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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 6, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EST

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lou dobbs is next, have a good night. lou: since taking office, president trump has been committed to eradicating violence, drug, human sex trafficking across our southern border all originating in mexico. last night president trump touted the progress being made to secure that southern border. >> thanks to our tireless efforts to secure our southern border, illegal crossing have cropped 60% since may. the wall is being built. it's going up rapidly. it's had a big impact. i want to thank mexico.
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we have 27,000 mexican soldiers policing our border because the democrats will not do anything to end loopholes. it would take 15 minutes. lou: in mexico, 00 miles south of the d100 miles south of the u.s. borderer, 9 americans, mostly children, gunned down and their suv set on fire. the americans slaughtered were part of a mormon sect some possibly with ties to the sect cult. a drug cartel member kidnapped a male member of the mormon community eventually releasing him. president trump offering military assistance to mexico to fight the cartel. the president tweeted this. this is the time for mexico with
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the help of the united states to wage war on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth. we merely await a call from your great new president. president obrador whose cartel security strategy has been hugs not bullets responded to the president's generous offer saying this, quote. the worse thing you can have is war. we declared war and it didn't work. that is not an option. regret bit terrorism of the drug cartels is worse. fear of the cartels, their lawlessness and violence has corrupted almost the entire nation of mexico. their export of drugs and death destroying american lives by the tens of thousands. president obrador's reluctance to declare war on the drug
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cartels is a surrender. nearly 100 murder have been committed a day in mexico since he took office. this year's number outpacing last year's number last year when 36,000 mexican citizens were murdered, mostly by the drug cartels. 80% of mexico is either controlled or disputed by the cartels. only 20% controlled by the mexican government. our next guest has seen the violence. brandon judd, from the border patrol council. and the texas department of public safety and
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counter-terrorism division. brandon, we are looking at what may be some violence as a result that is rising as a result of a more secure border. is that a fair statement? >> it's absolutely fair. all you have to do is looking at the numbers. go back to april when we were at such huge highs. now we are 5,000 less in the month of october than the move september. the numbers continue to go down. we are putting a dent in the cartel's profit. any time you do that, they start to get more violent. in my 22-year career as a border patrol agent, i have always seen more violence any time we are doing better on the border. president trump's policies are working and because they are work they are getting more desperate. wee when we cut into that revenue, they get more dangerous. lou: no one has been clearer in
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his warnings about the capability of the cartels and the extent of their influence and control whether in mexico or what they are doing with drugs, sex trafficking and human smuggling in this country. >> it's a real shame. my condolences to the families of these lost children and wives. this is a horrendous crime that occurred on the american people. and it struck the hearts of the american people and the mexican people. we have to look at the cartels differently. you hear people talk about the mexican drug cartels. it's something they do, it's not what they are. they are operating in 54 countries. the new generation 42 nations around the world. the processes we have tried as law enforcement at every level, texas spent $880 million in one legislative session for border
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operations to hold one cartel. they are a massive problem we have to deal with. and we have to look at differently moving forward. we always talk about designating the cartels in terrorist organizations. lou: as they are driving all of that violence and death, drugs into our country, human smuggling, sex trafficking, the border patrol finally has some assistance from the mexican government, some 27,000 mexican soldiers now on this jointly the southern and northern border with the united states. we are at a point though when the president of the united states offered to lopez obrador u.s. help to take on these cartels. that seems like an offer he can't reasonably refuse. >> you have to look at the reason why he's refusing.
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part of that is the amount of money these cartels generate for the mexican economy as that starts to go down, that's the reason why 80% of mexico is controlled by these cartels. jason made a great point when he said we have to stop calling them mexican cartels because of where they operate. they are not just operating in mexico. they operate in the united states. they are extremely dangerous like we saw last night. until we get a handle on this and put an end to this debate over border security and until we stop politicizing border security to make political points, we are not going to get it done and we'll continue to see this violence and rhetoric coming from the far left. lou: i don't believe there are many people seeing this broadcast who have questions about securing the border.
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building the wall, doing what we can on this side of the border. jason, your thoughts about what we should call these cartels, then. in mexico i refer to them as mexican drug cartels because of the violence they carried out the last 24 hours was in mexico. how should we perceive them. >> they are terrorists. they were organized crime? 2006 when the mexican government under the calderon administration, you begin using their military to go after the cartels. that's wet insurgency started. a lot of people get that wrong. this has been going on a long time. what happened, we begin to see the transition into terrorism in 2011 and 2012. i can remember working with 72 migrants who were route alley killed by a cartel or a car bomb
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that went off just across the border of laredo targeting a politician who was the mayor. unfortunately later he was found in the trunk of a car with no arms, no legs, and no head. they finally did get him. the problem is we have not transitioned our u.s. policies to make us successful against the cartels. i know the folks are tired of this discussion. we have been talking about the cartels for two decade and we have done nothing differently. to see the president cop out to unite with the president of mexico to go after these cartels, this is key. the foreign terrorism designation, what this is going to do is allow us to focus our government on the cartels. the second thing it will allow us to do is limit their mobility. their ability to come out of
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their country illegally would stun the average american citizen. you hear a lot about follow the money investigations. when we do those investigations they take time under the department of justice model. when we go after them as a foreign terrorism organization, we can go after their money globally much faster, much more rapidly and completely degrade these capabilities of military-grade weapons we are seeing. lou: brandon, do you concur? >> absolutely. the blueprint has been given to us. we went into colombia at their invitation and we took down all those drug trafficking organizations. when you look at the trafficking on our southwest border. there is nothing that crosses the borders without concurrence from these organized crimes. that's a problem. if we were to designate them as terrorist organizations we would be able to get the funding and we would be able to go after
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them much harder and force other countries like mexico to act as partners with us to start controlling it. we cannot have any more deaths like what we just saw. our hearts go out to those families. it's horrible what happened. that's got to stop. lou: jason, you get the last word here. all i can think of is the clear and present danger. as tom clancy is talking about. that danger is more present and more proximate than ever. >> it is. but lou this is winnable and fixable. but we have to change u.s. policy to get there. once we december is name the cartels as terrorist organizations we'll work with host nations around the world, not just mexico. and we have to tbiks our uniform crime report. domestically we still cannot see how transnational criminal organizations and illegal alien
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crimes domestically are affecting our nation. we have got to be able to do that. lou: there is a political and commercial reason that that is not available to americans right now, i think you would agree. we have to fix that influence as well. brandon judd, jason jones. thank you for being with us to take up this important topic. the president making it clear, the united states is ready to stand with mexico in the fight against these cartels. these terrorist cartels. up next here. polls are closed in kentucky's gubernatorial race. did the president's rally help secure a win for republicans? the white house claims newly released transcripts from the secret treasure trove of proceedings do more to vindicate president trump than they could have possibly imagined.
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stephanie grisham joins us next. stay with us. sometimes your small screen is your big screen.
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whether you're travelling around the country or around the house, keep what you watch with you. download the xfinity stream app and watch all the shows you love. president trump: matt bevin will protect your kentucky values. he will defend this state taken
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from all-out assault being waged on you from the extreme left. lou: that's president trump trying to secure another term in office for governor bevin. bevin is up against the state's attorney general, andrew beshear. with the race too close to call, the polls show this with 14%. in virginia, the republicans are trying to keep control of both chambers of the general assembly. voting under way in mississippi where the president endorsed republican lieutenant governor tate reeves. come beating jim hood. you saw bevin with 14% of the polls in kentucky. the left wing national media revealing the dimms' strategy
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behind selective release of testimony. the tweet, house democrats are choreographing the releases so when testimony amplified with media reports weave together the case against trump. the house intel committee today revealing the u.s. ambassador to the european union, gordon sondland reversed his earlier congressional testimony with a three-page written statement in time, and in it he claims his memory of military aid being withheld from ukraine has been miraculously refreshed.
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imagine an ambassador who didn't have his wits about him on the central issue of this hearing. and suddenly after reading other testimony, he reversed himself and is contradicting himself. listen to this. sondland doesn't directly tie the president to think effort to use military aid as leverage against ukraine. indeed the opposite. sondland describing a telephone conversation in which he asked the president whether the white house was withholding aid against the bidens. the president said i want nothing. i want who no quid pro quo. i want zelensky, the president of the ukraine, to do the right thing. fight corruption. joining us, stephanie grisham. your reaction to this testimony that is being released as if we
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didn't know that, is being released and choreographed with the national media. >> no surprises there obviously. but the transcripts that were released today show what the president has been saying all along. he did nothing wrong and there was no quid pro quo. volker said he's just presuming the aid was linked to something and admitted he didn't know yes was presuming it. these transcripts are good for the president. they show the entire time he has been telling the truth. it's no surprise it's taken this long for this to come out. instead of funding our military or passing a budget or passing u.s. mca, this is what the democrats have been doing and it's clearly backfiring on them. lou: i would think they would at
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least pause to perhaps rise from their seats and applaud the president for all he achieved in three years. they never produced a president who has done as much as he. don't you think they should hip hip hooray to across knowledge this accomplishments? >> the hip hip hoorays are coming from his accomplishments. they know he's going to win in 2020, that's why they are doing this. this is backfiring on them. we look forward to the next few weeks. and we look forward to getting back to work on behalf of this country. lou: the good thing is the president never leaves that occupation. he does so much, sometimes i think because of all the conner nation and the ignorant opposition of the so-called resistance. it sometimes fuels him to do
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even more and greater things. it's frankly frustrating and maddening as it can be to watch these radical dim fools in the intelligence committee carry out their charade. it's -- it's terrific to you watch the president at a rally. any rally. but last night in kentucky. to see mitch mcconnell and rand paul standing there with him. governor bevin. -that's unity. and something we are seeing more of. that has to drive the dems nuts. >> this is something he has been doing before he took office. you tell him he's not going to win, he's going to win. here is a man who has never been in public office before. he went up against 16 politicians, won the presidency. has gotten results for three years. it's driving them crazy.
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the more you push back on him, the harder he's going to fight and the more motivated he will be to win. but they don't learn their lesson and that's fine. we'll see him in 2020 and they will have to deal with him for the next four years. lou: it doesn't hurt as you were taking us down memory lane. the relentless moments, they were sweet indeed. >> yes, they were. lou: the new demand made in the case of general michael flynn. we'll take it up with the one making those demands. his defense attorney, sidney powell. an nbc anchor admitting her network stopped an explosive story about jeffrey epstein. stay with us.
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president trump: the american people are fed up with democrat lies, hoaxes and slander, the democrats' outrageous conduct has created an angry majority that will vote the do-nothing democrats the hell out of office. lou: the hell out of office. president last night on the radical dimms efforts to subvert and overthrow his presidency. now lev parnas is reportedly cooperating with the investigation. he's willing to testify after previously rejecting those requests. the roger stone circus has begun. day one of stone's trial off to a hectic start. altercations in the hallway between people connected to the case, a pro expect tough juror
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was carried out on a stretcher, and stone leaving the proceedings complaining about food poisoning. project veritas releasing hot mic footage of abc anchor claiming abc killed her story that would have exposed epstein three years ago. >> we realized jeffrey epstein was the most prolific pedophile. she had has been in hiding. we convinced her to come out and talk to us. we had clinton, everything. i tried for three years to get it on to no avail. lou: apparently abc executives are trying to couple something of a calming statement afterring roback says she was caught in
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scene unguarded moment, obviously. she said she believes epstein was in fact killed. joining us tonight, former reagan white house political director, ed rollins. great to have you with us. your reaction to the amy roback story. >> i think abc basically is a political entity, the head of disney is an active democrat. he is even talking about running for president. this was more about the clintons. lou: do you think he will run as a republican? >> certainly not as a republican. it's more the clintons they were trying to protect. and the idea nobody knew who epstein was. anybody who knew anything about epstein knew of he was a bad guy. lou: lev parnas, the person
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working with rudy giuliani to obtain further information on ukraine, can cooperating with the inquiry. if there is no reason to believe he did anything wrong. >> the whole story is absurd. at the end of the day the man who got elected president in ukraine promised to clean up the country because it was so corrupt. the president said clean up your country and keep your promises. that's the bottom line. this is all part of the deep state'sen' efforts to take this president down. they are pretty good at way they do this and we have to be tougher and better. we have truth on our side. lou: the transcripts coming out from the committees under the guiding hand of adam schiff, i frankly see nothing in them that amounts to a hill of beans. and i cannot imagine why the
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national left-wing media is complicit as it is with these people doesn't declare what is obvious to everyone. there is nothing here. >> they have a vested interest in trying to take this president down and they have since day one. lou: at what point does pretext and pretense become so burdensome. >> you are dealinged with old journalism where you have try to tell a real story. to take tremendous out was the goal since he was inaugurated. i don't think it's going to work. there is no there there. at the end of the day, people are going to see that. lou: look at the rally last night in kentucky. i mean, those people absolutely love this president, and you know, they haven't seen that kind of adulation for any
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president. i would say, since probably kennedy. >> democrats. they really haven't. lou: reagan didn't get the kind of crowd this president gets. >> having been involved with some of those, we didn't get them on and regular basis. but we had 50,000. both men loved by the base. but this president has gone out every week and people want to show their support. they stand there for long hours to get into these events. up look at the national polls. they don't have them in the states that matter. the president is still holding up strong after two years of nonstop assault. lou: it's really longer than three years because we are approaching the three-year anniversary of election 2016.
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and we are getting right up on it. >> no president has ever taken a beating in the media that he's taken. >> he stands strong, and that in and of itself is remarkable. the awful and aggravating, deeply frustrating thing for most americans is to see a president treated this way by a bunch of to me low lifes in the radical democratic party. >> the deep state is real. we are seeing it up close in person. never underestimate it again. lou: i think that's true. ed rollins, good to see you. >> we should have two victories today and two governorships. it should be a different story tomorrow. lou: matt bevin is continuing to
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lead in kentucky. lou: watch this, saving this man in the highlight who fell on to the tracks. john carr saw the man fall, watch how close this is as he reaches down to grab the man and pull him to safety just as they say in the nick of time. he says he doesn't want to be called a hero. he's just glad he could save the man's life. the united states considers dropping tariffs against china with no deal signed. is that such a good idea? we'll take that and more after this quick break. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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president trump: i withdrew our nation from the more icial iran nuclear deal. not the same country. when i came in, that country, there were 18 different sites of con application, the --of confl. lou: we are learning today iran has violated a fourth term from
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that deal. iran begin enriching uranium at an underground site. officials say they are enriching 5,000 grams of uranium a day. that number was 450 grams a few days ago. u.s. officials in their talks on trade considering at least what the chinese are calling for which is the rollback of some of the president's tariffs as part of an agreement on any phase one trade deal. none of this apparently has been committed to paper. it's interesting the chinese government is making all sorts of inroads into u.s. media to let us know their negotiators want those tariffs to gone into
4:41 am
effect. it's being considered apparently, i don't know if it's considers deeply or just dismissively. we'll find out. president trump stated he is a tariff man and he would like to sign a deal with president xi. but these overtiewrs and initiatives making it highly unlikely to get some assessment of this. we are joined by christian whiton. former state department senior advisor in the trump and george w. bush administrations. christian, good to have you with us. this story on rolling back tariffs. i personally heard the president say too many times that he's a tariff man to think he would roll back tariffs.
4:42 am
what are your thoughts? >> i think you are seeing chinese political warfare. the report that said this was going to happen was thinly sourced. that creep irword for not even someone at the white house. maybe it's someone at the post office. there are scheduled increases in tariffs that are supposed to kick in december 15 and it's been thought maybe a delay in the increase while we see if they comply, i think we know the chinese are not going to comply. but the president is bending over backwards to get the ability to come clean on some of this stuff. >> this is a stuff phase one. the president said it's important, the effect of his words it's very important. at the same time there is no sign of a paper record of the deal. there doesn't seem to be any great appetite on the pathr part
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of either side to get this structured in such a way that it would satisfy the early statements of either president about what they would go for, whether china or the united states in a deal. >> from the beginning the chinese have been trying to walk things back. they said the $40 billion or $50 billion is dependent on a reduction in tariffs. that's not what they agreed to when they were in washington. now their messaging is in order to get to this deal, they want all of the tariffs that have been enacted since president trump took office. that would mean removing the ones that are scheduled increases. but half of our imports from china. i don't think that's anywhere on the table. i think that's chinese misinformation. lou: i think wall street and the
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usual suspects, the koch brothers, with steve schwarzman, you name it, are behind these reports and driving the narrative. what do you think the political impact would be if the president were to agree to a rollback of tariffs of any kind without a comprehensive and structured deal that is significantly altering the trade relationship and trade balance between the two countries? >> i think for lot of people, i think the chinese have gotten away with too much for too long. donald trump to his credit did a great job. if you gave up existing tariffs which you don't have to do. farmers have been suffering from hire tariffs, but that's been alleviated by grants. the chinese need this more than we do. even if donald trump walked away
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from this deal and said i gave you a chance and last year you screwed it up, i don't think any of this base -- he has brought bipartisan support. of course, they will take pot shots, but i don't think it would amount to much. >> if he were to rollback tariffs. christian, always good to talk with you. appreciate it. an update on the governor's race in kentucky. we can tell you republican incumbent matt bevin is up about 9 points. this lead has been building throughout the early minutes against the democratic attorney general opposition andy beshear. he has 42% of the precincts reporting. the gap is widening. we'll update you throughout this hour. a record-setting day on wall
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street. the dow and nasdaq setting new record closes a second straight day. the dow up 30 points. the s & p dropped 4. the nasdaq up more than a point. volume on the big board picking up from yesterday's heavier levels. 4.5 billion shares. the heavy trading seems to confirm the direction of these record closes. we'll see. crude oil up over a percent. $57 a barrel. silver down 3%. and up next, former national security advisor general michael flynn. he wants the case against him thrown out of court. he's got the right attorney to achieve that. sidney powell joins us after this quick break. stay with us.
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lou: joining us now, said any powell, former federal prosecutor and author. let's start with the flynn motion here. is there any reason why the department of justice couldn't, shouldn't comply with your request to have a full search of
4:51 am
the data base that would reveal what you expect to find? >> no, absolutely not, lou. it should be absolutely required in this case. we found extraordinary breaches of protocol. one ridiculous thing after the other. the government just wrote us and said for the last 8 months they misidentified the agents who wrote each of the notes. they had it backwards. lou: for crying out loud. what is the import of that? i understand it's frustrating and frankly stupid of them. but is there anything about it that suggests that it is conscious malfeasance or is it just simply sloppiness? >> it's simply raises a lot more questions. we need hand writing samples from the two agents. we need to know the unredacted
4:52 am
documents. we have heavily redacted documents with respect to notes and 302s. we need them unredacted because they are supposed to bear the agents' signatures and dates. it raises more questions. lou: you have said the government has been unconscionable in its conduct. where do we stand with the judge making a ruling on your seeking, if you will, to have this all reversed. where are we? >> first, we want all the evidence we requested disclosed. because we want to show exactly what happened here. the american public deserves to know, the court deserves to know how badly it's been lied to, and certainly general flynn does. we are asking for all the evidence we listed in our original motion to be produced, then we'll seek to remove for
4:53 am
egregious misconduct. we probably have enough already. but judge sullivan could do it on his own if he wants to. i think at a minimum he will order the government to produce more evidence than it has in the past. >> i'm expecting it within a couple of weeks. he said he wanted to move this along. >> i guess in federal court parlance that's moving it along. it seems to me that it is at best no more than a trot when a full gallop seems to be in order. >> i agree with you on that. but he did allow the parties a full and comprehensive briefing. i think he's got all he need now to make his ruling without further ado. lou: is there any reason why we
4:54 am
should not expect the attorney general appointed by this president to simply expeditiously withdraw from this case and across knowledge what you have discovered so far? why perpetuate this? >> i'm surprised the department of justice hasn't come in and done something already, at least produce prosecutors to produce all the brady evidence. maybe he's giving the prosecutor enough rope to hang himself. lou: i suppose it's not cold comfort to general flynn, but it has to be agonizing with what the man has gone through to have even a day's delay in getting this burden off his back and his spirit. sidney powell, your indomitable spirit serving justice well and the general.
4:55 am
and we appreciate you taking time to, us. what's the next step? >> the next step is for judge sullivan to issue his order compelling the government to provide more evidence. >> sydney, thanks so much. we appreciate it always. sidney powell. stay with us. we'll be right back. hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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lou: thank you to president
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trump. at his rally in kentucky he had 40,000 folks at that rally. he said this to the crowd. president trump: the great lou dobbs. he said when trump took over, president trump, he used say, trump is a great president. then he said trump is the greatest president since ronald reagan. lou: and then i said he's the greatest president ever. and i meant every word of it. an update on the governor's race in kentucky. republican incumbent matt bevin who had been up early in the count seems to be sliding just a bit as andy beshear is coming in with bigger numbers as the larger cities, lexington, frankfurt and louisville get their votes current. the race starting to turn in a
5:00 am
different direction. we'll see which way the turns go. that's it for us. thanks for being with us. victoria toensing, joe digenova and doug collilililili lauren: it is a.m. here are your top stories. the dow and a nasdaq hit new highs. could trade and earnings optimism push the stock market to more records today. ashley: that's the question. too close to call, why republicans won't concede defeat in the kentucky giew gubernatorl race. and the president heading to louisiana today, hoping to unseat the democrat governor. lauren: all of this seen as a test of trump in 2020. can yocan he grab more middle cs votes. plus, joe biden slamming elizabeth warren as elitist. ashley: snoring, are restless


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