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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 6, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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re-elected. lou: thanks so much, corey lewandowski. great to see you. thank you for being with us. good night from new [♪] trish: tonight, my exclusive interview with the vice president of the united states of america. his first interview since the dems took their vote to move forward with an impeachment hearing. i'm trish regan. it's been quite a day. the dems signaling they are just getting started as they prepare for public hearings next week. amid his i could i met with vice president mike pence. his first interview since the news broke. >> welcome to the white house. trish: we have never seen anything historically speaking quite like this. the lack of bipartisanship.
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not one single republican voted to have an impeachment inquiry. what's going on? >> what the american people are witnessing is three years of endless investigation and a partisan impeachment. the only bipartisan vote on capitol hill was the vote moving forward with the inquiry. that should speak volumes about the process under way. an inquiry taking place behind closed deers with selective leaks of depositions. now they are beginning to feel the pressure. some of those transcripts are coming out. but at the end of the day the american people have the transcript. they can read the transcript of the call and see president trump did nothing wrong. there was no quid pro quo. president zelensky of ukraine said there was no pressure. and our aid was released. i can't be more proud of the
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strong stand this administration has taken against russian aggression in ukraine. the last administration only sent pillows to ukraine. they refused to send military aid. the president made it clear that we won't tolerate russian aggression. we provided lethal aid and military assistance. and we called on leaders across europe to g join us and do more. but we are back to this process in congress that began on inauguration day. i think the american people are tired of it. everywhere i go across the country the american people see this for what it is. it's a partisan impeachment. they want congress to go back to work on the issues that make a difference to their lives. trish: we have word that adam schiff is going to start televising this next wednesday.
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so how does that play? do you think people get fatigued by that? they are off on the ukraine stuff rather than folking yous on my pocketbook and public safety. >> look what congress is focused on. around the world we have a ceasefire that holding along the northern border of syria thanks to the strong stand president trump has taken. our armed forces at the direction of our commander-in-chief one week ago took out the leader of isis and other isis leaders, and america and the world are safer as a result. as you know, trish, the stock market is soaring. set three new records yesterday alone. improving the savings, the pocketbooks, the tensions, millions of americans, because
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of president trump's leadership, fighting for free and fair trade. yet in the midst of all of that, here the democrats are with their partisan impeachment. all the while the largest trade deal in history has been sitting on speaker nancy pelosi's desk for more than a year. usmca would create 175,000 more jobs right out of the gate and create more wealth in this country, and this is what the democrats are focused on. trish: they are like a dog with a bone. the gordon sondland testimony. he testified to one thing now is reversing it saying there was a quid pro quo after saying there was no quid pro quo. you went to warsaw and met with president zelensky. did you say to him, the money is contingent upon you offering up
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something in the form of a statement or waste may be in terms of how you are handling corruption? >> of course not. our focus entirely in the meeting i took with president zelensky after the president had to stay here in the states to deal with the onrushing hurricane. our support was for the integrity and security of ukraine. it was to see president zelensky success seed in moving anti-corruption legislation. my conversation with president zelensky, he had just come off great legislative elections and he said they elected 250 members of his party and they introduced almost as many bills to combat corruption. he told me he agreed with president trump that the european community needed to do more to support ukraine. but that was the focus entirely,
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trish. trish: you never said listen, if you want the $400 million, you have got to do something on corruption? >> of course not. other than to say we wanted to support his efforts to deal with corruption. trish: which is a legitimate thing to ask. >> it's what he ran on. president zelensky had an extraordinary victory in his campaign because he ran on an anti-corruption theme. president trump made it clear we wanted to see him make progress on that. trish: did joe biden or hunter biden couple in the conversation? >> the point is, whether it was my conversation with president zelensky or president trump's telephone call in july where the american people can read the
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transcript -- trish: the president said okay, here it is. you can see for yourself. >> i think it demonstrated this president's commitment to transparency. i have no objection as all. we are working with white house counsel about that. i had a couple telephone calls with president zelensky. but all of them were focused on the same topics. we supported ukraine against russian aggression. we provided that military assistance. but president trump made it clear from early on we wanted to see them make progress on corruption and see the european community do more. after i returned from poland i reported to the president all the progress ukraine made under presidentz len ski's leadership. the united states has a strong relationship with ukraine and
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we'll continue to stand strong with them. the whistleblower was all about a telephone call. maybe some of the president's critics didn't expect him to release the transcript. but he did. and now the american people can read the transcript and see for themselves there was no quid pro quo. the president did nothing wrong. the american people want to see this congress start to focus on what's important. trish: i think it probably disarmed all the democrats thinking they had something by him doing that. so again, you are work on it, you are looking at it, you are releasing your own transcript? >> i have no objection to releasing the transcripts of a couple of telephone calls i had with president zelensky. they were all about the same issues. it's hide great honor as vice president to represent this president of the united states in meetings with world leaders.
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over the last three years. when the president asked me to fill in in poland for the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the beginning world war ii. he had already scheduled a meeting with president zelensky. president trump agreed to meet with president zelensky in poland and he asked me to take that meeting. i carried that message. we had a greats conversation. after i returned all the support to ukraine -- trish: you had a transcript of the conversation that had taken place on the 25th. you had that in your packet so you were somewhat familiar. >> i am told it was delivered to knee, but i receive literally hundreds of transcripts over the time. i don't recall ever reading it specifically. it doesn't mean that i didn't did. but had i read it it wouldn't matter because the president did
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nothing wrong. there was no quid pro quo. the president brought up issues that were important to the american people. anybody who takes time to read the transcript will see just that. trish: coming up, i continue my exclusive interview with vice president mike persons. senator lindsey graham says he would like to start an investigation into what really happened with hunter bind and ukraine. a number of obama officials could fall into the horowitz probe. pain happens. aleve it. with aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid. and the 12-hour pain relieving strength of aleve. so...magic mornings happen. there's a better choice. aleve pm.
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trish: welcome back. more on my exclusive interview with vice president mike pence. more on inspector general horowitz and ag barr's investigation. >> the president has got to want to know how everything happened in the first place. how is the president calling his former kgb buddies and they are feeding him intel. the opposition is paying for foreign intel on our now president.
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you have got to wonder how did that happen. he's going to wonder that. so is there a part of you, a part of him. i'm going to just keep look. no stone unturned. we need to find out why this happened. >> we spent much of the last three years focused on foreign interference in the 2016 election. at the end of the day the justice department confirmed there is no collusion, no obstruction, case closed. that doesn't mean there was no foreign interference. and it's something the people have a right to know. the president and the attorney general are making efforts with a well-known prosecutor looking into this matter. we have every confidence they will get to the bottom of it. the maybe american people have a right to know. what the source of all of that was in the beginning.
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at the end of the day making sure there is no foreign interference in our election. it's been a priority for this administration. trish: anything the previous administration might have done, you are talking about a fisa warrant on an innocent american. they managed to get that because somehow they thought donald trump was the manchurian candidate. i thought it was pretty shoddy research. i would triple check everything if i were them. but they went on this christopher steele dossier and used that as a reason. i guess i just asked, aside from foreign interference what kind of negligence was happening back home? >> the inspector general's report will be coming out, and again the american people have a right to know. think of what we went through as
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a nation the last 2 1/2 years. to find that once again there was no collusion, no obstruction, case closed. the american people still have a right to know where it all came from. if people were engaged in improper behavior. people in the government, people in our intelligence community, they need to be held to account. in the midst of all of this, i couldn't be more proud of our record the last three years. think of the progress we made. rebuilding our military. reviving this economy, historic tax cuts. rolling back regulation. we celebrated an historic number of conservatives confirmed to our federal court at every level. two supreme court justices and a president standing tall on ought world stage. not apologizing for america but standing up for america every single day. we have done all of that in the
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midst of democrats literally from the day we were inaugurated talking about overturning the results of the 2016 election. but trish the american people see through it. i have to tell you, as i was traveling around the country over the last several weeks talking about the usmca campaigning with great candidates in mississippi and louisiana and kentucky, the american people stopped me on the streets and said just tell the president, we'll stand with you. i have every confidence we see that support come 2020. trish: you and i talked about venezuela, latin america or banana republic like. i don't like saying that because in america the transition of power is so critical. we send you guys there to work and get stuff done.
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>> 6.7 million new jobs created. wages rising at the fastest pace in 10 years. the lowest unemployment in 50 years. the lowest unemployment for african-americans and hispanic americans. people's savings and pensions are soaring as the stock market is soaring. the president gets up every day and fights to keep the promises he made to the american people. trish: coming up. more cluesive with vice president mike pence. mexico's president doubling down using hugs instead of taking on these brutal drug cartels in a meaningful way. after 9 americans, including 6 children were gunned down by these total sickos.
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trish: terror at our southern border tonight as news of a drug cartel mass murder resonates throughout american communities. mexico's president is doubling down on his hugs and kindness approach to deal with violent cartels. refusing our help. i spoke with the vice president about that today. watch. the president tweeted that we need to have a war on these drug cartels. a horrible story in mexico. just awful when i think of those little kids walking five plus hours to try and seek help. of the three mothers being gunned down so violently and
11:25 pm
it's right here at our border. this is real stuff. the cartels are vicious, they are dangerous and they are close to home. in some cases active here in this country. can we take that on? should we take that on? why isn't mexico saying thank you, help us take this on? >> our hearts grieve for the family, the lives that were lost. american citizens. we are deeply saddened by the violence. but to your point, it reminds us of the prevalence of cartel violence not just across mexico, but across our border. yesterday president trump spoke to president obrador and offered any assistance that mexico might request. i could tell on the call that president obrador was grateful for that. we forged a strong relationship with mexico under president
11:26 pm
trump's leadership. mexico is doing more today to help us secure our southern border than ever before in history. in the last four months, apprehensions at our southern border are down by more than 70%. we have a ways to go. but mexico is taking action. president trump wanted to make it clear if they need our support combating violence in their country that we are available to help them in any way. trish: we helped colombia fight their cartel. >> we did. the president made it clear we stand ready to assist mexico should they ask us to do that. it underscores how important it is that we secure our border. the president declared an emergency on our southern border. we had a crisis of 40,000 people a month coming across our
11:27 pm
border. the democrats in congress said it was a manufactured crisis. so the president used those emergency powers, we redirected resources, sent the national guard to the border. we are building the wall even as we speak. we negotiated with mexico to have people applying for asylum remain in mexico, all of which has dwramatically re -- dramatically reduced the crisis on our -- on our southern border. president donald trump is absolutely right standing firm to secure our border. trish: i have much more coming up with the vice president. but i wanted to pause. because i was pretty upset by that story. i'm sure you were pretty upset by that story. but i'm even more upset at the
11:28 pm
idea that mexico is not welcoming our help. the president was right to tweet that we should have a war on these drug cartels. the violence that we saw with those little kids and three mothers being gunned down and killed and burned, that's vicious stuff. and it's got to stop right now. joining me with reaction before we go back to vice president pence, former fiep agent john ianorrelli. the pablo escobar drug capital, murder capital of the world. but it's a much safer place because we got involved. we could do the same with mexico. could it happen? or do you have a guy in charge
11:29 pm
that is in cahoots with the cartel. >> i don't understand the hugs strategy. if that doesn't work perhaps he will send flowers and candy and up the game to get them work with us. these are violent, violent people. i can tell you through my law enforcement career. i have worked with mexican officials here in the united states only to have them return home and be assassinated. they are dangerous. the reality is they have to be taken on. you can't reason with folks who are break the law and have no record for human life. trish: the president extending a helping hand saying we can help you deal with this. we have got an army. we know how to deal with bad guys. but he's a little afraid to take that on maybe because as you point out, these cartels have already developed such a
11:30 pm
stronghold on everyone probably including everyone in the government. but i think it's suspicious that he's not willing to take a helping hand. >> i think he's concerned for his safety and the safety of those around him. just last month 13 police officers assassinated. el chapo's son arrested. 400 cartel members show up and decide they want el chapo's son back. they had to release him. trish: all the more reason for borders and all the more reason to know who is in our country and keep the bad guys or girls out. >> absolutely. we don't need those problems here. the cartel activity, if you go to mexico in certain areas, you have to be aware there are dangers. and they need to stand up in that country, that government,
11:31 pm
and face their problems. trish: word of advice to mr. obrador. you have got the greatest nation on earth with the most powerful military on offering to lend a hand. take us up on it. coming up with vice president mike pence. but amid the democrats impeachment push. the college fix is asking liberals what have the democrats gotten done the last three years. >> what is one thing the democratic party accomplished? >> the last three years? >> since trump has been in office. >> not a whole lot, man. >> i guess they have taken back the house. they haven't done much since trump has been in office. >> they haven't done much the last three years. and they haven't done much over the last few weeks because they
11:32 pm
haven't bothered to read the transcript of the ukraine phone call. coming up next. my intel on setting the record straight on why the president was right all along. senator lindsey graham saying he would like to start an investigation into what happened.
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11:37 pm
public hearings will start next week. listen. >> we'll begin our open hearings in the impeachment inquiry next week. we'll be beginning with the testimony of ambassador taylor and ambassador kent wednesday, and we'll have ambassador yovanovich testify friday. trish: here we are wasting valuable time and resources for what? because some longth time intelligence officials are offended bid donald trump? they didn't like the tone of his voice when he talked to montana zoo -- -- they he tacked to president -- when they talked to president zelensky. they inferred a quid pro quo? they believe there might have been one? america has seen the transcript. we can read the words ourselves.
11:38 pm
in the transcript the president suggests that sue crane pressure angela merck --' suggests that ukraine pressure angela merkel and others. we do a lot for you and we spend a lot of time more than the european countries are doing and they should be doing more than they are. germany does very little and they should be doing more. angela merkel talks ukraine, but she doesn't do anything. but president zelensky agrees with president trump. angela merkel wasn't doing anything. then our president follows up saying i would like you to do us a favor because our country has been through a lot. and ukraine knows a lot about it.
11:39 pm
okay. in this the president is referring to all the hell our country has been through as a result of the mueller investigation. as a result of a fisa warrant being placed on an innocent american just because that american happens to be on the donald trump campaign. not only did we go through that for two plus years. we spent $32 million plus not counting the lost opportunity. so i would ask, what is wrong with china trying to figure out what went on. if our president thought ukraine knew something about why the obama justice department used a fisa warrant to spy on the campaign. doesn't the president deserve to know why? doesn't everyone deserve to know how it all went down? it's unable that he d it's understandable that he was asked
11:40 pm
about crowdstrike. he said if ukraine has any knowledge about that server, it would be helpful to know. it would be helpful, very helpful. later in the conversation giuliani is brought up by president zelensky. president trump responds. i will have mr. giuliani give you a call and i will have attorney general barr call and we'll get to the bottom of it. does he say i will just ask? does he say you have got to show us the goods on hunter biden and then we'll give you the money? no. that is somebody's interpretation. somebody that does not like the president. we have the transcript. you just have to read it. here is the thing. why not get to the bottom of all of it. if someone is trying to frame you, don't you want to know who, what, where, when and why?
11:41 pm
these are legitimate questions. and the attorney general was trying to figure it out. americans need to know. we must figure it out. yet democrats have taken that and twisted it into a case for impeachment. they have shown a willingness to undo the votes of 63 million americans. so the president of the united states tries to get to the bottom of what happened in 2016. which politicians wanted him to do. and instead of saying we welcome the pursuit of truth, justice, they try to accuse him of a quid pro quo. he can't win with them. and the country could pay the price. joining me right now, south dakota senator mike rounds. welcome, sir. >> thank you. you did a nice job laying out
11:42 pm
the situation we have been following in washington the last several months. it's the way it looks in the transcripts. the transcripts are clear. at this stage of the game we continue to hear the drum beat of impeachment and that takes away from everything else we are trying to do to improve things in america. when i go back to south dakota people want to talk about what in the world are you doing up there? and why all the talk during an election year of trying to impeach the president? they don't understand it it's a political process we are in the middle of and they don't like it. trish: what happened to the good old-fashioned way. you run a good candidate and you beat them legitimately because americans believe in your way instead of his way. so much for an appreciation for how we have always done it. >> if the democrats literally
11:43 pm
had policy that people liked, they would be talking about policy. they don't. they recognize they are not going to beat this president at the ballot box so they will do everything they can to weaken him. they understand they don't have -- they haven't been able to show anything that's an impeachable offense. but what they haven't been talking about are the policies the american people don't like. and they have usmca in the house they are not acting on. you have usmca is good for republicans and democrats. they don't want to see that policy get there any quicker than it does. once it comes out of the house, it will come out of the senate quickly. it's a win for the president, and i think that has the speaker concerned. trish: lindsey graham is saying yes. two can play this game. he wants to open an investigation into hunter biden's dealing with ukraine. questions are emerging about
11:44 pm
what joe biden knew and what he might have been doing to facilitate this son's venture. >> i have no problems with the chairman. with lindsey moving forward with the investigations he's suggesting. but we have to continue to make improvements for americans. that means allowing the president time to implement the tax policies we already passed. we have been able to give $2,000 credits for people who have kids on their tax returns. you are talking about 13 separate regulations being eliminated for every regulation put in place. two members on the united states supreme court. one quarter of the entire federal judiciary nominated by the president and agreed to by this senate supporting the president's actions. trish: you didn't mention
11:45 pm
getting number one and number two of isis. there is a lot to be proud of. if you look at the ceo's record, he or she is journaled by the earnings -- is judged by the earnings and the stock price. and there is a lot for this administration to be proud of. >> they are doing everything they can to take his focus away from doing other things. they are trying to take all his attention and place it on impeachment. we looked at the transcripts. there is not an impeachable offense but they continue to push it during an election year. trish: he keeps plowing ahead and moving forward. and that's the right thing to do in spite of all of this. jeff sessions running for his old seat. what do you think? >> i like jeff sessions. he's a good man. i wish him the best. folks down there have a tough
11:46 pm
decision to make. i think jeff is a real asset and i would love to work with him again. trish: the official kickoff for 2020 starts tomorrow. vice president pence heads to my home state, new hampshire to file the paperwork to get on the ballot. he says he has to make sure the president wins hasm *. when you look at the world,
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trish: vice president pence heading to my home state of new hampshire to file the paperwork for the president to run again in 2020. >> i couldn't be more honored that president trump asked me to go to new hampshire and go to the statehouse and file papers for his reelection as president of the united states. we wanted to go to new hampshire and file those papers as past vice presidents have had the privilege of doing. but i want to talk about the record. talk about what people don't hear about on other stations every day. america is standing tall in the
11:51 pm
world. our military rebuilt. our economy revised. our courts strengthened with constitutional conservatives. two on the supreme court, 160 lifetime appointments across the nation, strengthening the foundation of the god-given liberties enshrined in our constitution. it's a great story to tell. a growing american economy. i'm look forward to be out there. trish: joining me, a man whose own father had the exact same horror in 1983 filing for president reagan. "happening now"'s governor sununu. you have a big day tomorrow. >> tomorrow is especially special, to have the honor to be with the vice president. he's coming here himself to file on behalf of the president.
11:52 pm
like he said in that clip, he's spot-on. talking about the record, the success of the economy. here in new hampshire, that's what constituents are looking for. they are look for results. the president delivered. we have a great economy up here. it will be a great story to tell you'll through to next year. trish: the president needs you to help get the message out. i know the state has been change. i also know it used to be loosey goosy. you could show up on elect day in new hampshire and register to vote. there were lots of questions about were people coming up from massachusetts and registering to vote. corey lewandowski on this program last night was telling me how much you have done and the republican party has done to try and change that and have a stricter policy because you want
11:53 pm
to make sure those elections are as authentic and real as possible. tell us about it. >> the responsibility of having the first in the nation primary. you need to make sure there is integrity in that entire process. we changed the word that allows new hampshire's rules to say you have to be a resident. just like every other state in the country. we are getting criticized. but i look at bernie sanders saying they changed the law requiring you to be a resident. it's the same in vermont, bernie. elizabeth warren said the same thing. it's the same if you massachusetts, elizabeth. the hypocrisy is ridiculous. first in the nation primary we take seriously. the idea you don't need to be a resident is antiquated. we are moving beyond that and updating our laws. trish: the margins can be very,
11:54 pm
very thin. the races can be super tight. in new hampshire a few hundred votes could make the difference and have made the difference. >> 26 people. senator ayott lost by 800 votes. the president won by 100. the president knows he can win here. 2 1/2% unemployment between 2016 and now. the president created almost 20,000 new jobs in new hampshire. those are results. it doesn't match with the theatrics out of washington. people don't care about that. trish: enjoy tomorrow. >> good time to be in new hampshire, no doubt. kennedy joins me with a sneak
11:55 pm
peek of what's coming on on her who? kennedy: we are going to have a wonderful night. we are playing another round of fake news reported. the stories are so crazy that our and has to decide if it's fake news or comes out of the great state of florida. we are celebrating florida in all its forms. the whole thing. trish: my final thoughts are next. ♪ limu emu & doug hour 36 in the stakeout. as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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trish: thank you for tuning in, vice president pence very proud of this president's record. when you look at those jobs numbers and the number of people coming back to work force and wages going up and the gdp numbers still strong, hey. i'd like 3% every quarter, but one 1.9% still growing, we're making the right move, here in a very good place, this is despite the whole circuit in washington. -- circus in washington, stock market reaching new highs, we get word that the administration is very close on a deal with china. it likes like there will be a lot of wins for him to tick off.
12:00 am
but nonetheless the charade continues, get ready for a crazy week next week. kennedy begins now. kennedy: thank you, trish. it's me, how the time flies we're less than a year out from 2020 election, a new poll finds top 52020 democrat candidates are beating president by double digits in a hypothetical match up, he should just quit now, it important to remember every 2016 poll had him losing to hillary clinton. including "time" magazine one. but some the trump campaign be alarmed, or is it fake news? probably. according to new "washington post" abc news poll, joe biden and bernie sanders are beating the president 56 to 39.


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