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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 9, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EST

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i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching, and remember -- you can't take it with you. [ bat cracks, crowd cheers ] [♪] [♪] gregg: good evening, i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. for the past 45 days the radical dimms have been trying to subvert and overthrow president trump with a secret sham inquiry. nothing the dimms have done concerns him in the slightest. president trump: every one of those people' have gone out of their way to find the people who hate donald trump, president trump the most. they put them up there. everybody has been absolutely fine. i don't even know most of these
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people. many of these people i never even heard of. so crooked schiff is a corrupt politician. he looks all over. tries to find people who don't like trump and he puts them up. we are winning so big. >> the democrats aren't alone in their hatred of the president. the left-wing media has been undermining the' populist america first agenda. the president slamming the media for their strition behavior. -- for their vicious behavior. president trump: from the day i came in here i have had problems with phoney stuff. like a phoney dossier. like false investigations. so a lot of my behavior was shaped by the fake news and by the other side. gregg: despite the efforts of the left wing the president is fostering a soaring economy,
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standing up to the chinese' years of theft and making the military and the station stronger. president trump: this is a crooked deal. it's like the fake dossier. these are crooked people. they lost the election and they lost it big. it was a slapped slide from the electric torment college standpoint. and they are going to lose again. they are trying to weaken me, but it actually made me stronger. gregg: for the latest on the president's fight in the swamp we turn to john roberts. >> for the previous couple days president trump hasn't taken any questions from the media. but in 40 minutes this morning he unloaded a week's worth of material. on his way to atlanta to roment out a black voices for trump
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coalition the president said he was understand concerned about any of the deposition entrance scripts released so far. >> the testimony has all been fine. there is no firsthand knowledge. and all that matter is one thing, the transcript. the transcript is perfect. >> the house committees acting chief of staffed mick mulvaney' and mark andy were scheduled for depositions today and knighter showed. president trump: i would love to have mick go up frankly. i think he would do great. reporter: the committees also will not hear from former national security advisor john bolton and his deputy charles cooperman. both said they will have the courts and whether they had to comply with the subpoena.
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the committees didn't want to wait so they dropped them. bolton's ask committee teased the public. and we may soon be seeing another transcript, this one of the first call the * had with the ukrainian president zelensky and april 21 right after he was elected. the president said he wants to get the transcript out. he's getting pushback from the white house counsel but it could be released as early as next week. gregg: joining me, sara carter. the president made the point of saying who are these people? i will tell them who they are. they are diplomats who are trading in rumor, innuendo,
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conjecture, speculation. they are offering their fin and interpretation of a conversation they weren't even privy to. these aren't facts. this is junk. do you agree? i apologize. we seem to have lost sara carter. but let me expand to make my point. bill taylor said it was his understanding that there was a quid pro quo. gordon sondland said he presumed there was a quid pro quo. my favorite was george kent who said, well, i believe there was a quid pro quo. did he get that from the president? no. he got it from speaking to bill taylor who spoke to tim morrison who heard it from gordon
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sondland. this is conjecture built on triple hearsay in a court of law a judge would turn to the jurors and say disregard that testimony, we are striking it from the record. opinions are not facts. you are the finders of facts. we only present facts to you in a courtroom. now we resurrected the audio. let's go back to sara carter. sara, these fact witnesses that have no real facts, they are peddling hearsay and offering speculation and opinion. what do you think? >> i was saying before we lost audio that the question we have to ask is why. what i can tell you is this. based on the number of sources i have been talking to the last several years and including the last 8 months, 5 months. there has been an eve d there hn
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animus against president trump. he's also faced what no other president has had to face in this extreme hostility. he has people within his own white house who are doing the same. and they were waiting for a moment to pounce. president trump had every reason to get rid of ambassador maria yovanovich. she was operating against him. she didn't like him. she said that's not the truth. but a number of sources who worked closely with her said she had an animus against the president. he put an ambassador who will follow his foreign policy direct directorate in ukraine. i call it witch hunt 2.0. this is witch hunt 2.0 with
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ukraine. and it's going to stop here. there is a lot of people fighting for their life throng careerists. they are shaping the narrative away from the investigation we talked about for years, the russia investigation. the mall feasance in the fbi and our own intelligence community. we want that narrative to shift. >> i call it the malignant force that had been fighting ever since the president was elected. the whistleblower's attorney, mark zaid is among the malignant force. we know as far back as early 2017 after the president had been sworn into office he sends out tweet, a coup has started. impeachment will follow. this was all just a setup. this is a guy, mark zaid, who was soliciting people at the cia
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to be whistleblowers. he was fishing for clients to invent a pretext to impeach the president and he finally hooked one with the faux whistleblower who under the law doesn't even qualify as a whistleblower. >> mark zaid has been around for a long time. he has been closely connected with the u.s. intelligence community. he represented other cia officers as an attorney for them. he have much knows what's going on in washington, and he's have much against president trump. this is something he and the other attorney who set up is non-profit for whistleblowers was doing. this wasn't about just whistleblowers coming from anywhere. this was targeting whistleblowers who wanted to go after president trump. people that wanted to target him, this is what they are doing. he made it perfectly clear.
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in 2017, that a coup was coming. and it would be led by attorneys. he's been right on. he's not a psychic, he's an attorney. gregg: he had the audacity to send a cease and desist letter to the president, saying stop bringing up my client's name and on together whistleblower complaint. seriously? the attorney without citing any law is telling the president he's not allowed to defend himself glens falls accusations nor is he allowed to utilize his first amendment right to free speech? cease and desist letters lawyers cite a law. these two lawyers cited no law because none exists. the temerity of these guys is
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frightening. >> it is frightening. they are not just targeting the president of the united states. they are targeting the people that voted for him. that's the american public. the very foundation of our country. i think president trump should send a cease and desist letter to adam schiff. i think that would be -- gregg: adam schiff was colluding with a whistleblower based on a whistleblower complaint that doesn't meet the standard and the requisite conditions of a whistleblower complaint. he's and faux, fake whistleblower. sara carter, thanks very much. on wall street the markets closed out the week with another set of record highs. the dow finishing up 6 points. the s & p gaining 8 for its
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19th record close and 99th regard close under president trump. the nasdaq reaching its 14th record close of the year. volume on the big board 3.5 billion shares. the dow finished up over a percent. the nasdaq gained over 1%. just a remind tore listen to lou's report three types a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. the republicans said congressman jim jordan to their team supporting president trump though the dems sham impeachment inquiry. we'll have more with former trump aide, i pastian gorka and david bossie. how president trump's america first agenda is making the case for nationalism. rich lowry will be joining us after these quick messages.
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download the xfinity stream app and watch all the shows you love. president trump: adam schiff is a corrupt politician that's not giving us due process, not gig us lawyers -- not giving us lawyers, and despite all that, we are kicking their ass.
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gregg: president trump slamming the radical dimms impeachment hearings. we learned congressman jim jordan has been moved to the house intelligence committee. he has attended some of these hearings while the man he is replacing hasn't been to a single one. where have you been, crawford. mitch mcconnell reportedly telling president trump to win the support of republican senators before an impeachment trial. he told the president to stop attacking senators like mitt romney who will soon determine the fate of his presidency. these are the same rinos who haven't publicly supported the president or called out the radical dimms in their efforts to overthrow the trump administration. joining me to talk about it, sebastian gorka, author and
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former strategist to president trump. good to see you. seriously, trying to kiss the behind of mitt romney to get him on board. romney is a democrat to the extent he can think that well. what do you make of mcconnell's urging the president to stop attacking republican senators? >> i am unimpressed. is this the same mitch mcconnell that hasn't had the president's back for the last three years? i get it. you want a legacy with judges put in place, but it isn't just about your legacy. how many people on capitol hill out of the hundreds with the letter r behind their name have fought for this president. it's a handful of people we know. we could make that list right
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now. it's jim jordan, matt gaetz, lee zeldin. mark meadows. 12 guys. mitch, are you going to fight for the president who has been chosen by 63 million americans or lecture him on fake conservatives like mitt romney. gregg: nobody on the right voted for the impeachment inquiry. 2/3 super majority in the senate to remove the president. but we played a sound bite of president trump attacking adam schiff. that's easy to do since he's one of the most devious if not insincere, i.e., lying members of congress. schiff wanted the whistleblower to testify it in was learned
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schiff had been working with the whistleblower before the complaint was filed. now schiff wants anonymity. nowhere in the whistleblower law is a whistleblower entitled to or guaranteed the right to anonymity. it doesn't exist. >> this individual isn't a whistleblower and this isn't an impeachment. this is an operative placed in the white house by john brennan who voted for the communist party before he joined the characteristics a. he voted for the communist party candidate, gus hall. he worked for susan rice and vice president biden when he was the point man for ukraine. he was fired from the nfc when leaks out of the nfc were simply outrageous. the impeachment isn't an impeachment. after the declaration of war,
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the second most powerful thing the congress has is to impeach the president. this seven-page resolution doesn't even mention a crime. it gives all the power to the intel committee. there was no intel committee when the founding fathers brought the statute for impeachment. adam schiff who was a prosecutor. never jail now because of adam schiff, the man who lies the most on capitol hill should have their cases reexamined. he doesn't have to have the president's counsel in chamber when he does these hearings. he does haven't to release all the transcript. this is a show trial. adam schiff is rebuilding socialist show trials here in america. he's championing the anonymity for the faux whistleblower. there is a narrow provision that says the inspector general can
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release the name or withhold the name. but that applies to nobody else. this is such a myth that he's entitled to anonymity. adam schiff started all of this and he's trying to hide with anonymity, this whistleblower doesn't qualify as a whistleblower to conceal schiff's own machinations in creating all of this. in the end do you think the whistleblower will be forced to testify as a fact witness? >> noting to mention, adam schiff. >> the question is where is lindsey graham. hashtag where's hunter biden. but i want to see the hashtag where's lindsey graham. you can subpoena whoever you want, you can subpoena adam schiff and seen @whistle blower. where are you. don't give me the excuse you are afraid that john mccain pushed
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the dodgy dossier around d.c. don't protect john mccain's legacy. do the right thing lindsey for the sake of the american people. >> great to see you as always. this broadcast has been reporting for weeks now about a senate bill that serves to accelerate the flow of indian h-1b visa workers into the united states to compete for u.s. jobs at much lower wages. the chief sponsor of that bill senator mike lee is refusing to hold a public hearing on the bill. and he won't take up a debate on proposals brought forth by democrats. talking to reporters, durbin calls lee's refusal unusual.
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lee has taken in thousands of dollars this election cycle from some of the top sponsors of h-1b visas including microsoft, alphabet, amazon and facebook. the south at lake city area was second only to silicon valley in the percentage of leases signed by tech companies. warringly, he seems to have the support of another republican. senator john cornyn says durbin's tactics won't work. mexico appears to place the blame on america for a deadly cartel shooting. president trump sets the record straight on the china trade talks.
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we'll take that and much more with gordonñ??w
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president trump: they would like to have a rollback. i haven't agreed to anything. but we are getting along very well with china. they want to make a deal a lot more than i do. i'm happy right now. we are taking in billions of dollars. i'm very happy. china would like to make a deal much more than i would. gregg: president trump reafirming he has not agreed to roll back tariffs against china. white house trade advisor peter navarro made it clear on this broadcast that any rollbacks would be up to president trump.
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china's experts to the u.s. dropped. and imports from the suvment dropped 14d from the u.s. dropped 14%. china has launched a development network for 6d networks even though it turned on its 5g a month ago. huawei started work on 6g service in october. joining me to talk about this, gordon chang. who by the way wrote a wonderful column today in the "wall street journal," the great confrontation with china. one of the points you make is that for more than four decades, american presidents have essentially coddled china. china is not just a rival, it's
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a significant adversary in a variety of ways. and finally we have a president standing up to them. >> this is important. as you point out. more almost half a century we have so-called engaged the chinese. president trump says no this is not working for the united states. and it's not working for the rest of the world either. what was important and significant, last month we had the vice president and secretary of state? twin speeches tell the chinese that we are heading to a fundamental rupture. this is something beijing needs to hear. '. gregg: it's not just the trade imbalance. but one of the great jettest threats is the chinese are notorious thieves. they steal american technology. now with 6g, what does that mean? >> the 6th generation of wireless communication. we don't know exactly how it
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will differ from 5g. people are just starting to think about the concepts. but 5g is a major development. on 5g almost every device in the world will be connected to the internet of things. that means the chinese will steal and have all the world's information and manipulate devices i means they can drive yourself-driving car off a cliff. they can do paralyze critical american infrastructure. gregg: one of the points he makes is american technology has to wake up. we are getting beat to our detriment, and serious detriment on 5g, and now apparently 6g. >> we are well behind the technology on 5g. huawei stole virtually
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everything from the u.s. and is now building the world's 5g networks. there is no american competitor to huawei the only two competitors are scandinavian. qualcomm makes 5g chips. but we don't have a comprehensive american solution to huawei and that's going to hurt us. gregg: the chinese economy is not doing well. does that give us leverage? >> all the leverage in the world, greg. the trade numbers that came out a few hours ago. chinese imports overall were down 6.4% in dollar terms year and year. that's the 6th straight month. even more important, it shows that there is weak domestic demand. we know the chinese manufacturing sector has been in recession. but we are starting to see signs
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of consumption. that's also weak. we know the chinese are starting to lose confidence in their own zme. they are starting to guide gold etfs because they want out of their own economy. gregg: the mexican ambassador to the united states is seemingly placing part of the blame on america for the americans killed this week by a mexican cartel. they were murdered. in response to senator josh -- hawley's call for sanctions. ambassador martha cokie wants to talk to the senator about how to reduce drug demand in the united states. that's a clear statement that mexico is continuing to blame
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american and continuing president obrador's hugs, not bullets. recognizing they are quickly becoming a failed narco state. we would like to hear your thoughts on this. follow lou on instagram @loudobbstonight. lou will be back monday talking to onsolomon and tom fitton. be sure to tune in. gregg: new numbers say otherwise to those saying trump is losing votes among suburban women. rich lowry will be joining me on the set. stay with
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(sfx: orchestra warming up) where's tommy? (sfx: stage doors opening) i thought he was with you? no jack! (sfx: piano plays "twinkle twinkle little star" tommy? (sfx: audience laughing) go get him! don't stop. keep playing. (sfx: pianist playing masterful duet)
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here we go here's the fun part did you do this? great job! (sfx: audience applause) gregg: suburban women could help determine the outcome of the 2020 election. apparently donations by suburban women favor donald trump. kamala harris trails trump with $7.8 million followed by joe
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biden with $7.5 million. a group of administration officials thought about quitting in the middle of the night, midnight self-massacre, decided against it out of fear of destabilizing the government. thank you so as much. white house press secretary steffey grisham said the coward who wrote this book didn't put their name on it because it is nothing but lies. "the case for nationalism, how it made us pour new, united and free." i'm almost finished with it. you are an elegant writer. what i love about the book is it's backed up with historical
4:41 am
information and facts. nationalism has somehow evolved into a dirty word and it should not be. why? >> there is a misunderstanding of the word nationalism, that it must be hatred or racism or fascism. national feeling is very old, very natural. very powerful. they sales fail. it's also part of the mainstream of the american tradition. you get no american revolution, no constitution, no victory in the civil war without it. our ideals are ports. but it's not just an idea, we are a nation with a culture. gregg: it doesn't help when people outside our country misunderstand it and miscommunicate it. emmanuel macron.
4:42 am
let's put up the quote. the part that grabbed made with nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. that's just fundamentally wrong. >> it'sing a meaningless statement. patriotism comes from the root word padre, father, father of our land. a distinct culture with a distinct territory. that's important in french history going back to joan of arc and. gregg: trump early on as you have recounted in 2018 recognized this as something
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vital. i will just read it here. rational immigration policies, protection from foreign threats and putting our own interests first. to some it's selfish, maybe. but there is good reason for it. >> nationalism is part of the tradition of the democratic party. they turned their back on it and went in a cosmopolitan direction. and they lost touch with it for various reasons. it's a powerful baton left on the floor and trump picked it up. the basic proposition that our borders are important because we don't have sovereignty without our borders, and we should put our interests first. that would be the unassailable sentiment. it goes to how a cosmopolitan elite and denationalizing a lot of our government establishment is, that that's considered a
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small mind or tribal sentiment. gregg: you wrote american elites a enmeshed in the world of globalization. is that incompatible to nationalism? >> it helps erode it and it has. in the 19th century there were technological changes that created a national loilg i. what happened in the 20th and 21th century, more business changes and innovation have tended to create transnational interests. and that's a bad thing. gregg: the book is "the case for nationalism," beautifully written, well reasoned, and thank you for being here to share it with us.
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great video. did you see that? a beluga whale near the arctic circle playing catch with a group of south african rugby fans. the whale brings the ball back to the boat. incredible. president trump weighs in on one of the dems' 2020 contenders. here's to the straggly ones.
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president trump: little michael will fail. he will spend a lot of money. he has big issues. he has personal problems and a lot of other problems. there is nobody i would rather run against then little michael. questioning * everybody has a nick -- gregg: president trump giving a nickname to michael bloomberg. bloomberg reportedly plans to skip early voting states like
4:50 am
iowa and "happening now" to focus on alabama and texas. you might want to check with rudy giuliani to see how that worked out for him. steve bannon telling a federal jury he thought stone was the campaign's liaison to wikileaks as he was led to believe stone had access to julian assange though he added they never asked him to contact assange or wikileaks. president trump increasing his effort to win the african-american vote. >> america is waking up to the democratic party's neglect of african-americans. they want you to vote in the
4:51 am
election then forget about you for four years. we are creating an historic tide of economic opportunity and prosperity. we have done more for friendships in three years than the broken washington establishment has done in more than 30 years. >> joining us to talk about it, david bossie. is that a message do you think will resonate among friendship voters? >> i certainly hope so. president trump's record on these issues is stellar. there has been no better president for the african-american community than president trump. the unemployment rates, for hispanics and women. he has been a president for all americans. and that's what he will be able to sell. that's the reason to what we are talking about here.
4:52 am
the reason there is a witch hunt on impeachment. they won't be able to beat him on his accomplishments or record as president. >> representative al green actually in a moment of uncommon clarity admitted it when he said, we have got to remove him because we can't beat him. that's what's really going on, right? >> this is a political act by congress. this is a witch hunt. this is what the president is calling it because that's what it is. you look at what adam schiff and the others are doing. you look at this anonymous which blower which does not deserve to be anonymous. he's a political actor participating in a conspiracy to try to overturn the 2016 election. we need to make sure the american people know who these people are and know all of them.
4:53 am
gregg: i get such a kick out of these people offering interpretations and impressions and understandings of a conversation they weren't even privy to. one of them in particular he admitted he hadn't even read the transcript. this is ludicrous, isn't it? >> his source was the "new york times." we personally don't care about their feeling or interpretations. they do not matter. the president of the united states gets to set our foreign policy. that's the way our country works. we may not agree with barack obama sending pallets of cash to iran but he was able to do it. we didn't impeach him. though in hindsight it might have been a good idea. if you look at what the witnesses are doing next week with the lies and innuendos. ambassador yovanovich was caught in a lie by lee zeldin.
4:54 am
this person needs to be referred to the department of justice for lying under oath. we need to not hear from this ambassador next week because her credibility is in question. james carville, when i was doing this in the 1990s. they were defending bill clinton and were on offense every single day. they had a scorched earth policy. if you lifted your head up against bill clinton, you became a victim. we need to have that -- this is a fight for the future of america. gregg: a guy came up to me at the train station. he said i pulled up the transcript online. can you tell me what's wrong with it? i think americans are pretty smart. they will get around to reading the transcript. stay with us. we'll be right back with more.?
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gregg: president trump railing
4:59 am
against the sham impeachment process carried out by the radical dimms. president trump: they shouldn't be having public hearings. this is a hoax like the russian witch hunt. every one of those people testified absolutely fine for me. they have gone out of their way to find the people who hate donald trump, president trump the most. gregg: monday president trump will make history when he and the first lady attend the new york city veterans day parade. the first time a sitting president has accepted the invitation to appear. lou will be back monday. kelly sadler will be among his guests. my new work, witch hunt is now available online and in bookstores everywhere. did you notice the president mentioned the witch hunt a few
5:00 am
seconds ago? there is as reason for that. this is another witch hunt. but 10 times as crazy. thanks for joining us. i'm gregg jarrett. have a great weekend.nd. maria: happy weekend. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. it's a special spotlight this weekend on entrepreneurs and startups. the co-founders of harry's talk about being major disrupters in the shaving business. strong economic data, and stronger trade news led to a breaking week for


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