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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 4, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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follow me on facebook and twit and instagram @loudobbstonight. trish: the left wants you to believe our economy is struggling, joblessness is rampant and wages are under fire. socialism they say is the absolute only remedy to fix it. that is one big fat lie. good evening, everyone, i'm trish regan. even nancy pelosi knows it's a lie. that's why she is warning her party to find itself. she says drastic shifts to the left will not flip battleground states. and i agree. but that isn't going to stop them from trying. are you ready for a socialist
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northeastern elitist ticket to lead the democrats 2020? vermont senator bernie sanders is positioned to win iowa and elizabeth warren is poised to win new hampshire. they want us to think our economy is so bad that there is no future without them. that's why the mainstream media keeps ignoring the job numbers. the economic reports, the highs on the stock market. they want you to be ashamed of your country and your president. and they want you to be nervous about your economic future. you would think they could try and come up with something a little more original. but in politics everyone is trying to sell something. the president is selling a very positive message. one of economic hope. the left, well, it's a negative
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one. if you believe, if you really believe there is no hope. if you believe the united states is so desperate you will have no opportunity, no future, without a complete overhall of our economy. maybe you would be willing to fall in line with a socialist playbook that turns away the principles of capitalism, values that catapulted us into the greatest economy on earth. they want you to trade it in for what? a system that reward those in government bureaucracy above others. in their model they have the authority to pick all the winners and losers. the authority to steal your money. because, you know, you didn't earn it. you didn't create it. the lies made famous to the precursor barack obama. >> if you are successful, you didn't get that on your own. if you have got a business, you
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didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> a very rigged economy. the greed and corruption of the corporate elites, crooks on wall street. >> break up big tech, break up big banking, break up big pharma. it's time for a wealth tax in america. trish: you know who else had that line? who else believed those with wealth didn't deserve it? hugo chavez, the man who single handedly took the most prosperous latin american country into the state it's in today. i don't know what happened to the democratic party i knew as a kid. these socialists are playing a deliberate political move, one
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that's been played over and over again. it's happening now in part in reaction to the 2011 financial crisis -- the 2007 financial crisis. and they have no new material. now going back historically after the crash of 1929 that led into the depression. consider how fdr was able to manipulate that economic vulnerability into a lot of socialist programs. it only served to saddle yours and mine and my children's lives with a massive debt and price controls and union rules that prevent businesses and farers from reengage in a market economy.
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the book called county forgotten man" is one i highly recommend. they want a playbook that would horrify even fdr. it as dangerous model. remember it took president kennedy and president reagan and most recently president trump to undo the massive taxation the democrats put on the table. i mention kennedy as a remind tore everyone. cutting taxes, giving the american people the ability to keep what they already earned need not be political. it's an economic prescription for success and lawmakers should want to embrace that regardless of what side they are on. we are not there. we work for ourselves. we do not work for the united states government. but here is why the socialist
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political playbook is so vulnerable and why. our economy is still going hot. the democrats didn't think trump would succeed in creating economic growth. you get sanders and warren and others trying to convince americans. i mean, at least back in the great depression there were economic problems to run on. they had a country struggling with 90% unemployment. you had the dust bowl. and people needed to believe in something. fdr gave them that hope for change and new economic order. but today does beth warren and about d but today elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are
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blaming the creators of wealth. it's a billionaire entrepreneur's fault that kids are starting out their lives with school debt? nobody is forcing those kid to take out loans they can't repay. what makes you think every kid is entitled to a $200,000 degree so they can get a job at starbucks, then default on their loan and get a handout from middle class americans trying hard to get by themselves. meanwhile, the u.s. government is funding all this. giving out loans. they are like the banks that were offering the sub prime mortgages. in today's economy we have no bred lines. we actually have the lowest unemployment rate in decade. the lowest ever for minorities.
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wages are going un. the labor participation rate is going up. that will kill the dems. just imagine for a second rooting against the u.s. economy. that's what they are doing. because they want to tell you a whole new system, a system that benefits them, the political elites as the excess of y it's a system we don't need. remember this. great civilizations don't fall as the result of military strikes. they fall for economic reasons. and there is a reason why living off the dole became an expression. the roman empire ran out of money because of overly ambitious territorial ambitions
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and debt. socialism is a direct threat to the future of the united states of america. we have a lot more coming up. far left socialist congresswoman made comments in the past -- >> you wrote israel has hypnotized the world. i don't know how my comments would be offensive to jewish americans. cair was founded after 9/11 because they recognized some people did something. trish: you ain't seen nothing yet. wait until you here now what she is saying about america. remember when steve bannon told me this about hillary clinton? >> i think steve bannon or some centrist cops in here, she is running. trish: find out why hillary clinton is getting even closer to a run.
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but first the ukraine whistleblower who ignited this impeachment saga refusing to testify in person. instead the person would like to testify in writing. why are we even calling this person a whistleblower? why not just a leaker. straight ahead, i'm setting the record straight on why we need tto rethink what we are calling in the first place. (vo) the moth without hope, struggles in the spider's web.
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trish: news today that the so-called whistleblower is willing to answer the republicans questions in writing. but stop the presses. this is bordering on absurd. the so-called whistleblower should answer republicans' questions. the most absurd thing is that we are calling this person a whistleblower to begin with. typically those that have bloant whistle have his-hand knowledge of something and they risk everything to expose it. think about edward snowden who is not allowed in our country
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because he blew the whistle on the nsa surveillance program. if he comes back in he will go to jail. thomas drake was arrested and prosecuted under the espionage act. the government wanted to throw him in jail for 35 years. he blew the whistle on the nsa surveillance of americans. then the veteran william -- inney, the nsa's mass data collection. or the counter-terrorism official who blew the whistle on the agencies torture program. it took his lawyers a year to get the media to stop calling hip the cia leaker, then he was charged with espionage. one official suggested in recent
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media reports that this has the hallmark of a palace coup. joining me now, national security advisor under president trump. a palace coup? >> well, i am conflict on this. only one hand i believe all whistleblowers should be protected. but this is an unusual situation for a lot of reasons. the so-called whistleblower according to press reports is close to the former officials of the cia. the people implicated in the steele dossier who are talking about president trump on air saying he's a rugs agent and should be arrested. as you just pointed out, the whistleblower law was supposed to be you had first-hand knowledge of something. it was o'in your office. you were participating in meetings. the whistleblower law was changed weeks before this
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whistleblower report came out. second hand hearsay is good enough. then the third point i find upsetting. the so-called whistleblower has had close connections with chairman schiff or his committee staff. all three those things are an unusual situation. >> let's go back to some of those whistleblowers in recent history. they blew the whistle and the government put them in the slammer. in the case of edward snowden he had to get out of town fast. if he came back he would be faced with jail time. how is what they did didn't? why is this particular quote-unquote whistleblower being treated like a hero by the mainstream media when a lot of those other quote-unquote
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whistleblowers were vilified? >> i think the mainstream media is making a lot of money on this. they want impeachment. the whistleblower's report is triggering the entire impeachment effort. who has a self-interest in impeachment? house democrats. who else? corporate media. they are all making money on it and fundraising on it. they are cheering for the impeachment of donald trump. it will be the best reality tv show on the history of the plan it. but what does it do to the planet. i was a young aide to henry kissinger during watergate. when president nixon resigned, the country was torn apart. judges don't get confirmed, treaties don't get debated, they don't get ratified, laws don't
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get passed. the entire country is focused on impeachment. the rest of the world says america is dysfunctional. we'll take advantage of your preoccupation. trish: i spent a lot of time studying vladimir putin. walk us through what he's thinking right now? >> he's thrilled. for a tiny investment of interfering with the united states elections in 2016, he has the world talking about him. trish: he will divide a country, right? he's less worried about the united states getting it up on you and doing things you don't like because they are so bye fighting with themselves. >> where is our leverage? where is effectively donald trump might be a lame duck president for a whole year. if you are the chinese. if you are tough trade
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negotiations with the united states, why don't you just say, i will wait it out. i don't have to do anything. >> it's a horrible thing for the democrats. it's just been a disaster. we'll have more on that coming up. but i appreciate your thoughts. it's interesting analogy given you went through this. very, very different. something similar. >> it's very bad for the nation and the exploitation of the nation. trish: remember when the liberal media went nuts over the president tweeting cofiffee. >> what is covfefe. >> word that will live in history. covefefe. trish: is covfefe back in the
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we wanted to be agents of change. for the better. ♪ trish: california wildfires are some of the worst in recent history. 100,000 acres destroyed. millions of people left in the dark. and why it want you to see what a california senator is spending her time doing.
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i guess she calls this campaigning. all through the streets of iowa. while california burns, she dances. she just closed her campaign offices in new hampshire. kamala harris is no longer a contender for president, that's clear. why not spend a little time trying to help your constituents in california. the two top candidates are showing weakness in battleground states. and biden beating elizabeth warren in many of them. a new fox news poll shows she could be a contender. so what's taken so long? charlie kirk, welcome back.
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>> thank you see much. trish: steve bannon said it right here on this show. he thinks she'll get in there. she still thinks -- he still thinks she'll get in there. guess what, they are losing the only candidate that might have had a shot at beating donald trump. i don't think he had a great shot, but he had a shot. but they are left to a couple socialists. do you think they will go crawling on their knees back to hillary clinton? >> this explains why they are you are ewing this premeditated impeachment because they know they have to stop president trump at his current trajectory. according to hillary clinton, she said i will beat him again. which is very bizarre. she thinks she beat donald trump. she might have won the popular vote but we are a collection of
11:28 pm
states. trish: she doesn't like the electoral college anymore. the electoral college which has served us very well. >> not to mention the democrats have done everything they can to change the rules of the game. and some states have gone as far to get rid of the electoral college. but i think this frames a broader point. what is the direction the democrat party is headed? no one has the answer to that. you see nancy pelosi pushing against the new rallying call, the medicare for all saying she is not a big fan of that. it's aoc's party with no leader. it's the squad calling the terms of engagement. the more they pursue this impeachment hysteria, i think it will fail them in the early battleground states. senator elizabeth warren in iowa and new hampshire, she is not
11:29 pm
much of a contender. trish: that's one state you don't want to tick off. if you said see you farra t -- d good-bye to new hampshire. >> you remember senator ted cruz won iowa and president trump won new hampshire. the energy in the democratic party, where is the energy? it's not with biden. it's elizabeth warren. the president is up 6 points over elizabeth warren. imagine what he could win by. trish: they put up these socialists with these crazy ideas about how to remake an economy that's actually thriving. that gets you nowhere fast. at least it shouldn't get you
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anywhere. charlie, it's always good to see you. congresswoman ilhan omar living the american dream. a somali refugee is a lawmaker in d.c. that's pretty good. but she can't stop bashing america. the left will do just about anything it takes to overturn the results of the 2016 election and turn us into a banana republic. congressman ralph norman sounding off on that when we get back. does your broker offer more than just free trades? fidelity has zero commissions for online u.s. equity trades and etfs, plus zero minimums to open a brokerage account. with value like this, there are zero reasons to invest anywhere else. fidelity.
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trish: the dems got the vote. so you would think the democrats would begin their impeachment hearings. instead their impeachment in secret campaign is in full swing. they are once again controlling
11:35 pm
the message. the whole charade is remarkable and pathetic. the white house calls it anti-american. maybe the white house is right. i speak to a lot of international sources and the question that keeps coming up is what the heck happened to america. we used to be so seamless in our transitions of power, we were a little bit boring. but now we are going full on banana republic. talks of jail and all of this. >> this is a president who deserves to be impeached and will be impeached. [crowd chants lock him up] trish: dems love that. "lock him up."
11:36 pm
but they didn't like it so much before when trump supporters used to chants something like that? it wasn't acceptable then and it's not acceptable now. why are we allowing the vocal left to and talk or country. impeachment in secret and all this talk of dismantling the electoral college. joining me, south carolina congressman, ralph norman. good to have you back. it really bugs me. it bugs me because i always prided myself as scene american on that seamless transition of power. right now we are not a whole lot different than any of those latin american countries around the world that didn't get their act together and have all these problems and take one administration and throw them in
11:37 pm
jail and the cycle keeps repeating itself. is that what america this danger of becoming if the democrats continue to politicize everything? somewhat's happening in the third floor of the basement. secret hearings. i wish you could have seen the faces when we storaged the scif and just went in. the fact that they had no -- when we stormed the scif and just went in. where is the usmca. where is trying to lower prescription drug prices? trish: they don't want the president to have anything that he can point to and say this is scene accomplishment. the accomplishments he does have, meaning the economy, the stock market, jobs, they try and tear that down, too. >> they are. the sad part, we have an election 12 months away. they are trying to overturn an election that this president rightfully won in 2016.
11:38 pm
the on good thing about this, i think it american people will see through it. you remember when nancy pelosi said she would not bring this action unless it was bipartisanship. bipartisanship no republicans voted for. democrats switched and voted with us. trish: if you look back at other impeachments, there is always been bipartisanship. certainly with nixon, you had it been with clinton. and you can go back to much earlier presidency when this came up. there was always bipartisanship. but you know what? zero republicans voted for this one. you guys have quite a red fence, i would say. >> we do. look at the seriousness. this isn't like steaming a loaf of bread and going before a magistrate.
11:39 pm
you are stalking about impeaching a sitting president of the united states of america. they have had a willing media to go along with it. when have you heard them identify the whistleblower? trish: there is a tweet that got a lot of attention on twitter. it says the person was pointing out just exactly what goes on, right, in the middle of the country. the person tweeted this is land by the colorado-kansas border. pretty cool. i have no idea how, why it looks like this. many people were writing back to this person saying it's called farming. people have no appreciation for hepathy for, no willingness to even tolerate people in this
11:40 pm
country that think differently than them. this is how they scorn them. taking a picture and jaig does their land look like that. >> you have left-wing politicians, liberals led by aoc and the squad leading the party. nancy pelosi doesn't know which way to turn. she is not in control. they are. that's why they brought this sham of a resolution up that is an embarrassment. but i think the american people see through it and this president will win reelection. it's a shame. we could be doing so many good things. for the public to put up with adam schiff who has zero credit birth leading the charge an embarrassment for the country. trish: remember when president trump ignite sad firestorm with his covfefe is proving to be a
11:41 pm
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trish: ilhan omar out with fresh attacks against our nation while stumping for bernie sanders. >> i'm beyond honored and excited for a president who will fight against western imperialism and fight for a just world. trish: western imperialism? excuse me? western imperialism. you heard that right. ilhan omar who benefited tremendously from american freedom and education and its economy is saying america is a kind of western imperialist. there have been times in our history when we intervened in other nation's problems, world war ii comes to mind. had the u.s. not intervened the world would be a very different place and ilhan omar never would have had the opportunity to grow
11:46 pm
up and become a u.s. congresswoman. since world war ii we played a role in the middle east because it was critical for our well-being. but western imperialism now? does ilhan omar not understand what this administration routinely advocates for and frankly takes a whole lot of heat for? the left is furious because the president got troops out of syria. he said we don't need the oil. he told turkey to take care of its own border. it's obvious she either doesn't know or doesn't was she is talking about, or she is deliberately misleading people, lying to people and using rhetoric that is quite dangerous to try and incite them. to hate what? america? western imperialists that don't
11:47 pm
exist? joining me is northern gulf partners ceo, you spent a lot of time in the middle east and all around the world. tell me about this western imperialism. does that exist today in 2019 the way ilhan omar is trying to convince everybody it does? >> first of all, trish, just like you and me, mrs. omar is very, very lucky to live in a country where she can freely make that kind of appalling statement. what does she mean by this term that's so outdated and strange. you wouldn't expect to hear it except in a faculty lounge in college. trish: i heard hugo chavez say the same thing on his campaign stump in venezuela. it's basically europeans north
11:48 pm
american white man trying to take over the world. that's the narrative that may have been true sat one point in time but does not exist today, bartle. >> there is something else i think she means by this. she is not talking about president trump's interest in greenland. she is not suggesting bernie sanders is going to give back guam or american samoa. what she is talking about apart from a latent discomfort with traditional american history, she is talking about something very specific. this is a dog whistle about her number one foreign policy concern which is israel. she is devoted to the cause, that the state of israel as we know it has no right to exist. that's her number one foreign policy. trish: we are the big bad guy
11:49 pm
because we support a country that wouldn't exist if we didn't support it. if we hadn't helped them establish it in the first place. >> that's what she is referring to. trish: are you ever struck by the fact that this is a woman who came here -- she came here as a refugee. and she benefited tremendously from everything america could give her. so it's a little surprising that she has turned her back so viciously i think against the country and said so many things that come across as really being so out of touch with who we are as americans. here she is praising the fact that she came to minnesota as a little girl. >> i'm here in minnesota. we don't just welcome refugees, but we send them to congress. but i'll tell you what, right now achieving that universal
11:50 pm
dream feels more out of reach than it ever has in my lifetime. trish: she says she came to minnesota, achieved the american dream but you can't achieve it anymore because western imperialism might be in the way? what do you think of her? >> western imperialism and people achieving their dream, real western imperial i am is the export to the west to places like china and venezuela of the communists and socialist ideals that she is supporting. hundreds and hundreds of millions of people living lives effectively of serfdom and misery thanks to that economic western imperialism. trish: sometimes i look at socialists like bernie and elizabeth warren. since she is out there touting
11:51 pm
him in minnesota. you want to talk about serfdom and working for the government. very quickly, nuclear deal violations today. 40th anniversary of the hostages. >> 40 years on. it reminds me of how that all ended. the hostages were sent home on the very day that ronald reagan was inaugurated. at the end of the carter presidency. and it remind us now who would we rather have in charge of this, a jimmy carter or ronald reagan? trish: kennedy joins me to take a sneak peek at what's coming up at the end of the hour on her show. kennedy: we are going to tackle the california wildfires north and south. steve hilton lives in the north. i have been a resident of
11:52 pm
southern california for decade. we are going to solve the crisis and cut through the hyperbole. and jeffrey epstein did not kill himself. trish: it's an inside joke. it may only be november 4. but you may want to start putting up those christmas decorations. a new study says it's good for your mental health. cat him has that story. (vo) the flock blindly falls into formation. flying south for the winter. they never stray from their predetermined path. but this season, a more thrilling journey is calling.
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(vo) go national. go like a pro. see what i did there? trish: welcome back time for trending with trish, with me your favorite "fox nation" host, kat timpf, good to see you again. >> you too. trish: we are talking about christmas music. >> that is all right. trish: i know you don't like christmas. >> i'm not a big fan. trish: a racehorse, won a a million bucks in a breeder's cup race, the president tweeted out congratulations. saying that it is a real word. >> i read some interviews with
11:57 pm
the woman, and named him that, she said, he is not for me, but he is for other people, i am can we clone this woman, she said i'm not a fan, but other people are that cool, i pea feel that people who do not support president, they make it feel you feel like you are destroying the world if you do. why can't people be like this woman. trish: a heck of a horse. new study reveals that decorating your home with christmas decorations early, will make you a happier person. i needed that extra boost, right. usually i'm waiting and waiting. and you know we're trying to get it up after thanksgiving, but not easy, should start now. >> listen, i saw this i disagreed so much, i was who paid for this, santa or the
11:58 pm
elves? it was humans and several studies, so there something, for me whatever time i spend putting up decorations, i am not sitting down. i much prefer to do that, also that makes me happy wh happier,g down, if we did a study on sitting down i would guess it would make you happier than putting up decorations. and also the more you put up, the more you have to take down. trish: a very good point, a very good point, i look at that stuff. >> if you have no holiday spirit, have you no time in january. trish: last story could a great story, a little boy in arizona called 911 with a big emergency. he wanted to order some mcdonald's for his sister. >> hello, 911. >> is this mcdonald's? >> no this is the mesa police department. do have you an emergency?
11:59 pm
>> ca can i get a happy meal. trish: a police officer showed up at his house with a happy meal. >> i got to try this. trish: amazing. >> i get it, sometimes i'll want a mccheeseburger, i love mcdonald's, people rag on mcdonald's, i love it, in the morning they don't have cheeseburgers yet, i have never called 911, but i have thought about it. i'm a little too 31 for, that i would get in more trouble than this kid. i am glad i have been able to control myself. trish: kat great to see you, tomorrow night, we'll be live from washington, d.c. in nation's capital. and wednesday i will have a very big exclusive interview with the vice president of the united
12:00 am
states of america, michae mike . the first interview since democrats voted for an impeachment hearing. kennedy: thank you, holy macaroni, 2020 election is one year away. do democrats have a snow ball chance in haitis of beating president trump, they might. everyone is beatable, some new polls the president is very unpopular he still has a clear path to victory, amazing. now democratic strategist are beginning to freak out, man. the president might be trailing top democrats nationally, but in "new york times" college poll shows he is nec neck-and-neck wh joe biden in 6 swing states. same poll shows him even with bernie and l


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