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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 31, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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internet. david: miranda great stuff, tune in to my show "bulls and bears," every weekday at 5:00 p.m. eastern, it is now time for kennedy, and guy benson is in for kennedy. >> well, impeachment show has rolled into town. dc is about to become a political war zone, happy halloween, i am guy benson in for kennedy, it's actually me, that is the costume. democrat pass a resolution on their rules for a impeachment inquiry, not a single republican voted yes, two democrats voted no, regardless, nancy pelosi did her best to pro tend it -- pretend it has nothing to do with party's hatred of the trump, and it all has to do for the good of the nation, right,
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nance? >> something solemn. prayerful, we have to gather so much information to take us to this next step. about the truth. about the constitution, we will do so in a way that brings people together that is healing rather than dividing. >> oh, yes, bringing people together in healing version of impeachment. [ laughter ] speaker pelosi's stance a far cry from this year, past march pelosi said, impeachment is so device testify country, unless there something so compelling, overwhelming and bipartisan i don't think we should go down that path. she just not worth it so, was she only doing this if there was bipartisan support? did she notice not a single republican voted yes? kevin mccarthy ♪ ise -- noticed and called her out. >> today country witnessed only
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bipartisan vote on that floor was against. question to the speaker of the same questions i provided in a letter about the unfair process that we had. what has changed since march? >> well, the facts on ground and ukraine and a few other, scalise claiming this is something straight out of soviet, russia. >> when you look through the resolution you see how one sided, how soviet-style this is running, this is united states of america, do not run a sham process. >> i like that prop, in soviet russia, president impeaches you. what do democrats accomplishing today if anything, might their impeachment plan blow up in their face, joining me, house republican conference vice
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chairman mark walker, let's start with this republicans now for weeks have been complaining about the process, i think some of those have been fair. what would a fair process to president trump on. aimpeachment in this house look like. >> i think there are two arguments here, matters of potentiality, one is process, and one is substance. on the process this protocol has been flawed from the beginning, you and your viewers know historically, this has been done to judiciary committee an open process, speaker pelosi changed the rules. today they changed rules on intelligence. now restricting it from 110 members to 22. that gives full veto power to adam schiff and to place that prevents ranking b member nunez
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from wielding time to other -- yielding time to other members. >> we hear. election have consequences, republicans in 2018 said this democrats wind, they will have the house, they will make up rules on impeachment. american people said we'll give democrats a majority anyway, are we seeing outcome of election having a consequence that you perhaps don't like but democrats want. >> there is no question that elections have consequences, we know that disla is a protocol, e talking about removing a sitting president, have you lead prosecutor jury, and committee chairman schiff who did a couple of months ago discovered that sacred and prayerful process, this guy has been fabricating from the beginning, with collusion, and never talked to whistleblower, put on top of that flawed process who know who is played in character and
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integrity leading with this additional power after the vote, i believe the american people have full right to pause. >> i did enjoy, speaker pelosi saying they will move forward with healing version of impeachment that is total a thing. hypothetically, say that hearings become open, and we watch them, witnesses come forward, would there be potentially evidence presented that could convince you that there is an impeachable, offense. >> a lot of us are always willing to listen that is part of our job of being a member of a elected federal officer, but we have to make sure we're getting full story, as opposed to the continued leaks this establishing narrative that wants to get to open process, it has gone down a trail that was not truthful from the foundation, it like is arguing with your teenager sometimes, they let to set the premise and
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take it from there. we have to roll it back, other day one of members on intelligence com committee asked lutlieutenant colonel and said n you go too transcript and tell me which part was quid pro quo, i will wait for you. after 3 minutes of silence, there was no, this is our point, you don't hear that. >> interesting, if we could see that to television it could be a powerful moment. congressman thank you. >> no question. glad to be here. >> 2020 candidates, are weighing in on the vote, with former vice president joe biden putting out a statement: >> also beto o'rourke, technically still run running fr waoffice tweeted.
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but, look at this, new york times sienna poll showing voters in arizona, florida, michigan, north carolina, pepsico pep pena and wisconsin, leaning against impeachment 4678 and removing president trump from office. is this a solemn constitutional duty or a ghoulish halloween witch-hunt, on the panel. trump 2020 advisory board member jason meister. and head writer of the best hour of your day. host of the every calm down podcast, jimmy faella. >> hello to you. >> happy halloween. >> we look like a for boy band, welcome to the wrong direction concert. >> we're washed up. >> a by band reunion.
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>> antoine, i assume you are pleased with the vote today. >> i know nancy pelosi and are two best counters in washington d.c., they understand the important of tw 218, this vote s not about impeachment. no matter narrative. >> it was not about impeachment? >> listen, not an impeachment vote. >> it was about impeachment. >> this is framework about how you move forward in a process already in place. republicans have been asking for, this narrative this process has been closed-doors is false, frenc25% are a mart of parts. >> have you sign th seen the he. >> i did not.
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>> you see. >> we did that for nixon. >> you said they were open. >> open to membership. it would be no different if republicans were in charge. >> i understand process concerns, and argument that maybe there was misconduct or abuse of power but not impeachable. people do not believe that the call was perfect with zelensky, do you believe it sphwhrfers it. >> i think is was perfect, i read it 5 or 6 times there is nothing impeachmentable about it. you look at transcript. i have not heard a lot of people, president zelensky brought up corruption and draining of the swamp in the ukraine. that is what we campaigned on. >> who brought up biden. >> zelensky. >> no he did not. >> he did. >> and guliani. >> this is a stain on the
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country, democrats have trampled on our constitution it will backfire, no those polls, you wl see independents -- democrats it will backfire. >> no disrespect for you. i know you are painting narrative as you want. >> this is not a narrative. >> i tell -- >> let's not -- >> another thing going on. a shot across the bow. this is them being proactive, they know what is coming in ig report and durham report they know it will sink the entire party. >> that is a cross current, jimmy, tell me, democrats are too far in they will impeach president, it goes to senate gate maybe 50 votes, acquitted to the election. >> beautiful, yes, i will pull
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out here and now political operative to english dictionary, i will strai translate their statements. >> i love the professions of respect. >> i have nothing against black people, however. >> i love antoine we're great pals. >> same thing for white people. >> get out quick. call was not perfect. i am on your side of the aisle, but encouraging a foreign adversary to spy on a political adversadversary is never good. to an antoine's point it is not well impeachment, it is about 2020 election, they want this hanging over the president because they don't think they with beat him, i feel, if you think you can beat him at ballot box you are not wasting time on this. >> change so much, this is not -- this is about congress doing
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their duty and responsibility. >> to waste our time? >> withheld funding from ukraine. >>y already -- >> has not been proven. >> rooting out corruption. >> other quid pro quos have been fully established. >> mulvaney stepped in it the panel will be back. that is a inconvenient truth for white house no question. when we come back what does this mean for the president's reelectoreelection campaign. and elizabeth warren's -- imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs.
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>> washington national fans have been cheering their heads off this week. but with president trump they have done so much booing they are sick of booing. president getting a harsh hello at the park. >> president trump is changing washington. creating 6 million new jobs. 500,000 new manufacturing jobs.
9:17 pm
cutting illegal immigration in half. ib liobliterating isis, caliphae destroys, terrorist leader dead, the democrat would rather focus on impeachment. donald trump is no mr. nice guy sometimes is takes donald trump to change wash. >> i am donald trump, i approve this message. >> white house of lead to charge the mound after the hearing, and what we saw on house floor. today they released statement at white house that read in part: >> so will impeachment bring high heat that democrats are hoping for, or just a screw ball? so many baseball analogies, here
9:18 pm
to discuss is former special assistant to president trump, and marc lotter, good to have you. >> good to be with you. >> we played that full ad it aired last night during world series game 7, not subtle. i think is was a shrewd ad, it goes through some the accomplishment on the economy, mentions illegal immigration could and isis, and x over face of al-baghdadi then to democrats that aired last night saying they were fixated on impeachment. today hole holding want vote, tg not bad. >> it worked out well, that is choice that americans have to make do you want to keep the jobs and resurgences of manufacturing, going after terrorist or leadership only focused on impeachment while things like usmca and trade
9:19 pm
deals that could sit languishing on floor of united states congress because of democrats. >> i think this is something that workedde for president clinton, he said i'm just here doing work for america. trump is trying to do same thing in ad saying look at the achievements for the country, while they are fixated. it would help the cause if he didn't seem himself so obsessed with impeachment on twitter. >> i think that is where the end of that ad comes in this is a president who plays offense. he is letting america and more likely democrats know we're coming after you, we're playing offense. we not going to sit there i know guy, that incumbent presidents typically do rose garden strategies before they are reelected, president trump is too. if the roses are rid, white, blue, covered in kevlar and we have a stealth bomber flying by
9:20 pm
with a make america great again banner. >> quite a visual. the ad itself for your candidate, he is no mr. nice guy. you don't normally hear that from a political campaign, sort of implication, okay, he might be a jerk but we neat a jerk to change washington. is that sort of a response to maybe some of the popularity or personal favorability issue that president has. >> i stj is jus i it is just ret president said, whether you go to 2016, he said he would drain the swamp, he would get tough, with our allies, and with our competitors, whether on world stage with trader it is with military alliances and country not keeping their promises. and he is doing it in the donald trump way. i think just recognizing that sometimes you have to get tough with people, to get the job done
9:21 pm
in washington d.c. >> are a nice guy. >> thank you. >> marc lotter thank you. >> coming up, did bill clinton, did he hint his wife hillary clinton might jump into the race in 2020? we'll pick apart his cryptic quote. >> and a poll economy -- poll could be bad news for joe biden, which candidate meeting busting up joe's lead? that is head. ♪ to walk along the lonely street of dreams ♪ ♪ here i go again on my--- you realize your vows are a whitesnake song? i do. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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>> sleepy joe biden needs to stop hitting snooze button, "usa today" suffolk university poll showing his leeds over elizabeth warren hand been cut in half, number one choice for 26% of democratic primary. that is a far cry from last suffolk poll in august. joe up 32 to 14%. polling news is not just bad,
9:26 pm
also confusing. cnn poll released on wednesday has biden up 15. nationally over warren. a "quinnipiac poll" released today shows warn with a 7. lead. -- warren with a 7 point lead, can joe turn things or hillary. >> joining me now. wpa, intelligence jo ceo chris wilson. >> happy halloween. >> let's talk about joe biden it is fascinating on one hand me never looks like a strong frontrunner, on other hand, he is taking incoming of day from trump campaign and media, they are all in tank for elizabeth warren he keeps trucks along in national average as frontrunner, what do you make of that? >> he is trucking along as front-runner but there is not a national democratic primary,
9:27 pm
when you break it down, state by state, you see him moving to second or third in first three states that is iowa, new hampshire and nevada, they have biden campaign looking for a fourth contest fire wall, you look at that, in a series of sequential primaries that means you are at death's door in terms of race, witness guliani campaign in 2008 they talked about florida over and over. we so how that worked done. i think he is running out of money, he had less money in bank than anyone else. and you see this sort of of circular firing squad between them, it will be interesting to see if it allows another moderate candidate to rise to top, i mean in terms of primary. >> relatively speaking. >> who could that dark horse be do you think? >> it is right now you have to
9:28 pm
say pete buttigieg is most well positioned. he has run a centrist campaign, arguable "the weathe weather --s record is centrist, i believe you could see maybe dark horse candidates rise up, from that stand point it is what this says to me is a lot like the republican contest in 2016, we entered december. i worked for ted cruz in that race, ben carson was leading in iowa, it all switched between beginning of december and when votes were cast. >> so much time, we will torture ourselves for months, you -- dig way down in the poll to find smoldering remains of kamala harris's presidential campaign, it is fascinating how badly that campaign imploded to what do you atribute that. >> a lot of things that go to a
9:29 pm
campaign inplodes, first and pore most it i--implodes, firstt is the candidate, then it is over spending. >> well, you know she famous he said i'm a to want to tee -- a >> during an interview with new hampshire public radio, liz asked about her pipe dream plan. >> an economist at university university of massachusetts am hers said that could result in 2 million jobs lost. he said those would be mostly administrative positions and insurers, doctors offices, and he said that politicians who
9:30 pm
want to move toward that system, medicare for all, have to think about what it quotes just transition, a fair transaction would look like, what would that look like for you. >> i, agree this is part of the cost issue. and should be part of a cost plan. >> wow. she said she plans to release a details proposal on how to pay for everything soon. okay. this week, democratic rival bernie sanders, not to be out don said he does not think he needs to provide any details on how he would pay for his program. would pushing a plan with no plan to pay for it hurt or help. the panel returns. antoine. elizabeth warren saying, yes, i will make your private insurance illegal and actively kill two million jobs, quite a slowing
9:31 pm
slogan. >> i am not advising her campaign, i will say, that we were able to wind in places in 18, donald trump won in 16 because we talk about preserving the affordable care act. and fixing bugs that may come with that, and expanding on that and fact that while some of us may downplay her health plan. it attractive to some she is getting traction. >> jumping in point you make about 18 is fair, republicans the come in take away your healthcare that is what bernie and warren are proposing to do. >> i'm not disagreeing with that notion, i am saying that voters have been clear about where they see health care as a priority, and important preserving affordable care act, not throwing it out -- >> not uprooting every. >> i think that we have been successful talking about from
9:32 pm
that stand point. anything against the that, i think we run risk of losing voter. >> disruption is unpopular. >> jason, a big trillion dollar deficit under a republican president, something that tea party in the day would be upset about, i'm not happy about that said, trump administration will spend, federal government spend 4.4 trillion this year, warren plan, combined, would double the federal budget, from 4. something to over 8 trillion every single year. and see is pretend like there will be no tax increases for middle class people. >> it is a fantasy, you are right, 30 trillion over a decade. it will be a middle class. >> for health care. >> it will be a middle class tax hike, she does not want to say that, she does not top lose voters -- she dues not want to lose voters that is her detail plan, that is who socialists do.
9:33 pm
>> she is not. >> she is. >> she not. >> she says i'm a capitalist, that does not mean you are a capitalist. >> medicare for all? >> jimmy, on the bernie side. oh, boy. >> this month has spent his life at an actual socialism, dreaming of the day we might be getting single payer government run health care. and now we're like great, time to shine. how do you do that? till us your plan -- tell us your plan, he said we down need that, what has he been doing last 50 years. >> there a reason he is not telling us they are not good, i come home at 2:00 a.m. and jenny is where were you, and i am like your hair looks good, right, yeah. hanging out with a wizard that is where the glitter came from on my face. and to antwon's point. the seats flipped in mid term were in moderate districts. the squads of world did not ride
9:34 pm
into town, they were replacing other far left extremists, where we are in race right now, with bern leading it elizabeth warren is way too far left, so much so if you don't want to call her a socialist. >> i'm not sure we would say she is frontrunner. still joe biden. >> joe biden still frontrunner. >> but -- >> pragmatic centrist. >> to chris chris a point if yt until 4th stage. >> we have a topic. i am sorry. you can host the panel afterwards. >> we'll stay during -- that. >> like a stray cat, you fed once, hillary clinton refuses to go away. >> okay. >> one week after her former aidvise raradvisor declined to t of 2020 race, bill clinton,
9:35 pm
technically still legally her husband. >> i am only one that is not running for anything, ever, at least she may or may not ever run for anything, i cannot legally run for president again. >> interesting. >> bubba is back and forth fueling a fire that start when hillary threat end to run during a starring match with president trump on twit thurman. tweeting. -- twitter this month, tweeting, don't temp me. and dick morris. a blast from the past, told a new york radio show that hillary will definitely run, because she feels god put her on earth to do it. will the third time be her charm or will she be lucky to finish third -- okay. asking in serious way.
9:36 pm
if joe biden had bottom fallout, for some reason and they look at petepite, ipetepete buttigieg in opening. >> hillary clinton deserves to continue to be a part of to conversation, she won popular vote. she still very popular democratic base, she made history, as first woman to represent a major party as a nominee for president. >> okay. >> this idea of telling her to go away can crazy. >> we don't want her to go away. >> she will add value in helping democrats up any down ballot, including places that donald trump won in 16. >> i don't know if that logic works she was helpful. she could not get herself elected. >> someone who did democratic politics in 18, 38 states. plates where trump won in 16 she was there thra campaigning for .
9:37 pm
>> that might be more about trump than hillary, but people screaming for her not to go aw away. she is a great foil for trump, i think that president would love a rematch. >> he would, here vial corruption knows no bounding throws us to to astution constitutional crisis. >> so, i would love her to run. >> it would be great if she ran. >> only person who might want hillary clinton to run more than donald trump in 2020 is kennedy. >> well kennedy is -- >> wha' happened? she wants it so bad. >> here is the list, i would say trump. say bill clinton two, he wants her out of the house.
9:38 pm
enjoy his life, i am married a long time i get it. i'm with you. and i do believe she talks to god that would explain the collection in mass. i'm giving you a hard time. i do think that -- a little bit. i don't know why. i think to be honest, i agree she might not want to, but i don't think that party is giving her a choice but to consider it. no one has come along claimed ththe mantle, remember kamala ke capped joe biden, in california she is polling 3 points behind the wildfires, i think there is a opening, if you are listening, hillary just get in. >> leave it with the wildfire joke. >> that is always nice. >> coming up, a trump judicial nominee sobbing during a nomination hearing after
9:39 pm
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>> a trump nominee for 9th circuit court of appeals only weeping at his nomination hearing over accusations he would not treat lgbtq community fairly. watch. >> did you say you would not be fair to members of the lgbtq community. >> senator that -- i was -- that was a part of the letter. i did not say that.
9:44 pm
i apologize. i did not say, that i do nov believdo notbelieve that. it is a fundamental belief of mine all people are created in the image of god. and they should be treated with dignity and respect. >> 24 sides to every story. that mor. after bar associated, concluded that van dyke was not qualified for the position, they called him in their hospita report arrd lazy. anchor of fox news at night,
9:45 pm
shannon bream. >> hello. >> so here is my beef to start. they come back, aba, they hold themselves up as impartial, giving the facts on whether or not someone is qualified, good enough to serve in a position like this in a circuit court, this man we just heard from, we saw there was magna cum lau, d fro law school. he was state government's lawyer, in two different states. and what -- whatever you think about his ideology, world. >> you, judicial philosophy, i have no idea how you look at that resume, and come back, say
9:46 pm
not qualified. >> i think that senator holly did a good job, talking through the point, saying how many cases have you argued on circuit court level, 24 that is a large number. briefed hundreds of other cases before districts and appellate courts, he has a broad resume, i think that abar abaopened tudz o criticism by having lead reviewing someone who donated to his political opponent in a race, which that person is put in charge of the process even if abasaid it is neutral and fair it does spark questions. >> it is clearly not neutral. how does that happen? you are aba, you want to claim credibility of being an arbiter that is not bias, how do you allow someone to ligh lead the w with a paper trial opposing the nominee?
9:47 pm
>> the abadoes not allow if someone made a contribution to a federal individual erase that would be impacted this was a state race. i guess it pass the. but it does open all kinds of questions when you look at someone with that resume. that he has, and someone who said, the reason he has been called ideal log he signed to bs years ago what they were still the laws of the land. at some point they thought it was a good law, high signed on -- sign. >> if you have problem with those position ask the question. if you want to build a case he is extreme ask the questions. that is a s&p rat a sep -- sepe question than is he qualified to me that seems like a no-brainer.
9:48 pm
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>> over a million people are to expected to attend victory parade for washington nationals
9:52 pm
this saturday, some will be baseball fans, mostly politicians looking for an excuse to shred the paper for ticker-tape. >> in washington, fans look like -- acting like that have been there before, like there rehab. this is why you never hire jimmy faella to to be your personal trainer. he loves the nationals like he loves bunt cake. not compared to how hard juan williams went last night, we were going to have him on the show, but our stage manager is allergic to smell of cheapy ity
9:53 pm
tequila. it is nice to see someone sliding who is not kamala harris, she is sliding farther. topic two, philadelphia. sixers bite timberwolves last night, they played basketball. say what you will about sixers, they really box out. joel embiid and karl anthony towns, got into a shoving match, this may be least violent thing to happen at a sporting event in philadelphia, embiid put towns in a chokehold. shocking because sixers usually choke in the play-offs. and last night, nba weighing discipline action, nba are waiting to do whatever the chinese government till tells
9:54 pm
them. >> we don't want to fat shame anyone on the show but we just did that, that said, a wyoming shopping mall got a visit from a real moose. this dude, walking into a strip mall in jackson. locals were low key shocked, they don't get a lot of moose, that is plural of moose. at that mall, high price, lack of plus size clothing option, not us usually what you see, god news that moose is now a viral sensation, bad news cops forced to ticket him for jwalking that is a he only male moose grow antlers, it is amazing what kennedy's team has time to research what you block them from porn sites. , jimmy. not everyone agrees on whether the video is cute, this nuts,
9:55 pm
nice to see someone getting beat besides the knicks,. >> -- nobody had a bigger week than a michigan man committing too his pablo escobar halloween costume, police raided a home, seized acid. and magic mushrooms. and th cvaping court rains cart, cocaine and a port ridge in a pair tree. perpetrator fled to downtown detroit, cops were reportedly happy to go anywhere safer for example damascus, syria. if you see anyone who might appear to be on a major bender police umple you to sen urge yom
9:56 pm
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>> thank you for spending your halloween with us, i got my costume back on, kennedy's glasses, without the glass, so i can read. you can follow kennedy. on twitter and instagram,
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