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tv   Barrons Roundtable  FOX Business  November 9, 2019 1:00am-1:31am EST

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there is as reason for that. this is another witch hunt. but 10 times as crazy. thanks for joining us. i'm gregg jarrett. have a great weekend. [♪] david: on the verge of going public. good evening. i'm david asman in for trish regan. democrats aren't the only ones preparing for the first public hearings. they are moving one of their best questioners, congressman jim jordan to the house intel committee to press the witnesses. the president insisting this whole exercise only emboldens his base. it made me stronger. people are angry about it. and people that vote for me, not just republicans, really angry. we become angry. because it's a hoax.
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>> does the president have a point? let's ask my next guest, florida congressman greg steube. a member of the house judiciary committee. what do you think of what the president said? he claims the base and some democrats will be emboldened by this whole charade. what do you think? >> he's 100% right. i spent the last week in my district. and floridian are not talking about the things the democrats are doing because they are doing nothing to improve the lives of floridians and instead have been focused on impeachment. people are getting frustrated. i met with voters in charlotte county. they said they read the transcript and don't see anything impeachable. david: you have got the transcript. why do you need all these people
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to translate the transcript? >> you have witnesses who have their own motives. then we are moving to this public phase. but the people testifying in the public phase have already testified behind closed doors. so you have the democratic leadership in adam schiff. and doing evidence as it relates to positive things for the president. >> as to the point of why it is emboldening not only the base, but democrats. i had congressman kilde on. i asked him how much people care about the impeachment? he said they care about their jobs, they care about the uaw strike being over. they care about things that put food on the table and keep their family happy. that's what they care about.
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>> that's why they are frustrated congress isn't doing the things he's out there to do. i can't imagine in these moderate districts trump one, that they are not hearing it from the their voters that they are not doing anything the voters sent them up there to work on. >> president trump is the one delivering on the promises, whether it's in terms of jobs or taxes or the energy crisis has been essentially solved by us being annette exporter of energy. deregulation, border security, the promises he made on the campaign trail for the most part have come true. >> look what he has done to improper our military. look at the economy numbers. minority unemployment is at all-time record lows. these are things helping the lives of floridians, a lot of voters who didn't have a job are thinking about this going into this next election cycle.
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david: the washington post, this is what the elite don't get. they just published an article, can republicans relearn how to accept political outcomes they don't like. the whole points of that, what i would love to tell these people, remember what the whistleblower's attorney tweeted out a week after the president's inauguration. that the coup is started. congressman calling for a coup right after an election isn't really accepting a political outcome, is it? >> the democrats haven't accepted the fact that trump won this election in 2016 since he was elected. i have had members in my class who are democrats who called for his impeachment the day after they were sworn into congress. it's what they have been focused on the entire congress which is why we haven't gone the anything done. and it's frustrating the american people. david: it gets back to the
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democrats focusing on a whistleblower who more and more is not a whistleblower but is somebody who has a grudge who is work on that political grudge as are all the people around this whistleblower, including his attorney. >> that's the latest thing they tried to use to impeach this president. first it was the russia collusion hoax. robert mueller came and testified before the committee i sat on and stated there was no conspiracy between russia and the trump campaign. then we moved to obstruction of justice, then to corruption, now this whistleblower testimony. all you have to do is read the transcript the president made public and see there is no quid pro quo. and it's the democrats have been trying to impeach the president is the day they took the house. >> do you have any doubt that congress will vote for an impeachment? >> i think the what the intel
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committee is doing, they will move the articles much impeachment and send them to the judiciary committee which i think it will get out of the judiciary committee. it will go to the floor, i suspect based on the vote we had two weeks ago that it will pass on the floor of the house like the previous vote for the rules. it will go to the senate, and the american people will get to hear both sides of the storeys. republicans will get to call witnesses which we can't do right now. david: we know how it will end. it will end with an acquittal in the senate. i am wondering how this will play into the campaign for the presidency. i'm assuming the senate vote could be over as early as the end of january, right? >> depends on when the articles are over per unit to the constitution.
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the next day at 12:30 the senate has to start their proceedings. but the president's lawyers can file a motion to dismiss. then file a motion. it only takes a majority of senators to vote for that. then it would be over and the president would be acquitted and hopefully we can get to doing the things americans want. david: americans will see this is the first impeachment or attempted impeachment which has been completely partisan. it may be different in the senate. we don't know how mitt romney is going to vote. but getting into the senate and being impeached will be a totally partisan process that will end up with an acquittal. i think that looks badly to the american people going into an election for the democrats. nancy pelosi, adam schiff and chairman nadler stated trier to
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this points in time if it's not bipartisan the american people are not going support it. even their own words give credit to the fact it's a completely part southern event. so the american people aren't going to accept the outcome because it's completely partisan politics. >> thank you very much for being here. appreciate. the liberal media taking its love safe ware to a whole new level. going wall to wall with the anti-trump book written entirely by an anonymous source. >> new details written by anonymous. >> the unnamed trump official. >> the latest excerpts out of this anonymous book. david: next a guest who says the liberal media hasn't learned the anything from the past. >> we have a book to talk about. >> every hour that passes we get more from michael wolff about
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his time in the white house. >> i'm glad i didn't read it. more political correct enough run amok. a cafe replacing gingerbreadmen with a gin der bread person. next, president reagan iconic speech demanding the berlin wall be taken down. berlin politicians resisting putting up a reagan statues over the years. so the trump administration put one up anyway. find out how and ♪ when you look at the world, what do you see? ♪
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david: 2020 democrats veering further and further left. but now an avowed centrist, michael bloomberg is stepping up. reports tonight that bloomberg just won't put up with it see he is throwing his hat in the ring to offer to common sense, pointing to a potential nightmare for famously moderate joe biden.
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trish regan and president trump himself predicted a year ago that mayor bloomberg could jump in. trish: quick question. 2020, are you running? president trump: yes, 100%. trish: michael bloomberg might be running. president trump: that's good. i think the democrats will eat him up. you have a lot of people running. i am hearing names that are shockingly bad. they are nasty. david: joining me, madison gesiotto and robert palittis. will the left eat him up? >> there is nobody clamoring for michael bloomberg to run for
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president. what we have seen as elizabeth warren and bernie sanders attack the billionaire class, this is the billionaire striking back. this is the manifestation of big gates talking about his concerns, of jeff bezos stalking about his concerns. will it translate to support for president trump? david: i know it's a long-shot. he didn't get to be a billionaire by being dumb. he's a smart guy, an engineer by training. he thinks these things out. i don't think he would be willing to spend with what some people stay would be up to $5 billion of his own money if it's a lost cause. >> i think he's seeing what many of us have been seeing, a weakness within that democratic primary field. is he the answer to that? i don't think so.
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but maybe some democrats might. but you have to keeped in mind it's been since 1976 that anybody has entered the race after august and became the eventual nominee. david: what he thinks is it will be a big mistake for the democratic party because he wants to get donald trump voted out of office, he's clear about that. and he thinks it will be a mistake for the democratic party to veer so far to the left biden won't win the nomination. >> he wants to be a counterbalance who supports bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. every poll that's come out the last year they swapped up 30% of the electorate. all of this idea of weakness in
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the democratic party. every poll shows joe biden leading donald trump by double digits. david: i just want to ask, madison, if he defies all the odds, bloomberg does, and becomes the nominee, how does donald trump go after him in the general election? >> the nanny state policies he supported and the second one being the second amendment. in ohio we have strong support for the second amendment. he's been in opposition. when it comes to many moderate democrats and some of those swing voters who aren't sure who they are going to vote for. >> robert leading up to the nomination. if he comes in and he's not going to appear in the first pour primaries, iowa,
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new hampshire. according to our sources. that didn't work out too well for rudy giuliani. if he goes the distance, goes to the convention, how is he going to hurt joe biden? clearly he will take some of the votes away from biden, right? >> i don't think he hurts joe biden at all. >> he's the only other moderate with a chance. >> he can be the math person in the race to explain elizabeth warren's policies are based on fantasy. david: you don't think it will take any delegates away from joe biden himself that might help liz our be? >> i don't think so. they are splitting 30% of the vote. the rest of the party is behind moderate candidates. all he will do is shape the conversation in a more realistic
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tone. david: you may be right. but $5 billion can do a lot to shape a person's position. in that way i think elizabeth warren is partly right. i think he thick he can buy his way into it. madison, i want to switch gears. this is an historic moment. when history was made with reagan's iconic tear down this wall speech. tomorrow marks 30 years since that wall's destruction began. apparently berlin doesn't remember the details. german politicians are saying ronald reagan doesn't need any more honors. so it's just another example of america's hand in history being rewritten or at least people trying to rewrite it? >> we are seeing this a lot lately.
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it's not just the united states, it's across the world that people admire president reagan's unapologetic devotion to capitalism and we did on an international scale. many people are disappointed it couldn't be on public land. but we are glad to see it going up. david: there was maggie thatcher, pope john paul ii, and ronald reagan. the triump triumverate ending td war. don, jr. taking on the view. >> we have all done things we regret. joy, you have worn black face.
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david: the mainstream media practically foaming at the mouth over an anonymous book allegedly written by somebody from the trump administration. he portrays the president as a danger to the country. but remember when another book had the media salivating. >> sorry i picked a day when there was so lit toll talk about. wait. we have a book to talk about. >> every hour that passes we get more from michael wolff about his time in the white house. >> it's not even published yet and it's continuing to dominate the news cycle. >> we have been talking about michael wolff's new book he will publish from inside the white house. david: "fire and fury" was
1:27 am
panned by the president and the white house for it's inaccuracies. let's start with the trump dossier. how much times has this story or that story been told as something that was going to bring down this president and it all fell flat? >> it all falls flat. the dog just won't hunt. you can add in addition to michael wolf sleazy wolf's book that went nowhere. you can add that to a damarosa's book that went nowhere. and michael co-'s defendant knowny from stormy daniels. and the bottom lining with the entire agenda of this cabal
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within -- what's frighten being this. you have allegedly senior but regardless of their senior or not, you have got people within the american government actively trying to undermine the president of the united states. david: they don't call it the deep swamp for nothing. this is the deep state itself. a lot of these people are holdovers, they are career bureaucrats. they never liked donald trump. and they tried to endear themselves to him talking about how wonderful he was only to be leaking stuff about him. it's the public i care about. the public i would think would catch on to the phoney stories, phoney books, phoney sources, et cetera. >> in spite of our colleagues in the establishment liberal media that constantly push this, recycle it and push it again. i think the public has had its fill of this.
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there is an attack on trump fatigue taking place. there will be a backlash that reveals itself in 2020. dave require' fitting this book is called anonymous. the idea of an anonymous source. i used to write for the "wall street journal." my editors insisted that 75% of my sources had to be on the record and they had to be called by other editors to assure that what i said they were saying they had said. so the checks and balances, they are all gone now. you can have a story that's 100% based on one unnamed source. and that's what this book is. when the president talks about the fake media, the supreme to understand it's not just rhetoric coming from the president, there is a major change in the way journalism is being done that lead to fake stories in the newspapers and
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entire books that are fake. >> it's a disgusting sleazy cabal of many within the mainstream media with sneaky government officials. compare to what this so call anonymous official is doing to the former defense secretary. he obviously disagreed with some policies of the president of the united states. but when he left government and was asked over and over to belittle the president of the united states or belittle his policies, he refused to do so because he's a person that tbleefs this country and believes in the constitution. david: there are honorable people. the reason they are going after him and the reason they are using these underhanded tactics to get rid of him right from the beginning as we found out from the lawyer for the whistleblower. a couple weeks after the


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