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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  November 11, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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waves. i was in with a wis las wisconst was cold. melissa: i will see you 6 prime. on "evening edit." bulls and bears starts now. >> to each veteran of the war the glory of your deeds will only grow greater with time, you are reason our hearts well with pride. our nation thrives in freedom. david: from washington to wall street, the nation honoring our military heroes, president trump first sitting u.s. president too attend new york city veterans day parade. >> vice president mike pence laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown in arlington national syste cemetery. this is "bulls and bears," as
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nation commemorates veterans day, 2020 hopeful bernie sanders unveiling his 62 billion dollar new plan, not to be outdone by elizabeth warren to revamp veterans affairs, one iowa veteran warning sanders his own medicare for all could pose similar problems for veterans, the ones that veterans already face at the v.a. >> i don't want to see anyone in this room have to wait like that because of a single pair system, which the v.a. is. >> no, it is not, the v.a. -- >> it is a government-run program. >> right, a government-run program that is different from a single payer system. >> who pays the bill? >> in the case of v.a. the government pays 100%. >> okay -- i'm former chairman of the committee of veterans affairs. >> there is a failure there. david: veteran knows a little bit about it as well. is it fair to look to past failures at v.a., as a warning about me medicare for all? gary, i love the way that vet
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nailed it gave it to bernie, don't. >> you dinner on me with that veteran. that is all i can tell you. you know, if you go to a doctor, and you break your left arm, you go in he puts a cast on your right arm, you are probably not going to go back to him. that is -- i get reminded of with what we've seen with the v.a. for so long, government-run taxpayer-funded v.a. we have so much blatant evidence that the government has not been able to run things 100% for so long for so many and it is this point almost tiresome to go about and debate it. the fact they want to take over all of the health wear, all of the insurance, then tax the living you know what out of us, it is just plain darn scary, you look at what is happening in the uk and other country that have gone that route. hopefully someone steps on this. >> yeah, you know bernie sanders
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tried to play semantics there, oh, v.a. is not single pair, that is government run health care. david: 100%. >> it is is a mess, and full of fraud, and mismanagement. we hear example of vets waiting weeks or months for a simple procedure. the government's own watch dog, identified this v.a. as high-risk for waste and mismanagement. before we given provided healthcare, i think that government should fix the small elements of our values veterans who deserve health care they have not been getting. >> it reminds me of stories you tell about national health service in uk, when your wife had to have treatment there, a lot of hospitals according to ig report were dirty, incompetent and overly long wait times, what is kind of infuriating, i am sure typical
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that people covered it up could they lied about the wait times and about the incidents of death, the death rate at some hospitals were twice those of private sector. i think this is a teaching moment. we need these teaching moments. as we talk about medicare for all it like what national health service has damage t done to the need more revelations of that story so people get it in their head this is not health service they have become accustomed to. >> jonathan you said before you know -- we should be fixing problem. isn't that what bernie sanders is supposedly proposing, add 50,000 new jobs for nurses and doctors, also makes it easier for veterans to file claims to get their money compensated, i agree. >> spending more money is not fixing it. what would fix it would be to privatize it, instead of
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enacting this e entire v.a. institution. >> i understand your condition often with health care, it is usually get the government out, true libertarian. maybe for panel as a whole, bodo we not think there should be some type of basic minimum. >> i, give the vets the best possible care. >> i'm not saying -- >> let us not forget something you know we use term v.a. and stuff. these are people that are risking their lives, going to ungodly places in the globe, to defend this country, and our freedoms, they are getting injured, they are getting injured badly, i have met with some of them when i do charity work with building homes for heroes, people missing limbs, sides of their faces, they need
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to be taken care of, our government-run has been letting them down for year after year after year, to tell us just do more of the government, i am sorry. the whole idea beloof -- hind. david: hold on. there have been improvement in the past couple years, specifically because they have given the vouchers to a lot of veterans to go seek private health care, use those vouchers, you can use this for a v.a. hospital or you can go to private hospital, is that the right direction. >> it is alleviated problem with people who really need something done and they can't get it done in the v.a. and wait 6 months, so now they can access that and typically better care. i think that christin christinas trying to get beyond v.a., and say we do have people who are not being treated properly nerps health care, i would say they
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can be treated via private sector with better management of the system that we have. i don't think we have to turn our entire -- >> think of these people income brackets or those, i know that rule that came in late 80s, if you are homeless you can sensor- enter any type of hospital. david: you won't die in the street is the point. >> right. david: anyone that goes in an emergency room can be treated for free. the point here is that if there is medicare for all, gary, you are not going to have a private alternative for veterans, ul will be forced to use the government system, that liz outlined in places liken glance ilike englandis bad. >> yea, economic 101, if you have no premium, no deductibles no copays, everyone will use and
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uabuse it that means longer wait times, it is all a mess, the market should takeover. if they can't get these people right, the priority, these people that have defended this country, get them right, what are they going to do with the rest just think about that. >> if anyone deserves good quality healthcare, these -- these are the heroes and before we go about trying to give health care for everyone, just look at the mess that v.a. is, look at a free market solution too remedy it, that is a v.a. institution. >> we all agree when a man or woman raises their right hand to commit to the country america needs to commit to them, however, i think if we're just saying total pry -- privatization with companies they often just seek profits, i
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don't know if i trust that. david: i put more trust in private system than the public system. we have a lot more to cover, it mainstream media trying to edit out all of the positive achievements of the trump economy. wait until you hear questions that jamie dimon got last night on 60 minutes, you can decide for yourself, next. ♪
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sometimes, they just drop in. obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group - how the world advances. ♪ david: does mainstream media want the trump economy to fail. >> jamie dimon interviewed on 60 minutes last night, here some of the questions. >> stock market is going through the roof, yet manufacturing production is down over the past we're, wage growth is slowing, when you look at the state of the economy right now, what to
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you see, do you see strength? or petering out. what about issue of untre unpre- predictability that wher worriso you. why does it feel we're in a particularly uncertain time. you know the tariffs could like a bomb. -- it is like a bomb you detonate, problem is this falls on you, bomb falls on them, but bomb falls on you. >> liz, it may be a rhetorical question, but will the trump economy get a fair shake by this media. >> no, they know that trump will be running on what is still a very strong economy. a very strong consumer economy, i love that idea of a bomb going off with tariffs, we've been waiting for over a year for any impact with the tariffs.
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david: certain companies. >> very few, last quarter one reason that market responded positively, no ceo said, tariffs will kill us, it has hurt a few companies but not hurt consumers. here is what really irritates me about this, in august there were more mentions of word recession than we had seen since 2 2008, what does that do to the consume sneconsumer? >> it dampens their expectations and lowers consumer since sentiment, it is still very high, i 1er whattic and ex consumers would -- i wonder what the economy and consumers would be doing with a more positive input from media. >> i was watching 60 minutes at the time with winston and cosmo, my dogs eyes are huge i am yelling at tv, i am thinking she is talking about venezuela when
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she talks about this. i said, she looks so depressed for a woman worth 20 million plus making a couple million a year, i would think we were dead in the water at-this-point. the fact is, you are right, liz. the for a couple days a few weeks back, they thought we were going to recession, the media was popping champagne cork so happy, they mentioned that word 400 times, it is a shame, let's be. >> maybe did have a slant, we listen to jamie dimon's response. >> the consumer, which is sense of% of u.s 70% of u.s. economy s strong, the strength is driving an american and global economy, while business slowdown, my current view, no it was just a slowdown not a petering out. >> he is talking about our great
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economy. however, maybe jonathan to you, have you over 2 trillion of cash on sidelines right now that came up from pwc, ask ceo confidence down, seeing sentiment negative, yet americans, worker bees are quite positive about the economy. why to we see the i did -- discrepancy or a need of buybacks, how that is really propping up the market. jonathan, what do you say? the ceos saying something different. >> there are a lot of factors influences will economy, and stock market. i take mos most -- with jamie d.
5:17 pm
producers create the wealth, the ubers -- he big secret that we need for a from duckiv productie economy, we need economic freedom. and candidate or administration who provides that will have a strong economy. >> one thing that bothers me, people who criticize this economy, say all they did with money they got the corporations with tax cuts was to do stock buyback thing. they hired a hell of a lot of workers, millions and millions of workers, cost 10,000 on average to train a worker you hire that is where a lot of the mean went, isn't it. >> this is an interesting point we look at wage gains, but some money spent is going to training because, right now, the we're highering the bottom of the barrel, that is not meant to be offensive, but people who are not trained, not high school graduate, some are felons out of jail and et cetera, that is great thing, that syncom at low
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-- is income at lowest en end of spectrum. david: people keep trading up. >> meanwhile, goldman sachs back defending its apple card. do they have a case, we debate that coming up next. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right, by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. you can get your interest rate right by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right with sofi. check your rate in two minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. a more secure diaper closure.
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xfinity mobile. click, call or visit a store today. david: politico reports that president trump is expected to delay his decision on whether or not to impose tariff on eu autos for 6 months, president was facing a wednesday deadline. we're going to continue to
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follow this. >> apple new credit card is being investigated by financial regulator after customer complaint that card discriminated against women when it came to credit limits. >> you have david hanson a well-known tech entrepreneur tweeting out he and his wife applied, they have shared accounts he received a credit limit 20 times size of his wife, then apple cofounder said he and his wife applied for apple credit card that is operated by goldman sachs, they said same thing, he got ti 10 times credit limit of his wife, they say alga -- algarhythms discriminate against women. here is in in they have relationship offed on goldman sachs, they have reached out to goldman sachs back, algal --al e
5:23 pm
used for financial services. >> i was surprised, because women on average have higher credit scores than men. i don't have a problem with this. discrimination is not illegal, a bank, in this case goldman sachs back they can choose what type of credit risk they are attending they are using an algarianalgorithm. >> this is okay for an engineer to program it if we have same income, credit score, and history it is okay for you to have a higher limit than me. >> when you spend all the money you will be first to blame regulators for allowing you to
5:24 pm
have so much access to credit. banks are dammed if they do or dammed if they don't. >> i am not sure it is legal, we had judge napolitano weigh in, his view seemed to be this is not legal, someone will get in trouble if it turns out that algalexandria--algorithm used g. david: as i believe it is state to state. >> never go against the law, never get in between jonathan and christina. i am backing up. bottom line, this is a great lesson, all companies out there now will be looking at this saying are we doing it or making mistakes, and everyone will fix it, i gather apple and goal ma n are in boardrooms right now. it is wrong. legal or illegal.
5:25 pm
whatever. >> they should do it. >> look. does everyone have access to the same credit. just like healthcare. this is what businesses do, they discriminate based on what they think in their open best interest. david: this is a question, i have for christina. he is worth, woz h as -- woznias worth more. >> according to wozniak, he will be on fox tomorrow on fox business. but, he said that they have been sharing a joint account for many years and married, he saids her credit limit, there should not be a 10 time discrepancy, and jonathan. to point it should be getting
5:26 pm
legal. >> i'll call you back the last time government got involved with credit cards, dick durbin the net result of the less credit availability. some people are less good credit risks than others, you can't blame goldman sachs or not wanting to give them a 20,000 dollar limit. >> if you look at obamacare, we had a lot of discussion about older people, women versus men getting base the same scores. even though their health care needs must be different. there is a mentality that you can't make any differentiations. i tell new case of wozniaks, my guess his earning history which would be certainly part of the analysis of any lending decision, is different from
5:27 pm
hers. and also their assets they look different, my guess is, you know this could turn out to be something that really has a straight forward explanation. >> i don't have research or knowledge of their money. i am just sharing the story with you. >> several others as well. david: i would like to know what is credit limit of someone with 100 million. >> my question, why is he looking at it. david: you can hear from steve wozniak himself tomorrow, varney and company, right here on fox business. >> this situation hong kong, is deteriorating more, violence is escalating, two men now in critical condition, one hurt by the police, other by the protestors, we'll ask the independent women's forums claudia rerosette it needs
5:28 pm
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david: hong kong rocked by the worse day of violent clashes since the protests began more than 7 months ago, police shot
5:32 pm
at protestors, one at close range, a 21-year-old remains in critical condition, then a counter protester covered in a flammable liquid, set on fire by demonstrators, we're not showing that you one. claudia, does the violence of the protesters make it more difficult for the u.s. to come to their defense? >> on surface, yes. if you really look at reasons it is really important not to confuse the tactics with the actual demands with what this is about. real blame for this is -- goes to president xi jinping and china and his stooge executive in hong kong. what demonstrators have come up against is a blank refusal to give them the rights and freedoms to let them keep the rights and freedoms china promised under treaty as well as
5:33 pm
free election. the violence is sickening at-this-point on both sides, they are not equivalents. protesters demands are familiar -- fundamentaly right and chinese a handling is wrong. >> before u.s. comes to their defense would you suggest a certain solution, like amnesty for crimes, or an independent committee to look at anticorruption or having ter lam terrylamb stem step down. >> she should have been fired some time ago, people of hong kong have no power to do, that in either do we -- near either do we, unless we can force xi jinping to do it. there are things we could do, i think secretary of state pompeo gave a great speech on china on october 30.
5:34 pm
it is time that president trump spoke out specifically, clearly in similar ways about hong kong. if any pressure to bring to bear to get rid of lamb, and for china to give them promises under treaty of happen over that game of this hong kong from britain would be useful. >> don't you think it could backfire, it seems that chinese have been pretty adamant they don't want the united states weighing in on their so-called internal affairs, i think it would require a significant step up in damage being done here. before we would really consider weighing in on any forceful manner? i think that with the economy in hong kong, now in recession, i would think a lot of people there, are beginning to really wish that the protesters would stand down, there would be some negotiations. with the lamb group, i just condition imagine that u.s. put
5:35 pm
their finger on the scale right now is the right approach. >> the problem there is, lamb is not negotiating. she has no power to. none. she a puppet . >> china is giving them nothing, they are not backing down, a these ahead i is -- china's gul. if this is anything we could do even if china does not like it,
5:36 pm
that says we need too get them something that is worth doing. >> maybe u.s. could just speak out, you know not step in i could understand americans are wear beany type of u.s. direct involvement had. ronald reagan denounced authorizism, being that moral example of a free economy. and let everyone in china and hong kong wish they could immigrate to the u.s. >> yeah, actually right now probably a lot of people in hong kong do, but dollar 7.5 million of them -- there are 7.5 million, they cannot all leave, that stl their home. u.s. is not going to intervene with force. part of the problem is hong kong, if you try to defend it with force it is too small a
5:37 pm
city, china controls water of and . e, i and the power. it has to be done diplomatically forceful talk is the way. >> there a video playing of a protestor being shot. which is not going to help. you say diplomacy, what kind of diplomacy and between who? what is the way forward at-this-point, it looks like we're in the worse position since this started. >> china signed a streeto in 1984, promising -- treaty in 1984. this is in breach of every part of that treaty. this is an international treaty, deposit at u.n., this is not an internal chinese affair. u.s. and britain and any democratic allies from japan to france should be denouncings china for being in violation of its treaty and pointing out
5:38 pm
implication for china economy if china is a country that won't stick to a deal. david: cla claudia roseet thank. >> as we are honoring our veterans, we celebrate their success as entrepreneurs. how skills in service help them succeded in this arena. co-owners of the a veteran run sweet beans coffee shop. driver, or trips to mars. no commission. delivery drones, or the latest phones. no commission. no matter what you trade, at fidelity you'll pay no commission for online u.s. equity trades.
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david: finding success off the battlefield, throughout day on fox business we've been highlights and celebrating veteran's ventures in business world, sweet beans coffee bar co-owned by navy veteran and a
5:42 pm
veteran's wife, mallory, how did your military service prepare you for starting a business. >> leadership is what taught us the most determination of being able to not succeed the first thyme butime, but try again to t you want as your goal. >> mallory, you know hon own a coffee shop, first thank you for your service, i know that wives and husbands of those play a very important part, there are 28 thousands over 28 thousand starbucks out there in the world. are -- do you think you are going to go about after them because, i think people in military, have what it takes, we need more and more competition in the coffee area. >> thank you, we sure hope to be
5:43 pm
as big as starbucks some day. one location at a time. >> i'm sure, i want to echo gary, thank you both, as a veteran and a spouse of a veteran, you are on the team, for america. i wish you both truly greatist of success, i hope everyone that supporting tweet beans coffee -- sweet beans coffee. from all of us, thank you. >> heather, i will direct this question to you, hugh it wa how1 youonceyour husband came back, t get a chance to talk about mental health, could you peak to that. >> my husband did 3 deployments, first two he seemed to come back okay, the last one is the one that hit him hard, i don't know if it was being, away for so
5:44 pm
long but knowing its end of his navy active duty career. he did have a tough time. just got ton to seek help, and great a great support system, that is all we can do for each other. >> heather, what is your shop offer that no one else does? how are you differenc def-- of e yates your business. >> we not only sell coffee, we e have a self-pour, beer, wine and cedar wall, you pay by the ounce. >> sweet. >> they got much more excited here. do you reach out to people in the military, or particularly welcoming of them? >> absolutely, we just love having events, anyone to bring in feel like it is home to them. if they want to come and sit we have team do their homework or business work. you are always welcome, no
5:45 pm
matter if you are military or not. >> mallory, always difficult partnerships, there are some that work okay, but there are others that have a lot of problem. i imagine that team work that you in military service, must helped in that regard, when you have differences do you employee who you learned in service to get the time spirit back? >> definitely, we have actually made the perfect pair for opening our business. military experience, tell me, if close quarters working with someone day in day out and living on a ship, you work with them, you don't have an option to hold a gunning grudge, you hn work it out. david: and patience. that is what you really need as
5:46 pm
a spouse of someone in military is patience, for the time away but as christina pointed out, as you did when they come back, in a business you really night patience? >> absolutely. patience and a lot of understanding and a lot of love. >> my impression of military, it is rank oriented, who has higher rank here? >> a good question. >> we're not allowed to disclose that information at-this-point. >> sorry. >> >> okay. >> leads, best of luck it you, our hearts go out to you for what you do now, that is a part of building america, but, for what did you in service. thank you appreciate it. >> absolutely, good to see you both. >> before we head to break, let's see on "evening edit," melissa francis is in for elizabeth macdonald.
5:47 pm
melissa: i feel like we just did this. tonight on the "evening edit," iran claim its found a new oil field with 50 billion barrels of oil. as country economy all but crumbles under the sanctions, also the international ato atomc emergency saying they found machine man-made iranian, and streets of hong kong descending to -- chaos. david: okay. thank you. >> stocks soaring to new record highs under president trump. would a president bloomberg fair any better? we'll debate that coming next. o tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need.
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david: michael bloomberg considering entering the primary, his policies would provid mark wet a big boost. but -- market with a big boost but with stocks already rallying, would wall street cheer a bloomberg presidency. >> i think bloomberg would get rid of trade war. there would be some greater certainty, but we can't underestimate his dedication to climate change activism, the truth is though policies are not good for the united states economy, they may satisfy a lot of people's interests and concerns about climate change but if he really pushed u.s. economy to get off fossil fuels
5:52 pm
that would be a real big problem, we would pick up something but we would lose something. >> if we get big gulp bloomberg, then we have a problem. if we have a guy that tells us how much soda we with drink, we have a problem. i believe last 3 years, the tax cuts are fine, but i think recessio--the regulatory enviros what has done the trick. every time i see this president remove some regulations, they say they got from obama years, this is really did the trick, i speak to businesses large and small. i have said it before, they all say the same thing, fa they feel better about every day walking in. but i really do believe that regulations matter, if bloomberg
5:53 pm
comes in, starts that up again forget about it. >> a poll, 4% of democrat said they'd vote for bloomberg, i think he is just dipping his toe in water. we could see some type of deregulation as well, maybe not so good for market. >> deregulation would be great for market. >> oh, no changing the protection rule. >> bloomberg is exa is an exampf how just because someone is rich does not mean they support capitalism or freedom. warren buffet another great example had. you are light bloomberg had a love for the nanny state, instituted a law on how big a sugary soda can be, getting rid
5:54 pm
of the big gulp in new york city. no matter. >> i need to push back. >> quickly. >> bloomberg did in new york, he encouraged businesses. he introduced technology. david: all right, it will be hard for anyone to match trump's record, we have to go, hot dog, coney island, celebrating, next. and a high risk for fracture now might not be the best time to ask yourself are my bones strong? life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months. do not take prolia® if you have low blood calcium, are pregnant, are allergic to it or take xgeva® serious allergic reactions, like low blood pressure trouble breathing; throat tightness; face, lip,
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david: moving from veterans to entrepreneurs, our veterans day spotlight, showcasing our military heroes and move to business, post of fox nation's, abby. >> like you mentioned, veterans are so important, veteran owned
5:58 pm
businesses bring in 1.1 trillion in sales every year, one of those companies that is doing well today is felt man's hot dogs, can you tell me a little bit about your sales. >> today over 25 thousand dollars in on-line sales. reporter: home hot dogs have you given out. >> more than 900. >> i ate 872 of those. >>incredibl.incredible, it goese nonprofit that helps vets with mental health needs,. reporter: you are a vet yourself thank you for your service, highway has your involvement bin inspiinspired by your service. >> team work. starting at 4:00 a.m., to right now. just a great day. reporter: we appreciate it.
5:59 pm
>> i love your hot. >> thank you, you can get one, great stuff abby. david: if you have been watching fox news this morning a naturalization ceremony for vets, people who are in the military, were in military that were not u.s. citizens, they did their nature rallalization this morning, my favorite vet, i am picky is my stepson felipe, he joined u.s. marine corps he was not a citizen hey ca became onen afghanistan, i said do you want to do this he said, i want to earn my citizenship. >> i am so taken with the story of your family, thank 4 stepson and all veterans, a friend of minskyler saunders. so from all of us, we send our
6:00 pm
greatest thanks and our heartfelt thanks for all you do thank you. david: last word. >> it was great they are donates to head start, everyone should look into that. >> good stuff, thank you, happy veterans day. melissa: another record day for wall street, the dow closing in record torrey foer to --er to fd state session, bullish comments from boeing. and accounting for all its gains, all this unfolds, capitalism comes under attacks. from several top 2020 democratic contentors now jpmorgan chase ceo jamie dimon fighting back. honoring our nation's veterans, primp, addressing veterans in new york city. we have the incredible story of one vet awarded medal of honor by pre


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