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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  November 6, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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different direction. we'll see which way the turns go. that's it for us. thanks for being with us. victoria toensing, joe digenova and doug collilililili lauren: it is a.m. here are your top stories. the dow and a nasdaq hit new highs. could trade and earnings optimism push the stock market to more records today. ashley: that's the question. too close to call, why republicans won't concede defeat in the kentucky giew gubernatorl race. and the president heading to louisiana today, hoping to unseat the democrat governor. lauren: all of this seen as a test of trump in 2020. can yocan he grab more middle cs votes. plus, joe biden slamming elizabeth warren as elitist. ashley: snoring, are restless nights, why solo shut-eyes are
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on the rise. we'll explain. it's wednesday, november 6th. wake up. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ ♪ i can't feel my face when i'm with you. ♪ but i love it. ♪ but i love it. ♪ oh, i can't feel my face when i'm with you. ♪ but i love it. ♪ but i love it. lauren: some of the weekend wake you up. ashley: i'm awake. i'm ready to go. lauren: it's wednesday, right. welcome to "fbn: a.m.." i'm lauren simonetti. ashley: i'm ashley webster in for cheryl casone. lauren: let's take a look at how the markets are trading this morning, small setback for stocks. we had a record for the dow and nasdaq yesterday, dow down 18 points, nasdaq giving up about
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3. ashley: what's been going on in you asia while you've been snoring. mostly higher, the shanghai down half a percent, the nikkei, hang seng and kospi in south korea all slightly higher. lauren: flipping the board to europe, we got a strong surprisingly upbeat report on german factory activity but red arrows across the board. the dax down two-tenths of 1%. while you were sleeping, kentucky governor matt bevin not giving up just yet. >> our race, would it be a bevin race if it wasn't a squeaker? i mean, come on. really and truly. this is a close, close race. we are not conceding this race by any stretch. [ cheering and applause ] lauren: that's governor bevin refusing to concede his race against andy bashire, calling it too close to call. president trump made a last ditch stop in kentucky to drum up support for bevin.
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elsewhere around the country, tate reeves won his bid to become mississippi governor, defeating democrat jim hood. ashley: down in virginia, democrats have won control of the state in a major victory for the party, both the house and senate were flipped, giving them control of both the legislature and the governor's office. election season not yet over, though, and president trump traveling to louisiana today, holding a rally in support of eddie risp of oni who is challenging john bell edwards in an election a the that will be held on november 16th. lauren: do you remember the woman in virginia who was fired for flipping off president trump's motorcade. she actually won her election for a local seat in virginia. i thought we should share that. ashley: elizabeth warren and twitter ceo jack dorsey are going head to head on twitter over the company's new policy that bans political ads on you its platform. warren tweeting twitter's new ad
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poll sigh will allow fossil fuel companies to buy ads defending themselves but won't allow organizations fighting the climate crisis to buy ads and hold the companies accountable. mr. dorsey responded saying we haven't announced our new rules yet. they come out on 11/15, taking all this into consideration. lauren: interesting. a top civil rights group is out with a warning for facebook's ceo. the group is called lawyers' committee for civil rights under law. it says mark zuckerberg could be held criminally liable under federal law that promotes voting rights, protecting consumers and preventing discrimination. zuckerberg has been defending facebook's decision allowing political adses that could include misinformation. ashley: softbank's failed investment in wework is delivering a hard hit to the company's bottom line. softbank taking a $4.7 billion loss after spending $10 billion to bail out the office sharing company. wework was forced to pull its
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initial public offering after investors raised questions about its profitability and management and co-founder adam newman was forced to resign. softbank's ceo said he overestimated newman's good side, adding he should have known better. lauren: with wework and uber than a $6.5 billion hit for softbank. good news as the u.s. and china hammer out a trade deal but exactly how close are they. ashley: that's a good question. edward lawrence has more. good morning, edward. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and ashley. the feeling of goodwill between the u.s. and china over trade is starting to steep into the tariffs. people familiar with the talks telling us that china would roll back tariff as part of a trade deal. in an op ed, it says that cancellation of u.s. tariffs already imposed would be a necessary condition for reaching an agreement. the a anonymous writer is said o be close to the trade talks on the chinese side.
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the chinese have been working to get tariffs removed or repealed. the trade talks are starting to happen almost daily now and deputy level phone conversations, the two sides also trying to find a location to sign the phase one trade deal, once that language gets finalized. president trump mentioned iowa. iowa senator chuck grassley chairs the senate finance committee. the director of communications for they that committee says that senator grassley would welcome a visit by presidents trump and xi to iowa. the statement goes on to say that farmers in particular have been hard hit by the trade war and deserve recognition for their sacrifice. there have been no prepping on the ground in iowa and no location selected for a possible signing but the spokesperson for the chinese foreign ministry did not rule out a trip to the u.s. by the chinese president. he just said the two presidents remain in contact through various means. back to you. lauren: edward, thank you very much. the majority of shoppers in china actually plan to boycott american brands on
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november 11th, 11/11, the country's biggest shopping day of the year, because of the trade war going on with the u.s. ashley: we'll see how that works out. now this story. tiktok is a no-show for a senate hearing yesterday as lawmakers investigate possible security concerns with the chinese owned app. lauren: hillary vaughn has more from washington. hillary, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and ashley. tiktok is denying reports that they censor content on their platform after facing a lot of questions from congress over data security and censorship on their platform. tiktok and apple left lawmakers hanging at a hearing reviewing how big tech companies protect user data from being exploited by bad actors like china. tiktok sent a letter to lawmakers that explained some of the policy. fox business obtained a letter and it says in part, quote, tiktok does not remove content based on sensitivities related to china or other donees tries.
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we've never been asked by the chinese government to remove any content and we would not do so if asked. former employees at tiktok say the opposite. former tick toke employees say moderators in china had the final say over flagged content and ignored employees that voiced concerns with beijing over decisions to block or penalize videos. tiktok has 115 million downloads in the u.s. alone, a lot of them kids. congress is concerned that tiktok will exploit the data. >> the threat isn't just to children's privacy. it's a threat to our national security. we don't know what china can do with this kind of social data in aggregate, what it tells china about our society. they can see who we talk to, what we talk about, where we congregate, what we capture on video. >> reporter: sense r tore holly said he -- senator holly says he expects someone from tiktok to show up and answer questions under oath. so tiktok is up against the
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clock to show up face-to-face and answer lawmaker questions. lauren and ashley. ashley: hillary, thank you very much. lauren: the white house is slamming newly released testimonies from key witnesss in the democrats' impeachment push. the u.s. ambassador to the he eu revising his former statement an.ashley: jackie breaks it all down. >> reporter: surprising reversal shaking things up on cap l toll hill in the democrats' impeachment probe. gordon sondland revised initial congressional testimony says he told a top ukrainian official aid would likely be held until a public statement was issued from their leader investigating corruption. he said by the beginning of september of 2019 and in the absence of any credible explanation for the suspension of aid, i presumed the aid suspension had become link todd the proposed anti-corruption statement. his presumption follows another
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released transcript from kurt volker. he said he was bu puzzled aboutd being held up, saying i didn't know the reason, no reason was given as to why that was, adding i didn't know there was a idea he pro quo. the white house firing back, saying both transcripts released today show there is less evidence for the ill legitimate impeachment sham than previously thought. lindsey graham echoed the statement. >> when somebody presumes something that doesn't get very r far with me. all i can say is that the president of the ukraine has denied at the time of the phone call, he didn't know it was suspended, they had gotten the aid. >> reporter: rand paul doubled down on releasing the identity of the whistleblower. >> i can and i may, i can do it right now if i want. nothing stops me. i do think this individual is a material witness to the potential biden corruption. >> reporter: chuck schumer says not so fast. >> calls to make public the
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whistleblower's identity are despicable. >> reporter: this comes as the white house says acting chief of staff mick mulvaney will not testify in the impeachment probe on friday. back to you. lauren: thank you very much. xerox is reportedly considering an ada -- a takeover offer. tracee: they may make an offer for hp. the cash and stock bid would be at a premium to the company's $27 billion market cap, according to the wall street journal. the board reportedly discussed the possibility yesterday but there's no word yet if they will follow through on an offer. another deal is getting closer to getting done. the fcc approved the t-mobile, sprint merger. the he vote came in at 3-2 with the commission's two democratic members opposing the deal. a group of state attorneys general have filed a lawsuit to block the deal, claiming it will
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raise prices for consumers. that case is scheduled to go to court next month. robots are selling cbd. the a.i. powered machines are being used at two 9/11 locations in colorado to dispense cbd products as part of a pie loot t program. they are reportedly designed to educate customers on the benefits of the product as well as sell them. the purchases are supposed to take less than three minutes. the founder of spanx says you're the one i want when it comes to olivia newton john's pants worn in greece. she revealed she was the buyer of the skin-tight pants worn in the film. she had the winning bid. she said the pants, which inspired spanx faux leather leggings will go on display at the company's store in atlanta. lauren: that's perfect.
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i live in them, by the way. i live in leggings and spanx and all of them. tracee: i love the leggings. ashley: this is great. lauren: ashley first woke up and now he joins the view. let's take a look at your money this morning. dow is down 14 points, s&p and nasdaq giving up 2 each. coming up, as some 2020 democrats move closer to outright socialism, one billionaire says the capitalism system that helped him is completely broken as a top ceo calls out elizabeth warren for villif ying those who achieved the american dream. how abc is responding to a story this morning, keep it here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ i belong with you, you belong with me, my sweetheart. ♪ i belong with you, you belong
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was a more secure diaper closure. there were babies involved... and they weren't saying much. that's what we do at 3m, we listen to people, even those who don't have a voice. we are people helping people. or trips to mars. no commission. delivery drones, or the latest phones. no commission. no matter what you trade, at fidelity you'll pay no commission for online u.s. equity trades. lauren: abc news finds itself in damage control after an a anchor was caught on camera saying the network buried her three year investigation into jeffrey epstein. todd piro joins us live this morning with the explosive allegations and how the network is reacting. todd, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. the video from project veritas has not been verified by fox news but it raises new questions on who was part of epstein's life and possibly his death. >> i've had the story for three
5:17 am
years. i've had this interview virginia roberts. we would not put it on the air. i was told who is jeffrey open epstein, no one know who this is. that is a stupid story. then they found out we had the allegations about prince a andrw and threatened us. it was unbelievable what we had. we had clinton, we had everything. do i think he was killed? 100%, yes, i do. he made his whole living blackmailing people. >> reporter: in response, robak tells fox news, quote, i was caught in a private moment of frustration, i was upset an important interview i had conducted with virginia roberts didn't air because we couldn't face sufficient evidence to meet standards about her allegations comments about prince aw and her were in reference to what virginia roberts said in that interview in 2015. abc news' explanation, quote, at the time not all of our
5:18 am
reporting met our standards to air, but we have never stopped investigating the story. ever since, we've had a team on this investigation and substantial resources dedicated to it. as for robak's comment, she thought epstein was killed, remember this from michael boden, it happened on fox and friends. >> there is multiple three frac fractures in the bones and cartilage that are unusual for suicide and more indicative of strangulation, homicidal strangulation. hanging does not cause these broken bones and homicide does. >> reporter: virginia roberts through her attorney echoing the comments caught on tape, saying she doesn't want roberts tarred -- she doesn't want ro bak tarred by anything abc failed to
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do. ashley: the dow industrials and nasdaq are pushing deeper into record territory on the hopes the u.s. and china will roll back some tariff as part of a partial trade deal, all of this as the earnings season rolls on. what do we make of it all? doug flynn, certified financial planner, joins us now. good morning to you, sir. okay. the beginning of the year, we came through a miserable december, i want to go back in time a little bit. there's was also gloom and doom. this is it, the good times are over, the economy is going to go down, the r word came you up everywhere. hasn't happened. why was the demise over-hyped like that? >> i think people were discounting the earnings. even though earnings is slowing, it's still growing. that's the difference. they see a slowdown as this turning into a recession but really it was just that if you have 7 or 8% earnings growth, you followed up with 2% earnings growth, that seems terrible but it's still moving forward on top
5:20 am
of what it had before. so i think that's the slowdown. ashley: we can't forget the fed raised rates since then and since have been vilified for that and they've made three cuts and they've gone in reverse. what do you make of the earnings season so far? is the bar so low that it's really not a good indicater? >> they definitely lowered it very low and then we seemingly are coming in as less bad. it's not great but this quarter was not expected to be great. if you look at forward earnings, the next quarter and the quarter after, it's very likely that we'll get back to an all-time high in earnings. so this is sort of an expected downturn. but the downturn was a little bit less than people anticipated, so that's the good news,s is it's less bad. ashley: hanging over the market every day, every minute with every headline is the latest on the trade negotiations between the u.s. and china. if we get a partial deal, what does that do to the markets? if we get a full deal, are we going to go the next leg up?
5:21 am
>> i think so. i think that you have the opportunity for -- we've been anticipating this and i think -- i've been for a long time saying i don't think we get a real deal until after the l election when china knows they'll have to deal with president trump for another four years or not. ashley: this is going to drag on, you think. >> i think a real deal will drag on. do we get the partial deal? i think that's possible. it's a way for both sides to look good, safe face and roll that into the election. i think the market is anticipating that a little bit. it will be a boom to the market and be a further positive into 2020. ashley: from huer w here we coe new records? >> there's no doubt that new records are definitely on the horizon. ashley: we'll leave it there. optimism, we love it. lauren: say want him to keep talking bought th because the ns completely unchanged. brett larson is making his way into the studio, hijacking your home devices or even your iphones, the crazy way hackers are getting into your personal devices from outside your home.
5:22 am
brett will have details on that. and ashley watch this. half court hero. how this college student takes a lucky shot right to the bank. wow. keep it here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ they tried to make me go to rehab. ♪ i said no, no, no. ♪ great riches will find you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ there's a company that's talked than me: jd power.people 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality.
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lauren: facebook has revealed that as many as 100 software developers had improper access to your personal data. ashley: we do this story every day it seems. brett larson from fox news headlines 24/7 joins us with ate details. >> we should prepare the mad lives folibs for the facebook h. this is becoming very common, so
5:26 am
much so you would think maybe they would do something about it. lauren: they did, i thought. >> exactly. it's happened so often, was it a week ago, was it a a mont month, but in the last few months we heard the same story, facebook was holding user data on a server that developers had access to. that's what's happening now. 100 different developers had access to data so that's going to be your user profile, your information. good news is it's not anything super personal. we're not talking about credit card numbers or passwords or anything like that. but we are talking about yet another data breach on the social media site. the social media giant. you know, it comes about a year and-a-half after the cambridge analytica scandal which we're still kind of talking about and it's almost become this like hacker fatigue, you know, where we hear these stories, we go okay. i'm actually curious if people
5:27 am
are even upset about it anymore. lauren: i don't think so. >> of or i or if they figure m putting it out there. ashley: no expectation of privacy at all. speaking of security breaches, can our home devices be hacked? i would say the answer is yes. but with a laser? >> with a laser -- lauren: freaked out. >> this is an unusual story. 15, $20 laser pointer was all it took plus a $300 piece of hardware to connect to the computer. the barrier to entry is a little higher. what researchers were able to do was mimic audio waves in a laser that they were bouncing off the microphone. so silently they were able to trigger your google home, your alexa device, whatever your smart speaker is, into performing tasks. and the tasks could be something as simple as turning on or off a light. it could be something as worrisome as if you have a connected garage door that your garage door would open up with a
5:28 am
laser. in one instance they were able to trigger something from about 300 feet away. lauren: this story makes me want all the smart things out of my home. >> on the plus side to this, the researchers gave this information and you how they were able to do it to all the hardware makers, so the good hackers are in on this. we might have a fix for this where it potentially wouldn't be able to happen. lauren: iphone, getting a major makeover, maybe? >> patent filed by apple, they want to do a wrap-around screen of the iphone, it would be like you have the zip rer from r from outside the building, the ticker would roll around your phone. sounds cool. sounds gimmicky. lauren: i want to know how much it will cost. it has a cool factor. >> it does definitely have a cool factor. ashley: they have to do something new. >> it's going to sprout legs. lauren: 5 5g2020.
5:29 am
>> i don't think that's going to happen. lauren: you can catch brett on fox news headlines 24/7, sirius xm channel 115. ashley: let's take a look at outs futures right now -- u.s. futures right now. basically flat across the board. we'll see what direction the markets take when we open at 9:30. still ahead, could the president be getting a helping hand from an unlikely ally. why joe biden's latest attack on elizabeth warren could give mr. trump a boost in 2020. and if making a turkey this thanksgiving sounds frankly too time consuming, pringless has a new way to get your fix. once you have one, you can't stop. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ why can't we be friends. ♪ why can't we be friends. ♪ why can't we be friends. ♪ why can't we be friends r service, every time. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental,
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♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪ lauren: the rhetoric on the campaign trail heating up. joe biden in an op ed accusing
5:33 am
but not naming challenger elizabeth warren being consistent dehe sendinconnedsen- condescending and eliseist. he says it's representative of eliteism and working and middle class people don't share. if you were as 1345r9 a smart a, you would agree with me. what does it mean for 2020 and the middle class vote. ing mjoining me now is kaley mc. what do you think. >> it seems that biden is ramping up his attacks on warren even though he didn't name her directly. he's going to attack her any way that he can at this point. and he's doing so by trying to also win solidarity with middle class voters who might view warren as elitist. it seems like he's trying to put on that middle class joe persona right now.
5:34 am
whether they're going to buy it or not. lauren: do you think the middle class aspicer to the american -- aspires to the american dream and when they hear comments from jamie dimon criticizing warren for vilifying success and you have comments from ray dalio saying capitalism in its current form is broken, that has to sway middle class voters to trump, to biden, to someone else. how does this work? >> absolutely. you look at the proposals that warren is putting out, you have wealth taxes, medicare for all which would inevitably result in taxes on the middle class itself, these things are polarizing. she's betting on being able to win over the radical left base, but that's not going to be enough to score her an election. so, yeah, if you look at the map in 2016, a lot of these blue collar voters, a lot of the middle class workers went from trump instead of hillary for the exact same reasons. lauren: that's exactly what
5:35 am
hillary clinton said at a book event. she said the democrats need to elect someone who could win the electoral college. who is that candidate? >> yeah, as of right now it looks a lot like either biden or trump. the new york times actually had a pretty interesting poll this past weekend that narrowed the race down to about three playing fields. you had trump versus biden, trump versus sanders and trump versus warren. in a contest against biden, biden actually won in most of the six key swing states. but when the candidate was warren, trump beat her in five out of the six swing states. what we're looking at here is really it's going to depend on the kind of platform that trump rolls out throughout his 2020 campaign, and if he can win back those blue collar voters that turned out for him the first time, he has a strong shot. lauren: what we saw last night in virginia with democrats sweeping both local houses of government and perhaps to some extent in ke kentucky, what do u think that means for president trump in 2020. >> it means there is a blue reaction to trump's presidency.
5:36 am
in virginia, you did have a lot of voters turn out and now they have full control of the state house. so that's pretty important. but it's not necessarily reflective of the swing states where the election is really going to play out. virginia has leaned left for a long time so this really shouldn't come as that much of a surprise. the states to really look out for are michigan, arizona, florida, those states where blue collar workers tend to be migrating towards or there's lots of industry present, those are the states to look for. lauren: some of those are tax exile states as well. kayla, thank you so much for the time. lauren: let's get to a fox news alert, relatives of the family murdered in mexico blaming one drug cartel for the deaths there. they believe the gunman ambushed their car thinking they were a rival gang. ashley: griff jenkins joins us live from washington with more on the 13-year-old boy who saved six kids from the gunfire. >> reporter: here's a possible major development by the way and
5:37 am
this is just breaking this morning. reports out of mexico that an r arrest has been made, sonora's justice t departmen department o the facebook pages, working to confirm this but it would be a significant development. we are getting details about what happened. at 9:30 in the morning, three wives depart the mormon community in he thre three suvs. one of the vehicles gets a flat. they return to town and get male relatives to fix the tire. after that, the women continue on their journey and drive into an ambush and a hail of bullets. the men see the you attack from a distance. as we learned in the attack, a 13-year-old boy who survived walked five miles to get help, protecting the surviving siblings. the victim's uncle praising his heroism. >> it doesn't surprise me that in the face of such a horrific
5:38 am
occurrence, that he was able to keep his wits about him and do what needed to be done to save his family. >> reporter: president trump calling for action against the cartel, spoke with mexico's president yesterday who told trump that declaring war on the cartels has not worked in the past, it is not an option. one gop senator disagrees. >> the only thing that can counter act bullets is more and bigger bullets. the united states may have to take matters into our own hands. >> reporter: this comes as violence is rolling out of control. car l he telcartel turf wars hae increasingly bloody, homicides up 69% in the first half of the year. ashley: griff, thank you very much. take a look at your money right now. you could say oh, yeah in the premarket looking for some direction. check that out, essentially flat across the board. we'll see how that pans out when
5:39 am
we open a while from now. netflix has a new approach to taking on the hollywood elite but will it help them score an oscar this year? we'll get into that story. and don't call them single, millennial harry potter actress emma watson is coining a new term that has some shape shaking theishaking theirheads. we'll tell you what it is. details coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ somebody, somebody, somebody. ♪ can anybody find me. ♪ somebody to love
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it's used by some of the biggest retailers everywhere. a nice wedge. so more food ends up on your table, is that daddy's lettuce? yeah. and less food goes to waste. ♪ ♪
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ashley: show bis buzz, netflix premiering its latest story today. the company plans to show the movie for just three weeks, deciding to forego the traditional theater release. netflix has used this strategy for the irishman to make sure it would be eligible for the academy awards. lauren: so is that what it's all about, winning an award. joining us now, pete hatchell. what do you think? >> netflix is not in the business of making theatrical movies and doing theatrical releases. they're a tech company in the business of streaming movies to a mass audience. this whole exercise of releasing movies is about branding and there's no greater branding in movies than to get an oscar. and they need to release things in theaters to get an a oscar. there's a rule that the academy
5:43 am
has that you must have a theatrical release that is at least seven days long. that's a tiny, tie you any tiny. netflix wants to do the minimum to get that. lauren: they want the branding, the oscar win for their content as new streaming services with great content too come online. >> exactly. netflix is getting squeezed tighter than ever before. this last year has been a huge splintering in terms of how many streaming services are available to consumers. apple tv plus just premiered. disney plus is about to premier. hbo max is on the horizon. netflix is getting tightly squeezed and there's big money being thrown at this stuff. amazon puts a lot of money behind the releases. they are vying for that branding branding, those oscars and those awards. ashley: what does snobby hollywood think about this. i know steven spielberg has spoken out about this, saying
5:44 am
they shouldn't be eligible for oscars. that puts the cat among the pigeon as they say when it comes to the hollywood he elite. >> there are hard liners like steven spielberg that really think you need to have a significant cultural contribution and that cinema means something, to have people come and see your event on a big screen. but that is changing. martin scorseses' latest film, the irishman was bank rolled by netflix. it is getting a limited theater release. martin scorsese could not get a hollywood studio to bank roll the project, something like $160 million. he's martin scorsese. lauren: it's a great cast in the movie too. >> you've got deniro, pa pacin. he had to go to netflix. lauren: it begs the question, is the theater dead? >> i hope not. i mean, i really love living in new york all this time going to
5:45 am
places like the zigfield and the paris, both closed now. there will always be a business in movie theaters and chains but the fact is, the convenience of netflix, it can't be beat. lauren: i was annoyed on friday, i wanted to see the irishman and couldn't find a theater near me that played it. i was annoyed. >> there's something about the experience, going to the theater for the movie. people will always want that. and because of that you'll always have theaters to some degree. now netflix is a player and gets a say the in how we do that. lauren: thank you. ashley: one lucky student making a shot of a lifetime, sinking a ha half court shot and winning tuition in the process. he had to make a layup, he free
5:46 am
throw and 3-pointer in 30 seconds. he did all of that just under the bud buzzer, makes the shot d gets the tuition. lauren: and a drumming sensation plays his way into college. jeremiah travis started banging on the drums before turning one, his parents must have been annoyed. he became a viral star with the local high school marching band. alcorn state university in mississippi is offering him a scholarship. ashley: he is so talented. look at that. still ahead, if you're thinking about retiring, why you may want to pack your bags for wyoming. beautiful place. winters are cold, though. dunkin's beyond meat sandwich hitting stores nationwide today. how you can score one coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ shake it for me, girl. ♪ shake it for me, girl. ♪ shake it for me. ♪ she's the one
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ashley: well, there is growing support in california to buy -- there you go -- to buy out pg&e, pacific gas and electric. it was the voice of god coming in there. the you utility is under scrutiny after devastating wildfires. a group of mayors is backing a plan to turn pg&e into a customer opened company. pg&e filed for bankruptcy earlier this year due to an estimated $30 billion in liabilities from those wildfires. lauren: speaking of power, a you nenew mansion for sales hash electricity to last at at least a week during an outage. it has 20 solar panels hooked up to two tesla batteries to keep the lights on if there's a power failure. now you know. ashley: a new list for retirees, you might want to pay attention to. lauren: you might want to pay
5:51 am
attention. you're going to retire before me. ashley: i think that's very likely. lauren: or maybe tracee carrasco will. tracee: personal finance released the annual rankings of the most and least tax friendly states for retirees with nebraska topping the list of the least friendly states, closely followed by connecticut, kansas and wisconsin. you might want to head to alabama, delaware, or wyoming which tops the list. pringles is snacking up a friends-giving feast for thanksgiving you've probably heard of a tou turducken. pringles is launching a stack with six different flavors of chips, turkey, chicken, duck, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. then you stack them together. they stack on top of one another for a true friends-giving experience of dunkin donuts
5:52 am
taking the beyond sausage sandwich national today after a successful test run in new york city. the plant-based patty has 10 grams of protein and is served on an english muffin with american cheese. dunkin is offering free samples of the sandwich on friday and saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:0. the plant based meat industry is expected to jump from $4.6 billion in 2018 to $85 billion in 2030, according to a july ubs estimate. that's what's happening now. we are going to try the sand p witch. lauren: this is my -- sand -- . lauren: this is my first experience with planned based. it tastes like real sausage. wendy's reports earnings today by the way. they're getting into breakfast. it's got the same consistent significancconsistentssisconsis.
5:53 am
ashley: its is very good. lauren: coming up. it is good. clearing my mouth now. restless nights, why solo shut-eye is keeping marriages alive. a christmas standard is getting a reboot. fans are not happy about it. we'll have details on "fbn: a.m." ♪ (vo) the moth without hope, struggles in the spider's web. with every attempt to free itself, it only becomes more entangled. unaware that an exhilarating escape is just within reach. defy the laws of human nature. at the season of audi sales event.
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♪ ♪ lauren: emma watson new term for all the single ladies. ashley: what is it? the person that knows this, of course, down with the details. >> truth be told, i was watching harry potter, my first crush is probably emma watson, she's grown up, strong, independent. she's like, i don't have any of that and i also don't have any of that and it's all good. [laughter] >> she says she's single, she's not calling it single, new term,
5:57 am
self-partnered, all right, it's about being comfortable with yourself and that way others can love you as well, listen, emma watson, tweet me next time you are in new york city, we can go ice skate. [laughter] ashley: christmas carol controversy. >> they want to redo the classic baby it's cold outside song. they are actually doing it and they are changing the lyrics, if i have one more drink they will add it's your body, it's your choice, then for the part that goes i've got to go away, they say i can call you a ride, dina says you're ruining my dad's song, if you want to do this write your own song, why mess up the one you already have. lauren: i i want to know what
5:58 am
viewers think about this. i have so much to say, tweet at us, what do you think about that? >> don't ruin that one? lauren: culture. it's a traditional iconic song. >> have you looked at lyrics for rap songs. everything. lauren: let's go after divorce, there's something called sleep divorce. >> new study by the national sleep foundation says that 12% of people don't sleep with significant others, 30% can have sleep divorce where they don't sleep in the same bed, they say it ruins relationships because instead of talking to you partner, you just end up resenting them and because of the sleep pattern. ashley: big issue, i'm a bit of a snorer.
5:59 am
[laughter] lauren: people are on off hours with work, they sleep in separate bedrooms, i personally do not, i think it's important to sleep in the same bed, you can talk or watch tv or what have you. 12%. >> 12% not doing it. ashley: if you're snoring logs -- [laughter] lauren: mouthpiece. >> that's true. some people had ipad up at night and trying to fall aslope and the other person is on ipad, it's like, please sleep, very important. lauren: you could still sleep in separate rooms and be happy. ashley: are you going to get one? >> of course, i'm all about food, i'm all about food, emma watson, we can go to dunkin doughnuts together. lauren: mornings with maria start right now. maria: good morning, everyone,
6:00 am
thanks for joining us, happy wednesday to you, i'm maria bartiromo and it is wednesday november 6th, top stories before 6:00 a.m., admitting bad judgment, investment in start-up, we are taking a look at what else they are looking in. a look at possible deal between xerox and hp coming up. investors waiting on any trade developments, futures searching for direction this morning as dow and nasdaq closed at record high yesterday markets are flat right now, 2020 is in focus, joe biden goes after senator elizabeth warren, why he's calling her an elitist and what it means for heated primary battle. mornings with maria begins right now.


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