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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  November 6, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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everywhere else. she went ahead and interviewed the voters and did an all-around good job. we had a great week and melissa i will see you tomorrow back in new york. melissa: was that your oscar speech because it sounded like an oscar speech? cottle, great job. "bulls and bears" starts now. david: another day, fight for 2020 democrat candidates liz warren and this time she's escalating her beef with rich folks and wall street. i'm david as men and thank you for joining us. this is bulls and bears, joining me tonight we got carol roth, zachary, steve, white house hopeful senator elizabeth warren firing back at 2b morgan chase, janie diamond, after he said her rhetoric against billionaires quote, vilifies successful people. worden tweeted back saying quote, really simple, jamie dimond and his buddies are successful in part because of the opportunities workforce and
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public services that we all pay for and it's only fair that he and his billionaire friends chip in to make sure everyone else has a chance to succeed. the fact they reacted so strongly, so angrily to being asked to chip in mark tells you all you need to know. the system is working great for the wealthy and well-connected and jamie dimond does not want that to change but i will fight to make sure it works for everyone. here's a question. will liz warren class warfare rhetoric help her pay off at the polls. steve, what do you think? >> only in the left wing of the democratic party, the left bar left activists will move up in the polls but most americans realize what abraham lincoln said you don't help the poor by tearing down the so-called rich. jamie dimond had the same interceptor as everyone else but created an extraordinary institution that did not need a bailout in 2008 and was forced to do so by the federal
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government. others like jeff bezos created great companies and what does liz warren created other than a strange background? >> this is all about appealing to people who have a scarcity mindset. the reason the system works for jamie dimon and those like him is because they believe they can and they believe in the opportunity and take the initiative and get it done. if you have the scarcity mindset that you are a victim you will not get it done. the system that doesn't work, funny enough, is the government in terms of everyone to be in this is rich, no pun intended. the top 1% pay more than half a chilean dollars into the system and that's more than the bottom 90%. i'm pretty sure they are paying more than their fair share. >> that's one heavy-duty chip but there are already throwing-- look, if you had not put elizabeth warren name on the tweet it is remarkably like trump and its intolerance and dismissiveness of anyone who disagrees with carpet in this case, jamie dimon, i don't know if he's declared as being a
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democrat but certainly more likely to be - you know, he's on the same team here but elizabeth warren has done what politicians and anyone does who wants to vilify their opponents basically thrown down a marker that says anybody in a position of privilege who disagrees with me is thereby a bastion of privilege and against me. that's an extremely dangerous quality in any political figure because it basically says she plans to govern, if she has the opportunity with remarkably little willingness to hear input from anyone other than who's in but she wants to hear. >> her tweet did not remind me of. [inaudible conversations] her tweet did not remind me of trump but reminded me of barack obama when he said you did not build that and that's the mentality i think of too many people on the left.
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the people who help build this country whether bill gates or warren buffett or whether it's any of these lien errors, jamie dimon they bring great companies and i think they should be seen as heroes to the economy not villains. >> to put it in order she said it first that you do not build that and then obama copied her and then she said that was - but steve, you also have a kickback from joe biden as to what liz warren is saying. biden has attacked warren is a quote, my way or the highway elitist, implying she's not only an elitist but she's a hypocrite because she got $12 million of her own. >> that's right. it's amazing how they don't want the rules to apply to them and that's why they say billionaires not millionaires anymore and bernie sanders has three houses and stuff like that but in terms of elizabeth warren her anger and relentless attacking and
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envy of trying to inspire envy that is the thing that does not appeal to most american voters. contrast that with ronald reagan who knew how to attack, make his points but did so in a way the conveyed optimism, hope for the future instead of anger. we got to crush out everyone else. >> exactly. the challenge here is exactly what steve forbes just said, it's about envy politics and coming from a place of divisiveness instead of gratitude. reality is there's no better place to live in all of time and in the world today than in america and people are trying to come here whether it's legally to participate in this american dream so it would be nice to show gratitude and to say you can have this opportunity with success instead of sowing and being in discord. >> i would come back to and i know you don't want to hear this is playing a similar course to what trump played to his base which is a certain degree of
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politics of resentment that other people are doing well and that you're not a part of the picture. she's an equivalent force on the left of the democrat party and it may be that the calculus of that is what you are need to go up against trump. david: but the point is donald trump is a businessman who knew what makes businesses grow and that's why he cut tax rates and regulations and created this economic boom. >> no question about that. by the way, it's heavily affected the middle-class and a positive way. the conflict of visions here is between one of greed and envy on the left and what hopefully on the right is more one of aspiration for it anyone can make it an america whether someone who came into this country. david, even people with just the shirt on their backs who can become billionaires in this country. as andrew from intel did. we want this to be a country of opportunity, not putting
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equality over opportunity. david: 's steve forbes, you have this great forbes rich list comes out every year and you once told me it was most interesting is not how many new people there are but how many people get off the list. there is this social mobility in the united states that today's billionaire could be tomorrow's maybe not popper but could be off the list quick. >> absolutely. there is a turnover. you go back to the beginning of the list and the first douglas was rockefellers and dupont's but no one there is anymore. >> do you know how many - >> that is the glory of this economy. you can make it but if you don't serve the people the right way you lose it. >> do know how many first-time millionaires we had last year? 675,000 brand-new millionaires in america but that sounds like a good opportunity to be. >> and they did not do it through politics. david: moving on, air b&b is dealt by a major blow in voters.
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david: a big defeat for air b&b. an overwhelming number of jersey city voters backing more regulations on short-term rentals like those offered up by air b&b. jackie has the latest live from jersey city. hello, jackie. reporter: good evening to you, david. residence here in jersey city was spoken. they do not want short-term rentals or want more restrictions on them. that certainly would include air b&b and might take a big chunk out of their visit. this is all ahead of a crucial time for the company who want to go public so it's a black eye as
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you're trying to raise money but let's review what the two sides of this argument are. the residence here are saying there are two problems. you're taking business away from the hotel and tourism putting them into private homes and residential areas. that can be disruptive especially some of the renters are unruly if you will. also, you are driving down supply for housing so that is making it more expensive for the residence here. air b&b says hold on, these homeowners have an opportunity to bring in more cash and that's a good thing. air b&b also says this is a lobby by the hotel industry because they don't want another disruptor in the playing field. people are comparing air b&b to uber and wanted but it comes down to money. new york city is the largest market for air b&b and this is in the tri-state area. air b&b spent more than
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$4 million to get its message out there ahead of this vote. the hotel industry and the workers union spent about $1 million and you put that together and this was a costly vote, the most expensive local referendum in new jersey history and there are some national invocations as well. does this set a precedent for other big cities in the country? new york city being one of them and will they start to crack down as well? a lot of questions to be answered and it's interesting to see how this plays out. the mayor of jersey city was speaking before at a press conference and he said he was proud for sending a message to this big corporation that money cannot buy an election but also mentioned the fact that forstmann would be part of the challenge going forward, david. david: its international with hundred thousand cities and air b&b claim to be 100,000 cities around the globe.
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could have invocations elsewhere around the world. jackie, thank you. steve moore, did voters make the right choice? or was it a win for the lobbyist from the hotel industry and their unions? >> no question it's a big win for the hotel industry. david, i'm truly torn on this. i certainly think air b&b has been a positive thing in terms of allowing people to run rent out their homes and make extra money. i like that about air b&b. it's a great business model but it is true and i know a lot of examples where people feel like they're next her neighbor is using their air b&b and their living next to a fraternity house. i see both sides of the argume argument. >> first of all, jersey city is not going to leave air b&b's potential ipo on the hook or quaking in their boots. i say that as a long-term manhattanite who has nothing but the usual attitude to new jersey that one does when you live in
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this part of the world. [laughter] absolutely. i'm sure the feeling is ultimately reciprocal. in fact, there are parts of the world like barcelona where the economics have dictated that huge number of residential apartments become overnight transitory hotel rooms. it is problematic not just for the committee before the local economy. air b&b has a huge advantage because as david pointed out whether it's 100,000 cities or 10,000 but each of those will be fought locally. they are at an unbelievably strong position, whether you like it or not because of that. >> i don't like regulation, as you all no, but i think this is an appropriate use of regulation because it protects individual rights and property rights. we have a conflict of property rights and i own something, something else is owned by someone else and you potentially are infringing on my property rights to live in a place and not have people traipsing in and
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out so in this particular case i think when you have the conflict this is the right place for regulation. david: while, you have homeowners associations and condo boards that can put in rules about what you can do with the apartment and building. in terms of misuse of it you get neighbors all the time. it's a subject of many comedies of coping with a strange neighbors so that is nothing n new. i think this is trying to suck down and industry that was rising up and gave people choices, affordable choices, in terms of new york city hotel rates are not a bargain. david: you like air b&b's? >> i like the concept of air b&b and the competition and giving people choice. david: steve moore, jersey city, to your consternation not knowing the side of the offense jersey city was in the same vote. they legalized it and they had 96,000 residents that went out their homes temporarily to folks
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from air b&b. they decided it just did not work so as homeowners they had the right to turn that around. >> that's right. i agree with most of what steve forbes just said. i will say this that what you do in a situation we have a covenant in your apartment building that says you can't lease the apartment who should be liable then? air b&b the company or the people who took out the rental agreements in the first place? there are legal issues here the need to be unwound. the story will not go away. >> in terms of a covenant where you violate the covenant that's not air b&b's fault but the owner's fault and that is spain had gross overbuilding, both commercial and residential real estate and it's empty so why not earn money so you may be able to not have a total dead loss. david: but the sharing economy and what people said it would be. another big ballot measure
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getting very big attention today. voters in tucson, arizona rejecting the option of becoming an official sanctuary city. plus, president trump offering to help mexico wage war against the drug cartel is possible for the murders that american family there. former acting ice director, tom holman, is here to sound off on all of that coming next. ♪ >> we stand ready to assist mexico should they ask us to do that but it all underscores just how important it is that we secure our border. ♪ only one thing's more exciting than than getting a lexus... giving one. this is unbelievable! >>it really is. the lexus december to rembember sales event lease the 2020 rx 350 all wheel drive for $419 a month for 27 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted.
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photos in tucson, arizona rejected the battle ended ballot initiative that would have put it as a official sanctuary city. placing neurosurgeons on police and their cooperation with ice agents. the measure was supported by a coalition of pro- immigration activists but it was opposed by the mayor and the entire city council all of whom are democrats. what does this say about the things were a movement to connect let's bring in former acting ice director, tom holman great, great to see you. thank you for being here. looks to me like the century movement has really overplayed their hand here in the tucson is an air example of that. >> i think you're right. the tucson voters are educated voters. they looked at the issue and torn apart that false narrative that sanctuary city's protect immigrant communities. two quick points, when you don't let ice in the jail to rest the bad guys the bad guys will go reoffend in the same community and when ice can't arrest a bad guy in a jail they got to go to the community will find others
5:23 pm
with him they weren't on their radar. sanctuary cities but immigrant communities in danger of more arrests in greater crime rate that's the truth. tucson figured it out. tucson does not want a century for criminals but want a century for citizens and law-abiding immigrants. >> carol ross, does not seem like there's a huge effort and even the mainstream media to conflate illegal immigration with those in the country illegally which is offensive to those that did come into the country legally. was that part of what was at play here? >> absolutely. the left goes to the cato study really say illegal aliens commit less crimes than us-born citizens. i would that's flawed. that's exactly what they did. they added legal immigrants and illegal immigrants and used those numbers because illegal immigrants are mostly - legal immigrants abide by the law so that study is skewed. it's a false narrative and want
5:24 pm
to confuse the american people but thank god got people like this network and i've done 200 hits this past year trying to educate people on what sanctuary city's are and what the falsehood behind the whole left game is. >> steve forbes here. what were the particular arguments that persuaded people in tucson? tucson is a fairly liberal city by arizona standards. what happened there that hasn't happened yet in other cities? over the arguments they had with voters then who might have traditionally supported the idea in the past? >> i think they are watching the news. i think they watch what going on in montgomery maryland where they had nine rates in two months by illegal aliens and acing sure a policy where they were released to commit serious crimes against the immigrant community. i think they're watching what happening in north carolina with numerous illegal aliens reoffend and commit rape and murder. there watching the media because the media, especially december,
5:25 pm
stepping up and tracking those get released sanctuary city's and how they reoffend for it there watching california and how many police officers having killed by illegal aliens that were released from a jail in the past two years but i think they are paying attention and that's the difference. >> time, some of the issues have become polarized and there is a degree to which cities and states and federal law-enforcement have disagreed about certain enforcement whether illegal immigration or cannabis. there's been a huge debate over whether federal law should be the operating principle in places like colorado and california and how do square laws that are in fact, in conflict with each other been the point being, local, state and federal local law-enforcement do not line up. a lot was going on before sanctuary city's became this unbelievably hot button issue and this is - you know this better than anyone. it just was not quite as front and center. >> you know, i agree with you
5:26 pm
but here's the backdrop of that. the left has been pushing we want law-enforcement officers, state and local, to be immigration officers. we do not want them to puzzlement over and ask an immigration question. we want access to county jail where they already made the decision to lock someone in a jail sale, take their liberty away because their public safety threat or flight risk. we want access to the jail paid we don't want cops to be immigration officers. the whole thing with some people don't want to be immigration we do not want them to be immigration officers. we want access to the taxpayer funded it jail where you lock someone up because you're in violation of federal law. that's the confusion were trying to straighten out to the america people. >> president trump is desponding to the tragic murder of an american family in mexico at the hands of drug cartel members. the president tweeting this is the time for mexico with the help of the united states to wage war on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth. we merely await a call from their great new president.
5:27 pm
mexico has rejected peasant drums offer to help in the investigation so how do think we should respond? >> i think we need to play hardball. mexico will not fix the cartel. they dealt with it for decades and they are not winning. they are losing rid the united states has the intelligent assets and law-enforcement capabilities, especially financial investigations to track the money and we could give them intelligence assistance, law enforcement and prosecutorial assistance and prosecute these cases here in the united states. we are good at this. mexico needs to step up. it's not just for the good of their people but look how many deaths in mexico have occurred in the past two years. this is securing our border and making it safe for both countries. i would think the president of mexico with think of this harder and think that i do need your help because we are losing this battle. >> go back to this issue of the
5:28 pm
sanctuary city bird from any sanctuary cities are there in the united states? >> it depends - >> is at 100, 20, what would you say? >> last check was 160. >> my question for you is you are on the front line in terms of helping deter illegal immigration so how big of a problem are sanctuary city's in terms of you doing your job? >> it's incredibly difficult because when we can't get access to a county jail that means an ice officer has to go out and knock on a door to arrest someone that is a public safety threat. it's dangerous for our officers and dangerous for the community and once people get released from the jail they are in the wind. if you look at recidivism rates, google wii cynicism. half of those released will reoffend within the first year and up to 75% will reoffend within five years. it's a public safety issue and
5:29 pm
an issue that makes it dangerous for ice and the american people. these people are here in violation of federal law. we want the police to call us before you release them and let us do our job but we are the good guys. we are enforcing the laws. congress enacted the law, president signed the law so regardless of whether democrat or republican we all should fight for safe communities. david: and ice and border patrol agents deserve all the help they can get and our prayers in addition bird they are brave men and women and we thank them for their duty. thank you, tom did we appreciate it. meanwhile, house speaker nancy below see sane progress is being made on a new north american trade deal but steve moore says he's not buying it at all. he says that on an op ed@foxbusiness .com. we talked about that next. ♪ fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with.
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david: it's been a year since president trump, canadian prime minister justin trudeau and former mexican president signed the us-mexico canada agreement. democrats are continuing to delay congressional approval on the deal although house speaker nancy pelosi still insists progress is being made but in a new op-ed on foxbusiness .com steve moore writes nancy pelosi stall tactics on u.s. mca will hurt america's economy. steve, who suffers most if this
5:34 pm
bill is not passed? >> this should have been passed nine months ago. this was agreed to one year ago and we been debating this now and it has to be done. it's good for farmers and ranchers and workers in the u.s., canada and mexico. it's a win-win for everyone. it's not a perfect agreement but a very good one. democrats have bashed trump over the last couple of years for being a perfectionist and now you got a deal that would lower tariffs. don't forget this was ronald reagan and bill clinton and reagan had the idea and the clinton was the one who signed it into law originally. only thing that is holding this up is nancy pelosi and for the time being she's put politics ahead of what is good for the country. whether this will happen i will put the odds over 50% but she needs a big push. >> part of it is there is real divisions within the democratic party. there's been a long,
5:35 pm
traditional, higher base like sherrod brown whose opposed to what the provisions in us and people uncomfortable with the drug intellectual property extension seemingly although you would say that should be addressed and then they're simply the fact that in the current moment from a pure political - pelosi does not want a divisive debate within the democratic caucus and this will be that. >> but that begs the question why not open it up to the house. david: steve, do think this is a case where they don't mind that it will hurt the economy with an election coming up? >> they would never say it cost publicly but prosperity does not help their prospects. >> that is certainly true but it's true that i think nancy pelosi does not want the hand donald trump a political victory of any kind and that puts politics ahead of what is good for the country. david: how do we counteract
5:36 pm
this? >> all we need is a vote. >> i think what is tragic here is one congress does something it's bad for americans and here's an opportunity for them to do something that is good for americans and i don't think the constituents understand how beneficial it is so they're not picking up the phone or calling their congressmen so there isn't enough pressure. if you are at home, pick up your phone and demand they pass this. that's what is needed to move the needle. david: steve moore, you bring out that nancy pelosi might use it as a cudgel as a ransom in order to get stuff she wants and says i'll be willing to bring it to a vote as long as you go back to the paris accord or this or that so there may be some of that negotiating going on, right? >> those are poison pills. the whole thing has been negotiated. you can't open it up again. this is endless delays in getting this done. there was some talk of putting a pension bailout bill on thus
5:37 pm
u.s. mca which republicans will not vote for it. behind closed doors she may try to kill this but i want to say all i'm saying is nancy pelosi just bring it to a vote. if the democrats don't want to vote, fine but let them vote a or nay. david: the irony is she calls this the easiest trade deal ever. i'm quoting her. if she thinks that she should put it up for a vote. great peace, steve. moving on, dominating online the term campaign handing down the leader when it comes to digital ads, despite triggers recent and spending more than the top four democrats combined in big data is helping them target their audience. we are from trump campaign manager, brad pascal, next. ♪
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and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro. fidelity has zero commissions for online u.s. equity trades and etfs, plus zero minimums to open a brokerage account. with value like this, there are zero reasons to invest anywhere else. fidelity. david: big data is playing a big role in president trump's campaign as it makes a huge
5:41 pm
digital push dominating online ad spending compared to the 2020 rivals. the president is headed to a rally in louisiana or a fine fox news christian fisher. question, they're making the most of this rally. reporter: that they are paid these rallies are about a whole lot more than president trump connecting with his supporters. he's at rallies to give that campaign a huge amount of data from the people that attended these rallies. in order to attend you give your campaign they cell phone number, e-mail and then they crosscheck that data with the rnc database and within a few hours the president's campaign manager gets a print out the detailed printout of all the data that has been collected at that rally and if you take monday nights rally in kentucky he learned 20% of the people attended had only
5:42 pm
voted once or less in the last four elections. rad then shares that data on twitter so i asked him why not it secret and might make that data public and here is what he said. >> i have one speed, on. i don't think hiding gets you anywhere but you don't see the best nba team sitting there saying i will not tell us - they don't care, bill just come b2. i tell a take a sports mentality. hiding does not get you anywhe anywhere. reporter: right now even the democrats can see the trump campaign is beating them in the digital space and that is especially true if you come to those micro- targeted ads we are seen on sites like google and facebook. obama's format campaign manager has labeled this devcon one situation and thus announced he leaves a million-dollar effort to challenge this along with the
5:43 pm
digital acronym saying democrats have been slow to evolve their strategy to meet the demand for online information but we are now ready to take the fight to trump directly. as for brad he says he's not worried and he thinks democrats are freaked out and will have a hard time catching up to the trump campaign online by november 2020. david: kristen, thank you. getting loud there. steve forbes, back in december of 2016 right after the election with the cover of forbes magazine got it right and that is jared kushner, president's son in law, he one who put together all these facebook ads based on the data they collected from all those rallies and what will these rallies and they're not working out in the polls but it worked out in many ways and the data collected. can they do it in 2020? >> the answer is yes. we have some emotion for
5:44 pm
republicans but we have a lot of groundwork and what they did was take what barack obama did in 2012 and take it into the space age. if this idea that they're doing something nefarious is nonsense and they been wise enough to run with it and to stay ahead in terms of the terminology they been wise and let the democrats do what the republik and stood to the clinton campaign in 20 where there were using a model t approach and they were onto the mercedes, bmw approach. >> at the same time we don't entirely know what the effect of this micro- targeting is and how well it works. david: but didn't make a difference in 2016? >> we know there's a correlation but we don't exec me know who went out to vote or who in this case did not go out to vote because of the effect of digital media delivered in a micro targeted environment. to steve's point, energizing the
5:45 pm
base that will have an interesting perspective is many of the voters are in areas likely to vote for trump estates likely to vote for trump anyway so whether or not that can depress turnout on the other side is an entirely other question and again there's a lot of uncertainty. >> i think the x factor you have is trump. the reality is he can't do anything without people commenting on it whether off-line or online which means his earned media will be through the roof and the trump supporters can mean that better than the people on the left and bonnie always wins and that will be contributed in factor as well. david: we will wait to see what happens in november of next year. before we had to break let's see what's coming up on evening and it with my buddy, elizabeth macdonald. >> i like hearing about the trump voter names. we will debate how elizabeth warren versus joe biden versus the 2020 democrats versus jamie dimon first democrat obama officials warning now being called an out of touch
5:46 pm
condescending elitists and joe biden is starting to sound more like trumpet we have more on jamie diamond pushing back so here's the debate. is the tide is turning an american snow standing up not letting socialist frontrunners like warren destroyed what is good about america and destroyed the democrat party but is now turning into a party of jealousy, envy, confiscation, you got more than me but not fair and we will take it from you and we got new details on how elizabeth warren government takeover of healthcare would slam blue-collar workers and wait for it, more than 9 million military veterans, their families and reservists. we have the details coming up. david: you are raring to go. thank you. we will watch but meanwhile is laurie loughlin being treated unfairly for her role in the college admission scandal? wait until you hear what "the wall street journal" has tuesday about this and you may be surprised. i was. ♪
5:47 pm
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david: actress lori loughlin's daughters reportedly not happy with the princess backed out of a plea deal and they may get to be called in to testify in the high-profile trial paid she acknowledged this will not be easy for them and most eternal editorial boards says this is all going too far writing in "the wall street journal" today quote, free lori loughlin. the feds are treating the actress as if she and her husband were bonnie and clyde. there is a lot of reaction and you say the first line of your piece is here is hoping that lori loughlin beats the rats. that's a tough sell. >> i make the case that it's the case of federal overreach and i just feel everyone wants this
5:51 pm
woman to be clapped into jail. for one thing, i think the idea this is a crime against the federal government to california residents driving california school officials at a private university to get in this is tenuous to make that a federal offense. that is one thing that bothers me. the second is you can give her a big finding community service, first time, nine ball into vendor and everything seems to be marked by access. i meant that about bonnie and clyde. they were killers. the fbi came to felicity huffman's house, another actress, the same morning to arrest her with guns drawn. that's ridiculous. my impression is they went to lori loughlin's house but she was not there but in vancouver filming and then they arrange for her to come in and surrender herself. i think it's troubling. >> two things going on, one is a circus, big spectacle and let's get them and their fast and
5:52 pm
loose with the system and come up and then you have - in general the united states is a punitive culture but the more people in prisons than any other country in the world other than north korea and china. we do tend to look to present more readily than other countries. vines are nothing and won't dissuade them so you are up against two pretty powerful forces. >> i would argue she lost a lot and netflix is doing the reboot and full or house will go the last season without her. obviously her daughters had to withdraw from usc under humiliating circumstances. there has been some punishment but what troubles me is people say she's arrogant because she did not take the felicity huffman root of pleading. she's exercising her sixth amendment right to a trial by an impartial jury and we should respect that. if i were her lawyer i would say
5:53 pm
my client has not been convicted of of a crime. >> but bill, help me out. let's put the bribery of the school aside but they wrote this off on their taxes. this is a half a million dollars write-off that they said was a charitable donation. under any circumstances that is major tax fraud and we would put the other side of the story aside, people would be outraged, wouldn't they? >> they might be. the first-time nonviolent offender. three dozen other people act up with a lot of ceos and venture capitalists, high-powered lawyers and no one is paying attention to them because they want to see this actress in prison stripes. >> you don't think half a million dollars write-off on your taxes that you know is fraudulent is worthy of pursuing? >> you could pursue it on thane fines. people are conflating that every time you say i think jail is disproportionate for these people i think were in the midst of this same there should be alternatives to prison for nonviolent for some offenders.
5:54 pm
now we have one and everyone is chucking her away and throwing away the key. >> thank you for writing this column. the real tragedy of the story is that parents just don't seem to understand it doesn't matter where your kids go to college grade why are people engaged in this activity? every study shows it does not matter where your kids go to college but why bill is nervous, emphasis on these kids, to go to the best college. >> there still is prestige that there is a lot of social prestige grade i would say also the schools invite this kind of thing by this opaque admission prospect. this guy that came up with the system, he figured out the soft underbelly's and figure out how to cheat on the sats and if you say you are special needs to get special time and may be with juan proctor and figured out the coaching, go to a sport that people don't pay attention to but you don't notice and
5:55 pm
felicity huffman when she was going to sentencing the probation office had a report saying there were no victims and cannot identify victims or financial loss and this was a financial crime. david: bill mcgurn, great piece. thank you for being here with a lot of energy. appreciate it. student loan debt weighing heavily on borrowers but what links would you go to if you could completely erase it? the interesting findings of a new survey, coming next. ♪ most people think of verizon as a reliable phone company. (woman) but to businesses,
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>> so u.s. student loan debt growing to highest it has been with ford five graduating considering debt a, quote, life sentence. now, not hard to believe that some people would go to extraordinary lengths to get rid of it. a new survey finding people shave their head no time off for a work for a jail and in jail to eliminate student loan debt so carol what extra measure would you take to wipe out your school debt? >> okay so i did this my parent couldn't afford college i had
5:59 pm
40,000 in college debt more than 20 years ago, and here's what i did. i worked it 12 to 20 hours a day, six to seven days week and i cut down expenses lived in a studio my bedside table with a sheet over it and i didn't go out to eat and stayed focus i paid that down in a year and a half if you have delayed gratification and discipline on your side it is something that anybody can do. >> great stuff. good luck to you and, and you know it is people like you, by the way, who get screwed by this policy of student loan forgiveness why should people pay off loans like you did have to pay for people who don't. >> you know, i have graduate school debt, an ping for a lot of people paying a deep breath and realizing there's good debt and there's bad debt right, there's a borrow 10,000 dollars and blow it in vegas borrow 10,000 and relative to future job that shouldn't be something you're losing sleep over or
6:00 pm
shaving your head for. >> steve forbes what would you do if you had student debt? >> to go to a jets football game. >> and season tickets would be worth -- >> jets fans so we'll see you next time folks. ♪ . >> president trump on his way to another rally tonight, this one in lea. we're going take you there for a preview live as the president will address nation veterans this coming monday, at the new york city veteran's day parade now all of this is unfolding as voter opinion on trump's impeachment is digging in. we've got the leat poll results and news on the public hearings launching next week. and more bad news for hunter biden, new e-mails surfacing we've got the story and now this debate -- tonight will voters go for impeach m? which the media has demanded since before trump was elected. tonight, the media and democrats and how for years for years they have traded president trump as


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