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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 8, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> now they are coming up with turkey. what is next? breaking a family to do this. >> i don't know. turkey legs or whatever. that's it, we'll see you next time. markets closing out with a another good session. the nasdaq all closing at new highs. from set to return to the white house in a few minutes. after attending the fundraiser and addressing black voices for the coalition run rollout. we'll keep you posted. his secretary of state in germany unveiling a statue of president reagan at the embassy in berlin. thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. in the u.s., rise and call for justice for the three woman
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bonds and six of their children. tonight we ask a congressman what will be done about this horrifying case in particular and the crisis at the border in general. 22020, mike bloomberg facing a key deadline, 6:00 p.m. eastern time for the alabama primary. i am in for elizabeth, the evening and it starts right now. >> to the latest development on the impeachment inquiry and more on phase one china trade deal. hearing this live with the latest. >> republicans are filling their bench as we move into the public
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hearing phase of this impeachment road. congressman jim jordan moved to the intelligence committee so he can be one of the republicans to question witnesses that they are going to bring forward. the gop has until tomorrow to submit their own witnesses to the majority to be part of the public hearings and until then, we are getting transcripts to going out from depositions. the president saying today he's speaking about turning over a second transcript from an additional phone call he had with the ukrainian president and house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff is not getting him or republicans a fair shake. >> shift is corrupt politician. he's not giving us lawyers. despite all that, we are keeping
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their sleep. >> trust think he's considering a partial rollback of tariffs while the countries try to nail down the date. >> they like to have a role back. i have not agreed to anything. they know i won't do it. >> the president saying today if he were to pick anyone on the democratic, you think billy and michael flaubert making the ballot in alabama advisor to hie think they are focusing on the strategy that does not start with the early voting six. howard, one time at present to bloomberg giving a statement saying if we are run, we are confident we can win. the start on an evening foot but our playtime things candidates already have a big head start.
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they spent months and months campaigning and spending money. we have respect for the primary process and many friends in the state, our plan is to run a national campaign. he has three months to win over voters. >> thank you so much for that. so many moving pieces. the rollback of tariffs said to be on the trade deal. where do we go from here? joining me now, ceo donald. we ended up in the green today, positive territory. you brothers. the markets were volatile today from a question about whether cameras welcome off the table or not. the president is not necessarily ready for the the deal is ready. he called himself the tariff that. the market doesn't know what to make of this.
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>> i have to disagree with one thing, today was in a incredibly boring day. no real news. i know it's short job to make little dues into big thing with these tariffs, let's just realize this is a negotiation and until it's done, nothing is there. everything is a moving part. let's not think the ship will capsize just because there's a slightly different emphasis on what's being negotiated. >> i will agree with that, but why didn't they look at it that way and realized the market is listening and hinging on every word and statement he makes? he just needs time to figure it out but let's step off the gasket, i would disagree with
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you and not we were gaining a lot of steam with the market and today as soon as the market hears this. >> what trump said today was, this is an ongoing negotiation, have not agreed to anything. if he agreed, the negotiation would be over. he has not done gas on the fire, he threw a fire extinguisher on it. the fire the media started this week but planted false statements, they agreed on rolling back tariffs when trump said have not agreed on anything. who is exciting the market? i say trump is coming down. i'm honored to be your guest, i will tell you the truth, that's how i see it. >> let's talk about the market, economy with respect to china and phase one deal.
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when you look at the data we are seeing conflicting of what's happening here. experts are down. what i watch particularly is the consumer and consumer spending. everyone was worried tariffs would trickle down and consumers pull back. that's two thirds of activity here in the u.s. while experts are down, consumer spending has continued to pick up in the last couple of months or has been stable. the consumer is alive and well. do you agree that's the most important part right now? >> i do agree. explain why that's true. everybody just assumed the tariffs were like a ticket sales tax. what nobody thought of yet and a half ago, as soon as tariffs
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were announced, the chinese currency will begin. i said that, no one else did. his phone as much as 14%. the tariffs get put in place, unlike half of the stuff from china but everything we buy from china has been put on sale because the currency depreciated by 14%. that's what the consumer is not affected if inflation is lower today. >> excellent explanation. the person i. sara: says cap as long as they get the market continued to rally, we are not worried about impeachment. we don't think it will get you removal stage in terms of the president status. it doesn't matter. >> i think it matters in reverse. i think the stock market wants to see trump reelected if for no other reason because all the other alternatives market legal. this impeachment circus is going
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to bring out drums base in 2020. all elections are determined by turnout. this circus is causing republicans might have said okay, i board, i will stay home, they said i will get out and support my president. this is an unfair process. i'm going to get out to support this man. every word that comes out of just mouth is one more vote for trump. the democrats are going to backfire this on themselves just like they did with the kavanaugh hearings 2018. loss to the senate seats because of this and they never lived. >> great to see you. another day of records, the nasdaq.
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>> even more record gains today on "wall street". the third record gains of the week. the dow still closing in the green. that's good news. renewed trade after trump has not agreed to rollback tariffs. china wants to make a deal much more than the u.s. does. market closing up hi, the dow finishing up six points. nasdaq 41. we are watching today reporting earnings on the top and bottom lines. investors paid attention to the company forecasted that would make $1.25 billion in revenue this year from their. that will be interesting. they are closing up 11%. reporting earnings for last night, the top and bottom lines. confirming a new partnership with amazon, a new streaming
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service available. disney up nearly 4%. back to you. thanks for that. coming up on the child, another day of high drama on capitol hill.
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the latest development in the impeachment inquiry fox news programs, chad has the details. >> today got the transcript from alexander and fiona hill. this is why this is important dealing with europe. he was on a call back trump had with the theater of ukraine. he expressed concerns to his superiors that he asked for a deliverable from ukraine or secure a meeting with the president. he said he was concerned about the call, it wasn't appropriate to tarnish u.s. foreign policy by asking for an investigation of violence. the cop itself was locked down and did not go through the usual usual processes. as for fiona, t we made comments from the national security advisor john fulton. he said he accused the ambassador according and acting
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white house chief of staff is working about drug deal. she said he described the involvement in ukraine as a hand grenade. republicans shifted jim jordan to the house intelligence committee. hearings will be next week. republicans on their best team on the field to counterpunch the democrats. >> next week open hearings are going to start and that's going to be an important part of this process. a very public charge. what is everyone expecting? >> these are the biggest hearings we had yet. looking about the parade of witnesses at the past couple of years. this takes the cake. but these are the first big hearings impeachment since 1998. they brought in the counselor should investigating clinton later judiciary committee the
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articles of impeachment. the outcome two or three weeks later. we don't know revolving witnesses quickly. they have until 11:20 a.m. tomorrow to make that request to shift anytime you have these big hearings, you don't know what to expect. at the moment that we put the robert this is been impeachment here cap. >> thank you for that. the president says the only making them stronger. let's discuss both development the council and court fox news jupiter. ken, grade 20. >> let's start with jim jordan assigned to serve on the house intelligence committee to be part of the hearings.
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your thoughts. >> it's good to have a team, someone who is capable of asking direct questions who can go to the flow. jordan has lots of gifts in the wrestling coach and i think he'll do an effective job. jim horn the cross-examination to not be operating to witness but be designed to get the truth and i think this was a wise move. the fact that this will be the public and open process, you feel that's important in terms of demonstrating to the american public whether something happened here or did not. >> exactly. impeachment is the ultimate political act to overturn elections. the gravity of the i think sometimes escapes us.
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going to result potentially in the overturning of an election say all bets are off. we had an election but now we are going to seek to remove the president is colossally important. it needs to be the government and sunshine. we all need to see come to our own evaluation of witnesses one way or another. >> let's talk about, he did not show up to testify. your thoughts on the president's aid getting involved in this and even if the house is not able to prove there was an issue where a crime committed in respect to ukraine this turns into a obstruction conversation. >> writes. i have real concerns in terms of separation of power system. wherever the president is, he or she needs to know when the
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president is communicating with someone close as the chief of staff here, those conversations are powerfully confidential. you can't carry on the business of government. judges can't carry on the work that they don't have confidentiality in chambers. the supreme court recognized that nine to nothing in the nixon case. that's the role of executive privilege. it is to encourage confidential and candid conversations about the president eight in the present. the president need to hear from them and be completely honest and forthright with them. those conversations. sara: state in the oval office. it's understandable to me that step one would be let's not have nick testify about but now the process will unfold.
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>> the president is considering releasing the second transcript. you think it's a good idea? >> i think it is the slippery slope. i was more than a bit concerned. about the release of the first transcript. necessity is the mother of invention. the president has said this, he needs to be able to keep his conversations with ford leaders confidential. i think we all recognize that, it is common sense in the conduct of business. let us hope these are the exceptions that prove the rule of the president and how the conversation with whomever and facebook remain, and. the conversations themselves should remain confidential until
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the president tested national interest. >> great to see you. return to paradise, when you anniversary on the campfire. the deadliest place in california history. eighty-five souls lost. 95% of the town destroyed.
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no obligation to enroll. or visit us online at one year after paradise california was destroyed in the deadly campfire, the town is coming back to life. >> there's a somber spirited atmosphere here. hundreds gathered for the opening of a recovery center while 85 american lines line the main drag behind me. a dramatic memorial with 85
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people perished in the campfire. 90% of the city burned to the ground. the resilient here is just as incredible. the town rises from the ashes. >> we have over 200 businesses in the last year. before that, i want to say we had maybe 50000. it's not a huge percentage but it shows a commitment and resiliency for our town. >> of the 11000 homes lost, nine replaced. it may not sound like a lot but it takes a year to build a house in the best circumstances. there cleaning up debris, getting permits and finding contractors. it will include underground tunnels in a sewer system they've been trying to get four years. the new paradise will be state-of-the-art built to the highest standards to prevent another inferno.
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she believes it will fuel the population. >> i would expect six -- 7000 people in two years. it will keep growing. everything else is brand-new. it will be beautiful. people want to hear. >> 4000 people living in paradise, now that number way down from the 26000 there before five. by the end of the year, they expect 500 homes in the process of being built. >> wonderful to see towns like paradise rebuilding. with recent wildfires, power outages across the state and politicians, the power companies, many want to know who's helping the company's accountable. jimmy, your thoughts on that. are they doing enough?
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>> the campfire caused by 100 year old transmission house that should have been replaced after 75 years. that was their fault. they have not modernized their equipment. the reason we had 3 million people who had to have their lights turned out into batches last week was because pt and he invested a decade or more in what should have been to keep people safe when they turn the power on. there a convicted felon six times over. there's a lot of talk about what we need to do as an alternative i think that means public municipal takeover of any transmission assets. >> is there a case being made for the fact that liability doesn't just call on their shoulders completely part of it has to do with the environment, some people said climate change is the problem.
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winds, extremely treat limbs as a result and felt enough rage. there is a bigger picture here. >> there is. it's hotter and drier tires are prone to start. there was a euclid list branch that fell on a, the company didn't modernize their equipment. pt 90, we have an explosion because they didn't invest in place. this is a company that has been convicted six times. it's twice, it's bankruptcy for the second time. this is the proration in america because it never invested in they do. it's been convicted time. we stopped man-made virus?
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is a different question. i goes to when you have a municipal utility and accountability and leaders and city council members, can you do better. >> we are running out of time, governor gavin newsom saying he should be doing it. >> the government has done a lot more than the last governor. he saying everything is on the table. they will deal with the safety problems, he will look toward the potential public take over. he has to be serious about that. compared to governor brown, who for eight years did not make them invest in fire safety, we had a series of public utility commissioners in the pocket and banded then, he has a big problem is over, he is doing the
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right thing by talking the talk and giving them a chance to fix their modernization problems. we have to do this and i hope the government will be what we do. >> coming up, tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. retired army general, he served during the world work in germa germany. lessons learned after his loss.
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as the nation prepares to observe veterans day, we want to bring you stories of some of the many wounded warriors were on the long road to recovery. jennifer has worked for us. >> first class raymond was petty to a cheesesteak in afghanistan
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july 8, 2007. shrapnel ripped through his skull. >> i got hit by like a feasting on my head. he gave me brain damage. >> five days have army hospital in germany. >> i have an awakening. >> therapist said they had prosthetics. he's one of 98 wounded veterans who supported, he recently told his story of the wounded warrior experience along with sergeant mayer, injured by talking 2007. >> took my face, broke my upper jaw cut my throat. >> what were the signs?
6:38 pm
you wake up one day and you have a headache, here is it was just overtime. >> he started on making. >> my wife said, ride your bike, i know what she's saying. let me find a purpose, put away the pills i was using to help me and now i use the outdoor specimen privacy. >> our phone warrior experience on to host it without thank you. >> thank you for that. he will be watching. tomorrow marks the 30 of the fall of the berlin wall. >> the u.s. is getting the statue of ronald reagan's here but germany was resistant reportedly for collecting so the
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trump administration's solution was to put the statute in the u.s. embassy and is on the spot overlooking the place where reagan famously told him to tear down the wall. secretary saint pompeo unveiled the statute, recalling how he heard that speech while serving right here is disturbing. how much presence at bergen county hosts the statute immortalized test message. secretary of state to commemorate the anniversary of the fall of the berlin fall. the price for freedom is not over democracy is to continue to work together. while the fault of the low end of the cold war, pompeo highlighted that they enslaved political opponents.
6:40 pm
pompeo serves here in germany during the cold war and president was also in germany in the east at the headquarters and he reportedly had to send people back who were trying to ransack the building. >> thank you for that. retired army general robert break the seal. you served as an culture layering officer during the cold war from 1966 -- 68. you work for colonel in 1986 -- 85. i remember growing up seeing the images of the berlin wall coming down. my mother pieces of the wall. what is the legacy of germany? >> a personal perspective, my generation lost the war in vietnam our fate tragedy was
6:41 pm
winning the cold war and actually get religious faith. i think this legacy i think this to that in the gulf war restored the moral of the american military. the way the west and this reunification of germany i think serves them together and re-create germany. there's probably the most repetitive and the most successful state in western europe. "placing legacy. the sad part is that the russians had a different view. >> is subdivision in germany, whatever you want to call it. until he or viewpoints, the west is most successful economically in terms of unemployment, productivity, whatever you want to book. what does it take to bring these two together after 30 years?
6:42 pm
>> the bottom line, the short answer is time. great damage to soviet union did 45 years of basically enslaving what used to be pressures, they left generations, it takes generations to heal. the rifle greatly is occurring blue-collar workers in east germany feel that they have been left behind by the prosperity of the west. it's gotten a lot better since it first occurred in the 90s. only time will tell if i think eventually time heals all wounds. >> describe to me your view what you see as the new russians. >> where you start talk about
6:43 pm
stars, putin is the one who views about the last as his great distress. he was a lieutenant colonel and adjusted without walls fell. i think what putin is trying to do is restore majesty of pleasure. crimea, ukraine, georgia and elsewhere. a lot of it is psychological. his effort to rebuild a morale of the russian people, rebuild that lives in the past glories. he's encroaching on the west doing it in such a way to create tension. it doesn't need to be there. we could have done a better job in the 90s and holly russian built democracy. in many ways we failed. the result is the rise of vladimir putin.
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>> thank you for your time and your service. calls for justice from u.s. to mexico after three months. six children gun down and pulled but by a mexican cartel. 's
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u.s. housing mexico to take control of the out of control after three warming months and six children massacred. joining me now, brian, congressman, great to see you. one of the steps the u.s. can take to get justice for these victims? the president that is something he wants to do but get the president of mexico is resistant say war is not the answer. >> on understanding of what he said. i personally believe his proposal is, not bullets going to work with the cartel. there a steady atrocity committee, they grieve for money and power. they are calling the shots in
6:49 pm
mexico. the president's top between a rock and a hard place. it's easy for him to say we tried it didn't work for the week before, we have this horrible shooting in sonora, they lost 14 federal agents to the cartels. they were forced to release the son of a child of. it was a terrible murder. i've seen the video, they show their faces off. mexico is approaching they will be of failed states that they don't take this into consideration. they need to he. we need to designate these cartels as foreign terrorist groups. that's the way we start this. >> the president also said for
6:50 pm
as long as i can remember, he wants to secure the board. he has thought that with a lot of resistance. what will it take to realize this is a crisis? >> the democrats saying this is a manufactured crisis. they been saying that for you and refuse to work with us. all they want to do is talk about impeachment. this impeachment situation going on about that talk about. we have great bills gathering dust in the house committees. the leadership in the democratic party doesn't want to do anything except try to undo the 2016 election. the main thing, this is a serious house border security cochairmen caucus.
6:51 pm
this is absolutely -- what you said is exactly right. we have to secure the border. i've been to the board numerous times. told us that not only to check coming north we need to check traffic going south because many times, we have a personnel or ice ages have been dealing with thousands and thousands of illegals coming across but we have to check southbound traffic for money and weapons going down. mexico is getting weaponry out of the u.s. and we have to stop the illegal trade. >> administration is proposing to increase fees for u.s. citizenship. application fees, $61 to 1000,
6:52 pm
almost double. you think that will be a deterrent in some way or change dynamic? the president is being resistant, looking for alternative ways to change the dynamics. >> i think raising the feed $500 will be up showstopper. not just poor folks, we have good people trying to come across and do it legally. i am all for that. i have a daughter in the from brazil. i hate to see the fee increase but we are spending billions of dollars on immigration. it is stretched beyond belief. we don't have personnel or resources. if we have to raise that fee, i can understand where he's coming
6:53 pm
from. >> wonderful to see you. thank you. >> i just hope the president there with he trumps at best. >> thank you. coming about mike bloomberg making waves tonight. we've got the details and we'll be right back.
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jackie: the presidential race is getting a lot more interesting. mike bloomberg considering jumping into the democratic race. my next guest is a member of the "wall street journal" editorial board. mike bloomberg has filed in alabama. he said if we run we are confident we can win in states on super tuesday. how does mike bloomberg change this race? >> this is a guy who created a very successful company. ran the largest city in the united states and checks all the boxes for liberals. he has the sin of being a billionaire. but he's an environmental activist. he was the guy who tried to stop us from buying the big gulp.
6:58 pm
the food police. so i think he brings a lot of excitement to this race. and it's very not promising for democrats. i don't think elizabeth warren can win in the general election. she is too far to the left. many democrats are signaling that this week. criticizing her war against rich people and medicare for all and how it doesn't add up. bloomberg sees that and says who else is there. jackie: biden is on par with bloomberg the most. he calls him a solid guy. president trump called him little michael but said he can take him on. when it comes to joe biden versus bloomberg, they are very different. >> i haven't seen bloomberg speaking have much recently. but if you look at all the
6:59 pm
problems joe biden has in communicate together electorate. i think bloomberg assessed that and thought i can step into that vacuum. biden has trouble. as we know, the year ahead for hip is going to be grueling. when you take somebody who seems unstable and a little bit overwhelmed by all of the demand in a campaign and put him into the next year, i don't think biden can hold up. >> the last poll found a third of people said they were neutral on him. a quarter were unsure or didn't even know his name. >> he has a lot of work to do, but he has a lot of money and he knows how to run an organization and he's a very successful businessman. the fact that donald trump is already calling him names suggests to me that donald trump thinks he can be a viable
7:00 pm
competitor. jackie: mary, great to see you. thanks for joining us tonight. thank you for watching us. lou dobbs is next right here on fox business. make sure you stay with us. [♪] [♪] gregg: good evening, i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. for the past 45 days the radical dimms have been trying to subvert and overthrow president trump with a secret sham inquiry. nothing the dimms have done concerns him in the slightest. president trump: every one of those people' have gone out of their way to find the people who hate donald trump, president trump the most. they put them up there.
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everybody has been absolutely fine. i don't even know


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