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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  October 31, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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just can't talk. lou: that's it for us tonight. good night from new york. see you tomorrow. cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. social media showdown. jack dorsey taking a shot at facebook's ceo, mark zuckerberg, moments of before facebook released its latest earnings report. twitter now banning all political advertisements on its plaplatforel. platform. lauren: the fight on capitol hill, in just hours, the house will vote on an impeachment resolution. we're live in washington with what happens next. cheryl: 2020 hopeful elizabeth warren making a big admission on medicare for all, plus how her war with wall street may be smoke and mirrors. lauren: history made in houston, washington is the district of champions this morning after the nationals beat
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the astros in game seven. we're going live to houston for the world series series epic v. it is thursday, october 31st. happy halloween, everybody. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ ♪ we are the champions, my friends. ♪ and we'll keep on fighting till the end. ♪ we are th the champions. lauren: they are the champions, celebrating in the nation's capital this morning. welcome to the show, "fbn: a.m.." i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: what a world series. we're going to tal talk about it later on in the show. good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: we might see new
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records, more records today, apple stock trading up 2 and-a-half percent in the premarket, the dow two-thirds percent from a record closing level, up 27 right now, nasdaq jumping 17. cheryl: in china factory output slowing again as they're feeling the pressure of the u.s.-china trade war dragging down. investors reacting to the fed decision, the fed cutting interest rates by a quarter point. the nikkei, the hang seng and coughs bkospi are all higher ths morning. lauren: let's take a look at european stocks. we're waiting for the gdp report on eurozone. fractional gains for the french and the german markets. cheryl: our top story this morning, twitter shocking the social media world, ceo jack dorsey tweeted that starting november 22nd his company will ban political ads worldwide, just minutes before his rival, facebook, who has been under intense pressure to address that same problem was set to post its
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quarterly results. lauren: did mark zuckerberg take the bait. will facebook follow suit? aishah hasnie is live for us this morning with the details. >> reporter: it doesn't seem like he's going to. so twitter's ceo, jack dorsey, tweeted about this yesterday, explaining it all on of course twitter, saying this is not about freedom of speech, rather it's about paying for reach. here's the statement. he says a political message -- paying for reach removes the decision, forcing highly optimized and targeted political messages on people, we believe this decision should not be compromised by money. president trump's campaign calling this a very dumb decision and questioning twitter's motives here. a campaign spokesperson said this. will twitter also be stopping ads from biased liberal media outlets who will run unchecked as they buy obvious political content meant to attack
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republicans. this is yet another attempt to silence conservatives. since twitter knows president trump has the most sophisticated online program ever known. joe biden and his camp put out a different sort of statement. they were actually for the move and had they said this. we appreciate that twitter recognizes that they should not permit disproven smears like those from the trump campaign to appear in advertisements on their platform. now the pressure as you saids is building on facebook. in his announcement, dorsey seemed to throw some shade at facebook's ceo, mark zuckerberg, who just last week was grilled on capitol hill where he not only defended his social network's decision to allow political advertising but also to even allow ads that make false claims. zuckerberg, though, pushing back on twitter's ban, saying i don't think it's right for private companies to censor politicians or the news, instead, i believe the better approach is to work
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to increase transparency. twitter's ban goes into effect november 22nd. cheryl: that's a revenue stream that a lot of folks on wall street are looking at. you're taking away revenue from the company. thank you. great report. appreciate you joining us this morning. lauren: it's a a really small amount, though, very small amount of the revenue comes from political ads. cheryl: thank you so much. margmark zuckerberg also defendg his company's policy on political ads, saying that it's not all about money. zuckerberg said, quote, the controversy this creates far outweighs the very small percentage of our business that these political ads make up. facebook has been in the spotlight for not pulling political ads that make false claims. lauren: for the midterm elections, the revenue that twitter took in from political ads is $3 million. the decision doesn't seem to be weighing down the stock for these reasons. it's actually up right now the premarket and earnings easily topped expectations.
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stock up 5.2%. they reported that revenue jumped 29% from a year ago to $17 billion. now, despite the solid results, mark zuckerberg warns that 2020 will be a tough year politically as the company faces several anti-trust violations. cheryl: slowing iphone sales couldn't stop apple's earnings as the company of posted a record $64 billion in revenue. the. lauren: susan lee has details. >> reporter: iphone sales are better than expected, helping them in the previous three months and going forward, and in the all-important holiday period. tim cook said he's bullish heading into the holiday season and the iphone 11 models have been received very well. he says the u.s. economy in his view is very strong and he's optimistic on the u.s. consumer, given that we did see of course an interest rate cut from the federal reserve. as for china, which has been the laggard and the akil achilles hl
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for apple this year, tim cook said trade tensions have gone don and he is optimistic that tariffs will be resolved and he's optimistic that the phase one trade deal will be signed next month. he doesn't know if december 15th tariffs will be realed back. we know iphones and ipadses may be subject to 15% tariffs starting then but he says he has no idea whether or not they will go forward. now, as for services, a bump-up of 18%, wearables seeing gaining of 50% and he saw a record quarter when it comes to cloud, care and music. apple is in a transition period where we're looking at a saturated iphone market and a they're transitioning to services instead. apple tv plus kicking off on friday, november 1st and tim cook says he's very excited. the apple pay card, very well received. he said it was the most successful credit card launch
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ever by the number of subscribe rers at least and he says you bet, i'm looking at international markets as well. as for cryptocurrency, i asked him since facebook is launching a cryptocurrency and i said what about apple. he said there are some things the government should oversee, and that includes currency and the military. back to you. cheryl: another heated bay on capitol hill for dennis muilenburg. he faced harsh questions following two deadly crashes of the 737 max. one congressman took muilenburg to task over his $30 million a year salary. >> you said you're accountable. what is accountability mean p? are you taking a cut in pay? are you working for free from now on until you can cure the problem. these people's relatives are not coming back. your salary is still on. is anybody taking a cut or working for free to try to
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rectify the problem. >> my congressman will conduct a comprehensive review. cheryl: lawmakers revealed documents during the hearing that showed boeing employees were concerned about pressure to increase production and the reliance on a single censor that would -- sensor that would trigger the m-cast. lauren: trade talks with china hitting another bump in the road after the summit where they were supposed to sign phase one of the trade deal was canceled. the apac summit scheduled to take place in chile canceled as that country tries to restore law and order domestically after violent protests, all this as china signaled it may want to back out of a pledge to spend between 40 and $50 billion on u.s. agricultural products and would rather buy based on market conditions. now, both beijing and washington have said they look forward to finalizing phase one of the trade deal soon.
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cheryl: the riff between china and the united states is not going to keep taylor swift from her fans in china. the pop star plans to perform in shanghai next month. she's promoting her latest album, lover. the album is a chart topper in china with over 1 million copies sold. her performance is part of alibabas' count down to singles day, that's their big sales day, it's global. this also is happening amid the dispute between beijing with the nba over a general manager's tweet in support of pro democracy protesters in hong kong. lauren: washington, d.c. is the district of champions. >> here they are, one strike away, one out away. 3-2. there it is! the washington nationals are world champions for the first time in franchise history. lauren: the nationals upsetting the houston astros in game seven, giving dc its first world series title since 1924. it was suspenseful, will be
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remembered as the first ever in which the visiting team won all seven games in the world series. >> i want to celebrate with my boys because we are the world champions! [ cheering and applause ] lauren: nationals star steven strasberg was named mvp. cheryl: what an incredible game. they really pulled out something else last night. big news this morning, fiat chrysler will be merging with the owner of peugeot. tracee: the deal creates one of the world's largest automakers by volume with a market value of $48 billion. fiat chrysler and peugeot owner will each own p 50% of the new entity with fiat chrysler chairman joh john elkin taking e role as chairman. this comes five months after a failed merger attempt with
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renault. they are next in line after the union reached a tentative deal with ford. union officials say the new contract secures $6 billion in factory investments and creates or retains more than 8500 jobs. the proposed agreement comes a week after a 40-day strike with general motors. chicago teachers continuing to strike this morning he despite a tentative agreement with helsink chicago c schools. they are demanding they add days at the end of the school year to make up for days they were on strike. the pentagon releasing video showing the u.s.-led raid that killed isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi. the footage showing american troops closing in on the compound in syria before u.s. air forces zero in on isis fighters blowing them away.
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an air strike completely destroyed the com compound, burg it to the ground and the military dog, wounded in the raid, is headed to the white house. president trump tweeting the k-9 is expected to be in washington sometime next week. and that is what's happening now. cheryl: our true hero. there he is. thank you so much. lauren: let's take a look at your money this morning. we've got modest -- actually the market has just turned lower. we had modest gains a few minutes ago a, now the dow is down 53 points, s&p down 7, nasdaq down 8 and-a-half this morning. l coming up, apple says its future lies beyond the iphone and with its long-awaited streaming service set to launch tomorrow, will its services and wearables like the watch and a air pods be the apple of cons he consumers' eyes this holiday season. americans spending half a billion r dollars on dressing up their pets. who spends more dog owners or cat owners?
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long-term trade deal with the u.s. china blaming trump's, quote, impulsive nature and their ability to see this through. we also have reports this morning that trade representatives on both sides will have a phone call tomorrow. of course, we were expecting china and the u.s. to sign phase one of the trade deal next month in chile at the apac summit will chile is no longer hosting. let's bring in nancy davis to discuss. the market very atune to china, we had the apple and facebook news, the stock's booming today, up big in the premarket. you have the fed cutting rates. yet, look, china moves the market. >> the macro is really leading the market. you've had a lot of good companies with positive earnings, beating expectations, but the real risk is what's happening on the geopolitical front. i think a lot of people are very focused on the trade deal with china. it's also interesting to look at the trade deal with other
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countries and as we p come closerrer to the u.s. election, would europe be the start of the next trade war? lauren: right. and then usmca is still not signed. there are certainly issues out there. as we're moving through earnings season and we do have this trade war with beijing, is it interesting to you or curious to you that more companies aren't mentioning that it is hurting them? >> yeah, i definitely think a lot of companies are sort of hoping for a resolution and sort of expecting the best. but at the same time, you have to think if we had a trade war, what would it mean for the u.s. consumer. and the u.s. economy is really driven by the consumer. it could mean actually bad inflation, right, because higher prices in the form of tariffs mean higher prices. that could be a takin a stagflay environment. lauren: we got our gdp print
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that in the third quarter the consumer is spending, gdp stronger than expected. the fed cuts rates but jay powell kind of hints pause going forward. i was looking at the december chances of a rate hike. they're only at 18%. how come yesterday that did not scare the market that we still came so close to record highs for some of the indices. >> i think this is a he'll reay interesting point. i think powell is talking about inflation expectations. and a i think that's going to bees what's driving monetary policy which is if you think about what inflation expectations are, it is the yield curve and the reason the yield curve is so flat is because of operation twist that happened in 2011 when interest rates were so low they couldn't cut anymore. lauren: nancy davis, thank you so much. cheryl, over to you. cheryl: as we brought you breaking news, we're watching futures, dow down 76 in the premarket, we're going to stay on that news. also happening today, the house is going to be holding its
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long-awaited vote on impeachment. so what happens next? we're going to go live to washington where both sides are arguing over every detail. and star wars fans get excited. >> you never heard of the millennium falcon. >> it's the ship that made the run in less than 12 seconds. cheryl: you may not be able to fly that ship and it may not take you to a galaxy far, far away but united airlines may have the next best thing. we have he details coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ take a trip on the future. ♪ i'll make you fall in love. ♪ ityo can't be broke eb -- bron granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ strongve is one of a kind brilliant unbreakable
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thbecause with nband after thleague pass on xfinityr. you can watch the out of market games you want- all season long. and with the all-new xfinity sports zone, you get everything nba all in one place-
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full house is expected of to vote on a resolution outlining the rules of the democrats' impeachment inquiry. let's bring in griff jenkins, live in the nation's capitol. they're battling over everything. what gives, where do we go from here? >> reporter: this is the first time foreign aa fair team members will go on the record. expect a fiery debate this morning. mid-morning, history will recorded. it's important to note, this is not a vote on articles of impeachment but rather on the resolution to codify the impeachment process. no republican is expected to vote for it. only five republicans have yet to declare their support. the resolution needs 217 to pass. the rules committee chairman had this to say. >> five or 10 years from now people will ask each o of what e did in this moment, what we did when won fronted with this crisis. as much as this president flaunts the constitution, we are going to protect it.
5:25 am
>> reporter: hearings on the hill continue today. tim morrison will testify and there's news that the former national security advisor, john bolton, has been summoned, bolton's attorney, charles cooper, telling fox news bolton is not ready to appear. this as a top house republican is blasting the entire impeachment investigation. >> if this was in a court of law, there would be a mistrial right now, based upon what these democrats have done. it is the fruit of the poisonous tree. this would all be thrown out. but only in nancy's house do we write all new laws and you get no due process. >> reporter: finally, the burning beltway he question of who the whistleblower is may soon be answered. reports are surfacing with one name in particular but we are not naming him or her. cheryl: for more on this let's bring in attorney misty maris.
5:26 am
he said if this was in a court of law all of this would be thrown out, it would be a mistrial. there's been so much criticism of how adam schiff has handled the secret witness testimony. >> all of that would be part of the public proceeding in a court of law. as far as the rules and regulations in a outer could, there would be -- rules and regulations in a court, there would be due process. the judge would only decide whether or not something was relevant, not the democrats decide whether or not republicans can call a witness p or subpoena a witness. so certainlies those are concerns that republicans are fightinfighting. cherylfighting for. cheryl: today they'll have the vote about the inquiry. this takes it to another level where you'll get public hearings so all of the secret testimony -- there will still be closed r door testimony from what i understand for national security but the open hearings, doesn't this kind of change the course of the inquiry and open it up more to not just political but
5:27 am
legal jeopardy for some of these witnesseses. >> absolutely. it's going to be public testimony, on the record. everyone will have access to the testimony and who knows where it will lead. we don't necessarily have all of the information about what happened behind those closed doors. so certainlies this could open up more doors, it could lead to additional investigations. we don't know where it's going. cheryl: let's talk about the other big legal story we're following on fox business, epstein, jeffrey epstein and his death. it was ruled a suicide. michael boden a criminal pathologist came on fox and friends yesterday and says he believes it was homicide, it was murder. how does had that change what his family -- how his family deals with the estate. under suicide, insurance policy doesn't pay out. if it's a murder they do. >> absolutely. if there's a suicide, a lot of insurance policies bodies claim- would disclaim. cheryl: i don't know if there's
5:28 am
an insurance policy but i'm pointing that out. >> it would be a huge amount of money at stake if there's an insurance policy. the family hired him, a renowned forensic pathologist. they're challenging the cause of death because there were suspicious circumstances. they want more information from the federal investigation to make that conclusive finding but based on boden's independent analysis, he says there needs to be a further investigation as to whether or not this was a homicide. cheryl: yes or no, does this change anything for the victims? >> it doesn't really change anything for the victims. it's more about the estate and how that plays out. cheryl: misty, thank you as always for all things legal. lauren: a fox business alert for our viewers. the south korean military is confirming that north korea launched two unidentified projectiles overnight. the japanese coast guard said the missiles landed in the ocean outside of their jurisdiction. this follows reports that
5:29 am
pyongyang is growing impatient with stalling nuclear talks and are reeling from sanctions. last month they fired an underwater ballistic missile for the first time in three years. this is one of the events that is making investors nervous this morning. dow is down 75 points, s&p down about 9, nasdaq giving up 12 after blockbuster earnings from apple and facebook. we also have word that china might be doubting a long-term trade deal with the u.s. so the market is jittery this morning. we may not know how much elizabeth warren's medicare for you all plan will cost but she just made a major admission on how much something else will cost. and a huge push to shut down a haunted house that requires health insurance and a 40-page waiver. the owner ain't going down without a fight p. we'll have details straight ahead on "fbn: a.m." ♪
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an economist at the university ofs massachusetts amherst said that could result in 2 million jobs lost. he said those would be mostly administrative positions and insurers, doctors offices and he said that politicians who want to move toward that system, medicare for all, have to think about what a, quote, just transition, a fair transition would look like. what would that look like for you. >> i agree. i think this is part of the cost issue. and should be part of a cost plan. lauren: that was presidential hopeful, often the frontrunner, elizabeth warren, confirming that medicare for all plans like the one she is supporting will lead to millions of lost jobs. let's bring in washington examiner commentary writer kaley mcgee. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. lauren: medicare for all, hot on the trail. we don't have a lot of answers, especially not from elizabeth warren. she says she going to come out
5:34 am
with a plan soon. what do you expect her to say? >> i mean, i think that she's going to say the exact same thing that bernie sanders has been saying and that he doesn't have to provide details right now because obviously it's still a long ways off. and that's why this makes medicare for all an easy target to be honest. you see joe biden and the other more moderate democratic candidates attacking sanders and warren for their medicare for all plans because they don't have a plan. they don't know how they're going to pay for this. they don't know what the social and economic fallout is going to be. and they don't know how they're going to implement it. lauren: the more moderates, joe biden, i do have a plan, i know what it's going to cost and adopted mayor pete buttigieg's language, medicare for all plan for those who want it. is that biden saying look, everybody, i do have the winning strategy here on an issue that you all care about. >> yeah, that's biden playing the primary game, to be
5:35 am
completely honest. he's trying to win over both the moderate and more radical voters and saying yeah, we'll adopt medicare for all, only for those who want it. in reality, that's not how it's going to play out, it's going to be all or nothing. lauren: speaking of the pry mayor youly game, elizabeth warren, you how is she going to do when it comes to raising money and where he she's getting money from in a general election. there's a report that she's telling corporate democratic donors that she's going to moderate her harsh anti-business tone. okay, maybe she will do that but is she going to accept their money. that's something she said she wouldn't do. and she's going to need it because trump and the r envelope c have 7 -- rnc have a $700 million war chest right now. >> he's out-fund raising them right now, five to one. it would undermine one of her key campaign platforms which is rejecting big money politics. joe biden has flip-flopped on the issue because he's
5:36 am
cash-strapped. if warren isn't able to make up the money with small donors and grass roots organizations, she really might flip-flop on this issue as well. lauren: and then she looks hypocriteical to some potential voters. >> it will may some democratic voters mad who relied on the key platform of hers. bernie sanders is the only guy that's consistent on this issue. lauren: kayla mcgee, thank you very much. >> thank you. cheryl: all right. we are seeing a little bit of an escalation in the selloff this morning in the futures market, the tide really turning. the dow is down 83, s&p down 9 and three quarters, now 10 points, nasdaq down 18 and a quarter. bloomburg report is wroting chinese officials as having conversations in beijing where they say that they will not budge on the issues in the u.s.-china trade deal and they are concerned about president trump's impulsive nature and he could back out of any agreement even if it was signed. again, that is pointing our
5:37 am
futures lower right now. coming up next, wildfires raging on in california as thousands are under an evacuation order. they may get to go home. we'll be live on the ground with hopefully a positive update. a town without wi-fi on purpose, the out-of-this world reason coming up on "fbn: a.m.." ♪
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cheryl: ten wildfires are raging on in california as officials say the kincaid fire which is up north is 45% contained. the fires fueled by strong winds score p. inscorching hundred droppeds ofs across the state. lauren: kristina, what's the latest where you are. >> reporter: the santa ana winds are still going strong. they're blowing very hard right now in simi valley. firefighters were able to stop the flames that were fueled by the winds yesterday. they stopped the flames from getting here to the reagan library. the ez fire threatened the reagan library and burned about 1,650 acres. according to the ventura county fire department, this fire is at zero percent contain machine. 30,000 people were ordered to evacuate. three firefighters were injured. the reagan library was spared.
5:41 am
>> we put strike teams of resources which are engines assembled if increments of five into that area and we were able to protect the reagan library. fire moved around the perimeter and we had successful stands up there on protecting the lie bear youly and infrastructure around -- library and the infrastructure around the facility. >> reporter: in southern california, the hill fire is still burning near riverside. that fire burned 628 acres and is now 30% contained. eavevacuations were lifted frome area. people returning home were told to be careful because crews are working the fire there. in northern california, the kincaid fire has burned nearly 77,000 acres since last wednesday night in sonoma county, forces thousands to evacuate.. they that fire is under 45% containment. >> we've made some pretty
5:42 am
significant progress on the fire. i would say there's a lot of optimism that we have turned the corner for the better on this fire. and i think that is indicative of the fact that a lot of evacuation orders and warnings were lifted. >> reporter: fire crews are still working around the clock to contain at least seven other fires in this state right now. a very difficult task considering how windy it is and how long these wind conditions have been going. they've been going strong for several days now. back to you. cheryl: kristina coleman, thank you so much. lauren: apple unveils its new air pods. they're expensive but aa parentallapparentlythey're popu. brett later shortness of breath. >> these are the air pod pros, had they have a better connection for -- they have a silicone nib so it sits in your
5:43 am
ear he very nicely. cheryl: it's better for working out, i heard. for sweat. i've been iin eyeing these for a while. >> and they have noise cancelling. that's fans take fan pass parti. but it -- fantastic but it can be dang dangerous. they have a transparency mode on them, when that's enabled, they are actually listening to what's going object around you and mixing that in with the music or the podcast, whatever it is that you're listening to, so you have spatial awareness. lauren: the air pod and the wearables category, part of services for apple, that category was up 54% year over year in the latest earnings report. this is going to be a huge money maker for them. >> the wearables for apple have become a huge thing, which -- in the grand scheme of everything they're doing, it makes sense. it's just another accessory to keep you in their -- cheryl: you have an out-of-this world story about a town and wi-fi. i feel like we're doing this because it's halloween. tell us all about it.
5:44 am
>> doesn't that sound like a cheesy horror film, the town with no wi-fi. green bank, west virginia, they have no wi-fi. they have a giant telescope that peers deep into space. in order to capture those very faint radio signals that are coming from as far into the galaxy as you can get, they actually have a 13,000-mile radio interference exclusion zone. we're saying no wi-fi, no cellular service, no radio stations, no interference because it will interfere with the scien scientists' work. this helped us find the black hole that we saw for the first time several months ago. cheryl: thank you so much. you can watch brett on fox news headlines and listen to him on fox news headlines, 24/7, sirius xm channel 115. lauren: the washington nationals make history with their first ever world series win. jillian mele was there to he see it all go down. jillian remarks djillian, what g
5:45 am
up for us? >> reporter: we'll have fan reaction, we'll break down the highlights for you, the first world series win for the washington nationals is in the books, only six other teams right now have never won a world series. we have more coming up after the break. ♪ i'm your boogie man, that's what i am. ♪ i'm here to do whatever i can our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today. listening and observing for scientists at 3m. one of the products i helped develop was a softer,
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lauren: you might are missed it but overnight an epic world series victory. everybody is talking about it. the washington nationals taking down the houston astros to win their first ever world series title. cheryl: jillian mele was there. she joins us from minute maid park. jillian, good morning. >> reporter: what a gail, what a
5:49 am
series, what a night. the first time the road team has won every single game in the seven-game series. 95 years ago, that was the last time the washington area had a world series champion. it was the senators, not the nationals. this is officially their first. take a look at the scene in washington, d.c., right at the game ended. as you can see, the city erupting in excitement and that is the scene that was going on in dce. c. let's take you to the game. in the bottom of the second, the astros get on the board first, with a solo home run. the as trough astros kept the ll the top of the seventh. this made it 2-1. and that's what you're looking at here. now, the nationals are up 3-2, ton of the ninth, final score of this game was 6-2. and a much deserved champagne celebration in the clubhouse
5:50 am
afterwards, a tradition in baseball and the first time for the nationals. take a look at what fans had to say after the game. >> we're crying right now. how do you feel? >> i'm happy. i'm happy. i'm from houston. i'm a houston astros fan. that's my family. >> what's it like to watch this moment? >> i'm so proud, everybody is so proud. >> it's amazing. >> tough game to be at, huh? >> tough game. >> we couldn't win one home game. they gave it a good try. >> i'm not going to cry about it. we're going to beat them next year. >> i've been watching the senators since 1950. >> did you ever think you would see this? >> well, i did, now with the new team, yes, because they're that good. >> it's wild, man. the whole thing is insane. go nats! >> unbelievable.
5:51 am
>> team ofs destiny. >> it's surreal. it's been a struggle. to have the run they did, it's crazy. >> historic. you had to be here. >> let's go nats! let's go nats! >> reporter: incredible energy in the park last night really from fans on both sides and i got to tell you, the parade on saturday is happening in dc and that is sure to be a crazy time, first time nationals have won it. so an incredible thing to experience, incredible thing to see. cheryl: great coverage for the world series for us. thanks so much for joining us for all of these games. it's been great to have you. jillian mele. lauren: thank you very much. united airlines joins forces with star wars. cheryl: this is exciting. tracee carrasco has that story. tracee: united is getting in on the star wars mania with a slick new airplane decked out with images from movies. the repainted boeing 737 800 will take flight in november,
5:52 am
ahead of star wars, the rise of skywalker, which hits theaters in december. the collaboration receiving mixed responses on twitter, with some star wars fans calling the promotion nonsense. we told you about the haunted house in tennessee that requires participants to clear a background check, pass physical and mental exams and sign a 40 page waiver. there's a petition to shut down the attraction with more than 63,000 signatures. starting the appeal online urging the governor and senate to close the spooky site for good. the owner of the attraction says it's all just entertainment. meanwhile, trick or treaters may to be on alert tonight. children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on halloween than on any other day of the year. they say drivers are more distracted because of all the activity around them. one city surprisingly on the
5:53 am
lisses it the hamptons, in new york, which is known as a summer get-away for the wealthy. and that is what's happening now. cheryl: that's a surprise that the ham tons are on that list. lauren: tracee, thank you very much. cheryl: you're not going to believe what americans are spending on their pets this halloween. and which generation is spending the most on their furry friends. that's coming up next. lauren: and that's m milo. hi, milo. ♪ i'm on the hunt, i'm after you. ♪ breaksthat i can get. at liberty butchemel... cut. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. cut. liberty m... am i allowed to riff? what if i come out of the water? liberty biberty... cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ imagine a world where
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♪ ♪ cheryl: scary big spending, americans expected to spend $8.8 billion in halloween this year, not just on humans but half a billion dollars on their pets, pet expert darrell foster and norman. >> good morning. cheryl: we are spending more money on our pets for halloween, it's a big business now? >> huge business and spending has increased tenfold in the past 10 years, dog owners are spending $7,000 on their dogs, half a billion dollars.
5:57 am
lauren: is it because of instagram, you can take cute photo of norman as aware wolf i believe that's what he is. everybody is happy. >> exactly. norman is the big and bad not so scary ware wolf. everyone wants the instagramable picture and take pictures in costumes and take acute pic, just the rewarded and satisfaction that we get from the pets, but, yeah, that's a big part of it. cheryl: 1 in 5 millennials will trespass up their pets. >> i think that's interesting too. i think that also feeds in the whole social media movement. >> these are cat costumes. fbn:am viewers i bought a pumpkin for milo yesterday and put it for the first time, these are for kitty cats, he did very good, didn't last long, i got
5:58 am
the pictures. that's the point that lauren said as well. >> exactly. >> a lot of people are saying it is expensive to buy costume, well, you can make them yourself which is totally what you did. >> exactly, these are made from recycled amazon boxes, everybody gets so many boxes from am done laying around. these are box, can make costume, it's affordable, you want to make it for flashy, led collar, add accessories to it.
5:59 am
we will have a bone yard bash today in brooklyn at domino park and people can come out and try costumes on and snap a photo. >> rescue an animal. >> rescue an animal. >> yes, from noon to 8:00 helping dog or kitties getting adopted too. norman is aware nows and he'son cool. totally relaxed. >> it doesn't go on the back, it's just in the front, all this does it goes over to arms like it's a coat, you're good to go. lauren: yeah. cheryl: he looks good. thank you so much for coming. >> thank you for coming up. did he recall did he recall inspired dressing up my cat. lauren: i wonder if maria bartiromo will dress a certain
6:00 am
someone. maria: baby dusty loved it all, good morning, ladies, happy halloween, i'm maria bartiromo, good thursday morning to you, thursday october 31st, top stories right now just before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, new uncertainty over trade deal with china this morning, bay join reportedly casting doubt over long-term deal with the u.s., that headline alone sparked some selling on wall street, lower opening to the broader averages, s&p 500 closed at new record high, pulling back this morning 10 points, the dow industrials down 91 and nasdaq lower by 19, twitter takes a stand on political adds, social media giant banning political ads, shot at facebook as it faces backlash over its policy, moving coming as facebook reported earnings, the company posted better than expected results last night, rise in users, apple reporting a double beat last night, revenue up despite a decline in iphone


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