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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 12, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EST

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tomorrow with connell mcshane on "after the bell. lou: it's monday, november 11, 2019. veterans day. we begin with a special thank you and salute to our nation's veterans and all who serve the nation in uniform all around the world. in new york city the commander-in-chief spoke at the city's veteran's day parade. quicking the first president to d becoming the first president to do so. the president honored the veterans saying the glory of their deeds only grows greater with the passage of time. it's been 41 days since the radical dimms began their secret
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closed dear hearings as they continue to construct their assault on the constitution and the president of the united states. intel committee chairman, adam schiff, continues to deny full and equitable participation from the republican members of congress and denied the republicans' their call to bring in their own witnesses. they have attacked president trump unrelengthingly since this d unrelentingly continues 2016. the president's public support has been you are wavering d has been unwavering. reporter: president trump made history today, the first u.s. president to attend the new york city veterans day parade.
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he will spend one more night in new york. in a speech to the economic club tomorrow before returning to washington for the first public hearing in the impeachment inquiry. the latest battle is who republicans can call as witnesses. devin nunes seeking approval from 9 witnesses including the whistleblower and anyone he or she got the information from. nelly ohr, tim morrison, the former senior russian expert at the nfc and kurt volker. it's likely at least two of those witnesses will be vetoes by chairman adam schiff. schiff said having the whistleblower testify would be redundant and unnecessary. he says he has no interest in quote sham investigations of the bidens. one witness democrats may call,
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lev parnas an associate of rudy giuliani is charged with campaign violations. he's expected to testify back in may he told ukrainian officials unless they opened an investigation into joe biden u.s. aid would be frozen. reporter: what lev parnas plans to testify runs counter to everything the president has said. we may soon see what he has to say. lou: joining us tonight, award-winning investigative reporter, fox business contributor, john solomon. the first question following john roberts report is what makes lev parnas more credible and all the others who made
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statement directly contradicting what he said. >> i know lev parnas, i used him in some of my reporting. he seemed to be an honest broker on the ground. the hearsay witnesses opine that the president had a quid pro quo. but the witnesses who actually talked to the president can only say the president said no quid pro quo. only the people who actually talked to the president know what deal is in place. they have hearsay evidence that contradicts the first-hand evidence of people who talk to the president. i think there will be more information coming out specifically. other things the president might have been hearing from the intelligence community. i think that will be a big development over the next week. >> as i watch what's unfolding in washington. , i don't see the problem here.
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and i'm trying to be independent and subjective as possible. i just do not understand if the president said i want with this investigation, i want to understand what the origins -- we have the justice department investigating the origins of the 2016 assault on this president. what in the world is the problem here? >> i think there is going to be a bigger issue that he mercks here. what was the president's definition of corruption. the media and the democrats want to focus it on biden. i suspect the president was getting a much broader look at corruption and who the new president was associated with. president zelensky had the relationships. i would not be surprised if the president's briefings in the may, june, july time prime give a much broader picture that the democrats are carrying out in
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congress. i think when we find out what the president's basis is for why he's making those requests, i think we'll have a didn't picture, much like what we got when we got the real picture on russia. the solomon report. the obama administration tried in 2016 to partner with burisma while hunter biden was sitting on their board apparently the administration thought that that might pose something called corruption concerns. >> one of the most interesting parts of the impeachment testimony that the democrats and media are focusing on is how concerned members of the state bet and the embassy and others were concerned about joe biden's relationship with burisma. they were concerned when the state department tried to do a joint project through burisma. and actually put a stop to it
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because of the corruption allegations. this is an event that rudy giuliani or i or anyone else invented, they had their concerns long before i reported it, rudy giuliani did this research. joe biden seems to be the only person who doesn't see a problem with what went on between him and burisma. lou: and joe biden denying efforts to bring forward witnesses who would discuss exactly that issue. the "new york times" reporting about aides and joe biden and the burisma job. we are not seeing a broad effort on the part of the left wing thankingal media to deal with the story and give the broader truth that will be revealed. they are on grudgingly touching
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the margins of this story right now. >> abc news has done a good job. there is a very clear narrative, the documents i see would enforce the release of last week at the state department clearly show hunter biden's company was lobbying the state department to help make the corruption allegations go away in ukraine. when they approached that state department, they invoked hunter biden's name as the robe why they needed help. that's the conflict of interest ethics laws were created to avoid. i think we are going to learn a lot more about what those state department bureaucrats were doing in the middle of the 2016 election to address the burisma crisis joe biden is facing. lou: i want to touch on a
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different topic here. his berlin wall moment as you style it. the distraction with impeachment and r the developments going on in the middle east. i think the president has set in notion a dynamic we have not seen in my lifetime in the middle east. we are seeing regional partners having conversations they haven't had in a long time trying to broker settlements that make the region more stable. i think a lot of that has to do with the fact that trump simultaneously pulled out the troops and managed to get abu bakr al-baghdadi. i think there is a big story being missed in the middle east. i think president trump has put together a unique opportunity to create peace in the middle east. lou: the national leftist media again is only grudgingly
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beginning to look at the reality emerging from a decision that this president is, if you will, disrupted the orthodoxy and set his own course which seems to be as usual a course that has tremendous benefits beyond what the orthodoxy ever imagined. >> i had a democratic senator when i first came to washington. he said something that stuck in the back of my head. if you are going to be a disrupter you are going to ruffle feat ishes. and sometimes you have to wait for the feathers to clear before you see the truth of what happened. i think we are just beginning to see the things he has done because of disruption. lou: we are seeing a lot of benefits across foreign policy, domestic policy and economic policy. this broadcast has been reporting for weeks about a senate bill that serves to
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accelerate the inflow of indian h-1b visas into the united states, directly competing with u.s. workers with lower wages. we are learning the chief sponsor of that legislation in the senate, senator mike lee, is refusing to hold a public hearing on the bill. senator dick durbin who has a competing bill says lee won't take up a broader debate on an alternate proposal put forward by democrats. or on his own senate bill 386, known as the fairness for high-skilled immigrants act which passed in the house's h.r.-1044. let me say what i mean here. and i don't mean unusual. i miernt's scurrilous.
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it's beneath contempt and he should be ashamed. as we detailed here before. senator lee has taken in thousands of dollars from some of the top sponsors of h-1b visas and outsourcers including big tech firms, microsoft, facebook and amazon. it's more than interesting that a report released earlier this year finds that the salt lake city metro area is second only to silicon valley and the percentage of commercial leases signed by technology companies last year. lee has tried and failed four times to force his bill through the senate by the device known as unanimous consent, which does not require votes of the supporting senators of course or even the opposing senators should there be one or two. it is deeply concerning that senator lee seems to have the
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support of another republican. senator john cornyn. he says durbin's quote delay tactics won't work. a delay tactic in calling for hearings and public debate that certainly senator lee's bill requires before it should be allowed to pass in any form. any senator, in my opinion should definitely give the public a chance to air their thoughts about this very important critical legislation of that -- that sets up direct competition with u.s u.s. worke. i would hope the president would go so far as to ask senator lee and durbin to back off their bills and for senator mcconnell to take charge of the senate and set this up for debate if we are to have a debate about a bill that will directly set up more intense competition with u.s. workers. it's unfair, it's unreasonable,
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and it's a fraud on the american worker. up next, the supreme court gears up for what could be one of the countries defining immigration court cases. we take that up and more. border patrol' brandon judd.
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lou: another record-setting day on wall street. not a lot of action, but the dow up 10 points closing at its 9th record close of the year. the s & p losing 6. volume on the big board, and crude over down a half percent. silver closed flat. boeing expected to resume deliveries of its 737 max jets next month and could start commercial flights as early as
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january. boeing 737 max jets have been ground since march. boeing stock is up 5% in after hours trading on the news of a january flight for the 737 maxes. new documents revealing southwest airlines is continuing to fly 38 of its 737 aircraft, even though they don't have their final safety verifications. an faa official recommended grounding those aircraft for lacking adequate maintenance record. the faa has given southwest until the end of january. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. mick mulvaney today asked a court to decide whether he
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should ahear before congress to take part in the sham impeachment farce. he's trying to join a lawsuit put together by allbone on and his deputy john kupperman. they are asking whether they should obey the white house directions or the subpoena of congress. an attorney for bolton and kupperman oppose the move by mulvaney arguing their cases are different to mulvaney's as he still works at the white house. former ambassador to the united nations, nikki haleyn with a new book in which she reveals former secretary of state rex tillerson and chief of staff john kelly trying to recruit her to subvert the president's agenda.
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she says tillerson and kelly said they weren't trying to subvert the president, but trying to save the country. joining us, ed rollins, fox business contributor and "new york post" columnist michael goodwin. good to have you both here. let's start with your assessment of the nikki haley revelations that tillerson and kelly were trying to subvert the president and look for her assistance. >> i don't know what assistance she could have given other than a p.r. perspective. at the end of the day she is not a decision maker. she deals with foreign nations and casts votes. but she doesn't make the decisions on the votes. to me it's a strange story and disturbing story. equally as important. what are the issues they were
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arguing about. i assume they weren't winning their way with trump and the secretary of state and chief of staff of the white house are not going to win with nicky or 20 other people in the cabinet. >> i'm also reminded of the rod rosenstein story, the allegations he talked bin joking the 25th amendment. i would also draw a distinction between rex tillerson and general john kelly. tillerson was well known for going around the country bad mouthing the president. kelly's response to nikki haley's book was interesting, he said if by subverting you mean trying to set up a process where the president heard all sides and we made methodical decisions, i plead guilty. there are different versions about what they were proposing
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to her. lou: let's put up the kelly response. he said if by resistance and stalling she means muting a staff process in place insuring the president knew all the pros and cons of what policy decision he might be contemplating so he he could make an informed decision. then guilty as charged. lou: it could have been interpreted in a lot of ways. >> kelly came into a white house in somewhat disarray. both men previous didn't know how to set it up. kelly did. he understood orderly processes because of his experience in the military. lou: personally it seems to me that the assessment of a chaos
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was more of a, if you will, an establishment and left wing and rino view of the white house at that point. and i think this president has functioned very well with a lean staff. he's the decision maker if it doesn't sound too much like george w. bush. but it is true. he has a remarkable adroit group of people around him right now. >> he basically knows what he wants to do, and the reality is he's the one who gets to do it. lou: lindsey graham said this. if we can put this up. the importance of the whistleblower to the so-called impeachment farce and its process. >> it's impossible to bring this case forward in my view fairly without us knowing hot whistleblower is and having a
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chance to cross-examine him without any biases. if they don't call the whistleblower in the house this thing is dead on arrival in the senate. >> it should be dead on arrival in the senate. there will be some summary dismissal motion on the floor. if you can get 50 votes for it, it would be dead on arrival. we only know this is lindsey graham talking. lou: he's talking sense. lou: a cia operative doing investigations and spy work on the president. the first question i would ask is where would you get your information about what's going on. he made the charge. they haven't backed the charges up. what are his motives. how did he get his information.
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he should be fired and probably jailed. lou: should we be saying the whistleblower's name out loud? >> if we are certain, absolutely. lou: up next. why does one of the dems' sham impeachment witnesses get to keep hayes job in the national security council. touching, isn't it? or is it just troubling.
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lou: rino congressman will herd says the whistleblower's identity should be protected. herd hurd is a former cia officer who is giving his post up in congress next year. he disagrees devin nunes'
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request to have the whistleblower publicly testify. >> how we've treat this whistleblower who impact whittle blowers in the few you are. i'm not only in the intelligence community, but our government. lou: whistleblower or is he a leaker or is he a spied? the former cia officer congressman hurd was an undercover officer for the ci tax in the middle east and southeast asia. he's one of three former cia agents in congress. the others are all democrats. there is also a former fbi agent in the house. republican fitzpatrick. lieutenant colonel alexander vindman will reportedly remain on the national security council, even after providing
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testimony against trump. his attorney says he will stay on as a ukraine expert until his detail end in july of next year. that's really strange, isn't it? joining us to tell us what he thinks and more, tom fitton, president of judicial watch. let's start out with vindman. what is the deal? robert o'brien, the national security advisor, he's restructuring the national security council and its staff, why not just move him, his brother, whomever, out? >> i don't know. he shouldn't be there. if i were the president, i don't know how we can expect the president to have any trust in this president's work, given his personal dislike for the president and his policies. this is as man who substituted his views on what ukraine should
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be doing with the views of the president of the united states. he should not be near any policy make body for the president. i guess he will move along when his detail is over. i don't think they should wait for the detail to be over. lou: it makes you wonder what kind of rational process is available. the president clearly wouldn't trust who doesn't care for the president's policies on ukraine. why put up with that? why not just give him something else to do? he's a public servant, serving in uniform at least when he's testifying against the president. he might be better used in another post where he would be credible, perhaps, and have greater opportunity. >> this is another example how the deep state is able to work its way. you have all the details going
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over to then' can department. you have federal employees working with the majority in congress. i bet you right now on this coup effort. lou: that's an interesting point. maybe the president could maybe go over to the pentagon and spend more time rather than having to send people or drop over to the cia and kind of, you know, have coffee with them from time to time. >> reform is needed. we have to protect the public from these administrative overlords. lou: it's stunning. vindman referred to the interagency. there was a reverence in the words on paper. as he spoke them in his opening statement. i mean, he talks about the
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interagency as you would expect say he would refer to the commander-in-chief to the white house, to the pentagon, to the command structure. no, he worships at the altar of the interagency. it's stunning stuff. >> these -- this is the praetorian guard the attorney general warned us about. these are individuals in the administration or of any administration, who believe they know better than the elected president of the united states. this is the harm being done to our republic. you have individuals who disagree with the president on policy who are being brought in to suggest that that disagreement means he needs to be removed from office. that is a fundamental threat to our constitutional republic. this is the alleged whistleblower whose name we are not supposed to mention. he was a cia officer allegedly over in the white house. we got the documents about who
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he was visiting with. lou: i have got to do this because you mentioned the word whistleblower. we have a hard commercial break. stay with us and we'll take up whistleblower next.
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lou: mick mulvaney will have to file his own salute tomorrow in
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order to ask a judge to decide whether he should comply with a subpoena from the radical dimms in congress carrying out their farce of an inquiry. a judge making the decision he would not allow mulvaney to join a lot by bolton's deputy kupperman and bolton himself. we are back with tom fitton of judicial watch within and i want to continue our discussion about will hurd and the whistleblower. but i want to get your assessment of this breaking news that bolton and kupperman will have their own separate lawsuit apart from mulvaney. >> in some ways it's not surprising. i suspect you have different legal issues. the fudge says you have top purchase sue this lawsuit separately. but you have three officials
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lawfully objecting to a subpoena by congress. what is the coup cabal saying in response? you are rejecting in federal court to our request following the rule of law in determining guilt. this is "alice in wonderland" coup cabal. lou: we are talking about absolute denial of due process and overriding executive privilege. and we are talking about a process that does not include the second party of this two-party system operating without precedent, without participation, without equity, and without any right to call their own witnesses or cross-examine. it's ridiculous and at its worse a dark farce.
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>> the worst part is the protection of this alleged whistleblower. the idea that this person who is alleged to have improperly exchange information with mr. schiff who lied about it, who may have been improperly talking about the presidential phone call which was classified within the administration, that he wouldn't be questioned about what he knew and when and who was talking to and what they were talking about like mr. colonel vindman. it's an abomination of the law here. i tell you, we are asking questions about -- there is a name out there associated with the whistleblower. we looked at the white house visitor logs under barack obama and we saw he had two meetings related to the ukraine issue specifically with the soros group ofs tied to these efforts by the ukrainians to target
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trump. the ukrainian soros group that leaked the black ledger. i don't know if he's the whistleblower. but it's interesting the obama white house is meeting with this person. and no one wants to talk to the cia official assigned to the trump white house and obama white house on the sue crane. why isn't he being questioned? lou: will hurd insisting the whistleblower -- we use the expression whistleblower but he doesn't fit the classic definition of whistleblower. the actions he's whistle blowing were outside the intelligence community, were they not? >> he's not a whistleblower under the law. the classic definition is someone who sees something wrong and tells their superiors about it. he went to congress improperly and maybe talked about
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classified information which would raise significant legal issues for him. we worked with whistleblowers all the time at judicial watch. this is leaking. this is conspiracy. adam schiff is involved tonight and he's making decisions where the american people will know about his involvement. he's conflict and should be kicked off the impeachment inquiry if it's top proceed sat all. >> a major court case will be heard tomorrow in washington. the supreme court set to hear oral arguments tomorrow over president trump's 2017 decision to abolish daca. three separate nationwide injunctions have previously prohibited the trump administration from ending the obama-era program all together. snowy conditions across the nest creating a frightening situation for some passengers at chicago's
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o'hair airport. the flight sliding off the runway at o the hare. american airlines blamed icy conditions for the incident. we want to mare your thoughts on all of this. share your comments, follow me on twitter, like me on facebook and follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. and ronna mcdaniel and ken cuccinelli among our guests tomorrow evening. up next, a secret google project. apparently has found a new and basic way to mine your personal data. we'll have that story and what's being done about it if anything right after these messages.
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stay with us. ñ??w
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[♪] lou: google has reported to have begun gathering personal health data of millions of americans, according to the "wall street
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journal," google started that project nightingale last year. they partnered with ascension, the nation's second largest healthcare system. the two have gathered healthcare information on people across 21 states. and they apparently have done so without notifying doctors or patients. google claims that project is completely in line with federal law. and if it is, in my humble opinion, federal law had better get changed and now. joining us, kelly sadler, special assistant to the president, she is director of communications at america first policies and america first action. >> we are going into action for the president. lou: i have to say, if google is doing this, the president talked about taking on big tech before anybody else. this is really getting
4:51 am
outrageous when they can do something like this with a healthcare group. >> it seems like this is a bipartisan issue on the hill. suits against google, what they are doing with this information they are accumulating. we know that they had to pay out over 100 million dollars, $170 million because youtube was illegally gathering information about children and consumers and basing ads on that. lou: this is a big issue. privacy and data being exploited by big tech and others. >> then them not notifying the consumers they are gathering this information. with google plus they don't want to get into any regulatory affairs in d.c. lou: let's get into the nuts and
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bolts of campaigning 2020 and polls on suburban women. it seems to be an issue for the president. how big an issue is it? >> the campaign just released some information about basically pe they have had over 10,000 women suburban donors, big money donors that contribute $8 million to the campaign. that puts the president number one in this large group of women suburban donors among all the campaigns including the democratic races. we have been doing focus groups and the hidle trump vote is a real one that you have to pull out from these women. they don't like talking about politics and they don't like feeding into it, but once they do, they recognize this president has provided them the lowest unemployment rate in 65 years. the child thanks ware credit was
4:53 am
doubled under his thanks cut act. they recognize the good policies but say we never put a trump bumper sticker on our car. there was one woman who said i don't want my car to be knifed and have that backlash. lou: did your polling show anything like this during the 2016 campaign, an aversion to publicly supporting the president? >> we weren't around in 2016. but one of the things my bros always says is this hidden vote is real. the pundits and the political elites back in 2016 missed it, and the polls were wrong. and these are the people who are never put up in polls because they don't respond to these questions. they don't want to respond. lou: the president will make whatever adjustments required to
4:54 am
fix those things, i have no doubt. he's also trying to make the republican party understand not to be led into a fool's trap. that is too many republican office holders said the president's call with zelensky was okay. but part of it was bad. but it was not impeachable. >> yeah. just read the transcript. these lawmakers need to read the transcript. there are three things that aren't in the transcript. there is no quid pro quo or withholding of aid. the on thing we are seeing is the hiding dang. >> court where there is no due process. lawmakers need to read the transcript and have the president's back here. he did nothing wrong and the call was perfectly fine. lou: any one of those wongmen or
4:55 am
senators should have the understanding of law and politics to understand you support the president, you don't play at it. you support it. particularly when the state of the future of the party is at stake. kelly, great to have you with us. thanks so much. the commander-in-chief honors the service and sacrifice of our nation's veterans. we'll have his message after this quick break. stay with us.
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president trump today become the first commander in chief ever to attend the new york city veteran is's day parade. president trump has a long history withth a parade in 199 d 5 organizers had received 0 donations. until then businessman, donald j. trump stepped in and gave somewhere around 350,000 dollars to the parade. then unleashed a wind fall of contributions to the parade's organizers andes saved the para. during a speech today president trump hailedded legacy of america' s arm force and honored their many sacrifices. that's it for us tonight we thank you for being with us here tonight, tomorrow night, we will have ron that mcdamage head of the rnc and ken, the head of citizenship and immigration services.en that's tomorrow.uc
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we hope you'll be with us for that andat much more. thanks for being with us this evening. good night from new york. ♪ >> 5 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour will president trump put concerns over a possible u.s. kind of trade deal to bed while investors are anxiously awaiting speech to the economic club that is today we he's expected to give hints on those negotiations with beijing also talk about booming economy since his election. and heat is on in the streaming wars the long awaited disney plus today what is offering, and will it stack pup against the competition. don't count joen out why michael bloomberg may have just given the former vp a boost. in the tuesday it is november 12 fbn:am starts right now.


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