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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 4, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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states of america, michae mike . the first interview since democrats voted for an impeachment hearing. kennedy: thank you, holy macaroni, 2020 election is one year away. do democrats have a snow ball chance in haitis of beating president trump, they might. everyone is beatable, some new polls the president is very unpopular he still has a clear path to victory, amazing. now democratic strategist are beginning to freak out, man. the president might be trailing top democrats nationally, but in "new york times" college poll shows he is nec neck-and-neck wh joe biden in 6 swing states. same poll shows him even with bernie and liz, he is ahead of
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liz, national polls, really don't mean anything in grand scheme. you hurt of the electoral college, they got a football team, key too victory could be the swing states, if president wins them he wins white house again. bad poll for democrat are not only concern. jim cliburn said that impeachment push could hurt dimms at the ballot box. >> is it possible that this could have a negative impact on your party's plo prospect in 20. >> sure it could that would make the process more political than i would like it to be. kennedy: he is a weisman. president's potential impeachment would change everything, but if he dodges impeachment does he have inside track on reelection. let's meet tonight's party panel, decide for ourselves.
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contributor hall burg with former adviser to president clinton, dou doug schoan. >> thank you. kennedy: doug, let's talk about this a little bit. with all of the bad press that president has seen, he is fighting for his political life in his presidency in this big impeachment slugfest. this should be a lay up for democrats, but what do polls show? >> well he is well behind nationally, as you suggested. but kennedy, in swing states where the electoral college votes are, he is doing extremely well. holding his own. i see a situation where we can have democrat win popular vote more than hillary, and president being reelected. but don't count the president out just yet. kennedy: certainly.
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and if the stock market continues to improvement that does not just help fancy pant billionaire investors that helps mom and pops who have money in their 401(k)s, they want to retire in peace, that is good news for them, unemployment is still very low, what has to happen economically for this strange rosie picture. >> not many months ago we heard about a potential recession, but the economy continues to do well. with it impeachment. we don't think that senate will actually convict him of anything. the house will probably move forward with impeachment. senate won't. kennedy: does nancy pelosi take that into correction. >consideration. >> she does, she came to a points, when can came to her base, she had to do something, and hoping that there is enough here to make americans upset, but you look at swing states as you say, you have to win over
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those voters, they look to still be going in way of trump. kennedy: i think cleburne is right, south carolina is a critical state for democrats, he knows, that interesting because, as democrats pacify the base, moving forward on impeachment. it also reals up the president's base. so who does impeachment help more, democrats or the president at-this-point? >> i think always will end up being the president and his base. and as much as pelosi, fought back as long as she could, she be only fight is so long with everyone in her ear. it could be more of a popular vote for the democratic nominee, and trump still wins, because there is such a difference, so many people different -- many different people, talk to people in real life, 5% of the world on twitter, we can talk normally. if you talk to people in real life, 95% of the sti similaritis
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bring us together but we think we should be outraged because 3% tweeted. a lot of people did not know that. kennedy: she does. and i think hillary clinton is only person who hoping that there is another popular victory for democrats, but an electorate president for president trump, she wants someone to feel as badly as she does. >> it is very hard to figure out what hillary clinton is thinking. she said tulsi gabbard and jill stein were russian assets, here is the thing, i just listen to hillary, i said, isn't it time for you to go away. kennedy: i am glad you brought up that, there a new fox news poll, first time she has been
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formally inserted in race. a poll said that president trump could potentially lose to a democrat who is not running, who is it wha' happened hillary clinton. she would beat the president 43 to 41%. it is important to note that is within margin of error. she is so running, doug is right, no one knows what she is doing, she doesn't know what she is doing, she is playing coy, she wants to be wanted. will polls like this push her into the race. >> i think so, i think she will try to get some type of base to let her in. i think she says biden is not doing well, he could do better, i could slide in, we look at trump supporters, only thing better would be beating her twice, can democratic party actually let her do this, will they let her do this. kennedy: they don't want oh hero
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do it. >> will she find a way. kennedy: only two people who want hillary clinton to run are me and hillary clinton, i want it just for entertainment value. >> the bray wyatt of the democrats party. >> an insider baseball term. >> dolph is explain. >> to her base, and world who thought she was supposed to be the president. they want her too. she has been -- people for a year have been waiting, she will p-- peruse in on her whitehorse, and they will say please, she will say, no, no, i can't, meanwhile. a tinker tape parade behind her, and rerenting out hotel across from trump. , her base -- i don't think wants her. >> i think a lot of them right
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now they are split between liz and joe. like the establishment hillary fans are like, joe can beat her, and fans who wanted her to be first female president they are liz is better spoken. >> she seems healthy. kennedy: how do you elbow elizabeth warren out of the way if you are hillary clinton. >> you don't, she would like to elbow elizabeth warren out and joe biden out, but polls show that warren and biden are doing better in democratic primary, also against donald trump. kennedy: warren does not do as well in key states as biden does. >> the fox news poll, i think she could do better. if hillary's only beating president trump, a weakened trump by two points now. it says trump is weak, hillary is almost as week. anweak. kennedy: i don't know what happened in her sphere that could bolster her, i sent you an
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article today from october 2016, the most float gloaty article. >> madame president election is doing great is what this read, she is bringing one in middle. kennedy: now they see the so much more rational. >> two points, away is nothing, they are people answering the phone. >> hillary is not going to run, she would love to run. >> she won't run they will carry her across. >> and and she small falls down the stairs and they pick her up. >> democrat want someone new in the race, they are not thrilled, they just hope someone can beat trump. kennedy: i saw yang this weekend, it is a very diverse group of people, he is right.
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democrats have a strong bench, they have a group of interesting accomplished individuals who are going after he ogoing each othe. having said that there is no one person right now, they do not have among them, they are good candidates, they do not have a transformation alcaal candidate. >> lidi liz his is elizabeth wag to. >> she said she is trying to save capitalism. >> her socialist policies. kennedy: even bernie attacks her on that, elizabeth warren and joe biden, we'll talk about her medicare for all plan. i don't want to spoil that party, that quite a birthday cake she jumping out of. she is taking incoming from bernie sanders, for being too much of a capitalist, and joe biden for being a big socialist. >> meanwhile she wants to get
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rid of private health insurance, put forward medicare are i for . kennedy: don't spoil we'll talk about it half way through the show with brian. >> it will cost mucho dinero . >> with more zeros at end of this diner o than possible. kennedy: so many zeros we could open a doughnut shop, and ar ronnarianagrande is lick them a. >> just check him out. he seems genuine, a lot of people meet in middle down see on-line. -- don't see on-line. give credit, she is not a hundred years old. kennedy: who is is your secret democrat crush. >> tulsi gabbard. kennedy: nice, who dow like other than biden and warren? look there a big if.
9:12 pm
if mayor pete wins iowa. kennedy: wa. kennedy: yeah. >> he could take off. kennedy: my mom is going to fly to iowa, put him on her back as a human rickshaw. she is in love with him. >> with your mom and his language, he is got it done a gone deal. >> if he gets near it. >> he gained a lot of ground. kennedy: panel returns shortly, we have so much more to talk about. politics and socialism, but first president trump and his republican allies trying hard to unmawsunmask that ukraine whistleblower. it will work? i'll ask a former cia whistleblower next. oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip.
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kennedy: tensions running high today on hit show, the masked whistleblower, attorneys for the anonymous official, call shenanigans on phone call with president trump of ukraine, have offered to provide sworn testimony to questioning republicans, but president said,
9:17 pm
he is not looking for a pen pa. >> whistleblower gave a lot of falfall information -- false information, you have to see who the whistleblower is, once i released the transcript, almost immediately, the whistleblower's report was very wrong. a details version of that call then the whistleblower's report was incorrect, and whistleblower seems to have disappeared, i wonder what happened to second whistleblower? kennedy: where is the whistleblower. president at push back on same day house democrats released first transcript from close door depositions, they include testimony from former ambassador to ukraine marie -- yovawhatev yovawhatever. yovanovitch. >> cor cornucopia. >> president is urging republicans to release their
9:18 pm
testimony from hearings, go ahead release your own, like arts and crafts with possible sickle sticks and bs. will voters be able to keep up with impeachment pandemonium for settle for something less complicated? with me to discuss, he is back, cato institute research fellow, former cia analyst, former whistleblower during gulf war, patrick eddington welcome back. >> good to be with you. kennedy: is it like a cop, once a whistleblower always a whistleblower. >> you have these things in back of your mind, concerned about integritiy in government issues and the rift rest, it never goes away, the experience stays with you, you look at things through a certain lens. >> is it lineall lonely. >> we tend to have our own very corset of values, in my case,
9:19 pm
you know at end of the day all about being in a position to do what i know was right, i think that for me at least, i have seen so far, two individuals that president seems intent to trying to destroy have tried to do the same. i think it is remarkable that president continues to waste so much time and energy on two people at-this-point who are irrelevant. kennedy: without them would there be an impeachment inquiry? >> in the end, i think yeah. >> someone else would have come forward. >> that or you could take much more cynical view, democrats would have looked for anything else they could try to nail him on. kennedy: they are not mutually exclusive are they. >> they are not, in the end this president is his own worst enemy. he needs to stay off twitter. kennedy: good luck. >> he does. >> i understand that, i agree with you, i think he makes a lot
9:20 pm
of unforced errors. but, he is not going to do that he has a wrapped audience, he is speaking to his base and redrinking -- redirecting journalists, who have become very lazy, they grab anything that he slow throws on out. >> the shiny object phenomenon. the president has a lot of problems, just last 72 hours, been a disaster for him, friday a federal judge said that justice department has to now make public. all of the mueller investigation fbi investigation reports to buzzfeed news, that will be 500 pages a month, not less than that. right, that was a court order kennedy: so much reading. >> a ton of stuff. then today we get whole court ruling on tax returns, and basically like you have to cough
9:21 pm
them up. kennedy: i disagree, i, agree it will makes it way through courts but you think in high court he will lose and be forced by into the scotus to turnover the tax returns. >> i do, i think that law is clear on this, the law passed in prior century. i think it is really pretty clear. but that -- for me that not like the big issue. the big issue is did the president engage essentially in a quid pro quo as has been stated over and over. to get dirt on his political rivals, i think that president is strong. kennedy: i don't disagree with you there, something has to change, and i know that this is a nonpolitician who found himself with most powerful job in the world, and some of the metrics he used in his civilian life do not apply to his very public life. i give that you, but, what about his defenders who say this kind
9:22 pm
of quid pro quo haseked i -- has existed in so many forms in so many administration. >> you talk government to government. like u.s. will do exk x for couy one, if country one does y for united states, it is a different thing for a sitting president to ask a foreign government, hey, can you give my dirt in my presidential campaign, that off the rail. kennedy: i agree, christopher steel who is working for fbi should not have been drumming up that sort of dirt, to opportunities of millions are in hillary clinton, i think this is wrong last question, have we run out of time. so far what you have seen and heard. and koobratio corroboration is e than iran contra? >> we're not therity,. >> sayesterday --there yet, thee
9:23 pm
problem, with respect to ukraine. you have to have a folsom public inquiry, in watergate you had 119 hours of public hearings, that is one reason why they brought public on in a bipartisan way. kennedy: i don't think that public has that level of patience, i really don't, i think that news cycle unfortunately dictates that things will have to move fast eand you are coming up in an elects year, 1973 was not an election year, a great year but not elect year, patrick thank you. >> come back. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up elizabeth warren medicare for all smells fishier than a bus station tuna roll in the sun, but we know she has no realistic way to pay for it will that sink her presidential ambitions? mmy memo is next.
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>> elizabeth warren has issued, she has surged in recent polls thanks to her command of issues as the gal with all of the answers, but there is one that could end it all medicare for all. attacked from all sides for her inability to fund her crap sandwich. a you heard it here, health care has become central issue for presidential hopefuls, because obama screwed it up, and because republicans could not fix it. a democrat solution would be the biggest middle finger of them all, and makes you seem to be a better and braver person to pretend you care about six sick
9:29 pm
people. she wanted to fund her made up numbers and tax billioionaires p to 6% on their wealth, not income, and forgive student loan debt and free child care. if court rules in her favor there is no telling length that ultra rich would go for avoiding paying taxes, good for them and their sea setting o orgy island. and it is also not enough to fund the latest pet project in her stinky lefty shelter, she wants to raise capital gains tax for 1%. that includes any household making over 515,000 a year,al known as paupers in san francisco and new york, just ask this fiscal skeptic with presidt
9:30 pm
warren's chat a collateral dama, create a new tax on people of almost 9 trillion that would come out of worker pockets, middle class americans, and middle capital gains taxes. >> that is not some righty economist spouting out national review that is from biden campaign. bernie is attacking from the left biden from the middle, and scenskeptical independents knowt lying liz pulled fake numbers from cel skeletal air and has to explain where average american has to will d dole out their owy for the food attics, that is the memo.
9:31 pm
kennedy: elizabeth warren's plan would cost, she admits, 52 trillion dollars over next decade. even democrats say there is no way billionaires are recover from that squeeze and that government program. so will warren's medicare for all plan survive the attack from all sides or will her tax happy campaign sooning on life support, joining me, professor chair of business and finance program at kings college this manhattan, brian brenberg. >> awesome to be here. kennedy: brianonic -- brianomic, she shares with these numbers she will not have to. >> she will have to, let's start with number one. not going to cost 52 trillion. that is her made up number, even left leans.
9:32 pm
tanks said, what you are talking about will cost more like 60 trillion, she is not paying doctors and hospitals. >> a good point, stop there, she said her plan will essentially pay what medicare is paying doctors and hospitals, but problem is, those doctors have to see so many patients half on private insurance, that is only way they break even with private insurance reimbursement. >> they would not stay in business if they only served medicare patients, that is all she will pay, why would they keep providing healthcare, find to say someone will give you health insurance that is government from giving care for you, and the doctors and hospitals will not be able to make it at these rates, 60 trillion, she said we'll go to the well of billionaires, to pay. except she will tax businesses 9
9:33 pm
trillion to help pay, that is new that is not billionaires, that hits middle class, that is middle class job process. kennedy: she does not clarify if she means walmart and target. conceivably small businesses with a handful of employees, their payroll taxs about up, so how do they pass those savings to workers. >> even if they don't get taxed directly, an economy is interconnected this probably socialist talk about, we'll tax one group that will not affect anyone else but that not true even if you restrict to walmart and targets of world that gets their workers to small businesses and end result is the economy slows down, and you end up losing millions and millions of jobs, as elizabeth warren has had to admit, she likes to talk about everything in segments. but the economy fits together as a whole, as a whole, who happens is that this was griped grinds a halt when talk 60 trillion in
9:34 pm
wealth getting centralize snood. kennedy: it is an unimaginable number, talk about budget right now about 4 1/2 trillion a year. we're going to double that yet somehow save money? >> and she -- that is why she can't explain it should, more -- this is a greatest centralization of power in history of united states, if that happens. she does not care about numbers, here plan to put some numbering out to get enough to believe she can do do this, she wants peopls faith, you have to believe in me we can do this don't pay attention to the numbers. >> she shares that with bernie, bernie gets defensive when you ask him to talk about. >> everyone i don't have to talk about how every person has will afford this they will have a tax cut, and they will cut you open because you get a free scalpel, it does matt make sense not mak.
9:35 pm
>> we're talking about rationed care. you will stand in line, not get the kind of pair she is talking about and penalty on businesses and beaty will have a huge affect push capital out of united states, and push entrepreneurs out. and you may not get a bigger tax bill but the wage gains that we're enjoying open jobs,. kennedy: i love wage gains. >> it goes away. elizabeth warren is trying to -- she trying to pull com wool over voter's eyes, we're asking her good questions, she does not like them. kennedy: thank you, president brian. >> a damaging report surface that week alleging new u.s. border wall could be cut apart
9:36 pm
by smugglers, "washington post" claims that illegal border crosses and criminals have been using 100 dollar battery power saws to cut out sections of the barrier, here is what president said. >> we have a powerful wall, no matter how powerful you can cut through everything, we have a lot of people watching, cutting is be on thing, it easily fixed, it is easily fixed, to put the chunk back in. kennedy: a very fur fou powerfu, sure. will build the wall have to be changed to fix the wall. our party panel returned. i love this so much. people are just getting buzzsaws and cutting through it. >> like these cake factory hard
9:37 pm
butter to get through. >> we go to electriccasion, turrets at top, and alligators. kennedy: motes. >> let me get there. alligators, motes, you know, that is what we need to do. kennedy: they are exciting times. sharks. gators, snakes. >> correct. kennedy: maybe pigmy shrimp, i don't know if they exist. >> then build a wall in colorado,. >> september he went to border to talk about wall, no one could penetrate it, they even had professional climbers try, just go to home depot. kennedy: then they talked to actual professional, like one talked to us. >> we volunteer. we say nothing. >> a wwrec supewe super star clo
9:38 pm
top, consult dolph . >>s trick is go really slow. kennedy: who knew it was a mark. >> so fun. >> so, beverly, you know, first it is gators and snakes, next pole vaulters, where does it end. >> what he said today, you know walls. not a big deal, he is a salesmen, walls,. kennedy: most of the drugs get here in cars. kennedy: >> looks wall i is a symbol, you learn in politics, symbols are more important than reality. >> correct. >> the wall is key too his reelection. kennedy: that is where the egyptians wrote hieroglyphics, they were first to use emoji. >> true, i don't know. >> wall is to deter, if you got
9:39 pm
to saw it, at left it deters you a little. kennedy: we don't know how much time it took. >> problematic. the saws are, have them scom confiscated by beto he is free. kennedy: i'm talking the guns, then the saws then i am taking you're welcome. >> a fun game, saws and ladders. >> thank you so much. >> panel. >> thank you. >> coming up plump, and california governor gavin newsom battling over the cause of the wildfires, steve hilton is here with more, we'll solve the crisis, just you wait, that is in moments. ct: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right, by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. you can get your interest rate right by locking in a fixed low rate today.
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♪ wielwe'll be riding wildfire ♪ >> frontier. >> california wildfires are under control but there is still a dumpster fire burning on
9:44 pm
twitter, president trump has gotten into a war of words who governor hegovernor he all but r the mess, tweeting: >> i don't know what that is? president slammed newsom for begging federal for money every year while his state burns, imclearinimblowerring him to get together, and governor tweeted. you don't believe in climate change, you're excused from this conversation. can they mind a way to kiss and make up. in studio, host of next revolution sunday night. on fox news channel, steve hilton. welcome back. >> great to see. >> you and i are deeply invested in beautiful state of
9:45 pm
california. >> yes. kennedy: it is maddening to watch. layers of bureaucracy between the municipalities that use environmental regulation as a she'lshield to not cut some oxyn that once it ignitessed from a single part sets off acres. >> that is what is so infuriating. what does it take, a spark, and ignition and fuel, they are both that. nothing to do with climate change, the fact have you so much going off now to ignite the fires because eelectrical equipment in the state, pg&e utility that runs system there they have the old powers and cables. kennedy: it is all broken. >> a hundred years old. >> still used, and broken, they say their 30 billion in debt, but in meantime they get
9:46 pm
billions in rebates. >> they blame climate change, but the reason they have not updated their equipment because the democrat legislate our in sacramento, forcing them to do -- i don't know electric car recharges stations and spend money to green stuff it may be good but it can't be the priority when their equipment is falling apart. kennedy: i will grant yes, the cycle is changes and the cycles of drought and rain continue, it all dries out then you have two years of nothing but rain, then it turns green then is dice again. dies again this newell. >> that is -- part, again the environmental rig laying regula, forget about the forest. the brush. i have a friend that was in a situation they were trying to clear brush on their land, they were stopped from doing it by local environmental regulator body, stop, why?
9:47 pm
they had a rule about habitat loss. it is ridiculous. by the way this argument with between newsom and president is ridiculous, a year ago president said the same thing, you have to have better forest management,. kennedy: they have the money to do it. >> to be fair positio to -- gavn newsom, he did start implementing that forest management plan, but min that trump does is, you have to go anti-trump slim climate change. >> so much more expensive to the wildfires than it is to beat it. >> wisdom, brilliance, in one man. >> topical storm is next. peyton, perfec. what are you doing?
9:48 pm
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kennedy: over 50 thousand runners took part in new york city marathon yesterday. the way that de blasio lost control of the city hard to tell who is running the marathon, who is just running. fire starter pistol in self-defense. this is is topical storm. >> topic one.
9:52 pm
let's go to washington. a gym where all treadmills have a pause button. get it. because cats -- meow. check out the cat her owner put her on a weight loss program after realizing only time she chases string, when it was tied to a pot roast, and elizabeth warren wants toupe you to, pay r health care. and she never would have got then fat in washington state not legalized weed. now all of the stoner, cats are now in ben & jerry's, feline obese see i problem. and jeffrey epstein did not kill himself. >> topic two.
9:53 pm
let's go to fullerton, california, a door cam got -- caught a flasher. why don't i have this kind of door cam, woo. all right. that right there is a meteor flaming out across southern california sky. not mostic seeing video from topical storm. but nice to see someone flames out beside beto. watch me get my teeth cleaned. such a shame to see him did so soon, he came off like a member of the kennedy family, behind the wheel, too soon? meteor mayhem was spotted in reapy, nevada, one residence said it was like nothing he had seen before, like a false set of teeth. i upset reno.
9:54 pm
somewhere, besieged with influx of e-mail. i can hear the lips flap, digi, ding. >> topic three. popeye a brough's brought back e chicken sandwich yesterday, people really like standing in line, like a bunch of powel -- o >> if you check out 2016 election results. sure you can beat us at polls but we're undefeated in beer pong. popeye a pandemonium left tension running high in washington state the fur was flying. a few more pounds. right now she is only on love
9:55 pm
handle ons. yeah. topic 4. mug shot monday. police are not clowning around, 39 we'r-year-old jason mann. police stopped him from menacing kids, and realized hig he a outstanding warrant, he was penny wise, a dollar foolish, he faces 5,000 in fines that. court case scheduled for friday. a jury consists of 12 peers they are showing up to court in one car. he lost his job as local retail store, his employees havity to fill position, safe to say whoever replaces him will with big shoes to fill. mouth trumpet monday is next, we'll be right back. he wanted someone super quiet.
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♪ kennedy: mouth trumpet monday. here we go. ♪ ♪
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>> thank you for watching, you can follow me on twitter and instagram, tomorrow might, tom bevin,ly lee carter and david bruno, good night. lou: good evening, we begin with a broad rally in the stock market. a record session on wall street today. the dow, nasdaq and s & p all closing at record highs. president trump has delivered on all of his campaign promises to restore prosperity to the nation and to all americans. an historic performance by any measure. but the radical dimms continue to subvert and overthrow this president. adapt schiff release his first transcript from the secret closed door hearings.


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