hearings. but not all democrats are sold. new jersey's jeff vandr youe is not. >> it's flatly not a resolution that impeaches the president of the united states. why would you want to call it that when it's clearly not the case. reporter: the leader of the senate -- >> it should not be applied to any american or the president of the united states. reporter: former national security advisor john bolton is asked to appear next thursday
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and tension continues to grow here on capitol hill. lou: joining us tonight is tom fitton. president of judicial watch. a vote tomorrow to set the rules on this so-called inquiry. republicans say they will vote as a block against it. the question becomes, why should they participate at all if they call this a legitimate undertaking? >> that's a fair question. the concern here is this resolution actually ratifies the coup. you have mr. schiff continuing this secretive process that doesn't provide the president any due process rights, and certainly doesn't protect the interests of the republic. i'm more concerned about the collapse of any legal defense around the white house and the
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presidency. i don't understand why these witnesses are being allowed to testify without any objection from the white house council or justice department. i don't understand it. lou: what forum is there for that objection? the white house has no rights to appear in this inquiry. they have no right to be heard. this has nothing to do with presumption of innocence and the necessity of proving guilt. it has nothing to do with due process. this is a railroading and an effort to overthrow a president. >> i agree. but you can go to court to try to protect your privileges and protect classified information. when you have individual testifying about communications with foreign governments in their response it up reply case classified information. it's being married and leaked in a way that i think violates the rules and the law. the american public's interests
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in our national security need to be protected. the president has prerogatives constitutionally that he can try to vindicate in the courts. lou: forgive me interrupting. any case that would be brought would be brought in the d.c. district courts. they are known to be utterly anettanethema to this white hou. what would be the prospect of success. >> you put a pause on the train heading down the tracks. it might give the president the ability to at least sit at the table in these depositions, make objections and protect the public interest. go to court, have the senate say there is going to be no trial. have the republicans try to shut
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it down as best they can. >> these tim it souls -- >> all hands on deck. lou: these tim it souls who make up this republican conference have only just begun to show some spine. just when you think they have grown a spine, they acquiesce. it's keeply troubling to me and millions of americans to see them in any way validate this outrageous railroading of a president. >> it is a railroading. but it is in my view a massive obstruction of justice. they are trying to freeze the justice department and prevent the investigation of any criminality and the deep state's continued targeting of him. we had durham confirm that there is evidence of crimes behind the
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spygate targeting of president trump. people are facing criminal prosecutions who targeted president trump with the spy allegation. there is a real concern about the future of the republic if a political party can hijack the powers of the constitution and abuse them to throw out a president to protect themselves from criminal prosecution it's a real problem, to put it mildly. it is without question, yet another crisis confronting this nation. as we wrap up here, alexander vindman, the colonel testifying -- and he did so, if we can who this full screen -- i want to get a quick reaction. i found it interesting in this quote, he testified that in the spring of 209 that he gape --
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201 that he became aware of outside influences with a narrative of ukraine inconsistent with the consensus views of cooperation with ukraine. this undermined u.s. government efforts to expand cooperation with ukraine. in that quote he put something called the interagency above the executive power of the president of the united states. he puts the consensus of that interagency as fit was some sort of monolith rising up out of the swap' that he must worship ahead of the constitution of the united states. and he goes unchallenged as far as we know by anyone in that hearing. >> this is the deep state arrogance at work here. and to see these low-level
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officials come in and suggest that the president doesn't have a right to set foreign policy when he's the man we vote for. when they attack the president's prerogatives in terms of exercising -- setting direction on foreign policy, they are obviously attacking his voters. lou: they are attacking the united states of america. >> and the constitution. lou: one and the same. lou: breaking tonight. the pentagon has released aerial drone footage of the remarkable raid taking out isis leader al-baghdadi. we are also learning tonight that the isis informant responsible for providing the kind tell jones on the location of al-baghdadi including the layout of that compound will
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receive some if not all of that $25 million bounty placed on al-baghdadi's head. up next, mitch mcconnell appears to be working for the president. yesterday we weren't so sure. it looked like he was operating' against the president with the dimms trying to take over. the rights of many would like to have an expression of their political preference in the campaign leading up to the 2020 election. we'll have that and much more after this break.
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lou: on wall street stocks closed higher. the s & p at a record high. the 15th record close this year. you remember how upset investors were supposed to be according to the left-wing media and the business press? volume on the big board up to
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3.8 billion shares. gold and silver closing flat. the fed cut interest rates by a quarter percentage rate. it's the third-rate cut by this fed this year. the benchmark rate 1.75 per are. as well as housing investment. treasury secretary steve mnuchin is considering loosening blank re-strikes. mnuchin says he spoke to the heads of large banks. that he says would be in order to relieve potentially kiddity crunches. this comes just a week -- you have got to give credit where it's due after senator lid elizabeth warren warned the treasury secretary against doing just what he did trying to ease
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such regulations. a reminder to listen to my reports three times coast to coast on the salem radio network. big wildfires continue to burn across california, threatening homes and businesses. the ronald reagan presidential library surrounded by those wildfires. crews trying to protect the library. flames came within 30 yards of the connecticut complex. >> hurricane-force wind gusts, and no recent rain creating the perfect storm for extreme fire conditions throughout california. the wind-whipped easy fire igniting early wednesday morning with flames quickly wrapping around the simi valley presidential library.
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the winds pushing a fast-moving fire east of los angeles in riverside county. rest deafnts nursing home forced to evacuate. the cause of the blaze is now clear. dash california video showing an explosion the moment the fire started. >> you can see a tanker preparing to make a drop. the winds are expected to last at least through tomorrow night. so we don't know how long the fire could burn but literally people are losing their nerves over the situation we have here now. the ray began library has been saved thanks to the efforts of firefighters in the air and on the ground. lou: twitter will ban all political ads from its platform. that ban effective the 22nd of
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november. despite earning $2 billion from advertising. jack coursive said political messages should be earned, not bought. wow, dorsey, big time philosopher. i wonder what that will cost investors. the trump campaign said twitter just walked away from 100's of millions of dollars. a dumb decision for their stockholders. will twitter stoppen biased liberal media outlets who will now run unchecked as they buy obvious political consent meant to attack republicans? facebook ceo mark zuckerberg said he considered banning political ads from facebook but ultimately decided not to do so.
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a political poll shows that more people disapprove of the dimms' handling of the so-called impeachment inquiry of president trump. while 48% disapprove of the dimms's method for impeachment, only 39% approve of the way they have been handling the inquiry. it's not exactly an endorsement of schumer and schiff. more bad news for the radical dimms. only 18% approved of how congress is handling its job overall. disapproval, 54%. joining us, former president reagan political director and fox news analyst, ed rollins. i don't know what it would take to wake up these folks. but those should be a good
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installment. they are playing all these games with the president and what have you. but he's not giving the issues like healthcare and jobs and those kind of things. lou: watching this process unfold. this testimony by colonel vindman, a lot of people apparently attacked him irrespective of his service. i acknowledge his service, but the idea that a man showing up in full dress uniform should be exonerated and immune to careful question being his claims to me is just assinine. >> there are too many people on the national security council. the national security council is a vehicle for the president.
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this is a gentleman who served his country effectively. we should thank him for that and send him home. obviously in the white house he overstepped higgs bound. the president don't know who this guy is. never heard his name before. and the fact he's up there testifying, i know better than the president does on this ukraine policy. lou: that's essentially the message here. to think that he referred to the interagency which is effectively the dope state or could be part of the deep state depending on your construction of it. the interagency as if it's a monolith with immense power. he put that above the president of the united states and his executive power. it's crazy what he said. if anybody just steps back and looks at it, this guy thinks
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this collection of agencies and its so-called consensus is more important than the president of the united states and his orders. it's bizarre. >> how would you like to be a president, knowing there is a cia guy somewhere in your organization spying on you. a military officer in your basement who thinks he knows more about ukraine and should be settling ukraine policy. foreign leaders won't want to talk to the president again. lou: to hell with the foreign leaders. i'm concerned about presidents not being able to trust the cia and the american military. this is outrageous. >> i think john should have known something was going on and done something by the. the interesting thing is john has been subpoenaed -- invited
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not to testify. he did not think the call was important enough to even be on the call. lou: there is some cross evidence there that will be coming out, i'm sure. i received some indications off the record that i can't share. but it's not a settled matter. >> he should not be in the white house. lou: you have got report after report about how this man respected the chain of command and the way he began according to his own testimony, his twin brother sits across from him in the white house. he turns to him for counsel and apparently neither of them thought to perhaps go to the head attorney of the white house to get direction and judgment. it's an extraordinary mess of
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the highest order. the radical dimms. mark my word. the radical dimms are headed for an amazing wreck at the end of this process. >> the country will get to see the deep state alive and in person. lou: there is the matter that they have responsibility for holding this man up to the country and putting him in this position. it's outrageous. thank you, ed rollins. the fbi director singles out china's intellectual property theft. ways going on and what in the world happens december 1 that should make everyone in the white house think hard about these trade talks and their potential impact? we'll have that and much more after this quick break. stay with us.
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lou: joining me, gordon chang from the gaitston -- from the ge institute. chile canceled the apec conference because of the violence. there could be a partial agreement, phase one as it's called, or perhaps nothing at all. your thoughts? >> the white house said they expect there will be some sort of trade deal within the same time frame, which is the word they used. but apec does not have a secondary location for this. there will probably be no meeting between president trump and joining ping. i agree. either there is no deal by the middle of next month or there will only be a very small one.
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lou: we are getting very clear pictures right now of what's going on, fbi director christopher wray making it clear his agency has 1,000 active investigations against chinese companies for espionage. >> when you look at the blair-huntsman commission report and the u.s. trade representatives report last year, there is something of something like a hundred billion dollars worth. and they say the por -- they sae proportion of that is overwhelmingly china. lou: the justice department says 90% of all cases are chinese-related. here we are talking about doing a trade deal with them. what are they going to do hold our hands while they steal from
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us left and right? this is outrageous what we are looking at here. >> the on way you get china to stop it is impose tariffs. lou, this is going to get a lot worse. december 1, china is going to have new cyber-security rules that will allow chinese authorities to take all the data and communications unencrypted. they will take the data and give it to chinese enterprises and use it to cripple our country. >> they have the authority to steal everything that may be encrypted and they can still break. >> december 1, no more encryption possible. no more private servers. the president should use his powers under the economic international powers act and force companies out of china.
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lou: what kind of idiot would be running that company who would not pull his people out of it? this is insane. just turning over effectively all of their technology, theirism p. that's -- their i.p. that's in the clear. >> they put nortel into bankruptcy and crippled a lot of american companies. lou: game 7 of the world series between the washington nationals and houston astros tonight. we have a special nugget for you. this is the first time in american history that the road team has won the first six games of the best of 7 series. best of 7 series.
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1,420 of them have been played all together. and last night the first time that the road team carried it to six games. we take that up and more. congressman andy bigs joins us. stay with
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lou: mitch mcconnell is having a hard time staying on the straight and narrow. he was working against the president and seemed to take credit for the resolution the radical dimms put forward. but today he decided to say the president deserves due process and the radical dimms aren't providing it. >> the impeachment process is the most of serious process the house of representatives can embark upon. it seems toss cancel out an american election and cancel out the reconsults. it must be conducted by the highest standards due process. but house democrats seem to determine a new low. lou: joining us tonight, andy
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biggs. congressman, great to have you have with us. your friend, mitch mcconnell, he can't figure out where to go with this. first he's applauding it ned which is have ordinary in and of himself. reversing himself talking about new lows for the radical dimms. what's going on here. >> this is new lows by the radical democrats who are basically trying to you undermine the election of 2016. lou: congressman, you and i get along great. still you guys don't want to acknowledge what in the world is happening. this is an effort by radical dimms to overthrow the president of the united states. i just can't get over that. >> it's even more than that. not only do me want to overthrow
4:42 am
the president of the united states. they want to overthrow the entire system by which we elect a president and have our republican constitutional institutions that were established. they want to dissolve owl of those. but they are the ones being outrageous. they are doing everything they can in a way that's a guerrilla tactic. they are keeping it soviet style, it's behind closed doors. they are trying to protect their witnesses. they are leaking information. lou: i know what they are doing. i am questioning what you guys are doing. matt gaetz is filing an ethics complaint in the house? come on. >> what we are doing is everything we possibly can given the conditions that we are in. and the reality is we are fighting this tooth and nail. i was down there in the scif
4:43 am
today trying to fight it in the scif. you are not going to hear reports about that. i talked to someone who was there yesterday. we are in there fighting this fight in a pitch battle and you won't hear about it all the time because we don't get the allies in the left-stream media that programs our colleagues on the other side of the aisle have. make no mistake, we are unified in fighting this and we'll fight this. i look at what i see happening physically. you guys have the ability to speak. no one has taken your tongue from your mouths. you may be bound by some rules that the dimms don't like to follow. who are you to risk this constitution salt republic and hold your -- play by these
4:44 am
ridiculous political rules that are artificial and absolutely undercut everything you stand for. >> i have been saying we need to fight dirty. lou: wallet what you will. >> you have to come out. and i implored some of my colleagues. they won't even let me in. they stepped up the capitol police presence so we can't get into the room. lou: i want to see pictures of that. >> they take the cell phones away from us. when we go in there, when we go to fight, and we have people in the committee. i urge them to come out. lou: i have got a question for you. why don't you walk the hell out of the house representatives and tell them until they come to their senses and acknowledge due process and reverence for this
4:45 am
constitutional republic and due process for this president, that you won't have anything to do with them. >> let me tell you why. we have had this discussion before. in some ways, you are legitimizing. if we walk away from this they will continue to do exactly what they are doing. lou: at least you won't validate. even if you vote no, you are still validating. >> if you think walking out with slow it down or cause them to rethink. lou: at least you could retain your dignity and you wouldn't be validating this criminal usurp usurpation of everything we stand for. this is outrageous. >> if we do, when do you think they will start playing fair?
4:46 am
i will tell you, they will never start playing fair. lou: i don't operate under any illusion that they would. but i would be damned if i would put my name on anything they created. let them answer. you have seen the polls. nancy pelosi's approval rating plum thing. congress' plum thing. the american -- plummeting. and let them bear the consequences. >> i came to fight. to turn and run is not in my nature. i am going to continue to fight and encourage my friends to fight and take this bill -- lou: you were talking about the result. what is the result if you stand there and vote no. >> the american people know we are in there pitching. lou: if they don't know that you
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are pitching now they will never know. what they don't want you to do is validate this process. you and i don't always agree. >> 98% of the time is pretty good. >> you know what they say, rat poison, only 2% is poison, the rest is oatmeal. new questions about jeffrey epstein's death. you thought that was settled? no. forensic pathologist dr. michael baden was hired by epstein's brother to investigate. he says it's likely that epstein died of strangulation rather than suicide. >> there are three bones that are broken that are unuse for suicide and more indicative of
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homicidal strangulation. hanging does not cause these broken bones and homicide does. lou: he said never in his 50-year career has he seen an example with these broken bones present that it was a suicidal strangulation. the new york city's medical examiner? they say they stand by their conclusion epstein died by suicide. the department of justice did not respond to our calls for comment. radicals on capitol hill seem hell bent to destroy the foundation of this nation. byron york joins us after this quick break. hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection.
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lou: joining us tonight, byron york. great to see you, byron. let's start with the vote tomorrow on impeachment process. inquiry or whatever you want to call this sham that's being conducted by schiff and pelosi. >> i would call it the adam
4:53 am
schiff empowerment act of 2019. i think nancy pelosi has been the chairman of the board, she made her choice of schiff over jerry nadler. lou: i wonder why she did that. >> look at some of the hearings nadler had, the corey lewandowski hearing, the robert mueller sharing. lou: schiff lied for two years. he's doing it in secret and leaking things out. all the news follows all everything he says so it looks like there is a terrible damning process going on. in the mediate's been damaging to him. but we don't have the substance. people say the republicans are arcing about process. they are arguing about substance. they want the public to see what the witnesses have said. lou: we are not going to until
4:54 am
the end, if we do then. >> this is where the adam schiff empowerment act comes in. it gives the chairman to do anything. it gives devin nunes the authority to ask adam schiff. lou: it gives the republicans nothing. except a slap across their face. >> they have the authority to ask if chairman schiff will do something. on the question of transcripts, all the interviews that have been done so far. it's not answered in the resolution it's totally up to the chairman of the intelligence committee, chairman schiff. lou: andy biggs and i were causing whether the republicans should vote at all. >> the republicans i talked to
4:55 am
can't guarantee that there won't be one meandering vote. but they believe it will be a unanimous vote against this resolution. their options are to say this an illegitimate process and not have any part of it and walk out of the chamber or to vote no. lou: i would like to see them walk out of the chamber and a big go to hell would be in order. we are coming right back with more with byron york after this quick message. stay with us.s.s.s.
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lou: we are back with the "washington examiner's" byron york. why are these republicans, can of whom who are principled and courageous. they have been shut down by schiff. >> the way schiff is conduct these interviews as depositions, there are serious penalties for revealing the contents of the deposition. they are afraid adam schiff will lodge ethics complaints against them. devin nunes had scene ethics complaint lodged against him and had to be sidelined for 9 months. look what they did to devin, i
5:00 am
just can't talk. lou: that's it for us tonight. good night from new york. see you tomorrow. cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. social media showdown. jack dorsey taking a shot at facebook's ceo, mark zuckerberg, moments of before facebook released its latest earnings report. twitter now banning all political advertisements on its plaplatforel. platform. lauren: the fight on capitol hill, in just hours, the house will vote on an impeachment resolution. we're live in washington with what happens next. cheryl: 2020 hopeful elizabeth warren making a big admission on medicare for all, plus how her war with wall street may be smoke and mirrors. lauren: history made in houston, washington is the district of champions this morning after


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