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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  November 8, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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good night from new york. [♪] lauren: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. michael bloomburg sending shock waves through the political world, opening the door to a possible run for president of the united states. how it could shake up the 2020 race and wall street. plus, elizabeth warren rolls out a calculator so you can understand her wealth tax plan. ashley: disney making a big bet on the new streaming service bus it coming at too high of a cost. we'll get into that. lauren: a blast from the past, waking up thousands from a midnight slumber, how a glitch led to a mysterious midnight text message across america. it is friday, november 8th. physical starts right now.
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♪ friday is forever. ♪ we belong together. ♪ so come on, come on, and don't you say never. ♪ there is no tomorrow. ♪ so come on, come on, you should know better. ♪ lauren: it is friday. and welcome, finally, to "fbn: a.m.." it's a busy friday. we'll get to it in a second. i'm lauren simonetti. ashley: i'm ashley webster. lauren: how is your money moving this morning? we're of coming off of record highs, the dow down 23 points this morning, the s&p losing down 3 and-a-half after peter navarro said the final china-u.s. trade deal rests with president trump. ashley: in asia overnight, generally down. the nikkei in japan was up about a quarter of a percent. the shanghai, kospi slightly lower.
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lauren: in europe, this is how stocks have opened, a quarter percent across the board to the downside. ashley: now to the big story in politics, the 2020 field could be getting more crowded with former new york city mayor michael bloomburg opening the door to joining the 2020 race for the white house. lauren: with more, here's aishah hasnie. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and ashley. it's not official yet but michael bloomburg is expected to file paperwork for the alabama primary by the 5:00 deadline today. now, the former new york mayor would be running to so-called save the party. his team putting out a statement that reads, we now need to finish the job and ensure that trump is defeated. but mike is increasingly concerned that the current field of candidates is not well-positioned to do that. if mike runs, he would offer a new choice to democrats. now, one democrat frontrunner
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doesn't seem all too concerned, we're talking about elizabeth warren. she tweeted this. welcome to the race, mike bloomburg. if you're looking for policy plans that will make a huge difference for working people and which are he very popular, start here. obviously she's talking about her calculator for billionaires. now, warren still basking in the endorsement from squad member mr eyiyanapressly this week. >> i cn can't wait to call herr president. >> reporter: no comment from joe biden or bernie sanders about the widening field. sanders unveiling a sweeping immigration plan that would abolish i.c.e., welcome 50,000 climate migrants and offer medicare for all. bloomburg isn't likely to qualify for this upcoming democratic debate that happens on november 20th and he'll need to spend a record amount of
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campaign cash of to even try to make the next one in december. back to you guys. ashley: thank you very much. lauren: as you aishah noted, senator elizabeth warren welcoming michael bloomburg to the race and says she wants to help billionaires like him understand how much they would pay under he her wealth tax. so she rolled out this calculator that includes a special button that, for instance, bill gates can click on to see how much he would pay in taxes. that answer by the way, almost $6.5 billion. warren talked about opposition to her plan, particularly from billionaires last night during a campaign rally in north carolina. >> you know, really, like they think i'm cranky is why i'm trying to do it. or that i just don't like them. and i don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. yeah, so here's the deal. look, because i really mean this. you build a great fortune in
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this country, good for you. good for you. you had a great idea, you followed it through, you built it into something. you both. all we're saying is when you make it big, when you make it really big, when you make it to 1/10 of 1% big, pitch in two cents so everybody else gets a chance. lauren: two cents, okay. an economist who supported warren's medicare for all plan when he looked at the null betters has some doubts about her wealth tax. that's mark zande. he told reuters that estimated revenue from the tax might falls short of expectations. here's why. bilbillionaires affected by it l try to find ways to avoid paying it. ashley: some he democrats have come up with a plan to tax the rich. they want to impose a millionaire's surtax on the wealthy. married couples with incomes
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above $2 million would pay an additional 10% tax. ouch. the new tax would target about 329,000 people. lauren: i see a theme here, ashley. some confusion between the u.s. and china on a trade deal. this is moving the market today. yesterday, china announced that the two parties had agreed to roll back tariffs on each other's goods as part of phase one of the deal. on lou dobbs last night, peter navarro threw coldwater on that idea. >> there is no agreement at this time to remove any of the existing tariff as a condition of the phase one deal and the only person who can make that decision is president donald trump and it's as simple as that. ashley: as simple as that. another day, another headline of. knowninjoining us with more, ed lawrence. >> reporter: we know some of the sticking point. china sources say china wants the tariffs rolled back as the
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phases of the deal are completed. the u.s. has offered to roll back some tariffs but will keep the majority in place until the chinese hit milestones after a full trade deal is completed. reuters is quoting a white house source saying the plan to roll back tariffs face fierce internal debate. our sources say the discussion of moving the deadline to finish the phase one deal on paper to december has not entered the conversation. the two sides still working on the timeframe of finishing at the end of next week. there are almost daily conversations at the deputy level. the department of agriculture announced that chinese companies bought another large purchase of soybeans. the contracts keep coming as the goodwill seems to keep building towards next week. ashley: a thank you very much. as the u.s. and china continue to discuss phase one of the trade deal, more lawmakers are pressing the president to be tougher on china when it comes to intellectual property theft.
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republican senators sent a letter to president trump arguing that the failure of chinese companies to pay for licensing fees is costing the u.s. billions of dollars. lauren: chinese goods being sold as made in america, get this, six people arrested yesterday for scamming the u.s. government and putting the nation's security at risk, a half dozen executives at adventure technologies of long island, new york arrested for selling more than $20 million worth of security equipment that was supposedly made in the usa but was actually made in china. items included metal detectors, surveillance cameras, and turn l turnstiles. ashley: automakers are receiving subpoenas. ford, honda, bmw and volkswagen agreeing to a deal with the state in july. the justice department is investigating as to whether they agreed among themselves on the outline of the deal. that raises anti-trust concerns.
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bmw and a honda say they are coop t pratincooperating with t. lauren: some sad news, a chemical incident at a buffalo wild wings left one worker dead and others in the hospital. ashley: tracee carrasco has the details. tracee: good morning. last night in burlington, massachusetts, a worker died and 10 others were sent to the hospital after they were exposed to what firefighters describe as a strong cleaning agent. emergency workers arrived at a buffalo wild wings employee complained of nausea. he later died at the hospital. other workers and customers explained of burning eyes and trouble prethong. breathing. buffalo wild wings said they're shocked and saddened to learn of this horrific incident. jeff sessions is using his first campaign ad as a 2020 senate candidate to try to move past his strained relationship with president trump. >> have i said a cross word
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about our president? not one tile. and i'll tell you why. first, that would be dishonorable. i was there to serve his agenda, not mine. second, the president's doing a great job for america andal ba d alabama. tracee: he is underring to take on incumbent senator doug jones. president trump calling a multimillion dollar fine politically motivated r harassment. yesterday a judge ordered president trump to pay $2 million to a group of charity as a fine for misusing his own charitable foundation to further his political and business interests. in a defiant statement, trump suggested he was neither sorry nor in the wrong, writing, quote, i am the only person i know, perhaps the only person in history, who can give major money to charity, $19 million, charge no expense and be attacked by the political hacks in new york state.
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and coca-cola is jumping into the sparkling water craze. its new flavoredded seltzer brand aha will hit store shelves next march. it will feature eight flavors, including two caffeinated flavors. the lawn of. comes after pepsico rolled out its line of sparkling water last year. that is what's happening now. ashley: let's take a look at your money this morning. last trading day of the week. we made it. and after setting a record close yesterday, the dow and s&p slightly lower in the preradio t and same story for the nasdaq. this is the big story we're talking about, many coming up, michael bloomburg may be shaking up the 2020 race. so what does his possible run mean for your wallet. we'll discuss that. if you've got a mysterious midnight text the other night, you're not alone. how a glitch brought on thousands of blasts from the past. did you get one?
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view, and you look at it from a money point of view, if he does run and does become the candidate for the democrats,wall street's going to love this because you have president trump or michael bloomburg, he both seep as friendly to the markets. >> certainly as fascinating development with bloomburg coming into the race. clearly, there's room for the democrat party to shift more to the center and he feel fills tht likelihood to occur. from the stock market standpoint, it's almost a tossup. deregulation, should be similar, taxes, maybe there's middle ground, maybe a little more with bloomburg, you'll have higher taxes but wall street is certainly not going to be concerned. ashley: talking of wall street, there were more and more records, the dow and s&p yesterday again seems like a daily occurrence. where do you see the markets going from here? is it another leg up? i know we're dependent on the trade issue. that seems to be holding everybody hostage right now. >> it reallies does l. brings us back to the
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tariffs issue. i'm skeptical we'll see a deal. we've been here before, right to the brink and china pulled back from it. navarro you're hearing rumblings there's hard-liners that don't want a deal, don't want to pull back. i think that would be a miss the take. i think the president clear cliff knows it's a -- clearly knows it's a negative for the market and tariffs have been a detriment to gdp. he needs to have a truce for things to stabilize for the economy going into the election year. ashley: coming back to bloomburg, though, michael bloomburg, how does he play in the middle of america? we know he's known on the east coast, much like rudy giuliani, but how does michael bloomburg sell himself to middle america. >> i founded my company in north carolina and guliani didn't do very well in the south. it will be interesting to see how bloomburg does even among the democratic primary where he's pulling everybody back to the right. so it would be interesting to
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see. for him, he really only needs to win the battleground states, pennsylvania and michigan, so from that perspective he could probably concede a lot of the south. ashley: he could siphon away joe biden's votes and the two of them could cancel each other out and then you're left with someone like elizabeth warren. >> and certainly warren is very concerning. ashley: what does elizabeth warren do to wall street if she ends up in the oval office. >> it's certainly a negative from a wall street perspective if warren becomes but a lot of her positions will probably have to come back to the center and not pass. ashley: everything about these -- certainly on the progressives is tax the wealthy, tax the wealthy. guess what, the wealth goes away and the economy starts going downhill. >> i don't understand this war on capitalism and that's why blocbloomburg is getting into te race. ashley: thanks for being here this morning. lauren. lauren: futures this morning are steady and flat, searching
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for direction right now. had record highs, multiple record highs this week for all three major averages, the dow down 17 right now, s&p down 3, nasdaq giving up 14. kind of questioning how secure phase one of the trade deal with china would be. streaming wars heating up with disney spending a lot with the new service breaking out on tuesday. and the bat mobile getting a boeing makeover, how batman's ride is going supersonic. that looks really cool. ♪ batman. ♪ batman. ♪ batman ♪ ♪ diamonds shine like me. they're strong. they're brilliant.
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lauren: disney thriving at the box office with its movie division posting 52% rise in
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revenue in the last quarter but overall profit slumping by more than half as they try to build up the new streaming platform, disney plus, it comes out on tuesday. ashley: everyone is talking about it. joining us now, brett larson. lauren: happy friday. >> on tuesday, we get disney plus. last week we got apple tv plus. we already have the netflix. lauren: do we care? >> i think disney stands to gain the of most attention because they have a huge catalog of movies that will be available right aa way. we saw with apple's tv plus there's five or six shows they have. they're going for quality not quantity you at this. quantity. disney has a huge library they will make available for us. there's a couple films that won't be ready right away. l ralph breaks the internet is one of them. there's rights that have been given away to other people so
5:23 am
they have to wait for contracts to come up and then everything will be on. we're on the knife's edge of the streaming wars. you don't like to call it a war because there's a winner, so it's the excitement. lauren: there's multiple victories. >> the streaming super bowl. someone has to win that. it will be interesting, though. what's interesting, though, is when bob iger was talking, he was talking about how much money they're spending. lauren: how much? >> to build the streaming service. and part of the reason they're spending so much money, they're now competing with many amazon so they can't go to amazon and say hey, can you do this streaming platform for us. ashley: they're not expecting to break even until 2024. >> they're definitely complaining the long game on this. facebook 2020 -- ashley: that's what i was going to get to. >> all of a sudden they care about elections in the u.s. again. that's so funny. that's something we can all like. ashley: trust us, facebook says. >> trust us, we're doing the right thing.
5:24 am
remember that scandal. wasn't it this week we were talking about a scandal at facebook? they put out a pree a press rele about how they'll combat inauthentic be including an updated policy. lauren: have they updated it? >> i don't know. i don't know what it means. i hate to bear down on facebook but it's like the world is watching and i kind of feel like all they ever do is apologize for the mistakes they've made and then say we're going to update our policy and if you want to buy fake ads that say lindsey graham voted with a alexandria ocasio-cortez on the green knee deal new deal, sure,t works. lauren: they're launching facebook protect which will secure the accounts of elected officials, politicians, their staff. >> which makes sense. protect them from hackers. we saw what happened in 2016,
5:25 am
hackers got into the d envelope c annc andreports they got intoe republican as well. are russians going to be able to buy targeted ads and tell certain peel -- ashley: some teenager in st. petersburg will- >> it's like a whack a mole thing. you whack one thing and get another. i'm at a loss for words on how to talk about facebook. lauren: i haven't signed on since april of 2017. >> in light of the ad campaign stuff, a lot of people are starting to can l sel cancel thr facebook accounts. lauren: a man is building a replica of the bat mobile. >> he's using a boeing jet engine and he's creating the bat mobile. if you saw that coming down the street, would you think they're probably filming a movie or would you think someone had has a lot of free time on their hands.
5:26 am
ashley: i would like to see it going on i-95. lauren: i would want to see what the driver looks like. >> you kind of want to see this car on the auto bahn. that's where you could open it up, maybe break the land speed record. that's cool. that's commitment and that is cool. lauren: and so are you, committed and cool. >> committed to something. i'm not sure what. [ laughter ] ashley: thank you very much. you can catch brett on fox news headlines 24/7 on sirius xm channel 115. there's that handsome picture of brett right there, looking very serious, by the way. take a look at futures right now. pointing slightly lower ahead of the open. as you can see, nothing too drastic. the dow, s&p and nasdaq down a tenth of a percent or so. coming up, michael bloomburg may be shaking up the 2010201 2020 . is it elizabeth warren's worst nightmare or saving grace and what does it mean for president trump? talking about opposing views, donald trump junior taking on
5:27 am
the hosts of the show, the you viewview,over their attacks on s father. >> we've all done things we reyet. >>regret. >> are you questioning my character. >> you're questioning my father's character. ashley: more of the explosive interview coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ broken records spin in circles. ♪ o mars. no commission. delivery drones, or the latest phones. no commission. no matter what you trade, at fidelity you'll pay no commission for online u.s. equity trades.
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at fidelity you'll pay no commission i need all the breaks i can get. line? liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. that's a lot of words. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ lauren: michael bloomburg could be taking the first steps to enter the 2020 democratic you primary, with plans to file paperwork declaring himself a candidate if the state of alabama. it's sending shock waves. which candidate would hurt the most if bloomburg makes it official. here now, robin bu byro and sari kim. we have another old, white, rich
5:31 am
man perhaps entering the field. how does that play out? >> i just think all the billionaires should run at this point. i mean, what? bless michael bloomburg's heart. he is not reading the democratic field. it is going left, far left. bernie sanders, elizabeth warren left. and the reason why joe biden is cratering in his poll numbers is not just issues with his son, but because he is in fact that old white guy you mentioned, and michael bloomburg is that exact stereotype. lauren: local elections, kentucky in particular, moderate democrats won the day. >> exactly. that's what bloomburg is looking at here. joe biden, the issue, the problem that he's facing right now is that he's just not raising enough money. joe biden's only got about $8 million in his campaign financeses right now and, look, donald trump has got
5:32 am
$96 million. so michael bloomburg with a net worth of $53 billion is thinking he might be able to upend this thing. i would caution any candidate to not spend just their own money. you've got to get small dollar donationses, get people to buy into your campaign or it's not going to take off, no matter how much money you throw at it. lauren: mayor bloomburg has said i'm going to spend $100 million of my own money to take down president trump. but who do you think an entry by bloomburg hurts the most. does it pull votes from president trump? does it pull votes from biden? or does it help elizabeth warren? >> honestly, i really don't know. the only thing i do know is that in 1992, president president herbert walker bush lost because ross perot took 189 18% of that vote. he took from people who decided they didn't like anybody. it depends on what michael
5:33 am
bloomburg says he's going to run on. right now his platform is gun control, climate change and getting rid of e-cigarettes. that's not an expansive enough platform. i'm ready to see what michael bloomburg is going to say. he may not last longer than tom stier or howard schultz. lauren: i want to pull up this poll from late october. it says voters are holding out for a star candidate, a celebrity, michelle obama, 50%. michael bloomburg only gets 6% so is the country with mayor bloomburg? >> no,s he's got an uphill battle, lauren, and it would be the fight of his life, so i guesses hoping to pull off a miracle. we're all just glad he's not running as an independent to be that ross perot candidate and throw a monkey in the wrench, honestly. this could work to our favor. lauren: and he's got a lot of
5:34 am
money. elizabeth warren welcomed l him to the race, welcome, you're a billionaire so she has this fun tax calculator. the first question is, are you a billionaire? obviously i'm not. but it shows you how much you would pay and michael bloomburg, worth $52 billion, accordin accg forbes, would pay over $3 billion in taxes under elizabeth warren's plan. so obviously he would be the more favorable candidate to l wall street as well as president trump. how do you think this works out for elizabeth warren, who is welcoming him and saying now i'm going to tax you. >> this is elizabeth warren's fundamental tin ear problem. americans showed by voting donald trump in that they don't care if you're a billionaire. 90% of all american presidents have been really rich. americans like success. we like michael bloomburg being successful. what we don't like is you telling us how to be moral.
5:35 am
i want to drink my diet dr. pepper and not have to pay double because you want to tax me for sugar. i just don't think he has the right policies and i think elizabeth warren, if she continues to attack him, is attacking the american dream. lauren: robin, give you the final word here. >> like i said, he's got the fight of his life but anybody who wants to run for the right reasonsesreasons we welcome. so bring it on, let's see where it all goes, lauren. lauren: robin robin, sari, t, we will. i'm waiting to see who else joins at this point. >> hillary. welcome. come. ashley: donald trump junior joined the view yesterday and he came out swinging. >> now that you've broken this piece of ice, because you i guess this is the the fight you wanted. >> it's not the fight i wanted. we're talking about character. >> are you questioning my
5:36 am
character. >> i'm talking about -- you're questioning my father's character. ashley: the president's son defending his father as you could hear, saying that everyone has done things they regret and making the point to th that the co-hosts of the popular daytime talk show are not excluded. >> we've all done things we re-greet. regret. joy, you wore black face. >> no, i didn't. >> and you said of roman polansky, it wasn't rape, rape, when he raped a child. ashley: abc has yet to comment on the interview. there was a lot of shouting. they haven't said whether he will be invited back. lauren:let's see what the ratings are. ashley: the major markets are essentially flat, the dow is down 6 points. all right. still ahead, explosive new e-mails obtained exclusively by fox news may expose apparent lies under oath by an ousted
5:37 am
ambassador. what does that mean for the impeachment investigation? and is kanye west going back to the white house? what he just revealed about his plans to return to pennsylvania avenue. interesting. keep it here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ all your life you've never seen a woman taken by the wind. ♪ would you stay if she promised you -- and this is how it made me feel. it was like that feeling when you go to taco night at your favorite restaurant. and they're the best-tasting tacos in the entire world. and just when you think it couldn't get any better, they bring you out another taco... ...cuz they made an extra one. ♪ extra taco! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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ashley: the ex u.s. ambassador
5:40 am
to ukraine agreed to meet with a democratic staf staffer two days after whistleblower complaint was filed. lauren: we have an exclusive report as republicans gear up to publicly question marie yovanovitch. >> reporter: republicans will have a lot of questions for the former ambassador when she publicly testifies a week from today, including the latest revelation in e-mails. she appear's to have communicated with a democratic staffer, despite a sworn deposition in which she denies doing so. twos days after the whistleblower complaint was filed, a staffer wrote this, i appreciate to share a few pieces of information with you, some are quite sensitive, we want to make sure we get them right. yovanovitch aa peers to have responded to this in a personal e-mail. thanks reaching out. i would love to reconnect and
5:41 am
look forward to chatting with you. this as congressman jim jordan intends to call theware to the whistleblower to testify. democrats would have to you appe it. >> the whistleblower needs to remain protected, should not be hauled in front of congress because, frankly, that's what whistleblower protection statutes are there for. >> reporter: the white house is maintaining in all of this the president hasn't done anything wrong. >> no matter who ends up testifying, whether it's behind closed doors or in public, the fact won't change that the president did nothing wrong. >> reporter: the president's acting chief of staff, mick mulvaney, has been subpoenaed to give a deposition before the house intelligence committee but don't hold your breath. sources are telling fox news it's highly unlikely he will appear. lauren: griff, thank you very much. president trump is calling on former vice president joe biden and his son, hunter, to testify as the impeachment inquiry against him continues.
5:42 am
neither of the bidens are expected to answer any questions and a state department officials telling house investigators he raised a red flag on hunter biden's work with the ukraine gas company before donald trump was elected president but george kent was told it wasn't right to discuss the matter because of the health issues that were affecting biden's eldest son, beau. ashley: let's take a look at u.s. futures. as we get ready for the last day of the week's trading, it's been a record-breaking week it's slightly lower, the dow off 6 points in the premarket. coming up next, elizabeth warren trying to clarify her wealth tax on the campaign trail last night. >> just so everybody understands how this works. anybody in here own a home or grow up in family that owned a home. let's be clear, you've been paying a wealth tax forever. it's just called a property tax. ashley: all right. but guess what?
5:43 am
if you're already paying it, why would you need her newly rolled out calculator? we'll get into that. taking hanging out in new york city to a whole new level. you how this guy stopped traffic. we'll explain. you are watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ you better move, you better dance. ♪ let's make a night you won't remember p sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪ she's the one the one for you when you know
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lauren: now that michael bloomburg could be the next democrat to join the presidential race, our next guest says he could be the badly needed moderate voice to push back on what he calls horrible ideas like the wealth tax. brandon arnold is executive vice president at the national taxpayer union. thanks for joining this morning. >> my pleasure. lauren: so bloomburg's the moderate we need? >> he's a moderate voice very
5:47 am
much needed by democrats right now. lauren: what about joe biden? >> he seems to be fading a little bit. we'll see how he does in the long-term. everyone is pushing to be the most left-leaning candidate they can. elizabeth warren released $26.3 trillion in tax increases. they keep trying to push each other to the left. bloomburg has plenty of flaws, don't get me wrong, but at least he's more of a centrist voice as a former republican, as someone who has run a large city and that might be a counter balance to where bernie and warren are going. lauren: elizabeth warren seems toe be getting attention and criticism, because she's emerging as the frontrunner. now she's explaining the wealth tax. she's got a calculator to help you understand it. is that resonating with americans? >> i don't think so. the problem is she's misrepresenting her plan. she's saying billionaires need to chip in a little more, because we have a deficit, all these issues we need to address. whether you agree with it or not, that's not actually
5:48 am
elizabeth warren's plan. her plan for a wealth taxis really a wealth destroying tax. the goal is not to take a little more out of billionaires' paychecks, it's get to rid of billionaires all together. michael jordan is worth $1.9 billion. her wealth tax would make him a non-billionaire in 11 years. lauren: bill gates spoke of this. he said when you tax too much, inmotivation leaves the country. mark zande, the economist who scored her medicare for all plan, said i'm raising the red flag on her wealth tax plan because money is mobile, money finds ways to get around it. you deal with this stuff all the time. what do you think -- let's say elizabeth warren is president of the united states. what do rich people do? >> they're going to try to leave to some extent. and i think let's be realistic. she will have a tough time, even if there were a democratic congress, getting some of these ideas through the congress because they're so far left.
5:49 am
most moderate democrats wouldn't support a wealth tax. they're not going to support doubling the corporate income tax which is also a part of her plan. these ideas are so far fringed left -- lauren: but here we are. >> they're rallying up the base, she's probably raising a heck of a lot of money off of this but it would tough even if she were elected to get these across the finish line. lauren: there are two real senators doing real work. one is in your hometown, senator van holland and senator buyer. they have a tax the rich plan basically, a surtax on married couples who earn more than $2 million a year. >> right. van holland should know better. in 2009 in maryland we tried this. we had a millionaire's tax. we lost one-third of our millionaires. maryland has a lot of millionaires. lauren: where did they go? >> probably to florida, wherever they could where the taxes were lower, which is frankly most
5:50 am
states. lauren: if these strategies don't work, why are we trying to make them work? >> if we're being less cynical, we would say because we have a deficit, because we have priorities that the nation needs to address. if we're being more cynical, we say because it polls pretty well to beat up on billionaires and rich people and that's the democrats' game plan here. lauren: brandon arnold, thanks for coming in. ashley: thank you, lauren. actual lirks it'actually, it's . lauren: it's time to the take out the winter jackets in most of the country. ashley: it's november 8th. we're getting towards that time of year. senior meteorologist janice dean live in the fox weather center. we can't be that surprised, janice. janice: always good to be prepared this time of year for any tie of weather. very cold, we're starting to get cold air blasts in from the polar vortex, i know we're going to be hearing that hashtag in a few weeks. but look at the current l temperatures. 16 in minneapolis, 17 in chicago, 31 in cleveland.
5:51 am
we're starting to get that cold air being pulled south. look at the 24 hour temperature change across portions of the he ohio, tennessee and mississippi river valley, down towards texas. it's opening the flood gates if you will for cold air and perhaps snow as we head into next week. in materials of storms, we do have scattered storms across portions of florida and the southeast but look at what happens as we get into saturday, sunday and monday. that arctic air really starts to sink southward and because we have that arctic air in place, we could see the potential for some accumulating snow next week, over maybe portions of the tennessee river valley, in towards the northeast. so again, to wrap up what i said at the beginning, it's always good to be prepared and we'll keep you jo dated. laurenupdated.lauren: you now w boots too. janice, have a wonderful weekend. >> you too. ashley: a general motors plant is going electric.
5:52 am
tracee: lordstown motors corporation is purchasing the lordstown plant in ohio from general motors. it was closed in march, eliminating 1700 hourly jobs. lordstown motors was founded by steve bisteve. byrne. they were in talks to buy the plant last spring. the price of the sale has not been disclosed. just as most retailers are ramping up for the holidays, 51 sears stores and 45 kmart locations are shutting down. the going out of business sales will begin on december 2nd. sears and kmart have already closed more than 3500 stores over the past 15 years. t-mobile is launching its 5g network nationwide on december 6th. the company saying the service will cover 200 million people in more than 5,000 cities. existing customers will be able to access 5g at no extra cost.
5:53 am
the move to 5g comes as details of the highly anticipated $26 million merger between t-mobile and sprint are being worked out. and check yo out this video. a person was hacking out on a traffic light in new york city. two nypd officers were hoisted up by an emergency service truck and were able to remove the person from the light. the man was taken to a nearby hospital for a psych evaluation. that's what's happening now. how did he get up there? unbelievable video. lauren: why did he get up there? i would love to get the results of that visit to the hospital. ashley: anyway. a traffic stopper for sure. thank you he ver very much. coming up, kanye west making a big claim about the 2024 presidental race and making a big offer to protect his brand. mysterious midnight messages, how thousands across america woke up to blasts from the past. we'll get into that. don't go away.
5:54 am
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lauren: kanye finish you, big promises about the future and other things. ashley: good morning to you. >> i know how excited you are because you're a huge kanye west fan. i know. [laughter] lauren: that's ashley. >> we are learning a lot of kanye, he announced that he'll be running for president in 2024. ashley: why not? >> that's exactly what we need. stressed how many jobs he'd be able to make in the country so we will see what happens, perhaps first lady kim kardashian and president kanye west. ashley: i love it, he's also making big promise of clothing brand yeezy. >> apparel and shoe company worth about $1.5 billion. he will be rebringing the manufacturing plant here to america within the next 2 years which is obviously a huge thing for jobs. lauren: sure is.
5:58 am
>> he also as a thank you gift to wife kim kardashian for not wearing any competing brands or loathes that would go up against yeezys he gave her a 1 million-dollar thank you check. lauren: isn't he debt? >> he's worth apparently a lot. ashley: what's going on? >> i got one from old roommates. out of nowhere, i wrote him back, what are you talk about and he goes, huh? ashley: you owe me money. [laughter] >> a lot of people got up to random text messages around 3:00 a.m. in the morning and finding out that they were originally sent at or around valentine's day and never went through, me texting people, what are you talk about, but then
5:59 am
they were -- because it was around valentine's day, ex-boyfriends and girls were receiving them as well, sprint says it was a maintenance error, t-mobile says it was a third-party issue, not sure, kind of awkward and kind of crazy. lauren: suspicious to me. ashley: exroommates. lauren: thank you so much, have a good weekend. ashley: good stuff that will do for us, thanks for joining us, now to mornings with maria. maria: happy friday, thanks for joining us, friday november 8th, top stories before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, a possible shake-up to the democratic primary, billionaire michael bloomberg opening the door to run for president, what it means on the crowded field and the war on the wealthy come coming up. one one white house adviser says there's no agreement to end tariffs, take a look at markets right now which are pulling back
6:00 am
from yesterday's all-time highs, dow industrials just a fraction sass the s&p and the nasdaq. disney wars once again, the stock is rising in premarket after lion king and toy story 4 movies and franchises drew up strong results. now the focus turns to streaming ahead of disney plus launch, mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ maria: great show this morning, dierdre bolton, liz peek is here and wall street journal assistant editorial page editor james freeman, great tse


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