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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 7, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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armstrong. and famous dead people. >> >> that is right. >> maybe they will teach james dean how to act. this is it for "bulls and bears" we'll see you next time. >> late-breaking news on 2020, what could shake up the race, big time, "new york times" reporting that mike o michael bg is expected to file for alabama 2020 presidential primary, we look to that stocks on fire in full rally mode, dow and s&p 500 closing at record highs, rally fuel, washington and china lifting some tariffs. and that rally inspite of democrats and republicans engaged in all out political warfare over the trump impeachment inquiry, more we officials talking today behind closed-doors. and fbi said that these are the
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two former twitter employees wants for allegedly giving saudi government information about critics of "the kingdom." the suspects in saudi arabia still. we have a veteran of u.s. intelligence community on what it means for big techs, for national security and your privacy. to the border, that devastating massacre of three mothers, six of their childrenna. the hands of a cartel. hundreds turn out today for the first funeral. and i am jackie deangeles for elizabeth macdonald, the "evening edit" starts right now. >> fox news william is in los angeles tonight with the massacre in mexico. reporter: multiple funerals in mexico today mor -- relatives arrived in a caravan, a farming village where the victims lives. they traveled on same road where
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the families were ambushed and the mexican guard stood by, where the first funerals took place today. a third funeral is scheduled friday. for years the mormon communities in the area coexisted with cartels, sonora had been less violence than other areas in mexico, however some are considering moving back to the u.s. to live. mexican officials believe that one cartel may have mistook the suvs for a rival gang, families disagree, christina lang ford got out of her car, caved an -- waved and said don't shoot, they did. they found her 15 feet from her car. they shot two more families on
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the same road an hour later, reportedly shot at relatives attempting to rescue the victims, a rival cartel would have fired back. officials claim that jaurez car tool mistook suvs coming from sinaloa cartel, the families counter, that cartels don't go to war traveling alone, they believe one faction burned suv with the family inside to create a plume of smoke to lure their rivals into a trap. >> we can't imagine who is so evil they would use women and children for whateverrens theyes they had in mind, and just murder innocent people. >> bottom line, cartels are wealthy, they have binoculars and radios, they don't mistakenly kill american women and children, not because they care but because it is because for business. >> a heartbreaking day for those
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families and friends. joining me now, cochise county arizona sheriff mark danels your reaction to what is happening there and there are no suspects? >> well, first of all my heart goes to the families, this is my community, cochise county. these communities south of the line is where it is happening, we're inn international community here in southern arizona, a lot of unrest, this is very sad. awful, i don't buy it that cartel did not know who these families were or did not know what they were doing, i do not buy that based on my history, and i am not surprised there is no body in custody just based on my 35 years of experience. >> we know what the president wants to do about it he wants to strengthen the border, and yet
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democrats bernie sanders with his immigration plan, he would like to halt deportation and abolish i.c.e., and welcome 50,000 climate migrants in, how is it going to help with what is happening? >> jackie is won't help, he is trying to eliminate the department of homeland security let me share a couple of things, i wish senator sanders would get with experts, homeland security, border patrol, and sheriff, and have a substance based meeting, say we'll get rid of them, in the first 9 months of year, border patrol, and cvp partner located 1100 known gang members, had 16,000 violence felons coming through, 4 thousand plus wawarrants identifies, list goes on, this border is an open door to the quality of life weake wee
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to have a secure border. senator sanders wants an open border. >> second cur a secure border me funding that is something that president trump has fought for and gets push back by the democrats all of the time, do you think they would now offer more aid in terms of working on president on funding. >> one thing that democrat have said, members of, saying that humanitarian side, if that were truly the case, there have been 271 border deaths in first 9 months of year, when cartels shoots kids out of car seats and democrat say, hey, let's leave the border open that tells you they are not paying attention to what is going on, i have worked there 35 years, i have seen violent this cartel portrays it upsets communities to both sides, they terrorize us. federal government needs to label them as terrorists, but we need a secure border, what place
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dpricedo you put on quality of . >> you said you were not surprise there was no suspects in custody, and government having a hard time, you call this cartel members terrorists. do you think that you know, the government not really responding in way you would expect them to is partially because they also just have lost control? >> well, it is well stated down here in southwest border that comes across from mexico to united states is controlled by cartels, there is no secret to, that no secret you talk to people about who controls government there, that is a strong statement to make for me, i seen is, i have experienced it. the million dollar question how deep is cartel in mexican government to the president. and i am saying it based on -- this should be a two country approach, to rid the cartel. >> civilians, women, children, attacked in this particular instance, really heartbreaking.
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what happens here where there was a break down in the community? because i read there was extensive you know live and let life, with respect to cartels and the civilians who were well the area? >> well, i think that this is a statement, they were americans, they were innocent kid nascar seats. -- in the car seats, i say about 12 hours before this the same caravan we believe came into community which is just blocks from my community on the south southern side of mexico side, and they shot up 45 minutes killing a couple people there not in any headlines right now, hours later, these 9 americans were killed. 5 kids then brought across from ages 8 months to 9 years from mexico authorities over to u.s., my county, they were transported to hospitals, they were all shot, i don't think it was an accident, i don't think that mexican government, i -- we need
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to be all over this president trump offered support. we need to come together, we need to rid the cartel. >> mark thank you so much. appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you, jacky. >> coming up, dems push forward on their impeachment inquiry with an aid to vice president pence testifying behind closes doors, we ask former federal prosecutor, about that. and later in the show, elizabeth warren not just picking fights with fellow dems but with some of the richest folks on the planet. we told you who and why coming up ahead. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right, by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. you can get your interest rate right by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right with sofi. check your rate in two minutes or less.
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jackie: impeachment inquiry in high gear on capitol hill, a no show, as public hearings are to begin next week. we're on capitol hill with details. reporter: jackie, today we got transcript of george kent, senator state department official who said he termed three amigos. >> george kent supposed to be in charge of foreign policy, he felt pushed to side by energy secretary rick perry, gordon sondland. and kirk volcker, kent said
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there was an effort by rudy guliani turn cut former u.s. ambassador to ukraine yovanovitch. for first time in transcripts, name of former republican representative pete sessions of texas popped up, ken notes they met with sessions the same day that congressman wrote a letter to secretary of state mike pompeo, trying to push yovanovitch out the door, notable who did not so e up tod, john bolton, and another within not expected to surface friday, nick mulvaney. all eyes are now on hus house republicans as they decide who to call for next week's open hearings. jackie: chad thank you. >> joining me now, former federal prosecutor, andrew
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trukowski, let's start with today's events to recap. bolton a no show. that was expected, your thoughts to what it will take to get him there? >> certainly sounds like he is more open than previously heard if he gets a court order that essentially says he has to be involved. i think that will take a opinion from the court he would have to be subpoenaed, i think this is a valid legislative purpose. jackie: same with mulvaney? >> i think so. now we have not seen is the use of the executive privilege. in an impeachment setting has not been tested in recent years, something i am not sure how the courts will rifle through. in terms of whether a subpoena on its face, not considers privilege issue, i think that subpoenas will have power.
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jackie: also release of transcript. that are coming out slowly by surely. so far today george kent. parts of it released, a lot of finger-pointing at rudy guliani. and he sought legal representation at-this-point, how does is getting for the former mayor? >> well, i think is important to see here is a staffer's opinion, whether a senior staff member or a junior staff member, about what they think the tone is or whether they are bitter about being cut out of loop, that does not matter, only thing that because matter is whether there was an intent by the president to echang e-- exchange. a quid pro quo for what of go owhether it was political in the minds of the president not the staff members. jackie: president released the transcript, he believes that is was acceptable and there was no
6:17 pm
quid pro quo, and nothing happened, and nancy pelosi makes it seem there some smoking gun or evidence there was evidence was a qui quid pro quo. democrats are moving forward. do you think they have anything? or we would know about it. >> we're learning more and more, there are additional opinions that give some light to idea that democrats think there was a quid pro quo, on other hand, republicans and mr. trump maintained wholly. i was a federal prosecutor, i have to prove that is, circumstantialy, you dop have de accused person admitting they did it here there is some argument for the democrats that mr. trump was trying to make a political move, whether that enough for a peac impeachment t,
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right now does not look like it. >> thank you andrew for your time. >> thank you. jackie: and as we reported, at top of the show, former new york mayor michael bloomberg is reportedly actively preparing to enter democratic primary, reports say that bloomberg will file paperwork this week, in one state. possibly alabama. joining us by phone fox news contributor byron york. >> thank you. jackie: talking about the timing of the announcement, many people were expecting bloomberg to enter. it looks like he is go, to joe biden seems like a weak moderate candidate. >> that is what is go oning. bloomberg does strike here in heart of other candidates, because she is so rich, he -- he is so rich, he could self finance a campaign.
6:19 pm
that puts him in a very unusual position. and bloomberg has a point about the issue positioning of the democratic field. it has gone very far left. you know there is talk of medicare for all. there is talk of virtually open borders. up until the departure of o'rourke there was talk about gun conif i sa confiscation. these are things, bloomberg has run for office, hes at a centrist, here. jackie: let's talk about how this changes the game. so many people say with biden losing some steam, even if warren gets the nomination, she is not the right opponent for the democrats to beat the president. let's say biden is out, and it is bloomberg, is he the right
6:20 pm
person? could he do it. >> well, there is -- a couple things to remember. able iage is an issue with joe , no doubt, a number of democrats are worried that perhaps he lost a step and does not have the energy to pursue presidential campaign, which is really taxing job. bloomberg is 9 months older than joe biden. he is 77. that would put him at age of 80 early. in his first term in white house. have you three candidates biden, bernie sanders and michael bloomberg, all of whom are far older than anyone who ever run and won presidency. the other thing, i would caution the viewers is that we heard this before from bloomberg. his interests in running, sometimes it seems like every 4 years, michael bloomberg hears something that more americans don't hear that is a groundswell
6:21 pm
of support for a bloomberg candidacy, this one of those things, i will believe it when i say it i would caution, a number of people felt that way about donald trump too. he has made a lot of noise about this before. i'll believe it okay then he did it. jackie: byron. quickly, your take on bloomberg is a billionaire and a businessman, president trump the run on a strong economy. if there is any opponent that could say i have what it takes too beat the president or deliver the same results on the economy it would be him, right in. >> absolutely. you -- the business qualifications are a wash. we would do billion air thing, i would guess bloomberg would run on the basic platform most other democrat would run to donald trump has been a disaster in the country for a variety of reasons, political and moral, he
6:22 pm
must be replaced, i would not expect bloomberg to be far off from that democratic position on the main issue. jackie: byron thank you. >> thank you. jackie: straight on a statement from howard wilson on bloomberg, mike believes that donald trump represents an unprecedented threat to our nation. in 2016, he spoke out at the dem democratic convention warning against trump presidency, and 18 helped to elect democrat to ensure congress begin to hold president accountable this year he held democrat -- helped dem kratd widemocrat win control ofh houses of virginia legislate floor, we need too finish the job. but mike is concerned that current field of candidates is not well positioned to do, that if mike runs he would offer a new choice.
6:23 pm
based on his record of accomplishment, leadership and his ability bring people together to drive change, mike would be able to take the fight to trump and win. end quote. >> all right today's big market rally, dow and s&p 500 closing at record highs, gerri willis on the floor of new york stock exchange with the details. reporter: another historic day here on wall street. the dow and s&p notch a record close, nasdaq missed by barely a point. trade off that is fueling rally, chinese commerce ministry said both sides agreed to roll back december tariffs but no other decisions have been made. earning season may wind down but
6:24 pm
we had two big media giant report their results, that is disney and news corp. >> disney was a beat on top and bottom lines. company announcing a partnership with amazon, fire tv will carry disney plus, this is the new streaming service that disney launches next week. shares of company jumping after hours, and news corp, reporting a double miss, disappointing result in news and information service, and book publishing business, shares were higher after hours. jackie: thank you so much. >> next up, how elizabeth warren's war on capitalism is rattling nerves from wood woot twall streetto mine main street. what if numbers tell only half the story? at t. rowe price, hundreds of our experts go beyond the
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jackie: elizabeth warren taking to twitter to duke it out with bill i don't knobillionaires. reporter: bill gates, being latest of super wealth to catch elizabeth warren's attention, speaking at a book event, he would be happy to pay higher taxes. >> i paid over 10 billion in taxes, i paid more than anyone in taxes. but i -- you know i'm glad to have paid. if i had to by 20 billion that is fine. but you know you say i should pay a hundred billion then i am doing some math about what i have left over, sorry. i'm kidding. jackie: bill gates asked. if he spoke to warren about the keep tax wealth tax, he said i't sure elizabeth warren is open
6:30 pm
minded enough to speak to someone like me with my type of money. elizabeth warren tweeting if we get the chance i would love to explain how much you pay under my wealth tax, i promise not a hundred billion, here wealth tax starts for those a by 2%, this is wealth not income, 3 to 6%. to pay for her social programs, that include 21 trillion in medicare for all. but elizabeth warren not not ony going toe-to-toe with bill gates but also jamie dimon. >> saying her comments vilify the successful people in the country. >> thank you. >> if elizabeth warren against the billon areas airs. -- billionaires. we bring in my next guest. sally, great to see you.
6:31 pm
>> thank you. jackie: so many places to go here, let's start with susan's report and wealth tax. and comments by bill gates and warren's response, saying no, not a hundred billion, does that really matter? even if he were willing to pay, wealth tax would become skating -- confiscating money that was already tacked is that fair? >> well no. these are the people that bill gates of the world, the mark zuckerberging who made this country great, who created small companies from nothing they debecame large companies, they are billionaires but they created jobs for millions of people, that is what makes america great, elizabeth warrenments her progressive socialist agenda to take over the country, and government control it all, and destroy 52 entrepreneurial capacity. i think when zuckerberg said to
6:32 pm
her, when i am president i'm going to break up facebook, he said, i will take you to the court, he have to have some of these people stand up and say, america is a great country because we're a free market, we allow people to be innovative and creative, she wants to destroy, in all these taxes for the increase in federal spending on healthcare over 10 years, she will destroy the middle class, she said not a penny of tax will be paid by the middle class. that is not true, even "saturday night live," the colin said, you know, no -- not a penny will be paid for those in middle class, he said it will be trillions of pennies, people pay taxes. jackie: you bridge out so many great points, there are so many con-- contradiction with what
6:33 pm
elizabeth warren puts on out there elizabeth warren said the social media platforms have gained too much power, he goes to do something that presumably will help, and control the message out there. that should not be out there. she does not like that because they want to be able to buy ads and put their message out, without substantiating when they to say. >> right. you know really interesting, she wants to you know hold corporations account bubblable. but she wants 280 character to run her ads to run down the great industries, this is a shame, because this is what makes america great, she does not want to answer to any critics who have questions about her fancy fill ideas. -- fanciful ideas. jackie: you were talking about
6:34 pm
medicare for all. put out her propose also in terms of how she pays for it, several of the proponents would have impact on middle class, how could sesay -- big business. >> this is a lie even "washington post," editor said she is talking magic numbers, this will not work. even the many left wing economists say, at 20.5 trillion over 10 years, that is below 30 trillion to bernie sanders plan will cost, she is not considering the fact when people think something is free they demand more health care, and use more health care. and her program is going to cost so much more, and destroy the great health care in america. jackie: sally pipes thank you so
6:35 pm
much. >> thank you. jackie: coming up, 9/11 memorial museum in new york unveiling a new exhibit, focusing on osama bin laden. we take you there for a preview. >> and later, fbi said these are two former twitter employees wanted for allegedly giving saudi government information about critics of th "the kingdo"
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fidelity has zero commissions for online u.s. equity trades and etfs, plus zero minimums to open a brokerage account. with value like this, there are zero reasons to invest anywhere else. fidelity. jackie: 9/11 memorial museum will soon unveil a new exhibit, showcasing the man responsible for destroying the twin towers, osama bin laden. fox news' rick leventhal there with the story. reporter: the museum opened fire 1/2 years ago -- 5 1/2 years ago, today we got a look at new exhibit, reveal the hunt for osama bin laden, including many
6:40 pm
artifacts never seen before. and those who spent years tracking him. revealing details never before heard. inside you find a vest warn by a seal team 6 member. and there is a model of the complex built by analyst, shown to the president, then used to develop the tactics for the ra raid. >> awe inspiring to see all effort that the military and intelligence division put in to finding osama bin laden. for myself, i am sure for most 9/11 families, i am gratified. it is important that americans come here to see just what went into bringing justice to my sister and all of the theme whoo
6:41 pm
died that day. to hear first hand accounts from seal team of raid, what they were seeing and feeling, this something that everyone should see. it an important story. reporter: exhibit opens to public next friday november 15. jackie. jackie: rick thank you. >> to rising threat from iran, a new warning from secretary of state mike pompeo. calling on world to counter when he calls iran's nuclear extortion, unfolding as iran takes step to move away from that 2015 nuclear deal with the world powers, that has been falling apart. joining us now former delta force member brett belacovic. let's talk about iran and recent events, more bold, brazen and violent. now we learn they are continuing to move forward with their nuclear program, what happens
6:42 pm
next in. >> well we're seeing is more of the same from world's largest exporter of terrorism. why just stop with blowing up saudi oil tankers or hitting their oil facilities when you can engage in nuclear blackmail, i think that is what we're seeing. iranians never intended to abide by the nuclear agreement that is why the president and administration got in front of that and pulled out earlier. their actions have all been there the oil, and their inability to be able to sell it they wanted to blow up oil tankers to prove to the world that they had that ability to control the persian gulf and there was a risk to oil market, when that cannot work they started on the new tactic, they have been telling europeans, they will increase their nuclear activity every two months unless europeans help them avoid u.s. sanctions that are crippling their crude oil sales, that is ridiculous, they have already
6:43 pm
started to increase their nuclear activity, they have increased their purchases of advance centrifuge. that is increasing irania iran n production to 4 f 4.5%. and fear is that will reduce this time it takes for them to acquire enough material to make a bomb. it really dangerous. we're seeing them creep to that direction. jackie: a lot of people have praised president for placing the sanctions on iran. that has not happened yet, they have not come to negotiations table, they seem to be more violent, saying you will try to strangle us, we'll whac come bas how does this end? >> wire seeing that but i think if anything we have seen from their latest action, we're seeing this metric that the president's tough stance and
6:44 pm
maximum pressure campaign is working. they are trying to shift actiq -- tactic, mullahs over there hardliners have lie all they want about sanctions not hurting them. and not affect their economy, we know behind the scenes that not the case, this is a good metric to be able to show, that during obama administration when you go back to what happened there, we know that the negotiations that took place to start the nuclear deal, iranians needed their price of per barrel of oil to be over 100 a barrel for them to not be able to struggle that was during those type of crippling sanctions, now more could they are diminishing their economy is diminishing at a greater rate than it has, it will force them quicker to the negotiation table, they are sort of lashing out right now with these actions. >> brad great, thank you so much. >> thank you. jackie: next up, fbi said these
6:45 pm
are the two former twitter employees wanted for allegedly giving saudi government. information. >> but we have more about bloomberg potentially throwing his hat 2 the 20 within ring.
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6:49 pm
jackie: lou dobbs joining us with a preview of what is coming on his show. >> thank you. >> great american lineup for you. at top of the hour, join by white house trade czar peter navarro, and davis hanson joins us and ed rollins. former i.r.s i.c.e. director tom homan. and kt mcfarland, there is something for all of them, it is a big night, we hope you will join us. jackie: i will be watching. we'll see you soon. justice department is charging two former twitter employees with allegedly spying for saudi arabia, by giving out information on users who criticized royal family. joining me now.
6:50 pm
klauwurkaun, this a huge story,t of implications. >> this is right. a big deal, we have a another example of intersection between technology and international security. these companies, as they collect more and more data are becoming one stop shop for any hostile intelligence app ra apparatus tt wants to know more information about people who resist or protest regimes, we'll see more, today it was saudi arabia, we could assume that china, north korea, iran and others are involved in similar activities, this is something that companies and u.s. government need to get serious about engaging. jackie: twitter such a big spease of arab spring. it took two major dictators down. interesting that saudi arabias are worry -- saudis are worry
6:51 pm
about this at same time, prince alwaleed was an early investor in twitter, 40% of their population uses twitter. i'm wondering where the shift has come in? where all of a sudden they are worried about it, unstead of supportive. >> well, it is a couple things, on one hand, saudi government, and authoritarian regimes across globe are always concerns about second ansecurity and stabilitye government, i don't think this indicates a new concern or interest. but you hit on, correctly is the role that voice tech firms play in the things, you rightly described, twit ar twitter playe role in the arab spring, that caused a lot of governments to take a second look, and realize these platforms could ep b enaba
6:52 pm
user as well. governments, if they can exploit and leverage the platforms, they can be enabled, that goes both ways. there is a real tension between the two. jackie: this is not a new conversation, with social media platforms and privacy of users, now we throw governments in there, the question is whose responsibility is it? justice department to police the cases on an individual basis. that would be difficult. or is it responsibility of the companies themselves to make sure their employees, in this case, were accessing confidential data. >> so, that is a great question, answer is, problem so big it will take all of us. on one hand, government can do a much better job in terms of information sharing with the companies, helping them understand what we call indicators and warnings.
6:53 pm
signs that give an indication that there is a problem to be considered. and also using intelligence sources and methods to understand what governments are doing, on other side, companies shutely to be a-- absolutely have to be aware this geo political insider met i threat s real. if i was china there is no amount of money i would not spend to have a inside look at what is going on in say google or facebook. it is so big, it will take a concerted effort. right now, they have tried not to engage, we can't do that any longer, challenges and threats door big to allow that. jackie: thank you so much for your time tonight. >> my pleasure. jackie: up next, more details on i'm bloomberg, looks like he gets more serious about diving into the 2020 race.
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6:58 pm
joining us, patrice from the women's form. if mike bloomberg enters, that does change the stage a little bit. >> it adds another 70-plus year old to the stage. he's well known as the nanny state give, whatting everything under the sun. but he thinks he has the best chance of winning against president trump. what new dose add to the table, that's the question. jackie: bloomberg is a very successful businessman. >> he can figure out how to make billions of dollars. and you have on the ishts on the dais with him who want to take that money away brand-new he
6:59 pm
will try to straddle the line as a left-meaning moderate. the primary will be decided by people who are far left. delays recent poll that shows more than 3/4 of democratic voters are satisfied with their options. jackie: are they? there are a lot of folks who tell me i could vote for 0 moderate or joe biden, but i can't vote for sanders pore warren. >> it depends on who you ask with these polls. i suspect there are a lot of independents, people who might lean left who look at the choices and say i would hold my noles for biden but i couldn't do anything like that mike bloomberg might be interesting for them. but it won't be interesting enough. i know judge judy said she
7:00 pm
wasn't satisfied. may be judge judy and mike bloomberg got together. jackie: thank you for watching, lou dobbs is coming up next right here on fox business. make sure you stay with us. [♪] lou: president trump is on the campaign trail, make no mistake about it. he's energizing his base and carrying his case directly to the voters in rally after rally. he seems to gain for strength, more drive from each successive rally. this is the president not disgiegs his contempt fo con --t disguysing his contempt for the radical dim *s and their attempt to undermine his presidency. president trump: these people are bad people.


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