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tv   Maria Bartiromos Wall Street  FOX Business  November 2, 2019 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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netflix. we have two months at the end of the year where they're going to all start working together. jack: to read m check out this week's edition at barron' that's all for weekend. david: i am david asman in for the vacationing lou dobbs. president trump as undergone the radical dems trying to upend his presidency. today both the nasdaq and s & p 500 reaching record highs today. job numbers far exceeding expectations. black unhe ploim has never been lower in history. the president touting the nation's economic success. president trump: you have the
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greatest economy in the history of our country, the highest stock market, the highest employment and unemployment numbers. we have close to 60 million people working. we have never been close. african-american unemployment hit a number nobody thought was even possible. the numbers are so good. david: we turn to edward lawrence in washington for the latest. reporter: 128,000 jobs created, beating expectations. the unemployment rate ticked up to 3.6%, but within breathing distance of the 50-year low. what's important in these numbers is the revision. it shows the fundamentals of the economy still strong. the numbers were revised up, not
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down. 95,000 jobs up. white house economic advisor larry kudlow helping the administration do a victory lap with all of this. the president saying the stock mark it up big. the u.s. trade keptive robert lighthizer and treasury secretary steven mnuchin talked by phone with the chinese vice premier. the white house released a statement saying the call was constructive and made progress in a number of areas. some of the issues could be on intellectual property theft section. >> enormous progress has been made on intellectual property theft issues. reporter: agriculture, forced partnerships with chinese companies and currency
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manipulations are almost finished. the chinese release their own statement on the call saying it was constructsive but there are still concerns to work out. david: president trump touting the numbers and taking up the impeachment inquiry, calling the democrats crazed lunatics. reporter: tupelo, mississippi, it's the president's first campaign rally since that first important vote yesterday. the president talking you have the big economic numbers suggesting american prosperity could be at risk if democrats impeach him. president trump: you have the greatest economy in the history of our country. the highest stock market, the
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best employment numbers. reporter: president trump continues to insist there was nothing wrong with this phone call with ukraine's president and told the "washington examiner" he may read it to the american people. he said perhaps i will sit down in a fireside chat on live television, and i will read the transcript of the call. he announced he's giving up his lifelong status as a new yorker to take up residence in florida. he tweeted despite the fact i pay millions in state, and local city taxes, i have been treated very badly. he will trade the 16% inheritance thanks for zero. the president ripped cuomo and
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bill deglassi d -- and bill deb. david: joining me, kimberley strassel, author of the new book, "how trump haters are breaking america." tim morrison was going to come out and spill the beans. he was actually on the call. he said there was nothing illegal that went on. a total disappointment for the left. so for all the bluster, have we heard of any high crimes and misdemeanors? >> i can't find any evidence, david. you would think given the democrats' strategic leaks and the way they have been leaking
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the opening statements from people who are clearly hostile to the president, they believe they have a high crime and misdemeanor, but they have not sold that to the public because there is no factual basis for it. you have the call transcripts. you can read it for yourself. if you are going to have a qid, you have to have a quo. the ukrainians didn't know the aid was being withheld. the deal weren't through and the money float, and not on the basis of an investigation it's just not there even by the democrats' own definition. david: that's why not one single republican voted for this inquiry yesterday. >> i would say that plus an important reason you saw no republicans vote for that. the democrats have so twisted this process, it's not a fair
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approach. it doesn't bear of any relation to the impeachments we have had in modern history. it gives adam schiff a veto or the republicans calling witnesses. this is not what you do if you have a solid case and you are interested in finding facts and if you want the public to know. this is what you do when you are worried about your case and you are trying to craft and leak narrative. david: this is what you do when the last time you tried to impeach the president based on the mueller report, you end up flat-footed. for all of adam schiff's claims he had evidence of collusion are russia. robert mueller' went through an extensive process and found none. >> that was the lesson they learned from that. if you do this in the open and the facts come out, potentially you won't win your case. that's why they have taken the unprecedented step of holding it
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in the house intelligence committee held in secret where no one has seen a transcript, including most of of congress. which is why the republicans are right to say we are not going to validate this process. if this is the way it continues, the senate is well in its right saying we are going to dismiss this. we can't go to a trial based on rigged evidence. david: even if there is an impeachment vote, there wouldn't be a senate trial because mcconnell would say he's going to vote against a trial. >> you look back into history. this ways happened in 1998. the precedent is there. mcconnell doesn't have much choice, he has to take this up under senate rules. but in the clinton impeachment a democrat from west virginia offer sad motion to dismiss. it can pass on a simple 51-vote
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majority. in that case it failed and the trial proceeded. there are a lot of republicans saying it would be bad for the constitution and future use of impeachment if we were to sign off and validate with a trial something that is irregular as the process leading to this. david: speaker pelosi is saying since the vote happened yesterday, everything is out in the open. but as you just mentioned, we still have a lot of secrecy. there were two democrats who joined with the democrats against this vote. one is collin peterson. he's implying what pelosi said wasn't true. >> i am amazed watching people
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of on other mainstream media saying this is similar to what happened in bill clinton's impeachment. that's just a falsehood. in pry proceedings democrats and republicans had equal ability to call witnesses. they didn't have to beg republicans for permission. the public was given hundreds of hours of testimony, reames of documents. adam schiff will be able to decide what goes into his report. what they will craft their articles of impeachment own won't be from a fair fact finding exercise, it will be from what has been a partisan event. david: kimber live strassel. the bikes resistance at all
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costs. congrats on the book. good luck with it. appreciate it. the dow up 301 points, just shy of the record close. the s & p up 29. this is the 16th record close of the year. the nasdaq is up 94 points. nasdaq jumped 1.74 percent. one republican senator goes after president obama and hillary clinton's emails. a member of the left-wing national media is claiming the u.s. constitution is wrong on the definition of impeachment. we'll ask presidential historian we'll ask presidential historian doug wead about that and more. imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs.
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or around the house, keep what you watch with you. download the xfinity stream app and watch all the shows you love. david: breaking news regarding the future head of the department of homeland security. a spokesman says chad wolf has not been named as the new acting
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homeland security secretary. he is one of the candidates but no decision has been made. he was chief of staff to dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen. alison camerota use an exchange with matt schlapp to suggest the constitution has it wrong on impeachment. >> if there are no crimes and if they don't come forward with articles that show any criminality,. >> it does haven't to be a crime. a crime is not the standard. it doesn't have to be a crime. you know that. >> it has to be a crime or misdemeanor. it's in the constitution. david: article 4 section 2 of
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the constitution says conviction of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. joining us now, presidential historian doug wead who is probably shaking his head. author of "inside trump's white house." the constitution is wrong. okay? apparently trump haters want the phrase high crimes and misdemeanors taken out. banished from the constitution. what do you think? >> well, they have got to do something. this impeachment is unlike any other impeachment we have seen. in 1868 in the impeachment of andrew johnson there was a crime. and it was bipartisan. and the impeachment hearings of
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richard nixon, they were bipartisan there will be was crimes. 1998, bill clinton there was a crime. and it was bipartisan. five democrats joined with republicans. so what makes this impeachment so unusual and different -- david: right from the get-go they wanted to get rid of donald trump even before he was president. they hatched this huge plan within the deep state in order to do so. once he was elected they tried to get rid of him. now even to the point of trying to change the constitution. because again correct me if i'm wrong, the constitution states you have to be convicted of a crime to be thrown out of office. >> that's part of the problem. history is part of the problem the democrats have including the russian collusion. if the russians elected a president of the united states who is one of their spies, that
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would be like christopher columbus crossing the ocean. it would be like landing a man on the moon, it would be like the assassination of julius ceasar. but the problem is it didn't happen. because they tried to impeach him even before he became president and because they tried this russian collusion thing, they are in trouble with their impeach many idea. david: they are also having anti-democratic suggestions concerning the election and the responsibility of people in the deep state which some of those in the deep state admit now actually exist, for getting people who have been voted into office out. let me play for you a sound bite from a former cia acting director to get your impression. >> thank god for the deep state. i mean, i think everyone here
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has seen this progression of diplomats and intelligence officers and white house people trooping up to capitol hill saying these are people doing their duty or responding to a higher call. david: a higher call is more important than the voters' will. >> this is tragic and scary. in "inside trump's white house" i interviewed the president's kids. they feel very deeply what's going on. it's frightening. the cia has some tremendous people, and the fbi. but do we want these agencies, do we want the pentagon to be independent? we don't want civilian authority? we want to aban don't u.s. constitution? it's one thing for the cia to topple a government in iraq, the philippines, chile, south korea.
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it's another thing to topple our own government. the american people elect the president web's accountable to them and we have civilian authority. what would happen if the pentagon decided suddenly like this former cia agent, we answer to a higher power. that's what happens in other countries and we hope that won't happen here. david: doug wead, author of quinn side trump's white house." as the radical left focuses on impeachment. senator ron johnson is requesting access to all email communications between president obama and hillary clinton to try to shed more light on whether the former secretary of state discusses sensitive matters through an uncure account while
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overseas. catherine catherine: ron johnson says fbi text messages between peter strzok and james comey suggest there are emails between hillary clinton and president obama that went through her unsecured personal server. the letter reads in part i write to request emails between hillary clinton and president obama. i requested the department of justice produce emails hillary clinton sent to president obama while she was located in the territory of a sophisticated adversary. strzok writes, jim, that appears to be an fbi agent. i had the potus-hrc emails.
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i hesitate to leave them. please let me know a convenient time to drop them off. the president's high security blackberry aloud it to only receive emails and contacts from a preapproved list. presidential communications are highly classified. and while we don't know the nature of their communications, this section from comey's public statement in 2016 continues to stand out. >> seven email chains concerned matters that were classified at the top secret special access program at the time they were sent and received. there is testified to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in secretary clinton's position or in the position with whom she was orsing about those matters should have known an unclassified system was no place for that conversation. catherine: if we get a response
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david: ticktock is under investigation. the u.s. launching a national security proin to the social media app. they are raising questions on how ticktock censors political content and stores data. 60% of its active users are here in the you u.s. between the ages of 16-24. chinese expansion. beijing is expanding into the
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solomon islands. the some mound islands switched diplomatic ties from bay taiwan to beijing. the u.s. defense secretary applauding the solomon islands for opposing the deal. the u.s. military given a c in capacity, capability and readiness. in the 7th fleet in the indo-pacific region. the u.s. has 50 ships. china as 150, and russia has 23. joining me now is rick fisher, a senior fellow and senior military affairs at the global tie a juan institute.
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on ticktock, how if indeed it's a threat. it's using, sweeping up this data from u.s. users, how does it weaponnize that data? how does it use it and weaponize it. >> china seeks global hegemony. it has weaponized internet companies like huawei and cpe, and it controls the telling for 5g which is very important. apps like ticktock are like tentacles that are being deployed. all chinese companies are connected to the communist party, and when necessary, to chinese intelligence organs. ticktock is kind of like downloading your life, all your life on your phone to a chinese intelligence


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