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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 7, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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night. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. [♪] trish: the coup has started. those are the word of the alleged whistleblower's attorney 2 1/2 years before that call with ukraine ever even happened. i guess the dems can't say they didn't warn. they sure did. they sure warned. this was their plan from the very beginning. tonight it's clear to the country and clear to the world the left's disdain for deplorables, maga hats, and the president of the united states, donald trump, all of this has been simmering from the
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beginning. they were laying in wear it. looking for the opportunity. looking for their opportunity to launch the biggest hostile takeover in american history, far worse than any robber baron from the 1800s could have dreamt up. the take over of cadbury or anheuser-busch. these democrats have been sounding the alarm with this lawyer's tweets. the lawyer representing the leak. coup has started, he tweeted. first of many steps. hash tac -- hashtagrebellion, h. two more will take their place.
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we get it. you want it. what are we witnessing right now? the impeachment to nowhere and harassment of the president. look what they have put americans through the last 2 1/years. we have 2 1/2 years in 40 seconds. >> his actions are contemptible and i will fight every day nell is impeached. >> i wouldn't be surprised after all is said and done that some people end up in jail. >> i think we are in impeachment territory. >> mueller dropping a major bomb on trump. >> the justice department may indict him. he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time. >> there are indictments in this president's future.
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>> this is a sad day because nobody comes to congress to impeach a president of the united states, no one. trish: yeah, right. you expect us to believe that. i believe rashida tlaib said that that was exactly why she was going to congress. don't forget, this has been going on for 2 1/2 years. as the stock market hits new record highs, remember this maneuver by the dems will go down in history as the largest, most vicious failed hostile takeover of a democratically elected president has ever seen. it's a legacy that will take decade for the left to overcome and it's not going to work. joining me, idaho congressman ross volcker. >> it's great to come to you from idaho where there is still a little bit of sanity.
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trish: i'm in new york city. >> there is a coup under way. and you know, you talked about a hostile takeover. i come from the corporate world. shareholders want results. right now congress is not delivering them. there has not been one thing the democrat majority has delivered in this congress. but the president has. in the last month, 168,000 new jobs and lowest unemployment since 1969. we took a very, very, very bad man out in the last two or three weeks and we are not talking about that. trish: talk to knee about the corporate analogy. you come from the corporate world and i come from the business economic world. so i try to look at things minus the emotion and hysteria of politics. with all this in mind. if you were a shareholder and you had a ceo who was performing
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and you had great earnings reports, one after another, you just look at those jobs reports, the increase in wages, the labor participation rates, the stock market, wouldn't you say this is a well-performing ceo? i don't think we need to go in and completely retoll and remake -- retool and remake this company. that's what the democrats want, and the people out there in idaho and the american citizens, i don't think they want it, am i right? >> you need to understand the real reason this has all come about. in recent decades there has been a parasitic network of bureaucrats who have been there for 10, 20, 30, 40 years. they get things done largely partnered with the democratic party, by circumventing the rules and having their own
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network in place. then a guy like trump comes to town and he stirs it up and he starts firing people and shifting things around. the intelligence committee. comey gets fired and mccabe and brennan loses his clearance. and so the network is threatened. when they are threatened they do desperate things. they are in debt frat mode right now. trish: were they planning it all along? i think they were. i look at the tweets from the lawyer representing the whistleblower. it's clear he had no use for the president. he was wishing this on. they just kept trying things. you saw in that video montage, they had their ins all along -- they had their intentions all along. first the russians stole the
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election. he was the manchurian candidate. you had the kavanaugh disaster, attacking him so regularly. now we have the impeachment to nowhere hearings because it won't see the light of day in the senate. >> the bottom line is the democrat party and a lot of those bureaucrats i talked about never wanted to accept the 2016 election. they are taking desperate steps to try to reverse it. but the shareholders again, they are the american voter. they made a decision in 2016. they would make a decision again in less than one year from right now this could be decided by the voters of america. trish: that's how we run a country. the voters decide. coming up, elizabeth warren claims she is a capitalist.
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watch. >> can we describe you as a capitalist? >> yes. i believe in markets. >> i believe capitalism over the course of history has been a force for good? >> yes, i do. i believe in markets. trish: yeah, right. what's the expression? she believe in markets. this is a woman who consistently says how much she wants to punish success. tonight a major billionaire is taking her on. wait until you hear how warren snubbed the middle class. she'll dine with billionaires and entertain them, but not the middle class. our p.c. insanity awards. what is tonight's outrageous stories. scientists say you should go vegan and have fewer kids because you must save the planet.
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[♪] trish: breaking tonight, i just confirmed that billionaire wall street thai tycoon, michael bloomberg, former mayor of new york city, is filing to run on the democratic ticket in the alabama primary tomorrow. it's the news you heard first on "trish regan primetime." steve bannon predicted it, remember? >> they will throw bind away to get to trump and hope elizabeth warren or hillary clinton or bloomberg or some centrist comes in here. >> joe biden partly because of china and partly because he's not that terrific a candidate is starting to implode. that leaves a huge opportunity for two people, i believe. michael bloomberg and hillary clinton. trish: one of them is in, at least in alabama. has a new yorker, billionaire wall street guy break through
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such a crowded field? and what's he going to do to the democratic party while on the way? joining me, former advisor to president george w. bush, brad blakeman. he did a good job in new york city. what will it mean for the democratic field right now, and how do you gauge his chances? >> i think he will shake things up. but meet me in alabama strategy is not a good idea. trish: why? >> because you are missing important states like iowa, new hampshire, nevada, south carolina, and those are happening in february. they are important states and you will need them again in you are selected in the general election. the fact is, he's late to the game. it doesn't mean it's impossible. trish: he doesn't need the money, he's got that covered.
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>> you need the money -- in a general election you can use your own money. but in a primary you have to show the depth and scope that you are able to raise on a grassroots level. he has to qualify for debates. and there are marks to be met in how much you can raise from small dollar donors. so he's behind the 8 ball there as well. trish: what do you think his goal is? i used to work for the guy. i know him very well. he doesn't like to lose. he doesn't go into this to lose unless he's making some decision he can affect the race as it stands. you have such extreme elizabeth warren, we'll get to her later in the show. you have got socialists, and you have nobody that represents any kind of center. is that his goal? because, you know, again, i know him, and he likes to win. >> you remember, you have to be
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selected by the party before you are elected by the people. right now the party has gone socialist democrat. i'm not so sure they want a centrist. they may need a centrist to win against donald trump. but again, you know, bloomberg was a mayor a long time ago. donald trump is the president now and he has a positive record. but i think bloomberg is playing three dimensional chess. what if warn and bernie and the other u.s. senators running for president are taken off the road because they are sitting as jurors? they are not able to campaign in see you what, new hampshire, nevada and south carolina. there may be a void there. it may not be so late for bloomberg to enter the race in march. trish: he will get himself on a whole bunch more ballots though? >> he will have to qualify in
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those states. he will have to hit the ground running. he will have to hire a staff. he will have to show that there is an honest to goodness effort. then he will have to start raising money from small dollar donors. he will have to show he's got a base that's willing to support him. trish: things got kind of interesting. confirmed here first. steve bannon here on "trish regan primetime." coming up, our second annual pc insanity award. one of the stories in the running tonight. middle of the road candidate tulsi gabbard taking on "the view." >> then you are implying that i'm too side and too naive and atlantic intelligence to know what i am doing. trish: good for her. donald trump, jr. calling out
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[♪] trish: new fallout as we learn how the elite media class is one unto it self and how power protects power. the staffer that leaked the tape to project veritas of an abc news anchor speaking privately with her producer has reportedly been fired. you might have seen this. even if you saw it, i want you to see it again. i want you to take a look at a talented journalist who i can tell you is a very nice person, by the way. amy robach, she is expressing her frustration in a behind the
11:23 pm
scenes conversation. >> who is jeffrey epstein, no one knows who it is. it's a stupid story. then the palace found out we had allegations about prince andrew and they threatened us. we convinced her to come out and talk to us. it was unbelievable. we had clinton, we had everything. i tried for three years to get it on to no avail. trish: the person who leaked the tape and now works or did work for cbs but was reportedly fired by the network used to work for abc. i don't like leakers. it's an invasion of someone's privacy. in my book you put your name to it, own it. but donald trump, jr. made a good point as they defended the so-called washington
11:24 pm
whistleblower, yet through the news staffer who recorded robach they threw totally under the bus. >> right now chasing down a whistleblower about all the epstein stuff because those stories were killed. if we are going to have a conversation with. if you work with pbs, you out the whistleblower. you work with them. a big part of why i wrought book is because there is so much hypocrisy out there. trish: he's right. it's hypocrisy. joining me, a man who knows all about the media and how it protects its own. dan gainor. and i think a lot of amy, i think she is a good journalist, a good person, she had this
11:25 pm
story. i worked in networks where they say who is that? i understand it was part of the issue. she is saying we had clinton, we had prince an true, we had it all. why would her organization not want to air that story? >> we all know the answer to that. this sounds like a plot from law and order. but it's a rerun from scandal, the abc show. we watched two major networks colluded to fire an employee who is a whistleblower so they could shut down a story neither one of the networks wanted to report on. they want to bury this story because what it shows is every crazy conspiracy theory about the media and the most corrupt people and the most demented and evil people like epstein, you
11:26 pm
can't ignore it. they are tide at the hip. and to ignore the ties to bill clinton, to the prince, and to many other people of power and bur why it story when they destroyed nicholas sandmann and tried to destroy kavanaugh, it's irresponsible. >> i have no relationship to jeffrey epstein. no relation to this guy. i think that lord acton said it best. absolute power corrupts absolutely. i can't believe we are in a world where we are talking about a weird media world. do you think it's larger than politics? if you read ronan's "catch and kill" he was going to abc saying can we deal with this epstein
11:27 pm
thing? he had to go to the "new yorker" to be heard. this shouldn't be happening, especially in light of what we know about epstein's crimes. trish: yet it did. so, dan, what do you think the follow-up is here if any. the network had amy issue a same saying my story wasn't ready for air. we heard her speaking extemporaneously it was ready for air. do you think they were muscling her into saying what she said? >> absolutely. she like a good soldier did what they are employer wanted her to do. but this is not just about two networks. epstein was tied in with media in a lot of different ways. he was part owner of radar magazine. he was part of a group of
11:28 pm
prominent media figures trying to buy the "new yorker." he gave $7.5 million to mivment t.'s media lab that resulted in the head of the media lab resigning. they worked behind the scenes. trish: it's so sad because there were victims that could have been saved. that's the real tragedy. that's the good journalism could do. amy's reporting could have saved one more woman. that's when you say to yourself, i'm doing what i love and doing some good in the world. >> truth to power. trish: good to see you. coming up. back by popular demand, our very own p.c. insanity awards. tulsi gabbard taking on "the view." >> i go on tucker carlson, bret
11:29 pm
baier, sean hannity, cnn, msnbc. i'm here to speak to every single american. trish: "the view" doesn't want her talking to fox. accusations of victim shaming against the "l.a. times." retired brigadier general anthony tata says it's to protect criminals instead of amerererer
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11:34 pm
mexico massacre were tide to family with a long history of violence. as if the american family members or the past could somehow justify the killing. really? are we at the point in this country where the american media, the "l.a. times" is making excuses for brutal mexican drug cartels killing american women and children? meanwhile the mexican government is just as pathetic. the newly elected socialist there lopez somebody a doer says he doesn't wants donald trump or the united states help in eradicating the monster. he says he can handle it with hugs. which is why the vice president tells me exclusively we do need that border wall more than ever before. watch. >> the president used those knowledge powers, we redirected resource, sent the national
11:35 pm
guard to the border. we are building the wall even as we speak. and we negotiated with mexico to have people that are applying for asylum remain in mexico, all of which has dramatically reduced the crisis on our southern border. trish: joining me the author of "double crossfire," anthony tata and someone who spent a lot of time all over the world and up close with cartels. doug bartle. general tata how do you have feel about these cartels when the president says we should have a war with the mexican cartels? >> i agree we need to do something with them. i am not sure we want to get into mexico with our troops and quote-unquote have a war.
11:36 pm
but this is the sinaloa and juarez cartels and they have been at war forever. what's happening here is the la times. the reporter, the social justice reporter for the "l.a. times," he doesn't want to shed a light on the violence and the brutality in slaying women and children and what he does is he masks that with their own conservative religion. trish: she was wearing a skirt that was too short. it's her fault. this is effectively the equivalent to it. >> it's all about not wanting to shine a light on how violent the border is and why we need the wall. they don't want to learned any credibility to president trump's argument. that's how crazy things are today.
11:37 pm
trish: we are living in a world where the "l.a. times" would say maybe they deserved it. they had family members into some bad stuff. instead of saying we have a problem were there are bad actors down in mexico and a lot of them are coming up to the united states of america. >> i agree the ideological lunacy and unprofessionalism of our media speaks for itself. terrible tragedy down in mexico. but on our soil, an absolute national disgrace is this congress refuses to work with the president of the united states, the number one job of any government, which is to secure our homeland, between now and christmas, 75,000 to 100,000 people will successfully cross that border illegally. 2,000 to 3,000 americans will die on our soil from drugs illegally imported across that
11:38 pm
border. it's not about trade policy or immigration policy it's a clear-cut national security situation with the highest urgency. trish: the democrats used to want better border protection. we used to play a clip, i don't need to play it for you now, guys. dianne feinstein in the 1990s saying we are not going to be members colmes welfare system. now it's actually affecting the security of everyday americans living in these border communities in places like texas. >> it's not only that. it is a national security issue. now when you are george soros at the strategic level funding radical prosecutors, two, three, one in northern virginia, they are all four not prosecuting criminals.
11:39 pm
and they use soros' social agenda to further their own agendas of not protecting victims. trish: americans are nice people. we are pretty nice. and we try to do what we can to help our neighbors. but this is not just about that. it's about something bigger. it's about politics. >> that exactly right. tactically it's sanctuary city, it's all connected. this is where they go. they are protected there and they are safe there and it's where they can perhaps vote if we are not prosecuting any crimes as these soros prosecutors want to do. trish: i don't see a change, bartle. i don't see it ask changing as long as you have a democratic-controlled house. >> it's very clear the president
11:40 pm
has been doing everything he to be secure the border and they are just not working with him. repeatedly distracting the country, bogging down our political system with the hoax investigations. clearly they don't want to allow him to achieve anything. they know how popular and necessary these reforms are. it's clear they are entirely partisan and they can only lose. it's not what their constituents sent them to washington to do. it's disgraceful. trish: the p.c. insanity award. one of the storied contestants. starbucks releasing their new christmas cup today. there is a problem. the cups don't say christmas. they say merry coffee. how do you like that? the war on christmas is already starting. billionaire bill gates, none for
11:41 pm
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can. trish: bill gates, even bill gates, the second wealthiest man in the world known for being more liberal than conservative sending a message to elizabeth warren that she is getting out of control on this tax thing. >> i pay more than anyone in taxes. if i had to pay $20 billion, it's fine. but you know when you say i should pay $100 billion, then i am starting to do a little math about what i have left over. i'm not sure how open-minded she is. or that she would be willing to sit down with somebody who has large amounts of money. trish: would she be willing to sit down with him? enter elizabeth warren tweeting, i'm always happy to meet with people, even if we have different views. if we get a chance i would love
11:46 pm
to explain exactly how much you pay unmy wealth tax. i promise it's not $100 billion. she is willing to sit down with the likes of bill gates to explain how her tax plan works, but has repeatedly refused to tell the american people how it works. are our taxes going to go up? first she wouldn't answer the question, but now she says no. she'll talk to bill gates but not the american people. joining us economist bill lufkin. >> she is like most politicians but more so. the less she does, the less she says, the better it is. when she says don't worry about it, we'll do medicare forel all
11:47 pm
or remake the tax system. these are aspirational statements. but she just can't help herself from writing it down and getting specific and show how smart she is. as soon as you start getting into the specifics you realize these things don't add up at all. bill gates said i can do the math. well elizabeth warren can't do the math so she ought to keep her mouth shut. trish: i assume she knows how to do math. if she is not dumb, professor and egg she was to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. which is another topic of how colleges are ripping kids off. she is a college professor, she has the academic chops. she knows she is lying yet she chooses to lie. i know you can say it's a typical politician. but i'm sorry, this is why
11:48 pm
americans voted donald trump in. they were so sick of the darn lies. >> exactly, which is why i just love it, every time she opens her mouth she is digging her own grave with her mouth. why do you think a guy like michael boom berg is putting his name in the hat to run in the alabama primary? he's looking in horror at the gulag train wreck that is the democratic party. elizabeth warren is self-destructing while we watch. trish: i look at that field, how crazy is that? you know what? most normal people don't want to run for office because they see what happens. they see how hillary clinton will call you a rugs spy if she gets the chance. poor tulsi gabbard.
11:49 pm
a woman who served this country and risked her life for this country. she is suddenly a russian spy because someone, hillary, doesn't like her. who the heck would want to be in that business? >> hillary clinton is another one. she can't stop talking. she is so in love with her own voice, she gives tulsi gabbard a great gift. we went from who is tulsi gabbard to get me tulsi gabbard. really, let them dig their graves with their own mouth. trish: it's the best thing that ever happened to tulsi gabbard. one more question on bloomberg. do you think there is any there there for him? is this his attempt to school some of these people like sanders or warren or might he have a bigger opportunity within the party itself? i think he would have a hard time against trump. i asked donald trump about
11:50 pm
michael bloomberg. he likes him a hot and respected him a lot. he would feel better running against him, because at least it's somebody who is not a socialist. what do you think? i can confirm that mike bloomberg, billionaire wall street tycoon more whom i used to work. he is going to file in alabama tomorrow. >> bloomberg is the real deal. he's a substantial guy. he would make it an interesting, serious race. so that's great. on the other hand, how many incredibly old white guys do we need in this race. really? come on. trish: that's an interesting take from you, old white guy yourself. i don't have anything against old white guys. i hope you don't either. thank you so much. kennedy is joining us right now. she definitely is not an sold
11:51 pm
white guy. kennedy: not yet, but the night is young. youer in know what's going to happen in the * hour. it's going to be a fun show. you know scott adams, he's going to be here and share what substances he's going to put in his body when he turns 80. i can't wait. eventually he will be an sold white man and he will not be advising michael bloomberg who is a statist, a nanny stater. the race doesn't need him. and he need to go away. trish: in all seriousness, michael bloomberg versus elizabeth warren. who are you going with? kennedy: gary johnson. trish: our insanity award. one of the contestants for tonight is middle of the road
11:52 pm
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trish: welcome back time for a special edition of trending with trish, back by popular demand, pc insanity awards, joining me, right now. hollywood actor, singer, roo rot davi good to see you. >> go good to see you too. trish: what do you think of the set. >> it beautiful. i will be bird land january 25, saturday night. >> in the city. i'm writing it down. when. >> january 25. trish: it is a way out, you plan ahead. >> you got to, if you sell tickets, you will come and sing. trish: all right, we have three stories.
11:57 pm
one happens to be coming in third place. starbucks. they are trying to get everyone in christmas spirit, but you can't say christmas. what do you do, you say merry coffee. these are star bubb starbucks c. what do you think? >> i think my cup -- what we should do, i crossed out coffee, put out at -- well at least the merry is there, it is better than red cut, they got a lot of kickback on red cup because of the russia collusion, starbucks was then a russian company. trish: hard to keep it straight. >> they have a christmas blend coffee, but the pcthing, this is attack on the values, in santa monica, 60 years of a nativity
11:58 pm
scene, city council took it do down. merry christmas, and the interesting thing, this is historical birth of a man who changed the world, why can't they respect it? trish: because they are wh who y are. number two, 2020 democrat candidate, tulsi gabbard hitting back at the view over pushing on hillary clinton narrative. >> some of you have assed m acce of being a traitor to my country, or a useful idiot is the term you used. >> why do you go on fox. >> i go to tucker carlson, i do on brett baier, sean hannity, msnbc, cnn, i am spear to speakk to every american in this country. trish: you talk to everyone, for the view to sit there and insult
11:59 pm
her and her intelligence, and us. come on. >> terrible. this woman has most gravitas of all democrat candidates i believe. even the report with night of debate, by thousands, she beat everyone, no one talked about it. and yet they want to call her a useful idiot, as they did on the view, someone did. a russian asset. now -- trish: horrible. >> i don't see why, i don't understand why there are maybe 22% people who' to be democrat with world today. trish: i don't get it. number one. winner, drum roll. this story. these climate change scientists, the climate change -- they say
12:00 am
if you want to save the planet, you need to stop having kids and become a vegan, have you 6 you are in trouble. >> i am in trouble. trish: i have 3. >> and a 5-month-old baby >> congratulations, see you monday. >> that is it? kennedy: zip it. thank you, trish. a potentially enormous shake up in presidential race, michael bloomberg preparing to enter the race as a democrat. we'll break that down. but first oh, my garden, did you catch the view today. if you have never seen it, today was the day on watch, donald trump jr. and his girlfriend, kimberly guilfoyle sat down with the laids i ladies, it got ugly, host asked don jr. why he tweeted out


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